TUFT Report. Day One.

Did I tell you about this? That there’s a Fibre Festival here in Toronto? I mean, Maryland has Maryland Sheep & Wool, New York has Rhinebeck and Toronto has…um…..


Juno in my living room, attending the gala reception for TUFT. (Toronto Underground Fibre Talkathon) You can tell it’s a reception because there is wine.

I got her from the airport last night, and despite my prolonged and incredibly malignant relationship with Pearson International Airport, I managed to pick her up exactly when I said I would, in exactly the manner I had predicted and then…for the first time ever in my whole life…I took the right exit out of the airport and drove straight home.

(This never happens. For those of you close to the airport I will pass on what I have learned so that you may know the joy I felt last night as I drove out of the airport. (Straight out. It was incredible.) I live in the West End. I take Scarlett Road straight north to the airport, then when I want to leave the airport, I try to follow the signs to get back to Scarlett Road and there are none. None. I drive around and around looking for the signs (and fuming with electric rage because when I ask people how they do this, they always tell me to follow the signs, which is a lie, because…and I stress this. There are no signs for Scarlett road. (I am further infuriated by the way that I can’t even seem to end up on the same highway. When I can’t find Scarlett Road, what happens next is a complete crapshoot. 401? 427? Airport Road? 409? It’s like I have to take whatever the airport gives me and just (*&^%$ing cope with it.) Yesterday however, the airport mojo couldn’t stick to me and I drove right out. I did the opposite of whatever I usually do and whammo, I was back on Scarlett Road, looking clever to Juno and not using and filthy language at all. It turns out however, that there are no signs for Scarlett Road by the airport because Scarlett Road becomes Dixon Road at some mysterious point on the way there. To get to Scarlett Road (for which there are no signs) take Dixon Road (for which there is ample instruction.) Naturally, you may all mock me in the manner in which you have become accustomed because I am the last person in Toronto to know this.)

Since her arrival we have had the gala reception, the vendor’s introduction (that would be the stitch’n bitch) and the transportation orientation (streetcar) and the first debate of the talk-a-thon:

Session 1A. Ball Winder vs Nostepinne.

Score: Stephanie 2 -one point given for speed, one point for being able to stack her yarn cakes.

Juno 1 – but she won anyway because she played the “spirtual fulfillment” card. You can’t compete with that.

More details of TUFT day one are available at the satellite site.

Today’s agenda:

7:30-8:40 I get the girls up and gone while Juno laughs and thinks fond thoughts about birth control and her relationship to it.

8:40 – 9:30. Drink coffee, photograph cashmere in the snow (Juno can buy cashmere faster than any other woman alive.)


9:40-10:55- Joint blogging- decision of agenda. Consideration of bathroom rotation and scheduling.

Rest of day….well. We don’t know. Something involving Bloor West Village, session 2A (My stash and how much of it she can’t take home) and 2B (Is chocolate a vegetable…discussion and tasting) and 2C (Drumcarder use and why Juno should buy one) pastry and yarn. Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends.

Evening: The open event of TUFT. Please join us at:


It’s going to be a blast.

38 thoughts on “TUFT Report. Day One.

  1. Chocolate is definitely a vegetable. It’s nearly the only one I like. Oh how I wish I were in Toronto at Indigo today! (Although Thanksgiving dinner at my mom’s with Andy from Paris and my three-month-old niece, L�a, will be hard to beat. I’m knitting the China Doll sweater from Minnowknits in pink for her.) Have a great time!

  2. What? I thought mothering was all knitting all fun all the time! [enter dripping righteous sarcasm]
    Lovely meeting the both of you last night…I look forward to a repeat performance of laughter – that chicken hat is still making me giggle.

  3. Hmm, TUFT simply must increase its promotional budget for next year. How could I not hear about a fiber festival until it was already in progress??? Ye gads, I must be slipping… ;P

  4. I’m jealous man – I’ve got to go pretend to gorge myself on the world’s biggest friggin turkey (not a fan)and make small talk with the not-really-but-sort-of in-laws.
    Have fun!

  5. Haha, I get to be #5, but only because the rest of my country is making gravy and trying to avoid the in-laws by sending them into the living room with wine.
    The first reason that chocolate is a vegetable is because when you play “animal, vegetable, mineral”, it surely is a vegetable (but so is a table) and secondly, it comes from a bean! . . . The first two reasons why chocolate is a vegetable . . .

  6. here is your problem: on the way back, scarlett is Dixon Road first, and then it turns into Scarlett.
    And say hi to Juno for me. I wish i could come tonight, but i have a magazine to make!

  7. Sounds like a great time! I hope you’ll post your advice on drum carders because I’m contemplating which one to buy RIGHT NOW. Okay, not right now because right now I’m getting ready to transport pies to my friend’s house for Thanksgiving dinner, but right now as in within the next week or two. Okay? Thanks, dude!

  8. My method of driving out of Logan is white-knuckled grip on the steering wheel, look for a major highway. Any major highway. North is better than South, but really, anything will do. I think I hold my breath until I get onto said highway (which hopefully turns out to be the one that goes over the pretty new bridge), because the speed MINIMUM coming out of the airport seems to be about 60 mph, leaving little to no time for contemplation of using one’s blinker, making logical exits or any other such decisions. 🙂

  9. Will you be taking her to Romni? I vote for chocolate as a vegetable. Looking forward to seeing you tonight!

  10. It sounds like a great festival. I wish I could come and play at some part of it but I have too much work to do (whine).
    Say hi to Juno for me and have a great reading and apres party thingie.

  11. Yes, if this is a festival, others should have the opportunity to attend. And if talking people’s ears off until the wee hours is the necessary skill, I definitely have it. I also drink beer. I need to get to Toronto more. Excuses welcome.

  12. Sorry I have to side with Juno, I have a Nostepinne and I think it is great! Plus you can get stackables, you just have to adjust your wind. 🙂
    Second, when did Toronto get snow! hahahahahah sorry haven’t seen the weather for a few days now, plus Vancouver has been fogged in so we’ve all been whining over that. 🙂 Its sunny today though so that is a bonus, we’re waiting to see if it is actually going to rain like they keep saying. Happy knitting!

  13. I didn’t know that about Scarlett and Dixon either. I just take Scarlett up to Eglinton and then Eglinton into the airport. I haven’t done it in a while so there might be some magic I’m forgetting about. When I leave the airport, I think I have to get on the 427 south for a half a second to get back on to Eglinton to get home.
    Chocolate = vegetable FOR SURE.
    And have fun at Indigo. I’ll be locked in a theatre for what is bound to be either a) the worlds most miraculous recovery of a show in time for its dress rehearsal or b) the dress rehearsal that killed people. We’ll see. We open Saturday.

  14. My skirt fell off in Pearson Airport once. Fell. Right. Off. In front of a bunch of very respectable Sikh gentlemen sitting there for the sole purpose of humiliating me unto death.
    I can’t come back to Toronto any more.

  15. Oh no – chocolate is much too important a food to be a vegetable. Isn’t it like a food group unto itself? The most important one of course!
    And snow? Toronto has snow? Oh I so do not miss Ontario!! (having said that nervously looking out the window to make sure the rain hasn’t turned into snow in the 3 degree temperature outside…)

  16. I had no idea that Scarlett Road and Dixon were even close together let alone the same road. My answer to finding my way to/from Pearson is to call a cab. Expensive but they find the way to my house with no problem every time. Incoming visitors? I suggest my same route: cab.
    Now, I definitely vote for chocolate being a food group onto itself. White chocolate isn’t part of that food group though.

  17. I know how to get to the Airport from Meaford via Airport Road and home the same – thank God they have signs for Airport Road – have never seen a sign for Scarlett Road. I am so jealous of your fun – hope you are enjoying the snow as we are in Blue Mtn country!

  18. For sure chocolate is a vegetable. It is made from sugar BEETS and cocoa BEANS.
    And if it melts on your fingers? That means you aren’t eating it fast enough.

  19. If Juno gets a drum carder I’m in deep caca. Because she’s going to talk about it in glowing, spiritual-fulfillment terms, and I suck at resistance when Juno talks about anything in glowing, spiritual-fulfillment terms.
    Okay, maybe I’m just a wimp. But I really think it’s Juno’s talent for persuasion. This is also the reason why her photo is out of focus, I’m sure. It’s the forcefield. She and Cassie have got it goin’ on…
    I wish I could be there tonight but I’m stuck in programming classes, wishing I had a pumpkin pie and a glass of wine and a fibre festival. So tomorrow I’ll just visit the alpaca roving guy in Westmount and drown my sorrows…
    Have fun! Big hugs to you both.

  20. As I glance at my watch and see that TODAY is Thursday 24th, and it happens to be 9:00pm. Party’s over. Why had I not visited your site yesterday!

  21. Happy Thanksgiving America! I just made and enjoyed this wonderful chocolate ganache tart with raspberries. It.was.divine. Wish I could share…truly…no one else in my family likes chocolate.

  22. Hey, how’d you enjoy all that snow today! I had fun driving to and from the airport. Five hours of driving at a snail’s pace!

  23. Wait, wait: When is the “learning how to sit on the chesterfield” class? Is that in TUFT II? How about “knitting whilst playing broomball”? I can see there is quite a bit left to come on the TUFT agenda.

  24. Chocolate = vegetable (or at least something good for you)
    Drum carder = heaven on earth
    And Laurie? You’re done for, just accept it.

  25. I have to tell you that I had a wonderful warm chocolate bread pudding for dessert, and was able to knit a few rows of my latest scarf thingie in between courses, but my happiest news is that you have proven to me that one can successfully use an unlimited number of parentheses in one or two sentences. I am impressed.

  26. Jena, my method for driving around Logan is to avoid it all together, and tell people to come in at TF Green, instead. I’d rather drive to Providence fifty times before I’d set my wheels anywhere near Logan. Ick!

  27. Oh my. I wouldn’t have guessed that Toronto and Roanoke, VA would have anything like this in common – but here we not only have Brandon Avenue that at some point becomes Apperson Drive (also known as Lee Highway Business and one long straight stretch of road) but we also have McVitty that appears in at least a dozen places along the length of Electric Road: first a left then a right, then a left, then a right and so on (it’s one long zig-zagging road that was sliced smack down the middle by a 4-laner when they built Electric!).
    Chocolate is definitely a vegetable and since we must all eat more vegies I say – “bring on the Godiva!”
    I envy “your people’s” weather! Love the snow shots…what fun!

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