This time I’ve done it. I was feeling pretty good about my progress. Pretty good indeed. I knit while I watched Canada win gold in Curling… (and yes. Canadian men embrace. You wanna make something of it?)


(I’m in love with Newfoundlander Brad Gushue, youngest man to skip a Canadian rink at the Olympics. I think that’s really normal.)

I knit while Joe drove me around on errands…


I knit while I waited in the bank…


I knit while I picked out a zipper for this beast…


I knit while I popped into the LCBO for reinforcements…


Then I got home and lay the new sleeve on top of the old sleeve so I could feel good about my progress and noticed that they looked sort of different. “That’s odd”, I thought, sort of innocently…and then it hit me.

I never changed needles after the sleeve cuff. I was supposed to go down from a 3.5mm to a 3mm. (Aw…CRAP.) “Hold up” I thought (see that? Not freaking out until there’s a reason to freak out? That’s a small measure of personal growth.) “Maybe they aren’t all that different. It’s only a half millimetre out on the needle size, maybe all this needle changing is just a Norwegian joke and it’s fine. Yeah…maybe it’s fine.”


Not fine. Say it with me…

Aw….CRAP. (Yes. That’s nail polish stuck to the coffee table. I’ll clean it up Monday.) This could be it. This could have been the mistake that finishes it all. CRAP.

To further add insult to injury, I had the following conversation in the bank today.

Me: (Waiting in line and knitting on the now piece of CRAP sleeve)

Teller: Hey! You’re knitting.

Me: Yup. (Note that I made absolutely no smart-assed remark about the obvious.)

Teller: You must be pretty obsessive about that eh?

Me: Yup. (Again..decent understatement of events.)

Teller: You know what? I saw this thing on the news about “The Knitting Olympics”

Me: (About to confess everything. Tell her that I’m in the Olympics, that I’m knitting my Olympic sweater right now. To puff out my chest and tell her that it was all my idea and isn’t it freakin’ cool?)

Teller: (Voice low and stunned) Isn’t that crazy? Aren’t those people nuts? Can you imagine?

Me: (Suddenly realizing that this isn’t the moment of glory recognizing my genius that I thought I was headed for)

“Oh….ummm…..Yeah. Crazy. Those knitters are whacked. I gotta go. ”

If anyone needs me I’ll be over there with the ripped up piece of CRAP sleeve, a mangled chart, half a bottle of cheap red wine and what’s left of my dignity. I’ll post tomorrow. I know the suspense is killing you. Hell…It’s killing me.

445 thoughts on “Aw…Crap.

  1. Sasha Cohen fell twice last night and still won the silver.
    I don’t think I’m going to get everything done that I thought I could do for this but feel good about what I did do.
    The bank teller should have said great idea, wish I had thought of that.
    Can’t believe I’m first!!!

  2. Now I feel a tiny bit better. I started my vest 4 times (not changing needle size, using British size needles instead of metric, etc.) and doubted my sanity at even starting. But nearly done now, I like the looks of it, I have tried something very new to me (shadow knitting) and have a new interest in the Olympics. Am sure you will make a good effort — just like our athletes. And hold your head high about starting this Olympic Knitting — look at how many thought it was a good idea.

  3. I”m impressed with your restraint. I would have countered with something like, “Oh, yeah? And I supposed you’re one of those folks who likes [fill in the blank].” Oh, who am I kidding, I would have done the same thing, and only thought of a great retort long after I was gone from the bank.
    Sorry about the sleeve thing. I breathlessly await tomorrow’s episode.

  4. I have complete and utter faith that you’ll finish. I’m betting you’ve got that whack of elves stashed around somewhere from a year ago Christmas, and they’ll magically appear when you pass out from the cheap-red-wine headache and finish your sleeve.
    Seriously. I have confidence. I bet you $1CAN you’ll earn that gold button. πŸ™‚

  5. Now what kind of winning attitude is that? You can do it, you may not get to sleep between now and 2pm Sunday but who needs sleep right?

  6. On the news?!?! Rock on!
    And you have my empathy at being needled. *groans at her own bad pun* Are you sure one of your arms isn’t slightly more muscular than the other, and thus needs the larger gauge? Maybe it’s a little shorter too? No?
    Just don’t drown yourself in the frog pond please.

  7. Silly bank lady. I would’ve been straight with her–that’d teach her to make dumb comments.
    Poor sleeve! Can you compromise and only rip back part of it?
    I finished my Olympics sweater! Oh, well, it’s drying from its washing and still needs buttons, but really, it’s pretty much done, right? Funny thing is, I found one (well, two) ends I forgot to weave in while I was blocking. . .
    But I’m definitely on the home stretch, and I know you’re going to make us all proud, too! Or at least you’ll give us some good laughs.

  8. You are my Olympic HERO….so glad Canada did so well in Curling…Keep on knitting…
    Sharon in Massachusetts
    ps – it was wonderful to hear you speak last weekend…what a pleasure.

  9. Aw, Crap! I feel for you. I won’t gloat that I finished the Florence, but you can check it out on the Team Canada Blog. (I used a bottle of merlot to show the size – if you want, I’ll send it to you).
    I love the curlers. Actually, I am a curler, so it kind of makes sense. Those boysr are the best!
    And the teller? I would have impaled her on the needle. Just sayin’.

  10. You think YOU’VE got crap?! le sigh. Here I am looking for encouragement whilst resting my aching fingers, and you didn’t even ‘fess up to the teller!
    I’m kidding, of course, although not about my fingers. I’m hoping to finish the back yoke of the mess, I mean dress I’ve started, but not the front or the sleeves. My confidence is that shaken. My confidence in you however remains unwavering. You’ll do it!

  11. Now you just need to tell us the name and branch of that bank so that you can have 4000 official Knitting Olympians and the unnumbered thousands who mentally signed up but didn’t want to belabor you over it, all nicely go set that teller straight for you. Nicely. Just imagine the time it would take them simply to open all the snail-mail letters and go through all the emails. Time Magazine would have its followup, and maybe even leave out the “couch potato” reference.

  12. DonοΏ½t cry, Steph!
    Remember, there will be more Olympics.
    There will always be GOLD in your heart.
    And this stupid nearsighted people will all watch the Olympic Knitting Contest Finals next time.
    And we will all be proud.
    By the way, I heard that referring to really cool curling winners could make a husband train it by cleaning up the floor. Just taking this swisher thing and starting in the middle of the kitchen…
    Have fun and remember the passion makes the real olympic spirit…
    ((And burn the crabby sweater chart while cursing it!))

  13. You can do it! We know you can. We have faith. Besides, in addition to the cheap red wine you have coffee and Screech in reserve, right? Right. You’ll do it.

  14. First, I won’t tell Joe about Brad. Honest.
    You’ll do it. I have complete faith. Heck, I’ll even send you a nice bottle of Merlot if you’d like, to celebrate afterward. Or maybe a case . . .
    I’d wear the finished sweater back into the bank, then casually mention your fame to the teller (or her co-worker, even better, so that dumb teller can blush and you can then ‘graciously’ notice her). I mean, heck — there’s more people competing here than the other Olympics, and more people reading you online than a lot of other things — don’t those people know you’re a celebrity!?!?!

  15. I had a similar setback last night, with the %(*&#*&%*# neck shaping on my Olympic sweater. I think I may be done, but you? You are not yet done. You are just getting started! You are on the precipice of your finest hour! (Although, I would caution against standing on any actual non-figurative precipices at this point.) You have only just begun to knit, and you will show the world what real knitters can do! Even if we are all freaking crazy.
    Best of luck to you, Steph.

  16. The bank thing was so freaking funny… sounds like something that would happen to me.
    My husband looked at me funny last night when I grabbed my bag of knitting when we headed out to dinner. I was like “well, you know they take forever to bring the food!”.
    I’m almost done with the bag, hopefully felting tonight!! Woo Hoo!

  17. Somehow, I don’t think there will be a mere few of us burning the midnight (and midday and early morning and teatime) oil this weekend in order to finish in time. How about all 4,000 of us head into your bank first thing Monday morning, waving our finished projects?

  18. Oh come on, the teller would have been absolutely mortified. She was just making conversation about something that caught her interest. She probably doesn’t even knit. Steph did the right thing, giving someone the benefit of the doubt. It was being kind and not ruining her day. I would have done the same thing. Go Steph!!

  19. With your brilliant ability to stare icily at someone (I know you have this ability, as you have three daughters) you should have said, “Yes, actually, that was My Idea, and it’s caught on brilliantly, Don’t You THINK?”
    Hee hee!
    Sorry about the sleeve. Sorry about the Norwegian knitting needle joke. I’m fairly certain you can do it, though!

  20. Aw….CRAP.
    It’s ok. You can make it up in no time.
    I would have told her “Yes, I am in the Knitting Olympics. Why does everyone keep saying that I am WACKED?” All the while with a crazed look in your eyes. That would have made her hurry. Or maybe just call security.

  21. Oh, no! Don’t let this minor setback keep you from persevering! You can do it, you can do it! I ripped out my first Jaywalker sock effort (some how picked up an extra stitch) and I am still plugging away, trying to meet my goal for the Olympics! Keep the faith, you can do it! And the sweater is lovely, by the way!

  22. Scottie Hamilton said it last night: the Olympics is about being the best that you have ever been.
    I am not sure of the implication here-just throwing it out there.
    The bank teller? You should have told her it *was* your idea. Let her feel like the ass/arse. Knitters are a lot of things, but ‘whacked’? Only occasionally.
    I’m cheering for ya, Team Canada-you can do it!

  23. The curling was AWESOME! I got so homesick for Newfoundland I sat there and wept like a little weenie (no, it was NOT the pregnancy hormones). I knit quite furiously through it all….sort of afraid to actually look at what I did.

  24. First off, remember, you are in a bank speaking to a bank teller. Hello…..not the brightest bulb out there. I am suprised she knew you were knitting. Second, always have an extra knitting needle handy if you need to “stick -it” to someone. You can do it! Look at all the love and support you have from everyone. You are just dripping with a gold medal!!!!!

  25. To quote:
    “We are the champions – my friends
    And we’ll keep on fighting – till the end –
    We are the champions –
    We are the champions
    No time for losers
    ‘Cause we are the champions – of the world!!!!!!”

  26. Aw…CRAP!!!! I think you should have looked the teller right in the eye and said, “Well, Miss, I’m the head of the International Knitting Olympics Committee. While I may be crazy, I’m also a freakin’ genius! And while those 4,000 knitters may be wacked, they’re also freakin’ cool.” Or something like that πŸ˜‰

  27. Oh, that sucks. At the same time, I’m glad I’m not the only person having problems. I had to frog an entire sweater (a chunky sweater, but still…). Now I’m gonna see if I can whip out a pair of socks before the end. Or at least one sock. Meh.

  28. Hi Harlot
    All banks are not the same. I went to mine to do my RSP’s today and spent 5 minutes doing the banking thing and 30 minutes discussing knitting websites. Your blog being the first one on my must read list.
    Turns out Meghan, (my investment consultant)has been knitting since childhood and uses it as a stress reliever, as do I. When I got home I sent her about a dozen knitting links. I’ll have to remember to book for an hour next time!
    Sorry about your sleeve, at least you’re still knitting. I threw in the towel day’s ago!

  29. Sasha only landed on her tush once and touched down with her hand the next time. You’re still ahead of her! If anyone can do it, I know you can. And yeah, the Knitting Olympics are whack, but in a good way. I’m cheering you on!

  30. This is the very thing I’ve come to like most about the Knitting Olympics. At the very moment in the knitting when I would otherwise have chucked it into a corner to think about things for a while (like the first time I had to fix a mistake, and then the second time — same mistake — and then the third — yeah, same mistake, only better), my heart would barely skip a beat (and I wouldn’t hyperventilate for too long) before taking a deep breath, putting my head down, and doing what needed to be done. Now. Just like you with your crap sleeve.
    It isn’t time to put the bobsled in the garage yet — you’ve still got a second run! ; )

  31. oh dear. You of the fabulous mittens can certainly rally πŸ™‚ go Stephanie! You’re amazing! After all, you manged to convince just *how* many of us that we could do such a feat?! We all cheer you on!

  32. I’m totally loving the Knitting Olympics and other people who don’t like it can bite me; and I’m not the type who generally likes doing what other people are doing… no Clapotis in my house.
    And you can totally overcome this minor setback. Yes, it sucks, and you’ll have to stay up all night, but you can do it. It’s all about the wine, but not too little, then you’ll fall asleep.

  33. I have all faith in you. I have told everyone I know about the knitting Olympics (I am not an official participant, but I have knitted two pairs of felted slippers, a pair of gloves, and three quarters of a pullover so far)and they all think its the greatest thing. Also, every single freaking person I know but me has either heard you on “Freestyle” or seen you on the news, and they think you are terribly cool. You tell that teller she has no idea what’s what. You’re an Olympic hero over here in north central BC.

  34. You know, when Time magazine referred to the KO 2006 knitters as “couch potatoes”, as one of my SnB members mentioned, my immediate reaction was (being a mature individual), “Those asses!”
    If I didn’t have so much to do (you know, besides holding down a couch, I also work full-time, go to college half-time, organize stuff for my SnB, take bookbinding classes, have an active social life, knitting, writing, etc. – just like the rest of you are busy), I’d go over to Time and kick some of their asses.
    Chicks with pointy sticks are not to be insulted.

  35. I was watching the exactly same curling match, though on the losing end. πŸ™‚ (Don’t care much, though. I think this was the 2nd or so olympic games for a Finnish curling team, so silver is pretty good.)
    I intended to let you know I finished my Olympic knitting during the match, but maybe I shouldn’t say anything until Monday. πŸ˜‰ Good luck with the sleeve. I’m sure you can do it! I mean, who needs sleep anyway? You’ve survived the infancy of three daughters.

  36. You can do it Steph! I have faith that you will successfully warp the Time_Space continuum.
    (I just hope you dont end up with a visit from the Claw.)

  37. I wonder if after you left, the teller had a moment of clarity: {deep inhalation of air} “I bet she was one of those Olympic knitters!” I bombed out of the Olympics on a sleeve issue (or a caffeine/chocolate doping scandal, I can’t remember which), but I’m sure you will rally. After all, you’re the Harlot.

  38. Takes me back to that time you’re husband asked why you knit the two mittens differently. I laughed my butt off… er… not at you of course! πŸ˜‰ And what’s that lady at the bank know anyway?! There’s a lot of ways to describe “crazy”.

  39. I know how you feel. I’m ripping too – I really didn’t need this right now! Progress (- or not) rapport in my blog, pre ripping.

  40. Wow- the knitting olympics was mentioned on the news- am I the only one impressed with that?!?!
    Good luck with finishing your sweater- you can do it!

  41. Even if you don’t finish, it was your idea (screw the bank teller) and thousands of people have participated, and in so doing supported thousands of yarn shops. If that’s not a gold worthy exercise, I don’t know what is. I finished a measley pair of socks and feel great about doing so and glad for the inspiration you gave me.

  42. You can do it! Just warp time and space and watch out for black holes! You should have told the bank teller you invented the Knitting Olympics, she would have been so mortified! Good Luck!

  43. Oh, dear. Bank tellers should knit more. And we are crazy, but that’s half the fun, isn’t it? Hate those sleeves and their dang needles… Just do your best, dearie…

  44. Totally normal to be in love with Brad Gushue. I am too today. And since I have given up any pretense of finishing my knitting in time for the closing ceremonies, what can I bring your family for dinner tomorrow night so none of them bothers you looking for food?

  45. Okay, now I’m going to say this with a tone of awe, not one of disbelief: Are you REALLY going to be able to finish that sweater by Sunday? Cause I’m way further along on my sweater than you, and I’m totally freaking out that it’s not going to be done.

  46. I like to think of these types of moments as “Brain Farts”. I had the mother of all brain farts while doing the cuff on my Olympic gloves. Apparently 2″ means 2cm. Needless to say, my cuff is a little short.
    I love the reactions I get when I tell people I’m in the Knitting Olympics, especially when I mention it was on the National and in Time. Forget about stupid non-knitting bank tellers (because honestly, if she was a knitter, she’d be in the Olympics too) and remember they she just doesn’t get it.
    Me, I’ll be knitting my way to the Science Centre this weekend to check out some Plasticized bodies then on my way to the High Park area for dinner with my dad. Should be fun.

  47. Sorry to hear about your sleeve – that is a setback but you can do it! Chocolate and caffeine are your friends, although you might want to go easy on the wine, to prevent further needle mishaps…
    I finished my Olympic socks last night, 10:25pm PST, and loved every minute of them! I guess maybe I should’ve picked something more difficult, but how did I know how easy socks would be? Just awaiting my gold medal πŸ™‚

  48. I am a late “signer upper” for the Knitting Olympic Games. I started a large wrap made from Unikat — the challenge is that it is something FOR MYSELF. I acquired that yarn with the intent of making something for myself — after I finish this blanket for my new niece in Arizona, and birthday presents for Shelly and Lisa and my mom…. I made this project a priority for me for these past 14 days and I am please to say that I am well withing finishing range…..

  49. You can still make it! I believe in you. I believe in warping. And next time you go to that bank, tell her that we’re just enthusiastic about our hobbies. I bet she just hasn’t found something to be enthusiastic about yet! πŸ˜‰

  50. I am a late “signer upper” for the Knitting Olympic Games. I started a large wrap made from Unikat — the challenge is that it is something FOR MYSELF. I acquired that yarn with the intent of making something for myself — after I finish this blanket for my new niece in Arizona, and birthday presents for Shelly and Lisa and my mom…. I made this project a priority for me for these past 14 days and I am pleased to say that I am well withing finishing range…..

  51. I am a late “signer upper” for the Knitting Olympic Games. I started a large wrap made from Unikat — 20 inches wide and several feet long in a 2×2 moss stitch on 10.5s. The challenge is that it is something FOR MYSELF. I acquired that yarn with the intent of making something for myself — after I finish this blanket for my new niece in Arizona, and birthday presents for Shelly and Lisa and my mom…. I made this project a priority for me for these past 14 days and I am pleased to say that I am well within finishing range…..

  52. “It ain’t over, ’til it’s over!” Knit on fearlessly!
    I’d like to tell MsBankTeller that I wouldn’t go around calling any knitter whacked or crazy — we’re the ones holding pointy sticks!

  53. I am a late “signer upper” for the Knitting Olympic Games. I started a large wrap during the opeing ceremonies made from Unikat — 20 inches wide and several feet long in a 2×2 moss stitch on 10.5s. The challenge is that it is something FOR MYSELF. I acquired that yarn with the intent of making something for myself — after I finish this blanket for my new niece in Arizona, and birthday presents for Shelly and Lisa and my mom…. I made this project a priority for me for these past 14 days and I am pleased to say that I am well within finishing range…..

  54. OMG this is SO FUNNY (well, maybe not for you, but for all of the rest of us)! I have had so many stupid mishaps in my olympic knitting project that I could have given up…but didn’t. And now I’m just finishing up. I can’t believe I’ll make it.
    This reminds me of yesterday when Judy, my Olympic knitting friend, called to tell me how the yarn shop where she ordered her additional four skeins of yarn just sent the WRONG yarn (after finally mailing it two weeks late). She was SO angry, but it was still funny, because she called the shop and told the lady “But I NEEDED that – I’m knitting IN THE OLYMPICS!” And then realized how silly that sounded. People just don’t understand – except other crazy knitters. And WE all understand – your pain, your anger and frustration, and…shame.
    Thanks for the laughs! We love it and we know you’ll recover and lead us all to victory by Sunday. Glad your husband is hanging in there with you.

  55. I REALLY wish you would have said “I’m the Yarn Harlot” – that would probably have been classic.
    I’m sorry about the sleeve, and I hope fixing it doesn’t drive you bonkers. :o)

  56. Go Olympic Knitter! Ignore the doubters and the equipment problems – you are an Olympian with one goal in mind!

  57. This is no time for perfection. Normally, I don’t mind to start a project two or three times to get it right but not now. Now, the goal is to get done before the flame goes down. Perfection comes later. I realized that my socks will suck and not be wearable (80 stitches around the ankle??) or exhibitable about halfway into the first sock. But there was no way I would rip it up and start over again. Number one, I need to order(find)smaller needles. Smaller than “0”. No way I am starting over on 00 or even 000. My project will get done, exactly to the specifications of the pattern and it will get ripped on Tuesday.
    Too late to give you that advice, Steph. vj

  58. As the brilliant former Olympian Michelle Kwan stated, it’s the Olympic Spirit that counts. (and is also what I’m telling myself since this vest will go into overtime.) My Olympic knitting straggles on, with a cold and gratefully, finally after abandoning American television coverage (how many times can commentators say “groin” in one evening???). You are forever my gold medalist.

  59. Look, it’s just the solid part of the sleeve (isn’t it?), you’ll rip it out and fly thru that part. There’s still time to finish it and I think you can do it.

  60. I would be saying HO-LEE CRAP!
    I hate to say it but now I know I’m not the only one that has done that!
    I have loved participating in the Knitting Olympics. I’m actually done with my Noro Fletcher Coat and I do feel like a Knitting Olympic champion. Thanks for such a wonderful idea and making me feel connected to the other THOUSANDS of knitters out there working towards our own personal goal!

  61. Yes, yes, but there’s a bright side. When I went to today, I had the opportunity to pre-order bookbookbook 3.
    (Pay no attention to that unblocked vest behind the curtain…)

  62. Aww hon! I’m so sorry. But you are right, unfortunately, it really won’t do.
    Chin up and all that rubbish!

  63. I finished my Olympic Project! I am so excited. That is the faster I have ever completed a project. Is there someplace we can all post photos of our completed projects in one place?

  64. CRAP indeed – but just think how much sweeter that medal will be when you get it.
    And as for that bank teller – I’m just hoping so much that she’s read your blog and is feeling _so_ silly now.
    I’ve had such a ball taking part in this – it’s a wonderful idea – thank you so much.

  65. I know this .5 millimetre business is very upsetting, but I have to say it offers me a huge amount of comfort that I am not the only one to have done something that is so impossibly aggravating. You have all my sympathy and tons of admiration for taking it out. You are an Olympic Example.
    That bank person is the odd one. Seriously.

  66. Me thinks the teller was jealous.
    Steph, every fantastic athlete goes through some “character-building” event, this one is yours.
    I too think Brad Gushue is a cutie!

  67. At least it was nail polish on the coffee table. I thought someone had bugged you one too many times…
    All finished objects could be posted on with the keyword tag “knittingolympics” or “knittingolympicsgold” (to indicate a FO).
    The teller meant that we were crazy for taking on such impossible projects, I’m sure.

  68. Ok I’m not laughing AT you I’m laughing WITH you! What… you’re not laughing?? Sorry then! At least I can tell you that I feel your pain.
    I got started a little late due to the fact that I had to finish another big project for a wedding I attend right after the KO started…. So I casted on for the sweater I am making the hubbie…. I checked my gauge and I knit, and knit, and knit…. I knit until my hands were going to fall off – but low and behold I had the entire body and neck finished in 6 days….
    So my tiny 37″ chest hubbie tried it on and he LOVED it (or at least he acted like he loved it)… but it didn’t look right…
    Well my supposed to be 42″ chest sweater (you know room for a t-shirt under it) was actually over 50″. OPPS!!!
    He tried to convice me that “he wear it someday” – and that he can just spend more time in the gym to “bulk up”…. and that i should finish it anyway so I can get to work on something for myself again (ahhh how sweet)…
    Well – after much thought and a sleepless night I decided the only right thing to do (besides running and hiding) would be to frog…
    6 days to knit…. 6 minutes to frog!! I won’t be getting gold this year (unless I give up sleeping and eating until Sunday) – but the hubbie will get a sweater that fits if it KILLS me!!! I promise!!
    So good luck on your re-knitting quest…. call us if you need more red wine!!! πŸ™‚

  69. I couldn’t quite put my finger on why the fact that the US men lost to Canada in Curling didn’t bother me so much…but then I remembered. Gushue. Heehee and DH just thinks I’m supporting his homeland πŸ™‚

  70. Oh, crap indeed. However,i have complete and utter faith in your super powers.
    that teller was whacked. she has no idea what she’s missing out on.
    good luck to you!!!!

  71. Ooooo, I would have slid her my business card, complete with blog address, and sweetly said, “I know! There’s thousand of insane knitters and here’s a place where they’re all listed.”
    I can assure you, there’s something fun this teller is crazy about, even if it’s not as cool as knitting.
    Poor baby on the sleeve. I’ll drink some wine too, in sympathy. Yeah, it’s a sacrifice, but I’ll muddle through. πŸ˜‰

  72. Are you sure that wine will be enough? I’d say, stuff the wine & go for the Screech. You’ll thank me in the morning.

  73. Tears came to my eyes reading that one-but that’s totally normal-you always make me laugh!
    I say you should have looked at her with a really deranged expression and said “HELLO!?! I’m the one who started it all!!!” Then began staring blankly at a spot on the counter for about 10 seconds before mumbling to yourself and giggling helplessly.
    Oh, and you can totally re-do the sleeve-no problemo. Go to it!

  74. Oh man… that is awful about the sleeve. But as one of the people that commented here said, it IS about the spirit of the thing. And you’ve obviously got a ton of spirit! How amazing that the Knitting Olympics were on the news!

  75. Aw hell.
    Damn good thing you stopped at the LCBO. You’ll be needing some of that to cope with the ripping. And the teller? Unbelievable. She just doesn’t understand.
    I’m sorry. May your fingers fly on your way back up that sleeve.

  76. Hey, so you don’t finish….no biggie. Chill dudette. Get it right, (read: the way you want it), and forge ahead. That’s what makes a champion. Making yourself, and those who love you, crazy (ier?), just isn’t worth it.
    As for the bank teller. The correct answer was “Crazy? Nuts? Of course! So what’s it to ya’?”

  77. Oh. Dear.
    Crap is a very decent understatement, my dear.
    Very proud of your restraint and maturity in handling this set-back.
    I’ll make more coffee, eh?

  78. O my goodness. That it just hilarious. I’m really sorry about your sleeve but you should have told the chick at the bank “yeah, I’m actually doing that and watch her eat crow”
    What a stupidhead. “Who does that? Hey, I see you’re knitting…what a stupid thing to do.” Shame on her.

  79. So sorry about the needle size! I’ve had a few moments of that myself during these Olympics. Keep knitting, and putting the Olympic effort in! At least that’s what I’m telling myself as the inevitable keeps looming in front of me.

  80. Isn’t this the part where you start playing with the sewing machine and scissors? Or for temporary sanity’s sake, since it is oversized(if I read that correctly), one side has a thicker seam than the other? It can aways be redone later.

  81. Stephanie, This is exactly why I love your blog so much. You’re so very human. Thank you for that. Hang in there, I’m sure you’ll make it through!

  82. As a former bank teller (IQ 148, thank you very much!) who knit as often as possible behind the counter, I apologize for the opinionated one. During this Olympics, I have told !everyone! what I am doing. The tellers at my bank are taking up quilting (“knitting has too many needles”!?), the local librarians are going to start felting, and I have taught at least one 5th grader to knit while waiting for the rest of her class to finish a test. Stand up! Be proud! You are our leader (even if we are all a little whacked on chocolate and caffine at this point). Don’t miss out on the teachable moment. (“You mean you think Olympic knitters are crazier than the luge guys? I am their leader!”, says the Yarn Harlot.)

  83. Pleeeease be proud of the community that you have built with your “little” blog. My daughters tell everyone who will listen of the Knitting Olympics. I will not medal this year but I will hold my head high that I participated in the only Olympics that I will ever have a chance to be in…

  84. araagh! I have avoided all possible news sites because I wanted to watch the match and be surprised…now the men’s gold/silver curling match is on here in the states. Just started. Score 0/0.
    I will watch. And knit. And do my best to forget which team wins. (I will still cheer the Canadians on – they are much cuter.)

  85. the knitting olympics were on the news!! and the BANK TELLER knew about it! i think that’s hilarious and fantastic.

  86. I know that there is NO WAY I read this soon enough to stop you…but you do realize that you could have NOT ripped out the sleeve until after the Olympics and still qualified for gold, right? It’s not a Paul Hamm move…it’s more of a Russian figure skating share the Gold at Salt Lake City move. But I hope that I can help you in some small way with this, if you don’t know about it already: there is an Olympic Knitting Drinking Game.
    It might make you feel better.

  87. Harlot’s Hardangervidda Lament
    (with apologies to Patsy Cline & Steph)
    Crazy, I’m crazy for feeling so lonely
    I’m crazy, crazy for feeling so blue
    You knew I’d love you as long as I wanted
    And then someday I’d leave you for somebody new
    Worry, why do I let myself worry?
    Wond’ring what in the world did I do?
    Crazy for thinking the sleeves would be even
    I’m crazy for trying and crazy for crying
    And I’m crazy for knitting you
    Crazy for thinking knitterly-will would fix you
    I’m crazy for trying and I just feel like dying
    And I’m crazy-like frogging your arse…
    So sorry about the (“If it’s not Scottish, its CRRAP!) sleeve. But remember, cherie, we are the Cute Charming and Colorful crazies.
    And that bank teller needs to read this quote “borrowed” from Ms. TMW’s sidebar:
    Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music. ~ John Milton (L’Allegro)

  88. Oh Stephanie, I’m so sorry to hear about your sleeve. You’ll want to re-do it, of course. Order your family some pizza and Chinese and keep knitting. You’re still our hero even if you’re still knitting after the flame goes out. And get one of those little vaccum cleaners you see on the infomercials that just keeps travelling around sucking up everything, to clean your house for you. Just don’t let it near your knitting!

  89. i feel your pain. i was pretty sure i would have charlotte’s web finished and blocked by sunday. i thought i was ready to begin another repeat section, the last one. i didn’t have enough stiches. thought that was odd, must have moved my marker. nope. i left out row 3 of an eight row pattern. i now have to unknit, not going to call it ripping, four rows. it takes so long to do a single row!! a bajillion stitches!! PROFANITY! i wish i weren’t on a deadline, because i would like to toss it in the corner for a long timeout. i have faith you can finish.

  90. Um – can you do some sort of creative steek action with the sleeve? it’s too big right? Treat it like fabric – steek to within two stitch columns of where it should be on each side – and add a seam. I know, that’ll add a seam where you don’t have one on the other sleeve – but I’m pretty sure no one would notice that from a moving horse.
    I’m speechless over the idiotic tellar. That’s just wrong on so many levels….lucky for you, you have 4000 plus knitters who think it’s a pretty fab idea on your side πŸ˜‰

  91. Re the teller – I’m very disappointed with all the mean-spirited, spit-in-her-eye comments. Amylou is the only one exhibiting kindness. You can never go wrong if you take the high road, which is what Stephanie did. Good for you, girl. Hope your good karma helps you finish the sweater, but you’re a winner even if you don’t.

  92. OMG!!! I feel your pain. Don’t you hate it when your are suppose to switch those #&$@(*& needles. Ack . . . sob, you can make it, go one with out me!!!
    Hope on the girls or Joe is reading this to you . . . knit!!!!!

  93. Aww, c’mon – we’re not being mean. We’re just pointing out the fact that it’s really rather dumb to look at someone and go “Aww, look at your cute little hobby! You must really like it! Isn’t it kinda stupid?” Especially when said person is holding pointy sticks! πŸ˜‰

  94. Aw, Stephanie, you’re like St. Peter, denying us (well not 3 times, only once) in cowardly fashion.
    OK that’s all the Biblical analogy I’ve got for today. xox Kay

  95. That is so hillarious! (Not the sweater, that’s lame really, but what the teller said). I’ve been telling everyone I know about the Olympics, most of them probably think I’m (ok, we’re) crazy but I don’t care!

  96. Well she probably thinks that all those Oklympic athletes that practice for 5 or 6 hours a day for most of their lives to make it to the Olympics are crazy. She just doesn’t understand perserverence & the quest for greatness. You should have told her & let her feel as small as her soul really is!

  97. Well she probably thinks that all those Olympic athletes that practice for 5 or 6 hours a day for most of their lives to make it to the Olympics are crazy. She just doesn’t understand perserverence & the quest for greatness. You should have told her & let her feel as small as her soul really is!

  98. I’m thinking that you have gotten further than you are letting on to make the rest of feel good and will show the completed project in the nick of time. If not, can I please borrow your camera to take a picture of my completed Eris sweater? My camera died last weekend and my mom’s camera has been dead for awhile. To top things off my little brother went off for the weekend… with his camera.
    Pass me that wine please and while you’re at it, hand over the screech that you are hoarding! After all you need a clear mind to complete your project.

  99. I was almost done with my sweater and had joined the sleeves to the body and was working up the yoke when I decided the body was too small. RIP. I restarted and then called in my alternate. Ran to the LYS and bought new yarn to make a shrug for my daughter, almost done! How much time is left?
    This has been on the news? You must have been cracking up inside when the teller said that. Gotta watch what you say!

  100. Awwwwwwwww so sorry for the needle mix up Stephanie but NOT to worry, my bet is on you to finish anyway. Another awwwwwww for the bank teller–poor little thing –my bet is on that no one ever showed her how to knit and she is completly ignorant of the pleasure she is is missing in her life. Thanks again for having this Knitting Olympics for all of us to get together and accomplish all that we have done. Hope you can take a bit of a breather and reaax when this is over . GOOD LUCK

  101. Someone may have already posted this, but since you’re all entangled in your KO projects, you might have missed the teensy-weensy, itty-bitty little blurb in the last issue of Time-fricken-Magazine about the Knitting Olympics! I myself would not have seen it, since I was in the middle of a Suki II Tote, but my boyfriend pointed it out to me. Apparently “crazy” in numbers gets a spot in a world-wide magazine!

  102. Aw, I hate when that happens! Stephanie, your ‘fessing up to this is just one of the many reasons you get 136(or ‘way more!) comments on your posts. It can happen to you, one of our Knitting Goddesses, just as it happens to us.
    I tried to get some progress on my Jaywalkers while at Stitches West, then spent my available knitting time on Tuesday frogging back to where I’d been pre-Stitches. I’m at 5.5in on the leg of both socks, so the odds are not good for a medal performance here, but I’ve ‘picked myself up, brushed myself off, and started all over again!’. It is totally bizarre that during 4 days of a knitting expo, I got essentially no knitting done!! Sigh.

  103. don’t feel bad, i did the exact same thing yesterday. i ripped the whole darn thing out – and i only had about 30 rows to go on the sleeve too! if it had not have been a cable, i would have totally fudged it!

  104. Oh, Stephanie! First, the convo with the bank teller? Ohmigod, that’s just priceless. I laughed out loud. She had no idea she was standing in the presence of Olympic greatness!
    And, the sleeve? Don’t despair! You can figure this out. You CAN!

  105. GO – Stephanie – GO!
    (I have a crush on Brad Gushue myself, and since Paal Trulsen and his men didn’t make it for Norway, I cheered on Canada of course. Sorry that the needle change really isn’t a bad norwegian joke…)

  106. Oh no! Poor Stephanie! πŸ™ Actually, this is merely a minor setback in disguise. You can do it, Stephanie. I know you can.

  107. Oh Stephanie, if anyone can overcome this obstacle, it’s you!! (Now I don’t feel so bad for having to totally frog both my knit and crochet Olympics sweaters….the crocheted one several times because i wasn’t counting the stitches.)

  108. CRAP! Crap is right! How dare that teller say we are nuts~ Aww Stephanie, my heart goes out. But it’s the Olympic spirit to persevere despite setbacks….think of the skaters who fell and still finished the program…you can do it!

  109. I don’t understand what that bank teller thinks is so crazy about it. I’ve told plenty of non-knitter friends what I’m doing, and they think it’s cool. She’s probably jealous that she doesn’t have a fun hobby, other than being a snotty bank teller.
    As for the sleeve…uh…maybe it’s not so noticeable when you put it on?

  110. I congratulate you on your restraint in your conversation with the teller.
    And, hey, you did pick a sweater with “danger” in the name. This is just part of that…

  111. That teller was just in absolute awe at your knitting prowess. She probably meant “crazy” in the “cool!” sense of the word. All of my friends think it’s an awesome idea.
    Go Stephanie go!

  112. I feel your pain. I only have one sleeve and the back of my KO sweater. That I’m designing myself. The design I will teach in a class that starts next Friday.

  113. Diagnosed by a bank teller. Glad I’m crazy along with the rest of the Olympic knitters. Feels like good company to me! Still crazy after all these years……….. oooooh still crazy after all these years

  114. You know, you’re one of the reasons I’m learning how to knit. After looking at all your pretty pictures I just had to get in on the fun!

  115. It’s so annoying that these people don’t think before they speak. How can she just assumed you weren’t a part of it. You did the right thing, it would have been so awkward if you told her.

  116. I’m two martinis and a coupla beers into the night so my judgment may be skewed but still – I know you can do it. Really!

  117. LOL! I’ve done that before, and I’ve also done “Hold up….” But ya know, it’s almost 17%, and I’m reeeeaaally sorry, but I can’t stop laughing.

  118. Perhaps he is in cahoots with the weenie. There’s an entire brigrade out there, terrified of needles and shuddering at the thought of wool crossing borders. At least the too-large sleeve looks great on its own!

  119. me again. I wanted to appologize for my snidish remark earlier – I just watched the match and Canada won! (the 6 in the 6th was spectacular!!!)
    I hope you’re knitting is flying…flying like a stone that is aiming for a peel from the hand of a Canadian skip.

  120. I have been *obsessed* with the curling during this Olympics. That photo of knitting with curling in the background is fabulous. I need to print it out and carry it around in my wallet for whenever I need a fix. I choked up when Canada won the gold, and I’m American! Totally normal to be in love with Brad.
    As for the sleeve, hang in there. You’ve inspired 4,000 knitters to come together and go for their personal best. I think there are only Gold Medals for this event.

  121. Hey Steph…if you run out of wine, I got lots of Vicodin.
    My wrist is fractured, but the good news is I can still knit…my orthopedic surgeon says it’s “good exercise!” If I weren’t married….
    As for that teller…she’s probably one of those people who never made anything in her life creative.

  122. Oh no Steph! That’s terrible! How dare the teller say that we are crazy!?! Terrible!!
    I’m sorry to hear about your sleeve. {{hug}}

  123. Rams’ is right. I must confess that you showed unbelievable stregnth in not just slapping the bank teller and just walked away from the sweater and the bank! Bravo to you, granted acting like a lunatic is not the answer, having to race against the clock and having such “roadblocks” to contend with would try the patience of Job. Frankly you deserve the gold just for not giving up on the feaking sweater.

  124. I bet I can guess which of our local banks it was. Could it be… the same one that “misplaced” $10,000 of our mortgage money because they were “too busy” to take care of it properly? Who wanted to charge me $15 to close an inactive account with a $14 balance?
    Whose manager chose to have a 20-minute chat with me when I wanted to close my account… despite the fact that I had 2 screaming, hungry babies with me?
    Believe me, with these people you could slide a dpn in one ear and it would come clean out the other.

  125. Crap indeed…I just had to rip out part of a right front cardigan for exactly the same reason but it was NOT part of my Olympic challenge so doesn’t count I guess. Still, I feel for you. Somehow I feel you will still make it though so best of luck and onward ho. You know we are all behind you and we are mighty.

  126. If that had been my error, it would have been a heck of a lot more than “crap.” There would have been screaming, yelling, swearing (oh yeah, LOTS of swearing).
    Knitting can be very relaxing. But then there are SOME days………..this was one of those for you, Steph. I don’t want to be the one to tell you to quit (because I’m not) but maybe a few rounds on a nice relaxing sock is in order?

  127. uh..I just read some of the kinder gentler comments above, and I admit I sound a bit harsh. I’m a bit wool-deprived myself at the moment and a therfore a bit understand..

  128. Okay – you’re going to have to put spoiler warnings at the top of your page if you’re going to give out sports results! I spent the whole day being sure not to hear who won the Gold medal, so I could watch the match when I got home. (FSM bless TIVO!) I was sure it would be safe to buzz through the knitting blogs before sitting down to watch – ARGH –
    I sure did enjoy the game, I started watching curling about 20 years ago, watching Russ Howard’s team win the Briar – I had a wicked crush on him then too bad he got to be so old!

  129. I’m so sorry you are going to have to rip it out. I had to rip 20 inches of that darn sweater- I didn’t pay attention to my row gauge, just their suggested measurements, which wouldn’t have worked for my husbands height.
    Even if you don’t get a gold, you’ve inspired thousands- and everyone who has achieved greatness has been called crazy by someone.
    So good luck in your pursuit over the next few days and Congratulations Canada.

  130. You are so gracious, Steph, not to have pointed out that teller’s grave error and watched her curl up, mortified. I would not have been so kind.
    Someone once saw me knitting and heard how much I loved it, and commented that I must have a whole lot of free time and I must be really bored. I was working on a shadow knitting project at that moment (the alien scarf) and I picked it up to show her boyfriend the hidden design. He said, “WOW, that’s so cool, how’d you do that?” Heh. The guys dig me. She shut up.

  131. You are my inspiration. I’m victim of a hideous Knitting Olympics groin injury myself. I’m not going to make it. But hundreds of athletes show up at the Olympics knowing they have no hope of winning a medal. They learn from and enjoy the experience.

  132. And think of Sasha Cohen who, even though she fell twice at the beginning of her long program & knew she had almost certainly lost the gold medal, got up & finished her program with grace & dignity. The rest of her program was beautiful & she ended up with the silver. Scott Hamilton said (about her) something to the effect that the process is mosst important & that it took tremendous effort & will to complete a program after 2 falls (of course he said it much more beautifully than my paraphrase). Think of yourself as a winner because you made such a great effort.

  133. Aww, you should have told the teller. The only thing better than saying “Aw…Crap” is making someone feel like a putz for opening their fat yap.
    I feel bad; I finished my sock last night.

  134. You should’ve told the teller that you invented the Knitting Olympics. Watch her face turn red and have her stumble all over herself.
    Speaking of Curling, the cheer for the American Men’s Curling team is as follows (and yes, you probably know the tune…):
    Jeepers, creepers
    where’d you get those sweepers
    Jeepers, creepers
    where’d you find those guys?
    Just thought I’d share.

  135. I know that you knit so fast, that by the time we have all posted comments you will have frogged and knit almost to where you were before. As for the teller, I can remember back in my callow youth saying a thoughtless word (still cringe remembering). You will note hundreds of us get huffy when someone does something like that to you. We’re all cheering for you!

  136. I think you should have told her and watched her flub as well. I was a bank teller for 5 years and some of the girls I worked with were so snooty about my “crafts” that I would’ve had no problem embarassing her. πŸ™‚

  137. Curling was so exciting that I couldn’t knit! I sat on my couch, pushing the replay button on my TiVo, with my jaws gaping…SIX stones!!! in one end!!! I thought U15 was going to crap his pants. ( The USA Men’s Team did well, too…Bronze…not too shabby)
    There are two days, yet. You can do it! Now, I’m off to my Kiri. I’m 10.5 of 12 repeats. πŸ™‚

  138. Hang in there–it isn’t over until it’s over. I’m thrilled and relieved to say that I finished my project. There was serious doubt at one point–work was rearing its ugly, ugly head and threatening to eat up knitting time like a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, but I stuck it out and finished sooner than I thought–despite HOURS of frogging and re-doing.

  139. That teller’s clearly not worthy of participation in the knit Olympics. I think you should’ve told her exactly who you were. That said, I have total faith that you’ll finish on time.

  140. Good luck to you and the rest of the Olympic knitters! I only had to rip out a couple of inches of sock cuff and I thought that was bad. Nonetheless, I finished my socks two days ahead of schedule. Now I’ll finish the projects I abandoned for the Olympic project.

  141. Ah, Steph, I think I threw in the towel and confess I’m no Olympian material sometimes last week. However, the Knitting Olympic had made me knit more and faster than I ever would have on the sweater. I think, if you hold another Olympic, I would be able to finish it. So maybe you wanna hold another one next year, instead of waiting for 4 years? Aside from lacking enough time, I actually started a hat, bought an inkle loom and keep on thinking about starting on all my sock yarns that has been sitting around forever! Talk about lacking focus!

  142. What can I say but -BUGGER!
    Hope it works out. At least you’re almost finished. I had to dump mine due to hand pain and am knitting a bit at a time (basically till the OW factor gets too much). I will finish eventually.
    Think of me as the guy who runs the marathon in an old fashioned diving suit and yourself as the person who finishes in record time.

  143. Hehehe…you called out the bank teller on your blog.
    As for the sleeve…oh, dear. Maybe one arm is bigger from winding a lot of yarn into balls? (she says hopefully)

  144. On completion of 2nd sleeve, DD realized she put on too many stitched–had to frog it. On the other hand, 10 inches to go on the 70″ Prayer Shawl. Of course, it could be done if I did not lose count so many times and have to take out a row here and there. Oh well, the goal will be met and I can pass off the shawl. Nice meeting you at SPA.

  145. Okay,so stretch the heck out of the sleeve. It’ll work! And the teller….she probably thinks we’re all “crafty”, too. ewww.

  146. Steph, breathe, breathe, breathe.
    Hang in! You can do it!
    I got the “look” today when I said I was spending my weekend knitting. WHAT DO THEY KNOW!??
    Breathe — but not while drinking the red wine. It might stain the sweater….
    [New invention: sort of like a timer, but maybe called a ‘tensioner’. The bell dings when you need to change needle sizes. How the heck does it work? How should I know? I’m just the ideas person….Maybe one for “And at the same time” sneakiness too…]

  147. Yep. I’m always stunned when people in general don’t know about things like the Knitting Olympics. And then I realize what a rarefied atmosphere I live in, where I assume everyone is either a knitter or wants to be.
    And the sleeve needle thing? I did that! Ohmygosh, does it feel reassuring that it’s not only dweebs like me who do things like that! You can do it!

  148. I’m not the only one who forgets to change needle sizes?
    I knitted a sock in worsted weight on size 5s, then cast on for the next sock thinking “worsted weight, I use my size 8’s for that..”. I realized my mistake when I held the socks next to each other to compare lengths before I started the toe.
    I bound off the EXTRA-BIG MAMMOTH sock right where it was, and put it on my dog’s head. It is a perfect neck/ear warmer. Well, almost perfect.

  149. I did it. I finished a pair of socks. If I doubled my goal, do I get two gold medals? This has been so much fun. My friends and family think I am crazy but it was the inspiration to finally make me learn to make socks. Hooray for your olympic idea!!

  150. Oooooooooooooooooo! Overtime! That’s just the right word I needed. About half way through the first of 2 sleeves. Had to frog 3 hours worth last night because the increase directions were a bit hazy. What did I expect from a 1988 pattern?
    I will do slip stitch patterns again. I will NOT do Fair Isle again! And I especially will not do both plus duplicate stitch on the same cardigan. Talk about a high degree of difficulty…

  151. I think you’re just telling this story to make me feel better that the rest of my yarn didn’t come so I can’t be a gold medalist. I said a LOT more than “CRAP” when the yarn in the package on my doorstep Thursday was the wrong color! Your restraint at the bank and on your blog are admirable.
    You will probably rally and finish on time! I will be knitting my Olympic project next week, but I’m still knitting socks in the meantime!

  152. If anyone can come back from a setback like this, it’s you! I have complete confidence in you. And you know what? Even if you don’t finish by Sunday afternoon, you can rest secure in the knowledge that thousands of knitters around the world will still love and respect you.
    And as for that bank teller? How dumb do you have to be to belittle knitters to someone who is knitting right there in front of you? What an idiot. If you’d told her the truth, think how chagrined she would have been! I suspect she’ll be flipping burgers for a living on the graveyard shift in a fast food place before the end of the year…

  153. Your bank teller must be related to the folks here at The Herald. They, too, “heard about these nuts on the news, Isn’t that nuts?” Not really, came the reply from moi. “My entry is almost done.” Silence, then backpedalling. I love the ability to be deadpan. πŸ™‚ I’m sending you my best “wine vibes”. All of the cheer, none of the loss of stitch ability. GO, GO, GO!!!

  154. Dear Stephanie,
    You are an inspiration to needleworkers worldwide! I had to rip, too, both button bands and neckband off my cardigan- I was mainly irritated that I had sewn on the buttons already!!! (dislike sewing on buttons!) But I am proud ot say that I finished today, the cardigan AND a matching hat AND mittens! WAHOOO!! GO FOR THE GOLD, STEPHANIE, WE LOVE YOU AND THE KNITTING OLYMPICS!! XO Gail & Fog

  155. Oh Honey, we have all done that and it SUCKS! (Wrong size needles I’m talking about here, not dreaming up a world-wide scheme to unite knitters and then having some insensitive twirp slam it, which come to think of it also SUCKS.) Just remember the old truism, it is not whether we win or lose, but how we play the game – and you play the game of life w/needles most beautifully.

  156. I was just today rewading ancedotes about KIP (instead of knitting like I should be doing). It seems you have to be willing to tolerate the ignorance of mmany non-knitters. I say, for the next Knitting Olympics (there will be a Next won’t there?). we should have made and proudly wear pins that state we are members of the 2010 Knitting Olympics. signing off, I can’t spell!
    Courage Stephanie, you will or you won’t pull it off; in the end, it only matters how well you “played the game.” (can you buy that?)

  157. oh my! I was just reading your last 3 posts all at once in Bloglines. I’m not doing the Olympics but I am interested in it all. I was reading bits out to my husband and then chastising him for not even pretending to be interested. I’m sorry but lots of it had me in stitches! haha like the pun? I feel awful for you though – that bloody sleeve!!! You poor thing! Remember no guts, no glory! Go! Go! Go! πŸ™‚ Jen (watching from the sidelines in Australia)

  158. I have every bit of faith that you will pull this one out of the fire, Stephanie. Would it really be any fun if getting to the finish line was easy?

  159. I mentioned the teller to my husband, and he thought that screamingly funny that of all the people she should say that to… Oops. After all these comments, I’ll bet someone in town will actually tell the poor soul. I know a good way to comfort her in her humiliation: knitting lessons. Wool will make anyone feel better. (Most of the time, anyway. Sorry I couldn’t make it over there to reknit that little bit for you. Airfare money being tight the week after Stitches West.)

  160. Husband looking over my shoulder as I read this:
    ” ‘Hi Harlot’, that’s not a very nice name to call someone”
    Me “It’s what she calls herself”
    Him “Does she know what it means?”
    Me ” I ‘spect so”

  161. Hi! I’ve finished my knitted Totoro softie, but I don’t know where I have to post that it’s finished…I’ll be very happy if you all visit my web and check it out. See you ^^

  162. I FEEL your pain having had a similar experience myself recently. Just remind yourself, it’s the process of knitting we love. And isn’t it great that yarn can be ripped back and used all over again?

  163. Hi love your blog πŸ™‚ Im heading to my first knitters/crochet/spinning fibre group next tuesday, I cant wait to learn to crochet & knit πŸ™‚

  164. Ah, what a lost moment … can you imagine the look on her face if you HAD told her it had all been your idea AFTER she had told you that?? The egg would have been on her face, haha.
    Well I’m still struggling with my vest … but I’m nearing the finish line. Be still my heart! Rally on with the new sleeve … you can still make a come back!!

  165. But I thought we were all crazy for taking this on! That is a part of what is so fun. That first weekend I had two teenagers working on their projects and then Thug1 and Thug2 decided to get in on the act and relearn and learn to knit. Those two boys would never have done that without you. And my mom at 84 years old is an unofficial olympic knitter. She finished a sock for my Dad who is so far gone with Alzheimers that he will never know. She has been knitting his socks since 1949!! This pair will probably be the last and she picked it up after a year and a half to finish it in the olympics with us. I’m so proud of her for doing this and of you for thinking this up to start with.
    On a lighter note my vest is blocking. I still have to hem the plackets down which I will work on tomorrow morning the last day of the Olympics. In the meantime the cats are pleased with wet wool on the floor!!
    You can put this sleeve to rights but in my mind you already have!
    P.S. That curling game was one of “the” moments of the OLympics. I feel honoured to have witnessed their skill and their joy in the game.

  166. (hushed voices)
    . . . team canada’s own Yarn Harlot—the grace, the panache–she’s after her own personal gold medal
    . . . OH!!! It looks like she’s had a bit of a bobble there Dick! Can she recover?
    . . . It will be the comback story of these games but, yes, she can do it. She just has to dig deep and let her training take over!!
    –We don’t get much curling here on regular t.v.(in the states) It looks like it would be a lot of fun!! Kind of like really hard bowling. I just love the winter games but I wish some of our athletes would grow up a little bit. Some of their behavior is shameful.

    I ALWAYS forget to change needle sizes, always always.
    I would have thought that it was a NO BRAINER if you see someone frantically knitting in line at the bank, that it was likely they were involved in the Knitting Olympics. Some people just never think past the surface of their tiny little lives. SAD really. Although you would have been justified in going OFF on her, at least you have the satisfaction of knowing that YOU know how to behave in public, even if others don’t.
    That being said, I’d like to talk to that girl.
    crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap

  168. Oh, Stephanie, you poor honey! A hug for you! I have confidence in you though, and there’s nothing wrong with being whacked. I hope. That’s what I tell myself anyway.
    I wish I could have participated in the Knitting Olympics but I knew I wasn’t going to have time. I have been knitting a lot though, and working on a new project — starting a website to sell some of my handspun yarn online, so maybe I’m forgiven? It won’t be ready by the time the Olympics end though.

  169. Hang in there! You CAN do it. That teller at the bank is totally out of the realm of reality. EVERYONE knows there’s Knitters and then there’s ‘them’, and ‘them’ don’t count! We’re routin’ for you!

  170. Oh Steph… I feel horrible for you and your sleeve. I had to restart my booger on Day 6 or something like that and it just about killed me. I just kept thinking about your knitter’s pledge and all that — It was more important that I be pleased with the finished product than making sure I was done in time to get a gold medal. As a side note, my booger felted like crazy in the washer last night, and it’s now drying! Another gold medalist in Winnipeg! {Go Cindy!}

  171. To heck with the cheap wine…you deserve the “good” wine. I’ll toast with you…cheers to your sweater!

  172. If anyone can do this, YOU can! Rabbitch suggested carnation instant breakfast in a beer helmet, but I suggest possibly coffee flavored liqour. On second thought, since you’re doing intarsia, how about espresso in the beer helmet?

  173. Go back to the teller and say, “Yes, not only am I in the Knitting Olympics, I’m the loony that SUGGESTED it in the first place. So Bite Me!”
    Don’t wuss out on us honey. You have “Famous People” handicap in your corner, which adds to your challenge. Fly!! Fly!!
    I’m midway on my sleeves of my self-designed sweater and will do the home stretch today. Go Team Wales!!

  174. You can do it!
    I finished the shrug with the Snowflake Monday evening. I never want to see that stuff (note that I did NOT call it yarn!) again. If I dropped a stitch (I think I did, there was a long open area when held up to the light but it certainly became rather large quite quickly for a yarn that liked to cling to itself) it was hard to tell how to pick it up, not to mention the decrease rows. I was glad that it only took 2/3 of the “yarn” called for in the pattern to get the length.
    I believe that you will be (at least) the Sasha Cohen of the Knitting Olympics as she overcame several falls to skate beautifully.

  175. Sometimes mistakes acn be design features, sometimes….not. I feel for you. And that teller, she’s obviously lacking the crafty gene. I feel sorry for her lack of understanding. Really, how green eyed with jealousy can she be? OK I need another venti frappucino with a double espresso shot to finish my shawl-yeah I’m normal! hahahahaha

  176. I would have gone off the handle with the stress… told the jerk that as the one who conceived the whole “crazy project” that you were in fact as crazy as the project itself and that if he didn’t take it back, you’d poke him in the eye with a dpn. πŸ™‚

  177. Men’s Curling – let’s see, men who are goodlooking, fit, skilled athletes who know how to use a broom – very hot.

  178. It’s OK, I have a crush on Brad Gushue too. πŸ™‚ I saw an elderly Newfoundland gent on the news last night that proudly said “They have Wayne Gretzky, we have Brad Gushue!” (It was interesting how he phrased that, the ‘they/we’ thing.) I thought it was cute Gushue overshot the rock because he was so excited to see 6 in. πŸ™‚ I can’t blame him!!
    I’m proud of the USA men’s curling team too, they have never medalled before at the Olympics. Bronze must taste sweet to them as well.

  179. I am really sorry but it makes me feel better to read that others are having “issues”. My pattern of a little girl’s cotton dress had about a gazillion mistakes including forgotten rows in the chart!!!! I have had to steek where the crochet insets were too big to match the knit counterparts. Now I can’t bear to look at the thing any more. JUST needs sewing up and crocheting a border around just about everything….I don’t think it can be done but I have learned several valuable lessons:
    1. next olympics I’ll knit a shawl, blanket anything that doesn’t need a seam.
    2. I really don’t like crochet.
    3. Trust your instinct when the pattern seems a bit off. (then run like the wind when you call the company to see about corrections and they tell you “Oh yes, you are right that can’t possibly work. We’ll make a note of it.”)

  180. Sounds to me that the teller has a real jealousy issue! Yep, I’m begining to realize that whenever anyone makes it a point to comment that a whole group of people are “crazy” they really want to belong, and BADLY!!! (Too bad we won’t let her in after insulting our wonderful Harlot!!!!)
    We know you can do it!!! We are sending all of our knitterly good energy out to you via the universe! Knit on!!!!!

  181. I’m sending you big hugs Stephanie, and then I’m getting outta your way. Because if anyone can make a comeback it’s you. Go, Steph!

  182. Have just returned from a business trip and before tending to my Olympic knitting event, had to “catch up” with you. As I read about your needle mishap, I let out a very audible expression of my understanding and empathy. My husband and son looked up in concern, “What, what’s wrong??,” they cried in unison. “Yarn Harlot,” I gasped, “she didn’t switch needles after the cuff.” They, um, er, send their sympathies.
    Whatever happens, you’re gold in my book, Stephanie!

  183. Give me the gold baby! It was a blast – the funnel neck sweater is DONE! Thanks for the great fun!

  184. Oh, Steph. That’s terrible. But again, your boo-boos make me feel like there’s hope in the world for a rank amateur like me.
    As for the teller, you’d already admitted to being obsessed, you should’ve just owned the crazy. Sure would have shut her up! And her expression would have been really funny to see. :-b

  185. Second comment today. I have finished my Son’s Cardigan :)))) I have won the Gold but I cannot move my hands, I think I have a knitting related injury lol :)))

  186. Oh, Steph! I’m so sorry to hear about your sleeve troubles. I hope you are able to bounce back, but know that whether you complete this by tomorrow or not, you are a champion in all our eyes. Not only for organizing this bunch of loonies πŸ™‚ but also for all the wonderful things you do throughout the year. I love reading your blog because I know I can always learn something, whatever the project.
    Best of luck to you!

  187. WHOO HOOOO!!!
    I’m finished. As of 1432 hours local I have completed the Doublemossa Cap. It’s done, tasseled, corded and blocked BABY!!! I never blocked anything I knitted before and boy does it ever make a difference. Man! I used stash yarn and had only about a yard of the off white skein left. eeek
    This was quite enough of a challenge for me.
    I’m going to go soak in the tub now and toast to all the other participants.
    I’m cheering and ringing the cow bells for y’all.
    Lots of Olympic love from Louisiana!

  188. I don’t comment much so I will just say what I am thinking. We out number that bank teller 4071 to one. Sorry to hear about the sleeve keep the faith girl I wanted to give up on my sweater(short rows give me fits)but now I’m done. I’m so glad you started all this I have a sweater done that I have admired for a few years but never attempted. I’m thinking of lace for the summer olympics. I feel like such a winner thanks.

  189. Go Stephanie! I just know that you’ll make a valiant effort.
    DH said that he would put me on a bus to TO to celebrate; however, he did not say if there was a return ticket involved.
    At any rate, I have completed my cardigan and it is currently drying after blocking.
    Off to find some reasonable quantities of caffeine, chocolate and alchohol (not necessarily in that order!).

  190. Oh crap is right! Not sure if I’m going to be able to finish either. I fell and fractured my left scapula the other day and have been trying to knit with my left arm strapped to my side, stoned on Vicoden. It ain’t easy! I’m still plugging away at it though, one stitch at a time, just like you. Hang in there! πŸ™‚

  191. *laughs* I’m sorry for your troubles, but I’m really glad that I’m not the only absolutely insane reasonably dedicated knitter who is having problems at this stage!

  192. Awwww Stephanie! I feel for you girl! Just like when the skaters fell and there was a collective groan that’s what we Olympic knitters are doing for you. But, like a true Olympian, ya gotta get right back and finish your program. You’re already golden and deserve a medal for starting this thing anyways:D
    Knit on!!!

  193. “You heard about me and my 4,000 friends on the news? How nice. Have you ever organized anything that made the news or Time magazine?”
    You are THE Yarn Harlot.
    It’s so sweet that your celebrity hasn’t gone straight to your head. You keep on knittin’ and I’ll keep cheering for everyone, especially you, who accepted this challenge. You are the best!

  194. Stupid bank teller. What the heck does SHE do while she stands in a line? Contemplate her navel? Aren’t you SUPPOSED to knit while in a line?
    I’ve done the “smaller needle sleeve” thingy. It’s usually the 2nd sleeve, of a fair isle sweater. And it ALWAYS comes out better than the first. You look at it with pride and say “I really have it down pat, now.” and then reality sets in.
    Don’t cry, Steph! I know you can do it. Shake out those hands, have another piece of chocolate and knit like…well, knit like you’re in the Olympics! LOL!

  195. Go, Steph!
    We know you can do it! Who needs to sleep? It’s way over-rated in times like this. You’re our Harlot. You’re invincible.
    BTW, my Olympic mitten is done. Yahoo! I needed the push to get it done. Thanks for all you’ve done for knitting as an extreme sport.

  196. Woooohoooo!!! I finished my poncho after many hours of knitting!!! I finished at 7pm, but forgot to post here until now. Pic is up at my blog.

  197. Just dropping you a note to let you know
    I did finish my olympic knitting project. I had to change my entry at the last minute to a shrug due to yarn constraints but I finished it.
    Happy knittting…………..Colette in MB

  198. I loved the yarn olympics and finished my norwegian snowflake mittens also known as the north star mittens pattern from the Knit Mittens book. Thanks for providing me an opportunity to challenge myself!

  199. Owwwwwww! Both for the mistake, and for that bank teller.
    Hey. *I* would’ve been all like “Oh, my gosh, that was *YOU*?!?!”
    Thanks for the idea, YarnHarlot. I had a blast (even if I was DNF).

  200. POST!!!! POST!!!! I am worried, I envision you in a corner knitting non-stop and the poor fair isled girls with no warm food or clean clothes.

  201. Fantastic! What a true olympian you are! The sweater is absolutely beautiful. Hope your hand is ok, and thanks for creating so much fun for knitters everywhere.

  202. I am on row 5, yeah, row 5, of the snowdrop shawl and have done everything but stand on my head to get the “backslash” figured out. Do I slip the stitches knit wise? How do I keep from losing the previous yarn over? Do the stitches end up on the left or right needle? Am I to do left-handed knitting (not gonna happen)? I love the shawl and want to knit it oh so badly. Is it a bad sign that I can’t get through the 5th row? Okay, I’ll give it another shot. Thanks.

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