Finished Object.

Yesterday morning, everybody got tired of waiting for the snowflake, and the baby’s destiny was decided. Teresa was uncomfortable, baby was seriously late to the party, and all persons concerned (except possibly Teresa, who really, really likes to do things her way) decided that an eviction notice was in order.


Teresa and I reported to the hospital, where the wonders of modern medicine were marshalled, and an induction was attempted. This is how well that worked.


Yup. Eight hours of knitting. No progress. There are worst ways to spend a day than knitting with a friend…but we really had something else in mind. You know, something that involved a wee charming non-knitter.

Eventually, the drugs (that Teresa didn’t really want) designed to bring her that non-knitter wore off, and the very minute that they did and the second she was left to her own devices….


……an as yet unnamed baby boy, 8lbs, 8oz of good looking brand new person, born after a remarkably brilliant and stunningly efficient three hours of labour, to a tired but smiling mama who clearly doesn’t like to be told what to do.


Welcome dude. You’re going to like it here. Your mama is a force to be reckoned with.

(Don’t worry. We’re going to knit you a better hat.)

(Updated after a bit of a sleep: The baby has been named.

Montgomery. Monty for short. I think it suits him.)

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  1. Awww, I was SO waiting for this post to come, See, I’m a “baby lurker” in my 23rd week of pregnancy, condemned to stay in bed all the time… boo-hoo, but Hey, time to read blogs!

  2. Omigosh Omigosh Omigosh THAT IS ONE CUTE LITTLE BABY. Congrats Teresa. That little sweetie makes me want to have another one myself.

  3. Well, little guy, welcome to the world. Hope you don’t plan to go on like that, though. Making everybody wait way too long. They’ll only put up with that so many times.
    I can’t believe you didn’t whip out a little hat for the kid while you were waiting.

  4. What a beautiful boy! Congratulations to his mom and everyone! I hope this doesn’t mean he’ll always be running late! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. awwww. What a beauty. Congrats to mom and baby boy and the knitter who made it all possible (well…just think if you hadn’t finished that shawl!).

  6. Welcome, child!
    Warm and special blessings to all who are graced by his presence. And many warm hugs and cups of tea to Teresa for sticking it out … Because it was so worth it.
    And where’s that Snowflake I’ve been waiting see wrapped around a child? More pictures, I say!

  7. What a cutie! Makes me want to have another! And my newest one is all of two weeks today. Congrats to all!

  8. Awwwwww. And that’s one very smart, secure and sensitive guy. (I can tell by the pink blanket.)
    Welcome, SS&SG, and congrats, Teresa!

  9. Welcome, cutie! Hope mama is more comfortable now. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Sounds like my son…liked the womb so much he stayed an extra two weeks. But, being contrary, I went into labor the night before I was scheduled to be induced. I’ve always difficult, or at least that’s what I’ve been told!

  10. I don’t know. Considering the knitting involved, I’d say the little guy is an honorary knitter.
    Congratulations Teresa(and the whole family, and Steph)!

  11. Welcome, dear little Snowflake dude, to the outside world! I’m certain your family finds you were worth the wait, and your devoted Stephanie is probably right this moment fitting you with a better hat. And socks.

  12. How is it that pictures of tiny babies can still make my nipples sting with the urge to produce milk more than 8 years since my last one was weaned?
    They’re just so sweet before they learn to talk back. That must be it.
    Congratulations to both you and the proud mom. Good work!

  13. Yay for a brand new person! Sometimes I am so jealous of your job – just look at those little fingers. 3 hours, efficient indeed, Teresa!

  14. Sometimes those babies are just too happy inside:) My really late to the party baby was my third son, born 17 days after his due date, helped into this world by castor oil 16 years ago. He was actually born over the labour day long weekend too.
    congrats to Theresa and the whole family.

  15. Congratulations and welcome! You go Teresa and Montgomery! I like to think that they know better than any drugs when things are ready. (not that I’m opposed to them, mind you) There was no need to rub it in with a mere three hours of labour, though.

  16. What happy news! Congratulations! Teresa, you showed them!!! The baby is beautiful! I hope sleeps well ; )

  17. What happy news! Congratulations! Teresa, you showed them!!! The baby is beautiful! I hope he sleeps well ; )

  18. First I see the cute belly (why has mine been round but flat each time?), then I scroll down to see the cutest baby!! Then I scroll up to read the story, LOL. At first I got worried….I’m being induced on Thursday and I’m not keen on it. I wouldn’t mind 8 hours of knitting though, LOL, as long as there are no chemical-caused contractions!
    Oh, and why is the darling boy wrapped in pink? You better Photoshop those photos!

  19. Concrats to your cute boy! I’m happy to hear you had such a good and efficient birth, you look great, too!
    Happy baby stuff knitting and all the best to you from Germany,

  20. Welcome to the world, little one. May your life be filled with love, joy and all the happiness your little self can hold. And may the teenage years be kind to your mother.

  21. Congratulations from Germany! It can’t be long until Montgomery shows the first signs of knitting talent, I bet. He seems to be patient enough … ;-] Very well done!

  22. Montgomery! What a great name (was on my short list for Cate before we knew she was a she.) Congrats to Teresa, now get some sleep!

  23. Handsome dude indeed! Born on my sweet youngest daughter’s day. She’s 11! You are in great company!!

  24. The world needs more Monty’s, especially precious little ones like that. What a happy ending to a long pregnancy. Glad to hear all went well-and again-what a little doll! He is perfect, and a big congrats to mama-great job, you sure do nice work!
    *can’t wait to see the pic of him wrapped in his Snowflake, but I have been patient this long, so a waiting a little longer won’t put me out too much ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. Oh, he is so, so cute!
    And that is seriously NOT fair… Theresa already looks skinnier in her face. 5 years after my 3rd, I still haven’t managed to lose anything more than the weight of the baby.

  26. I will echo everyone else’s congratulations here, and add that the expression in Teresa’s face in the knitting picture made me giggle.

  27. Okay – so I have been checking the blog 2 or 3 times a day…certain that I am going to miss this post. Dear little boy! My duaghter will be 12 tomorrow and was 10 days late. But she tells everyone that she came when she was suppose to…

  28. What a gorgeous new little person. Welcome to the world Monty. Many congratulations to Theresa, the rest of her family and well done to you, Stephanie for your no doubt invaluable part in proceedings (even if you couldn’t make him appear early)!

  29. Welcome Montgomery Snowflake! You don’t know this yet, darling little man, but there were lots of people all around the world waiting on news of your safe arrival.
    Teresa, many congratulations to you and your family!

  30. Welcome Monty ! you have been expected ! You are born in a “loveful” knitting community and a lot of people were expecting to see you ! And yes, 8lbs 8oz will have you do your nights pretty fast !

  31. At last the Snowflake has arrived! He is beautiful! Congratulations Teresa! Amazing what the body can do on it’s own when given a chance! I love his name.

  32. Baby Montgomery is beautiful. Mom Teresa seems pleased and relieved. And you, Elizabeth, you look positively gushing. I would be too. Congratulations to all of you. Whe will Monty get his snowflake blanket? The hospital must have run out of blue blankies. vj

  33. I think you made a typo. That should be “future knitter.” We will bring him over to our side! Congrats! And tell the little guy not to feel bad about the pink blankie. I had a blue one – I was born around thanksgiving and the hospital ran out of pink!

  34. Welcome, Monty! Unbenownst to you, you are already world famous. Don’t let the guys snicker about your Snowflake nickname. It was given with love.

  35. Woo hoo~
    Welcome to the world Monty!
    What delightful news to brighten a dreary day here in cold, gray rainy central Illinois, (where they promised snow but gave us only … well… cold rain).
    Congrat’s Teresa!

  36. Welcome Monty and congratulations to mommy! The pink blanket had me SOOOO fooled for a moment there. He’s a beautiful baby!

  37. Congrats, beautiful Teresa, and welcome, beautiful Monty! Glad all went well and everyone is ok. Montgomery is a wonderful name, by the way.

  38. Montgomery. A fine name. Good soldiers, actors and cities have been named Montgomery. Welcome to our world, now a finer place because you have come into it. Congrats Mom Theresa and “Auntie Steph”.

  39. Congratulations to Teresa. Way to show em! Monty is a great name for the handsome little Dude.
    So glad to hear that Mum is still smiling. ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Proving once again, that if allowed to chart their own courses, babies will pretty much come when they are ready. May be the only act of independence they are allowed for years to come ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Bienvenue Monty! Such a charming little one, born with the first snowflakes of the season (at least over here)

  42. Oh he’s just so sweet! I want one! But not for a LONG time yet. Let me finish up my after-degree BEd first.
    And Montgomery? Like Dr. Montgomery Montgomery? I think you need to knit him one of your snake sweaters, and give him a stuffed snake. The Very-Deadly-Python (or was it Extremely-Deadly?).

  43. Yay for the new baby! Yay for the better hat! Yay for her managing to get the baby out without six freakin’ days of attempted inductions that some people had to put up with not that I’m bitter.

  44. brilliant and about time otherwise she would have popped open like a budding moon flower!
    welcome baby

  45. Yay!! Congratulations, Teresa!!
    I have to admit, much as I love reading about the Harlotry, and the Indigo Interlude has been awesome reading (am soooooo interested in trying it myself now), I’ve been checking back here compulsively 3-4 times a day looking for news of Teresa and her baby. So glad to hear the baby has finally arrived and things went well. (Has Teresa considered a career as an event planner? Or perhaps as a general or something? grin.)
    Welcome to earth, Monty!!

  46. Teresa, congrats on your adorable son Monty.. wishing you all the best from the USA East Coast NYC !! and you go girl! all the best ๐Ÿ™‚ Karola
    Steph.. congrats to you for being such a strong support system for Teresa and making that stunning blanket! ๐Ÿ™‚ karola

  47. What a precious baby! Congratulations to you all. I have been watching the blog several times a day and am so happy to hear Monty has arrived safe and all are healthy. Another little miracle and I simply love the name. Best wishes. You certainly have beautiful babies Teresa. I hope someone spoils you for at least a month.

  48. Bienvenu and welcome, Monty. What a sweetheart. You all look incredible with very little sleep. Congratulations to new mom and to her friends. That photo of Theresa brings new meaning to the Psalm “You knit me together in my mother’s womb…”

  49. Slainte! Snowflake failte!
    Cheers! Snowflake Welcome to the big world!
    What wonders your eyes will behold.
    Ive been waiting for a week to find out if the bebe was here yet.
    Congrats to everyone he is adorable

  50. He’s perfect!!! A little person more than worthy of the fabulous knitting that preceded him! Hi, little Monty! Welcome to the world.

  51. Welcome, wee Monty! (Little does the poor kid know that hundreds of wellwishers around the world have been impatiently refreshing their bloglines for days on his account…) And what a lucky fellow he is to have such a lovely shawl awaiting him.

  52. Welcome little Monty! Momma you did a great job! Steph, thanks so much for keeping us posted! I know what joy a new little baby brings after having my three girls but nothing prepared me for the arrival of my first grandchild, Louis, who arrived two and a half weeks ago! I was honored by being asked to be present when he came into the world. Seeing him take his first breath and watching the change in my daughter from woman to mother is a something I’ll never be able to describe!

  53. What do you mean 8 hours wasted? Look at all the knitting that got done!!
    But Monty was well worth the wait. Such a cutie. I love boy babies….have three myself!

  54. Welcome Monty!! Theresa, you have a beautiful son.
    Am I the only one insanely jealous that Theresa was able to have Steph as her doula?

  55. oh, what a beautiful baby! i’m so jealous.
    so Steph, what would it take for you to come to MN at the end of June to be MY knitter-doula??? ๐Ÿ™‚ i am so jealous. MN is beautiful in the summer, joe and the girls can come too, and you might be able to see an american 4th of july celebration if i’m as late as Teresa!

  56. congrats to Theresa! Welcome to the world Monty! (surely his time to knit will arrive someday in the future…)
    (my fingers are still crossed that a knitting mom-to-be (possibly again?) will appear up in labor and delivery at some point in the next five weeks…)

  57. What a cutie, but I thought I saw pink and read boy? So I had to do a double take and read again…Ok so pink and boy…I was right the first time..? Double vision…don’t confuse me I am so easily confused…hope mom and baby keep doing well!! Where are those tiny feet going to take little Monty?

  58. I know I’m ornery, but I also like it when the baby is ready to come when modern medicine stops messing with things
    Welcome Monty! ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. I am reading your book and I thought of two new places to hide yarn:
    under the sink
    in a birthday trunk- a trunk you keep in your room that you keep extra little gifts in for your kids and people you know when you don’t have time to get them something, but a gift would be appropriate. Stuff like books, kits, etc. So you could stuff yarn at the bottom and hide your stuff on top.

  60. Damn! Stubborn at the gate, he was!
    Glad Mom and son are doing well. And you’re a trooper for waiting him out (so to speak).

  61. Judging from how long it took Monty to come out, it sounds like “doesn’t like to be told what to do” is a family trait…
    Dude, don’t worry, there are even people who spin stuff to make better hats. The world is a good place if you stick with the better-hat people, I find…
    Congrats, Teresa. You make beautiful babies ๐Ÿ™‚

  62. Welcome Montgomery! Congrats to the mom and beautiful baby boy. Steph, how in the world did you get so lucky to have two of the best jobs in the world- writing about your knitting and having people love it and getting to see amazingly beautiful babies born into this strange place. When you are ready, I’d like to hear your secret. :o)

  63. Congratulations to Teresa for a job well done (8lbs 8oz, good for you)
    and to handsome young Monty; the boy knows how to make an entrance.

  64. Awwww, sweet boy. Mama may be a force to be reckoned with, but she just gave birth to a Scorpio who has already shown that he won’t be told what to do either, so …. wheeeeeee.

  65. Hello Monty,
    Welkom to this world. Keep on doing things your way. Its the only way.
    Great doing Teresa. I wish you all health and happiness.
    (What a beauty. Makes me wonder if I could have a third.)

  66. Congratulations to Teresa, Monty is sooo sweet.
    My no3 son’s middle name is Montgomery, its cute.

  67. Lovely picot edging on the hands don’t you think? They were always my favorite bits, fingers, especially when they were sleeping fingers waving gently like little starfish.

  68. Welcome in the world, Monty! Sure you will get knitwear with stitches full of love.
    Congrats for Teresa.Best wishes for mommy and baby from south bavaria.
    Thanks for Steph for sharing with us with fotos.

  69. YAY! Welcome to the world, Monty. Glad to see you’ve arrived!! Lots of people have been waiting to see you!!!
    Congrats to the family!!!

  70. YAY, Teresa! Welcome, Monty! I agree with Pat; this is the most anticipated baby in Blogland right now. My family knew I was crazy when I jumped up from dessert on Saturday night, thinking, “I haven’t checked in a whole day! I bet she’s had that baby!” Glad everything went smoothly.

  71. Congratulations Teresa! I love hospital photos; mothers always look beautiful regardless of hair, makeup, or sleep. Monty and Mommy are a gorgeous pair!

  72. Ah cuteness! I don’t think any of my friends’ inductions have gone quite as planned either. They all ended in C sections.
    Ah, gone are the days when the doctors would just let you wait another month or so (both my brother and I were a month late).

  73. Well, that’s it. My day is made. So happy to see that mother and baby are doing well (and looking good). Some day he can look at all these comments and see how many people – most of whom will never even meet him – were waiting for him to arrive…

  74. What a sweetheart! Congrats to everyone. Monty, being overdue just gives you a great excuse for being late the rest of your life – just tell people you’ve never caught up! Best wishes and God bless.

  75. Am I the only one who desperately wants Steph to write a BOOK BOOK BOOK about babies/doula-ing next? Or maybe I just really want some of that vibe when I have my own babies. Congrats to Teresa, congrats to Monty – way to go!

  76. Wow, the picture of the three of you is beautiful. Congrats to Momma Teresa and Baby Monty and to his sibs! Teresa, you do beautiful work!

  77. Teresa: Lovely, One-of-A-Kind Finished Object, no pattern required ๐Ÿ˜€ – Well done!
    Stephanie: Amazing.
    Montgomery: How lucky are you, little lad, leading off life by landing in the laps of these two lovely ladies! Now all you need (besides the better hat) is a… llama?

  78. Such an adorable baby! I’m sure he’ll grow up to be beautiful, not that he isn’t already. Congratulations to the parents!

  79. I LOVE the name Monty! (Hubby would not let me use it on our son though, I dated a Monty ๐Ÿ™ What a beautiful lil’ baby. WELL DONE MOM!! Congratulations!

  80. Welcome little T. He is a beauty. I predict much swooning in three years on the parts of little girls (if my experince says anything. Who knew little girls could swoon at 3?) Much swooning on the parts of grown women in the meantime, starting with moi.

  81. Welsome aboard spaceship earth, Monty! You are going to LOVE your ‘aunt’ steph and all her wacky knitting friends! tee hee!
    May the love that went into every stitch of your snowflake blanket embrace you each and every time you have it around you. God Bless you!

  82. Congratulations to Teresa, Stephanie, and the whole family!
    Monty, welcome to the world! It is already a better place, because you are here. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Rosane, on Long Island, NY.

  83. What a teeny tiny sweetie! Please thank your friend for sharing Monty with us. So much fun! Glad all are well.
    Good luck on finishing the THIRD?! bookbookbook. I see I’m not the only one who’s been crazy busy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  84. Happy happy congratulations, welcome new baby Monty! (I have 2 grandsons – I never thought boys would be soooo special! But they are!!)

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