Bad news from NYC

I went to NYC on Thursday and took this picture:


which is totally my proof that I did not woosie out and take a cab but actually got myself on a bus from the airport and saw a little more of the city this time. I know that a picture of Grand Central Station is not actually proof that I took a bus since I just could have walked past it or something, but I didn’t. I took a bus.

The bad news is this. Here’s our lovely Cassie, my charming companion for the 4 free hours that I had in NYC.


Take my word for it, even though the camera wouldn’t focus on her, she is lovely.

Here’s another shot…


oh, dear. Same problem. I wonder if the camera is working?


Hmmm. It focusses on me when Cassie takes the picture.

Perhaps it is my skills then. I’ll take a picture of something else.


Bingo. It’s working. Must have been a quirk. I’ll take another picture of Cassie.


That’s odd, isn’t it?

Me holding Socks That Rock,


Cassie holding Socks that Rock.




Cassie on the street…..


and thus the bad news. Cassie has, since the last time I saw her and managed to take perfectly good pictures of her…had something go dreadfully wrong that means that her image cannot be captured. I don’t want to imply anything, and I only spent a little time thinking about it…but doesn’t it make you wonder if she has a reflection?

On the upside, the book is almost done (I swear it. A few more days and then regular enthusiastic blogging will continue without the gratuitous use of extra photos to save on writing time.) a big party is coming…


(That’s this Thursday. You should come. I’m bringing a friend, and I’ll be reading my story from the book.)

…and I can totally knit a scarf in two days.