Madly off…

in all directions. I’m on a wild tear…(really Steph? That sounds so unlike you) for the last couple of days to get out the door for the next leg of the tour, going into the studio to make a surprise…and trying to co-ordinate the children and Joe to withstand a critical mother shortage for a week. (While they are getting much better at it, the thought of a musician/record producer getting up at 7:30 in the morning several days in a row to have the hair-tie/where’s my green pants/she’s taking too long in the bathroom morning scene is pretty much heart-stopping.) I’m packing…though I need a new sock in progress since these…


these are done. Enormo-socks knit on 2mm needles, in this yarn, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I like the random stripyness of them, and new owner will enjoy the colour (or lack thereof).

I finished them while Joe and I went into the studio to work on the recorded surprise. It was an interesting look at what Joe does all day.


The man himself, at the helm of his own personal recording empire. The sock noted that there are many, many buttons in the studio.


So many buttons in fact, that it boggles the mind that a man who can work all of this still thinks that knitting is tricky…but I digress.


I sat behind the microphone and did my thing (what my “thing” is will be revealed in the fullness of time.) and I felt like a supreme dork. Joe feels that I “breathe” too loudly (how do you not do that?) and commented once or twice that he would really appreciate it if I didn’t swear quite so violently when I made a mistake because it’s really hard to edit out all the cursing and the sighs. (I suppose there’s also the little problem of the frequency of my mistakes, but my self-esteem suffered enough with the problem of my “breathing” so lets not dwell on it.)

I need to find my passport, deal with the end of the surprise, I need to do enough laundry to get me through Holden MA tomorrow, Stitches East on the weekend, New York State on Monday and Tuesday, (details on the tour page) as well as enough laundry that the children aren’t reduced to wearing paper bags to school ten minutes after I leave. I need to buy enough food that nobody here runs out of milk or eggs, tidy up enough that nobody becomes lost in the living room and somehow depart here tomorrow morning with a big smile on my face. This will actually be easier than it sounds, considering that once I get on the plane all of that stuff isn’t my problem anymore and I just get to play with knitters. Until the plane, it’s making me a very cranky mother, indeed. Amanda went to a craft show and came home with this…


It reads “she was quite a sweet girl, until she started all that knitting.” Makes me wonder if the kids have noticed the crankiness.

With that, I give you a sky for Sandy


and a wave.

I’ll write from….wherever there is wireless.

55 thoughts on “Madly off…

  1. OOO…did stalker Angie stumble upon something with Monday’s comments??? Love those socks. We are so looking forward to your stop in Chicago. I think we’re gong to make a day of it.

  2. Back in college I worked on the radio station and was at one point forced by the station manager, an ex-boyfriend and real pain in the arse (hey, I’m on Steph’s blog, I get to say “arse” even if I am American), to make a public-service spot. Of course he had to stand behind me the whole time. You know how if you speak directly into the mike you risk popping your p’s? I popped an f. He kept reminding me of it for months.
    All of which is to say: I sympathize, about the recording, as well as the laundry. See you at Rhinebeck.

  3. Oooooh! I can’t WAIT for the surprise!
    Wish I could see you on this leg of the tour … Alas. Perhaps one of these days I’ll get to Toronto and we can have tea … I’m sure you know a good spot on your home turf.
    Travel safe and have FUN!!!!!

  4. Fingers crossed it’s an audiobook! I love to knit and listen to audiobooks at the same time. Much easier than juggling a book and my knitting! Have fun on your trip. Wish I could make it to Stitches. 🙁

  5. Is yours the charmingly artistically coloured house, or the one with the lovely green thumb? Either way, it was indeed a day so beautiful I had to point it out to everyone I met today too. Love that September.

  6. OH I love the button! Where can we all get one? That looks like a fun surprise:) It reminds me of video taping my practice teaching in college. I couldn’t believe how many times I said okay!

  7. …meanwhile, out in the wild, sightings of bookbookbook (I *have* that! Signed! I want book2book2book2!) have not been made in ol’ Port Townsend. I did, however, plant myself in the middle of the LYS and have a conversation with the seller about how great your books are. She already knew your website, though, and was carrying the book, so that doesn’t count as guerrila marketing.
    I’ll go back into my project (80,000 words to go by the end of the month). Have fun. Have wool. Walk in grace… …ah, you already DO all that!

  8. Hey, I didn’t know your dude was a long haired hippy freak. Sweet!
    Have fun. I’d write more but I smashed my right index finger (yes, my favorite finger, my knitting finger) in the car door today, and for no good reason – not distracted by anything or in a hurry, just a klutzy accident. Currently on arnica, and my 7 y/o made me dinner – p&j :~)

  9. Is that your house in the sky picture? The yellow funky one and the white together? Which is your house? Why am I obsessed with the funky colored house? I need to lie down.

  10. The bit about Joe taking exception to your swearing made me think about when my ex-boyfriend was making a recording at home on his 4-track. He swore so much and so loudly, I always said he should edit together all the streams of expletives and make a secret track out of them. It would probably be, like, ten minutes long.

  11. I’m guessing it’s either you recording audiobookbookbook or you’re starting a podcast. I think audiobook is more likely, though.
    Enjoy this leg of the tour… can’t wait until you are back out in this part of the world! 🙂

  12. You breathing too loudly reminds me of when the eye doctor told me I did not blink completely. What the hell does that mean? Anyway, have fun on this leg of the tour, be safe, and can’t wait for the surprise!

  13. Holy crap – you’re one busy lady. Wow. Good luck getting all that stuff done and maybe a bit of sleep before you’re off to jet set. The socks are great.

  14. Oh I hope it’s an audio book! Everynight I come home tired and the only way I can jolly myself into cooking dinner is to plug my iPod in my ears and crank up… well…Harry Potter. It would be so good to listen to Harlot (if I can’t be knitting, I can listen to someone talk about knitting right?)

  15. Hey Steph…about bookbookbook2…I’m only half way through it and it’s already made me laugh out loud and cry (I’m in the same boat as Lene down the road…will you and Ken and the girls care for my stash?)…enjoy the tour…you’ve earned it…but I really think you ought to take Joe’s gansey with you :>)…he’s earned it too!

  16. LOVE! the button–how true! It’s now the background on my computer. If there’s a place to get them, I’d love to know. Have a safe and wonderful trip!

  17. I’m secretly hoping that you’re doing a voice for a cartoon. Probably because that would be super cool and I’ve always wanted to do something like that.

  18. Hot Dog! Canadian sky!Your name in a lorna’s raffle, then! 🙂
    AND, as a total bonus, I get a picture of Morning Glories. My fav. Is that your house? Do you plant them? Fess up , please.
    And JOE? Handsome dude that he is. And THING?
    IT’s almost too much for a girl to bear.
    But I do.

  19. Woot, everybody loves a surprise! Including me!
    MY GOD, I must have one of those incredible buttons. That is the cutest thing since….well, since something.
    Lovin’ the kyarns t-shirt.
    Have a great trip!

  20. You preparing to go on tour sounds like me getting ready for the family to go on vacation. After the washing, shopping, cleaning, list-making, organizing, packing, packing and more packing, I NEED a vacation. Then the whole thing happens in reverse when I get home. Have a great tour, Stephanie. Have faith, that your family and home will be there when you get back – although probabably a bit worse for wear. But that’s the risk when you leave hubby in charge. I know it is when I leave my DH in charge!

  21. Have a fun trip! And ask Amanda if she’ll go back to the craft show and get buttons for the rest of us, ‘kay?

  22. Love the button! Your daughter(s) really relate.
    Okay, like the sky shot. Love the orangish yellow house. Is that green stuff tarp? Looks like tarp, looks like the stuff that has been on my roof for the last year, as my dear husband wants to fix it himself? I feel sorry for you or your neighbors if that is where the leak is coming in at. I can totally relate and only say hire a professional. It’s what they get paid for.
    I speak on the radio professionaly, I can totaly relate to that breath thing. I have a problem with yawning between 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. I’m a dispatcher for the State Patrol where I live, at least, your husband is able to delete the expletives. Try saying “f*#% I lost my needles” without your dear husband to cover for you on the air and see what happens. Dead air time, then the phone starts ringing. Then you get written up in the statewide State Patrol magazine. Thank your husband.
    Have fun on the tour, keep your keys close.

  23. That house looks like pressboard new-construction framing, artfully posed with a ruffle scarf in teal, stretched out a bit on one side. Or is it–Christo’s blocking board?

  24. Tell him if he can’t edit out all the cursing, he’s not doing it right. I’m an audiobook director and I’d love to produce any book you want to read! A couple of years ago I started to knit during my sessions – Hey I listen with my ears not my hands. Just simple stuff that I didn’t have to watch constantly. I hope you’re recording your book-do you need a proofreader to listen to the recording?

  25. Whatever you’re recording, I hope it’ll be available on MP3 so I can load it on the player I listen to while knitting on the bus.
    And in a side track, Doctors Without Borders is apparently hosting some kind of refugee camp exhibit in New York City’s Central Park. The article reminded me of you and Knitters Without Borders.

  26. Could you be recording an audio version of your latest book – next book? I hope so! While I’m reading mine, I can picture every single word with your voice. Look forward to seeing you at Rhinebeck this year. If I happen to park next to you again, I promise I won’t startle you – we all know you now! How about a new Rhinebeck sweater? You have almost 21 days. Of course, that’s too early of a deadline for you.

  27. are you wearing a kaleidescope yarns shirt in that picture? hooray for vermont yarn stores! i have bought lots from them online, but have yet to visit the store even tho i live in vermont. it’s an hour and a half drive away, which is torture for a 3 year old and 1+ year old when the only objective is for mom to buy yarn. plus i think i might end up draining their college funds if i went in person-i take up too much of my time browsing their website as it is.
    hope to catch you somewhere for some book tour at some point. love your work!

  28. OH NO! I’ve been waiting and hoping that you could come to Chicago. I love Arcadia Knitting. The sisters are great. I used to live just down the street. Except that I signed up for the Midwest Masters on October 1st and 2nd in Neenah Wisconsin.

  29. I am told you were told by your midwife that when you didn’t want to knit, to call for her. I had an alergic reaction to bug spray, and when my arm hurt so bad that I didn’t want to knit, my DH told me he was taking me to the doctor whether I wanted to go or not! Could use some advice, though, have to pump and dump my breastmilk. neither me or baby are happy about it.

    At last, at last, it’s hit Toronto! Yippee! I popped out at lunch and snagged it in the wild. Excellent so far (yeah, right, like anything you write would ever suck). Currently reading about the entrelac socks. Unsure about how I’m going to have the willpower to put the book down and go to bed early tonight like I’d planned.

  31. i found book2book2book2 this evening in the only thing approximating a LBS here in Daytona Beach, Fla.: Books-a-Million. Bought it, started it, LOVE it. Made myself put it down at the end of the first section and finish my 2nd Dulaan hat of the day (vacation at home while the kids are in school totally rocks, btw). Now to read a little before sleep. (translation: now to stay up half the night reading the rest of it, if history is, indeed, the best indicator of the future.)
    Steph, thanks for a book that sounds like you. After hearing your podcast, I can hear your inflections in this book and it enriches the experience immensely.)
    Safe trip!

  32. Yes, yes, yes! I will finally get to meet… err… see the infamous Yarn Harlot in person! Woohoo! But knowing my luck I will probably stand right next to you in a crowd and not even have a clue. Psst… I’ll be the frumpy looking house frau.

  33. I asked my LYSO on Tuesday to stock your book. Today she had six copies arrive, and now she has I think only one left. Good thing I didn’t wait till tomorrow to pick up my copy from her!

  34. I know! I know! You’re doing hip-hop rap songs about knitting! That has to be it. Music to knit by.
    Can’t wait to see you in Acton, MA again

  35. You tell Joe that a KNITTER who does what he does (and also has a tendency to swear like a shipload of sailors when reading bad copy) doesn’t have any trouble editing out foul language. So clearly knitting is the deciding factor in skill in that area… 😉

  36. Hi Steph! I got my order from today and received your bookbookbook #2! I can’t wait to start reading it! Now I gotta go …….

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