Just like that

I have this skein of “Socks that rock” (Queen Rock colourway) that’s burning a hole in my dining room table.


I’m so anxious to knit it that we eat with it and several times a day I give it a little pat and a squeeze and read the label for the 78th time. Bookish Wendy gave it to me as a little prize so I wouldn’t feel so bad about the way that they all lost their minds at Rhinebeck and bought it all. (After she gave it to me I was feeling bad for Wendy because I worried that now she didn’t have any of the really nice new sock yarn, but it turns out that Cara’s going to give her some. Then I worried about Cara, but it after reading her entry I can see that she’s going to be ok. She could build herself a little yarn igloo out back of her place with all that sock yarn.)

So Sunday morning I’m hanging out with my coffee and my sock yarn (What?) and I get this urge to whip out the needles and start. I may even have wound up the yarn while I was thinking it over.


That’s not unusual. What’s unusual is that then this voice in the back of my head says, “Hold on there….you’re almost done those Spirit Trail socks. Why not finish those first?”

Well, I don’t like being told what to do, not even by the voices in my head, so I got a little pissy with the voice. Screw that. I thought. I only started those Sprit Trail socks so that I could buy more Spirit Trail sock yarn with emotional impunity at Rhinebeck. Then I didn’t go to Rhinebeck so screw that. I’ve got no reason to finish them now. I don’t care if there are only 15 rows to go, I knit what I want. If I want to start the Socks That Rock yarn I will, ’cause you know what, little voice in my head? You know what? I don’t care if you are my conscience or Jiminy Cricket or whatever, since knitting is a HOBBY not a JOB and there is no way at all that I’m taking any sort of flack or guilt about not doing it right, or enough or in the wrong order. Chuck you , you overly responsible, uptight, “don’t you think you should” voice in my head…I’ll cast on 40 pairs of socks if I want to and there’s no reason that I shouldn’t. Knitting is supposed to be fun and I’m not the sort of person who thinks that having a lot of rules about your stinking yarn is fun, so bite me hard on the hind parts honey…I’m knitting as I please.

There was a silence then, until the voice, my knitting conscience played dirty. It didn’t shout, it didn’t mock me, it didn’t laugh at my hostility or rationalizations. It simply smiled and said…

“Ok Knitter. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to give you a hard time. You go right ahead and spend the 62 days until Christmas however you want to.”



Stupid conscience.

109 thoughts on “Just like that

  1. Damn, I’ve been thinking Christmas (tinged with angst) recently, too. You could get ’round that a little bit by knitting Socks That Rock for Christmas, couldn’t ya?
    I love the image of Cara in her sock yarn igloo. She could so do it, too.

  2. Well…don’t you feel better now, though albeit annoyed that your knitting conscience won? Nevermind, now you can truly enjoy the “socks that rock” without the clutter and intrusion of the little voice…for a while at least.
    Those Spirit Trail socks are georgeous!

  3. I bought a bunch of Socks that Rock yarn when we were vacationing in Cannon Beach this summer- every single colorway called to me. I think I bought 8 skeins. I’ve knitted 2 up and love the yarn totally.
    Go ahead, start the new socks- you won’t be sorry.

  4. 62 days?! Holy crap! I really wish they would send out a memo or note of some kind about when Christmas is… oh. wait. nope, here it is. it ended up in my spam folder.

  5. Hey! I recognize those socks! They were partially knit in my car, as we drove by plastic palm trees…
    Send your little voice over to my place – I’ll send it out for beer with my little voice that is saying the same thing – 62 days… 62 days…
    Why do I have such a big family? And why do I think they need me to knit for ALL of them…

  6. Thing is, if you cast on 40 socks, would you have enough needles? Might be a limiting factor….

  7. My laceweight cashmere is NOT going to magically turn into a beautiful scarf for my mother in 62 days, I fear (considering it is about 25 rows long right now). To panic, or to knit like a maniac?

  8. Dude. You need to distract your conscience with chocolate. And even more sock yarn. Not that I would know anything about such methods. Just sayin’…

  9. Momentary pause to reflect on possible familial backlash for giving footies instead of full-length socks …
    I had not actually counted. Frankly, I was hoping it would add up to a larger number.

  10. Now, if only you could finish the second of the intarsia cow socks that I started four years ago….

  11. The socks look great, and in 62 days, you probably could knit at least half the 40 pairs, right? Now I’m feeling as if I need to dig into the Spirit Trail sock yarn, too, and I already have 3 pairs of socks on the go. Nothing gives quite the same wonderful feeling as balling up a hank of great sock yarn, and then casting on. I’m happy that Jen’s booth kept me captive by being so busy, because I escaped the temptation of Socks That Rock.

  12. (Darling, they do send out a memo regarding Christmas: it’s called Halloween.)
    So the Harlot has a conscience, eh? Just when I was starting to learn a trick or two from you, taking a page from your book so-to-speak, and chucking ideas about finishing the Harry Potter (ahem, crochetted) afghan in lieu of the lervely organically grown, hand-dyed, Corriedale hank that’s risen to the top of my yarn basket.
    Clutter-free mind. Hrmph.

  13. Well, the spirit-trail socks are lovely…just my favorite kind of variegation.
    Also, I have it on very good authority that they didn’t sell off the entire stock of Socks that Rock at Rhinebeck–I’ve got two skeins on their way to me.

  14. Aw, you’re so sweet to worry about me! No need though because as soon as I heard that Wendy had given up her STR to you, I was on the phone with Toni at The Fold to get Wendy some of her own. So I didn’t even have to give up any of my own precious haul – turns out there’s enough for everyone!!!
    You know, there’s a way around that pesky 62 days thing – don’t knit holiday gifts! That’s what I do! (I still gift knits, just on my own deadline. Which means whenever I’m not knitting STR until all hours of the morning.)

  15. You just crack me up, gf.
    When *will* you be starting the Socks That Rock socks with that gorgeous yarn that is now all nicely wound and ready to go?

  16. I knit some gifts for Christmas and if I feel like it, I’ll knit some more. If I don’t knit something for everyone, well, I’m sure the stores will still be open and maybe they’ll get something next year. Then again, maybe they won’t.
    Knitter’s choice!
    Though I admire that you finished your socks before starting a new ones. I think you’ll enjoy the Socks that Rock even more with that nagging voice silenced.

  17. I hate that voice. But mine’s worse. Mine says “You’re a lot smaller than the people you’re knitting for. Better make that mitten bigger.”
    And then when I’m finished, it says “HOOOOLY cow! That’ll fit an edematous Hagrid!”
    I hate that voice.

  18. Shelia — They ship.
    Renee t.S. — Panicking and knitting like a maniac are not mutually exclusive. Indeed, for some of us they’re synonymous.
    Harlot — Obviously word of your cast-iron, vulcanized, double-riveted hiney has reached The Little Voice, hence its disinclination to bite same. Or perhaps said keester has become so small TLV simply couldn’t find it?

  19. I think the voice in your head and the voice in mine went to the same school because I’m getting the same story. How the heck did Christmas get so close? Wasn’t it just Christmas a month ago? Lovely socks and fabulous new yarn – those colors are unbelievable.

  20. Inspired by all the sock talk, and sock pictures, I signed up to take a sock class at my LYS. I am looking for suggestions on sock yarns to use and sock yarns to avoid…..thanks

  21. I feel better now. Because my voices tell me to cast on new socks when I’m almost done with a pair, no conscience BS/guilt going on here.
    My voices are better than your voices.

  22. Oh my gosh, I’ve found my new favorite saying, courtesy of you! “Bite me hard on the hind parts, honey” HYSTERICAL! Now, I do have to point out one small error. Surely you must have mis-counted the days till Christmas. I refuse to believe that it’s really 62 days that I have left to finish, oh, I dunno, 3 sweaters, a DH-sized vest, a few felted bags and a partridge in a pear tree. M’kay, gotta go…knit.

  23. The skein wound up into beautiful goodness!
    It’s the Queen Rock that did it – brought the voices. That’s the real reason why I gave it to you. I couldn’t take it anymore. The voices. In my head. Talking. Talking. Telling me to quit my job. To knit socks. Socks that Rock.

  24. Somehow, I beat my little voice into submission. Yes, I still have sleeves of a cardigan, practically a whole jacket and half a scarf to finish for Christmas. I know that. But when hand painted cashmere from Axelle at A.L de Sauveterre (http://two_pointy_sticks.blogspot.com/2004/10/list-of-colourways.html) arrived, I just couldn’t stop myself from casting on for a second Clapotis.
    Little voice be damned! ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Of course, I’m still in denial about the number fo days until Christmas. It’s even fewer days until I have to ship my gifts to my family too…)

  25. AHH 62 days. Well my goodness.. at least I am only knitting for the neices and nephews this year.. Little toy animals..Everyone else might get some bookmarks.. but nothingbig this year..hehe
    next year..we will see. we will see.

  26. dude. you have enough needles to start 40 pairs of socks? Without going to the LYS to pick up some more needles? I bow to thee.. my Queen Rock sock goddess

  27. 62 days is nuthin’. Halloween is only SEVEN days away. I have seven days to figure out how to turn 3 yards of raggedy fun into a werewolf costume.
    If you’re looking for me, I’ll be off in the corner, knitting mittens and pretending that I can’t hear the costume howling in the background.

  28. 62 days until Christmas?! I’ve been so focused on baby #3 (27 days) and that my knitting life will probably end for a short time thereafter…..Christmas?! OMG!! AND we’re thinking of buying a house which would close mid/late Dec…..OMG…

  29. I was doing OK on the general idea of reducing the amount of stash until I saw the STR! Must. resist.

  30. They are cool socks – but as I haven’t learnt that yet, I think all socks are cool!
    62 days to Christmas – eeeep! I didn’t need to know that

  31. Only 62 days?!? Okay, calm down, Jena. You can do this. All you have to do is… um… okay. So, you haven’t even started the socks yet that you wanted to give Dave for Christmas. That’s okay, you can start them soon… but wait, you don’t have the yarn yet, either.
    I think your conscience needs its own motivational blog… “ATTENTION KNITTERS! FOCUS! CONCENTRATE! FINISH UFOS!”

  32. There is a way to be Harlotty and still knit for Christmas. I have been studiously ignoring the front of my mother’s cabled (cotton,ugh!–but she lives in Florida) sweater and instead finished an Irish hiking scarf and pair of mittens over the weekend. That’s 2 presents for 2 friends!
    Of course, last night I started on a pair of socks for myself… But see, in my mind, 62 days means I have 2 days left to knit whatever I want before I have 2 months until Christmas and then I must work on the cotton cabled sweater. Right?

  33. Gorgeous socks, gorgeous sock yarn! Didn’t you threaten people last year who told you how many days until Christmas? Bad, bad, Stephanie! I’ve got to go now, I have some knitting to do before Christmas. Thanks a lot (she says very sarcastically). ๐Ÿ˜‰

  34. I have been hyperventilating here for the past week. Nate keeps trying to comfort me by telling me it’s only Octiober, but really he’s clueless about the amount of things I need to finish.

  35. and I still haven’t finished the last of a pair of mittens I gifted from last Christmas. I think I might be getting a little behind. The arse is huge as ever though.

  36. CUT THAT OUT. Do not start a countdown to Xmas. Do not even think that you HAVE TO knit anything for anyone for Xmas. buy them all gift certificates.
    That little voice in your head can be really annoying when you let it talk to the rest of us. Go knit Socks that Rock to quiet it down.

  37. Umm, Stephanie, do you watch South Park? ‘Cause when you talk to the voices in your head, you sound kind of like Cartman (“I knit what I want!”). But in a good way, I promise. The funny way, not the obscene way. And if you don’t watch South Park and you think to because I just said that, be forewarned: there’s a lot of cussing involved.

  38. 62 days… WTF I have so much to knit. I thought by alternating Christmas with non knittting beginning in June it would be undercontrol. I need to take time of work already to finish everything. But that won’t finish my thesis which is also suppose to be done by Christmas. What happened to all the time? I thought I had at least 100 days if not more.

  39. Wow. Your inner voice can do calendar math really well.
    Now you just gotta go read Norma’s Entry yesterday and have your inner voice talk to her inner voice ๐Ÿ˜‰

  40. Only 62 days!!! I had planned to make, let’s see, at least 5 blankets, several pairs of socks, and a bunch of ornaments as gifts. And one pair of gift socks is for a friend with freakishly large feet. Plus, I need to account for shipping time, sheesh, thanks so much for the reminder!!

  41. Heehee! Once again we are living in paralell universes. My STR are not the same color, but as I knit away on my Trekking socks (which I lovelovelove, love, love) I have the STR on the dining room table and I am reading the label over and over…….. Cara doesn’t help matters much. Will I make it on the Trekking? Um…… Your finished Spirit Trail socks are egging me on. Or is it the voice in my head? “Stephanie finished her socks first……”
    SHUT UP!

  42. Gee, thanks for letting me know I am way behind…So not only do I have to finish an afgan (not green) for my nieces wedding in 12 days, but I also have to worry about shipping Christmas gifts (only 2 lacey neck warmers and 1 pair of mittens, none started)by 12-10, which is so not good. Let’s see 62-15=YIKES 47 days!!!
    AND I decided to knit socks for my DH, 2 sons, and 1 daughter, thanks to the fabulous pics and inspiration of the Harlot Sock Diva. Too bad my family has such large feet. I have 2 pairs of size 14 and 1 pair of size 13 to do! So why does the thought “Gee Linda, you can get this done, no problem!” keep running through my head? Denial of my inability to fix the space-time thing as well as some people, I guess.
    If only the voice in my head had even a small, tenuous grip on reality…sigh, big heavy sigh

  43. You know what is really frightening? All of the people that have admitted to hearing voices inside their heads. And every one of those people has a large supply of steel, pointy sticks. Is anyone else afraid?
    The voices in MY head told me to disregard the count-down. It only leads to teeth grinding, which leads to root canals and crowns, which leads to less knitting time.

  44. Um, OK. Please don’t get mad at me, everyone, but I think I sort of have it all under control. I have exactly 2.5 out of 5 gifts knitted. I think it helps that I chose to knit gifts for only 5 people, and that I made a decision not to do ANY sweaters for them. Despite that, it is taking and *incredible* amount of self-discipline to ignore the bad little voice in my head that says “Who cares if even after the gifts you have three projects on the needles that have been sidelined since mid-September? Go ahead and cast on for those two lace shawls. Don’t wait to finish the gifts OR the other WIPs. Your sore wrists loooove laceweight…”

  45. Jeez, woman, did you have to number the days until Christmas? In red, no less? You suddenly have me panicking, and I’m not even planning to do any Christmas knitting. A statement like that by a knitblogging celebrity like you could start a riot. Or at least a run on yarn stores. ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. I prefer the “ostrich in sand” method of Christmas planning. I wait until it’s too late to do anything knitwise & then run out in a blind panic the week before & do all my shopping. Works every time. Now if I can just get rid of that twitch…

  47. The voices in my head said screw knitted Christmas gifts, let’s spin, baby.
    I love my voices. My mother disagrees with them, but that’s par for the course.

  48. I’ll not be smug that I’m almost done with 2 of the 3 presents I’m making for this Christmas. Because if I’m in the least bit smug, the knitting goddesses will surely laugh in my face. I actually started in September and figured out my daily knitting quota each day with a little leeway built in. Please don’t hate me; most years I forget about Christmas until a week beforehand and have to run to the stores with all the other idiots who forgot about Christmas.

  49. yea… i have that little voice, too.
    stupid little voice.
    the spirit trail socks do look wonderful, though.

  50. yeah, I understand. I realized last week that I had planned to make Christmas stockings for my inlaws. Ack! :)K

  51. Yesterday, with the best of intentions, I started a pair of black socks for my dad for Christmas, intended as a sedate alternative to the purple ones I made him last year, which he very politely claimed to like. Now that I’ve seen those gorgeous Spirit Trail socks, the Mountain Colors Bearfoot I bought Saturday (colorway: Winter Sky) keeps calling my name.
    So, Steph, console yourself with the knowledge that even when listening to your conscience you inspire my evil side.

  52. I love “socks that rock” yarn- but I’ve only knit one pair of socks with it … the colorway was hot pink and they turned out great. Your color is nice too!… I bought my skein last fall at “The Twisted Ewe” in Port Townsend, Wa. What a lovely shop. I haven’t found any again so I might have to call and order. Good luck knitting the socks. I can’t wait to see the post.

  53. I prefer to think of it as 427 days until Christmas, 2006, which is about when any of my un-yarnworthy family members might expect any hand-knitted stuff from me! I mean, I love them all, but really…
    There are no voices in my head–I’ve sent them all to talk to my imaginary friend.
    I have five pair of socks on the needles, all in fingering-weight yarn on tiny needles. Who am I kidding?

  54. Holy crap! Only 62 days until Xmess? I think I should become a serious atheist. It would save me a lot of time, trouble, and money.

  55. Just got the bookbook (in Racine, WI). I laughed outloud when I read about “the beast”. Too funny! You know the perfect way to tell a story to make it laugh-out-loud hilarious (I suppose it helps to have crazy wool-stealing squirrels in your backyard). Keep up the fabulous work!

  56. I think your knitting consciences knows you a little too well! But just think, now that those (beautiful, lovely) Spirit Trail socks are done, you can rock your socks now all you want . . . that yarn looks luscious. I don’t know HOW I managed to miss that yarn . . . And now I have to go address my Christmas shopping…

  57. Steph,
    Do yourself a favor this year and don’t knit ANY christmas or yule presents. Give books instead. You really do have enough on your plate, and a good book is always appreciated by anybody who is nice enough to recieve a present from you.
    And not copies of your books. Mysteries, sciencefiction, linguistics, whatever rocks their boats.

  58. I guess I won’t tell you that I was just at The Fold two weeks ago (I live 40 minutes away from Toni’s store) and walked out of the store without buying any Socks that Rock yarn. I know, I must be ill. I seriously thought about it, but I had purchased so much fiber that day (and other things I will never confess too!) that I walked away from it. Can’t wait to see that yarn cast on!

  59. You slay me!!! WaHaa! How to control that voice…sadly, it is louder than my “I wanna do somethin’ new” voice, too – usually…I have just enough projects scattered around the house, that I usually try to finish something before I cast on for next…which keeps the ongoing projects to a manageable number of bags around the house…though as you say…62 days means the new cast ons will start to increase as the panic sets in…love reading you all the time…;)

  60. Here’s the secret: knitting coupons. You give the people in question a choice of colors and whether they’d like socks, a scarf, a hat, or a doily (or whatever — obviously this depends on one’s ability and sanity). Then they have to make a decision and send it back to you.
    (a) It buys time.
    (b) (And this is the really diabolical part) _They_ have to remember to let you know what they want. Until they do, you don’t have to think about it, yet you can bask in the glow of having given them handmade gifts.
    Of course, with my luck, about fifteen people will realize that they are now several years in arrears and will all demand their socks at once!

  61. Stephanie, I laughed right out loud at your entry, until I realized that 62 days was indeed the right number. I would like to slap your conscience for doing that to all of us, but I’m too busy trying to figure out what to get everyone for Christmas. AAAAaaaahhhhhhh!

  62. Your conscience is quite the smart-ass. Now I’m in a panic about my Christmas Knitting. Kindly express my gratitude to your Stupid Conscience for me, eh?

  63. Sometimes it’s good to be Jewish. No one expects gifts. No insane holiday knitting. Just pleasant cold weather so I don’t have to make excuses about why I don’t want to go outside and would rather curl up with my knitting needles.
    I don’t feel guilty about eagerly pooring over yarn catalogs and planning my glorious nights of winter bliss.
    My poor husband.

  64. the socks are loverly; the yarn come-hitherly; the number of days til xmas miserly; and my gift list – growing hourly. ah, well, let’s keep it merry, shall we?

  65. does the SOS KNIT line work for you, or are you immune to the words of wisdom? should we come up with an alternate form of encouragement for this years holiday knitting for you? I’m up to the challenge of organizing a “go knitter go” email campagin if it means I can work on it in the wee hours of the morning after seeing patients and getting my notes done. I’d love to feel as though I were actually *helping* someone. (insert big sigh here; being a student can be hard sometimes.)
    62 days, eh? er, actually, it’s technically 61 days now. And 60 days til I turn 26. Perhaps this year I’ll ask for a Christmas knitted gift extension for my birthday…no one will be able to say “no” to that…
    (is it possible to see the gingerbread recipe you mentioned awhile back? the evenings are darker and nights are colder and it almost feels like molasses weather.)


  67. 62 days until Christmas?? Thank God I don’t plan to knit anything in particular for anyone for Christmas. If I get something made, goody, if I don’t, no sweat! I happened to finish my first pair of socks for my eldest the evening before his 19th birthday. Don’t think it actually counts as a birthday present, because he knew about them, but the timing was good. I DO have a holiday sweater I would like to have done for myself before the company Christmas party on December 7th, but if I don’t get it done (especially since I haven’t even cast it on), que sera sera. Besides, I have just completed the first repeat of my first lace shawl (Sivia Harding’s Gothic Leaf Shawl). It took hmmmmmm, FIVE tries to get it right, but I think I’ve got it now. Doing it in navy Koigu. My plan was to give it away, but maybe not. Went through a streak of knitting for other people on a schedule and realized I don’t like being a production knitter. I want to do what I want to do when I want to so it. So there! Gee, my little voice is quite the whiner, isn’t it??

  68. WOW!! Just clicked on the socks that rocks link! I NEED some of that yarn!! I am going to San Francisco at the end of the week. Do you think I will find any of that oh-my-gosh yarn on my San Fran yarn crawl?? Hubby will be at a boring convention. I will be visiting every yarn store in the Bay Area. YIPPEE!!

  69. Last week I wrote down all of the projects that I had in my head to finish before the end of the year, then calculated how long they would take if nothing went wrong, and I’ve planned exactly 3 times more than I can knit. Am busy prioritizing now, but so many projects are in process calling to be finished. Happy Halloween.

  70. Stephanie
    Just LAST NIGHT, I was thinking about your mad dash to the finish with knitted Christmas presents, and planning my own. Got your new BookBookBook 2 last night have to pace myself reading it, read the intro, very funny, I am sure it will be every bit as good as the first one.

  71. Oh, waah. You had to show me another gorgeous brand of sock yarn. Luckily there is nothing on that page that I can click to order….

  72. Now that there are only 62 days to Christmas, I only have myself to blame that my counted-cross stitch mini-stockings and wreath are nowhere complete. (Sorry for the change of craft.) I have three Santas finished sans outlining, with one more to go, then go back and finish the highlighting. Then, I have to get a wreath, decorations for it and find my glue gun, again. I always say I’ll put it in a safe place, and what happens? It’s nowhere to be found. I swear it must get up and walk away just to irritate me. Man, I started these things in July and I’m still not finished.
    The good news is I did finish a very nice scarf for my boss. It is open work, was very easy and I used Jo Sharp’s Silkroad Aran (85% wool, 10% silk, 5% cashmere). The pattern called for 8 needles, but the yarn I used was a little thicker, so I used 10 1/2 needles, and it looks great! Just the right size. Very, very soft. Then, I had an epiphany and realized that if I make the scarf longer (to 72″ or so), make about 10-12 pieces, stitch them together, I will have a beautiful afghan! Can you hear my husband screaming in the background? No more afghans!

  73. Okay, quick show of hands here… Anyone else ever gift-wrapped the UFO (needles & all) and put it under the tree? Ummmm…. only me? *SIGH*

  74. I got so lucky this year and I count my blessings… My family has decided to do a pollyana type Xmas which means I only have to get one present this year. Of course they told me this after I had already finished 3 scarves….sigh. Oh well one was bday present and 2 were given already so theyd have them for the winter.
    I do still need to make a vest for my grandmother- which i started and was almost done the back but realized i screwed up somewhere so took it off the needles to rip it back and well now i cant seem to find the vest – sigh.
    So I will start a new one soon…62 days huh…

  75. I have been known to gift wrap UFO’s and promptly snatch them back to keep knitting on them!

  76. You & Amy Singer are the devil! I can’t afford new yarn right now & the two of you are going on & on about how great this yarn and it’s making me have serious yarn envy.

  77. Oh god. I don’t like your inner voice. Cause it comes out in your blog, and then reminds me that I’m never going to be done in time for Christmas. Off the computer I go to do some serious knitting.

  78. 61 days? ok, I’m only making my dd a scarf. I’m already late for the neices birthday sweater, I really have to get started on those baby blankets, tho… but I’ll never get them knit in time, seeing as one mom is overdue and the other is in labor as we speak… I’ll get out the loom! I can make a blanket in 2 evenings on the triloom!
    AHHH! When in panic, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout!
    Except it’s hard to knit then…

  79. Ummm…I’m thinking some folks will just have to settle for a nice hand knit wash cloth for the holidays this year.
    Maybe nobody will feel shortchanged if I use nice hemp yarn or organic cotton?

  80. Speaking of the Christmas season, you might be needing a knitted corset for those soirees you’ll be invited to attend. Sorry for reminding you about that!

  81. Love the Socks that Rock!! Bought some myself @ MD Sheep & Wool (coincidentally right after spotting you!) and made some beautiful Tiger’s Eye socks which are even now keeping my feet warm. Glad to see I’m not the only one obsessing over my sock yarns. ๐Ÿ™‚

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