Burt, it’s been a slice

Atlantic City and Stitches East were fab beyond belief. I spent the weekend signing books, meeting knitters…greeting bloggers and falling at the feet of designers who inspire me.

(I have to tell you that when they pointed out Beth Brown-Reinsel to me I felt a pang of guilt. I hope she doesn’t know about Joe’s Gansey. I didn’t introduce myself, partly because I was awed by her existence and partly as I was worried that if she *did* know about Joe’s Gansey, things might go badly for me in public. Can you imagine? Being dressed down by a gansey expert in front of hundreds of knitters? Revealing you for the slacker you are? Horrors.)

I had the privilege of sharing a room with my friend Juno, and she made every minute more fun. Together we had a shocking shawl-to-human-ration in the hotel room.


That’s eight. Eight shawls to equip two women for two days. (The shocking part is how long it took us to realize how odd that was. Considering how many hand knit shawls are in the average hotel room you have to figure that we were at least a statistical anomaly.)

Walking through the hotel was fun though, Knitters in the halls, knitters in the elevators, knitters only in the restaurants. (Not so many in the casinos. I suspect that many of them felt as Juno and I did, which was that a casino seemed a silly place to take one’s yarn money…being as there is no yarn there…and that we had already gambled a fair bit by purchasing a new sock yarn.)

In the end, Juno and I crowned the current sock Miss America


(Where else would their be a cast bronze statue of Burt Parkes?)

Praised the charming Miss Knotology on her Koigu triumph


and fled into the night.

Two points of business.

1. Tonight I’m at Adirondack yarns in Lake Placid at 7:00. Should be a lovely way to spend a rainy evening. Cozy with my knitting at a really nice yarn shop. (The place is Filthy with Fleece Artist. Filthy.) Come out and play if you are close.

2. The surprise is ready. Call 877- SOS-KNIT (toll free in Canada and the US) and know me for the true and full dork that I am.