Down to the wire.

I have no idea if I’m going to finish. None.

In a moment of glory (spoiled only by the almost immediate realization that it doesn’t help much) I have finished the body.


There was some general weepiness last night (not really over the top sobbing though, since it was the wee hours and I couldn’t spare the energy to sob, since it was already taking remarkable physical control to remain upright and give a crap) when I noticed that I had misread the instructions and the end of the chart was followed by 15 rows of ribbing at the shoulder. (I know, how weird is that? My brain apparently is so disconcerted by the idea of ribbing at the shoulder that the instructions didn’t even register on the first read through.)

The second sleeve is, um….


Well. I’m working on it. This much progress was made possible by the genius of my friend/ blog commenter extraordinaire, Rachel H., who dropped off a cassarole, chocolate and a bottle of wine….and freed me up to continue to knit my evening away while never changing out of my ratty grey yoga pants. (It’s really all about the support team at the Olympic level.) There remains sewing the steeks, cutting the steeks, sewing in the sleeves, cutting and sewing the front steek opening – (whoops, I mean Sewing and cutting, not cutting and sewing. There’s a steek mistake that you don’t want to make.) Knitting the placket and neckband (oh…this is starting to sound bad.) and sewing in the zipper.

I would be more bummed out that it’s still dicey at this point (less than 24 hours to go, and I plan on sleeping for at least 3 of them.) but I’m feeling really proud of myself for doing this well, and besides…


my team-mate Ken’s not done either. We’re sprinting as fast as we can.

288 thoughts on “Down to the wire.

  1. I came to the realization early this morning that instructions to complete the dress in the photo are not present anywhere in this pattern. Seriously. I’m having to add rows and rows I hadn’t figured on adding, just to make this work.
    So, yes, I may finish the back. I may start the front. There will be no sleeves by tomorrow afternoon. It’ll be lovely when it’s done… some time in April, I think.
    Knit on, Stephanie. You can do this!

  2. Ok, stop blogging and get knitting. We all know the stall tactics when we are trying to get out of finishing something. You do not need to update up until the end. Ok, well you do. BUT, now you have, get back to work. Don’t think about what is left, just get it together and…GO GO GO!!!! Becky (cheering from the sidelines)

  3. (Good lord, I’ve never been this early in the lineup.) I’m not even in the KO and I wore out my wrist a week ago, knitting too many hours in 3 days; after 4 days rest, I’m able to knit a little but the wrist heats up fast. Good luck, but don’t injure yourself! I’d say redoing most of a sleeve counts as finishing, when you consider the number of stitches involved and the fact that it probably would have blocked out.
    Knit on – gently.

  4. Go Harlot! Go Harlot! You can do it. Many many many fellow Olympians have faith in you. Your sweater is looking amazing. You can do it!!!
    I’m just this hyper because the shawl is blocking as I type. One weasely end to tuck in and pictures to take and it’s gold time.

  5. It’s really going to be okay, the glory isn’t about finishing. It’s about beginning and challenging yourself, learning and growing as a person and a knitter. You have inspired more than 4000 people to pick up needles and knit. How cool is that?
    On the other hand, I realized that a shrug with 346 rows of cables might not have been the wisest Olyimpic project for a beginner. Then last night I discovered I had been reading the chart wrong for 26 rows and had to rip them all out. Sigh, I’m going to be like marathon runner that finished the race two days after everyone else. But I’m not giving up, I will knit on and finish before the Olyimpics roll around again.

  6. Keep the flame lit! I have only finished the back of my cardigan, but my, it is a lovely back! It includes 300+ beads and everyone who has seen it agrees that it is beautiful (I only had to twist their arms just the tiniest, tiniest bit to get them to spit that out).
    I’m also excited about the fact that I taught a 6-year-old to knit during the Knitting Olympics. A future Olympian in the making!
    So I feel pretty good in spite of the utter hopelessness of my circumstances. Thanks for issuing the challenge, Steph, and good luck to everyone!

  7. Stephanie,
    I am glad to see you are still working to finish before the Olympics are over. Remember I am in California and the closing ceremonies will still be on when you go to bed on Sunday night.
    I am no longer knitting my sweater. My hands have finally healed enough that I don’t cry every time I bend my knuckles.
    I am knitting, just not on my sweater. I failed to finish my event.
    I am knitting the Trellis Scarf from Interweave Knits Spring 2006. It is pretty. It is small. It is only one color.
    I am so terrible. Of course I have no guilt. I will eventually finish the sweater. Hell, it is full of pumpkins. I have until October 31 to finish it.
    Thank you for thinking up this wonderful event. I had fun, even if my sweater isn’t completed. I had fun reading the blogs. Felt envy when people said they were finished with their knitting.
    Just think there are knitters out there who challenged themselves beyond their imagination because of you.

  8. No blog. Just knit. You finish, you block, sleep while blocking then wake up and sew/steek. Go Harlot! You can do it. For those of us only halfway through our sweaters . . . you carry all our aspirations with you!
    Um, no pressure there. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that!

  9. Somehow, Harlot, I think you’ll pull a six-ender and end up cruising for the gold. Hang in there. As for me, I made a valient effort, and did complete half my shawl, but must be recorded as a DNF due to injury. Rotator cuff. Incredibly painful, but add the right drugs and bags of frozen peas and I am on my way to recovery. I thought I might be able to knit, but not so. Oh, well, they (whoever they are) keep telling us the goal of the Olympics is to compete, not to win. All of us must be doing something right. As for you, you were a genius for even thinking of something so outrageously mad as the Knitters’ Olympics. Knit on.

  10. Knit on, drink on, knit on! Glad Ken is there keeping you company. Body of sweater looks great- and it will all look just as great once its together- whether its tomorrow, or day after. Knitting is just like that. OK, off to divide rounds left by hours left…

  11. Oooh. Tell Ken he is one hot tamale. Don’t you get distracted? Oh, I know, happily married, yadda yadda.
    Oh, and go, go, go!

  12. I sewed the shoulder seams together, (thank you Debbie Stoller and your instructions in SnB handbook), am knitting the collar on (10 or so rounds left), and then need to add the sleeves and side seams. How can I enjoy sewing and hand quilting yet find seaming knitted garments so incredibly hateful? No wonder I stuck to scarves and afghans…I’ll finish, but with frequent pit stops to avoid the seaming.
    Your sweater is absolutely beautiful, and it’s completion IS the gold. You can do it! Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. You can do it!! Truly, I think you’re amazing for even attempting that sweater. Just looking at it makes my head spin. I’m on the home stretch of my Elizabeth Zimmerman seamless yoke sweater, and I think I may actually finish! Didn’t use the best yarn because I figured this one was a learning process, but I’ve already bought wool for the next one. See, you inspire us all….that alone should be worth the gold.

  14. (Rachel H. is a saint. H must stand for Hagia)
    In other news I’ve become semi-bilingual (Joe can translate if necessary.) Ahem.

  15. You can do it, Stephanie! You inspired me to knit my first sweater, and do it in 16 days, this is an awesome thing you started! Don’t give up now; who needs sleep? Drink your wine, remember to breathe, and knit like the wind!
    -Heather Layne
    P.S. I ordered “The Secret Life of a Knitter” from Amazon and it got here today, I can’t wait to read it! (On Monday.)

  16. I’ve seen you pull a rabbit out of a hat before so I’m sure it’ll happen this time, too. Total faith, dude. Total faith.

  17. You can do it! I finished my project 2 days ago. I still can’t believe it. If I, the world’s slowest knitter, can do it, you can.
    Go, go, go, go.
    Eat chocolate, drink wine, KNIT! (ok, don’t drink too much wine).

  18. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Go Stephanie – Alberta is Cheering For You !

  19. I’m sure you can do it – didn’t you have this crisis at Christmas, trying to knit in your sleep?
    BTW, I believe I’m a Gold Medallist for Team GB – finished tonight, it’s pressed and waiting for a daylight photoshoot. There’s an on-the-floor unpressed but finished photo on the blog.
    London – Team GB

  20. I’m a chicken… didn’t sign up for the olympics which, in hindsight was a good thing. (I don’t have to feel the guilt of not finishing my challenge) I’m also a slow knitter… but you, YOU, can *DO IT* (imagine the governator saying that). Enough with the typey typey and back to the knitty knitty!
    p.s. may perhaps meet you tomorrow at the closing in T.O. if I get off my arse in time.

  21. Being part of the KO is SOOOOOO awesome — Thank you Stephanie for the brain-wave which brought so many of us together on this. I cheer you on to the finish – whenever that takes place! – and to your next brain wave!
    My ‘event’ was to finish everything I had on needles when the torch was lit – yes, that’s right, I said I would NOT cast on once the torch was lit (I’m not big on rules, although I offered full disclosure when I entered the KO). I make mostly small things (scarves, hats, shawls, some afghans) to sell — and had 16 WIPs when the torch was lit. I still have 7, but am predicting 3-4 at 2PM pacific time tomorrow (3 WIPs are mostly done). and..on two evenings of knitting despondency I CAST ON – yes, a quickie novelty scarf emerged each time — so I’ve probably disqualified myself. I didn’t know – really know – how bad a case of startitis I had (err, have?). On day 3 I had to pack up all the yarns sitting on my ‘waiting’ work table into OPAQUE grocery bags and stash them underneath, out of sight. They were so noisy and tempting! Regular shills! I won’t make my full Olympic goal, but with 3-4 WIPs instead of 16, I will award myself a bronze.
    GOOOOOOOOOOO Knitters!

  22. Stephanie…no worries. I haven’t gone any further on the second scarf either….just because I’m having so much fun knitting socks right now. Besides the Olympics had done wonders for my UFOs and that’s already rewarding enough for me. πŸ˜‰
    I don’t care if I get any medals or not. I’m happy with my knitting….and I am proud to have been a participant in this event…more over, I’m even prouder that I actually finished one new project (Irish Hiking Scarf) in time. πŸ˜‰

  23. How the heck are you blogging and knitting at the same time? I’m doing a Dale sweater too. I still have a whole sleeve to go–looks like its the bronze for me. I haven’t even made any entries in my blog since Feb 12! I don’t know how you do it woman. I’m amazed!

  24. Well, I finished Eris yesterday. For awhile there it was touch and go as to whether I would finish and then, when I was finished the sweater, having a picture taken to prove my feat was looking like it would be a huge problem. Luckily Mother Mary (my mom) was able to take ONE picture on her defective camera.
    Now you just sit back and worry about knitting. If I were closer I’d personally bring you a casserole as well. You can do it!!

  25. First, I have to admit that I am living the Knitting Olympics vicariously through you – having become almost as obsessed with your blog as you are with knitting.
    Second, I am a best, an Advanced Beginner, and have no place to make the Third comment which is…
    Based on the lack of sleep, etc. you have experienced over the past few days, do you maybe want to have someone else double check your steek sewing before cutting, just in case?
    Perhaps I have this perspective as I am one who still sits in awe of anyone who cuts up their (fabulous) knitting….
    Hang in there! Best of luck! We’re cheering you on from the sidelines!!

  26. Go for it…you are in the home stretch! Where ever you finish you will know you did your best!
    Go Harlot!!

  27. I finished my lace socks today. Whoopee!! There’s a picture on my blog.
    I am so impressed at what you have done in such a short amount of time. The sweater looks great and I love the colors you picked. I still think you might pull it out.

  28. It looks lovely! Can’t wait to see a photo of it complete. Good luck on finishing it up before walking into your sister’s establishment tomorrow evening. πŸ™‚ I am sure that you will make it tho.
    I don’t have a snowball’s chance of finishing on time I am sure. Still the second sleeve to cast on yet and half of the first sleeve yet to knit. I don’t even want to think about borders and button bands and the finishing up stuff… ack… Will definately be in double overtime here. But wether mine is done tomorrow on schedule (not), or sometime in the following week or so, this will always be an event to remember. Thanks for asking us all to be party to your insanely crazy fun of knitting a super challenging project in a set time. Had a blast and learned so much during the process; about how I think, knit, and how I think about knitting, that it would be impossible to list everything here. Long may you contiue to inspire us to create with our knitting!
    Happy Knitting!

  29. I’m with Spudgirl – I haven’t signed up for the olympics but I check your blog’s RSS feed 5 times or so a day…
    You’re doing great, and even if you don’t make it you deserve at least an honorary medal just for coming up with this idea and getting THOUSANDS of people to participate. I think you were a gold medalist for all the knitters before you even cast on the first stitch.
    You go, girl πŸ™‚

  30. An Olympic cheer for Steph & Ken:
    “Knit Knit Knit,
    Stick with it,
    To heck with fit,
    Just finish knitting it!”
    Ok, so I was never a cheerleader. But since I am now done *ahem* (YAY! I’m DONE!) my Knitting Olympic shawl, I send all my stay awake and completion vibes to Toronto – with a big dose of thanks to Steph for starting this divine madness in the first place. We loves ya!

  31. Oh man, this makes my *challenges* look relatively minor! I am afraid that I might not make it either and all I had to do was sew a stinking polar fleece liner into a knit hat. I’m pretty sure it will be ugly until it is all done! Poor DH is getting irritated with all of the fittings seeing as he has an exam on Monday.
    Wishing all of the KO participants lots of good knittin’ karma!

  32. I’m rooting for you and hoping you get a good second wind on it! And wishing you lots of caffeine-laden goodness.
    But if (heaven forbid) you didn’t finish, I think you should one of those “personal golds” that they keep talking about on NBC in the US (you know, personal goal for making it to the Games after serious injury, great personal sacrifice, etc.), for inspiring knitters all over the world to challenge themselves!

  33. Well, don’t feel bad…you’ve had MAJOR stuff going on!…I only had to get a sock done to complete my pair and I had to frog back to before the heel flap…sigh. I probably won’t finish either…

  34. I finished knitting my Olympic knitting today just as Cindy Klassen finished her 5000 m. I finished grafting the toe as Clara Hughes took the gold.
    Thanks, Harlot, for starting all of this – otherwise I never would have known that I could, in a pinch and given no other social engagements, knit a sock in a week.
    Did you know some people look even better in 3/4 length sleeves than full length? Just a thought. Go Harlot!

  35. Regardless of whether you finish or not, look at what you’ve done in such a short period of time. To finish a sweater like that in less than 3 weeks is amazing. If I knit that fast, I’d blow my yarn budget in 3 months! And your work is beautiful.

  36. It looks lovely, no matter what. Your gauge and smoothness in fair-isle is a wonder to behold. Although I finished my pair of mittens, they look – um – different from one another. The first was knit WAY too tight. Does it still count as a medal? Please? πŸ™‚

  37. Uninjured, still knitting. Remembering that it is the spirit that counts.
    And my barista in my local espresso shop had exactly the opposite reaction from your teller yesterday. She thought it was a great idea and really liked my sweater. Walked away muttering, I have to learn to knit.
    Isn’t the Olympics all about inspiration as well?

  38. Doing the happy dance…singing…twirling around
    Finished my “o” challenge at 12:30p/m. TODAY!
    Knit the “french market bag Revise” in the Italian flag, white, & red
    Did I-cord for the “O” logo sympols in blue, black, red, yellow & green, sewed them on &
    The bag is felted & as we speak, drying!!!!!
    I’m rooting for you to finish your knitting

  39. Stephanie: Your project is so ambitious. I doubt I could do a cardigan in that period of time. To say nothing of doing 3 sleeves. You are an inspiration to us all. I would be leery of doing steeks in the wee small hours. I’ll be cheering you on. I am proud to say that at 4:25 PM PST I earned my gold medal when I finished felting my hat and purse. I will have pictures on my website soon. Betsy in Sacramento

    I just put my last scarf into the bathroom sink for a blocking bath… I’M DONE!!
    The fact that you got me to pick up a pair of knitting needles and do nothing else for 16 entire days – being the die-hard crocheter you know I am – is a feat in itself, not to mention the other 4000+ knitters you inspired in this. You deserve a gold medal just for that!

  41. for what it’s worth, I just saw a “live” shot from Torino and they mentioned that it’s “White Night” there – which means that the bars and stores are staying open late so the parties can go on til the wee hours of the morning. The announcer said that he hopes everyone manages to get a few hours of sleep before the closing ceremonies. I hope the same for you.
    (go knitters go!)

  42. I’m not rubbing this in, honestly I’m not. But I just finished my blanket. The Sheep Dreams Blanket is officially done. It’s currently blocking and the pictures will be up on the blog shortlly. Keep going Steph, I want to see you standing next to me on the podium.

  43. You can do it Stephanie. Go Ken. I might finish. Five inches of the sleeves to go. Fortunately, I’m knitting them at the same time. But then there’s this big test on Monday…..

  44. Done!
    Blocking, will be dry by tomorrow, and I’ll be wearing that shawl for the closing ceremonies.
    Really, I’m tremendously proud of myself, Steph. I really didn’t think I could knit lace. I had to frog twice, (once a total do-over, in the early days), and tink 40000 times, but I really got it in the end.
    WHOOO Team Wales!
    I’ll send you a photo tomorrow, if I can figure out how.

  45. I’m not going to finish my planned project. The top-down raglan is frogged & re-knitted to below the armholes, so as soon as I can get the intended recipient over her for a try-on, I’ll resume working on it. Provided, of course, that it’s the right size *this time*. I’d hate to have to frog again, but if it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit & I’ll redo it. Again. I did, however, pick up and finish a WIP, Estonian Lace Scarf from Fiber Trends. Yippee! Does that count?

  46. Stephanie, you’re golden regardless of whether you finish or not…
    I had to set my KO knitting aside for the most important of knitting…a baby blankie that I was given 48 hours notice to knit. This is not my Olympic challenge, but one all unto itself. I am soooooo bored but I will prevail. The baby shower is at 2pm Sunday.
    Knit on.

  47. stephanie you are our hero! your race to the finish will be the most exciting moment of the games! thank you for having all 4,000 olympic knitters get together like this.
    this has been the most fun knitting event i’ve done in a long time (and i go to a lot of them). because of your inspiration, i am seriously thinking of hosting a spinning olympics for the next summer games. thank you, thank you!

  48. Go Stephanie!! GO GO GO!!
    I know you’ll finish, but either way you are one amazing lady! You get the GOLD no matter what!

  49. The best part of being done? Cheering mightily from the finish line! Go Stephanie! Go Ken! Go Lene! Go, go, go to all the Olympic Knitters!

  50. Well, Steph, it it weren’t for you and your brilliant idea of the KO, I wouldn’t have ever dug up the energy of carrying on with my knitting. As it is, I’ve finished my challenge, knitting my 2 scarves!
    Now, with all the energy I’ve got left, I’ll continue to cheer you on, because I know that if I can teach myself to knit and complete my challenge, you -who have been a strong inspiration, along with my friend Lori(musindigo)- you can certainly finish your challenge too!
    Go, Steph! Go, Steph!

  51. I finished my sweater this afternoon and immediately put it on. I wasn’t sure I could do a Norwegian sweater in so little time, but I did and it’s gorgeous (said she modestly, ignoring the mistakes in the stranded pattern) I’ll block it tonight when I finally take it off. Thank you so much for this wonderful idea. I have had such fun. Yes, I was knitting alone but I knew I was really knitting with thousands of others. Now that I’ve finished, I can concentrate on my mini novena to St. Jude for you. Except that you’re past that spot, I was going to suggest that you ditch the zipper and placket and go for the crewneck instead. Remember to go by PST. You were intitled to 374 hours and I figure you lost 6 out west, 3 for the starting time and 3 more when you flew back to Toronto. Go, Stephanie! Ginny Thomas

  52. Go Steph, Go! Go Steph, Go! You can do it! I finished one sock and am 3/4 done with the second. They may not get blocked in time, but they will be done! πŸ™‚

  53. You can do it! We know you can! Think of all the people you’ve inspired to reach beyond their limitations and try something amazing! ;-D
    I limped past the finish line in my event (lace socks) this morning, despite (or perhaps because of) some decently serious pain medication. So the toe on the second sock is, umm, funky. I’m not sure what kind of grafting I un-vented (to borrow an EZ term), but kitchener it’s not! And I wouldn’t change a thing! I’m so proud of myself and everyone else for doing this–it was really fun!
    I’m waiting at the three-quarter mark of the marathon track for those of you still in this for the long haul. I’ve got Godiva chocolate, the best hot coffees, and medical amounts of Screech, single-malt scotch, and Jamieson’s for those who have need.
    Go Team! (any Team! ;o)

  54. I won’t tell you how I’m already finished. But I have 7,000 words to write to finish grad school in two weeks.

  55. I didn’t enter the Olympics, either. Like Tara, I’m a slow knitter, and I also have a closet and drawers full of unfinished projects. But after the entry deadline it dawned on me – my challenge could have been NOT to cast on anything new during the Olympics, and to finish some of those UFOs.
    So I’m cheering from the sidelines. And ALL of you are winners from what I can tell.
    Stephanie, you are a medalist not matter what happens!

  56. Keep at it!!! I finished my kitty in spite of dogs, kids, work, school, and wisdom tooth extraction. I have confidence in you!!!

  57. You can do it! Afterall, anyone who can type a blog entry and insert photos with their toes – while knitting no less! – must be highly talented! πŸ˜‰
    I’m practically whimpering, because the enormity of not getting to knit my olympic project because of torn cartilage in my wrist is finally dawning on me. To which my physical therapist says, oh well, you can do it next year. Dur.

  58. Ken looks happy – it can’t be all bad!! You’re both troopers.
    I’m really excited about the closing party tomorrow – especially since I saw the “new” restaurant on Restaurant Makeover today!! I never really watch the show so it was a huge coincidence that I saw this episode through & recognized the name.

  59. God…You make my day! The bank teller story really shows how much this olympic knitting thing is spreading. You have 4000 knitters linked up plus everyone they tell. (and you know they tell everyone, at least I do)

  60. At 9p this evening I finished my Olympic Pair of Socks! I’ve never been so committed to a project – ever. In fact, I ordered my yarn today for my next two projects because I think I may have withdraw. Maybe I should trick myself into some sort of deadline every time. It’s obvious I work better under pressure.

  61. I am only halfway done with my socks… doing them on 2 circs and I just got home from the hospital. Yes, I had my appendix surgery rather suddenly in the wee hours of Thursday night/Friday morning. My pain meds dont keep me too alert so I am pretty sure I will not finish my first Knitting Olympics. *sigh* If I had felt better in the days leading up to this unexpected “coming out party” I might have had a chance. Alas… I wish you the best in completing your games. Knit on!!

  62. Ha! Finished! Oh, sorry, ummmmm….I know you can do it, too! Map of the world sweater finished, blocked, sewn. However, it seems that every sweater I make is just a little too large. I check my gauge, really I do. Maybe it’s the yarn weasels? Well, that’s what dryers are for.

  63. Finished Snowflake and Arrows at 9:30 pm. It is sitting in the washer for blocking as I write. Finished despite errors in pattern and the fact that I cords would never cover the large steeks in the pattern, so I redesigned the edges – took all day. My hands are screaming and my vision is blurry, but I am finished. Almost gave up when the 10 year old son (the one who spent two hours in the hole, medivac, ect last weekend) asked for the fifth time today if I was almost finished – then added that if I didn’t finish he would kick himself because I didn’t knit while he was in the hole! How sweet! Had to finish for him.
    Stephanie – you have inspired thousands. Finish or not, you have gold.

  64. What a come back!!!! See the lady in the bank know NOTHING! I wonder if she even knows what Olympics are??
    I am wearing my Olympic socks that I finished this morning and cheering you on.

  65. You go!
    What an AWESOME support staff. Too bad it’s not like the Academy Awards, so you can stand up there and thank everyone around you.
    I’m sure you’ll get it at least near finishing.

  66. Good Luck.
    It is 4am Sunday here in France and I have just blocked out the major bits of my coat. So tomorrow I ‘just’ need to sew up, knit the collar and maybe think about buttons (or not!). I feel tiredly confident that I will finish and positive you will.

  67. Wow, a picture of a man knitting… I am drooling, and it’s not just the excessive amount of mudslide I’ve been drinking….

  68. Steph, I totally understand an equipment (needle) failure. I was to the yoke pattern of St. Moritz when I discovered that the Addi-turbo US 2 that I was using for the body was not the same size as the Crystal Palace US 2 that I used for gauge! 2.75 mm vs 3.0 mm. HUGE difference! I feel your pain.
    I ripped out 12 inches of body work. Tonight, I’m back to where I was last week. Surely would have gotten a medal if not for the equipment failure. Oh well, at least I’ll have an awesome sweater. That’s medal enough! Good luck!

  69. Keep after it! I’m done knitting but I’ll still cheer you (and everybody else still finishing) on!
    Thanks for all the inspiration and the fun of seeing so many people come together.

  70. I sit in awe of your Olympic er… studliness.
    It took me a YEAR to knit my first (and so far only) Dale Ski Team Sweater.
    Tomorrow, when it’s all over, and you can rest your weary fingers… contemplate books for a bit. You’ve been tagged (ignore it until the Olympic knitting is over … it’ll still be here) for the book meme.
    I did this because I find that I really AM curious about what you read.

  71. Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! Your clock must be fast – there HAS to be more than 15 hours left. I guess no eight hours of beauty sleep tonight. Good luck to y’all!!!! Must go knit,must go knit, must go knit………………..

  72. I actually under estimated the amount that I could knit so I exceeded my expectations and knit 2 Deer stalker hats! Picture of the first on manly models is on my web site. I’ll make sure I get a picture of the both together so you know I don’t fib! I also attended a scrumble workshop today in Myrtle Station! Absolutely the way to knit for me!

  73. I have no sleeves on my project and it is doubtful it will get done, but I tried. It is the first actual garment I have knitted in months, so that is accomplishment enough.

  74. Go Stephanie Go, Go Ken Go!!! You both can do it, we are cheering you both on. πŸ™‚ I finished my two Olympics projects and couldn’t be more pleased. I know you’ll have a great sense of satisfaction as soon as you cast off! πŸ™‚

  75. Ya know.. even if you don’t finish, you have inspired several thousand knitters to challenge themselves. I think that,by itself, deserves a medal =)

  76. Stephanie,
    I am echoing what many have written or are thinking. You have been an amazing inspiration to us all. The thought that there were thousands of us knitting frantically at one time was almost overwhelming. Whether you finish or not, as has been said, you deserve a gold medal.
    That said, I’m not part of your Olympics, rather part of the UFOlympics. Today I sat, for 6 hours straight, knitting furiously, as I didn’t want to let down my fellow knitters. I feel your pain. Good luck.

  77. Rachel rocks. I’m standing at the finish line, waving roving pom poms, okay? I know you can do it. It’s that quantum wormhole you have hidden in the kitchen.

  78. I hope you do finish, but if you don’t, look at how many other projects you’ve finished!! You’ve inspired so many of us to get outside our knitting comfort zones, and we’ve learned so much! I finished Branching Out tonight – my first lacework. You can read about it in my “official press release” when you have the time. πŸ™‚
    Citius! Altius! FORTIUS!

  79. *sigh*
    I think I only win really if I count the paid project that I finished.
    I am still hugely pleased that I have made a good start on the leaf cardigan, and now that I’ve done enough repeats of the pattern, I’m grooving on it when I am able to actually work on it.
    Steph, your Hardangervidda totally and utterly rocks. That is so GREAT! Go! It’s nearly there!

  80. Wow, that’s one gorgeous almost-sweater!! You can do it–if anyone can pull this off, it’s you.
    I hate to bother you at a time like this, but I had to change my project from the Aran-Weight Victorian Lace Shawl to one fingerless glove of my own design. I had pneumonia and the knitting I did while under the weather isn’t fit for human eyes.
    But, the single glove is done with 14 hours to the deadline! It’s not much compared to your project but then I’ve never actually finished a sweater. On the plus side, my family is still talking to me. Barely. And I’m not *too* short on sleep.
    We’re all rooting for you!

  81. There are very few who know the trick to warping the space-time continuum. Somehow you’ve got it, so get that mojo working and make some magic happen.
    But no pressure… πŸ˜€

  82. Stephanie, you are the ULTIMATE gold medal winner, because without you we would not have had this rather incredible movement. I never thought that I would knit something without a pattern, and because of you I not only succeeded, but am eager to start the next one. Thank you!!!
    I will have pictures of my beautiful self-designed, but as yet unnamed sweater on my blog tomorrow as soon as I’m sure it’s dry from the blocking.

  83. I read your post from yesterday and was really feeling your pain. I got up to the pits on my sweater front and was already decreasing when I realized that the centered ribs were NOT centered. My project was not, after all, a knitted throw for my friends’ wedding present, it was a reknit, which has had special frustrations. The yarn for the throw ended up being awful and the yarn for my ‘real’ project didn’t arrive on time. But as it stands, the pieces of my sweater are together and I have 50 million ends to sew in. After a false start or two, looks like I am closing in on the finish line!

  84. Who’s the Harlot, say it loud,
    Steph is, say it loud and proud!
    We’ve said it before and we will again,
    You can do it, Steph and Ken!
    Oh… I guess they don’t have cheerleaders at the Olympics. Oh well: they don’t, but you do.
    I don’t know if I’ll make it either. It’s all over but the seaming, but I’m a novice seamer. (Is it really so easy as the patterns all make it sound? “Sew seams,” they say, as if any fool could do this, no problem, even if the purl is on the right side.)

  85. Okay, if I can do it, so can you… Just finished my sweater (wasn’t sure I could – knitting to “Prairie Home Companion” really helped. Keep right on rockin’.

  86. Thank you. Thank you for inspiring and entertaining me. I finished my intarsia frog sweater for my 4 yr old. But believe me, if there wasn’t some greater commitment made, those ends would not be woven and those seams would be unsewn. Thank you, but now I will go back to my comfortable socks knowing that I can do more and I did. Thanks and good luck…

  87. You know, the Olympics are about beating your personal best and putting in your best effort. You don’t have to beat the world record every time.
    You are totally rocking! Take a moment to revel in the glory of your gorgeous new sweater and the wonderful work you have done!

  88. Unprintable colorful metaphors abound at Castle Aaaargh.
    Thank the powers that be for White Night. There’s knitting knitting knitting to be done. Then, the finishing.
    Thanks for enabling my breakdown….
    There’s still some wine left, so I’m not SOL, and neither are you. Go Knitter, Go!

  89. Happy to report that the Audrey who entered the Knitting Olympics as a 9-year-old has both turned 10 and finished her project in the last few days.

  90. Go Harlot go!
    You can do it and knowing you, you will! I agree that you deserve a medal for the inspiration you have given to knitter’s all over the world. Perhaps an Olympic Special Award?
    You inspired me to attempt to knit a cardigan in 16 days, something I thought was impossible. But I did it and with a day to spare. So thanks and good luck with your bid.
    Go, go, go!

  91. Oh my. I am the female biathlon runner from the Turkey. I was very finicky with the details, started out good with many preparations but when the first killer hill came I had to give up and look at my finished centre and one half-way finished border…. rip it all out (going downhill with my skis in my hand) and put em on the shelf for a good, long, time. Just like her I am now picking up my skis again, but not at an olympic pace, changing direction (using a written pattern) and finding the joy, instead of the pressure.
    I will knit my rosebud shawl through the closing ceremonies and maybe.. just maybe I’ll get gold in the paralympics! Wooo πŸ˜‰
    I think that there should be TWO gold medals: One for the ‘real’ olympics, and one for the paralympics. Everyone who doesent finish in the olympics are automatically entered in the paralympics with another chance on the gold!
    The paralympics start March 10 and end March 19.
    Now, the ball has been thrown into the air, lets see if anyone catches it and makes it spring to life.
    With hope for all of you,

  92. G’Oh Canada! Just watched Hughes and Claussen (sp?) finish Gold and Bronze in Torino. Canada is having a stellar Winter Games! And the team uniform is the coolest.
    I’m not going to write something saccharine and cliche about what an inspiration you are to knitters everywhere. (But you ARE and I hope you feel that in your very soul. Paranthetical saccharine overload IS allowed.) It doesn’t matter whether you finish by tomorrow, Stephanie. You ARE the gold standard.

  93. You rock.
    When you do take a step back from your (hopefully finished) incredible knitting feat, remember to notice what else you’ve inadvertently created along the way! Look at this incredible surge of energy, enthusiasm, determination, support, and community that YOU SPEARHEADED with this ‘crazy’ Knitting Olympic idea!!
    You galvanized 4000+ official entrants and who knows how many unofficial knitting athletes, fans, support staff, etc. to try something All At Once. Something breathtakingly Improbable (as personally defined).
    I can’t even start a stadium wave at a home-team’s winning game!
    Go You!

  94. Go Stephanie!!!
    Although you might not read this right now, but we’re all cheering for you because we all think you can make it!
    Go Stephanie!!!
    And when this is all over… take a few days off.

  95. Goal!
    Birch is done! I’ll wait for you and Ken and everyone who is not there yet to step up on to the podium too. Even if you don’t finish you deserve a medal for true Olympic effort and embracing the true spirit of the Olympics.
    Citius, Altius, Fortius!

  96. I have to agree with Constantina way up there at the top. As far as I am concerned (and I am sure everyone on here would agree), you get the gold just for coming up with this wonderful idea! It is so cool to think of being united with over 4,000 knitters in the Olympics. Thanks again for creating such a wonderful opportunity. You Rock!! πŸ˜‰

  97. Oh my…that sleeve. I know you’ll finish…I just know it. I finished on Thursday and Rainy finished yesterday- go Team Kvetch!!! This was such an awesome event…we’re not crazy! Really!

  98. Now if I can just find a USB cord for the camara. Yup. You heard right. I packed my bag yesterday and flew to Jacksonville to see some friends and forgot the cord. Thing is my friends’ also do not have their cords. Can we say screwed. I hope the date stamp on my camara will suffice. I won’t have one until Monday night! Arggh!
    Good luck Stephanie! You can do it!

  99. GO STEPHANIE!!!!!
    you can do it i know you can!
    (just try to be cool as a cucumber, cuz when your stressed… it really dosent help)

  100. As support staff for a member of Team Wales — and no way she’s going to finish on time, I told her she should have made my new gansey instead! — I want to thank you for the recognition.
    And wow, Ken looks like Shawn Rojeski!!
    Good luck from an avid spectator (must see if the knitter needs more caffeine…).

  101. You go, Stephanie!!!
    I finished this morning, not yesterday as planned. That ment that I didn’t have time for blocking my shawl, I had to do the quick-steam-thing. I’ll post pictures of it tomorrow. At some point I actually thought I couldn’t do this, and then I suddenly did anyway, I’m not sure how πŸ™‚ Thanks for hosting this KAL!

  102. Wow, this is suspenseful! I can’t wait to see how your sweater turns out.
    I fnished my Perfect Pie shawl last night. Wohoo! Pictures are posted on my blog.
    I have never really followed the Winter Olympics closely, this was a fun way to follow the sports and do a fun project.
    Thanks for putting this together, need I say YOU ROCK!

  103. You can Do It!!! Be inspired by Clara Hughes!!! I was going to say Brad Gushue, ‘cuz we know you you like him, but Clara was BEHIND in the 5000 for the ENTIRE RACE. She was almost 2 seconds back going into the last lap. Of the 5000!!!! And she WON!!! By a long shot!!!!
    (I’m finished my measly attempt at fair isle sweater knitting for the Olympics so I’m feeling very enthusiastic at the moment)
    Go Stephanie Go!!!

  104. You can do it!! Heck, if *I* can finish my project, you certainly can! Remember, though, easy on the wine–too much of that will louse you up for sure. πŸ˜‰

  105. So you probably don’t want to hear about how I finished 4 pairs of socks and blocked them? They’re on my blog in a parade of socks if you’re interested! Bwah ha ha…

  106. I don’t think that I am going to make it!! I too stayed up and got very bleary eyed and then noticed a mistake many rows down that I needed to frog! UGH!!!
    Next Knitting Olympics I will be better prepared with frozen edibles in the freezer and a coffee urn…forget 12 cups at time coffee maker!! Oh yeah, and maybe I won’t WATCH the actual Olympics so that I don’t get distracted!

  107. Ok, I’m feeling pretty pleased (and relieved) that I finished my project last night….but it was socks(!)….I don’t know how you can get so far on such a sweater in 16 days…..You are awesome – keep going, we are all cheering you on!

  108. I feel almost guilty posting that not only is my Olympic challenge (one sock) done but I am wearing a matching pair! In fact, in the past 4 weeks I have made 16 socks!! Although, I’m not sure the first miss-matched, miss-shapen, miss-sized, mistake ridden things made out of some worsted weight crap that was laying around actually count. But, after what I paid at MLYS for the fiber that is now hugging my feet in self-patterning glory, I was not about to have the crappy FIRST first socks made out of that.
    Thank you Stephanie. Without this challenge and deadline I would still be thinking “I’ll try socks one day”. Now, I am thrilled to say that not only have I tried socks, but I LOVE socks and am making my own patterns!! (I currently have 2 more pairs on needles and many more waiting). Next challenge…fair isle? fair isle socks!!
    Knit on Yarn Harlot! If anyone can do it you can!!

  109. I really have appreciated this effort by one and all. I did not finish my project. However, I got much further along than I would have on my own without any type of encouragement. Stephanie, thank you for uniting us as knitters. It is the race, the process, and the joy in the process of the craft of knitting that is the real prize. Blessings, Julie

  110. I finshed up late friday. Birch is beautiful. The KISS tote, well, did not felt up quite as well as every other felting project I have ever done, but it’s a functional bag and I will not be intimidated by Fair Isle again — nor will I attempt a felting project with Kureyon again (all day in the washing machine and still not as well felted as I would like!)
    Thanks for issuing this challange, Harlot. I had a blast and will continue to push myself past previous (often imaginary) limits.

  111. You can do it! You still have most of today.
    Cheeeering for you!
    I finished mine today. Actually finished yesterday, but did the felting today. It’s done, and picture in my blog.

  112. Go Steph! Go Ken! Go all knitters!
    It is the spirit of having tried and to be trying to the last moment that is most important. The spirit to participate and challenge oneself. What a wonderful event.
    Loved the coverage in the Globe!
    Go team!

  113. Stephanie,
    Don’t forget you knit because you love it. You don’t have to do it for any other reason. However…I FINISHED MY OLYMPIC SCARF!! Go me! Go me! Do I have to post a picture to get the gold?? Congratulations to everyone who took the time in their busy, crazy, very serious lives to participate in something just for the fun of it! The world needs more nuts like us!

  114. I did it I finished my project. I finally decided on a ‘Can’t lose my mittens’ sweater. It was the first sweater that I have knitted (started knitting on 12/25/05) I finished this mornong in time for my daughter to wear it to church. Learned that I can do sweater but need much work on seams. good luck to all

  115. Finally finished mine! Congratulations to all of us olympians and all those of the slightly more real ones in Torino!
    p.s. are we doing something extra special in 4 years for Vancouver? We hould start inundating the Olympic Comittee to force our canadian official clothing line to be cowichan knitted sweater or something.

  116. I’m still just half way done and I was too chicken to call in sick at work. Feel like I’m knit two, tink one. Your sweater looks great, so does Ken. Knit on

  117. Heja heja heja! (Swedish for encouraging athletes.) I only did a pair of mittens, so I’m finished. But I thought I should cry last Sunday when I realized they were too short in the palm. I hope you don’t use your time for reading this before the fire is out in Turin. I really hope you WILL finish in time!
    Heja heja heja!!

  118. I’m finished πŸ™‚ I knit an Aran weight Victorian lace shawl in a mohair yarn called Le Fibre Nobili Imperiale, a super kid mohair yarn which is heavier weight, and I figured would knit up like an Aran weight yarn. The shawl measures 42 inches long, 81 inches wide, and weighs slightly over 200 grams, incorporating three lace patterns, and six needle size changes. I’m absolutely delighted with it :))))) And I thank you for the absolutely brilliant concept of the Knitting Olympics! I’ve never tried anything this large and certainly would never have tried to complete it in this amount of time. You’re a total inspiration for knitters around the world!!

  119. I finished!! If judges awarded points based on degree of difficulty, I would not be in the same rink with you Stephanie. Your sweater is gorgeous!
    (KB knitting felt clogs)
    p.s. way to go Canada, you had the best Games.

  120. You can do it! Less than 24 hours ago, I was knitting half a hood, ripping it out, knitting another half a hood and then ripping that out too. I just didn’t have enough yarn. So I had to settle for the collar option on the pattern, though I’m not impressed by it much.
    My kid sweater is done! I sewed it up during the Finland-Sweden game. But you’re going to have to take my word for it because the hubby took the digital camera with him to ComiCon (without mentioning it to me) and I won’t have pictures until tomorrow.
    Does that still count?

  121. Posting with one hour – four minutes to go…
    I made it! The Double Wide “Branching Out” in KnitPicks – Shadow “Oregon Coast” is done!
    My eyes were bleary, i put war paint on around midnight to rev up my spirits amd the support team was nearby with coffee and words of encouragment…Ok, so i was up until half past 4 this morning knitting,while my partner lay snoring obnoxiously only feet away – but finally…it is done.
    Not only did i finish my first lace project, but i’ve also done my first blocking – EVER. Gee, i hope it dries in time for me to go to bed tonight or Deb’s gonna be sleeping with an Olympic double-wide “Branching Out” scarf!
    I must admit that some knitting time was lost while browsing other Olympian’s blogs via the linkage on the Athletes page…clearly i’ve not made it all the way through to everyone yet…that could take months, but it’s a goal alright! What fun!!
    Thanks for the good times! I’m off to post pics on my blog now. War paint pics included. LOL!

  122. I’m dying to see what the next challenge will be. How can you ever top this – though I’m sure you will come up with something. Loved the idea of the paralympics.

  123. Still one more hour to go! I battled hard the last hours and now I am done! I love the feeling of winning a gold medal. I hope you will reach the finish line it too! Pictures of my result are to be seen in my blog.

  124. 46 minutes to spare. Thanks for the ride Stephanie, it has been a blast and I have a lovely vest to boot. For the record Kathleen Doherty finished her first pair of socks a couple of days ago and my daughter Emily finished her hat last night. I am holding medal presentations for both of the girls this evening when they are both available. Awards include a gold medal (gold foil wrapped chocolate) and self striping sock wool and needles for Kathleen and some turquoise scarf yarn that Emily has been admiring at our lys for a while now. I am really proud of both of them.
    Tricia Weatherston

  125. hey that Ken is a rather handsome dude, no? is it just because his knitting makes him smile so? or does he smile for other reasons, like the amazing progress you both have made on your far-from-simple sweaters in less than appropriate time??? or have you both hit that screech stuff?

  126. I did it!! I finished my sweater at 11:55 today and want to thank you for the great idea and fun it has brought me and all my friends who were enjoying keeping track of my daily progress!! I was amazed at the number of people who had heard of this event. Maybe the COC should be posting our results too. Good luck with finishing yours!!

  127. Go Stephanie!!!
    I did get my project finished. Mine was way easier than Stephanie’s, though. And I did it in between writing a nasty note to TIME for their brief mention of us. Couch potatoes, indeed!! They should see the scarves I get done just waiting for the pediatrician while trying to comfort a sick kid (ok, so the older one is usually engrossed in a game on my mobile).
    I slo crocheted the flower for the center of the afghan, too. Baby is a girl, but I did the silly thing in blue because mom insisted on doing nursery in Cinderella- blue dress and all- hence the pink and white rose in the center. Does this count as a biathalon event???
    Hope everyone else is doing well and not stressing. I almost got to the point of strangling my husband last night (Sat.) because he was laughing at me and the Knitting Olympics. Guess that sweater I was planning on knitting him this year can wait until next year. This afghan is for his cousin, afterall.

  128. Hi there! I’m cheering from the sidelines over here… the sweater is BEAUTIFUL, by the way.
    So what’s Ken making? Is that a Clapotis? If so, that looks pretty much identical to mine – cream with little flecks of brown and black in it. πŸ™‚
    Best of luck to both of you – you started something really exciting here.

  129. Stephanie….you can do it! (I remember the blue Rhinebeck sweater, that’s how I know!)
    My goal was to knit on and finish one project. I started my event late, since I decided that I needed to finish the lace blanket for the new grandchild due March 15th before I began the new project, so I’ve been feeling like a winner for a long time now. My Olympic project is off the needles and ready to block and sew. Not a medal performance, but definitely a new PERSONAL BEST and a major accomplishment of which I am extremely proud. Thanks for encouraging me to do my best.

  130. Such courage! Reminiscent of that woman who wobbled over the finish line of the first Women’s Olympic Marathon in 1984. Bravo! Keep goin’!
    As for me…well, I’m approaching the heel on my first Lacy Sock…again.

  131. I’m a newbie excited to be part of the Olympics I’ve been following your progress and I’m rooting for you. I finished my toe up socks on circs but have no idea how to post it or what comes next. My daughter does the blogging and after she finished her Olympic project she went skiing leaving dumb old mom to fend for herself. So there will be no medal for me but the satisfaction I got from finishing my project makes me feel like a winner anyway – I’m known for leaving my projects unfinished.

  132. Ever have one of those events where you select the wrong yarn (a rayon thread-type yarn, that honestly makes beautiful lace but is brutal to knit) and your knitting needles break on the first day? I have slowed down. Ripped back a heck of a lot. But I’ve gotten further on this lace project than I’ve ever gotten before. (Almost to repeat 9 in the leaf lace shawl.) Not sure I’ll have it done by the time you come to Philly or NYC to visit. But I’ve managed to not offend family members, the cats still ‘speak’ to me, and I didn’t quit my day job. Hope all the Knathletes had as good a run as I did, and some had better.

  133. Thanks for a wonderful time, Ms. Harlot. A blast it has been to participate. I had to change my project from afghan to positive energy shawl, but couldn’t bear to ask you change my listing for me, so I just did it. I completed it yesterday.
    I’ve been knitting for only about 2 years and with every project I complete, I realize how much I have to learn…..such as changing circular needle size from 13’s to 17’s to make your positive energy shawl bigger because you are a PLUS-sized woman and will need a bigger shawl, will result in a garment that is more like a full-body burqa than a shawl. It has so much positive energy that I can wrap it around my shoulders several times(big smile)…..Thanks again for a wonderful time. The Captain

  134. The timer goes NEGATIVE??????????????????? Done, washed, laying on the board, but not pinned at 2:00!

  135. I’m done with my sweater. This is the first time I have ever done anything like this, and it was a great time. Well, not for my husband, he didn’t like it, because this meant I was knitting while he had to make dinner πŸ˜‰

  136. Go, Stephanie!
    Thanks for the inspiration to do this! I barely finished my socks on time, but I did it. But I don’t know that I would have tried them this soon without your Knitting Olympics.

  137. Come on Stephanie, you can do it!! There is still time! I’m finished. And if I can, you can! The feeling is great, you will love it. Almost, like I really was there!

  138. Keep going!!! You’ve done a WONDERFULL job so far!!
    I’m knitting tonight (finishing the last part of mine tonight durring the closing ceremony — as long as there is no SUPER catrostphes!)
    Thanks for making the first huge project something to look forward too. I have learned a lot and surpised myself with this project. I cant wait to start my next project!!
    Thanks again…

  139. I FOUND IT !!!…..A good news article about THE KNITTING OLYMPICS !!! IT is in The GLOBE and MAIL, Toronto Newspaper – accessable to read and print up online. To read it, type up this url: http// .The news page will come up with various news articles listed. You will click on to the article title that reads: “Needling for gold”. When you do, the full news article only, will come up in a printable form for you to read, and to also print up for your own copy to show off to friends and family !!! I hope this is helpful…I have been unable to find a TIME magazine anywhere..all sold out once word got out about us KNITTING OLYMPIANS…but then THIS article in The Globe and Mail is a much Finer piece of journalism — of the caliber we knitters and Knitters DESERVE !!!! GO TEAM GO !!! Like an aurora borealis, I can see all those needle sparks a’flying world-wide,all the way here to Buffalo,NY,(we’re next door to Niagara Falls)…..OH-OH!!! speeking of needles I better get back to mine!!…we’re down to the wire….OMG! This IS so much FUN!!!!GO!!GO!!GO!!GO!!………

  140. Thanks, Stephanie, for the challenge. This was fun! I have no idea, though, what I will do with the shawl I knit as it is not *me*. I was constantly stopped and asked, as I was KIP’ing the shawl, “Is that for the Knitting Olympics?!” You should get an extra medal, an MVP kind of thing, for raising the awareness of knitting as a sport. [And yes, I finished with ten minutes to spare.]

  141. Done! And proudly wearing said done item. Whew. Finished the knitting three days ago but waited until this morning (of course) to sew the W#@^&)^* bias hem facing up. Now onward to bigger obsessions.

  142. Thank you for being such an inspiration. I worked on my sweater the first day and decided I didn’t like the openness of the pattern. Put it aside and went back to my various crochet projects. But last week the guilt settled in and I knew I needed to do it, just for the experience of making a knitted sweater. So I picked it up again and finished it today (Sun) at 9:30 am PST. I am really happy, proud and amazed that I finished. Best of luck on yours, if anyone can do it you can.

  143. I finished Saturday, 4am central standard time. I did josephine from knitty. I’m super proud of myself. This was a fantastic idea! I had a blast!

  144. I FOUND IT…AGAIN!!!……It seems that OUR article online in the Globe and Mail doesn’t always come up directly from the URL I just previously listed…BUT you can ALSO get to it this way: http// .This will take you to their front page online. Here you will type in: ‘olympic knitting’ onto the space for ‘search archives ‘…then click on the “GO” button…this will give you the page with various news articles on it…look for the one titled: “Needling for gold” by SONJA PUZIC 25/02/06 Page M2 .Click onto this title and it will bring up the full news article only, and it will be in printable form for you to immediately print up if you want to do so!…GOOD LUCK!!….Gosh! I hope this way works well for all of you! Well, all we can do is try!!…..Back to them magic needles and the Olympic Games Closing Ceremonies..YEEEE–HAAAA!!!!!

  145. Got my fingers and toes crossed for you, Harlot. I did finish my Nordic style mittens at about 8:30 p.m. CST Feb. 25. Whew! There was still some blue air above my head since I had a false start on the last thumb and had to rip out about an inch and a quarter and start it over again. Wow, what a learning experience and what a challenge. Thanks for the idea and thanks for pushing me to challenge myself.

  146. Oh, well. For all of you who have finished and yes, I’m sure you did by now, Stephanie!! – there are hundreds of us who didn’t but improved ourselves along the way, just like the hundreds of Olympians in Turin who we never heard of, will never hear of, but went home happy and proud because they were there participating. I didn’t finish but I will soon, and I really enjoyed the whole thing. I think it should be an annual event. To commemorate it I’m going to try to knit a Dale sweater (something I would never contemplate in my right mind but Stephanie, you inspire us to greatness) – perhaps the pattern made for this year’s Olympics. They sell a sweater with my name on it (literally, it’s called the Martha sweater) but it seems you can only get it ready made, and that’s cheating!!

  147. I Made it i made it.. So Now im here.. Thanks for all the fun you have created. All the happines and all the frustartion from our loved once when we bought new yarn and couldnt go tobed because we needed to knitt.. πŸ˜‰ I realy hope you made it too Stephanie

  148. My afghan of novelty yarns is finished as of yesterday afternoon. It is a gorgeous, hairy, autumn colored thing with scads of long uneven fringes. I wish I had a blog so as to post a pic….I would have never done this without the Olympic challenge. I made it without a pattern and it is reversible. I did take it to my LYS for sip and knit and received a lot of compliments there, lol.
    Thanks again Stephanie and all…..I jumped right in and will now be able to do another one.
    This challenge was very helpful to me and I do so hope you finish.

  149. I finished my the hooded sweater with just hours to spare. I actually seamed it together when it was still slightly damp so I would get it done in time for a gold medal. Thanks for the challenge.

  150. Go, Steph, go!
    Go, team go!
    My Knitting Olympics project is *done*, as of this morning!
    (first-ever baby layette: afghan, sweater, mitts, socks, and hat)
    (still can’t believe it-!)
    All the best to all Knitting Olympians as you reach *your* finish lines…and your own “personal bests”!
    Go, knitters, go!

  151. My project is finished, may not be what you are doing but then again I would still be working on your pattern a year from now. Mine was a Prayer Shawl in a wavy pattern of my choosing out of Barbara Walker’s book. It entailed counting stitches and rows all 70+ inches. Thanks for starting this. I’ll think about continuing this Olympic tradition.

  152. I did it! I hope you survive, too! Thank you so much, Stephanie, for dreaming up this wonderful, crazy, challenging Knitting Olympics. It’s been a fantastic experience!

  153. If I can do it … anyone can do it … and isn’t it the effor that counts? How far would you have gotten if it hadn’t been a challenge to complete? My only question is this: how do we collect our gold medals and put them on our blogs? I love reading yours by the way.

  154. I’m done! Yeah, I feel so accomplished! Lots of photos of the Fairly Easy Fair Isle are on my blog. Take a look!
    I’m ready for the closing ceremonies and my medal. This was a fun group project.
    And I’m cheering on poor Stephanie as well. None of the rest of us had to do this while we also taught at two knitting seminars and went on book tour. Plus knit the most difficult sweater known to man.

  155. Yippee! I actually finished Friday night at about 10pm PST. It was fun, challenging, and I learned a LOT – not just techniques, but about myself as a knitter (e.g. now I know I can start and finish a project in a discrete period of time, but I prefer to work on a number of projects at once – ADHD knitter). I’m actually looking forward to seaming a sweater now! Hope you made it Stephanie – and the effort is a gold medal effort if not! Thanks so much for this great 16 days!

  156. There are a thousand reasons why I am glad you came up with the Knitting Olympics. Among the top are the sense of pride I have at having set a real goal and worked hard to complete it. But the best part will be wearing my shawl and knowing that I did it. I feel like a better knitter now – I have solved problems and pushed through frustration, and have come out a winner. THANK YOU!

  157. I learned a new (Norwegian) expression today: “stang ut”. It is originally from football, and means that the ball hits the side of the goal and bounces out. The Norwegian commentators have been using it a lot – the Norwegian team seems to be pulling in a record number of 4th places. I had about 200 stitches left per sock – total 400 stitches – when the flame went out. “Stang ut”!
    Blame it on the student advisor at the school where I am considering spending the next three years of my life. I asked for an appointment on “Friday or Monday”, and he, not knowing about the KO, gave me an appointment on Friday.

  158. I did not participate in the Olympics this year, however, Steph, I am rooting for you! I’m betting on you for the gold!

  159. I’m done! Yea! I finished my lace mobius! It is even blocked.
    Thank you so much for coming up with this idea, Stephanie! It has really been fun. Whether you reach your very very difficult goal doesn’t matter. You are an Olympian! You have created a knitting Olympic Village. I enjoyed going to participant’s blogs and seeing their events- almost makes me want a blog (not!!) Thanks again.

  160. We’re all behind you. And if you don’t finish, try not to beat yourself up about it too much. Just organizing something like this is quite the feat.
    And on that note, I’ve finished my project πŸ™‚

  161. Stephanie,
    Thanks so much for the KO. It was so much fun. I told everyone about your idea, and they loved it! I finished my Opal socks a little while ago. I never dreamed I could knit a pair of socks so fast! My husband is so proud of me! Shoot, I’M proud of me. And all my friends/students at school tomorrow will be thrilled to see my completed ‘Olympic Socks’!
    Your sweater is going to be beautiful. I know you can do it. Keep knitting girl! You’re the best!
    Marianne B.

  162. You go girl! I didn’t have the heart to tell you I finished my moebius scarf last week. You are like the competitor who has to complete several different events and finally reaches the finish line totally exhausted. Your sweater looks wonderful so far. I salute you for you heroic efforts.

  163. Suspense is killing me. It’s about 7:45 EST now. Did she make it? Maybe it’s not officially over yet.

  164. It looks gorgeous. Seriously. I was experimenting with colors the other day, and I managed to make a somewhat slanted checker pattern with two colors on size eleven needles for a (very small) felted bag. Not even a bag. More like a pot. It took me about an hour to do three inches. I was so proud of myself. Until I realized I needed to be doing my sock.
    As for my horror story? I was finishing my first sock on a bus ride from Puget Sound to Idaho. We got caught behind an avalanche in the pass, so our bus ride went from a seven hour bus ride to a ten hour bus ride. All the more time to knit, right? Well, as I was getting ready to do the kitchner stitch on the toe, I realized I had no darning needles. It was also dark on the bus. It was around ten at night, and I had been on a bus for ten hours. And I had just heard this guy tell me all about his romantic romps the last choir trip, and it was really more than I wanted to hear. Anyways. I have no needles. But I decide that since I’m knitting socks and that the needles I’m using anyways are small, I might as well use the fifth needle. Big mistake. I end up dropping half of them. I’m tired and I have no idea what I’m doing, so I stop. The next morning I’m looking at this toe. It looks like Pac-Man.
    I have no idea how I’m going to fix this. Magic, I guess. In the next half hour.

  165. Team Leader for Team Kenya has completed her Toddler Sweater and the additional event entry of Slouchy Socks (totally complicated by shortage of yarn and slippery needles). Second team Member K. is still finishing her piece.
    We’re cheering you on from here. We expect you will complete the event and fall exhausted across the finish yarn.

  166. The sweater is simply gorgeous, Stephanie. You don’t have anything to feel bad about:)
    I also misread my fair isle chart, thinking that when the chart was finished, the bag was almost done. (see my blog) Needless to say, it isn’t looking real good for me to finish, either. But I like the idea of the wine. Think I’ll indulge in a little merlot I have stashed under the sink!
    (Good lord! People are going to think I’m an alcoholic)

  167. I did it! About 3:30pm, I sang Happy Birthday and presented dh with his 30th b-day gift – 2 1/2 years late, but DONE! He wore it out to our celebratory dinner tonight. Thanks, Steph, for the inspiration to turn a UFO that has haunted me for years into an accomplishment that makes me PROUD!

  168. Stephanie – you are such a champion!
    You motivated THOUSANDS of us to knit our little fingers off! You took on a totally Dangerous project, and travelled all over the continent! That’s total gold in my book.
    I finished my Fair Isle poncho (which appears to really want to be a drindle skirt) last night – I can barely believe it! Now I just need to get ahold of a decent digital camera (ours is broken) so I can post pictures.

  169. Ain’t NO way my stole, Olympia, will be done. I’ve completed 166 rows, but no amount of blocking will make that “done”. Real Olympic athletes have coaches to help them set goals that will stretch them but are still within the realm of possibility. Me, well, I should have had the sense (humility???) to get me a coach who would laugh in my face when I set out to do this project in only 16 days. All that said, I’m incredibly proud of Olympia, and I will let my “Olympic Flake” flag fly with pride (thanks to Zib).

  170. Stephanie,
    I finished officially Saturday and wanted to say thank you for prompting me to challenge myself. I had no idea I was capable of such a feat. This challenge proved to me that I’m a better knitter than I think I am and that I can accomplish just about anything I set my mind to.
    Thank you and good luck! You’ve already “made it” in my book even if your sweater isn’t done. Thanks again.

  171. Dana the Timorous reports that she has two socks for DH knitted, blocked, and on his happy little feet. If she can do it she knows Stehpanie can do it, too.

  172. Finished! I added an extra ‘event’ (I needed plain knitting on opening day so did a pair of fingerless mittens – – to send to CIC). My actual ‘event’ was my first pair of socks so instead of knitting them for my (extra-large) feet, I chose a child’s small size. Which is a good thing since I knit about 8 heels/toes for one pair – luckily I frogged four so my finished socks should fit a normal child’s foot. I think I completed the Biathalon – my socks had lots of twists and turns, some uphill and downhill sections, but the accuracy mattered as much as speed. Thanks so much, Stephanie for the incentive to actually start and finish my socks. I’ve wanted to a long time and you provided the incentive I needed. Now I’m ready for my own pair. Good luck with your sweater. The pieces have been beautiful, but I think the bank teller needs to know how wrong he is about the people who participated in the First Knitting Olympics.

  173. You can do it! The sweater looks amazing so far – you deserve gold. Thanks for starting up what I hope will become a tradition! I finished my leg warmers this morning – I posted a pic of my little sis modeling them in my blog. πŸ™‚

  174. Oh Stephanie, I cannot imagine ever being able to knit something as gorgeous as your sweater. But I am extremely proud to be the owner of a completed Booga Bag. I really had my doubts for awhile. I can make some of the silliest if I could just catch them a bit sooner! But, for me, the best part of this has been being a part of something bigger. I am a solitary knitter..not by choice, but it was wonderful to feel a part of so many other knitters. Thank you so much. To celebrate my success I have casted on for a sock (using worsted so maybe I can actually see what I am doing) and tomorrrow I will take the film to the store for developing and maybe this week I can figure out how to get pics on my new, but barely posted in, blog. Thanks again!

  175. I succumbed to the truculent passive-aggressive resistance to knitting anything with a deadline attached about a week ago. Suddenly, I was *way* more interested in knitting anything other than that darn shawl. So my sweater- and socks-in-progress have seen much more play in the last week than they ever would have otherwise. πŸ˜‰ If you didn’t finish today, *please* take a day to blink and sober up, and then look carefully for any glaring errors *before* you cut steeks. Pretty please? You’d hate yourself. Congrats on doing such an amazing job so far!

  176. Oh, I just know that right about now you are celebrating as your finished sweater makes the rounds around the restaurant. Your shaking hands are being lovingly massaged and you are being fed lovely foods and, er, supportive drink. I feel it in my bones!
    Oh, and I finished! I took my lacy Embossed Leaves socks off the blockers this morning, and I even got off my blogless bum and posted an ongoing progress report, with editorial comments, on my sweetie’s blog. Look at you, dragging me into modernity kicking and screaming.

  177. Well, I finished the “tank top of my own design” at 0823 this morning. I had no idea that it would take so long to finish a 2×2 rib tank top. Last night it took at least 6 hours of grafting, un-grafting, and re-grafting to get the shoulder seams to look passable to my standards. It was my first attempt at grafting and I wouldn’t have felt the need to try it if not for the Knitting Olympics. Thanks for coming up with the whole idea. I’m looking forward to the Summer Olympics in 2008!

  178. Damn, I got 4/5 of the way through before time was up. I knew I should have done something smaller, like socks. Much too much homework. Didn’t my teachers know I had important knitting to do???
    I know you finished! You’re now enjoying some well-earned rest, right?
    I’m glowering at a 4/5 of the way done pullover.

  179. Thanks for a great challenge. I finished not 16 pr of socks for CIC but 17 pr. PLUS I actually tried my hand at dying the 3 pr of white socks I knit. This was such a great experience. Thanks Stephanie.

  180. Team Cuba Done! Some loose ends etc… thanks for killing 2 weeks of my life! Now back to the dirty dishes, laundry, bills. YOU CAN DO IT! Vale!

  181. I finished my Olympic project before the end of the games — the prayer shawl. It is…interesting. I knitted it for a one-time olypic gold medalist who is battling cancer. She chose the yarn, though she has has never knitted before. Her choices have created an orginal, cuddly, colourful, and fuzzy shawl. It is full of prayers and blessings. Feel free to include her in your prayers. Now I’m s gold medalist too!!!

  182. Whew! Finished at 7PM, but not done… or, why didn’t I leave myself some time to rip out a 13″ tall x 18″ wide cowl neck and come up with something a little less dramatic and a little more me? So, I’ll rip it out tomorrow… nonetheless this has been a great experience and I soooo appreciate all your efforts to make it happen (that goes for the support team too)!!! I hope you are happy.

  183. Yay! I did it! And Yay to everyone that finished, and tried hard to finish, and just tried. My Stitch n Bitch Nation “Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers” have been completed, and gifted. I had never done a 50 row chart pattern before, nor had I cabled in the round. It was fun and challenging..
    Thanks Stephanie for challenging everyone to join you. It’s been great fun!

  184. Thanks for the challenge, I finished my cable tunic as well as the 5 socks I added to the challenge when I realised I’d underestimated what I coudl achieve! I even watched some of the Olympics while I worked! Congratulations to everyone who took part whetehr you finished or not!

  185. I finished the Torino sweater! I wouldn’t have started it if you hadn’t said you were going to knit a Dale sweater. I’m just to competative to not challenge myself to knit an insanely huge project if I know someone else is going to try it.
    The biggest advantage to knitting a sweater with steeks in a limited amount of time is that you don’t have time to think about not cutting your sweater. I had no choice but to stitch and to cut. I now have the confidence to knit some of those other patterns that always seemed to be too hard. “Folk Vests” here we come!

  186. Wow, this was such a cool idea!! It was great fun knowing that you were 1 of close to 4000 people sweating and swearing, sobbing and the final feeling of euphoria of completing a project in 16 days!!
    And now on my noggin sits a hat where before ther was none:)
    Thanks for pulling this all together, I look forward to seeing the big picture of your sweater!

  187. Well, the shawl isn’t quite done, but I have learned a lot, spun more yarn because I underestimated, but am still sticking to it, and I really think that alone is an Olympic event!!! Stephanie, thank you for reminding us that while this was a challenge, it was not to be life altering, and I took time to be with family and friends, and never felt guilty while doing it!!! And the shawl will be beautiful, and done very soon!!! Thanks for the challenge!!!

  188. Thanks not to having Internet connection at home (we’ve just moved…) I managed to finish my Ene’s Scarf! Less blogging and more knitting. And during ice hockey final I even crocheted a scarf for my little brother. And so I have a terrible wrist ache, thanks to olympics! ;D

  189. It’s done. not by the time the torch was extinguished but before midnight. The Future Forward aran. ready to wear by a small size person. Thank you Steph for the olympics. It’s been such fun sharing it with family and friends. My daughter set up a blog for me and it’s been great. here’s the url for my blog if anyone is interested

  190. Go Steph Go! We’re pulling for ya – and we’d help ya knit if we weren’t so busy trying to complete our own projects! πŸ˜€ It’s only due to some really bad nights on a guest bed while visiting the in-laws that I finished my clapotis early Sunday AM. Can’t believe I actually finished. I really hope you managed a miracle and got yours done, too. Now take a week off and SLEEP, EAT, and SLEEP some more. πŸ˜€

  191. Thank you sooooo much for this excellent idea!
    It was great to be a member of olympic knitting team.
    And best of all (except of having finished my own project: klaralund and gloves) my family! First they laughed at me…knitting olympics….but then they were supporting me!!!!!!!

  192. I’m dying know how you managed on Sunday! I was overtaken by my family until the babies crashed into their beds (the biggest upswing of 16 month olds not having their afternoon nap) so I didn’t start sewing up my felted bag until 7:30 pm while I watched the closing ceremonies. I’m happy to say that I finished it as the news was starting.
    Felting the hat on Saturday was a blast. It’s not the hat I had intended to knit (wanted a flat brim, not a rolled one), but it is awesome!
    Please mark me down for projects completed!!! That is, when you wake up from your well-deserved catch-up sleep.
    Thank you so much for compelling so many to do so much in such a short time.

  193. If I had to guess, I would say that you finished and fell on the ground, totally exhausted.
    I am anxious to see the finished sweater, but I will wait.
    I finished the Estonian Socks late Saturday night. Soaked them, blotted them and by Sunday noon they were dry and respectable looking, for a Christmas stocking. They were challenging and interesting to make and I will save them as a trophy to document this crazy endeavor. Thanks for the challenge. vj

  194. Ok – well the first ever sweater attempt ended with great success – last Tuesday – so I knit a roll brim hat to match. I had all the seams sewn and it was mailed on Friday. Yay!! Thanks for the challenge – now I’m ready to go onto biggger projects – cables. I have to believe that you finished your sweater and have also earned gold! It has been looking great in the pictures. Thanks for all your inspiration – love reading your blog.

  195. I never sewed buttons on so fast in my life … the finish line was in my sights and I DID IT! Bet you did also … with no sleep, but you did it right?

  196. well… it’s been a few days, we’re all curious-are you done? you put yourself up to one heck of a challenge!
    psst. i’m done πŸ™‚ i really didn’t think i was going to get it finished, but i did friday night. thank you so much for this idea. i really liked working with a deadline… made me focus (and i need that!)

  197. Your Olympics inspired me to attempt the lace scarf Town & Country from KnitPicks. I had lots of trouble initially but forged on. It’s been a blast being a part of this, Stephanie. Thank you for encouraging us all!!

  198. I’m on the list for “hat and scarf,” but I decided almost immediately that those would be Too Easy for the Olympics. So I opted for one Tiptoe Sock (my first sock ever! And my first intarsia! And my first time with dpns!) instead… and it’s not finished (I cast on late, and then I took a four-day road trip WITH MY CHILDREN in the middle of the Olympics), but the exciting part is done (the tulips, and the turned heel), and I’m really happy with that. I can’t claim gold, but I’m awarding myself bronze for even attempting this. It was scary. Will finish the second sock by the end of March, which will be just about the right time to break out the sandals in MN. Woohoo! πŸ™‚
    Many thanks to Stephanie for starting this thing, and to all for being so very enthused about it.

  199. We are all waiting to see your finished sweater! I finished at midnight on Saturday night. Two firsts for me….a sweater and intarsia! Thanks for dreaming this up!

  200. Everyone this is HUGE! They just ran a ticker on CNN with the story of 4000 knitters knitting for the olympic challenge! Go us!

  201. Sigh, I didn’t make it! I was a dual activity olympian. I scored gold on the breast cancer benenfit organizing. I was disqualified in the knitting category. I did learned a lot. I learned cables are hard to gage for, row counter are imperative, and never underestimate the power of couting your stitches every so often.

  202. I’m rooting for you! I finished my Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers Saturday night, and I was so happy! But more importantly, I learned a lot about cabling (my goal) and found out there’s a local Rogue knitalong from someone who saw me knitting at a preschool class. (Rogue is my goal someday, maybe even this fall). The Knitting Olympics was fun, can’t wait for the Summer ones…

  203. Didn’t finish before the end of the Olympics, ’cause I hit a couple snags, that I have since gotten over (I really gotta learn to read patterns in their entirety before I start!), but I will be done soon! Only a couple more inches of the front to go, and then the finishing. Not a gold medal performance, but I needed a change from doing socks, and I got it. Thanks!
    Next Olympics…..a shawl!! Or in honor of the Olmpics being in China, perhaps the Pearl Buck swing sweater from Interweave Knits!

  204. I DID IT!!!
    I have pictures and a story to tell!!
    I’ll check back tomorrow to see how you did; glad to see I’m not the only one who experienced some setbacks!! Loved this idea and I need more deadlines and motivations to make any kind of dent in my stash!! Don’t really want to wait until next Winter Olympics…Summer knitting anyone…in 2008? Looking forward to another chapter in knitting history tomorrow!! Lynn B.

  205. Dearest Harlot! I been looking for an update from you. It is so quiet? Are you ok? I succeded with my winter coat in self design – that is visible on the (within time, sunday). Garngamen means yarn vulture in Swedish. And again. Hip hurray for you arranging this Knit OS, it made the Swedish papers…Its great!
    /Best regards, Sigrid

  206. I didn’t finish – didn’t even really get started on Ene’s Shawl. After three false starts, I was disqualified! What can I say! There’s always Vancouver –

  207. Stephanie,
    I hope you got your sweater done!!!! You are definitely brave for taking on that monster (and an inspiration to us all.)
    As for me, my Rogue is done… I wore it while watching the closing ceremonies last night (finished it with 2 hours to spare… but only because I got up at 7 am to do it…)
    Can’t wait to look through other people’s blogs and see their finished (or not) projects!

  208. The fun is all in the knitting! And think of how many people you inspired to knit! I’ve been in the middle of 2 scarves (scarves…scarves!) since December and still haven’t finished them. But I completed a pair of wrist warmers (my first project on DPNs) in 2 weeks! I wouldn’t have done that without the KO!
    Also, the KO got me to start reading your blog more often, and I went out and got “Yarn Harlot” for my mom as a bday gift.

  209. I’m beginning to wonder if our dear harlot didn’t throw herself upon the pointy sticks in an act of hari-kari at the prospect of either a) being finally done or b) missing the finish line.
    We’re all holding our breath to find out the photo finish, O Yarny Goddess! How’d it go?

  210. I am so curious to know how your beautiful sweater turned out. Even before we started breakfast my husband asked about your sweater.
    I set the bar low with a chunky baby sweater, finished early and then decided to challenge myself with a second one. That came down to the wire – especially after I accidentally sewed the front shoulder to the bottom hem of the back.
    Thank you so much for all that you do to inspire us!

  211. Hello? Is everything alright in there? I hope you’re getting some well-deserved victory sleep … but fear that you’re passed out in a big pile of yarn only waking up know and then to scream out “Ribbed shoulders?!?!” and “Needle sizes, damn you!”

  212. I did not finish.
    There were many obstacles in my way that I tried to overcome.
    I was sick, then i got better and my daughter got sick and just wanted to be held (its hard to knit with a sleeping 1yr old in your lap)
    Then she had her birthday and well excuses aside. I did not make it. However if I work at it I might make it by this weekend? Do I get a silver medal if i make this weekend?
    How about bronze??
    Hope you made it -HUGS!

  213. Can’t say enough about the thrill of victory and realize that along the way I also tasted the agony of defeat. It was only a baby sweater but I learned so much about gauging correctly, top down and the underarm dilemma and how important it is to go ahead and rip and redo and look at it as a learning experiecne.
    I did finish, at 9pm last night and can’t thank you enough Stephanie for bringing us all together for such an incredible event.
    Can’t wait to see your finished project, I am in awe of your many great abilities!

  214. Um,hello? Stephanie? Are you there? *wonders if marvelous knitter Stephanie has passed out in exhaustion after marathon all-night session to finish ‘Danger’ sweater*
    Aww, come on, whining here. The suspense is killing me!

  215. I was so impatient to hear about an update, that I posted to the wrong blog entry πŸ™
    Either way, I’m dying to know the outcome!

  216. Interesting, how we all went from yelling at you for posting to whining for a post to know how it turned out.
    I didn’t enter, and didn’t finish, but my next project will be a hat or a pair of socks. And maybe I’ll see if I can finish them in 16 days.
    Thanks so much for thinking of the KO and showing just how many of us “weirdos” knitt. The KO got me back into knitting, after only learning last summer. See, your influence is spreading.

  217. Well you’ve certainly got a captive audience! I nearly called the Old Yorke last night to see how the sweater (party) was coming along. Hope you’re getting some well-deserved rest. Will wait, anxiously, with the rest to see the results. Either way – you done good!!!

  218. Thanks, Stephanie for the inspiration!!
    Congratulations to all KO participants & spectators.
    You are all winners because you CREATE !!
    Q. How long do we wait for the Italian snow to settle before we start dreaming of projects for Canada?
    Will there be summer styles for the summer games?
    Ummm …and its just over 2 weeks to the start of the Commonwealth Games …. that’s when I’ll be knitting & watching.

  219. Terrific Steph! If anyone could finish such an ambitious undertaking, I knew you could. I admit, I was a little worried for you at Saturday’s post. Congratulations and thank your for the inspiration, fun and spirit of unity you infused in thousands of knitters worldwide!

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