Led Astray

Rams here again. Can we talk cannibalism?

I know the Harlot’s a vegetarian, so maybe I’m out of line here. But although no one else seems to be blogging about it, I can’t believe I’m the only one with cannibalistic issues.

Let me explain.

Every year our Weaver’s Guild holds a wonderful sale. They take a percentage to fund their workshops and speakers; I make enough money to buy more fiber, kind of like Ma Otter in Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas trading socks for a pumpkin to make pies to buy yarn to knit socks to trade…

And I understand that mature spinners/knitters spin for a project, spin enough for the entire project before they cast on and then actually use that yarn for the project they intended. I, on the other hand, am Grommit. You will recall that in “The Wrong Trousers” the burglar penguin (trust me) is making his in-house getaway on Wallace’s model railroad and tries to thwart the pursing Grommit by throwing a switch to send Grommit’s engine onto a siding. As the end of the track appears, Grommit grabs a spare box of track, leans over the end of the engine and lays piece after piece of track just ahead of himself. That’s me every November, spinning what I hope is just enough to finish this Fair Isle Tam, that mitten, in time for the sale, running out, spinning a bit more. I’m this close to tethering a sheep in the living room.

And like every bad habit, this one’s colonial. I’d really like to blame my current sin on Brainylady That picture on Harlot’s July 18 post of her perfect spiral scarf (soooo much more appealing than the illustration in Scarf Style where a flat white yarn resulted in something that looked like chitlins to me and an umbilicus to Stephanie) jolted me. I remembered that I’d already cast one on in Blue Moon Targee as part of my ongoing quest for good uses for handpainted yarns, and Brainylady’s challenge resulted in a little domestic archaeology.


You’d think I’d be happy.

The problem is that I’m a word person. And in the text describing this scarf there’s the casual comment that since it’s actually two sides spiraling around each other (it’s a very ingenious pattern) it could be made in two different colors. Just that. No picture. And I’m afraid that’s where the cannibalism comes in. I’d been spinning white merino-angora and black alpaca for Norwegian mittens, and I was going to be virtuous, going to have enough for BOTH mittens before casting on. That’s a fair amount of yarn.


Oh, well. It’s a long time till November.

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  1. yes! The Wrong Trousers is an awesome movie! Someone at KnitWits (my group) even knit a Gromit, which was very cute. Thanks for loving the awesomely cool knitting dog!

  2. The scarves look very cool. Do you have any young kids on your holiday knitting list? Because I’m wondering if the scarf would look like a wooly caterpillar if you knit it in green or orangey-brown chenille or fuzzy yarn? I may have to experiment as I have a 4yo and 4 young nephews who would love a caterpillar around their necks. (And you’re right. I’ve had the Scarf book for a number of months and the photo in the book just never appealed to me….but now…)

  3. Shaun the Sheep would be proud. 🙂
    Yep, November is eons away… contrary to what some jokester posted in our office: “Dates on the calendar are closer than they appear.” Pshaw. A scare tactic. That’s all that is.

  4. My mother noted the date yesterday and remarked that it was only 4 months until Christmas. I’m not speaking to her anymore.

  5. Stephanie! Don’t ever apologize for knitting. Knitting is the reason for our collective existences. (<— Is that a word?)

  6. Nice scarf.
    How have I lived this long and never seen Wallace and Grommit? I make fimo stitch markers that look like them, but I’ve never seen them. Is it because I’m Canadian? What channel are they shown on? When? Are they availabile on DVD?

  7. Is it wrong of me to want to knit that scarf in 2 opposing variegated yarns? Or to want to do half of it in a blue umbre yarn and an orangy/red umbre yarn for half of it, then a teal umbre yarn and a brown umbre on the other half for an elemental scarf? I do like the black and white though. Just something about contrasts twined together. Lovely.

  8. I liked you for so many reasons, rams, but it’s cinched with the reference to Grommit =) I *adored* that movie! (the penguin and the glove disguise just slays me)

  9. “….tethering a sheep in the living room.” LOL!
    That gave me my chuckle for the day!
    Great scarf!! I love the black & white! Looks great.

  10. Oh dear, now I like the ruffle scarf. Actually, the black and white is fabulous. I may have to add it to my list. Thanks for the great stand-in posts!

  11. Dear, dear Rams- do please get a blog of your own, because when Stephanie returns I am going to miss your wit.
    The scraves are divine-but I am afraid November is not as far off as you think….

  12. Should Stephanie worry about the fact that when I clicked on Yarn Harlot this morning, my first reaction was, “Oh, goodie! It’s Rams again?”

  13. I LOVE Wallace and Grommit! You’ve reminded me that I can’t wait for the new movie to come out. 🙂 The scarfs look great and I think November is *plenty* of time. 😉

  14. Hi Steph,
    Hate to bust this but is another book due to be out soon? Saw a blurb on amazon.com.
    Or did I happen to be the last to know?

  15. Love the black and white scarf. Beware these scarf’s are seriously addicting. I made 7 before I could stop myself. Unfortunately I didn’t think about using 2 colors and my fingers are already twitching…..

  16. *giggling* I’m going to look for Wallace and Grommit DVDs to rent this weekend. Love the scarves. AND the image of a sheep tethered in your living room. Very funny! I just ordered the Scarf Style book myself yesterday, for the same scarf pattern.

  17. Gosh, that is nifty looking. I liked the idea of making that scarf, but I wasn’t sure how I wanted to do it. Is it a lot harder to make in two colors?
    Maybe I will just do a contrasting single crochet (that’s a lot of single crochet) row or two…

  18. OK, tha finally clinches it. I was not into the spiral scarf until I saw your handpainted one. Now I have the love in order to make it. Which is good because I have someone who would probably like it for Christmas.

  19. Oh nooo. That means cold weather is coming up soon. That means the anxiety of seeing whether the Harlot household will freeze to death or not before that undetermined point when it becomes acceptable to turn the heat on. Just tell me when it’s all over.

  20. I love Canadians! I thought I was the only one that watched Emmit Otter’s Jug Band Christmas every year. Most of the people in the states have never heard of this classic. I got the DVD and now force all of my new friends to watch it with me as I sing along! (Ok – I’m not that crazy but I swear I was the only kid growing up with this tradition)

  21. When I met my husband and we first watched Wallace and Grommit together, he never understood my squeeling “I want that qute little sheep with the sweater!”
    Since then, DH has learned much of knitterly ways, and can nowadays spot pretty sweaters in movies and on passers-by. He even knows Aran from Fair Isle. 😉

  22. I was so relieved that the cannibalism only involved some Norwegian mittens and no actual Norwegians.

  23. damn you for weakening my resolve! I had completely and happily overlooked that blasted curly scarf and then you go along and knit it in two colors like that. Rams, you are a wiley one.

  24. I LOVE wallace and Grommit. Your spiral scarf is way cool, too. I bet it would be a good gift for college/high school girls if knit up in school colors.

  25. Rams. Rams. RAMS. You don’t even have a blog and you get more comments than I do. Where is the justice?
    I’m a Wallace & Grommit girl from way back, but I bet you already knew that.
    Cheese, Grommit, more CHEESE!

  26. Ooooh, that black and white scarf- I think that book will be purchased in the near future… It’s been ages since I’ve seen any Wallace and Grommit- have some catching up to do! And we’re not EVEN talking about Nov. (or Christmas for that matter) So I’m off to knit for that which we aren’t talking about…

  27. I haven’t purchased the book, yet, but I did put a reserve in at the library for it! I like to test drive pattern books and cookbooks that way!

  28. I love Norwegian mittens, but I think you put the wool to good use in that scarf! Fabulous!
    PS: Grommit is too cool…

  29. I definitely like how your version worked out. Kind of like a magical chess board where the squares spiral around each other instead of just laying flat. Hmmm. I wonder if anyone ever knit chess pieces before?

  30. Rams, you’re my kinda woman. God, I love Grommit…
    and the two-colour scarf. Well. Who could blame you for eating the mittens. And now I think I actually do want to make that scarf (it really did look a bit too anatomically correct before…).

  31. I loved loved loved Emmet Otter! We had the movie and the book… Angela, you were not alone!
    And I am a newly minted Grommit convert. We’ve been watching the movies at *every* stitch and bitch this summer.
    Keep up the cannibalism!

  32. Rams! I’m soooooo glad you posted the picture of the b&w spiral scarf. I’ve been trying to figure out how to have a second color run up the middle or on the outside edges without making myself crazy. How did you do that? (I know how to beg, ok) PLEEEEZE post your method.

  33. Love your posts, Rams. Please get a blog so we can follow you after the 350km bike trip, please, please, pretty please!!!
    Just to confuse matters, there’s a pattern for another spiral scarf, which I like better, since it doesn’t curl at the edges. You can do a 2 color one, too, if you pick up the cast-on stitches again and knit another spiral back-to-back with the first.
    To get the free pattern, go to http://www.knittersreview.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=27751
    and the pattern is the 3d post on the thread. I’ve made, oh, 3 or 4 of these, and they’re lots of fun.
    dee near Berkeley

  34. This is the source of the pattern that KnitPicks has on their website, btw.
    And I LOVE Nick Parks and Wallace and Gromit. Shaun (?Shorn?) the sheep is so wonderful. Do watch Creature Comforts, too. I think it’s an earlier film than A Grand Day Out.
    Cheese! That’s it, Gromit, we’ll go somewhere there’s cheese!
    dee near Berkeley

  35. My ears were burning, and now I’ve found the source! Your handpainted and two-tone Ruffles scarves are very lovely indeed, but they do lack the distinct noodle-ness of my pink Fusilli scarf… 😉

  36. Am I the only one peering past the scarves and wondering about the rocks in the background? Inside? Outside? Michigan copper mine? Pray tell!
    Wow. That particular scarf, in white and black, really makes a powerful visual statement – twisted light and dark, positive/negative imagery, spiraling shadows, cannibalized wool – one might dub it a Heart of Darkness work. Or not.
    Oops. Reading way too much into the wool again. Time to take the meds…

  37. i’m with angela and heather- emmet otter is fabulous! it’s nice to know there are other people out there who’ve actually heard of it!
    the cannibalized yarn is making a lovely scarf, so i don’t think it minds at all. and if the yarn doesn’t mind, who are we to bother ourselves about it?

  38. I just found this site! I am delighted to find a group of like minded individuals.
    Today in the American Museum of Natural History, a woman was knitting while walking around with her children viewing the new dinosaur exhibit. I was AMAZED, and jealous. I left my knitting in the car, having only knit on the way to the museum. (Not while driving of course.) Knitters are out there, we are everywhere, knitting and scheming on ways to knit more…

  39. I am really liking the spirally(is that a word? As an English and creative writing major I should know!) scarves that are getting popular. A friend did the one from the new Little Box of Scarves. It is darling. I like the idea of using two contrasting colors, maybe yellow and purple or red and green with gold metallic for Christmas (which really IS closer than we think!)

  40. Rams! When are you going to get your own blog? I love your wit and banter! And am definitely part of the Wallace and Grommit fan club.

  41. Is it really cannibalism if you haven’t actually cast on for the originally planned for project?

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