Megan is ….14!

I have to tell you that I thought 14 was going to look different than this.


Younger maybe. I think that’s it. I thought that 14 would still look like a little girl and it really doesn’t. It looks grown up, responsible and suddenly much bigger than I thought. Fourteen on this girl is perplexing, wild, changeable and tall.

Fourteen on this girl is….

Loud. We will remember this (I hope, unless it get’s worse) as Megan’s loudest year. From her raucous laugh to her “wild moose” (making this the only household in the world where the phrase “don’t you moose at me” is uttered) impressions, you can’t beat Meg for volume. (Or continuity). She was a quieter two year old.

Clever. This is the year that she told us to get off your back about homework and school, that she would handle it all…and she did. Her grades were pretty darned good too. Meg is clever enough to be in charge of some of her own destiny.

Tall. Taller than me. I don’t even begin to understand how something I made can be bigger than me, but there you have it. (I know that Joe will be unable to resist pointing out that I’m not hard to beat…but I’d like to point out that I made Meg myself from a couple of cells that were lying around. She used to be a zygote. I wouldn’t care if I were two and a half feet tall. I’m impressed with her.)

Funny. Meg’s sense of humour is sharp, quick and keen. If there’s an opportunity for a moment, my girl is there. She’s the best kind of smart ass….since she is kind. She’s also funny by accident and good natured about it when it happens. Riding our bikes by the ocean last year, our girl Meg pipes up “MOM! I saw a herring!”

I look at Joe, since he’s the ocean guy. Herring? Joe shakes his head. No herring here. “Meg? A Herring? Are you sure?”

“Mom! It was totally a herring. Totally! It was right over there with it’s tall legs and long beak!”

Oh. Right. A herring. We all laughed, including Meg, and laughing at herself was a milestone.

Amanda (Meg’s 16 year old sister who resents that I already got “Loud” and “Funny”.) says Meg at 14 has

Bad taste in music. When I said “Amanda…hey!” Amanda pointed out that she listens to The Back Street Boys and Ashlee Simpson.

Ok. There’s that. Amanda also admits that Meg is Good at sharing, and she’s right. When Meg is in high form, you can’t hold a candle to her generosity. (Amanda did say this sashaying out the door with Megs satchel and tee shirt.)

Sam (11 year old younger sister, sworn to follow Megan for every day of her life and torment her in all ways possible) finds Meg…

Picky. Food, clothes, friends, books, socks, apples… takes Meg hours, but she makes pretty good decisions. Meg is also good with those younger than her. She has lots of patience for Hank. (And Sam.)

Joe says Megan is Persistent, Tenacious and Hard Working.

Joe often takes a kid to work with him, and Megan seriously rocks. She doesn’t complain about grunt work and can be trusted to take the time to learn to do a job right. Meg’s going to be a good worker. Doesn’t matter what at.

Ken says she’s got

Commitment and follow-through, which are insanely useful and exceptionally rare at her – or any – age. She’s a planner, with goals of her own that she intends to accomplish, and she’s not just making idle chatter. She’s worked out how she’s going t do it, and (most remarkably), she’s actually going to do all of those things she’s worked out.

Finally, and I’m sure you noticed from the photo above, our Meg is

Beautiful. You couldn’t find a lovelier teen, though really, with everything else she has going for her…it’s icing on the cake.

Happy Birthday Meg!

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  1. Happy Birthday Megan — You are in for a great year! Enjoy every minute of it (keeping a journal helps)!!

  2. Wow Steph, a whole entry that had NOTHING to do with knitting! Funny, I didn’t notice it until I read it for the third time… Happy Birthday, Megan! Fourteen looks wonderful on you!

  3. Wow, I may actually be first today!
    Happy Birthday, Meg! What a fabulous job your parents have done in raising such a lovely young lady.
    At least I have 10 1/2 years to go before we cross this threshold. Wish those years would go s.l.o.w.l.y!
    Enjoy your day!

  4. Happy Birthday from one Megan with no extra letters in her name to another!
    Maybe the loud thing comes with the name. My mom always said that she never wondered where I was when I was younger and outside playing, as she could *always* hear me. . .

  5. Happy birthday Megan! I hope she realizes how lucky she is to have such a wonderful, loving family. I don’t think I probably recognized those things in my family at her age, but she’ll look back on these times with great happiness (and she’ll know she’s a lucky girl). I hope 14 is a wonderful year.

  6. Great picture, must check archives, don’t remember looking that good at 14. Heck, don’t ever remember looking that good. Happy birthday, Megan. Sounds like you have all the right stuff!

  7. Happy Birthday Meg!
    14 was the year, I started to feel like “me”… Just out of the “oh-my-god-my-arms-cant-really-be-this-long-why-did-i-buy-this-pair-of-jeans-they-arent-cool-but-whats-her-face-she-has-the-right-jeans-and-a-boyfriend-and-wears-makeup-i-must-be-like-her” phase (most mom’s of girls will recognize this “schizo” phrase). It was a greatyear… each year since, i have learned something new about me. πŸ™‚

  8. Happy Birthday Megan! (but, um, Steph – on the tall thing; wouldn’t Joe also want to point out that a couple of cells that He had lying around were also involved in the making of Megan? And he’s tall, isn’t he?) She certainly is lovely. Just like her sisters. And her Mum.

  9. Happy 14th, Megan!
    The Girl at our house turned 14 in June, and it’s been a landmark year so far.
    Good luck, Mom, only 4 more years until adulthood for this beauty.

  10. Happy Birthday Megan!!! Hope that you are having a GREAT time. One warning: You may have noticed by now that the older you get, the dumber your parents get. If you haven’t noticed that yet, beware, it is coming. Luckily, this is not a permanent state. Somewhere in your 20s those parents of your will start getting smarter again. Your job is to be patient with them. Try not to roll your eyes too much in your presence. They really can’t help this stage of their lives. Your best weapon is to smile at them and be agreeable, this will really confuse them. And remember a confused parent is a parent that may just say, “Yes” when they really didn’t mean to.

  11. Happy birthday, Megan! And you know–I look at my kids (17-23) and think at them, just like your mom did, hey, I used to be bigger than you… My older son is 6’9″, I’m 5’5″. Now I have to stand on a ladder if I want them to still look up to me.
    Have a wonderful one, and thank you for letting your mom post your day to us.

  12. I dag er det Megan’s foedselsdag – hurra, hurra, hurra. Hun sikkert sig en gave faar som hun har oensket sig i aar og dejlig chokolade med kager til. Happy, happy birthday Megan.

  13. Happy Birthday Meg-here’s to beauty inside and out.
    Hurray for tall girls!!
    *said the short woman*

  14. Wow Steph! You and Joe really do good work. πŸ™‚ You don’t look old enough to have kids this age. You must have been a child bride.

  15. happy birthday megan – boy you sure sound like neat teen – congrats mom on raising such a special “middle child”

  16. aw…look how cute she is….
    hey, Megan; i still wear my hair like that sometimes and i’m fifty(whisper).
    marie in florida

  17. And best of all, she has the best birthday, August 15th, which is MY birthday too!
    Happy birthday!
    Barb Landay

  18. Happy Birthday, Megan.
    Stephanie, I have to sympathize with the,
    “Tall. Taller than me…”
    There are 18 inches and four an a half shoes sizes between my FOUR year old and me. Yeah she definitely has not inherited my stature.

  19. I’m crying! How beautiful!
    Taller than YOU? How could THAT be?
    ~of course, said dripping in sarcasm~
    You have lots of summer birthdays around there!
    Eat cake, Meg!

  20. How could Meg *not* be fabulous, with parents and siblings like you guys, who notice and encourage and appreciate her finer qualities? Darn, I’m getting teary! Lovely tribute.

  21. Happy Birthday Megan! Please print out your Mom’s lovely letter and keep it. It will come in handy on those inevitable gray days!

  22. Happy birthday Megan! 14 is a great age. Enjoy this time. Some days it all seems so terrible to be a teenager. But someday, you’ll look back and realize how totally awesome it was. Even mom’s gushy praises will cease to be embarassing.

  23. Happy Birthday Meagan! Hope it’s the greatest!
    Stephanie, I know the whole “I made that, she(he) is bigger than me now. My boys are almost as tall as me and they are only 9. It’s gonna be fun trying to scold them when I have to stand on a chair to look them in the eye.

  24. Happy Birthday, Miss Megan!
    You’ve got the goods, the grounding, and a great mom, so grab the world by its horns and enjoy the ride, sweetie.

  25. hmmmmm. i had a good song for your mother, meg, so i suppose i’d better come up with one for you, too, eh?
    Happy birthday to you
    you live in a zoo
    you look like your mother
    do you smell like her too?
    (mr washie and mr tub are waiting, lol)
    happy birthday honey.
    (to mom, teenage girls are interesting animals, i’m about to embark with teenage BOYS. SIGH. (zits and all))

  26. Happy Birthday Megan!
    My thoughts have already been taken by others so…..enjoy life and your becoming an adult. Remember you can count your really good friends on one hand.

  27. Happy birthday Megan! Have a fantastic day and an incredible year to come.
    (I fully expect my daughter to out-height me. I’m even hoping she out-heights her dad. We are quite short people. But she was 34″ tall on her second birthday, which means, according to legend, that she could hit 5’8″…I gasp just thinking about it. My *baby*!)

  28. The ultimate “I made THIS…
    …from THAT.”
    (And beauty may only be frosting, Meg, but that’s mighty fine frosting. Happy birthday, lamb.)

  29. Happy Birthday Megan!
    Stephanie – my Megan (a.k.a. DD#1) will be 14 on Thursday as well! You’ve written a lovely birthday tribute for your daughter. She’s very fortunate to have you and Joe as her parents.

  30. don’t you moose at me
    Believe me, I understand. Mine has taken the doe-eyed beseeching look a touch too far, which results in an occasional “Honey, she’s lemuring again”

  31. Happy 14th b-day Meg! I’m really interested to know about the moose noises. Are you doing moose calls in the house? Did you know that women’s voices are actually better for calling moose than men’s? Just sayin’. You may have a future there…

  32. Hey Stephanie! I have a 14 year old son, shall we do a fix-up? Since I will never have a daughter, I am determined to raise boys that will be good, respectful, dates; and wonderful husbands and sons-in-law (eventually). Fourteen is a pivotal year indeed. My son has solidified his position as the family “jock,” but he is also easier to talk to and reason with than he used to be. He also gets my husbands off-color comments now, so he is wonderfully easy to embarass. Please wish Megan a happy birthday from me, and enjoy the ride. Thankfully, you have already been through it once before!

  33. forgot to mention I have been dealing with that kids taller than me thing for a long time. My 18 year old is 6 foot 6 and my fourteen year old is 6 foot 2!

  34. Happy Birthday, Meg! Sounds like you’re turning out to be quite the self-actualizing human being. And at 14! Your mum can be quite glad you’re nothing like me at that age πŸ˜‰ Enjoy your birthday celebrations and the joys of being a beautiful intelligent young woman. -N*

  35. Happy Birthday Megan! You have got one of the best smiles I’ve ever seen, not to mention lots of qualities that people twice your age, like me, wish for! Remember to always use your powers for good, and people will remember you for all the right reasons.

  36. Seriously one of the sweetest things i have ever read. I love that you took the tine to do that πŸ™‚ I hope she realizes just how special her mother is.

  37. Happy Birthday Megan! sounds like you are on your way to some wonderful things. best wishes to you and all your aspirations. always remember how to “moose.”

  38. I’m thirteen and live in England. I’ve read your Mum’s book and I enjoy knitting. My uncle lives in Toronto. Happy Birthday! I hope you have many years of happiness. Maybe we can contact each other on email and talk about knitting, life etc.

  39. Happy belated birthday, Megan. As strange as it must be to get loads of birthday wishes from total strangers (like me), I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. Your mother has written a lovely tribute to you. I can’t imagine that my mom was this fond of me when I was 14 as I was pretty unpleasant to be around. You seem like a delightful person, though. Lucky you, to have that wonderful family around you. Enjoy, and here’s to many, many more birthdays.

  40. Yep,she’s beautiful alright, and all that other wonderful stuff pretty much makes up for the moosing and the Backstreet Boys…although my mother’s heart aches for you when you actually have to listen to the BBs…and I get this involuntary eye-rolling thing going on too…
    Happy birthday to your gorgeous daughter. They turn out pretty damned good for starting out as a zygote, eh? πŸ™‚

  41. Happy Birthday Megan, You remind me of my 15 year old ( nearly 16) who has the same attitude to life as you. Have a good year!

  42. Happy Birthday Megan! Good for you, if you like the Backstreet Boys, go with it — who cares what anyone else says! I think that helps to make you a confident and unique individual.
    They just grow kids taller than they used to, Steph! All three of mine can now look down at me.

  43. Happy birthday Megan !
    I just spent two weeks with my granddaughter Kylee, who turned 14 at the beginnning of July.
    She was the most delightful companion I could wish for ! Enjoy this time with your girls as it passes so quickly. My hunch is that you do enjoy it – you certainly are aware of their good qualities.
    By the way, I’m just rediscovering knitting.I’m eager to knit my very first sock but I’m afraid I’ll not succeed. When I look at your postings I get a serious case of sock envy.

  44. happy birthday you 14 yo! sounds like to me you are much loved and appreciated. happy happy!

  45. Was there ever such a smile!!
    I have noticed that all three sisters are beautiful – obviously Harlot genes.
    Happy birthday middle child – Happy birthday Megan!!!

  46. My mom always told me that she might be shorter but she could still grab me by the belt buckle and kick me in the shins. Never did but I’ll bet she could have.
    Happy Birthday Meg (even if I am late)!

  47. Wow…14! I don’t think I remember 14. I do remember I was a horrid person at that age, so it’s probably better I DON’T remember.
    Happy Birthday Megan!!
    ps – your site does not play well with my computer and didn’t show this post until 8:30am this morning. (8/16)

  48. Happy Birthday Megan! Birthdays are fun but it is also when we all try to give you advice. Well, some of it is actually pretty good.
    I learned mine just out of high school. There will always be people (even people that love you) that will tell you that you won’t be able to do something. But believe me, you will be amazed at what you can do when you just try.
    Just remember to ask “why” when someone says something can’t be done.

  49. Happy birthday Megan!
    This is a nice little salute to your daughter, Stephanie. I may try that on Thursday for my daughter’s b-day, easier than the horse and/or dog that she wants (and is not getting.)

  50. Happy Birthday Megan!! πŸ™‚
    Stephanie, I love the things you write in your blog about your kids/family on their special days. πŸ™‚ You rock! πŸ™‚
    14 looks so young to me … I remember being 14 and thinking I was all grown up. Heck, I met my husband when I was 14 … I wasn’t that young (looking) when I was 14 was I?! *lol* Wow!!

  51. Happy Birthday, Meg! Hey, Stephanie, do Canadians believe in pre-arranged marriages? Son #3 is 14, but if she prefers older men, I’ve got one 17, and one 25. Too old? A younger guy perhaps? I’ve got one 11. Let me know if you want to talk dowry…

  52. Hi Megan happy birthday!!
    Hi Steph.. happy labor day! πŸ™‚
    its funny cause my best friend in the world has a 14 year old son.. but sadly we can’t hook them up together.. he has down’s syndrome.. doesn’t speak but seems to be the happiest person that I know! πŸ™‚ loves his music and seems to have an amazing vocabulary in sign language that even i understand.. adores my 10 year old daughter and knows that we are family.. can’t beat that with a stick! :-).. wild cause yeseterday was also his birthday (Jeffrey), my Grandmother Mary, and my other friend Lil’s son Matthew.. but he’s only 8… and kori’s old piano teacher Ms. Natalya… ok i’m rambling.. lots of hugs.. Karola

  53. Ma chοΏ½re Megan, c’est οΏ½ ton tour, de te laisser parler d’amour !
    Happy Birthday from a fellow French-Canadian !
    And a lovely tribute – Stephanie you didn’t have to say much – these eyes are the reflections of a happy happy heart !

  54. Happy Birthday Dear One!
    I myself am fortunate to know three wonderful Megans, and they are all LOUD too! Must be the name πŸ™‚

  55. Happy birthday, Megan!
    And treasure that mother of yours!
    Sorry birthday wishes are late – this has just shown up in the UK too…
    Keep on moosing…

  56. Happy Birthday Meg!
    Stephanie…what a nice present to write about your daughter. She probably will hope her friends don’t know about your blog though πŸ™‚

  57. Surprisingly, she sounds a lot like you – Congratulations Megan on a wonderful birthday, and Stephanie and raising yet another great kid.

  58. Lovely, lovely. May I pinch her?
    Just kidding. I have one of those, too (and I don’t pinch her either, as much as I’m tempted), and different — loud comes in blasts and skreeks, which make me suddenly loud as well. She’s almost 15.
    Stephanie, how do you cope with all these people knowing so much about you, and loving you so much? Isn’t it a bit surreal and … maybe terrifying? I try to imagine blogging, and it gives me the willies.
    But I sure am glad you’re there. You’re one of my three Internet treats each day.

  59. oh yeah … and, like, happy birthday, Meg, Miss Meglet … Megaparsec … any Wrinkle in Time fans up thar? Happy to you.

  60. Happy Birthday Meg!
    The staff at the Ginger Press wish to thank you for ‘lending’ us your mother, may you be blessed with the love and adoration she gives and receives daily.
    Best to you, my young maiden!

  61. Happy Birthday Meg, and happy mother of 14 year old to you, Yarn Harlot! My own daughter, Raisa, turned 14 on the 6th. They are practically twins. Are these 14 year olds not the greatest? Such good company and so much themselves in everything they do. Mazel tov to the whole family.

  62. What a lovely tribute to your daughter… and its ok to write about something else besides knitting, especially when it involves other products of our own creation. I DID so treasure my daughter at this age, and even though she is the greatest turning 22 and a true adult friend now, I do kinda miss that younger girl; enjoy while you can.

  63. What an amazing mom you are to write all those awesome things about your daughter. Not just your own thoughts, but the thoughts of other important people in her life as well. I think that would be a wonderful thing to have to look back at later in life. I hope, at 14, that Miss Megan knows how very lucky she is to have a mother like you as well as all of these other caring people in her life!

  64. Happy birthday to you Megan – Enjoy this every special year!!! Congratulations and kudos Stephanie on your lovely family!

  65. Meg is beautiful.
    I totally understand the whole I made this theory though…
    I look at my daughter everyday and am amazed at what I see. And she is only 6 months old. I guess that feeling never really goes away huh?
    Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Meg!
    Oh and from the latest post… those booties are cute!:)

  66. My baby girl turned 10 on The fifteenth. It seems that fantastic girls are definately the thing for that day. My India is also a strong worker, sharing soul, and is definately not a shrinking Violet. Happy Birthday Meg.

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