Ahoy Me Hearties!

Look sharply me beauties, It be international “Talk like a pirate day” (With many ‘tanks to Patti, first mate for t’day who made sure I heard about it. ) I be takin’ it fer all that it be worth, for de purposes of me own amusement.

I knitted on the never endin’ bilge-rat bobble bind-off on me desperate Lotus Blossom shawl until I thoughts me mind would wander off, and despite having just about gnawed off me own right arm due out of bordom, I thinks it looks pretty good. (According to the stolen clock in me galley, dis bind-off takes longer than pillaging a Spanish Galleon and stuffin’ the treasure in me stash. Two hours and twenty-five dastardly minutes. Arrr.)


I call this one “Avast ye scurvy Lassie, Hold this piece of knitting in the window before you go to school, and hold a civil tongue in yer head about the oddness of the Captain.” (This is the only picture with accurate colour. The captains camera is as old as her ship)


and this one “There’s not a body here to take a picture of yer accomplishments… so we’ll throw it on the spinning wheel Steering Wheel, while the neighbours calls ye “odder than fish”


This last one we calls “Emma showed up for coffee and took the picture, and even said Arrrrrr while she dids it.”

Tomorrow, why second sock syndrome ain’t a problem for pirates.