Madly off…

in all directions. I’m on a wild tear…(really Steph? That sounds so unlike you) for the last couple of days to get out the door for the next leg of the tour, going into the studio to make a surprise…and trying to co-ordinate the children and Joe to withstand a critical mother shortage for a week. (While they are getting much better at it, the thought of a musician/record producer getting up at 7:30 in the morning several days in a row to have the hair-tie/where’s my green pants/she’s taking too long in the bathroom morning scene is pretty much heart-stopping.) I’m packing…though I need a new sock in progress since these…


these are done. Enormo-socks knit on 2mm needles, in this yarn, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I like the random stripyness of them, and new owner will enjoy the colour (or lack thereof).

I finished them while Joe and I went into the studio to work on the recorded surprise. It was an interesting look at what Joe does all day.


The man himself, at the helm of his own personal recording empire. The sock noted that there are many, many buttons in the studio.


So many buttons in fact, that it boggles the mind that a man who can work all of this still thinks that knitting is tricky…but I digress.


I sat behind the microphone and did my thing (what my “thing” is will be revealed in the fullness of time.) and I felt like a supreme dork. Joe feels that I “breathe” too loudly (how do you not do that?) and commented once or twice that he would really appreciate it if I didn’t swear quite so violently when I made a mistake because it’s really hard to edit out all the cursing and the sighs. (I suppose there’s also the little problem of the frequency of my mistakes, but my self-esteem suffered enough with the problem of my “breathing” so lets not dwell on it.)

I need to find my passport, deal with the end of the surprise, I need to do enough laundry to get me through Holden MA tomorrow, Stitches East on the weekend, New York State on Monday and Tuesday, (details on the tour page) as well as enough laundry that the children aren’t reduced to wearing paper bags to school ten minutes after I leave. I need to buy enough food that nobody here runs out of milk or eggs, tidy up enough that nobody becomes lost in the living room and somehow depart here tomorrow morning with a big smile on my face. This will actually be easier than it sounds, considering that once I get on the plane all of that stuff isn’t my problem anymore and I just get to play with knitters. Until the plane, it’s making me a very cranky mother, indeed. Amanda went to a craft show and came home with this…


It reads “she was quite a sweet girl, until she started all that knitting.” Makes me wonder if the kids have noticed the crankiness.

With that, I give you a sky for Sandy


and a wave.

I’ll write from….wherever there is wireless.