Commitment, focus and…and what was that last one?

Thursday, before I put my behind on a plane to Boston to catch up with the carpool crowd to SPA I had a little talk with myself. I reminded myself that I had written of commitment, of focus, of 16 days of a knitting epic and that if I was going to win gold, I was going to have to pull it together a little bit. Stop talking with Joe about our lives screwing around, stop eating and sleeping wasting time, and start living and breathing this *&^%$#!!!ing sweater directing my energy toward my goal in an Olympic way.

So I did. (Sort of.)

I drank wine and laughed myself silly into the wee hours got quite a bit done Thursday night.

I knit all the way from Boston to Portland Maine, and so did Julia (right on target with her olympic knitting)


I knit while Wendy made her very first yarn. (Show our girl some love. The fist yarn you ever make is sacred. Crap….but sacred. Note the look of glee and contentment? She has no idea that she’s just fallen down and won’t be able to get up.)


I knit while Wendy (Yes. Same Wendy. Wendy charmed the daylights out of me, Can you tell?) showed me her unbelievably cool Knitting Olympics spreadsheet. It calculates how many stitches she needs to do per day, how many she has done, percent of total stitches knit….it’s enough to make me delirious with joy. I may actually have fallen hard for Wendy when she showed me this.


It’s exactly the kind of anxious anal-retentive obsessive compulsive twitch organization that I can really get behind.

I think Juno liked it too. Hard to tell for sure, it’s so hard to tell what she’s thinking. The woman is expressionless.


I knit while everybody spun late at night…


I knit while I spun late at night.

(Ok. That’s a lie.)


(Anybody else notice that my camera gets fuzzy when I drink wine? Odd, that.)

I knit while Cate put together her brand new Alden (gasp) Amos (gasp) wheel.


Look how captivating a new wheel is. This is how you can tell that your new wheel is really good. When everyone in the room stops what they are doing (even though they are spinning too) and stares, transfixed at your new wheel with a vaguely turned on happy expression? Good wheel.


I knit all the way home on the plane. At the end of it all…I was here.


Some of you may not recognise this exact part of the process. It’s the black hole. I knit and knit and knit and nothing happens. Nothing. Yarn goes in but no sweater comes out. This exact spot is also referred to occasionally as “SCREWED”.

5 days left. Yup. Screwed. I have today to knit, and then tomorrow night is a little tight. (If “by a little tight” you understand that I mean “What the hell was I thinking?”)

I’ll be speaking tomorrow evening at the Flying Dragon Bookshop (1721 Bayview Avenue…here in Toronto) at 7:00. Come one, come all, but do them a favour and let them know you are coming (tel: 416-481-7721) so they can save you a seat. I’ll be talking about the knitting olympics. (And knitting. Bring yours.) If you don’t think you’ll recognize me, I’ll be the lady knitting and clutching a whack of green wool wet with my tears.

Olympic Quiz:

To celebrate the Canadian Women’s Hockey team bringing home gold yesterday, I’m going to run a tiny contest. (By the way? I love Women’s Olympic hockey. It seems so much more real than the mens. They are ordinary women, not NHL superstars with 8 million dollar paychecks. Way more moving to see them do well. What every happened to the Olympics excluding professionals?) I’ll draw a name from among those who correctly answer the question below and send them this:

A fine upstanding Canadian sock yarn. (Fleece Artist, colourway “I lost the label”)

What do I and Cassie Campbell, the Captain of the Canadian Women’s Hockey team have in common?

Leave your answer in the comments.

(PS. This is a hard one, and Ken can’t answer.)

451 thoughts on “Commitment, focus and…and what was that last one?

  1. I missed most of Canada’s awesome game, but I’ve been loving the women’s hockey almost as much as I’ve been loving the curling. What the heck is wrong with TV stations in the US of A that prevents them from showing curling more than once every four years? Who do I have to bribe to see curling, people? Who? Cuz I’ve got, er, yarn! And I’m willing to pay.
    (Perhaps I should sleep more. I’m almost done with the olympic knitting. And I’m afraid I just jinxed myself.)

  2. You both had the same math tutor? Obviously a random guess. Olympic project looking good, by the way.

  3. Don’t know, don’t have time to research it, must knit… (sweater looks great- even while its resting in the black hole)

  4. I have to say that I am in the same rut as you are…I am in the SCREWED phase of my right front. It just doesn’t want to get longer. :/ Maybe if I have a glass of wine I won’t care. Hmmm…

  5. You’re both from Brampton/Bramalea, where the mayor is the chief chick of Canadian women’s hockey! Oh, I’m not the first, by a minute! That minute was spent finding a pacifier and chasing a naked 3 year old while nursing the baby….

  6. ummm…. Did you both go to the same high school?
    And I’m on sleeve #1 of my Olympic project… after having had to frog my Black Hole section not once, not twice, not THREE times, but FOUR frikkin’ times.
    What’s infinity times four?

  7. Oh wait, I know, maybe it has something to do with “32 goals and 63 assists in 149 career games”… How specific do you want to be?

  8. You went to the same High School?
    I have absoutly no idea. Just a wild guess.
    I am the Tonya Harding of the Knitting Olympics.
    Winter arrived in San Francisco, I don’t remember the last time we had winter. My fingers are all cracked and bleeding. Knitting and typing are painful experiences. I have so many lotions and salves to put on my skin. I’m probably over doing it. I am going to try and knit some this week and then this weekend. Whatver is left is where I will leave it until I finish the gifts I need to finish by the end of March. Then I will get back into training and finish the sweater.
    Can’t wait to see who actually finishes their knitting and how they feel about their challenge.

  9. This is just a shot in the dark.
    “Cassie Campbell was born on November 22nd, 1973 Brampton, Ontario” and you were born on the same day? Nah, that would be to easy. Same age, maybe? Same location?
    “At age five, Cassie Campbell laced up her first pair of skates.” Yup, that’s you! I can totally see you at age 5 with your first skates. I bet you were cute at age five!
    This one is my favorite guess, “Although Cassie Campbell pursued behavioral sciences in school, she actually always wanted to be a forensic scientist. That is why her favorite movie is Silence of the Lambs.” I think you might watch too much CSI and you want to be a forensic scientistic! Though what I really think is true, is that your favorite movie is Silence of the Lambs. Poor little lambs!! I thought you loved wool… I just didn’t think you loved it that much…

  10. I’d like to think that you also won the gold at the 2002 Salt Lake Games, but I think I might be over-reaching with that one. You are also from Brampton, Ontario. I think.

  11. You were both members of the Peel Champion North Park Secondary School girls basketball team. Do you give points for trying???? I really need sock yarn, because all my socks have big honking holes in them.

  12. You both know something about Ken and you’re just checkin’ if anybody else knows?
    Oh, and I finished my Olympic sweater last night at 10:05 pm Central Time. And that’s the ONLY good thing I can say about the totally crappy weather we had for the entire time we were vacationing in Mexico! Got the gold, though, didn’t I?
    Margarita anyone?

  13. While both being determined hardworking women, you share the same birthday? Good luck with the sweater!

  14. same birthday, you were born on the same day!?
    sorry I don’t have the stress you Olympic knitters are experiencing, I feel for you, while I leisurely knit my self-patterning sock in between jobs at the office. bitsy

  15. I got to witness Wendy spinning the yarn first hand. At one point I looked over and her yarn was as good as mine and I’ve been trying to do this for two years now. So unfair that she’s a natural. Shall we take bets on how long before she gets a wheel??

  16. She too helped pregnant women with their births? Why this popped into my head I don’t know.

  17. Well, it’s not the same birthday, ’cause yours is in the Summer, right? And she’s a bit younger than you, too. I say that you babysat her when you were in high school for yarn money, and taught her how to knit.
    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  18. HURRAY Canadian Women’s Hockey Team!!!! Way to go!!!!
    (You’re both from Brampton?) I love the colours of the sock yarn. If I win, does it come with lessons? I’m still fighting with the heel of my first sock.

  19. Does she knit? Cuz that could be it, right? I’m just saying. I recognized the yarn. Does that count for anything? I’m assuming this is the “good” fleece artist and not the second rate fleece artist that I’m currently using for my red hot sock.

  20. I’m guessing that it’s not that you were both abducted by aliens — at least not on the same day.
    So my guess is that what you have in common is that you both weren’t abducted by aliens on February 12, 1982.

  21. You’re both from Brampton, Ontario? That does seem so easy though…
    She’s not a doula too, is she?
    (sorry, two guesses might not be fair)

  22. This is going to be totally not what anyone else is going to say… you both have crazy curly hair (of which I’m very jealous hehehehe).
    At first I though you’re both 32, but then I thought your oldest is about 17 isn’t she and so that would have made you a mom at 15… not impossible, but I don’t think that is it 🙂
    Cheers Eva

  23. Hmm. More research is needed. Chocolate-fueled research. Meanwhile: yes, I recognize that black hole. This is why I’m knitting a) a baby sweater b) something with big honkin’ cables (Trellis from the 2005 Spring Knitty, in case anyone is interested at this late date).

  24. You’re both from Brampton, but I think you also have earned the same university degree — sociology. I’ve got you bookmarked! Thanks,
    Ithaca, NY

  25. *snicker*… *muffled snort*… *guffaw*…
    ahem (wiping eyes). Sorry. Just trying to picture you as a hockey player.
    In other news, I’ve just called the Flying Dragon and told them to expect me tomorrow night. It’s my local independant bookstore. Very cozy.

  26. Is it more ‘refined’ to say that you both grew up in the alphabetised neighbourhood of Bramalea? grace

  27. Wild guess, but I can’t resist a contest – does it have something to do with mountain-biking?

  28. You and Cassie both from Brampton/Bramalea. Did you go to Central Peel High as well?
    A second thing – which you don’t know is that Cassie went to high school with my husband (but wouldn’t remember him) and you met my husband at MSW last May (and probably don’t remember him, with everyone else you were meeting).
    So that is two things that you and Cassie have in common.

  29. You can both say “Guelph” correctly, after a few glasses of Screech. How does one pronounce “Guelph”?

  30. Well- I just read this about her-
    “Depending on the outcome of the Olympics, Cassie will either stay in the game or retire.”
    Hope that’s not true re: you and your Olympics!!

  31. The yarn is gorgeous. I’m drooling. But I have no idea what the connection is between you and Cassie. Good luck climbing out of your black hole. For the record — I finished my entrelac shell! It’s drying on the blocking table and will be completely finished (and modeled) by dinner tonight. I am so thrilled!

  32. Hmmm… I think that contest is just to distract us from knitting, so that you’re not the only one who’s not going to finish in time! 😉 (I have no idea what you two have in common… and I’m behind on my knitting, so I’m not going to figure it out. Cool prize, though!)

  33. I’m not guessing because I might get it right and if I don’t get this *&%$@# sock finished I may be sitting in my front yard throwing balls of sock yarn at passing cars and Girls Scouts selling cookies. Hmm…I wonder if they would make a trade….

  34. My knitting seems to shrink overnight. I’m measuring it so that I can stay on “track” with my goals; I wake up in the morning, and it’s smaller — like by half an inch. Driving me bonkers.
    So, were you born in the same hospital, same town, same country? I don’t know.

  35. Here is my guess. You and Cassie are both in the Olympics, she is in the hockey events and you are in the knitting events. And, and you both are winners, she with the gold medal has made our whole country proud, and you have inspired over 4,000 knitters world wide to live to our highest potential to focus on our craft for 16 entire long days.
    I really enjoyed the photo essay on your adventures at SPA. what fun.

  36. yikes.. the black hole. is my finished fingerless mitt there? because you see, i’m screwed too, if i don’t find that mitt to use as length comparison……gotta go back to spelunking in my sons’ room
    sweater is looking great, btw

  37. You’re both incredibly cool women?
    No, I think it’s that you’re both from Brampton, Ontario. Or you have the same colour hair…either one 🙂

  38. Totally random guess, based on a piece of trivia I was told yesterday: you’re both related to the person who runs the L.M. Montgomery Museum on PEI.

  39. I am willing to bet that you are both participating in the 2006 olympics! That and you are lucky enough to live in a place where having beautifully handknit wool sweaters is a practical thing. (Says Natasha in Florida where her favourite fibre – wool – gets looked on with disdain)

  40. Same high school? lots have already said that, so no win for me. first lace knitting project going good, no medal for me though. I have watched the hockey every afternoon, have no clue what is going on, will be my next “what is this” project, so I will be up and running in 2010. Entered a contest for a free weekend at Whistler, scopeing for 2010. How about getting togeather for knitting there? I want to be part of the cheer leaders, in the crowd, but it will be knit cheer?
    cheryl in Bellinghma Wa, where it wants to snow…

  41. You both have sociology degrees from the University of Guelph?
    I agree that watching the women’s hockey was so much more exciting than the men’s. Those women played with heart, unlike the guys who get paid millions of dollars a year to play. Go Team Canada! And Go Stephanie, you can finish that sweater! Think positive.

  42. I would have to guess that you are both from Brampton.
    Have I missed something? “Knitting Rules!” comes out in March? Can’t wait!

  43. You are both from Ontario?
    I have spun my first yarn last Saturday, too! It is lovely 🙂 (But the contest sock yarn is wonderful!)

  44. hmmm… let’s see. let’s go all out, shall we? 🙂
    1. from brampton/bramalea
    2. same elementary school
    3. learned your respective crafts at age 5 (skating/knitting? pretty good, huh? 🙂
    4. same university
    5. you once played each other in a hockey/knitting diathalon.
    oh the fun of coming up with this stuff at work.

  45. Will whore for wool. (Like the random number generator’s going to know I copied off everyone else’s test paper?) You’re from Brampton. (No, I’M Zorro! No, I’M Spartacus! No, I’M a drag queen…)

  46. Cassie Campbell and You? My guess is that you went to the same elementary or middle school.

  47. I also would love to vote that you’re also an Olympic medalist, but I think in actuality you were both born in Brampton, Ontario.

  48. Could Wendy BE any cuter? I have a brilliant picture of her showing off her first yarn too. And the spreadsheet, oh yeah! You forgot to explain Carole’s spinning visualization technique, though.
    I love the picture of everyone revering the Wheel of Amos. Just like that.
    That yarn looks lovely, but anything I guessed would be utterly random. Like, you went to high school together…that’s my random guess. Having read the comments I’m not sure how she got to be 40 and be born in 1973 (both appear to be taken from actual sources), but hey, maybe it’s metric.

  49. Bah! You’re not 40! Wild guess here: you’re (a) forward, too.
    But what’s really important here is WENDY. Isn’t she just wonderful! She’s cute and funny and the sweetest thing ever — you just want to give her a hug, don’t you? She even tried to teach me how to play that stupid Soduku (whatever) game.

  50. Not answering the Q – got too much sock yarn already. But the SPA essay is too wonderful – thank you! Wish I coulda cot up there, but I couldn’t spare the driving time away from my knitting. Which is clearly not going to be completed in time for the closing ceremonies, so no, you aren’t the only one.
    That long stretch of stockinette is one of the downsides of Hardangervidda. Here’s another one: the patterning on the yoke. Dear, dear Harlot, you will go mad trying to follow the non-repeats of this sucker. I know I am. Hang in there. At least you have sleeves.

  51. Gotta go with the Brampton connection.
    And Kathleen? Guelph? It’s pronounced Gwelf. At least, that’s how I’ve always pronounced it. Geez, I wonder if I’ve been wrong all this time…
    Yum, Fleece Artist….

  52. I will go for the easy answer and say that you both have the same birthday! Or maybe the same middle name?? Oh well, yay Canada!

  53. I had no idea that the yarn I first spun was sacred. Currently that bit of yarn is part of a toy the cat chews on. Could my sacred yarn be the stuff I spun two weeks ago?

  54. How much do I love that these relatively ordnary (relative, because if you’re competing at the Olympic level, you’re not completely ordinary) women have absolutely TROUNCED their opposition, while the professional NHL players have been having what may charitably be called “a teeny problem”. HA!
    And thanks so much for telling me the answer to the quiz, thereby making me ineligible to win that gorgeous bunch of “couldn’t be closer to defining me were I a colour if it tried”. Bitch. (of course, I have rotten luck in contests, anyway, but that’s not the point!)

  55. hmm, i’m going to guess you are both from brampton.
    this is actually the first time i’ve gotten to see the women play and i was thrilled. i’m a big time hockey fan and i think i will never be able to watch the men in the same way again. they were so talented, so graceful. and to top it off, the moves they were pulling were what only a top 5% in the NHL could ever pull.

  56. You both do charity work?
    The sweater looks beautiful so far! I have to admit, though, it’s kind of nice to know I’m not the only one going “OMG I can’t do this!* right now! =)

  57. I’m guessing that you are both from Brampton. I love women’s hockey & also women’s basketball. They seem somehow purer than the men’s versions. They rely on teamwork & finesse a lot more (esp basketball – no dunking by women) while the men seem to emphasize theatrics more. Makes it far more interesting to watch the women.

  58. p.s. I think Wendy may be my long-lost twin. If I were knitting more than 16 stictches, that’s totally what I would have done. Hell, that’s actually EXACTLY what I used to do on bigger projects to stay motivated.

  59. As a “lurker/reader”, my guess is that the two of you used to live next door to each other.
    And do you have a biathelete event? I’m trying to do 2 kids sweaters during the Olympics—what with working, redoing the house and whatnot, I’m not sure I’ll make it!! One down, one to go.

  60. Yay, two of my favorite bloggers met each other. I’ve been reading The Bookish Girl for awhile. Yep, she’s a winner.

  61. You both from brampton.
    You both played on the Brams United Girls Soccer Club?
    I need to win. I might be the Michelle Kwan of the knitting Olympics if my tennis elbow doesn’t calm down. Although I do not have a lusterous knitting career behind me. No nationals just some shawls and scarves.

  62. You are both from Brampton, Ont and went to the same school?
    Good luck with the sweater. I too was at the SPA in Maine and am now no longer a virgin spinner. Me and my Kiwi are having a good time.
    And…I am sewing together MY olympic sweater and blocking it tonight! YAY! I had no idea I was capable of such a feat! Thanks for helping show me and probably many of us that we are capable of more than we think we are especially when challenged.

  63. The only thing I can even remotely think of is that your place of birth is the same.
    Other than that wild guess, I’m just going to spend the rest of the day happy that they won and that the team captain’s name is the same as mine.

  64. How about 3 guesses…both of you are Canadian, both of you knit and maybe both of you have married men from Nova Scotia?
    Back to the second sleeve!

  65. You’re both from Brampton.
    (waiting patiently *NOT!!!* for UPS to deliver a yarn order and two of your books that I can’t wait to curl up with!!)

  66. Ohhh, just a wild guess. You both have ties to Eastern Canada (I really can’t think you’re also related to LMM, that would be too wierd). The sweater looks awesome even in the black hole. It must be keeping my baby sweater company.

  67. You both are married to Newfoundlanders!!
    Stitched and cut my steeks this morning. No time to think just had to go forward and do and it was not that bad. Now I am sucked into the black abyss of knitting black plackets around the armholes and the never ending fronts and neckline of this vest.
    Cheers, Tricia

  68. Both from Brampton?
    Same birthday?
    32 works-in-progress, 63 converts-to-knitting, 149 potential-projects-in-stash???
    (love the blog!)

  69. I’m going with the Brampton connection also. I don’t think it could be possible for you both to be born on the same day also, and I vaugley remember that your birthday wasn’t in November.

  70. I’m going to skip the obvious Brampton thing, since nearly everyone else has guessed that, and hazard a guess that you both attended the University of Guelph.

  71. You both have dams with your names. Campbell Dam is in Saskatchewan and McPhee Dam is in Colorado. I did like the vagina thing, tho, and my daughter found a link for Cassie Campbell Nude & Naked…..maybe Stephanie……?

  72. About the contest, you both discovered at the age of 5 what became a life obsession?!? You both participated to the 2006 olympics (no Ken would know that one)? You’re both obsessed? She knits too?

  73. I was moving along fine on the Snowflake and Arrow vest, despite tiny needles, skinny yarn and charts. Despite a job, house, volunteer work and four sons. I was a little worried about all the I-cording around the edges, seemed it might take more time that I thought, but I was hopeful, when…… my ten year old son got stuck in a hole Sunday. I mean stuck. Really stuck. Three dozen firefighters digging for 2 and a half hours stuck. Medivac helicopter flight to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore stuck. He was fine – one scratch and slightly reduce body temperature that the wonderful people at the hospital fixed up. Home that night, phones going crazy the next day with friend, family and media calling for the details. I am afraid that the two lost days, days set aside for hours and hours of knitting, have put me hopelessly behind. Of all the times for a kid to break my raising-four-sons-the oldest-is-seventenn-and-a-half-no-trips-to-the-ER record, he had to do it during the Olympics. I did knit in the ER but not when he was in the hole (I am a better mother than dedicated knitter after all!)

  74. Your danger progress astounds me. I know exactly where you are in the sweater, and am sure you will finish on time. I still can’t find my damn #3 12″ circ, so I haven’t restarted yet. I should have made this sweater for me. Making it for my husband requires it to be way too big.
    Did you do the hem as the pattern requested or by knitting it up?

  75. OK, Here’s my guesses!
    � She is an Ice Hockey Forward and you often Yarn Forward
    � She holds an annual charity street hockey tournament in Calgary and you support the Yarn Charity �Knitters without Borders�
    � She is one of the most successful and recognizable players in women�s ice hockey history and you have one of the most successful and recognizable knitting blogs in Internet history
    � She is defending her Olympic Gold and you are trying to get some Olympic Gold
    � She has worked as a colour commentator on numerous TV and radio hockey broadcasts and you provide hilarious colour commentary on life as a knitter
    � Your middle name is Cassie
    � Your married name would be Campbell, but you use your maiden name of McPhee
    Any of these work? The sock yarn is really pretty . . .

  76. Like everyone else, I think you were born in Brampton and went to the same high school or university. Just a guess! Love the look of your sweater, love the colours! Donna

  77. I’ll join all the people who guess that you’re from the same place.
    On a separate, but related note — I need all of you to think good, positive thoughts that when I get home today the extra yarn I need to finish my KO (Knitting Olympics) sweater will have arrived, even though the yarn store lady forgot to send it to me when I ordered it 2 weeks ago and only mailed it (from Washington to Montana) on FRIDAY!
    If I’d known I could have asked Stephanie to pick it up in Tacoma and throw it out of the plane over Montana — and I bet she would have!
    Okay, all together now,
    the yarn will be there
    the yarn will be there
    the yarn . . . .

  78. I’m guessing that you have the same degree in Soc.
    Sweater looks good. Keep on knitting. You know you’ll be out of the black hole as soon as your 3 rows further than the yoke is meant to start!

  79. uumm.. I think you are both from Brampton (whereever that is) because I dont think you won silver in Nagano.. hmm…. 🙂

  80. In the past, I have experienced the black hole phenomeneon many times, but my Olympic knitting has a new one. How is it possible that my sleeve nmeasured 14 inches and 4 rows later it only measures 13 inches??!! What is this called?? I am on schedule (unless this curse persists)- steeks are cut, shoulders joined and sleeve # 1 is about, well it was 2 inches away from completion. It has been unattended for an hour and may only be measuring 11 inches…. I KNOW you will medal Stephanie!!

  81. I’m going to guess you’re both from Brampton, since you’re both Canadian would be too easy. Love the Olympic knitting!

  82. You and Cassie are identical twins. When she realized she was going to the Olympics, she asked you to take her place and she would take your place at the different festivals and talks you were doing. No one can tell you apart except Ken, who does your hair, and Cassie’s. ;)) There’s more to it than that, but it’s too long of a story, we’re all finishing up our KO.

  83. You both learned to skate at age 5. I remember (from your book, I think) that you do skate, so why not try this one!
    No matter what happens about your Olympic sweater, you will be able to tell yourself that you did your very best! That’s the more important, in life as in the Olympics…

  84. You two were born on the same day which means you’re the same age. You both carried the Canadian flag at the opening ceremony and went to the same school when you were younger. I think that about covers it. 🙂
    Oh and she wore her knit underwear to the opening ceremony. I think it’s too much information to know if you wore yours, too.

  85. You both learned to skate at age 5. I remember (from your book, I think) that you do skate, so why not try this one!
    No matter what happen about your Olympic sweater, you will be able to tell yourself that you did your very best! That’s the more important, in life as in the Olympics…

  86. Are you both from Brampton? *L* Like everyone else hasn’t guessed that already. I got to go to my first REAL LYS (as in not WalMart or Hobby Hobby Lobby) yesterday and WOW was it awesome. They almost had to throw me out at closing time. Fortunately for my paycheck, I left with only a few skeins that I didn’t specifically go to get, but I think I petted every skein in the place.

  87. You’ve both been heard on CBC radio? She’s been a “colour commentator” and you’re an infamous knitter, so colour commentator goes without saying.
    This may be taking it too far, but … you’ve both done recordings in Joe’s sound booth?

  88. I think she is a vegetarian too.
    Apart from that I would like to invite SPA or Rhinebeck or Stitches or whatever big knitting event to Europe. You can have the Eiffel tower or a few of our Dutch windmills in return. I get SO jealous reading about them…
    Lies (short for Elyse)
    from the Netherlands

  89. Since I have no idea, I’ll guess you are both from Brampton, Ontario?
    You both knit?
    You’re both getting tired of green yarn?

  90. Um… you’re both from Brampton, Ontario? Hopefully? Cuase that is some beautiful yarn! I also experienced the “black hole”. Measured Jaywalker sock foot, 6 inches. Knit for an hour, measured again. Still six inches. I’ve finished the sock and it fits fine, but I wonder that hour’s worth of knitting went. 🙂

  91. Well, I have to just go with “both from Canada” because I think you would have mentioned being really hot at hockey, plus it would interfere with your knitting time.
    Did ALL the USA team have blonde hair???

  92. It’s got to be either 1) you are the same age, or 2) you’re both from Brampton.
    Whenever you finish the sweater (by the end of the Olympics or not), that is going to be one gorgeous sweater.
    And the black hole thing–right there with ya, sister. I’ve been knitting on this shawl at row 149 for the last 3 days. At least that’s what it feels like. 300 doesn’t sound like a lot of stitches until you’re the one knitting each and every one.

  93. While I think you may be from Brampton, I also am guessing that you have played the same position on a women’s hockey team. ’cause I can TOTALLY see you playing hockey!!
    And yes, the womens hockey is exciting – fast and fun to watch. Wasn’t it cool to hear the national anthem being sung loudly in the arena?

  94. (And I came up with that answer without reading all the other comments first. 🙂 I’m guessing Ken can’t answer because he also grew up in Brampton, as per . Yep, I Google-stalked yer blogs. But I assure you I am not sitting outside anyone’s house in a van with binoculars. Honest.)

  95. I’ll stick with the general answer and go with…you’re both from Brampton. Good Luck on finishing your sweater. I am looking forward to joining the olympics next time, as I am in the middle of moving right now.
    Thanks, Miss Amy

  96. First off — Donna, glad your son is okay. But did you really think you could raise four sons and not make at least one trip to the ER?! And Wendy — ah, that almost makes me want to learn to spin. Almost.
    Now, I can join those who’ve guessed you and the Cap are from the same country (Canada) and town (Brampton), are the same age (30ish — hey I never reveal any woman’s real age!), went to the same school and got the same degree, and both skate and are captains of their respective olympic teams. Or I can go out on a limb and guess something different.
    Um, you both knit?
    Currently experiencing my own black hole due to the flu (I think I have joined the ice dancers as the most accident-prone Olympians).

  97. As the youngest child in my family, I will guess that you and Cassie are the youngest members of your families. The vegetarian guess is cool, too. Back to the map of the world. I am about to start the British Isles (Yea, Team Wales). 15 @#$@ bobbins over 124 stitches and I am working at the rate of 6 rows/hour. Yesterday’s rate was 10 rows/hour, but fewer colors!

  98. I really have no clue as to what you might have in common, but the yarn is so gorgeous that I will hazard a guess: She dated your husband before you were married, or you both went to the same elementary school, or you are both members of the same clan/have the same tartan. BTW, You didn’t say we couldn’t answer with multiples. I love your pictures from the SPA; I love you. You write the way I think. Sorry, I’m gushing and now I’m embarrassed. P.S. Still waiting for Herrschener’s to deliver my sock yarn and needles for the knitting olympics.

  99. You both kick ass! Does that count? No. Well, let’s see you couldn’t possibly be 40…so maybe you both have freakishly small feet? Glad to have you back and blogging. Plus, if anyone can do the mad dash to the finish line, its you.
    Happy drinking, I mean knitting.

  100. In common? Let’s see (read, what can I totally make up here)… Extreme dedication to your sport, world recognition as a leader in said sport, willingness to sacrifice whatever necessary for that sport, and an awesome slap shot. How’s that?

  101. You loved Anne of Green Gables and visited the museum on Prince Edward Island. Her father grew up the the house where Lucy Maud Montogmery was married, which is now the Anne of Green Gables museum that her aunt and uncle run.

  102. Well, OK, Brampton maybe, but I think this bit makes you identical twins:
    “Bold, dynamic, and passionate, Cassie draws on her accomplishments as the captain of the gold-medal winning Canadian Women’s Olympic Hockey Team to explore the themes of leadership, teamwork, motivation, and determination. A lively, passionate, and engaging speaker, she knows firsthand about the key roles that teamwork, determination, and great leadership play at the most challenging times. The result is a keynote speech that inspires, informs, and entertains.”
    That’s me: Will Suck Up for Fleece Artist.

  103. You’re both 40 and now going backwards. But you don’t LOOK 40ish … no, really. Would I lie? Of course not. I’m an honest to goodness knitter …

  104. Wild guess – you are both married to men who have size 13 feet. Or maybe that you are both actually very shy?
    My Olympic Challenge has been met. But will I ever learn? 3 days after completing my UFOs I have 3 new projects on the needles.
    Good luck with your sweater. I have no doubt you’ll do it.

  105. Hi Stephanie
    Well………….. there have been so many guesses not sure if I can be original!! Both women, both leaders in their choosen field, both come from the same place, Brampton, don’t think you are the same age but heh both knitters??
    Have finished the body of my cape, 1/4 done on the strips to weave in does sewing up count, or can it be finished knitting? May have a chance if I can sew up later! 🙂
    Way to go girl you have inspired us all!! So many thanks from down under. I have so enjoyed the ride and made some new friends along the way. Perhaps we can all “knit the world together”! Sure beats what the politicans are doing anyway!
    Knit on >^..^<

  106. I could jump in and say you are both from Brampton I think it might be that you are both related to LM Montgomery??
    hmmmm I can wish that two of my favourite authors are related.. can’t I?

  107. You’re both from Brampton! I’m just saying that because so many other people have, and I want a shot at the yarn!

  108. You are both related to Lucy Maud Montgomery???? I didn’t read the hundred and eighty something guesses before mine but it seemed somewhat obscure so I’ll go with it.

  109. 1.Captains of knitting teams
    2.Brampton, Ontario
    3. She’s in Turin, and you are knitting the Olympic sweater- both competing in the Olympic fields of your expertise?

  110. You both have the same middle name? That’s my guess. Although, I like the idea that you’re related to Lucy Maud Montgomery.

  111. Do you Know how jealous I am of Cate? My AA wheel has been on order for over 4 years now. Jealous jealous jealous.
    Oh and no idea on the hockey player, but Martha’s answers were Great!

  112. hmm.. you both summer in PEI? And I’m sorry to say I was too chicken to join the official knitting olympics, but I challenged myself to knit my first pair of socks. I did it!! And I’m now on my second pair.

  113. i was going to guess that you both were from brampton, but as everyone else beat me by a long shot, i’ll say that you both have the same hairdresser.
    the sweater is faboo! 🙂

  114. You both used to go to the same lake/area to stay at a cottage in the summer?
    Go sweater go!
    Just imagine all of us cheering for your sweater like we were cheering on our hockey girls. 🙂

  115. Is it the sociology degree? Either that or you have secretly been working as a colour commentator for TV and radio hockey broadcasts : )

  116. You both look smashing in red and have a fondness for screech?
    Your sweater does look lovely, even tho it is stuck in a black hole vortex. I hope it magically pops out soon!
    😉 In other news, my olympic sweater is done!
    evidence on my blog! 😀

  117. You both owe me money.
    Seriously, I am going to have to say that you are both from Brampton.
    Or should I say Bramalea?

  118. I know this one! You’re both going to need a month to recover from the olympics 😉
    you know, 16 days isn’t as long as I thought it was…

  119. Hmmm…Steph is more of a Bramalea girl than a Brampton chick. This might be a trick question. Maybe you both had good friends who danced at the S&S!
    It’s Gwelf, the sound a dog makes when it vomits.
    Steph didn’t go there, Cassie and I did.

  120. were you neighbours growing up?? and still are?
    your sweater looks awsome! I think I’m stuck in the same black hole… lol
    knit on!

  121. you both have 3 daughters?
    or, you both are hooked up to long-hairs named Joe?
    or, you both tried skating with white yarn (with disasterous results)?
    dunno, but the knitting looks good. Knit through the hole (or the wall as it were). I’m on sleeve two (finallllly)… going off to knit right now.

  122. I was going to brown-nose and say it’s because you’re both 32, but so many people got there before me. Hmm…I’m going to go with the “you’re both from Brampton” guess. That was my first reaction when I read the bio.
    Maybe you both have the same middle names? Who knows!

  123. I’m not guessing. But my thrummed socks were going great. One done and the other approaching the toe. The roving was pretty well packed together so I spent the afternoon while watching the Canadian Women win pulling it apart. But a couple of hours later when I went to turn the fluffy roving into thrums, it had disappeared!!!!! The sofa has been taken apart, the trash inspected, the cat screened and I can’t find it. So I will look again tonight and then will try to figure out how to create small thrums from the large thrums I made at the top of the socks. Fleece Artist roving is NOT sold in Berkeley, California. Yikes!

  124. I have to admit that your spinning nearly made me cry. See, the colors are so similar. I thought “dear god, she’s either spinning the yarn for her Olympic sweater in the middle of knitting it, or she’s so far gone that she’s rewinding the yarn *on a spinning wheel* to convince her brain that it’s actually new yarn and hence, a new project.”

  125. Now, now, you weren’t supposed to reveal the secret Your Highness. Yes, it is true that both of you were visited by the queen of the fairies and king of the Unicorns at the time of your births under the full moon and granted dominion over the enchanted worlds of Elizar and Valiok respectively in hopes that you fine women could reach a peace treaty and end the great Pegasus wars that have raged for the last 9,000 years, but you were forbidden to tell anyone. That is most improper Princess Stephanie.

  126. Um… Wild guess, but you’re both in the Olympics (not to be totally obvious…).
    As for my knitting.. can you say “holy $#%@ I need 3 more skeins! and there are no yarn stores… EEK!

  127. I’m guessing it’s the same hometown, but as I say, it’s a guess!
    And, Stephanie? Gracious Olympics leader? Have you considered a vest?

  128. I’m going to guess that you are related by marriage. Or your brother dated her back in the 80’s. Or something.
    Really, the awesome sock yarn aside, I have to tell you how relieved I was to hear about this “black hole” thing. I had yesterday off, and knitandknitandknitandknit for hours, but couldn’t figure out why the durn thing would NOT get any longer. I thought it was just me. Thanks for helping me feel like I’m not the only panicked one out here.
    Oh, and hanging the offending part on a pants hanger, and *then* measuring makes you feel better. Even if it is cheating a bit.

  129. oh dear. I am also in the body black hole! i knit for FIVE HOURS last night and all i’ve got to show for it is 2 lousy inches of ribbing. where did all my stitches go?!

  130. Well, my guess is that you are both married to men named Joe. Joe, that’s his name right? Or, hmm, is that who I am married to… no I think not. Yea, that’s the name. Maybe, or not… I forget.
    I too am so screwed on my olympic lace scarf. However I should at least qualify for a metal of sorts for creativity in hiding mistakes. It has certainly been a mystery arriving at that marker to find that I am over by 2 stitches or short, or on occassion end with the right number. Hmmm. Life sucks then ya dye…. or spin…. or weave… or knit again. It’s a wonder

  131. Well, my guess is that you are both married to men named Joe. Joe, that’s his name right? Or, hmm, is that who I am married to… no I think not. Yea, that’s the name. Maybe, or not… I forget.
    I too am in so much trouble on my Olympic lace scarf. However I should at least qualify for a metal of sorts for creativity in hiding mistakes. It has certainly been a mystery arriving at that stitche marker to find that I am over by 2 stitches or short, or on occassion end with the right number. Hmmm. It’s a wonder

  132. A very unoriginal guess, but I’m going with ‘both from Brampton, Ontario’. Fleece Artist yarn. Wow.
    I’m also still in awe over here at your scheduling. We need to name a North American-something after you. One with completely bizarre and mostly unpredictable migration patterns, with the only commonality being, well, yarn. Good gods I hope you get some rest and/or time to yourself soon!

  133. You both went to the same university?
    The game was great, I saw most of it while I was doing my Olympic knitting! You are an inspiration to us all, how can you travel and speak at functions and still get so much knitting done—-you are a Goddess!

  134. Um. . . Stephanie, I’m bit math impaired, but don’t we have 17 days for the Knitting Olympics? Since we had cast on on the 10–I count that as day 1. So by that reckoning, wouldn’t the 26th would be the 17th day of knitting?

  135. Can I make twenty guesses ’cause I really, really, really want the yarn? Umm , you’re both gorgeous, went to school together, were on the same team, both knit, same age, from the same town, both know Ken, have the same middle name or your mom’s have the same name, your dad’s names could be the same, ummm, kids, yeah you have kids with the same name, identical tatoos, birthmarks, same hairdresser,doctor, or lawyer. You both ate at the same restaurant at the same time, take the same bus, how am I doing, 18? Lived on same street or both have a guy named Joe. Am I cheating? Just asking.

  136. Hmmm….I’m going to go with the curly hair guess too.
    And…drumroll please…I’m finished my knitting project (a bag knitted from recycled denim and done on circular needles..both firsts). Oh, oh…now I’m ducking all the needles, patterns & wool being thrown at me be knitters currently stuck in the black hole. Sorry bout that! (Going back to lurkdom now to nurse my sore fingers).

  137. The yarn looked too gorgeous not to try for: You’re both from Brampton and like to take cycling holidays? My sweater is coming along; I machined the steeks today (friend’s machine since mine decided to die just before the olympics started) and have finished one of the sleeves. Like Debbie, my elbow really hurts if I try to knit for very long so while I should finish, I’ll have to pace myself. Stephanie, consider all the frantic deadline Christmases you’ve been through as olympic training. I know you’ll make! (at 13:59 Sunday)

  138. You both have 5-yr old daughters, no that was Jenny Potter. uhm, you went to the same high school? I got it–the same obgyn!

  139. Answer to your contest question…Bicycling?
    Sympathizing with the “black hole effect”…my Knitting Olympics baby afghan and sweater are doing the same thing right now. If the booties, hat, and mitts weren’t done, I’d be downright frantic. (As is, “frantic” will hit about 4 pm Saturday..!)

  140. I am guessing that you are both from Brampton Ont. If you google your name with Brampton Ontario you come up with a story about killing a lobster in highschool. I am not sure what this has to do with the hockey team, but I will use it as confirmation of your place of origin.

  141. You are the same height?
    That can’t be right – Ken could know that – Rats!
    Have finished my Olympic project!!! My own design and my own variation of a stitch – YEA!! I get Gold!!!

  142. Are you both from Brampton, Ontario?? Do you both hold a degree in Sociology?
    Also wanted to report that I’ve achieved gold medal status! I finished my pair of socks yesterday, humming the Olympic theme music to myself at first, and then demanding that my spouse hum it with me.
    Then I celebrated this by starting my first-ever attempt with lacework. Hmmm…I must say that the jubilation of my sock victory was a bit tempered by the ripping out (3 times) of the pretty cobweb yarn. Ah, well.
    Keep your chin held high, Stephanie. You are an inspiration to us all!

  143. You both were at the L.M. Montgomery Museum on PEI Aug. of 2004?
    Oh, love the blog & your 800 last Dec.!

  144. This is a long shot and someone else may have guessed it already – I didn’t want to read the other comments and prejudice myself- you both have Southern Country singer hair?! (coveted by those of us without it I might add).

  145. You were both born in Bramptonia? The article doesn’t give us much more info so I am going to go with that one. I love me some sock yarn so I gotta try 🙂

  146. My guess is that Ken was best friends with Cassie before he became best soul-mates with you. (It’s the Ken connection, I tell ya – it’s always the man!)
    And I am floored to find out there’s another inky here. First time I’ve ever encountered another one online! (Well, ain’t I all that and a baseball bat.)

  147. you both graduated with honors from guelph?
    she has harlot hair too?
    i think your sweater is marvelous! i am SO jealous of your weekend at SPA. is there another fab weekend like that in the near future?
    it would be nice to hear your take on your favorite knitting getaways; i think you might know which ones are really fun.

  148. I think that it’s either you both are related to Lucy Maud Montgomery or that your favorite movie is Silence of the Lambs.

  149. I think Ivy should win a special prize for having the most creative answer!
    Thanks for making me laugh, Steph, again.

  150. My random guess: both of you have the middle name of “Anne”.
    I didn’t realize that this was the first time the same women’s hockey team had won gold medals two times.. Wooo!

  151. I’m going to cheat and say you are both female (true) because I am having a small case of fabulous yarn lust.
    And I will take this oportunity to tell you how much your writing makes my day. Thanks.

  152. Ummmm, you’re from the same hometown?
    Not much time available to me to research the answer to this question right now, though. Although I am not being an olympic knitter, I do have an olympic size mess to clean up. The first yarn dyeing experiments….

  153. You are both Canadian? Not original, but should be an acceptable answer! Am I the only one who isn’t terribly behind on her Olympic project?

  154. Your sweater looks nice even if it is currently spending time in the black hole I am sure you will be done in time. (and if time gets short… remember that you cast on using Tacoma Time… end in this time zone if you must!)
    My cardi is not coming along well at all. Have the back and fronts knitted and am currently working on the sleeves. I have never done sleeves flat, and with short rows before. Always did them cuff up. Stopped knitting to look at how pretty it was comming along and take a photo and I noticed that they seemed rather short. I measured them out at 15 1/4 inches (~39cm). That means that they will go from shoulder to JUST past my elbow… and not anywhere near my wrists. Unless there is something that I am missing in this method of sleeve making. Of course I noticed this half way through the first sleeve. So frog pond.. or really really long cuffs?? lol. rip-it rip-it. So… I don’t think that I am going to make the deadline… but at least I am not going to run out of yarn like I assumed earlier. I seem to have magic balls… they keep going and going and going.
    Happy knitting!

  155. You are both trying to accomplish a feat beyond the norm in a mere 5 day time slot.

  156. Yeah… I’m thinking Brampton Ontario is a bit too easy for the answer. And Anne of Green Gable may be true, I don’t think it’s the answer you’re going for. I’m going to say you’ve both been captains of ice hockey teams. I’d be really interested suddenly if you were both captains of hockey teams at the 2002 Salt Lake Games, if Hayley Wickenheiser and/or Vicky Sunohara have been your assistants, or if your record as said hockey player included 32 goals and 63 assists in 149 games(like how I squeezed that in there?)

  157. I’m guessing that you’re both from Brampton. That’s the most I could confirm ;). Maybe you went to the same highschool? Had the same nanny? Lived on the same street?

  158. I don’t know the answer and I have no time to research. I have to stop this wasting time sleeping thing. Bad Rhiannnon, bad Rhiannon.

  159. An over-repetitive stab in the dark, you’re both from Brampton, Ontario? I’m assuming Ken wouldn’t know this because Ken knowns little to nothing about Cassie?
    I’m hoping against hope that I can finish this sock in time! I know, it’s just a sock but it’s hard!

  160. Haven’t read all the comments, so I might be repeating someone else’s answer. I think what you have in common is:
    you both are Canadians
    you both live in Ontario
    you both are captains of your teams, womens’ hockey and the knitting Olympics respectively.
    I am an uneducated knitter who, up till now, thought acrylic was just dandy, so I’d love to win some quality wool and experience the difference!

  161. If it’s not the number of goals and assists (would you call that enabling?), I gotta go with number of years enabling… Same age? Now back to… yikes… 4 days 19 hours… That countdown counter was evil, I say…

  162. I’m going to throw in with the “both from Brampton” crowd, anything for a chance at that gorgeous yarn.
    Sorry I missed you when you were here on the “left coast.” Maybe on your next bookbookbook tour …
    My wildflower sweater is going well, it will be a photo finish but it will be done. Best wishes to all my fellow Olympians.

  163. Oh, and by the way, I got to hear quite an earful about Spa today at the yarn shoppe… Boy, am I jealous, sounds like it was quite the place to be! Here’s to next year….

  164. I don’t know the answer, but that blasted ticker is making me twitchy! I was doing well but fell behind last night, and now I look at it’s at 70% and I’m at not-quite 60%. BLARGH!!!!
    I love you, Steph, but that ticker is ticking me off!
    Ok, time for cake. And more shawl. I love my shawl. All not-quite-60% of it.

  165. You can do it! I have 127 stitches across 2 size 4mm circs and doing a seedstitch patt from hell in cotton (though I do love how it is looking.) I get to start the armhole decreases tonight and must make it over this hump. I still have the sleeves to do, too. Compound that with a knot in my left shoulderblade, hot and cold packs on my neck, and mentholated rub for my hands, I should be okay, right? I must say, I’ve been knitting a long time, but you’ve inspired me to really challenge myself with this task. In 2008, I’m going to have a difficult time topping this.
    Any plans yet for 2010 Vancouver?

  166. wild guesses…
    same high school
    same prom date?? diff proms
    same ob/gyn delivered you
    learned to skate at same rink
    same skating teacher
    went to summer camp together
    your babysitter
    ok I’m reaching…

  167. You’re both “bold, dynamic and passionate” and a “lively [and] engaging speaker(s).” I can speak for you and hearing you speak and I’m willing to trust what Speakers’ Spotlight in Toronto says (via their website). Or you both started what you’re passionate about at the age of 5?
    (There’s also the possibility that you’re both from the same part of Canada, went to the same schools or have family that is somewhat related but I can’t confirm any of those…)
    My olympic pattern and I were almost seperated for good at Spa, but Jackie found it and came to the rescue with a pdf scan of the chart. Now I just need to make up for misplaced time – good luck with your black hole.

  168. I’m going to guess that:
    – you both take blurry pictures after a few drinkies
    – your had the same ice skating teacher
    – you once worked at the rink where she now skates
    – neither one of you owns a car
    – she just put in a mudroom where she will secretly hide more hockey stuff while you put yarn in yours.

  169. You both have a blog where over 300 people leave comments? How in the name of fluffy squirrels do you manage to have a life? I was very happy for the Canadian hockey women.

  170. Brampton, Ontario, wherever the H-E-double toothpicks that is. Oh, wait, I’m comment 301. I wonder if anyone else picked up on the Brampton thing? . . .

  171. Did you both graduate from the University of Guelph? Great word that: Guelph. You are both from Brampton? Does she knit?
    I agree with you about the women’s hockey; it just seems more honest and real than men’s hockey.
    We have a knitter down by the way. I’ve been sidelined by a team of viruses which have been randomly and viciously attacking members of my family. It’s very difficult to knit and clean up vomit at the same time. It’s quite challenging to knit two colors, two handed and blow your nose. It’s even more difficult to knit fair isle while sleeping off a fever. I’m thinking it’s safe to say I’m not going to finish my cardigan by Sunday.

  172. I’m going out on a limb here (and haven’t read everyones replies – sorry — so someone else may have said this already) but could you both be doula(s) (how the heck do you make that plural?)

  173. I really should be knitting instead of reading about other people’s progess on their blogs, but i’m so glad i stopped by!
    My guess would be that you are both hold a Sociology Degree?

  174. Cassie Campbell was born Nov.22/73 in Richmond Hill, ON. She is 5’6″ & weighs 134lbs. Without getting myself into too much trouble here, I’m guessing that you’re both the same height &/or were both born in Richmond Hill??
    I really could use that yarn, especially after I had to whittle my own double-ended sock needles from chicken skewer’s just to take part, lol.

  175. You’re both from, uhm, Canada, and you’re both, uhm, women?
    –Sue, right on track with her sock, so she’s very glad that she doesn’t have the skills for the really flashy events, even if she is currently staring at the Foot of Doom (I hate knitting the foot part…they’re like mini-black holes)

  176. You both play(ed) hockey. (Oh, come on! This has to be it! You’re Canadian; even if you can’t skate, you’ve probably played hockey. Possibly you therefore played goalie.)

  177. Scottish ancestry? (If someone said this already, I apologize, but no way I’m reading 300 plus comments!

  178. I have no idea what the answer is to the quiz, but Go Canadian Women’s Hockey Team!! What to go!! Whoo, whoo!!
    My Olympic project is limping along. Can you believe it, I got stumped by the cable on the front of the vest. I know, I haven’t had much experience with cables, but I didn’t think “P2, C6B, p2, C6F, P2” was going to lose me almost an entire day! I didn’t know that you only slip THREE stitches on the cable needle and put it in the back, not ALL SIX!! Thanks to Ulla at my LYS, I am back on track!!
    Thanks ULLA!!!!!!

  179. 1)You are both proud Canadians from Brampton Ontario.
    2)You both are strong can-do kind of women.
    3)You are both Olympians.
    4)You both know how to whip a crowd into a frenzy:D

  180. Both from Brampton… seems to be the popular answer.
    I finished my hat. After my first attempt with circular needles ended in frogging; and soon after that depression; and soon after that I found some chocolate… I took a couple days to regroup and I am actually wearing the hat out in public.
    I had someone tell me today at work that my knitting isn’t just knitting its art. I like that!

  181. Gotta be the Anne of Green Gables thing. I do believe her aunt and uncle run the museum in PEI (and her dad grew up in the house Lucy Maud Montgomery was married in), and you were there a couple of years ago…I hope?

  182. Hmm, you’re both from Brampton, thus both Canadians, make frequent use of the words “eh” and “arse” (though the latter is not strictly speaking a Canadian trait), and share a distant and estranged black sheep uncle, also originally from Brampton but who moved further out of the ‘burbs in recent years. And no, as you’ve explained many times over, “black sheep” in this case bears no semblance to the baa-ing kind. Which is a shame. Really.

  183. Having not read any of the previous comments, but being a real fan of women’s hockey for the same reasons as you…they play for the love of the game and not the money, I would say that you both went to the same primary school, and maybe even had the same babysitter, or was it first ice skating teacher??

  184. me again.
    I finished.
    Heavens to Mergatroid, I finished my very first pair of socks! I can’t believe the rush I’m feeling!
    I don’t have a digital camera so I can’t post the photo finish. But if you lean in real close to your monitor, you can probably hear my family fighting to try them on (even my hubby).
    Wow. I just can’t believe it.

  185. My guess is either the Brampton Ontario hometown….or the Anne of Green Gables museum on PEI.
    Go knitters GO!!

  186. Well, it seems silly to throw it it, since it has been mentioned so many times but….You are both from Brampton, Ontario? Gee, where have you heard (ok, read) that one before. Good luck finishing the sweater. Rooting from the sidelines! Becky

  187. I should be knitting, so no research can happen. Guess, you grew up in Brampton, Ontario? You are 32?
    Seriously, I want to win very badly, but I do need to knit if I am to finish on time.

  188. There are many things Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and Cassie Campbell have in common. First they�re both Canadian. Secondly, while Cassie Campbell is �one of the most successful and recognizable players in women’s ice hockey history,� Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is one of the most recognizable knitting author�s in knitting history. Lastly, while Cassie is involved in the Olympics, Stephanie is currently being challenged by Knitting Olympics.

  189. Uhm…your the same age and are Captains of Olympic Teams? I need some wine (or whine) to be more creative with my answer….

  190. hmmmmm…. anything posted in the article would be obvious and you said this would be hard. I’m going to guess that you both have a cat.

  191. I’m going with what I know (and that’s not much) – you’ve both been profiled in Chatelaine (I have Cassie’s cover up on my Olympic bulletin board at school), and since you regularly model for us, you’ve both been models.
    I was gonna go with the Moo U (otherwise known as the University of Guelph) connection, but somebody says it ain’t so.
    First saw the women beat the Americans in 97 in Kitchener at the worlds (I was a volunteer) – been an addict ever since.They rock!
    Lisa in Hastings

  192. Is it mountain biking? I’m from North Dakota (almost Canada!) Actually I live very near the border and my 8 year old plays hockey. He plays the Canadian teams (they always win!) I really enjoy watching hockey. Jamie

  193. You both found your life’s passion as age 5. Wait…I heard your knitcast, I think you were 4. How about you are both leading a team of people to victory! Nah, too cheesy. You both went to UofG?

  194. Hard, eh? You’re both breech births with the same obstetrician. Left handed. Missing a tooth. Heck I’ll get anything for that lovely yarn. I’m on the sleeves of my self-designed sweater. Yeah, I hate the black hole part of a sweater; that’s when I try to do that knitting first and get that done and out of the way.

  195. Going out on a limb here, but were you both born at York Central Hospital which is located in Richmond Hill?

  196. OK, here is my best guess. You share either a common age (32) (don’t be insulted if i guess too high for you) or the actual birth date.. month/day/if not the year too. and for bonus – your both amazingly talented.. and went to the same elementary school?? No clue – but that’s my guess.. OH, and i finished my olympic event. Pics of baby booties on blog ( – they are adorable. Left Coast Brooke (USA)

  197. Why is everyone answering this in the form of a question? Did I miss that this was Jeopardy?
    Anyways, you’re both from Brampton, you’re both wonderful women with very accomplished lives, and you’re both freezing your ***s off. 😉

  198. i have to confess, i have no clue what the answer to the question is, but that yarn is gorgeous. i am hoping that if i looks sort of sad and pathetic and cute about not knowing the answer to your undoubtedly inspiring question about two fine canadians that you will take pity on me and include me in the drawing.
    on the bright side of things, i finished my olympic knitting–socks for my darling son ollie–tonight.
    although my project totally pales in comparison to most of yours, it was a personal best for me, and even more so since i have the time constraint of leaving on a business/retreat thing friday morning. however, i’m proud to report that despite the fact that i was in a meeting with serious types like state judges and highly important politician types during the opening ceremonies, i pulled out my needles and cast on and actually knit a good bit of the first sock during the meeting. i understand that there was a good bit of talk behind my back, but no one had the guts to say anything to my face. do you think that had anything to do with the fact that i was wielding five sharp sticks?

  199. Sakes there are lots of comments here! After a bit of web research (and I mean a very tiny bit) I was left with two guesses. The first is that there are also pictures of you out on the net in the buff, but I just don’t know… (I didn’t click the link, but they seem pretty certain they have pics of her nude) So my actual guess is that you both dabbled on modelling 🙂

  200. I will wimp out and say you are both Canadian and both female and both from Ontario.
    No way I can come up with more insightful answers, I’ve just read through 320+ comments and my eyes are suffering big time.
    “I think I can; I think I can; I think I can” is about all that is keeping my Olympic drive going at this point.
    Best of luck to everyone.

  201. Well, that’s a no-brainer… it’s Tuesday, and I doubt either of you did any gansey-spinning today.
    “I’ll take ‘Master of the Obvious’ for $400, Alex.”

  202. Your mothers share the same name? The sweater is beautiful! Can’t wait to see it finished on Sunday (’cause we know you’re gonna’ finish)!!

  203. Ok– my guess is that you are both going to be taking home the gold in your respective sports.
    The sweater looks great. Good luck fordging through that black holes. Black holes can be a real bitch to get through.

  204. I seriously thought I was the only one thinking that I was out of my mind when I started this project. Well, I’m putting in four hours tonight. I’ll be up until 1am!! Go for the Gold!!!

  205. your favorite movie is the same as her’s… silence of the lambs.
    or you both have sociology degrees. has to be one those. can we have two guesses?

  206. I’m going out on a limb here with my knitters elbow in a sling and guessing you both love “Anne of Green Gables.” And the sweater looks amazing – I could never produce even such a masterpiece of partially finished knitting.

  207. Well, since you did a biking trip of PEI a couple of summers ago (including a trip to “Green Gables”), and Cassie Campbell spends every summer in PEI with her family at their Anne of Green Gables museum, then I expect you were in PEI (Cavendish) at the same time in 2004.

  208. OK – While, as far as my family is concerned, I have enough sock yarn, I don’t think so, so here’s my guess:
    You both have husbands named Joe (I don’t think anybody has guessed THAT yet)

  209. Oh this is easy – you both are totally gorgeous and uh, wear socks 🙂
    SPA looked like much fun had by all. The sweater is coming along, looking good – shoot you have 5 whole days left.

  210. My guess – you are both from Bramptom
    You both have a brother called Ian.
    You share a cousin (via marriage or something)
    It can’t be the birthday cos otherwise you had Amanda awful young… and it is the wrong date.
    Good luck with the danger-vidda!

  211. I’ll hazard a guess…
    You’re both from Brampton and went to North Park secondary school where you’re both immortalized in those hallowed halls for your respective achievements and mutual love for cheddar cheese.
    (Yeah, actually, I don’t know.)

  212. Ummmm…you are both hockey players from Brampton and share a birthday!
    (Can’t win if I don’t try!)

  213. *cries* I was in Toronto two weeks ago and drove past the Flying Dragon every day to visit my Grandfather. I wanted to check it out but didn’t have time (thankfully we MADE time to visit Lettuce Knit.) I wish I could attend. Good luck with your sweater! I love seeing your progress (I’m so sorry about the black hole – I hate those….) and your finished products. 🙂

  214. Commitment? Drive? Focus? No, not here. Well yes, but in the wrong direction. I have been avoiding for days admitting that I have decided to pull out of the Olympics. I feel guilty about the contribution I made to your elevated stress levels by submitting my name to go on the page; but the selected yarn was hurting my hands,the pattern needs a more iterative (i.e. experimental) approach than 16 days will allow, and.. well.. the experience just wasn’t enhancing my quality of life. I’m back to my own, previously arranged, knitting schedule. I know you’ll understand. 😉

  215. My dearest Harlot,
    Remember; while we all strive for the gold, it is not whether we win or lose, it is how we play the game. While I could not commit to the Knitting Olympics this year I cheer you on, all you Olympians doing your best, achieving wonderful results, making history happen.
    The Black hole will pass, very shortly I would guess, leading you on to success.
    Knit On
    PS Would the answer to the contest happen to be the fact that you and Cassie love biking?

  216. Well, I was going to go for the obvious with you both play with sticks… or run around on ice, or most likely have sported some major bruises, but I’m going to say… you’re the same height.

  217. You both are from Brampton, and went to the same schools, and that you’re both captains of a great team? (You are the captain of the Knitting Olympics, right?!)

  218. You’re both from the same town? Maybe you went to the same school? I have no idea.
    Good job on your olympic project!

  219. My guess is that you were in the same ante-natal class…. My knitting olympic effort is doomed to failure, but I’ve enjoyed it nevertheless; thank you for having the idea. ~x~

  220. I think it’s because you both put your pants on one leg at a time! Way to go Canadian women’s hockey team! Rah, rah!

  221. Do you two have the same birthday?
    And what do I have in common with hockey player, Gillian Apps? Her grandfather, hockey great, Syl Apps, sent me a congratulatory letter when I graduated from high school. He was the member of parliament for Kingston at the time!
    I’m far behind in the knitting olympics… taking on an adult-sized Vivian Hoxbro jacket in fingering-weight yarn. It’s been fun just the same.
    Joanne, the Canuck in Colorado

  222. Steph, hang in!
    Is it ‘legal’ to consider in the spirit of knittership:
    The Canadian X-country skier broke a pole and the Norwegian coach handed her a replacement.
    Could friends and supporters knit a few rows for you while you speak at your engagement? Or would they only be able to loan you a needle??

  223. OK I have not read the preceding 386 comments so this wacky guess is totally my own.
    You are both married to someone from Newfoundland.
    Hahaha am I off by 6 miles or 8?

  224. Well who has any clue, (except Ken) – so I’ll guess you are both born in the same Lattitude and Longitude, both sucked your thumbs as children, but later opted for skating to be more productive and socially acceptable!

  225. Steph, why do you do this to yourself? You’re in the middle of a knitting black hole and you temp us all with such yummy yarn that even the shyest of lurkers has come out to give an answer. By the time you have read all of our comments, there will be over 400 of them.
    Oh, wait. I forgot. You can scroll with your toe!
    I have to tell you about this amazing phone I bought at Circuit City (used to be Radio Shack) last night. I wanted to have a headset for my phone so I could knit without having to see a chiropracter afterwards (or living with a permanent hunch) but my phones are so out of date that I had no place to plug in the headset. So for $8, the guy sold me a mini-phone which is just a dialer with a headphone jack. Really, he sold me the phone because he wouldn’t refund the useless headset after one of my twins ate the receipt!!! But the phone works!!! I knit and talked for 2 hours last night without crippling myself.
    You’re doing well. You will pull out of the black hole today. I can feel it!

  226. While she won the 1996 Sportswoman of the Year award at Guelph, you won the 1996 Sports-Weight Yarn Woman of the Year?

  227. Progress is progress, black hole be d*mned! I’m pulling for you!
    Going with the first thing that popped in my head–you’re both from Brampton (although I confess to enjoying the response above about how you both play with sticks…)

  228. Wait, don’t hit “post” you idiot…it is the millions of needles I have hanging from my appendages that must have done it..
    My evil twin or something.
    I should get gold for something, startitis?? I cast on for 2 sweaters and another pair of socks during the Olympics! does that count…
    Anyway, I believe that you and that wonderful CC went to the same High School. right…? pick me pick me/…:)

  229. Oops sorry, it’s early and my two year olds are screaming and running around like fools. I’m going to join them soon. At least they look like it might be fun!
    I meant that you both had assistants four years ago and now you both have assistants again?
    Just a shot at a dark goal!

  230. I’m blushing over here…
    Okay – the spreadsheet, when I told it how many stitches I made yesterday, told me that I was 109% done. It is messing with my mind!!!
    I would be proud to be Lene’s long lost twin.
    AND my yarn was CRAP?! Man, between that and the fact that you told me the Knitting Olympics weren’t REAL makes me want to cry.
    Okay, not really… I hope you’re caught up on sleep and birthday merry-making. So glad to spend time with you!

  231. Uhm … You both scream �Oh God� when you score? No wait, you both have a passion for Anne of Green Gables? Oh … oh … I’ve got it now … you were both models! No? You both volunteered at Ronald Mcdonald House!! Regardless of the answer, you’re both interesting “cool” women. It was a treat to meet you at the Spa knitting weekend. Perhaps the thing that you have in common with Cassie is that you are both hysterically funny!

  232. You wanted to be a forensic scientist or your favorite movie is silence of the Lambs… this cracks me up I am sure you have sent the google numbers for her soaring!

  233. I know – you’re both crazy! Lucky you!
    I finished my socks last night…..hurray for me I crossed the finish line in record time. Now I can just enjoy the Olympic experience – wish I didn’t have to clean my room at the Village before I leave – what a mess – yarn everywhere!

  234. You both have hair with a mind of its own? She is your sister? She knits socks during practice? Do you still have your real two front teeth? That might be the common thread…..only guessing…!

  235. You and Cassie:
    Neither of you know the meaning of the word quit. You’ll keep going till you get what you want, no matter what it takes!

  236. I would guess that you two have a common relative, like an aunt or common ancestor, like a great-great-grandmother or somesuch.

  237. My guess is that you are both from Brampton – unless you also host a charity street hockey event – just hedging my bet

  238. I WILL NOT read all 410 comments to see if someone’s already answered correctly, but I’m pretty sure you’re both from Brampton (as is my hubby).

  239. PS I’ve finished my Bobblicious (or Bobbluscious – as I like to say)!! Except I still have to block it & sew the seams. Does that count? I don’t even know what a block is …. Anyway, thanks so much for the challenge. I would have quit before I ever finished had it not been for you! 😀
    And, I am NOT just trying to suck up so I can WIN some yarn! ;-p

  240. Uh, you’re both uninhibited (means slightly insane) when it comes to taking on supreme tasks (means totally f-ing unattainable)? A wild guess as I am one of THOSE losers who have fallen to the sidelines in disgust that I have knitted three things NOT for the Olympics and would not be able to possibly finish my project. Rational as always, I am also spinning alot.

  241. TA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA i finished my first sock that I commited to and am glad it’s done. It looks bad and I got tired of it, but one can’t change events in the middle of the competition or do their event over, right? (I almost quit as I rounded the heel and headed for the toe.) It would be like a snow border deciding to change to figure skating in the middle of the whole thing.. So with much help from the wind…..errrr, I mean the wine, I finished and will do a PAIR socks in the near future….nice ones.
    Thanks, Stephanie, for giving us fun and laughter and a reason to really cahllenge ourselves. It has been much fun……….from chilly South Dakota……….I will keep knitting and enjoying your blog and your books…Sandy L

  242. I was about to give up, I mean, I do internet research for a living, but man, this was just too hard, I would end up guessing. And then it hit me, PRINCE, she has a thing for Prince too! right? yeah? maybe? Okay, well, the yarn is gorgeous, and the sweater is too. You’ll make it, you always do.

  243. Hi..Has anyone mentioned to you that Time magazine mentioned the KO??????? Of course, we are not described as world class athletes..but couch potatoes…argh…I figured you’d been too busy knitting and traveling maybe to catch this new wrinkle…

  244. The Brampton thing seems a little too easy. I’ll guess that you both have honours sociology degrees from the University of Guelph.
    If not that, then it’s gotta be that you are also a six-time World Champion and two-time Olympic medallist.

  245. wild guess..Campbell has 32 goals and 63 assists in 149 career games for Canada….and you have 32 pairs of mittens, 63 sweaters and 149 pairs of socks in your knitting career =D

  246. Hmm…how about you and Cassie both attended the University of Guelph?
    I hate the black hole bit…by the time I am done, it turns into an overwhelming aversion to sewing up said sweater. Oh well, if the current recipient outgrows the last sweater before I get over it, there is still one more son coming along behind…

  247. Hmm..I’m going to guess that its that you both have Sociology degrees from U of Guelph.
    and if not, you both love your sports??
    Good luck on the home stretch of sweater!!

  248. you both have crazy hair,like me. so I win, right?
    just finished your secret life book, good read but it ended too soon.

  249. De-lurking to venture a guess – you’ve both lived in Calgary. Enjoy your blog very much.

  250. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    I loved the photos and photo captions – Hey, Alberta (and EDMONTON) would love to have you do a book tour … any chances that you’d be stopping by Alberta and Sherwood Park and Edmonton ???
    Country Variety Yarn Shop

  251. You’re both the same age? You both knit? You both went to the same school?
    The olympics never did really exclude professionals. All of those “behind the iron curtain” athelets were really professionals – they didn’t do anything else for a living, and had all of their needs taken care of. At least now the IOC is being honest. I agree though, in that I much prefer the women’s hockey games. Quite a coup that Sweden got the silver medal, eh?

  252. Well, I feel very, very badly that I missed out on SPA (didn’t even know about it!), particularly as I was off work (which is IN Portland), live an hour away and could easily have been there. You would even have driven within 10 minutes of my house (with ‘pacas in the back yard). And Cate was there, too. *sigh* It looks as though I should have the weekend off next year, though, so I shall be making plans.

  253. This is not the answer to the quiz but a question about the knitting olympics. After we finish our object how do we report to you, so we can get our Gold medal button, and enter the drawing for the PRIZE?????

  254. Um…you’re both from Brampton? I would love to win that beautiful yarn…oh gosh,it IS sock yarn, isn’t it? Right now I’m having nightmares about socks and knitting needles. I’ve got one sock almost done (finished with the heel anyway, and I consider that almost done!) but the other is so far just a smidgen of a cuff. I’m heading for the coffee pot right now…

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