Well Bob…

Jim, Welcome to Coverage of the Knitting Olympics. This weekend our spotlight athlete travelled…

Whoa there Bob! Did you say “travelled”? This athlete has been on the road a lot for someone trying to knit a ridiculously busy sweater in 16 days.

That’s true Jim, she has been. It certainly adds an element of difficulty that we’re sure she hadn’t anticipated.

Are you sure she didn’t anticipate it?

Sure am Jim. I think that was clear to all of the spectators who watched her lose her s**t in Pearson International Airport ripping up her luggage and throwing underpants and balls of green yarn around in front of the check-in at Peason International airport looking for a 3.5mm neeedle that she didn’t think she would need until the next day.

That’s true Bob, she clearly wasn’t anticipating the ice storm that delayed her flight and gave her extra knitting time. Good thing that she realized that she was about to have an equipment failure before she checked that bag! Real Olympic success relies on careful attention to detail. The smallest error can ruin an Athletes chances.

Right you are Bob. It’s pretty clear that the strain is starting to wear on her. She may have had all of the knitting stuff with her at SPA, but it really means something that she didn’t pack a hairbrush, a single pair of socks…and that while she was crouching on the floor de-packing and scattering everything she owned while disentangling the circular needle in question from her underpants in the middle of the Airport….that when that spectator in line behind her at the airport was staring at her she looked him dead in the eye and said “What? WHAT?”

Very true Jim. She’s pretty edgy. She’s gone into seclusion in her Toronto home, following the rigours of the SPA weekend in Maine, and we’ll have a full report on her performance tomorrow. Let’s hope she gets it together.