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  1. I love the statue, that’s funny! I’d gladly share my coffee if I was up there! Too bad there’s no -cyber- coffee sharing. I’ll fax it to ya!

  2. Wow, I didn’t expect to see a picture of my mother’s front yard and statue on your blog! I love that sculpture too. Have a great trip!

  3. Good to see you from the side of the room last night at Willow Books. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay for the whole thing and missed your reading. Why do they always save the best for last?? Hope you all had a good time- cake and all- so jealous!. Can’t wait to see the pictures on the blog.

  4. So, y’know what’s gonna happen, right?
    You’ll walk into the store and EVERY SINGLE FAN OF YOURS IN THE ROOM (dozens of dozens of ’em, ’cause you’re one of the coolest and awesomest humans to be seen walking our planet in a good long while) will be holding out a cup of hot coffee to comfort you with. And thre will be an assortment of delivered ones, sent by your fans who can’t quite make it.
    Girlfriend, you are gonna have to find a new way to use coffee, ’cause if you ingest it all, we’re talking caffeine poisoning…
    (and I think it is way cool that my cousin and I adore you in equal ammounts, from opposite coasts… …reading you is now a familywide habit!)

  5. I can just imagine. (enter “flight of the bumble bee” music) May airport security checks be brief, and hopefully you will not be seated next to a weenie.

  6. Just wanted to chime in and say we HEART you here at work (can’t tell you where that is, but it’s in Redmond, WA) and my friend and I (who read you religiously, but you already knew that) have been teaching masses of people (OK, maybe only 3) to knit so we can have a low-tech crafting time at a high-tech company 🙂
    Thought you’d get a kick out of that…

  7. If you get a chance, will you mention in your blog what yarn you are using for the new snowflake shawl? It’s looking beautiful. Have fun today! There can never be enough coffee….

  8. Stephanie, I did not express my deep sympathy the other day when I saw the huge list of comments, but wanted you to know that I was feeling your pain. I lost both my brother and college roommate way too young, so I understand. We missed you so much at Rhinebeck…I even had an article from a recent Sunday NY Times for you. Will save it for another time. Again, my condolences.

  9. Right – Landing at Pearson at 5pm – getting downtown by 7pm. Hope all you have is carry on, and I wish you nice customs agents and clear roads tonight. Wish I could come – dinner out with the chicks instead…

  10. Happy and safe travels! Hope you don’t have one of the pale-legged men who are uncomfortable with your knitting on your plane again!! Yeesh!!! And let me know when you can make it to Western PA, eh? Thanks!!!

  11. Stephanie,
    I wanted to add my belated condolences to you and your family. I am new to the world of blogs and sometimes struggle with the intimacy of something so global. However, I wanted to let you know that I am sorry for your loss. I am also in awe of your ability to reach out for something joyful and move back toward balance. Keep reaching for the joy.

  12. Good luck!
    Good to see you out and about again! Keep busy!
    Keep going!
    Still sending good thoughts your way!!
    And.. what in the world is that peice of knitting on that really cool statue?

  13. Hope you are taking care of yourself with the rushing about; grieving needs time and space and acknowledgement. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers, and know that loss is not ordinary, even if it happens to everyone…

  14. Hmm…saw the statue and tried to guess the name before scrolling down to read and my thought was “chicken head”. I guess “bird brain” works just as well.

  15. It was great to see you again last night, my friend. I hope that we were able to bring you a smidgen of the joy you have brought to use.

  16. It was wonderful to see you last night – sorry I missed the beer part afterwards. I laughed so hard that I couldn’t stop coughing and decided a cup of tea at home was probably more healthful than a beer. (On second thought, the alcohol in the beer might have killed any cold germs…)
    May your flight be free of antiknitites.

  17. Dena is industrial-strength right. Guys? If you’re going tonight, I think we can take the coffee as covered. How about something dark brown, full of caffiene, but a solid, not a liquid? [Church Lady voice] Could it be…..CHOCOLATE? Portable, antioxident — health food, really. (Remember, Stephanie — my cut is 10%, 20 if it’s 75% cocoa solids.)

  18. I second the request for a Boston visit! Good luck getting to where you need to go on time, and my belated condolences for your loss. I hope that everything will get easier sooner rather than later.

  19. or better yet….not just chocolate….but chocolate covered espresso beans! the perfect food in my humble opinion. 10 x’s the caffeine, 1/2 the peeing!
    Yes, please come to Boston again! I missed you last night….and would LOVE to hear you read!

  20. Stephanie, I just wanted to add my own message of comfort to you. I lost my dearest friend to breast cancer years ago, my oldest son to a sudden heart attack last year, and my beloved husband a month ago (after a 2-year fight with cancer). Keeping busy helps, hugging your family helps a whole lot, laughing and crying are all part of the process. Know that there are many of us out here in cyberspace who know what you are enduring and wish you the strength to get through it. Your book travels in my knitting bag and has been a huge comfort!

  21. Harlot on Metro Morning! You sounded great: loved the cross-dressing pirate…. It’s all the more impressive given that you must have had to be 1. awake 2. dressed [I’m assuming] and 3. down at the CBC at around a quarter past stupid this morning. Next stop: Sounds Like Canada!

  22. Harlot on Metro Morning! You sounded great: loved the cross-dressing pirate…. It’s all the more impressive given that you must have had to be 1. awake 2. dressed [I’m assuming] and 3. down at the CBC at around a quarter past stupid this morning. Next stop: Sounds Like Canada!

  23. I heard you on Metro Morning this morning. You were great — you sounded funny, wise, and relaxed. I enjoyed it greatly, but my husband seemed confused by the whole thing, muttering, “harlot? purl?” into his coffee.
    Too bad you didn’t get to meet Andy Barry though : )

  24. got to your blog via a complimentary article about knitting (duh) at http://www.professoryeti.com ….now I will go get my knitting (North Ronaldsay brown wool from a tiny island in Scotland) off the counter. I am so inspired…thanks!

  25. Thanks for the visit Stephanie, I hope you don’t mind that I’ve linked to your site.
    Your books are doing really well at Webs…I’ve been tugging at the sleeves of the people who book authors to ask you to pay us a visit!

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