How about that.

Last night I learned something interesting about my knitting. (Well, I learned that I really suck and that I can’t count to seven reliably, but that’s for another day.)

I always thought that I had a lot of knitting projects on the go because I was weak, flighty, not particularly monogamous in this particular area.

I thought that I just lacked focus. (Joe just spit coffee. Having endured marital debate with me I am sure he would like you to know that I have endless focus for other things. Like, say…the lesson that if I go away for five (5) days, NOTHING that I cooked before I left should still be in the fridge when I come back, or that cucumbers have truly lost all of their nutritional usefulness once they are a vague brown liquid in the bottom of the crisper and that if you have to POUR a vegetable out of the fridge you probably should have gotten to it a little sooner. (Sorry. Turns out that I’m not quite over yesterdays talking points. I’ll try to lose focus on that.)

Turns out that I have several projects on the go at once for reasons that actually make sense and aren’t just a sign of my lack of knitterly integrity.

1. If you have several projects on the go then you don’t have to tell your family that you can’t go to the movies during the Olympics because you are at a chart part. You just go get your sock.

2. If you had (hypothetically speaking of course) a manuscript that you needed to finish looking over


you wouldn’t need to choose between doing that and doing your olympic knitting. You could just choose something that would go around and around nicely while you read and nobody would have to resent anything.

3. If you had lots to choose from then at the exact moment that you thought “Double pointed needles are dumbass” when you (for the third time in 24 hours) pulled a needle free of your work while taking the thing in and out of your purse, that exact moment you could go and get a project on straights and glare viciously at the dpns until you felt better.

4. Finally, if for reasons that you cannot explain, having successfully knit stuff exactly like this before, and despite having used an entire collection of post-it-notes to mark your spots on the chart and counted and counted and tinked and swore and pulled the work out a grand total of six (6) times before you got the establishing row right on the top of the sleeve, you could pretend to your blog readers that you had abandoned it out of boredom instead of having to admit that a row of 119 stitches had kicked your arse.


I’m starting to get a little twitchy, and it isn’t just the knitting monogamy that’s getting to me. Astute readers will have noticed the presence of a new ticker on the sidebar, a gift from the clever husband of Anny (I think you can get the code from her – assuming that she can look up from her Olympic knitting long enough – remember to keep the demands on Olympians low right now. They need their focus.) and I LOVE it, but I’m torn. I think I might have to start only looking at it once a day, instead of knitting in front of it, watching it tick nauseatingly ever closer to the finish line.

Dudes. I have so got to finish this sleeve.

(PS. What do you think the odds are that I’ll laugh if someone tells me they see a mistake in that?)

204 thoughts on “How about that.

  1. Since I lost three days by knitting the wrong size (who needs a sweater with a 75″ chest) (this is what I get for using a pattern generator and trying to do the math on the subway platform so I can cast on during the commute home, stupid office jobs), I’m kind of freaking out about the counter.

  2. I completely agree with you on the necessity of having several projects on the go at once! Woman were made to multi-task!! Good luck on finishing (and the sleeve looks fantastic)! Thanks for the daily read – what would we do without you?!!

  3. A MANUSCRIPT???? Did I hear right? I’m afraid I’m not in the Knitting Olympics, but I’m watching it every day, and am cheering on the participants. You have started a phenomenon(sp), we will have to find a Torch Bearer, knit torch, of course, to start the games next year. OMG, can you just IMAGINE what the Knitting Olympics are going to be like NEXT year? Better start planning right after the closing ceremonies!

  4. Looks beautiful! Love the green and white. As a knitting olympics fan, I cheer for you – especially as you are on Team Canada! Go Team Canada! How much are you loving the Women’s hockey team?!?

  5. Thanks for writing again, Stephanie..I was jonesying and losing lots of OK time because I kept checking the blog…And, just how are you liking Tacoma??????????? wow..I’m the first post!! YAY!! At least I’ll get a medal in something!!!

  6. Mistakes become design elements if they are repeated, and patterns are made to be changed. There is no such thing as a mistake in knitting.

  7. I don’t feel quite so bad now, having lost an entire day’s progress cause I had to frog 6 (200+ stitch) rows of my shawl cause I apparently have lost the ability to count.
    I noticed the counter on the sidebar, but I was hoping if I didn’t say anything about it, it might just go away quitely. It’s freakin’ me out, man.
    Tick, tick, tick.

  8. I think anyone who has the nerve to point out any mistakes in Olympic knitting should be horsewhipped!!!!! They should get on with their own knitting and leave yours alone! Thanks for taking the time to blog, it is a bright spot in any day to read your posts!

  9. I have had my share of issues with my lace scarf also. I do kind of wish I had a plain sock to comfort me.
    The Knitting Olympics is actually mentioned in Time Magazine this week, it’s amazing. I posted the mention on my blog.

  10. Some day (maybe not in this life though) I will tackle a project like that, but I have a lot of learning to do in the meantime.
    Do you actually knit in the dark while watching movies? I tried it with crochet once on a car trip after dark and ended up with my first freeform crochet. I think my husband used it for an oil rag. πŸ™‚

  11. Yes, I’m getting a bit twitchy, too. The Tina Shawl is pouting in its bag from lack of attention, its sweet little self saying “just one more pattern repeat. . . pleeeeez” as I slog away on the neckdown hooded sweater. I’m happy to say that I’m in the middle of the 3rd of 7 yarn balls. . . now that makes me about 35% done if my arithmetic is correct. . . no Tina today. We won’t even speak of the dust bunnies that are accumulating in the corners. They’re gradually evolving into sentient life forms. Knitting on. . . this is a marathon, not a sprint.

  12. The sleeve looks gorgeous. As I am on row 4 of the first piece (back) my sweater pattern, I would hardly be the one to give you grief anyway.
    Isn’t knitting supposed to make you *more* relaxed?

  13. I’ve found I can’t stick with just one project either. Only when I am very close to finishing do I neglect all else and work overtime on just one project so I can finish.

  14. Did you just look at my crisper?? Just the other day Jason opened it up to look for a beer (because really isn’t that the only use for a crisper) and he commented on the brown juice coming from the vegetables. Of course he didn’t clean up the juice, just mentioned it to me (that and the fact that we were out of beer) {sigh}

  15. Sweater looks great and your discussion points from yesterday are dead on – – any “pourable” veggies in the fridge should have long been tossed out! :}
    Now, please don’t hate me, but I need to change my Olympic info. I’m listed as “KC – 2 socks on 2 circs at the same time” without a blog link. If you, or one of your fabulous helpers, gets a chance, change me out to “kc – clapotis”, blog address
    No biggie if it doesn’t get changed, as I’m focussed on the spirit of these Olympics – I have truly challenged myself here and will earn my “gold”!
    Thanks for keeping us laughing and stitching everyday!!!!! ;}

  16. Your sweater is beautiful, Steph. And I find the ‘ticker’ oddly comforting. If our time is 30% elapsed and I’m well into ball #3 of 10 balls, then I’m pretty much on target, right? So I know feel much better (about my knitting) than I did yesterday. And now, to get back at it. I want to finish #3 and get well into #4 today.
    Which reminds me – if doing a shawl project (or anything else requiring blocking), does blocking get included in the total Olympic frame, or is the “finished by torch-out” timeline for just the knitting-up part of things?
    The knitting monogamy is getting to me a bit too, so I’m using socks for at-work and at-appointment knitting. Don’t want to risk a mistake / damage to the KO shawl.

  17. I saw a stand-up comic once (who I wish I could credit) who said that the “crisper” was a total misnomer because nothing ever gets crisper in there. It should, rather, be named the “rotter”…
    The timer’s kind of freaking me out too. What? The time is more than 30% done? Eeeek!!!!!

  18. I totally agree. I’ve left my lace scarf for that old friend, the sweater, for a few days while I remember why I like knitting. Then I can go back.

  19. OMG!! I have been thinking that what I really want to work on is the Windy City Santa (needlepoint) that has been on the stretcher for 2 years – and I was going to add that to my blog –

  20. Stephanie, I love you dearly. You’re funny, wonderful, inspiring.
    You’ve just manage to outdo IT. You’ve up(?)graded to IT-with-one-project.
    On purpose???
    (I’ll be waiting in the wings with chocolate. These wings may be the psychiatric ones.)

  21. I totally agree with you on the benefits of having multiple knitting projects on the go at a time. During football season I needed to have something I could knit without looking and for daily bus rides I need something portable (socks, etc) and given that our thermostat is usually set at 63F, something big to keep my lap warm is good for TV watching.
    The problem I’ve found is that I tend to have WIP all over the place – not knitting WIP, but other stuff. I made curtains for the living room, but I haven’t made the tiebacks yet. I have a pile of clothes that need mending. I have pictures laid out around the house that need to be hung.
    I seem to be very good at finding projects for myself to do but not finding time to see them through… My spring goal is not for cleaning, but for finishing!

  22. I admit I’m feeling pretty confident (kiss of death, I know), but that ticker’s a little freaky. But in a good way!
    Oh, and I wanted to tell you that we’ve started another Olympic team. (Nothing like waiting until the last minute, huh?) The Knitting Olympics Curling Team–for curly/wavy-haired knitters. (
    You, of course, being a Curly, are automatically on the team. Your sweater is looking great, too, and I’m trying not to get too excited about the MSS….

  23. Just don’t look at the ticker. Really. I feel kind of silly for not having joined the Knitting Olympics, but sort of relieved since i abandoned a project yesterday. Oh well. I’m VERY good at cheering other people on, and very focused at that.
    Your sweater is awe-inspiring.

  24. I have officially put off the memes, housework, cooking, and the sweater I have been working on since last June. I am now all about finishing the cuff on my rippin’ Olympic hat. It sits in my lap (or beside me) at all times. I feel exilarated, just like in my dreams (where I am a long-distance runner, and I never tire. This is amusing, because I cannot run in real life. Not a block. Not a bit. The sound of my feet slapping on the ground like I am a giant duck stops me before I’ve gone ten steps. Or paces. Or whatever you call that stuff runners do.).
    Unbalanced? Yes, very, but as long as I can keep my arms and knitting on the same axis as my head, I will continue knitting. Someone so knitting challenged as I, however, may not be finished until the closing of the Knitting Para-lympics, though…

  25. I’m knitting my first ever fair isle cardigan, in the round, steeks and all and I only have 11 days left to finish. I’m trying to keep the panic at bay and you introduce a ticker. What are you doing to me?
    I see by the handy-dandy ticker that 30% of my time has passed so one would assume that 30% of the knitting would be done. One would be wrong about this. I have, however, finally got the hang of the two handed, two color carry thing. Yay me. It was amazing really; my hands just sort of figured it out for themselves. It took lots of swatching and about thirty rows of the actual sweater but now I’m a fair-isling fool.
    Now, to pick up some speed.

  26. So, we’re about 1/3rd of the way through the challange. Sweater knitters should have finished a back, a front, or both sleeves by now. Eeep!

  27. I completely love that sweater. I would put up with my (medically determined) wool allergy to wear something that gorgeous. And you have different projects on the needles all the time because, as a wife, mother, doula, knitting/blog goddess, and all-around cool chick, your life never stays the same, so why should your knitting?
    That ticker is pretty cool, but it causes me some stress. I am NOT 30% done with my Olympic knitting. And I forgot it at home today so I can’t even start my ingenious plan to knit a row every 20 minutes or so, to give my hands a break from the keyboard.

  28. ok so is anyone else in the same boat where we cant work on the project for 12 hours a day like i would like?
    i get 2-4 hours a day and that is interrupted by dinner hubby wanting to talk and daughter wanting me to play.
    since all of those things are important i dont get much work done

  29. Hell, even if there was a glaring mistake showcased for all the blogging world to see, I still wouldn’t point it out. Truth is, your hand might reach right through the monitor and squeeze out what little life is left in me (after staying up way too late knitting. Way too late).

  30. So we’re 30% of the way through the Olympics.
    I’m 1/2 way through my first Rogue sleeve – lots of ‘problem-solving’ required along the way.
    That would put me a sleeve and a half behind. This is based the on the estimate that for a sweater, 1/3 of the yarn is used for the sleeves, 1/3 for the back, and another 1/3 for the front.
    I’m travelling for work next week – to Regina (!) and environs. I’m really counting on flight time (from Ottawa), and the in-the-car-with-someone-else driving time.

  31. The ticker is evil. Cute and very clever, but evil. While I generally have a deep love and respect for things that are cute and clever and evil, it doesn’t apply here.
    Nice try at the justification there, Harlot. Don’t think we buy it, but good effort nonetheless.

  32. I am way behind. Way too far behind. I have not had any time to knit with all of the moving. I have to knit soon. I have to. Tonight is “Lost” night. I think that will help me a little.

  33. You made me feel somewhat better about the stitches that keep slipping off my mitten front needle. Somewhat better. Wish my first attempt at 2-color knitting looked as wonderfully even as your sleeve. I’m hoping blocking will help. Please say it will.
    You can check my progress at
    I’m still feeling good about accepting the challenge to myself though tonight I believe I will face picking up stitches for the thumb, a bit intimidating.

  34. Why did you have to draw our attention to the timer? My first pair of socks (Olympic knitting) are still waiting to be cast on — I’ll probably forget about gauge measuring and estimate, I didn’t promise they would fit me, just that I would knit a pair! I have however, cast on and and almost finished a pair of wool, fingerless mittens for CIC charities. Now I have to go find a copy of Time magazine and read about the Knitting Olympics.

  35. Ahhhhh — Three of my favorite people in the same place. Nancy Bush, THE Judith and the Yarn Harlot.
    Why did I move to Kentucky and have to miss Madrona?????

  36. Oh my gosh, I hate your ticker (the Olympic one, not the one in you chest). I can’t believe 30% of my Olympic Knitting time is already gone. That’s almost 50%! And I only have half a body of a sweater!
    Thanks, Stephanie. I wasn’t freaking out this morning about only catching time to knit 7 rows last night but I sure am now.

  37. I may have to start the sock yet again. There’s a strange piece of wool crossing over where it shouldn’t, and I don’t think there enough length to do anything but rip back (waaaaaaaaay back). I totally empathize with the crisper thing. And potatoes/onions that grow in the cupboards.

  38. My sock turned out to be too big(lying swatch!!) and I can’t find smaller dpns at the moment so I am on hold. Haven’t given up hope yet and am cheering everyone else on in the meantime. I like the ticker, personally, though I’m being uncharacteristically laidback about this whole project…a single finished sock would be a big triumph for me, and I’m ok with that!

  39. Ticker? What ticker? I DON’T see ANY ticker! Denial adds more time, right? Gotta knit! Don’t give up – you (and I) CAN do it! πŸ˜€

  40. I so totally agree on the multiple project approach. It isn’t a lack of monogamy that keeps multiple WIPS around me, nor the siren’s call of that new skein of yarn, but that there are projects that are more appropriate for different settings! No way can I stand on the subway platform waiting for the 8th Avenue local while working on my fairisle vest. The darn thing is getting far too heavy for that, not to mention, I have a ride of all of two stops. Socks are far better suited for that kind of knitting and I will carry on with multiple projects. Besides they keep boredom at bay.

  41. Nope, don’t think I would point out any mistakes, nope, nope, nope. (even if there were any). Strange tick under my eye- caused by the ticker on this page…

  42. Oh, and here I am all excited about my baby booties. but you knit them and suddenly EVERYONE is pregnant!! I realized in the middle of a conference that the KO was about to start in a few hours… try knitting and focusing on a business meeting?? I lost several days. but made up time at the airport and on the plane. Stupid pilot does not call out “bump” like my hubby does when we drive places. tiny socks, tiny yarn, tiny needles, huge accomplishment.. the ticker is a bit unsettling.. but it keeps reality as one of our elements. TIME MAGAZINE?? WHICH ISSUE?? MUST TRACK THAT DOWN AND SAVE IN MY PROJECT BINDER.. WE ARE MAKING HISTORY STEPH AND IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU!!

  43. I won’t remind you of who started all this nonsense.
    Why are you even reading this post?! Dude, you have SO got to…
    And so have I!! I’d best get back to it.
    Which brings up the point that if anybody notices a mistake in your picture they have NOT chosen a project to merit a gold medal in these Olympics or they wouldn’t have the time…
    (thanks again for doing the podcast interview – everybody loved it – we all worship you, you know… is it okay to worship a harlot? OH the moral dilemma)

  44. The ticker is making me a little wacky too. I have had to frog part of the first sleeve of my sweater THREE times because it was obviously designed for an orangutan. After the requisite break DH insisted I take for something they call “Valentine’s Day” I do not need this aggravation.

  45. Well, if you have time, I sort of got rid of my legwarmers idea. I am now knitting a tank top.
    This is the seventh time I have cast on for this project.

  46. Ok, I’m sure that someone has had to drop out of the Olympics–sore wrist, etc so I am a last minute substitute. I started knitting with the opening ceremonies, just forgot to check in. Anyway, I have one scarf down (spiral design) and 3 to go. However, I reserve the option to switch to another pattern if I start to mumble about repeating something.
    I don’t think I’ll look at that ticker any more.

  47. Ticktickticktick….
    (Will not give up sleeping. Will not give up eating. Maybe I could give up the children for a few days…any takers?)

  48. Yeah, I was kind of freaked out by the counter too. But. I have resisted the urge to knit anything non-Olympic since this started. Except that I’m going yarn shopping today. Um, yeah. We’ll see how that goes.

  49. Dude. (don’t you love the snowboarders?! but I digress) Dude. I noticed that ticker when I was reading way at the top of your post, and I though “That thing makes me nervous”, and I’m not even knitting for the Olympics. I think Lene should be your COACH (pardon me if someone else has come up with that one) and give you a poke at the relevant times. Don’t watch the ticker.

  50. Um, is it just me or does anyone else feel a little woosie looking that ticker. It’s not so much the days hours part that bothers me, it’s the percentage below it that makes me want to go lie down. I think I’m going to have to turn a blind eye there. Eep!

  51. I totally knew that I wouldn’t be able to remain monogomous with ONE project for the KO’s and I left a little extra wiggle room so I could “whore around” (can I say that?)with my other projects if I wanted to. πŸ™‚
    Once a knitting-ho, always a knitting-ho. HA!
    Game On!

  52. Hehehe, I’m also dreading not being able to finish both scarves I intended for the Olympics….I’m only half way through the Irish Hiking Scarf and haven’t even started on the other one at all….we’ll see how this goes.
    And no, I can’t see any mistakes.

  53. I’m SOOOOO glad to hear other people can’t count, are starting over, falling behind – I’m not alone! Gotta go cast on. Keep on trucking, everyone! For more encouragement go to Time Magazine online and see us mentioned in the list of alternative olympics – just search “knitting olympics” and scroll to the bottom of the list. And that counter is EVIL,EVIL,EVIL and I am going to ignore it, Period.

  54. Stephenie, the ticker’s job is to tick and yours is to enjoy your knitting. Let it be. You can always Swiss darn over any errors later(!).
    I keep getting stopped by friends who have heard all about *you!!!* and want to see my Olympic knitting and are bummed when I hold up the latest mitt or sock –my Oly lace shawl is *not* portable, especially since figuring out the curvature (I’m making it hug my shoulders) requires a spreadsheet that calculates the average gain over the last five rows…
    I figure this is my first time in the event and although I’ve been playing the game for most of my life, I haven’t ever taken on this kind of challenge. I’m learning a lot, and I thank you for your wonderful idea to make this a group experience.

  55. The sweater looks fantastic! Don’t see any mistakes and I’m sure there aren’t any to see.
    Multiple works in progress are a must! I used to be one of those knitters (sort-of) that only had one wip going at a time until you, your Harlotness, enlightened me. Now, I always have multiple wip for all the reasons you named–and I love it! See what an inspiration you are!

  56. The ticker is evil — as is that percentage thing under it that tells me that 30% of the olympics are over!!! How can that be??? I’m nowhere near 30% done!!!

  57. Awesome! Somebody asked me to post a countdown ticker on the Crochet Olympics site and I’ve searched and searched and not found something relatively simple. So now I have one! I just have to go see how you added this or visit Anny’s site. πŸ™‚
    Oh – and good luck on the sweater! I’m crocheting my first one, and it’s slow going. I had to frog twice before getting it going right.

  58. Oh, crap. I am so, so behind. Maybe not, but I’m not where I think I should be in order to finish in time. But maybe it’s going to work out fine anyway.
    Good work on the top of the sleeve! The patterning on the top of the body section — BE WARNED — does not progress in a nice, repetitive way. It keeps changing ever so slightly so that you THINK you’re going along fine, and then you notice that you’re … not. Just keep your eyes glued to the chart, Steph, and YOU GO.

  59. We have a more accurate name for what you call a “crisper.” In our home it is known as the “rotter.” It is where good produce goes to die.

  60. Your family is simply showing — quelle suprise — greater patience than you. If you wait long enough, the vegetable-you-can-pour dries up and eventually turns to dust. As Quentin Crisp said in re: dust not really getting worse after the first five years: “The great thing is not to lose your nerve.”
    And as to the project coming off your your double-points — this is why the FSM invented circulars. Jeez, you’re stubborn.
    Oh, and at the exact moment the twitch in my eye synchronizes with the vein throbbing in my head, I am going to reach a virtual hand through my monitor and drive a stake through the putative heart of that pernicious ticker.

  61. Does anyone else need a cortison shot? My “trainer” (patient hubby) doesn’t seem to get that he really needs to ‘score’ something for my shoulder pain. It’s the Olympics afterall! Of course I re-injured my right shoulder (and I’m right handed) HOwever, I’m working on various techniques of pillow under armpit, or shoulder squeezed against the couch to keep me going. Ah, what we do for glory. Oh and I just don’t count how many projects I have going at once–denial is my friend.

  62. Does anyone else need a cortison shot? My “trainer” (hubby) doesn’t seem to get that he really needs to ‘score’ something for my shoulder pain. It’s the Olympics afterall! Of course I re-injured my right shoulder (and I’m right handed) HOwever, I’m working on various techniques of pillow under armpit, or shoulder squeezed against the couch to keep me going. Ah, what we do for glory. Oh and I just don’t count how many projects I have going at once–denial is my friend.

  63. A row of 100-odd stitches kicks my arse every.single.row in the Shawl that Shall Not Be Named. I can’t count, I can’t remember to pass the slipped stitch over, I am truly a member of the Swearing at Lace Team!

  64. I just got a box of Douceur et Soie by UPS yesterday, and have been resisting mightily the urge to start another project, despite the fact I spent all day yesterday playing bridge online instead of knitting my olympic’s shawl. It is hell when two addictions (bridge and knitting) compete with each other.
    I think if I start another project, I will get inspired to finish my first project. Yeah, that’s the ticket, inspired!

  65. Seven, eh? I can beat you there… I can’t tell you the number of times I messed up making the Wavy scarves for my daughters, and they’re all about counting to THREE!
    Please note: the ladies at knit group may have caused or exacerbated said lack of ability to count to 3.
    But still… THREE! Who over the age of 2 (and maybe younger) can’t reliably count to 3?

  66. Do vegetables that pour out of the refrigerator count as culinary failures or bacteriological masterpieces? When I figure that out, I’ll go pour another batch… And as for mistakes? I don’t see no stinkin’ mistakes… (Hell, if I were to work on something that small for that long, I wouldn’t see any thing… period…) But isn’t it nice that what you once thought was a flaw turns out to be a personality asset? When eating chocolate turns into that for me, I truly will be dancing in the streets…
    (Hey–YOu know you knit too much when: The doctor tells you that if your blood pressure creeps up anymore, you’re going to be on modified bed rest for the next three weeks and your first thought is, “Hey–if I can knit during that time, this might not suck…”)

  67. I have, personally, frogged 10 inches of one sleeve and the right side of the neck on the sweater… actually I frogged the right side of the neck 17 times before I realized that no matter how many times I counted, 89 did NOT equal 99.
    And that 99 + 89 + 32 does NOT equal 230, no matter how many times I check it, I keep coming up 10 stitches short.

  68. Oh Lord. Looking at the ticker was a traumatic experience. Here’s hoping I can now expunge it from memory. The ticker does not exist in my world, I repeat IT DOES NOT EXIST. (Ignoring the image burned into my retinas and laughing hysterically…)

  69. Given that I’m ready to take a poke at anyone else who suggests the Canadian Women’s Hockey should have PULLED BACK and not scored so much on their opponents (why I oughtta … why isn’t anyone saying that maybe some of those teams ought not to have been fielded if they were so outclassed? are they expected to protect the other team’s feelings because they’re *women*? since when does competitive sport not consist of competing to the best of one’s abilities? since when has the psychology of bragadoccio NOT been part of sport? ARGH. I told ya not to get me started!), I will simply not hear of any Olympic Knitter pulling her stitches. You just go on, focus to the best of your abilities, and – if you should have a disastrous and painful fall – know that you STILL surmounted incredible obstacles AND have a beautiful silver medal to show for your efforts.
    Go TEAM!

  70. Thanks for the reasons for multiple knitting projects! Now I have logic to back me up, because I, too, always have several projects started.
    The knitting looks wonderful. Beautiful. Mistake free (I agree with Emily on the mistake thing).

  71. Oh dear…I thought I was doing quite well on my Baltic mittens until I saw Stephanie’s sleeve. It makes my two-color knitting look really bad. And that ticker? Yikes! Only 11 days left! My goal is to complete the first mitten by Friday and I’m about half-way there. I will not look at that ticker anymore.

  72. Anyone…ANYONE who would stoop so low as to point out an error in your Olympic knitting (never mind Olympic judging for execution and all that….) should have to go in the tall grass with Dick Cheney. I’m just sayin’. Okay, maybe “execution” was a bad choice of word……

  73. Long before the Olympics kicked off, I knew I would not be able to stay true to one project. But as long as i Keep to my schedule (and so faar my rogue is on schedule.) i don’t feel so bad about the baby bonnet, afghan squares, and shawl that I have on the needles as well.

  74. I actually like the ticker because I think I’m right on track! I guess my “training” (3 previous attempts) payed off. Your sleeve looks great! I’m glad to hear you aren’t being monogamous to the olympic knitting. It makes me feel better about knitting my hubby’s scarf while I’m at work (on breaks and at lunchtime, of course).

  75. I am amazed at your Danger progress. I recognize that part in the pattern- and you are speeding through it. You will medal, no doubt.

  76. Does anyone else need a cortison shot? My “trainer” (hubby) doesn’t seem to get that he really needs to ‘score’ something for my shoulder pain. It’s the Olympics afterall! Of course I re-injured my right shoulder (and I’m right handed) HOwever, I’m working on various techniques of pillow under armpit, or shoulder squeezed against the couch to keep me going. Ah, what we do for glory. Oh and I just don’t count how many projects I have going at once–denial is my friend.

  77. an excerpt from my blog post today:
    I may or may not get a gold for my knitting.
    But I think I should at least be awarded gold for:
    * the most used paper plates (to avoid doing dishes); * the longest run without going to the grocery store; * the largest pile of laundry ever created by a household of two (extra points for technical merit: most consecutive days a load of wet clothes has been left sitting in a washing machine);* the most hours sitting on my ass (but I’m sure I have a bunch of contenders for that one)

  78. HEY HEY
    I just got my copy of the Feb 20th TIME magazine.
    The Knitting Olympics made pate 17!!!!
    Under the section listed as Gold Medal Motives!!
    YEAH Harlot!

  79. Where was my head?
    Estonian Socks? (Nancy Bush’s Folk Socks.) More like Estonian Stockings the size of Christmas stocking. Someone should have warned me and/or I should have trusted my instincts. The round count is 102 stitches at the cuff and 80 stitches at the “narrowest” part. It is an enormous sock and all done on 0, that’s zero, size of needles. I already ordered an extra skein of yarn because the suggested two of the main color will note be enough. Still going for gold. vj

  80. Is the Time Magazine calling us “couch potatoes”?
    How many people are watching the Olympics while they are jogging? vj
    I am ticked off.

  81. Reason #5 (or perhaps it falls under #1 sub-para A) Because I have discovered that I cannot knit lace and watch my kids’ hockey games (4 kids X 4 teams = lots of games) at the same time (and probably not Olympic hockey either but we won’t know that ’til my daughter’s coach drops off the TiVo’d games since all the hockey games are apparently on channels we don’t get at our house!!!!). But, since I also have charity knitting as an Olympic goal, I have managed to finish 2 preemie hat/bootie sets and start a Dulaan hat at the rinks. We won’t discuss the other 4(5,6…?) WIPs in ye olde knitting tote. Oh, and the sleeve looks perfect to me.

  82. Wow Steph, that fair-isle is just beautiful looking. I’m struggling with my mittens because even though I swatched, my gauge is WAY tight. I’m doing the one-colour-in-each-hand method, and the tension is particularly bad with my left hand/foreground colour. If you have time, (or of course if anyone else has ideas) any suggestions on how to alleviate that a bit?

  83. I love reading all the updates down here in the comment section. Go Olympic knitters!
    My sweater and I had a fight the other night, but we refused to go to bed angry and are now almost done with the torso. Now there’s only sleeves, the cabled hood, and insane feats of grafting!

  84. I finished the hat I picked to knit up for the Olympics. Not worthy of a medal but happy I was able to complete it.

  85. Yes, you would laugh if someone pointed out a mistake- first jaw-dropping disbelief that would quickly deteriorate into maniacal laughter followed by hysterical sobbing. But it looks so perfectly beautiful, that the odds of there being a mistake to begin with are slim. πŸ™‚ Keep up the great work!!

  86. In the spirit of camaraderie, I’m glad I’m not the only one who stumbled a bit out of the gate. Saturday involved quite a bit of tinking. So far, I haven’t had any trouble being loyal to my Rose sweater, but soon it’s going to be too bulky to take on my commute and that’s when the socks will re-enter my life.
    And as for the ticker, I have to say, it makes me a little crazy. I’ve chosen to ignore it. La la la…

  87. I wound up two pounds of fingering weight baby alpaca in preparation last week, and then stalled. It sat there spitting raspberries at me. Neener neener. Last night, I read your post, saw that sleeve which looked so much like the sleeve of my mom’s favorite handknit sweater from when I was growing up, pawed through the stash, pulled out two OTHER pounds of baby alpaca, teal greens rather than reds, cast on in a totally different pattern than I’d planned to, to one with a 44-row repeat that had always daunted me too much to try, and at last I’m off and running! And I lovelovelove how it’s coming out! Whether I finish on time or not, I’m going to have an exquisitely soft afghan done in fine yarn on small needles in a pattern I love that would never have happened if you hadn’t inspired me. Dunno what it was, maybe the thrill of the “We’re off and running!” in that post, but you did it for me. Hugs and an eternal thank you for that (and now back to my needles, fast!)

  88. Oh … I always thought you weren’t permitted (don’t ask me who would be checking …) to go more than 4 stitches without twisting your yarn so that there wouldn’t be long stitches on the back-side … obviously I was mistaken! It looks great!!!

  89. ohmigod, not a ticker! I’m still waiting for the needles and wool, for my first-ever socks, to be delivered! I guess I should disqualify myself? In the meantime, I am relearning the basics of knitting (had a 12-15-year timeout due to CTS and thought it had permanently sidelined by knitting addiction, but in a weak moment after finals and before Christmas, I found my stash and some needles and EUREKA! I can knit without pain. Yaaay.) Oh, just realized this has little if anything to do with your blog today. I do so admire you and love your blog. So, am I disqualified?

  90. A countdown ticker? Goddess, woman, you’re mean!! LOL And yeah, the tendonitis in my wrist is reminding me why I always have concurrent projects with different gauges going.

  91. Oh, I so hear you. I see now why I usually have at least 2-3 projects going at once. I’m pretty thoroughly sick of my all-stockinette baby sweater, and right now the only thing that’s getting me through is that I’m promising myself that I can start up a new Jaywalker while my pieces block. I want that day of non-Olympic knitting so bad I can practically taste the sock yarn. (But not really, because that would be weird. Right? It would be weird? Which is of course why I can’t taste it. Really.)

  92. Amazing how many of us are spending the time reading this, complaining about lack of knitting time! My excuse is that I read blogs at work – it’s easier to hide that than hide the knitting.
    The counter isn’t freaking me out yet – I’m actually ahead of the game, but that will change drastically as the week progresses – 10 days left? no problem – talk to me when there are 3 dyas left – oh right, I won’t be listening then – I’ll be knitting feverishly, cursing lace, watching the other Team Canada…

  93. okay, there’s nothing worse than a ticker when you’re at work… and can’t be knitting…only dreaming of stitches and yarn and whether or not you have the correct guage on the blob that doesn’t look like it will ever be a caplet with a hood….

  94. I didn’t really get started until Monday either (I would say go check out my blog but the @#$% doesn’t recognize my user name (and I wrote the darn thing down!). I took DH’s socks to the movies on Sunday and dropped one needle on the floor an hour into Pepe Le Moko. Fortunately we are testing this week at school and I can knit and watch the kiddles as they work. Sadly, my Olymnpic project requires the area of a small landing field (bag of 42 skeins of yarn for all those colors, four charts printed on four sheets of paper each, two lights to make sure that I am using the right color ) oh pooh! I need to get knitting, the kids are pulling for me. Every day I have 125 students ask how the sweater is coming and can they see it yet. Who needs a ticker?

  95. You know, I think there’s something wrong with your purse. I have noticed that it is often involved with knitting tragedies like lost needles, needles pulled from knitting, and needle punctured juice boxes. Coincidence? I think not! It’s time for a new purse, and not a knitted one.

  96. That ticker is obviously the invention of a person with a strange, nasty sense of humor.
    Or the devil. It’s one or the other.

  97. That ticker is obviously the invention of a person with a strange, nasty sense of humor.
    Or the devil. It’s one or the other.

  98. Minijaxter – like you, I work, mom of 2 kids, and have endless laundry to keep up with. So no, I don’t knit 12 hours a day (I’m not sure I could. I love knitting but it would take its toll). I get 1 hour a night, 2 if I’m lucky. which is why I didn’t choose a lace project or even a sock. I am doing the moebius kitty bed and it is moving along nicely. I dare say I should finish in the remaining time allotted. (Steph’s original post was for a challenge, not an impossibility.) πŸ™‚
    Steph – you amaze me. My hubby was in awe the other night at Barnes & Noble when I showed him the snippet in TIME Mag. Here he thought I’d just gone and lost a(nother) screw.

  99. Geez Yes, I saw that damn clock yesterday and nearly choked.
    I’m getting anxious just thinking about it ticking down. tick tick tick. It’s ominous.

  100. Hi Everyone,
    New to the blogging scene, and am loving it, and laughing my butt off at your hiarious sarcasim, and fun comments. I’ve decided to join the Olympics late, but with a twist. I’m going to finish a piece of lace knitting that I started a while ago, that unless I’m pressured to finish, I’m not disciplined or focused enough to just be done with it. I’m cheering all of you that are working on such wonderful pieces. It keeps me motivated and a little braver to try new and exciting things.
    Thanks for all the fun and great comradare sp?

  101. Looking good! I love the colours.
    Even though your new ticker is making me really, really nervous, I’m making steady progress on the Lillehammer sweater. And it’s very nice to see other people’s projects πŸ™‚

  102. Yikes! I am sooo ready to start a little something else, just to ‘break up the monotony’, but seeing the ticker takes all the pleasure out of that idea, and puts it more into, say – the insanity of the half-pipe (those youngsters want to fly!). Okay… will continue with Olympic knitting for now. No one’s inviting me to a movie, and my circ knitting is on circ needles… no excuses, just focus… and chocolate.

  103. STOP THE PRESSES! Stephanie – I checked my email after commenting and Amazon popped up announcing bbb3 – they found me, and told me before you did!!!! I’m ordering tomorrow (at my local book store). So exciting!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. Yikes, you are knitting a mega complicated sweater and proofreading bbb3, still going to the movies with your family and rejoicing that you have other projects…you are an olympic knitter!
    The sleeve looks great!
    I on the other hand have just discovered that my 5 hour baby sweater will no doubt fit a smallish chihuahua and that I will have to start over again with larger needles, different yarn….better math skills. The ticker is killing me, I feel like the Chinese pairs figure skating coach felt when he came to his first Olympics and finished dead last.
    But like him I will not give up!

  105. Congrats Stephanie on being mentioned in the Economist! I was very impressed to see you up there in the knitting canon.

  106. Having been a lurker for some time now (ever since ‘Clicked’ on had a link to the Knitting Olympics,
    Having resisted and refused the urge to sign up for the same Knitting Olympics
    Not being under the pressure that most (or all????) of you seem to be under at this moment
    Having _only_ 2 projects going right now
    I feel pretty darned good!
    BTW – nice ticker!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  107. Bad, bad, evil ticker. ARRRRG! I hate that ticker. Bad, Bad, very evil, very bad ticker. ARRRGGGGG!

  108. Oh looking at that ticker just makes me nauseous. I could get so much more knitting done if I didn’t have to sit in an office all day – filing, answering phones, emails, meetings – bleh! Obviously I should have chosen to work in a yarn shop, where they would understand the importance of quality knitting time!

  109. I’m not sure I will be getting a medal in this Olympics. First my cat went all Tonya Harding on me and started chewing on my yarn and needles. He has never done that before. I also lost the ability to count so my fair isle pattern may be just a jumble of random stiches. Top it all off my sister just announced she is pregnant so the siren call of baby knitting is trying to lure me off the course.

  110. You know that every single person that has come here is searching that sweater for a mistake.
    I was there on Saturday and saw you at the table signing books. I didn’t have my camera or my copy, so I walked by. I was more than a little star struck.

  111. I had just convinced myself that I could ignore my goal for getting 6 units done per day on the mitered baby blanket and then I come here and see:

  112. I miss my other projects. I had to stuff the tote bags in a closet to remove the temptation. I’m actually reasonably on track because I put in a ton of time over the weekend, but things are about to get ugly in terms of available time. I also just decided to ignore the directions, so that’s probably not going to work out very well for me…
    tick, tick, tick, tick….

  113. See, I have this problem. I will not just take my lace to the frog pond. I MUST un-knit it. One stitch at a time. Last night I un-knit 4 rows. Of LACE. Get the picture?

  114. Love the remark from Ken concerning the rotter, contents of the rotter are known as science projects.
    The mention of the Knitting Olympics in Time refers to us as couch potatoes. I think we resent that- knitting is the thing we do when we have time to sit!
    The ticker is mean, mean mean.
    Jan in Alexandria

  115. Well, as I am not enrolled in the Knitting Olympics I really shouldn’t criticise, but, the freakin’ ticker makes my left eye twitch. Literally. I feel sorry for all of you under it’s faithful watch. I will continue to send good knitting vibes to all of you, while I work on my Fair Isle made with Socks that Rock yarn. Slow and steady.

  116. I always have my sock with me. Because I am so determined to finish this. And I have pulled out the needles no less than five times. It is so frustrating. I hate fixing it because I always mess it up, so it usually ends in a few tears and me bringing it to my mum, who hates DPNs with a passion. She asked me what I was going to do next year when I go to college. I think I’ll invest in about 30 padded, stamped envelopes, and just send them back home with the message “Fix This Please, Love Your Daughter.”

  117. Stephanie, I too love the colours of your sweater. I am halfway through my project, having finished my first sock tonight, even though crap keeps happening. Report cards are due soon, I had jury duty selection which took all day yesterday, etc. etc. Still, I feel very Olympic tonight. Knit on everyone, we can do it!

  118. I haven’t had the chance to read everyone’s comments, but am looking forward to it. How’s this for a lucky break: I was running a test at work today when one the lead engineers said that I should find something to read since the job is kind of boring. I allowed as how I had some knitting, was that OK? He said sure, go ahead. It was a very good day. Knit on everyone!

  119. I heard a promo on the CBC radio show “Freestyle”,that said the Knitting Olympics will be on tomorrow! Yay! I had suggested to “Sounds Like Canada” that they do it…this is great! For those who don’t live in Canada you can go to and listen to “Freestyle”. It is on from 1pm-3pm Eastern time.
    Barbara, who is really a quilter in Fox Point, NS

  120. OK – as somebody who keeps pulling stitches off the ends whenever I move them along the circular a bit too enthusiastically, I can sympathise. As far as the pattern goes – STITCH MARKERS at the end of every pattern repeat are the only thing that worked for me. However, as I’m working on my first bit Fair Isle and you’ve done TONS YMMV.
    I’m ignoring the counter too.

  121. My New Theory:
    Since the Olympics are both Winter and Summer, and this is the Knitting Olympics, not Winter Knitting Olympics, then Maybe nothing really has to get done until Closing Ceremonies of the next Summer Olympics. Whenever that might be.

  122. Just read the previous two posts. Saw the Olympic clock ticking and thought it was rather comforting. You see, I just started my sweater from hell yesterday and had to rip back today to fix it. I wasn’t going to fix it, since I just want to finish but then realized this is not about finishing: it is about doing your personal best. When you look at it that way, no matter if we finish or not, we are winners for trying.

  123. Hi,
    I too am having difficulty sticking with the KO vest and have cast on a pair of socks as well. I finally got time today to just knit, all 3 kids did what they were supposed to do and stayed in school all day!! I fully expect fearful things to happen tomorrow as todays knitting has gone well. Tomorrow brings more steeks and v neck shaping. Oh and my LYS has just got new trekking in so I have found my own gold medal and as Steph has taught us one in each colourway is not obsessive!

  124. Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping…. Ack that counter makes me queasy. That sleeve looks absolutely gorgous! I’m alternating between “I think I can” and “I’m nuts… no way in He#& can I finish” Will I run out of yarn… One I can’t get any more of (thus I probably will), the other is my handspun and I have a few ounces in reserve yet to spin if needed. (like there will be time to spin it if needed?) Well, even if it isn’t finished in time, it will be finished eventually. Right? I have learned one thing tho… substitutions are great, but try to sub with a Similar weight yarn when knitting for a dead line. Did I do that? no way!
    Happy knitting everyone!

  125. I thought that my mother and I were the only ones who ever dealt with literally liquified cucumbers in the veggie drawer! Joy joy joy!
    Well, although I’m not registered with the knitting Olympics because I was sure the Olympics only started THIS coming friday, I have decided that I will join in anyways, so that I have the motivation to actually FINISH a project in under a year! Currently working on a hat with one of the circular looms, because it *seems* like a finishable task, time will tell if my determination or my gnat-like attention span prevails!
    Good luck to everyone with their projects!

  126. OK, everyone stay calm. Deep cleansing breaths. In thru your nose, out thru your mouth, all out. Now RELAX.
    LOL – Also, lots of the Olympians have more than one event, even if one is just for fun and there’s not much chance of them medaling, right? So I’m pretty sure that’s ok for the Knitting Olympics.
    Yours truly, a concerned Cheerleader =)*)

  127. Multiple Projects? UFO’s? Fuzzy Focus?? Noooo, not us?!!!
    Why on earth do you think i ever thougnt of the name “The Scattered Gemini” for my blog and stuff?? πŸ˜‰
    I refuse to watch the counter ticking down i’d rather watch US or Canada play some Hockey or Curling or something.
    “Hard, HARRRRD!!! 2, 3, 3, 2…HAAAAAAARRRRRDDD!!!!”

  128. I’ve been sticking to my one olympian project, a cardigan, and wondering if I should limit my wips to 3 in future as it’s quite pleasant to not have multiple wip stress (so far). I’m not going to the cinema until the games are over though. I’m aiming to finish this AND maybe a second sock – two sleeves and 6 inches of cardie to go! (Worked largely in one piece, minimal finishing!)

  129. I’m having a little bit of a hard time with “monogamy” too. And by hard time, I mean that if I didn’t have to keep knitting, I’d have to use handcuffs to keep my paws off new yarn. We’re more than a third done? Crap. I didn’t think I would need liquor this soon.

  130. I think it’s the percentage of time lapsed that really freaks one out! Though I’m not officially in – I am watching and being very committed to my own knitting during these Olympics!

  131. i love the ticker. i also love having multiple projects going on. you have good reasons and plenty of focus. knitting polygamists unite.

  132. What ticker? πŸ™‚
    (Ahem. Time-management-challenged handspun Deadhead knitters unite…you have nothing to lose but…crap, now I forget what it was…)

  133. Hi! to Kate…Yes, brown juice in the Crisper here too, but no Beer requests…Ah! I DO NOT miss a husband!! My messes go happily uncommented on. :*) jrose knits on and on

  134. I’ve had to switch events as it were. I’m in the process of trying to figure out what’s wrong with my back that is keeping me from sitting for periods longer than 5 minutes, so I am just NOT up to tackling the lace project I originally signed up for. Starting 4.5 days late, I’m going to make a self-designed top down raglan sweater using handpainted thick & thin yarn.

  135. That ticker is EVIL!! Ticking down the moments until I’m not done with my two Olympic projects (cause I can’t do just one project!)

  136. Don’t feel bad – I think the pressure is getting to all of us….we’ve all ripped out the past few days – it’s just like falling on the ice – our knees may hurt but we get back up and try again!!
    I even changed events!!
    Knit on!

  137. Hi! I am ready!!! The knitting is final and next work have began. Pictures are on my site. siniomena. And it was a plesure at participate to this international projekt πŸ˜€ I hope that other knitter will come to finnishline at time πŸ˜‰

  138. I’ve lost three days so far to a mistake in counting that I couldn’t seem to just fudge. The yarn is boucle, and sticky, so I’m loath to just rip it out, and tinking one row took me an hour. Hopefully tonight I can get back to it with a much smaller needle and pick up the stitches where they are the right count, and then continue on from there!

  139. Excellent work, Steph! I bow to the goddess of Huskthfthhhh, (whatever the hell it is…)

  140. Don’t feel bad about not being able to count – my friend, who made it into engineering and has been passing all his courses so far, has yet to be able to start the wrist warmers I designed for him as a beginner project. The reason? He cannot count to 49 to cast on… And knowing him he tried multiple times before giving up.
    And liquified veggies are common here. I only notice them if they’re the ones that I hadn’t been keeping in the wasteful bags from the supermarket (the bags are only really bad for waste because they tend to get thrown in the garbage once something rots in them…)

  141. Hi!
    IοΏ½m finnish πŸ™‚
    The Kinitting Olympics work is ready.
    I get a baby about 2 weeks so i must be quick.
    Pictures to my Olympics work is in my blogger.
    Sory bad english πŸ˜€

  142. Yeah, I think there is some kind of counting flu effecting many of us. I couldn’t even manage to write down consecutive numbers on the backs of prints at work reliably. Miscounting stitches is what caused my false start earlier. I still have 5 more stitches than I think I ought to, but can live with that!

  143. ITA about having several projects going at once! Even without outside interference, the kind of thing I feel like working on at any particular time can change. I usually try to have at least one project that is really easy (or at an easy spot in the pattern) and one that is more challenging, and ideally I’ll have different weights of yarn going, too (for tactile satisfaction). Right now, I have a second sock going in fingering weight that is pretty much nothing but stockinette at this stage, a worsted-weight lace shawl, a lace-weight lace shawl (your Snowdrop Shawl, as a matter of fact), a pair of felted slippers (double strand worsted) for my husband, and a set of fingerless, cabled mitts (worsted) for my daughter. And I’ve just ordered some DK yarn for a fitted cardi with simple cables (from the winter Interweave Knits, don’t have the mag here to say the name but it’s the green and brown one. I’m doing it in lavender and grey, Jo Sharp tweedy silk/wool stuff). And I’ve got a bulky-weight sweater that I cast on about 10 years ago that I’ve decided I’ll actually finish … um, run on at all, Anna-Liza? Better get back to knitting, um, work now.

  144. One thrummed sock done. I kitchenered the toe on the bus. That, for me, is like doing a quadruple toe loop. I can kitchener, but usually need a totally quiet room with no chance of interruption. So a small personal best. So off to Stitches in about 15 minutes, but I will cast on on the way there. Thank goodness Dee near Berkeley is driving. (grin).

  145. This is just so COOL that there are so many Knitters World Wide with such enthusiasiam.. LOL.. Now if only I could spell ………
    Can’t wait to assemble my Sweater!!!!
    Goooooooooooo Olympians !!! Ride those slopes… slide on the ice…. Jump those hurdles !!!!
    Click those needles !!!!
    Hooray !!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one with a compulsive yarn stash and wanting to start new projects when I have unfinished ones laying around!

  147. I can totally relate. The “challenge” in what I picked was the monogamy. I made it until day 4, the I cast on a shawl. That’s it, just the cast on. I went back to my Olympic project, but the shawl is taunting me from the sidelines.

  148. Having several knitting projects going at once also helps my hands and wrists. I can keep knitting while changing the ways that the muscles and ligaments are being used and abused when I work on different projects. The change between socks using fine yarn and needles knit at a denser gauge to flowing lace on larger needles knit at a much looser gauge really does re-energize.
    The ticker both soothes and unnerves me, but I keep looking at it. I’ve got the back and both fronts of the cardigan done, and I’m about 1/5 of the way up the left sleeve.

  149. Thank goodness I am not alone! I have a crochet (crochet!) project, an afghan that’s going to be a gift, and I can’t get past the 8th row, for finding a mistake and having to rip several rows out at a time. It’s driving me batty. Seriously BATTY. And not doing much for my self-esteem.

  150. Duplicate stitch can cover many sins πŸ˜‰
    I’ve resorted to taking only half a dose of Day-time Dimetapp to be able stay awake enough to do my Olympic knitting. Of course, I am horribly behind. Why did I think a chart-all-the-time project was a good idea?

  151. Hey Stephanie! I heard you on CBC. And you didn’t say arse.
    Actually, my mom heard you first, and phoned me, then realized I was at work, and taped you. She then phoned me to tell me to go be an athlete.
    She says you’re hilarious. Enough so that she read you blog. Please note, my mom believes that reading anything online is well-nigh impossible.
    You ROCK!

  152. The Economist thing is too funny – I”m oohing and ahhing over the mention in Time, and my hubby walks in and says, “yeah, there’s a thing about knitting in the Economist, too” – and there it is, on page 29 – a mention of knitting blogs, and you’re the first one!
    Equipment malfunction! I feel like Sara Renner in the cross-country race – I ordered 8 mm dpns from RAM wools for the top of the flap hat, and they’re out of stock – ahhhhhh! Where are the Norwegian knitters when i need them!
    Steph, your crisper comments made me howl, and remember a favourite moment in my life when Shelagh Rogers and Peter Gzowski started laughing on air while reading my letter about the state of my roommates and my fridge in university – thanks for that!
    Lisa in Hastings

  153. Help help. I’m going to start a Fair Isle project shortly and I’m very excited, but I don’t understand exactly how it is done. Do you use multiple balls of yarn or just let your colors loop behind (on the back side)? Any advice from you or your readers would be appreciated.
    Happy Olympic Knitting!

  154. Can I sheepishly say that what I thought would take me 16 days I finished in 5!!!! And to add to that I done a small hat…and now started to work on another cardi that I am hoping to get finished in the next 9 days…
    ooooooooh…A question too. Since I am in Australia..Do I have to stop a day sooner then the closing ceremony or do I get to wait until the closing of the olympics?

  155. I thought for a while I was going to have to pull a Michelle Kwan and pull out due to illness. But I have recovered enough to spend little time at the needles between my recuperative naps (dr. ordered of course.) I’m afraid I will not reach my goal of getting it finished, but at least some progress will have been made. And I can count double knitting among my skills I have down pat!!!

  156. I am loath to write this, but have been told by fellow olympic knitters that I must divulge.
    Wendy-O (34 of Wisconsin) was hosting the monthly spiritual meeting at her apartment home, when the incident occured. She alledgely was popping in and out of her seat to ready food for the feast after the meeting was over. “I had set my 9.5 bamboo needles on the floor, and never really thought about what implications it might have.” Witness say that Wendy had always been a little clutzy, but they didn’t think anything had happened. Said one witness “she just tripped over this dust mote, and one of her feet just rammed into the tip of the needle. Didn’t bleed much really…but she did turn this funny shade of red, and these really weird words came out of her mouth. Probably ’cause she was tryin’ not to swear…” “Thank God these were bamboo needles, and not metal”, pipes up Wendy-O “’cause then I woulda had to go to the hospital with a knitting needle sticking out between my first and second toes. That’s just gross. You know, I don’t think I will ever use anything but bamboo from now on.” Wendy-O has a slight puncture wound, but that is not keeping her from continuing to compete.

  157. I am really paranoid, so I never use DPNs without point protectors to stop stitches from dropping. They make DPNs into handy stitch holders, too! And now I need to buy more for my Olympics project….

  158. Ticker? What — oh — $%$@#!> ticker!? *screams and throws coffee cup, fortunately empty, in that direction*
    Damn it, I finally got goin’ again on the Na Craga and actually, during a bout of insomnia (induced by the neighbor’s 21st birthday party downstairs, not the KO, I swear!), managed to get half the back of the sweater done. Then I noticed one of the cables was goin’ the wrong freakin’ way.
    I think I hate this pattern . . .

  159. I finished my Fenna shawl! It’s amazing how much faster things knit up with aran weight yarn on size US10 needles. I just need to block it now. Steph, maybe you need to change your needle and yarn size to finish in time.

  160. Hi Steph,
    Just thought I should let you know that I’ve pulled out of the Olympics. There have been no catastrophes, it’s just that I have other (non-knitting) deadlines that have to take precedence. I thought you might want to remove me from the athletes page so I’m no longer an imposter in your midst.
    I will be watching and supporting everyone else’s progress eagerly!
    Philippa x

  161. Hey Stephanie! I’m so excited, and I’m NOT trying to rub this in or anything, but I finished my sweater. My Olympics sweater! A whole week early–I can’t believe it. Well, okay, I’ve got to block it tomorrow, but since it’s knitted in one piece and all, that basically just means washing it, so . . . I’m so excited!

  162. Stephanie! Just dropping you a line – I havent dropped out… just switched projects. (if thats okay)
    Molly H. in Ohio – Harry Potter Ravenclaw scarf is now doing a Spork Bag.
    Im through one of the color bars and moving into the next color bar. I have a three day weekend coming up and im really excited doing this bag. Its coming out really neat!!

  163. Stephanie! Just dropping you a line – I havent dropped out… just switched projects. (if thats okay)
    Molly H. in Ohio – Harry Potter Ravenclaw scarf is now doing a Spork Bag.
    Im through one of the color bars and moving into the next color bar. I have a three day weekend coming up and im really excited doing this bag. Its coming out really neat!!

  164. I am thrilled to read that I am not alone in my inability to be faithful to a single knitting project at any one time… I feel freed of my guilt when I have 4 current projects on the go (in addition to the many in my knitting closet that are not current). Maybe I have KADD (knitting attention deficit disorder), but no longer do I feel that I should hide in shame… after all, the YARN HARLOT herself has confessed to the same thing!
    I am awed by all of you who are olympicing… you go knitters, no matter what country you are from (but please could some British folk do well in this as our medal count at the actual Olympics is somewhat pathetic!)

  165. I would LOVE that wool for socks but have NO idea what you both have in common other than things that have already been sent so guess I’ll have to make a trip to Nova Scotia and get some of that lovely stuff myself this spring or summer.
    I have finished the tote bag and just felted it this morning –I’ve NEVER seen so much fluff and lint in one place in my life!!!Its a wonder to me that I didn’t have a flood as most of the little holes in the washer were plugged up. The tote itself shrunk alright BUT not the way I expected !! It is now just one WIDE narrow “”whatchacallit”” I won’t tell you what I’ve called it so far this morning. I really don’t think I’d try doing this felting thing again. The good thing is that we didn’t have a flood and I learned that I’m just too OLD to spend days on end knitting and then SHRINK the crap out of the object to the point of being usless. A lesson well learned from one who had a good time being a part of this “”{” BRILLANT IDEA “” of knitting olympics . Thank you Stephanie for having this and GOOD luck to all.

  166. I would LOVE that wool for socks but have NO idea what you both have in common other than things that have already been sent so guess I’ll have to make a trip to Nova Scotia and get some of that lovely stuff myself this spring or summer.
    I have finished the tote bag and just felted it this morning –I’ve NEVER seen so much fluff and lint in one place in my life!!!Its a wonder to me that I didn’t have a flood as most of the little holes in the washer were plugged up. The tote itself shrunk alright BUT not the way I expected !! It is now just one WIDE narrow “”whatchacallit”” I won’t tell you what I’ve called it so far this morning. I really don’t think I’d try doing this felting thing again. The good thing is that we didn’t have a flood and I learned that I’m just too OLD to spend days on end knitting and then SHRINK the crap out of the object to the point of being usless. A lesson well learned from one who had a good time being a part of this “”{” BRILLANT IDEA “” of knitting olympics . Thank you Stephanie for having this and GOOD luck to all.

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