46 hours

is how much time I have at home in between book gigs.

I offer this by way of explanation, for you’re getting a late blog today, but I’m sure you understand that I’d like to spend as much of that 46 hours with Joe, the ladies and Mr. Washie as possible.

From the look of the house, Mr. Washie has missed me as much as I missed him. Poor guy. Luckily for him I own so few “book worthy” outfits that this pitstop has to involve him or I’m going to do book appearances in Chicago and South Bend with this tee-shirt on…


(If you’re not from here, don’t mind us Canadians. It’s an inside joke.) I listen to the radio a lot and It has occurred to me wearing only this tee shirt for weeks until I hear Shelagh again might be appropriate. Sort of a “wear-in” to get my CBC back. As much as I love the BBC World Service…that and the bizarre re-run documentaries are just not working for me anymore.

When last I saw you, my knitwear was leaving Atlantic City and taking a plane to the beautiful Adirondacks…


It’s lovely there. I’d been to Lake Placid once before on a climbing trip with Ken and my only memory of the place consisted of a moment when, while I was high on a ledge, clinging to a rock with my fingertips and my will power and I suddenly thought to ask Ken the name of the route we were on. Ken paused (surely pondering the value of honesty) then replied… “Pete’s Farewell”.

I’ll never forget that moment, the trees and lake swirling below me, the rock feeling smaller suddenly under my gripping fingernails…possessed of an urge to check all the ropes attached to my harness and all I could think was

“Holy *&^%$#. What happened to Pete?”

I admit that facing this crowd at Adirondack Yarns was a better moment.


If you ever find yourself anywhere near this shop I’d make time for it. The owner is charming, half the place is a coffeeshop, they have Fleece Artist, and for the first time in a long time (I’ve been working on my resistance) I had a yarn accident. (It involved Dale of Norway. I’ll tell you later when the shock wears off.

I was travelling with three other knitters and they were good company, completely enabling and between the four of us, the trunk was, well….


full of yarn. It’s so good to be understood. Whenever I travel with non-knitters I always feel like I have to try and explain how one woman could need so much yarn at one time. (I think they sort of get why I would want so much of it….It’s why I need all of it with me all the time that’s hard to understand. Knitters totally get that you need one project for when you are talking and one for when you are watching tv and another one to knit on the plane and then a couple more for if you get bored with those first ones.)


This is for my Uncle Tupper. (I realize that this will hold little interest for the non-tuppers among you, but I thought he would like it. Humour me.) I took it in the town of “Tupper Lake”. Who knew?

Onwards…laden with yarn and good intentions we arrived at the Brewer Bookstore at St. Lawrence University where much to my delight I spotted this book in the wild.


It’s Knitlit the Third and I thought that the first time I would see it would be at Willow books on the 18th of October for the big party. (By the way? It totally cracks me up that the website advises us that it’s “B.Y.O.Y.”)


The friendly knitters….not at all a scary crowd. As a public service announcement I’d like to let you all know that Brewer Bookstore has a knitting book section to be impressed with. Usually big bookstores are sort of a downer in the knitting book section (I can’t be the only knitter infuriated by discovering that in a huge chain bookstore, one with 34 books on worm composting or 52 books on how to organize lumber, that *I* have a better knitting section in my bedroom.) but this one is really good. (Note to bookstores: Quilting is not Knitting. Neither is Crochet or Beading or Plastic Canvas or anything that has “Mile-a-minute” in the title. While these are fine and decent crafts, you should not label a section “knitting” and get us all excited when we see how many books are in there. It angers the knitters when they run over and find this book sitting above the “knitting books” sign. This is also the precise reason that you keep finding this section of your store completely rearranged, but I digress.)

Back home (after a flight in which the lady in the seat behind me prayed loudly during take off and landing “Help me Jesus” and I wished that the heavens would open and shoot her a Xanax.) I discovered my lovely Joe, a cat who is pretending not to know me, a complete hairtie emergency and the cups (naturally) the wrong way up. (I am beginning to find this comforting.)

Most strikingly, upon my return home I discovered a little ray of sunshine in the kitchen. Something that erased all previous memories of stickiness and disaster…something so exquisite that my love for my husband was renewed and multiplied. Joe had bought a mop. A real mop. This impressed me so much that I almost wept in the kitchen. To discover that a spouse who until recently gave no indication that he was aware that floors needed washing has now not only acknowledged that this is a valid task but has also bought tools to enhance his floor washing experience? It’s a fine and touching moment between lovers and one I will treasure forever.

I leave for Chicago in 19 hours where I will wear ironed clothing, embrace the Great Lakes Bookseller Association with the fullness of my being, drink beer with our loverly Rams, meet a Chicago blogger so famous I can’t decide what sweater to wear, read and sign at Arcadia Knitting at 4:00 on the 1st, South Bend knitters on the 2nd at Sit ‘n knit in IN, at a rare morning appearance…10:00am. (I shall be drinking plenty of coffee..glorious brown elixir of life.) The South Bend appearance is a last minute add on….details, as always, are on the tour page.

For now, I have time for my girls, my man….and considering that my stay at home is so brief…


A very small sweater.

101 thoughts on “46 hours

  1. You are too funny!! I cry almost every time I read your post.
    I hope you’ll come closer to me on this yarn crawl around the US and Canada. I’ve ordered 3 copies of the new book, but they haven’t arrived yet. Can’t wait to get started.
    Loved the SOS Knit Line, by the way. Laughed so hard I had to listen a second time cause I didn’t hear it the first – I’m sure it won’t be my last. Enjoy the rest of your tour.

  2. My quiz kids shirt had red writing and I’m told a classmate still (20+ years later) has our appearance on VHS. I hope the tape suddenly disintigrates into a zillion pieces.
    I’m totally with you on the CBC thing. The only thing I’ve gotten from this stike is a yearning to have Bill Richardson back on The Roundup and a desire for a British accent.
    Have fun on the next leg of the tour!

  3. Although I love Shelagh and Sounds like Canada, it’s Anna-Maria and Barbara that I miss the most. And of course, the Calgary morning guy. Every morning I switch to CBC to see if it’s back, but I can’t stand to hear those management types smugly declaring that they’ll be with us “until the end of the labour disruption”. Funny, I’d call it a “management disrupton”.
    Sorry. It’s a sore point with me right now. Enjoy the rest of your time at home.

  4. The Yarn Harlot, Rams, and Bonne Marie, coming together in one place? Won’t the universe combust or something? I am so damn jealous I think I just might grind my teeth into dust. The knowledge I could gain just eavesdropping on the three of you!!
    Oh well, have fun anyway I guess.

  5. I hope you come to the potato state, it would be so neat to see the harlot at work. Plus, as an added bonus, there’s sheep! and Wool! and yarn! and llamas, cannot forget the llamas. That sounds like a lot of packing on your end, poor mister washie all by his lonesome. It’s so wonderful that he’s an understanding guy, otherwise, it might get ugly. and hairband crises? with 3 girls, and 40,000,000 hairties, it’s likely you might get 10 out of that lot in the end run. What’s quiz kid?

  6. Weeping and wailing loudly, I can’t make it on Saturday. I have to leave tomorrow morning to drive to Cincinnati to pick my husband up (hasn’t he heard of planes?). Seriously, it�s also a family thing. Depending on how things work out, I am scheming trying to find a way for us to leave Saturday arriving downtown Chicago at precisely 3:30 pm. Since traffic will be terrible as it always is on I90, I’m sure we will have to take a right ramp and detour through the loop. If you see a blond headed chick with a tall guy, kid and a little lhasa apso, that would be me. Just kidding, the dog hates knitting so I�m sure they can amuse themselves over at the Shed Aquarium.

  7. Sounds like Mr. Washie might be needing some relaxation right about now.
    “Wouldn’t you like to be a Tupper, too?”
    That trunk is WAY too full. The logical thought is…someone needs a bigger car. It’s the right thing to do.

  8. I think that imposter of a knitting book needs to go into the Hawaii Travel Section.
    Keep waiting for you to come down south – Atlanta is a good central location. Promise there will be a crowd.

  9. OMG! I know that woman! On the plane! I swear she was in line in security with me once singing hymns at the top of her lungs the whole 45 minute wait. And I ALWAYS take Xanax on the plane…it helps you sleep, it keeps you from sticking other passengers with your knitting needles and in case of emergency you can always sling-shot one into some crazy persons mouth to shut them up.

  10. A mop!?! Joe bought a mop? Praise the lord! Oh, wait, I don’t want to be confused with the woman who needed Xanax on the plane. I hope Mr. Washie isn’t acting up because he’s been left alone for so long. And, the missing hair ties are no doubt consorting with the missing tape measures. I love the new book and SOS KNIT. SOS KNIT inspired me to begin thinking about knitting all of the required Christmas gifts this year. All the support I need is just a phone call away… Have a great next leg of the journey!

  11. I’m SOOOO JEALOUS!!! I LOVE Lake Placid, especially this time of year. Any way you drive into town is absolutely gorgeous, but I especially love driving from the south, following the river all the way up the mountain. And to think, you were just a stone’s throw away from the Vermont border . . . .
    I think I’ll go cry now . . . sigh . . . .

  12. I’m so glad you’re home. Actually, what I’m really glad about is that you’re blogging again – I was beginning to miss you, badly. So badly I bought a ball of Trekking sock yarn and a pound of laceweight cashmere yarn (yes, I’m serious) and a Noro book and something else knitting-related, that I can’t even remember right now. Keep up the good work, before I can’t fit all the yarn under the beds anymore.

    *Car rented? Done!
    *Family (vaguely) lied to about purpose in Chicago and not attending wedding? Done!
    *Place Mapquested? Done!
    *Said Place contacted for construction report? Done!
    *A book for friend who needs a book signed since she stuck in Virginia? Done!
    *Another friend who’s coming along to keep my ass from getting lost 1,200 times before I get to Lake Shore Drive because she’s a world class navigator? Done!
    *Bag packed with projects and books and stuff? Done!
    Sleep? Are you *kidding* me?!

  14. “… but has also bought tools to enhance HIS floor washing experience?”
    Did you ever think that perhaps he bought a new mop in an effort to keep YOU at home to try out the new toy?
    I checked yesterday, no sign of bookbookbook #2 in the bookstore here yet. Sigh. Will have to try the phone number you’ve provided.
    Take care.

  15. Eyelash Crochet Leis?? A whole book of ’em?
    I don’t mean show a lack of understanding for other people’s obsessions (god knows, I have a few of my own), but a book full of eyelash crochet leis? These people have a lot of luaus or what??

  16. Ah, the whirlwind life of the Yarn Harlot.
    The trunk of yarn? Totally normal. I can see places for more skeins and hanks, too. Maybe you should invest in one of those as-seen-on-tv vacuum packer things?
    Also: I think you should rock the Quiz Kids tshirt anyway. Designate one stop “casual day”. You are *so* allowed.

  17. You are going to love, LOVE Arcadia Knitting. The sisters are wonderful. I met them when they first started, oh so tentatively, their yarn shop in the basement of Landmark Knitting. Sharon helped me finish a twenty year procrastination project. That’s right. Twenty years prior I had knit the front, back and one sleeve of a mohair sweater in two evenings. Twenty years later I finished the second sleeve, added panels (my time adds inches) and actually finished the thing. And Cathy, she’s wonderfully hilarious. The two together are magic. I miss living around the corner.
    I hate the thought of missing meeting you in person but I booked a knitting retreat EONS ago so, there. But I do want to thank you. I just recently took my husband to the Mayo Clinic. It was a long week. A lot of sadness to behold. And I wore out your book. I did. I wore it out. Even my husband laughed (it seems him and Joe have a lot in common) and that was Merry Christmas to me.
    Sooo. If you ever think for a fleeting moment that this knitting writing thing is for naught, here is one small voice saying thank you. For helping me get through a rough time.
    P.S. There’s a knitting store in town. I swear most of her business are relatives of patients looking for comfort.

  18. Tupper Lake. They have (quite possibly) the world’s best triathlon party there every year. The name still makes me smile, remembering all the race reports from people who’ve actually gone.

  19. Oh, I’m so sad. Even though I’m about two hours from Chicago, and I have friends and family down there who I could visit while there and everything, I’m not going to be able to go. 🙁
    We’re supposed to be moving in about four weeks, unless we decide to extend our lease (again), and in that time I still need to find us a place to move /to/, plus actually pack up and organize… well, the whole stupid apartment. It’s crazy how much crap we have. We have a whole house worth of crap, and yet… it’s just an apartment.
    And when I wrote that out just now? Suddenly the insane recurring headache I’ve had for the past few days makes sense. sigh.

  20. *sigh* the cbc. i wrote paul martin an email yesterday telling him he needs to Get It Together Already and get the cbc back.
    happy traveling!

  21. Well, darlin’, Norma and Juno and I will miss you while we snarf fiber and crack each other up in Vermont. But it sounds like you’ve got the snarfing and the cracking up covered quite well on your end…so have fun!

  22. I think that Madison, Wisconsin is on the way home to Toronto from Chicago, or maybe not too far out of the way. And, it is the home of a very large knitters’ guild and lots of wonderful lys’s. Please come–before real winter sets in.

  23. We are dying for some Vinyl Cafe around here. And Shelagh, definitely Shelagh. Basically, anything that’s less than 2 years old AND Canadian would be nice.
    Sorry about the yarn “accident.” (Although I DO doubt the existence of your “remorse”…) ;o)

  24. OMG moment. I got my Wool Gathering today (in color for the first time) and there on the second page was your bookbookbook2 with a review by Meg Swansen saying it was “an opportunity for some genuine belly-laughs”. Have you died and gone to heaven? I sure would. Congratulations!

  25. I second Teresa’s comments..too funny!
    And speaking on knitting books…I FINALLY have bookbookbook 2 but you won’t believe where it was at Barnes and Noble….deep breath here…the crochet section!!! The Horror! (Don’t worry..I quickly corrected them and moved it to it’s rightful home in the knitting section thankyouverymuch!)

  26. Haha! A spouse that buys mops! That is great. Long ago, after the birth of some kid my husband started washing the floors. I let him know, with no vaguary (is that how you spell that word? hmmm…..) that I found watching him wash floors was, well, it put me in an amorous mood if you get my drift. My floors are usually clean 🙂

  27. How very exciting! I’m thrilled to hear that South Bend has been added to your stops. As a confirmed country girl, I am too chicken to drive into Chicago, but South Bend I can handle.
    By the way, please be sure to note that South Bend is in the NORTHwestern corner of Indiana – not to be confused with North Vernon, which is waaaay down south.

  28. once upon a time, there was a fibrous floozey who was knitting a garter vine or vine garden or some such beautiful soft green cardigan? oh, garter vine cardigan, wherefore art thou? seriously, that was a really awesome cardigan. i resisted commenting all summer while you were bemoaning the heat, as the sweater looked like cold weather knitting; but it’s almost october and i hope that lovely twisting pattern makes another appearance!

  29. I think Lee Ann is onto something. We should be sitting at Libby’s Blue Line Diner in Winooski VT Saturday morning while youse guys are at some posh place in Chicago having brunch, and we should satellite it around the world. Hee.
    Have a wonderful time in Chicago. Your U.S. travels are really getting impressive and have long passed the jealousy threshold for me.

  30. South Bend?!?! So close, and yet so far.
    Come to Indy! You can crash at my house!! You can even get intimate with my washer!!!

  31. Oh, you’re sure to have fun in Chicago! Bonne Marie? Tres cool, tres chic.
    Don’t you just love that the “better with” book for “Making Eyelash Crochet Leis” is “Making RIBBON Leis & OTHER GIFTS of Aloha”? What other gifts? Do you see, further down the list, that there are actually “2” versions of BOTH OF THOSE BOOKS?! As in one book can’t cover all the eyelash crochet leis there are to be made??? This has to be illegal in Hawaii, it just has to be…
    Having too good a time already with your hotline! ; )

  32. I hear you on the laundry stop, I had one of those heavy-travel months 12 years ago. Just tried the SOS-KNIT Hotline, it’s wonderful. (I hope I didn’t seem unfriendly when I carefully avoided bothering you while you were shopping at Stitches. I figured I’d had my moment when you signed the book.) Have a great time in Chicago and don’t forget to tell us about the “yarn accident”.

  33. Is it just the camera angle, cus one side of that bambino sweater looks wider than the other. Both sides look nice and warm.
    I listen to the bbc almost every morning – call it my morning dose of depression. Excellent coverage, but I do wish they’d hit us with something upbeat just once in a while. And why I don’t change the station is beyond me…

  34. In defense of the lei book–seriously but not so seriously that anyone needs to apologize–I have sold much novelty yarn to a truly kind and even in her own way cool woman from Hawaii who makes leis with them. She’s native Hawaiian and it’s an extension of her connection to her foremothers & fathers.
    Like I said, no need for anyone to apologize–it really for all the world sounds like a truly horrible tourist fantasy–but for at least one woman, it’s not. I have had just enough vodka to feel like it’s really important that everyone know that.

  35. This is very clearly a second book tour. Very clearly for the second book.
    We in the PNW therefore demand a second visit. Respectfully. Drunkenly. And not wearing pants.

  36. so…i’m not the only one who can’t stand the book sections all messed up and ‘fix them up’….since the employees don’t seem to understand the value of finding books in the correct sections! glad to see i’m not alone!

  37. Really, South Bend is more North central than Northwest. It’s a straight shoot up US-31. Now Merrillville is truely Northwest. Merrillville to South Bend at google (maps. google. com)
    Also, we’d really love to see you down in/near Indy. We have a few nice yarn stores & some very large & nice bookstores.

  38. Hey Syephanie I will be at Sit’N’Knit on Sunday. It’s my lys. I am a fellow fter who couldn’t make it to the M$W party. Looking forward to meeting you! You are going to love LaSalle Grill- fancy shmancy!

  39. Wellllll, Melbourne is only about 28 hours flight from Chicago…. you could always drop by. LOL
    The knitting book shelves. Even Borders don’t have a great selection here and the average bookshop might have say one or two knitting for dummies type books on the shelves.

  40. So who puts the cups which way up. I always have them in the cupboard the same way up you have them to pour stuff in. And, seriously, why would he need to BUY a mop? Or can he just not find where you keep it 🙂

  41. Love the Quiz Kids shirt! There’s a blast from the past.
    Beer with Rams… sigh… I wanna come too… Have a great time, and hopefully I’ll have a chance to meet you in Toronto soon.

  42. Oh my!! In that photo of Lake Placid it looks like the hotel that my hubby and I stayed at on our honeymoon.. the plan B hotel after I couldn’t stay in the lovely cabin because I was sick.. Lake Placid was nice.. I would love to go back.. so I can see it again.. as being delerious with fever wilst there.tends to mess with the memories.. hehehhe
    (the documentaries are rather strange aren’t they? I’ve just stopped listening.. fortunately it’s only like an hour a day to put up with here)

  43. Got my copy of Book2. Comment: page 9 (I think), what is it exactly that you have against yaks?? Ever meet one? Did YOU get licked by one and had to get even?

  44. Barbara – re: yaks & Steph. Funny, I was thinking the same thing!
    When I read that, I knew that I had to bring my scarf, Bruce, which is made entirely of handspun (on a drop spindle, I’m a luddite) depigmented yak fiber. Once she feels the love that is Bruce, she’ll change her mind about yaks, I’m sure of it.
    (I named it “Bruce” because after fondling 1.5 lbs of the yak hair, I felt I should call it something for all the intimacy we shared. “Yak” felt so impersonal. And I love Monty Python and their song, “Bruces’ Philosophers Drinking Song.”)
    The link for Bruce:

  45. Hey!! Watch what you say about beads and beading…….!!Where do you think one learns to knit those lovely Victorian beaded bags (on 0000 needles no less!)
    You may have to become the owner of a beaded brooch — versatile enough to enhance most any knitted garment from scarves to sweaters (I draw the line at socks, beads must be knitted into socks.) to truly understand. Besides, I can hide my much larger stash of beads much easier than my yarn….
    Congrats on the husband who has realized that floor mops are not a figment of ones imagination!!

  46. I am glad you are resting. Can’t wait until tomorrow. I get to see you and take the L for the first time. Woo hoo!!

  47. I wandered over to the book tour list. My calander now has “Acton-Harlot” written on it. Gawd, I can’t wait until someone asks me about that one. Is there a Harlot in Acton? Whew baby is there ever!

  48. In my almost full 24 weeks I haven’t barfed once. The Lei book just did it.
    Oh, and the other day, somebody at work, for the first time in three years put all the glasses into the cabinet rim side up. (in my world, that’s the wrong side up) Why are they messing with the pregnant woman?

  49. Augh! I can’t belive you’re in Saranac! The in-laws have a spot on Upper Saranac Lake & we usually mooch off them for a week in the summer. You could have tried to time this so that I’d be up there, instead of at the other end of the country…
    I still see nothing scheduled in or around Jacksonville, FL. Bummer.

  50. Oooooh, oooh!!! I hope i can talk the other half into missing Church on Sunday so i can come and worship yarn in South Bend!! I hope the S.B. Sit ‘n Knit is larger than the one in Michigan City, IN or there will only be about 10 people in the store with you at one time. Hmmm. Must get there early!! I’m thrilled that i don’t have to go into the big scary city now!! 🙂

  51. AW CRAP!
    I drive 7 hours to see you in May in MI but when you come closer to me I can’t make it. THEN in a true salt in the wound moment I find out that you are going to be even closer to Erin (further from me but closer to a place to crash)?? Resisting the urge to go for broke, cash the paycheck and rent a car.
    Have a wonderful time. *sniff*
    Wave to Erin as you pass through Northwest Indiana (ask whomever you’re with to tell you when you’re there :))

  52. Oh, Big Tupper! Those of us who grew up learning to ski there had no idea it sounded odd. It just, well…was what it was.
    I had my first auto accident as a 17yr old driver while on my way there from further north. I just lost traction, spun around 3 times in my little Dodge Omni, and slid neatly backwards into an 8-foot drift of snow. It was lovely, actually…”plooof!” I tore a mudflap, that was all! AND, I met some cute boys from Canton, actually, who were on their way skiing, saw my car playing around in the middle of the road and veer off, and stopped to help push me out. (My brother didn’t think we needed help, but I INSISTED, vehemently to the college boys, that yes, indeed, we did. 😉
    Can’t wait to see you in Skinny-atlas!

  53. Wow, this is a crazy circumstance, but my husband is taking me to Chicago this weekend to celebrate our anniversary. I just might be able to drag him, I mean, bring him to meet some knitting people. And he thought he was getting away from knitting for two days, hee hee. Don’t know if it will work out, but that would be fun. We’ll see!

  54. Joe bought a mop? If only my DH knew where to get one, let alone how to use it…
    Hope to see you in Aurora soon – understand the crazy schedule. I’m seriously trying hard not to cyber-stalk you…
    Sandra in York Region

  55. Gigglesnort. Misread bookishwendy’s post to be “Action-Harlot” and “Harlot in Action” and the mind associated and ran with Yarn Harlot as an Action Comics Superhero!
    Just think…
    Mild mannered Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, earth friendly citizen of Toronto, knitter, writer and mother of three, tends to her family’s(and Mr. Washie’s) needs by day, but in an instant, when fibre calls, dashes into the nearst stash closet or LYS and emerges YARN HARLOT. Not since Supergirl (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supergirl) have we seen a heroine with such superhuman power and stamina. Able to lick a yak at ten paces, it’s a bird, it’s her tour plane, it’s Yarn Harlot!
    Meanwhile…Lex Luthor, Yarn Harlot’s mortal enemy, has discovered our heroine’s secret identity. Armed with that knowledge, and a crochet hook, (Yarn Harlot’s kryptonite) Lex disguises himself as an urban grey squirrel and makes his way toward the Stash in the Pearl-McPhee household…
    Yarn Harlot –
    Supporter of knitter’s everywhere.
    Promoter of Truth, Justice and Canadian Bacon Powder.
    (Hey, you could borrow Juno’s cape)

  56. Skaneateles?? You’re coming to Skinny-atlas?!?!
    OMG, girl, don’t miss a trip to Elegant Needles, they’re my favorite fiber therapy site.
    Now to finaigle a ride to the bookstore that night…
    Man who buys a mop… you’ve got a “keeper” there for sure.

  57. Oh, the proud day that a husband buys his first mop. *Denver* That day came for me as well, now if I can just get him to buy the right kind of mop *Boulder* instead of the cheapest dollar-store variety that actually absorbs water instead of just pushing it around the floor. *Ft. Collins* At least it was a start. My Millie pretends not to know me until the food bowl is empty, so take heart; she’ll come around. *Lakewood* Also glad to see someone shares my knitting-book-section-frustrations, except that I have to go all the way to COLORADO *Denver Denver Denver* to experience it, because hey, good luck finding a knitting book in most bookstores in Wyoming. 🙂

  58. Since we missed you in Michigan a small group of us are heading over to Chicago tomorrow morning – thanks for the excuse of a spontaneous road trip!

  59. Geez… how cynical am I? Upon reading that Joe bought I mop, I thought “What sort of liquidy accident occurred that necessitated the purchasing of a mop?”

  60. Chicago is positively preening itself for your arrival. We’re supposed to have perfect weather – rare, for us. So glad you’re coming to us at last.

  61. Yay, can’t wait to see you tomorrow at Arcadia. A new knitting friend and I are making the three-hour
    I can’t wait to be in Chicago after leaving two months ago. You must check out the Chicago Diner in Boys’ Town, it’s an all veggie restaurant!

  62. Yay, can’t wait to see you tomorrow at Arcadia. A new knitting friend and I are making the three-hour trek.
    I can’t wait to be in Chicago after leaving two months ago. You must check out the Chicago Diner in Boys’ Town, it’s an all veggie restaurant!

  63. Hey, they gave out t-shirts? Not in the boonies of Saitn John they didn’t. But then again, we lost to St Mach’s. But I did score a prom date.

  64. “Crochet is French for can’t knit!!!” I LOVE that!
    I have to admit that my first craft project as a girl was a crocheted afghan – forgive me, but I wised up in my old age and learned to knit. Now, crochet hooks are reserved for picking up dropped stitches and making edgings for knitted sweaters.
    My darling DH bought me the Yarn Harlot’s second bookbookbook along with “The Knitting Sutra” and “Knitting Heaven and Earth” for my b-day. Do I have him trained or what. BTW, HE is more dangerous in a yarn shop than I am! I went in once to buy some yarn for a prayer shawl ($60 of nice chunky alpaca) and come out with another $300 in Noro, that I STILL don’t know what to do with!!

  65. My husband denies any and all knowledge of the mop’s existence or any possible use it may have. Mayhaps I need to travel out of town….hmmmm….I went in search of the Harlot’s new book yesterday, but both my local yarn emporium and the book store let me down. I did get the next best thing though–Knit Lit (the Third), which at least had the further adventures of Our Harlot of the Yarn. And you could come to Olympia, Washington, Stephanie!! There’s llamas about 10 minutes down the road and alpacas about 15 minutes the other way. Whaddya say to a midnight fiber raid? Ski masks, shears and a tape recorder playing the theme from Mission Impossible………

  66. I’ve always loved you, really I have…but reading what you have to say about pathetic knitting book sections in large book stores, I’ve fallen in love with you all over again! (ROFL) (that’s a huge pet peeve of mine…)
    I had talked myself out of Saturday, but the temptation is too strong! (It must be part of the Yarn Harlot’s super powers!) I hope to see you there!

  67. You are so lucky to be allowed to knit on the plane.
    In Australia we’re not allowed to take anything sharp (including knitting needles) in our hand luggage.
    Love reading the blog. Keep up the good work.

  68. First, please for the love of all things sacred, will someone put CBC radio back on. Those morning zombies are horrible.
    Second, the mop. Of course it’s about the tools. All men need the “right tools for the job” and mops are available at home depot.

  69. Hi Stephanie, it’s been a long time, I didn’t know how else to get in touch with you. I was so surprised to find out that your a published author!! I always knew your knitting would lead you to bigger and better things! How are the girls? I’m probably the only non-knitter to post here! Your probably very busy but if you get a chance can you please send me an e-mail? I would love to hear from you!

  70. ok, i checked out sos knit tonight, and i think i woke up the neighborhood. OH MY GOD! i think i’m definitely going to have to have my fiance listen to #3, and maybe my kids too. unbelievable. and i will say this. you sound nothing like you look. that voice should be 5’9″ and long blond wavy tresses, and model thin. no offense, lol. are you going to have another “hotline” for other knitting occasions? and a new one next year? too too funny

  71. Oh, I didn’t know other people straightened out the books in bookstores. My kids think that Barnes and Noble should be paying me, I’ve done such a good job.

  72. No mention, not one. Lake Placid is cool (even famous) as is Tupper Lake (remember what a tup is in sheepese), even Saranac. But our esteemed Harlot made it to CANTON. Even had a crowd, by North Country standards. (So, 13 people came out.) I’ll tell a secret. Our Harlot was knitting the most beautiful sock in the world. Really.

  73. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am that you’re coming to South Bend, Stephanie! You better believe I’m going to be there!
    And how fun that the Sit & Knit is doing a drawing for dinner with you at the LaSalle Grill. The restaurant has a cocktail/cigar club (called Club LaSalle), and my husband regularly performs there. (But he won’t be on Sunday… sorry.)

  74. I just picked up your latest read today. When can you come to Louisville? I “sort of” met you by reading about your visit to Knit Happens in Alexandria, Virginia — I read their blog and pretend I live there.
    Louisville has 5 yarn shops, so I hope one of my “friends” would see fit to invite you. And you can wear whatever you wish– Quiz Kids Tee is good!! Thanks for sharing pictures from your point of view — kind of a switch on us “audience” types!! 🙂

  75. Oh Harlot, you make me homesick. Tupper Lake must have a new business, that one was not there when I lived there. Neither was Adirondack Yarns, or would never have moved away! I am so glad you had a great visit.

  76. Oh no! There are lots of us who straighten up the shelves in bookstores, and quietly place our favorite authors books face out on the shelves, as well! I know enough about publishing to know that I can’t move whole stacks of books to the front of the store, but I do what I can. It is so rare to find someone in a chain bookstore that actually READS books, that when you do find one, very occasionally, you can be stunned! The knitting selection at my LBS is pretty stunted. I have more books of patterns and books about “the knitting lifestyle” (is that what you would call those books?) than any bookstore in my area. Basically when I took up knitting, I saw it as another reason to COLLECT BOOKS!!

  77. On behalf of us switch-hitters: there are good reasons to crochet. Like edgings, and snowflakes, and the occasional afghan. Leis, well, I wouldn’t, but who am I to contemn anyone else’s obsession?
    I draw the line at putting crochet books (about leis, yet) in the knitting section, however. And, speaking of Acton — uh, Dave, you’re probably not reading this anyway, but your selection of knitting books is, well, how shall I put this, minuscule. Smaller than mine. Never mind Steph’s. Even if we only consider books in print.

  78. Stephanie, with all of your fame and power in the knitting world, I thought perhaps you could put in a word with the powers that be….I have good friends (spanish) in Spain who have learned to knit from the American internet, I think there would be a big market for knitting books (yours!!) in Spanish, not only for the international market but in the U.S. as well. We can’t keep all of this fun, excitement and knowledge to our english-speaking selves…… Are your books published in French in Canada??

  79. Steph, girl, how am I supposed to read the book and the blog? I about start crying everytime I think of “35 years old” or else at the shop. We had the rarest of privileges to have you. It is one definite occasion when I am very happy that Jack can pull strings in this business… knit on my new friend, and can’t wait to hear from you.. Tell Ken, “Good lookin out with the mop!” I know that a real mop is probably more preferable to a Swiffer, but right now, I am just trying to take what I can get. (oh, when only Martin can attain the the glory of Ken…) ha, ha, ha

  80. Excuse the Ken mistake, it’s Joe! hello!sorry about the dodo braining thing going on with me tonight! I was listening to something on TV, that’s why I can only knit or spin and watch TV, not blog or try to comment to a blog…(durrrr)

  81. WOW – The subjects of Knitdom are the funniest bunch of closet comedians! I laugh as much thru the comments as the blog itself (and that’s SAYING something, right?)
    Well, Yarn Harlot, your Socksjesty, I’ve finally fought my way thru a successful sock – the traveling socks really inspired the quest – thanks!

  82. Nice to see Lake Placid in your blog. My family has a summer place on St. Regis LAke about 45 min. from Placid. We usually go there every summer to visit with family. I will have to stop into Adirodack Yarns the next time I am there. The last time I was in the Adirondacks I was not obsessed with my knitting. How much things can change in a year and a half.

  83. OMG. I am extremely jealous of your Great Adirondack travels! I was born and raised in the foothills of that glorious place and I wish that where I live now had something so remarkable. I now live in Tuscaloosa, AL…it’s 88 degrees, humid, and they have a fascination for college football. I don’t get it! I can see leaves changing behind your sock…I’m so homesick! I actually contemplated a flight home to see you at all your NY stops, but I didn’t think the family would appreciate me eschewing a visit with them to see you (psst…they’re non-knitters). Good luck in your future travels, and maybe we’ll see you in the deep south sometime?

  84. Hi Stephanie!
    My sister went to Sit & Knit for me with my knitting-on-motorcycle picture, got your book, and now she’s holding it captive at her house and says I have to come and get it! Hope you enjoyed your visit to South Bend (“South What? Where? What day is this?”). I’m sorry I missed you.
    Ummm, my husband has never, to my knowledge, used a mop, but he is always willing to give me advice when it’s time to buy a new one. sigh.

  85. Thanks for the yarn accident–I’ve been wondering what the hell happened to me this weekend. Went to New York, purposely did not look up addresses for yarn stores beforehand, came home with two skeins of alpaca in the luggage. Yarn accident, clearly.

  86. I recieved your “Women Who Knit Too Much” as a gift, and am enjoying it immensely. I have a question. You refer to the great difficulty of purling. This is the second time I have seen a remark about this in the past few years, and I’m very confused. I never knew, in the forty years since I learned to knit, that purling was difficult. In fact, I think it’s an easier and more natural movement than knitting. Are you perhaps knitting in what I call “European style”, with the left hand doing the moving and the right the holding? Please explain. Thanks

  87. OMG, I laugh every time I read this and must resist the urge to read entire pages to DH. Not that he’s minded, you understand, but it’s …um…a bit long. And wonderful stuff, and of course I can’t just read little bits because then you miss the setup for the *really* funny parts, and… ok.
    One of my gigles was at “high on a ledge” and perhaps because I’m reading this with a glass of Bailey’s in hand as I gaze at the day’s progress on some entrelac kureyon, but I immediately think, “she was high? and went climbing? wow. that’d be weird.”
    DH also gifted me with Ze Vomen Who Knittt Toooo Mahch. It is most fabulous. Also took very little time away from the of course equally fabulous ongoing knitting project. He’s a keeper, this guy is.
    And not a regular poster, but will set sights on Acton and folks as well.

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