Randomly (again)

1. Teresa is still pregnant. (She is delighted, let me tell you.) Since finishing the knitting didn’t work instantly, I’m hoping to make the baby jealous by beginning to knit for another baby.


This is my swatch, a sleeve for the Voss Dale of Norway baby sweater. I’m using Baby Ull and it’s knit on 2.5mm needles. (There’s a picture of the sweater here, but mine’s the baby version and this shows the kid one. Close though.)

I’m upholding my personal swatch philosophy here. The sleeve of a baby sweater IS a swatch. I mean, what would you knit to test gauge that would be smaller? The sleeve is in the round so the swatch will be accurate, and if the goddess smiles on me then I have a sleeve. If not, well….I have a swatch. Really, the only thing wrong with this system is how long it took me to learn to cast on the sleeve instead of the body. Chronically slow learner here.

2. The TSF pins. All talk of the TSF pins and what will be done with them in on hold for two weeks. If you sent me an email offering help or suggesting something…don’t worry. I have it, and when I am ready, I’ll email you.

3. My manuscript (bookbookbook3) has to be on my editors desk in it’s entirety, in two weeks. Until then you will have to forgive me spotty blogging, poor grammar (more than usual), blatantly ripping off other blog formats (thanks again for the random thing Mamacate) and the occasional sobbing jag, sleep deprived rant or apparent lack of will to live.

(Sounds like it’s going to be a funny book eh?)

4. When Sam was Trick or Treating, she went up to one house and when she came back to the curb we had the following conversation:

Sam: That house was really scary.

Me: Really? Inside or Outside? (Since the house was not decorated on the outside, I assumed that they must have gone to town in their foyer or something.)

Sam: Inside.

Me: Lots of Hallowe’en decorations eh?

Sam: I don’t think they had decorated.

5. I will now distract you from the lack of coherency with presents.

Karlie has this beautiful bracelet she made


and it will be making it’s way to Mary B. (Don’t you sort of want to know how she made that? I say “sort of” because I think that if you knew how to do it, you might spend your whole day messing with beads, and that would cut into the knitting time.)

Sandra D. (I love typing that. I bet Sandra got sick of that song from Grease a long, long time ago…but I think it’s still funny.) has all of this for TSF’ers.


The Green Mountain Spinner Knitting book, which is wonderful…I have a copy upstairs and I love the “Easy Raglan” with the cabled edges. Sandra’s mailing it to Anj – aka Purlewe.


Sandra’s sending this copy of Alice Starmore’s Celtic Collection to

Teresa. (Not my pregnant one, but the one I emailed.)


and Jean Moss Designer Knits to Kelli Ann F.


Cervinia sock yarn (I haven’t used this one…) to Shelby M.

(Let me know what you think of it)


Regia sock yarn to Vicky (The one I emailed)


Lang Jawoll sock yarn to Rachel T. (am I the only one sort of coming to the conclusion that Sandra may have a pretty big stash of sock yarns?)


and last, but certainly not least, this lovely Louet Gems Pearl is going to live with Marian C.

I’ve emailed all the lucky picks, so if you’re wondering if it’s you, check your inbox.

6. Laurie (That Laurie) has taken the time to write us a spectacular guest blog series on the joys of dyeing with Indigo. (It’s really good.) I’ll be posting it here over the next two weeks as I need a little room to focus on the last bit of the book-in-progress. Her last tutorial was so good to I know you’re going to love this. Once again, I’d like to thank That Laurie for giving me the gift of time and sanity.

7. I forget what 7 was. I’m going to go write a book now.