When last we left our confused traveller, she was about to investigate LA. I had arrived at night, so when I woke up I looked out my window and discovered a world of wonders.


You may not be able to see it, but trust me, the sock and I could easily read the “Hollywood” sign from the hotel window. From the other window, I saw this.


There I was, standing in a hotel room, sun rising over Los Angeles, and I read the enormous sign on the building beneath me.

It reads The Knitting Factory. That whole big building (and the one next to it) was a yarn shop? The worlds largest yarn shop! Lit up with strobe lights and with limos out the front! What kind of wonderful place is LA! (and really, if there is a yarn shop this big on Hollywood, why am I going to the Knit Cafe?) I shoved on my shoes (and my clothes) grabbed my room key and my wallet and beat it outside. I raced across the street and pressed myself to the glass. It was closed. Closed, and sort of barren and yarnless.


Perplexed, I staggered back to the hotel and googled it. Had it been robbed? Burned out? Some sort of yarn tragedy we should all prepare for by buying all the yarn we can get? No. It’s a club. A live music club with the incredibly misleading name “The Knitting Factory“.

Cruel. (But it explains the publishers choice of venue.)

I went for a walk and found another bizarre mall.


I swear that in Toronto, mostly we just put a bunch of stores in a row with roofs over ’em. We don’t put big arches or dancing elephants or that whole thing in San Diego with trapping people and confusing them with colour. (There was no yarn store in the mall).

I walked around some more. (It’s the palm trees. They are gripping. I can’t stop looking at them. I walked into a Stormtrooper outside of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre because I was looking at a palm tree. I’ll have you know that it costs $5 US to have your picture taken with a Stormtrooper. There is no discount for socks, even though they are much, much smaller than people. I draw the line at the sock incurring expenses.)

After I found my two favourite stars on the walk of fame, I went back to the hotel to knit.


Still loving shawls as the perfect trip knitting. This is “Summer in Kansas” in my recovered blue zephyr.

When it was time, I packed myself off to the Knit Cafe …and into heaven. Pretty, pretty shop. Nice, nice yarn, good, good knitters.


You can see Monika on the right there. She deserves special mention for being out of her ever-loving mind. She’s wearing a really neat top, knit out of 13 strands of sewing thread held together. She alters what colours she’s using gradually to achieve a shifting colourway across the top. I thought she was brilliant. A few sheep short of a flock, but brilliant. (How many spools of thread does that take?)


More peeps, including Julia and Mary Heather, and there were more bloggers afoot, (though I kinda jumped the gun and took the picture too soon…) Big shout outs to Kathy for the seriously kicking samosas, and to Ninjaknitter for the secret present that I loved (and used).

From LA, I fell into bed, briefly slept, then got up at the completely ungodly hour of 4:30AM to endure, navigate, pass through LAX airport, headed for San Francisco.

I love San Francisco. (Although all those hills? They are going to be screwed when the ice comes.) I was shepherded around by the incomparable Candi “Slick” Jensen. (A crocheter who’s life’s work appears to be to talk me out of my feelings toward it…You haven’t lived until you’ve been in the car with a die hard knitter and a militant crocheter, ask Maggie…she lived it.) we saw very good stuff.

A trolley,


the worlds twistiest street….


Alcatraz, (the sock feels an affinity for Alcatraz that it can’t explain. Probably brought on by being trapped in my purse for 20 states…)


and Artfibers. Where, as Rachael so eloquently put it, I may have fallen and swiped my mastercard on the way down. This place is….is….There are no words. I was breathless the whole time. The yarn is good. The people are nice, the yarn is….well. Mine now.

I’ll show ya later. (Hint)


Rachael? Yup. The object of my most profound blog crush was there. If you have a blog crush on Rach, and are jealous that I met her, you should know that everything you are thinking about her is true and you should be jealous. She’s funny, charming, pretty, smart…..I want to be Rachael when I grow up.

I even have to respect what she did to the sock. (It’s what I would have done. Though I will guard the sock more carefully in the future. Poor thing. Defiled and humiliated. No wonder it bit Candi like that.)


Doesn’t she look innocent?

The crowd at Stash was the best…



and the owner, Ellen is the most generous yarn shop owner in the world. She donated the proceeds from the bookbookbook for the day to Doctors without borders, making her a member of TSF of the highest order. The sock and I think she’s simply the best. (I may have bruised the old mastercard in that shop too….) I’m going to make myself late if I list all the bloggers from there…so give a shout in the comments, will ya?

For now, I’m in Portland (which I’m pretty sure is in Oregon) desperately looking for something unwrinkled to wear to Powells in an hour. I like Portland too…though I did misplace the hotel for about an hour while I was out for a walk. I hope somebody finds me a pub tonight.


101 thoughts on “Whirlwind

  1. I would have cried– a yarnless yarn factory. What a dirty trick. At least it seems the sock had a good time!

  2. Stephanie – I can’t decide if I should envy you for your adventure or feel sorry for you for all you go through to give us joy of meeting you and the sock! Tomorrow, Seattle! We will try to take very good care of you here, but I must warn you, it is supposed to be nearly 90 here tomorrow, and we don’t believe in air conditioning (or watering our lawns in the summer!).

  3. Stephanie
    It was so SO wonderful to meet you at Stash in Berkeley. And the sock. My sock sends its greetings to yours.
    I can’t imagine a more fantastic time than yesterday. The mood was great and our speaker kept us in stitches. *cough, cough*
    I hope you enjoy the rest of your whirlwind tour and get back home to rest and knit. You deserve to be waited on by your family instead of the reverse. Feet up, coffee at your side and knitting in your hands. Yahoo!
    dee near Berkeley

  4. Trolley?? In San Francisco?? Oh no, my dear — that would be a cable car.
    Your trip is sounding fabulous!

  5. Laughed till I couldn’t stop crying. You’re the best. So next time you come to Stash, are you going to be wearing any of those socks with your Birks? I’m just sayin’.

  6. uum yes portland is in oregon, and if you want a pub, then you are in the right town, we must have at least 40 local microbreweries. also if you like large independent bookstores then im sure you will enjoy powells. check out the knitting books down in the orange room.

  7. Oh I am so jealous, I too am in blog-love with Rachael. Can’t wait to see the takings from your bruised and battered mastercard.

  8. Sounds like a great time. Re: The Knitting Factory, I heard a story that it is/was a jazz club and women(?) would knit there… no talking allowed in jazz clubs (I found out the hard way).
    Enjoy the coffee capital!

  9. Sounds the sock is having a blast. I was in Seattle last summer it is a great city. There is a great microbrewery in Pike Place Market, and I am completely blanking on the name. I hadn’t taken up knitting when I was there, so I can’t help you with any of the yarn stores. I will say though – check out their library. Very cool building.

  10. Dear Stephanie- At least you didn’t call it a streetcar. Btw- those elephants you saw at that mall in LA are no ordinary pachyderms- they were used by D.W. Griffith in a silent movie called “Intolerance” in 1915. Didn’t know knitters were that smart- or have such a memory for useless movie trivia???

  11. I was so glad to get to meet you, and hope we can meet up again someday, somewhere … I briefly wondered if you had fanatics that followed you around the country, and thought of all the knitting time that would provide, and then remembered about my job.
    For the record, the group of ladies I knew was all wearing Birks, so no need to get gussied up for us, save the money for yarn. Also, you know, I just realized that I’m always thinking “They’re going to be screwed in an earthquake” when I go other places. Like the top of the CN tower. So we may be in trouble when the ice comes, but watch out for earthquakes. Actually, a wool house would be very good in an earthquake, so you’ll be fine.
    Someday I’ll have to tell you the story that your Memphis story reminded me of.

  12. So, I’m dying here: what were your two favorite stars? I myself can’t help liking Regis Philbin, and I adore Mary Tyler Moore. P.S. I could have warned you that The Knitting Factory is not so much about actual knitting. But the sock is now officially all avant garde and punk rock, so it’s all good.

  13. Yes, I just visited the new Seattle Central Library last week and it is a wonder. The way you check out books there is amazing. But the library in downtown Vancouver, B.C. is BEAUTIFUL! I almost insisted we moved to Vancouver after just one look at their library!

  14. I’m relieved that Helene already pointed out the cable car faux pas. And I was flattered by the attention you gave my crack silk haze cardigan. I hope Seattle and Western Canada live up to your best fantasies and you make it back to Toronto in calm weather.

  15. Seattleseattleseattle! Too bad you missed the Stitch and Pitch! Noah and I will come see you tomorrow!!!
    (Hope the Sock wasn’t kidnapped long enough to develop Sockholm syndrome. That could be awkward . . .)

  16. Cool, your sock travelled along the same path as mine in San Francisco!
    And I’m glad you got to meet Rachael–she’s great eh?

  17. Gee, and here I was thinking I’d managed to have a stellar vacation to Newfoundland. Now I feel like I should have hit the west coast instead. Thanks for the “Aunt Maggie’s Homespun” info…I went and it was gooooooooooood (we’re talking 10 skeins of 100% wool for $30 Canadian).

  18. i can see two of my friends in your LA group picture! rachel and melissa are in the second row on the right. wish i was there!

  19. As an Angeleno, I have to wonder if you were purposely “hoteled” next to The Knitting Factory. It just seems like too much of a coincidence. I can only imagine the disappointment!! Even before I was a knitter, I thought it was a funny name for a club.

  20. I was lots of fun getting to see you at Stash. The Husband was upset to hear you are in need of a pub since we probably could have gotten you to a good one on Tuesday…. He used to live in that area and, being Canadian, is handy when it comes to finding a pub. You’ll just have to come back for a visit when you’re next book comes out. πŸ™‚

  21. Steph- it was so nice to be a part of your whirlwhind in California! I have to tell you, I actually checked your tour page today to see if you were going to get a little bit of rest somewhere along this jaunt. Um, it looks like you aren’t, really. Can’t wait until your next trip out West… and I’m so glad that Lorraine explained what the deal is with the elephants- I make my train-to-bus transfer there every day, and I just never knew. I mean… elephants?
    You are a blast of fun. Thanks for the evening- people have been coming in the store grinning, and touching your book counter display fondly with the memories. You rock!

  22. Hey Stephanie:
    Shout out from one of the bay area bloggers. I had such a good time today recounting some of the great stories you told (I didn’t tell anyone about Memphis – don’t worry) Remember we’re going to get to come to Full Thread Ahead next time – we should be open by then. So be forewarned!

  23. You know the picture with the sock in front of the trolley car??? I had to do a double take- it looked like a HUGE sock getting ready to eat the trolley – or either the trolley was a miniature. I know it must be getting late – my eyes are playing tricks on me. Sounds like you are having too much fun!

  24. Re the hills and the ice coming: You’ve SEEN my driveway. Let’s not talk about it, k?
    I’m starting to get jealous now. Alcatraz, even! Wow!

  25. Don’t worry about us here at home – it’s only a kabillion degrees (still) and about 193% humidity (again) and there are traffic jams and lineups around the airport (still – but happy to be there).
    Enjoy the left coast and all the coffee they will let you imbibe.
    My hubby went to Artfibers and all I got was some Chai (4), some Fellini (4) and something new and delicious and greytealsmokebluegreen that’s luscious to pet and doesn’t know what it wants to be yet (4). Dear, dear man. I’m surprised your Mastercard is not deeply imbedded in the crack it fell into.
    And Seattle …. ahhhhh……our Gehry won’t beat their Gehry in a poker match, but we’ll still wipe out Montreal and Vancouver. Hah.

  26. Yeah, what Patti said: Seattleseattleseattle!
    I’m meeting up with Megan (she doesn’t knit. She yarnharlots, though!) for tomorrow’s Weavingworks Harlomania. I told the very nice ladies there that they’d be MOBBED for your appearance, and they all looked rather Victorian and vague-eyed… …they’ll find out.
    Bringing socks in progress for heart-to-heart (sole to sole?) chat with The Sock.

  27. It was wonderful seeing you at the book signing. Monika’s sweater was gorgeous, wasn’t it? And she seemed only mildly insane after the effort.
    As for roofs, who needs em! When you live in a desert and there’s so little rain that the mere presence of a rain cloud is enough to warrant a news flash, they just aren’t needed. Besides, they’d just fall down, what with the earthquake and all.

  28. Sorry I had to miss you at Knit Cafe, and now I see you’ve met Rachael. And here I sit, Stephanie-less and Rachael-less. I’m glad you got to see a bit of LA though, and didn’t give us too many low marks. It even cooled off a bit in your honor. Well, I think that was why. I do have a friend who was at Knit Cafe, so I guess that sorta counts. Maybe next time.

  29. I’m so bummed that I missed your visit to Stash. I went to a knitting meetup tonight and everyone who made it to Stash to hear you speak had wonderful things to say about their experience.
    And this Rachael sounds like a lot of fun! Brilliant with the socknapping. πŸ˜‰
    ~ Christina

  30. What a treat, and it was worth being the last darn person in line at Stash. I hope you had a great dinner and a beer after that crowd. But no biscuits.
    Photos of you and the sock are on my blog…

  31. I’m really glad to hear you’re going to be in Vancouver this weekend. My socks are looking forward to meeting your sock.

  32. I’m not a famous blogger or anything, but I was there. You can even see my tiny little face in that second picture. πŸ™‚
    I was so glad that we drove up the hour to see you, Steph, it was worth every moment in the car. πŸ˜€

  33. Glad you got to see San Francisco. The best place on earth.
    I am so bummed I couldn’t make it to Stash. Life got in the way.
    Good Luck on the rest of your trip.

  34. We had such a great time visiting you and the bookbookbook at Stash last night. Wish I’d gotten there a couple minutes earlier – I missed being immortalized in a Yarn Harlot photo! πŸ™‚
    9 of us knitters from the South Bay (about an hour’s drive from Berkeley at rush hour) met for pizza up the street after. Joanne came in near the end and we thought she’d ditched us for dinner with the Yarn Harlot – and we all agreed we’d do the same. Who wouldn’t?
    When you have a moment to breathe, please connect me to Sarah so we can plan your next trip to the Bay Area at Hollis’ store. Looking forward to it!

  35. It was great to see you last night at Stash, and I’m sorry that I ran out on you so fast, but I just barely made it to pick up my son at the library. But, it was worth it to see you and all the other incredibly talented knitters (and Crocheters!) there. “Much fun-ness was had by all!” and I haven’t been able to stop telling people about (aboot?) you. [Sorry, my other friend who is originally from Toronto was in town on Monday evening, so I’m now talking with a Canadian accent too!]
    Hope the rest of your tour goes well, and no more throwing shoes out the window!

  36. What can I say? It was a pleasure meeting you and I wish I didn’t feel so rushed. I would have loved to have talked to you about things other than hockey being immortalized on Canadian currency :/ I am glad I got to take a picture of it though, as proof for my boyfriend. I am now trying to see if I can get him a real $5 for him to have! Ha ha!
    It was worth the long trek and long line to meet you though. Hope you come around again for your next bookbookbook!

  37. What a dirty, dirty, dirty trick. I would have been so mad and yet, I would have gone there at night with my knitting and sat at one of their tables, lol.
    So when are you coming to Utah πŸ™‚

  38. It was so great to meet you yesterday. Totally worth the 1+ hour drive in rush hour. And I’m so completely jealous of Rachael’s little fling with the sock. Hmph!

  39. You know, despite getting totally lost driving up there from San Jose (I ended up in San Francisco, which is really really wrong, but luckily Abigail and Kristi were able to help me out over the phone), and being half an hour late, I so enjoyed meeting you. I’ll have to go back down to the Birkenstock outlet and see if I can find some more sparkly silver Birks for you – did I see a 36 on yours? πŸ˜‰

  40. Looking forward to seeing you in Seattle at both Third Place Books and the Weaving Works. I just love reading your blog.

  41. It seems you’ve been having a blast. Now, when do we European knitters get to see you? πŸ˜‰ You’ll have to tell your publisher to send you on a tour to Europe! (And when you manage to convince them Finland is the place to go when overseas, the invitation of coming to my place for dinner and a knit still stands. ;))

  42. I want to know what your favorite two stars are!
    I would seek out Judy Garland, for sure. The selection process for the Walk of Fame mystifies me: Britney Spears has a star; Daniel Day-Lewis does not. Oh, the injustice!

  43. Why would any night club be called The Knitting Factory…now, The Meat Market maybe!
    Looks like you are having lots of fun & interesting times on your trip! I NEED to check out the Knit Cafe when I go to LA in September.

  44. Why, Stephanie, thanks for proposing the “Guess the Harlot’s 2 Stars!” game:
    1) not-Elvis
    2) Some brilliant Canuk of which only a handful of English Majors will have ever head…let’s see…Luba Goy? πŸ˜‰

  45. I hope someone finds you a pub, too. Have those californians let you go this long without a beer. Cruel and unusual punishment, I say.
    That summer in Kansas shawl looks like just the sort of thing I was looking for. If you have other suggestions of complicated lace patterns (well, things that change as teh shawl goes on) maybe you could comment over on my blog.

  46. Did people laugh at you and call out things when you were walking in LA? We were just there and we walked from our hotel to the Knit Cafe and you’d have thought we had five heads between the two of us. Those Hollyweird types! Come back to NY! Where people can walk and knit at the same time! πŸ˜‰

  47. It must have been an evangelical-crochet rant of the highest order if they didn’t tap-dance the NOTatrolly message into your DNA. They may be stalking you even as we speak,with an eye to deprogramming. Heads up.
    And while the nits are lined up to be picked (and not that anyone will read this,) but children? Even though Mork said “I’ll be waiting with a worm on my tongue,” it’s BATED breath, not baited. Honest. Swear.
    Off to make the rounds of the other blogs, assuring them that Harlot (consider the name, kids) didn’t MEAN it when she said that hussy Rachael was the object of her most profound blog crush. (Thank God I remain blogless — the emotional wear and tear is just too much.) It’s not bad enough that Norma, for example, has had to enter the Witness Protection Program, but now this? It’s the crack speaking, baby, don’t worry. Joe and the girls will dry her out when she gets home. (Stephanie, you and I have to TALK. Look at…No, put that sock down and LOOK at me when I’m talking to you.)

  48. The original Knitting Factory club was on East Houston Street in NYC. The ceiling of the club was lined with a patchwork quilt of old sweaters, which trapped all the cigarette smoke in the place, and well, you get the picture. Ick.
    What an amazing journey! The next time you think you’re being chicken about anything, just think about how many miles you’ve logged on this book tour, how many new people you’ve spoken with, and how many adventures you and the sock have been on. Truly remarkable. Seattle and Portland are great towns. Enjoy yourself.

  49. I MISS Seattle!!!! Have a raspberry mocha for me! Enjoy, dear! And will you come back to Virginia? Please?

  50. Thanks SO much for sharing your adventures with us! It is really great to get to see all these knitting (and non knitting) spots. I am very much hoping you will have time to post about Seattle and Vancouver knit highlights since my family is following you there, but a day late :(. I can assuage my sadness at missing you by insisting that we visit all the yarn stores the sock has seen!
    And I really MUST get to ArtFibers when we see my daughter in SF at Thanksgiving this year!

  51. make sure to try bubbble tea if youve never had it before, seattle has a bunch of shops since it’s the fad here, and its quite interesting!

  52. Yes! ArtFibers is very, very special — glad you had a peek. Throughly enjoyed your visit to Stash, my cheeks still hurt from all the laughing — knitting just can’t be that funny — oh no, it’s not the knitting — it’s the knitters! Enjoy Seattle, I’m looking forward to hearing more about the yarn crawl, I mean book tour. πŸ˜‰

  53. Knitting Factory was founded by some guys from Wisconsin a few years ahead of me in school who named it after a sweater knitting factory one of them had slaved in during high school.

  54. I discovered the Knitting Factory when I was in LA in May and was VERY disappointed to be asked for my ID and a ticket when I tried to bust the front door down. They were having some kind of concert that night. So sad. So cruel. A whole knitting factory and no yarn.

  55. Oh, I dunno about how innocent Rachael looks. I mean, the smile, sure, but she’s definitely got some sneaky hiding behind those sparkly eyes…
    I clicked on your Artfibres hint link. I drooled. And I’m so glad to see that you and the Zephyr have reconciled sufficiently for it to be taken on a trip.

  56. Glad you and the sock had a good time in the Bay Area! You are quite simply brilliant – I envy your way with words and your wicked comic timing – and it was a pleasure meeting you. I’m sure making me laugh till I nearly ended up with the hiccups was revenge aplenty for my Chai-pushing ways … right?
    Do you remember the lovely white lace-weight I showed you, the one I picked up while waiting on line at Stash? I think I’m going to turn it into a Snowdrop Shawl to remember your visit by. πŸ™‚

  57. The brewery mentioned above that is in Pike Place Market is actually called Pike Place Brewery πŸ™‚ Try their Kilt Lifter Ale. (Tons of fun to drink with your boyfriend and his friends when they’re wearing their kilts…nevermind. I’ll save that story for another day πŸ™‚
    It’s today! It’s today! I’ve got my surgeon’s mask and rubber gloves all handy so I don’t pass my germs on to simply everyone….just look for me. I’ll be the one huddled in the back of Weaving Works hacking and sneezing and knitting furiously on a sock πŸ™‚

  58. Stephanie – It was great to meet you at Knit Cafe. I hope your west coast trip is safe and enjoyable and that you don’t have to spend too much time with Mr. Washie when you get home. By the way, I realized what was unexpected about your voice. It’s Canadian. Apparently you’re midwestern in my mind. I’m such a dork! xox, J

  59. Oh!! I missed you at Stash!!
    I wanted to come, but was busy ferrying some kid somewhere.
    I hope you had fun, though. Did you get a piece of cake from the bakery next door?
    Perhaps I’ll wander in to Stash today and ask about it.

  60. So great to meet you last night at Powell’s. I hope you enjoyed Portland and found a good pub (they are plentiful in this town…) You were charming and hilarious, and I had a wonderful time. Oh, and I love that you pronounced Oregon correctly – 90% or more of the people who live in the States can’t do that…

  61. Thanks for making the Stash book event so fun. Oh my God – you and your stories. But the part that made me love you the most was when the baby cried and you said “don’t worry about it, its not bothering me!” As the parent of a young child (who did not get to go to Stash!) I just thought that was the coolest thing you could have said.
    Many thanks!

  62. My 15 minutes of fame… a little picture of my dready head in the second row of the first KnitCafe photo! It was great to meet you and we had a blast. Thanks for coming to visit LA… if there’s a next time, you need to spend some time seeing the city!

  63. Ya, when I first saw “Live at the Knitting Factory” on the jazz channel on my cable, I thought “Wow, a knitting show!” Then discovered it was A. the jazz channel and B. Definitely not a knitting show.

  64. How do you pronounce Oregon? I have probably been pronouncing it wrong my entire life and didn’t know it.

  65. One hopes to make money out of writing a book but you seem hellbent on loosing it at yarn shops all over two countries! I can’t say I blame you – I’d do the same myself if given the opportunity. Hope you are having a great time.

  66. Rebecca, don’t forget when Stephanie instantly responded to that newborn’s crying with, “Do you need someone to hold that baby?” Every one of us in the room whose kids had left the baby stage behind were nodding and smiling.

  67. Hope the rest of the trip is as much fun. Great pics-I’m so jealous. And I would have ran like hell with that sock, but karma would have tripped me, leaving me impaled by those dpns. Just as well that I am safe here at home.

  68. It was such a blast to meet you at Stash and have a chance to talk with you. I dragged my Mom, who is a non-knitter, with me and she thought you were very funny. So you can say that you are a hit with knitters and non-knitters alike. You will like Portland, lots of coffee places there, and make sure you go to the rose gardens. Now you have to make sure that you come back to San Francisco when your next book comes our, or we just might have to tell the story about Memphis.

  69. blog crush? I don’t know what you are talking about (ok.. I’m seriously lying through my teeth.) All I’ll admit to is that I’ve met almost all of my crushes (minus one) and they are even more charming, sweet, vivacious, and wonderful in person. That is a fact.
    hope you have some more fun on the left coast.

  70. OK-I think it’s perfectly natural that you’d think a place called “The Knitting Factory” would be heaven. Look what was on one of the knitting list-serves today:
    We are excited to announce that we will be joining up with Snow Beverages
    as they launch their new beverage, Snow on Tuesday August 9th. We will be
    co-hosting a Knitting Circle at NYC’s famous club The Knitting Factory. The
    event starts at 6:30 pm and is exclusive to women. The first 100 people
    through the doors will get a gift bag and The Yarn Company will be holding
    raffles throughout the night.
    We will be there to help with any knitting problems or answer any questions
    you may have. The Knitting Factory is located at 74 Leonard Street (between
    Broadway and Church). It should be a lot of fun so be sure to tell your
    friends! For more information call the store at 212-787-7878 or go to:

  71. Yes that was a very dirty trick.
    I was jealous of Rachael when she said she met you and that she had a picture of you. I am also jealous that she is honored on your blog.
    Only good humored jealousy I assure you.
    Then again, I am jealous that you met a Stormtrooper!
    Now that would be a picture. You and your sock in a cell in Alcatraz.

  72. I cried laughing at Stash in Berkeley. And you’re amazing. I’m most impressed that you write little notes for each person in that very long line! And I don’t think they’re the same for everyone (but I didn’t look so I don’t know). I always block when I’m signing birthday cards at work for heaven’s sake! And that’s maybe two or three at once!
    My moving South story very briefly. 8th grade (just a difficult time anyway) from Wisconsin to Alabama. One of my teachers was an elderly man (at least I thought so at the time) and I never did understand him saying my name for the whole semester. Maybe it’s the one syllable? Similar problem with Spanish – folks just won’t say my name in Spanish.
    By the way, my sock loves you. (And the pair is finished! in it’s purpley stripey goodness.)

  73. One more little bit – I could so be a Harlot Head and follow (stalk) you around this country and that one! Maybe I could persuade work it’s education leave?

  74. Stephanie, while you were chatting in LA you mentioned your husband being from Newfoundland. I had to take off before the snacks, but I just had to mention that a few years back I went to see the band Great Big Sea in LA and the place was lousy with Newfies! I thought I was the only American in the place. So, sounds like your hubby would be right at home out here.

  75. I’m still horribly, horribly bitter that my car decided to die six days before your Berkley appearance, rendering me with no way to get there that wouldn’t cost more than I have in my bank account. *pout*
    And re: Rachel looking innocent: that’s a devious grin if ever I saw one.

  76. Sounds like a great trip. I’d be sure to scope out all the malls and yarn stores too. Better keep your eye on that sock though!

  77. i’ve been so engrossed in trying to heal my injured hand (6 months of no knitting, boo!) that i didn’t even realize the harlot was right here in berkeley!
    but in an amazing moment of harlot-synchronicity, that very same day a canadian package arrived in the mail from the harlot herself: organic, fair trade, dark dark chocolate (how cool is that?!) & *signed* bookbookbook (so much better than my unsigned one, which will now go to a friend) — in lieu of my msf prize knitting needles, which i’d brokenheartedly had to refuse because i probably will not be able to knit again for a long time (due to the aforementioned lame paw).
    how magical! thank you yarn harlot & sorry i couldn’t come see you… but i’m enjoying the chocolate. i’m sure it will help cure my hand. bookbookbook already has helped, since of course the next best thing to knitting is reading about knitting.
    back to lurking now.

  78. I recognize the view from your hotel room… I was just there last month for my brother’s wedding! All of our friends and family were sure to point out the Knitting Factory to me. πŸ™‚ (I knit a lace huppah for the ceremony.) Enjoying hearing about your whirlwind adventures– it must be exhilarating to be amongst your creative, knit-crazed, adoring fans.

  79. It was great to be part of your whirlwind, Stephanie! Seattle loves you. Thanks so much for posing with the Tivoli Tee! It is now so stuck-up I can’t get it to stay in the basket with all the other projects! You can see some blurry pictures and a somewhat breezy review of the evening’s entertainment at my blog, Blue Dyed Hands.

  80. I got a kick out of your thoughts on the Knitting Factory! I had been to a concert there earlier this year and brought along a sock in my purse so I could say I knitted at the Knitting Factory. I had hoped to get a photo taken of it beside the big logo of a ball of yarn, but alas, when concert time arrived, I chickened out. didn’t want all the cool cats to think that I didn’t know why people go to the Knitting Factory. silly me.

  81. Stephanie: We have a Peet’s just a mile from my house in Lexington, Mass. When you come back to Boston I’ll be happy to take you there!

  82. The Knitting Factory has a tv show, too, and when I see it in the listings, me heart leaps for a second …and then I remember.

  83. So glad you made it to California, but sorry it wasn’t close enough to make it there… I will have to wade through the comments and see which friends might have met you. Happy Trails!

  84. Oh, man, Stephanie. I’m so jealous of your book tour. Used to live in San Diego, L.A., Portland, and Seattle, and that whole northern stretch is just amazing. (Trapped out here in the midwest now, though, so I don’t get to see you on your tour. Hrmf.) And don’t feel bad: Portland is really easy to get lost in. The streets are all diagonal and weird downtown. (Powell’s makes up for it. Mmmm. Powell’s….)

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