Among my people

Last night was wonderful. The launch was great, the people were smashing the knitting was brilliant (Theirs, not mine..) and an all round a good time was had by all, even me…though my standards are low. (I just want to get through the talking without throwing up.)

My most sincere thanks to everyone who came out to show their support. I am very grateful.

For years I’ve been taking heat from the family (both extended and immediate) about perhaps having a little too much on the go at Christmas time. (This is perhaps an understatement. We shall gloss over it.) Last night I was afforded a rare opportunity for illustration.

I pointed out to the attendees that my entire family was present. Joe, the girls, my mum, Ian, Ali, Erin, the in-laws….and that they think I’m out of my mind. (Again, largely an understatement, again we shall gloss over.) I asked all the knitters in the room to stand. (This alone straightened out some misconceptions.) I asked anyone who was knitting for Christmas to stay standing. Then I asked anyone who was going to be in a bit of a pinch to stay standing….

finally, I asked that anyone who knew that they could never finish what they were already making on time, but had just added another project to the list despite that, to stay standing.


Yo. Peeps.

I felt quite vindicated and normalized. Look how many of the knitters are going to experience “IT”. Very reassuring. My mum pointed out later that proving that all of your friends are lunatics does not prove that you are not one…but I care nothing for her logic. The point was (and I do have one) that last night, people determined to express their love in wool outnumbered the members of my family who have suggested I am whacked, and I have a photo to prove it.

While I don’t ususally do meme’s, Scout tagged me with one I quite like and it fits in with what I’ll be doing today. Today I have no book to write, no launch to fuss for, no speech to prepare, no interviews to do, no plane to catch…today I am officially on vacation and will be remaining in largely this spot until Christmas.


I’m so ready.