Samantha is 12!

Dear Sam,

I’m very far away, over on the left side of the continent in a city called Portland in the state of Maine at the SPA knit and spin. (It’s under Quebec I think.)

I’m very sorry to be away for your birthday. I love you, I miss you and I’m going to bake you a really cool cake when I come home.

Juno, Julia and Laurie say Happy Birthday!

Anyone else want to wish Sam a happy 12th Birthday?

306 thoughts on “Samantha is 12!

  1. Go Sammy, it’s your birthday, Go Sammy, it’s your birthday…
    Repeat until you get tired!!!
    Happy birthday!

  2. A very happy stalked birthday, Sam!!
    May you get cool presents and not be embarrassed by your family for at least a full day. Oh wait. You’re mom blogged you. Nevermind. Heeeee!

  3. Dear Sam
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday,
    Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuu!

  4. Many happy returns, Sam! You are a beautiful, clever creature, and I wish you the best for this day and every day after. P.S. Do you want me to knit you a birthday present? What’s your favourite colour? Has your Mum said you may wear a bit of makeup yet? Do let me know.
    Again, Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday Sam! Hope you had a great day!!!
    PS: She’s left, and just a little south, from me! But definitely on the right side of the continent — in every way. 🙂

  6. Happy Birthday Sam!
    You’re twelve, a great age!
    (As I recall, twelve is an age where you eat a lot of chocolate bars, drink a lot of milk, play a lot of football in the park, and pretend to be a witch. If you’re me.)
    Have a great day, and a great year.

  7. Happy Birthday Sam! Have a wonderful day!! And, you know that really cool whatchamacallit your mom’s been saying no to buying? Well, now is the perfect time to ask again… a little guilt goes a long way :~}

  8. Happy Birthday, sweetie!!!
    This is going to be a very exciting year for you….my daughter is going to turn 13 in April and she has had a lot of fun with her family and friends this past year!!!!
    Big hugs and many happy wishes,
    Liz R from Virginia

  9. Happy birthday two ewes
    Happy birthday two ewes
    Happy birthday dear Saaaa-aaaam
    Happy birthday two ewes!
    (It seemed appropriate, considering…)

  10. Happy happy birthday Sam! Hope you have a great day. Live it up this year (not like you don’t usually) and have fun!
    A toast to you! 🙂

  11. Happy Birthday, Sam! Although I think if the’s in Maine, she’s on the right side of the continent. Unless of course, you’re looking south from Canada?!

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM! 12 is a fantastic age to be. I hope you have an amazing birthday and an amazing year. And sweetheart? When your Mum comes back could you please help her with her North American geography? Coz last I checked Quebec wasn’t exactly on the ‘left’ side of the continent…
    And Steph, give Juno a big hug for me and tell her to come back to Toronto soon. In fact, just bring her home with you, m’kay?

  13. Happy, Happy Birthday, Sam! We have a 12 year old at our house too. My son, Max.
    Now, um, about Maine. Isn’t it on the right side of the continent??

  14. A very happy birthday to you, Sam. How wonderful to have so many well-wishers sending you greetings! Have lots of fun today and more laughs and good times when your mom gets home. You are loved, and that is the greatest gift of all!

  15. Sam, Happy Birthday! Hope you’re staying warm! (Cuddling one of your Mom’s handknits will help. Really, it will.)

  16. Happy Birthday from a member of the unofficial “team Nova Scotia”.
    Enjoy your year, 12 is a great age!

  17. Happy birthday, Sam! Just think – you now can hold this against your mother all of her life – “You were away on my 12th Birthday! You managed to be home for everybody but me! I KNEW you hated me!”. A little guilt can get you a lot of good stuff, honey. You go for it.
    You do realize, however, that your mother will be in jail for killing me for posting this, don’t you? Please be kind to her 🙂 and save a life…

  18. Happy Birthday Sam!
    And how far are you on your knitting, Steph?
    (Not that I’m putting any pressure on or anything. I’m at 15%. Hee! Drink, anyone?)

  19. Happy Birthday Sam, from the Yarnpirate, and also So-chan (15) and Emily (11 and wants to be 12 in the worst way) AND also Tiki, Puff and Charly.
    Okay well not really Puff and Charly because they are cats and don’t care about anything but tuna and world domination, but Tiki would probably lick your face.
    Many happy returns of the day!

  20. A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Samantha. I do hope you had a really nice day and just think you get to celebrate it again when your Mom gets home with her special cake !!. –By the way I LOVE your name . Have a great year ahead

  21. HAAAAPPYYYY BIRTHDAY SSSAAAAAMMMM! Oh, 12, what a great age!! Enjoy and know that you have probably received the world’s record of birthday greetings – more than any of your friends!! Now that’s a birthday accomplishment!! Bragger’s Rights, that’s what its alll about. Knittingly yours – from sunny (?) California (it’s been snowing all day! ~~ Brooke

  22. Okay, I get it. To a Canadienne, left is east and right is west, because you are looking south (toward what, I’m not sure). Threw me for a minute, because as a(n) (US) American, left is west and right is east, because I am looking north, to a lovely place, where a beautiful girl is celebrating 12 years on our planet. Happy Birthday, Sam!!!!

  23. Happy Birthday to Sam! Maine is just the best place! Visit Rockland and Camden for some great scenic places. Belfast has a great yarn store in a basement and a great vegan restaurant downtown. There is a great herd of cashmere goats in Winterport,ME. Sheperdess is Hattie Clingerman. She is amazingly creative and a great spinner too.

  24. Happy Birthday, to you Sam, from Wisconsin!! Thanks for sharing your mom with all of us knitters. If your mom is in Portland, Maine, the outlet for LLBean is there, as I recall. And, it’s open 24 hours a day. She can buy you a present there!!

  25. Tanti auguri a te, tanti auguri a te, tanti auguri a te, tanti auguri ….. , tanti auguri a te Sam!
    Buon Compleanno, Sam, from Team Italia!

  26. You’re in Maine? Portland, Maine? That’s just 3 hours southwest of me. If I had know you were there I would have come down. I’m not sure what you mean by the ‘left’ side of the continent but I hope you are having a good time. Definitely check out L.L. Bean’s! And Halcyon Yarn in Bath isn’t too far from you. Ditto on Heavenly Socks in Belfast – it’s one of my favorite yarn stores.
    Happy Birthday to Sam. I think I recall 12 being a good year, but it was quite a while ago!

  27. Sam: One of the coolest things about hitting 12 is you now get to do what grown-ups do, and celebrate your birthday all month long, not just on one day! Yep, I always manage to get several celebrations out of it.
    Happy birthday and many more!

  28. “Happy, happy birthday baby…”
    (No, I don’t mean to imply that you, Sam, are a baby – it’s just what my mom always sings to me on my birthday. Every year for as long as I can remember.) Hope your birthday was wonderful fun!

  29. Happy Birthday Sam…my niece’s name is Samantha and we call her Sammy…I was just in Portland (OREGON)last weekend visiting her and was so excited when I saw that your mom is now there…but alas, another Portland in another state…
    Hope you had a GREAT DAY!!! Birthday’s are the BEST!!!!

  30. happy birthday sam!! my sam will be 12 in july. enjoy your day and the cool cake coming your way!

  31. 12?
    don’t let anyone get you to wear a bra, tell you that math is hard (just sevens), and that boys are cool!! that will make 12 soooooo much more joyous!
    have a glorious day!

  32. Happy, Happy Birthday Sam! What a fun age 12 is. I hope you have a great day and another one when your Mom gets back.
    Best wishes to you on a fun-filled year ahead.

  33. Happy Birthday, Sam!!
    12 years old, huh? Not an easy year, as I remember. Just keep thinking, it gets easier *after* eighth grade. I hope it’s a good one for you!

  34. Happy Birthday Sam but please help your mom with the whole map thing. Everybody I know holds the map with north at the top. I believe that would put Portland Maine somewhere on the “right” side of the map (unless of course she was looking at a map of the North Atlantic).
    But Happy Birthday Sam!

  35. Sam, I hope your mom gives you really cool yarn
    and needles for your birthday or really whatever
    you want!!

  36. Happy birthday, Sam, from a fellow teen! (Twelve counts. It’s “twoteen”)and hey, this one’s from Louisiana, USA, too.

  37. Happy Birthday, Sam! I’m sure she means the OTHER left (which is right).
    Now you can tell people you’re “going on 13”!!!

  38. Happy birthday, Sam! I do *so* hope your 12-year-old year is better than mine. If you think things are hard now, listen to Simple Plan to see what it’s like to be an older teenager!…Oh, sorry. Happy birthday! Must be rough, having thousands and thousands of strangers knowing it’s your birthday and how old you are!

  39. Happy birthday Sam!!!!
    …from Nova Scotia.
    I hope your cake is really, really good. At my house, it’s not dessert if it’s not chocolate!

  40. I wish that all the great, fantastic, loving, wonderful, beautiful, joyous and amazing things for you this year. Happy Birthday Sam! *waves from Seattle*

  41. Twelve years old already!! A very happy birthday to you, Sam. I’m sure YOU know we don’t hold the map of North America upside down here in Canada.

  42. Happy Birthday, Sam!
    I have to report that I have to drop out of the Olympics…took a header down some stairs and may have fractured my left arm. I can still knit…just not fast enough or for long enough to finish in time. Plus my husband has threatened to withdraw yarn money if he catches me knitting. 🙁 Good luck to the rest of you!

  43. Happy Birthday Sam!
    Stephanie, you aren’t really all that far from where I am…I’m in New Brunswick…you’re on my side of the continent now!

  44. Happy Birthday, Sam. I know it’s awful to be away from your mom on your birthday. She’s thinking of you. Know it’s hard for your mom to be away from you on your birthday too.

  45. I dag er det Sam’s foedselsdag – hurra hurra hurra.
    Hun sikkert sig en gave faar som hun har oensket sig iaar og dejlig chokolade og kager til.
    Happy birthday Sam.

  46. YAY! People in knitting blogworld DO know about Maine–if we don’t get blown right off the map in our latest windstorm.
    Enjoy both birthdays and visit. . . . Becky from Ellsworth (also in Maine but closer to Canada)

  47. Sam,
    Bonne anniversaire,
    Nos voeux les plus sinceres,
    Que ces quelques fleurs
    Vous apportent le bonheur,
    Que la vie entiere
    Vous soit douce et legere
    Et que, l’an fini,
    Nous soyons tous reunis.
    (Sorry about the missing accent marks.)

  48. Hey! it’s all in how you look at it, glad some of you recognize that one can look at a map from another direction. My Mom always thought that it was all downhill from Northern Minnesota until she went west to Montana to see my brother and the mountains at Glacier Park!

  49. Hey Sam, Happy Bday. Hope you don’t count on your mom for your geography tutoring. Clearly her strengths lie elsewhere. 12 is the greatest. Enjoy the whole wonderful year.

  50. Happy birthday to you
    from Kalamazoo
    don’t you think that your mom should
    get a hamster for you?
    (and also Joooooooooe)

  51. Hey everyone! The Knitting Olympics made the national news here in Canada!!! Yay, for the Yarn Harlot – you rock Stephanie!

  52. Feliz Navidad, Sam…oh, wait, wrong event, LOL! Happy 12th birthday, and I hope you’ll have many more, so you can learn to appreciate what a cool mom you have!

  53. Sam,
    Make your 12th year the best yet but wait till you hit 13 to start to give your mom any troubles, ok??

  54. Hippo birdie, two ewes,
    Hippo birdie, two ewes,
    Hippo birdie, hippo birdie,
    Hippo birdie, two ewes!

  55. Dear Sam,
    Hope you are having the happiest of happy birthdays. May there be much cake, much ice cream and many, many presents.

  56. Happy birthday! Hey, I’m a cake decorator. I’m also part of a family of musicians. If you make it down this way, we’ll throw you a monster party!

  57. Sorry to steal your mom away on your birthday, Sam. I’m glad she’s with us right now, though, because she always makes me laugh. Hope your birthday is super!

  58. Happy birthday, Happy birthday, we love you
    Happy birthday, and may all your dreams come true…
    When you blow out the candles,
    One light stays aglow
    It’s the love light in your eyes, wheree’er you go.
    And all the twelve-year-olds I work with are pretty cool. And (in my opinion at least) the fact that you knit automatically makes you cooler than people who don’t knit. Since the girls I know don’t knit, that means you must be super extremely cool.

  59. Un p’tit cadeau en forme de chanson fran�aise.
    Bon anniversaire,
    Nos voeux les plus sinc�res,
    Que ces quelques fleurs
    Vous apportent le bonheur.
    Que l’ann�e enti�re vous soit
    Douce et l�g�re
    Et que l’an fini
    Nous soyions tous r�unis
    Pour chanter en choeur
    Happy Birthday Sam!

  60. Happy Birthday Sam! My neice and fellow knitter-ette’s birthday is the 17th, too, she’s now 13–a TEENAGER! Enjoy your last year of childhood hahahhahaha!

  61. “Hurra for deg som fyller ditt �r,
    ja deg vil vi gratulere.
    Alle i ring omkring deg vi st�r,
    og se hvor vi vil marsjere.
    Bukke, nikke, neie, snu oss omkring,
    danse for deg med hopp og sprett og spring,
    �nske deg av hjertet alle gode ting,
    og si meg s� hva vil du mere?
    And then “Happy birthday to you” in Norwegian – it’s the same melody as in English (sing along):
    Gratuelerer med da’n
    Gratulerer med da’n
    Gratulerer med da’n, Sammy!
    Gratulerer med da’n!!
    Klemmer from Norway

  62. Grattis p� f�delsedagen!
    (Happy Birthday in Swedish)
    It’s only appropriate that the Norwegian and Swedish wishes end up next to each other! Have a happy happy birthday!

  63. Happy Birthday Sam, from a knitter, two cats, and two rabbits here in Morgantown, West Virginia. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  64. Happy Birthday, Sam. When I turned 10, my Dad had to be away on business. He sent me a telegram (this was a long time ago and telegrams were the quickest way to send messages–if you watch old movies, you’ll know what they are)…I still have the telegram and it made me feel like he was there. I hope that this blogful of loving wishes will do the same for you!

  65. Lang zal ze leban!!!!
    Happy Birthday..
    I think Rams is right!! You need a hamster!! Or.. 8.. I have some come on down.. or heck I’ll meet you mom in Maine.. I LUV Maine!! But er.. not for the reasons your Mom might like it..
    And DEFINITELY play the guilt card!! You are gettin something goooooooood!!!

  66. Sam, Happy Birthday from Vermont, the state that wants to secede to Quebec!
    Lucky you, your birthday’s on the weekend this year. Eat lots of cake and stay up late – enjoy!

  67. Have a wonderful day, Birthday Girl!
    (From Denyse in Columbia, Missouri, USA – even FARTHER left than where your mom is!)

  68. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM! You may be 12, but you’re in your thirteenth year (as my daughter would pointed out when SHE turned 12). HOPE YOUR DAY WAS VERY SPECIAL.

  69. Happy Birthday Fellow Aquarian! Today (Saturday, 18th) is my birthday, but I’m not twelve exactly…although I feel twelve most of the time. Hope your day was wonderful!

  70. It is your birthday shout Hooray!
    I’m gonna sing to you today,
    One year older and wiser too!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday Sam!

  71. Happy Birthday, Sam. My daughter just turned 12 too. Hope you had a lovely day! (Hold your mom to her promise for a cool cake!)

  72. Happy Birthday from Colorado!
    And how about that mention of the Knitting Olympics in TIME Magazine. How cool is that?!

  73. Thanks for sharing your Mom with all the knitting world. We enjoy her so much and you have become part of a family to all of us. Hope your day was just grand. Enjoy being 12. The next year you will be a TEENAGER!!!!!
    A Belate Happy Birthday

  74. I’m always willing to chime in on a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”!
    And MANY mooooooorrrreeeeee!!!
    (Oh, you are SO lucky you can’t hear me!)

  75. Dear Sam,
    May your thirteenth year unfold from your heart so that your dreams are on the outside.
    Happy Birthday.

  76. Happy B-Day, Sammy–thnks for letting your mom share your growing up with us, and rest assured that my 11 year old daughter wishes she were you:-)

  77. Happy Birthday Sam! Today is (or rather, Friday was) my mother’s birthday also, she’s turned 60 (yes, six-zero) and is celebrating on a Caribbean cruise. While we’re here in ice-storm land. So Sam, your Mom is better than my Mom. 🙂

  78. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday dear Saaaa-am.
    Happy Birthday to you.
    My mom always sings me the Happy Birthday song over the phone on my B-day. I hope you have a good one!

  79. Hey Sam! Enjoy your birthday, dude! I hope you get loads of cool stuff. The good thing about your mom being away for your birthday is that she’ll feel extra guilty and make sure she spoils you when she gets home. That’s the best.
    I agree with S.Kate: I always thought Sam was about the coolest name out there!

  80. Happy Birthday, Sam!! Wow, just think — you’ll be a teen next year and then Mom’s really in for it! LOL!!

  81. A very happy belated birthday to you Sam from icy Memphis,TN. I do hope that it was a good one!:)

  82. I hope ya’ll have a very happy birtday, ’cause your mama sure does love you a heap! Happy dozen from Team Texas!!! YeeHA!

  83. Sam, Happy, wonderful and fabulous birthday.
    the greatest thing about birthdays is stretching them out. Especially when your mom is away, the cake and the parties Keep On Going !
    Bonne F�te, Sam !
    Nadine, in Montreal with Lots Of Snow !!

  84. Happy Birthday, Sam! It was my birthday, too, only I beat you by 30 years. I had to de-lurk to congratulate a fellow Aquarian. You probably already know that we share our natal day with Micheal Jordan, that wildly popular basketball player. I recall being 12 rather fondly, but it gets even better on down the road. Have a super year.

  85. Wah! I decided to skip SPA today and stay home, and now I see I’ve missed what is probably the only chance I have to see you in person! Rats!

  86. Are you sure you’re not in Oregon? Left=west in my little world.
    Happy Birthday to Sam! You’re practically all grown up!

  87. Sam, 12 is a very important birthday. When I was 12 I learned to knit, crochet AND sew. You probably already know how to do all those things, since your mum is who she is, but still, it’s a very important time in your life. I wish you an fabulous birthday and many more!

  88. Hey Sam – happy birthday eh!!! enjoy NOT being a teenager for one more year!
    Shelley – the old lady from Alberta who lived in a shoe – she had so many children she didn’t know what to do ?!

  89. Dear Sam,
    I have a Sam, too. Only really cool people get to be named Sam, so you must be really cool.
    Happy Birthday! Hope 12 is a really splendiferous year for you.

  90. Happy birthday from Brooklyn, Sam! Just remember in your last year as a “tween”: you might know better than your mom and dad, but life goes a lot smoother if you don’t let them know that. 🙂

  91. Happy Birthday, Sam. My Sam turns 21 this year, but not until May. Enjoy the last year before teen-hood.

  92. PS My Sam likes Boston Cream Pie (which is really a cream filled cake with chocolate icing), what will your b-day cake be?

  93. Is it Portland, Maine or Portland, Oregon?
    Samantha, お誕生日おめでとうございます!

  94. Happy Birthday, Sam! My son just turned 12 on Feb. 6th, so you’re almost birthday twins. 🙂

  95. Happy Birthday Sam!!!!
    We hope you’re having a lot of Ice Cream with your Cake!!!
    ~from Team Cheese (WI,USA)
    (If dairy is out of the question, it’s okay. We grow a lot of soybeans here, Soy Ice Cream is yummy too!)

  96. 12’s too old to be a kid
    But still to young for a teen
    It’s a year for you to be
    Kinda stuck in between
    But 12’s a great age
    So I think I’ll share it with you
    This year in November
    I’ll be 12 times 2!!
    Happy Birthday and sorry for the bad poem!

  97. Stephanie: You very gracefully signed my book last night at the NETA Spa in Portland, ME. With others requesting your time, I forgot to mention a friend of yours, who works with my DD in Boston–Crystal (and I do not know her last name).

  98. Well, of course! Happy Birthday, Sam!!! I hope that all of your birthday wishes came true. Your mum must be so proud that you are no longer a little girl. Congrats.

  99. Happy Birthday, Sam! I’m sure you’re going to really enjoy that special cake when your mother gets home. Hope you had a great day on your birthday!!

  100. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Best wishes to you …
    YOu know, since shi missed it this time, you could ask for some really nice yarn to make up for it …

  101. Happy Birthday Sam!!! Preteen years are almost over. 1 more year and your a Teenager!!!! Hold on Steph it will be a bumpy ride!!!

  102. Happy Happy Day my little friend. Not so good with the computer, so I needed to get help posting a comment but I’ll call ya Sam.I still have pickel puppets for you. Happy birthday my craft pal. luv Dennyxoxoxoxoxo.

  103. HAPPY Birthday Sam!!!! Hope you have an amazing day and all your dreams come true! My daughter just turned 12 too, I hope you are enjoying it as much as she is!!!!Very best wishes for the year ahead, love and sunshine from down under…..

  104. Happy Birthday Sam. You are lucky Mom is away. Now you get to have two birthdays! 🙂
    From a member of Team Canada here in Ontario.

  105. Sammy who else do you know that would receive well over two hundred Happy Birthday wishes? You are very lucky and unique and HAPPY 12th BIRTHDAY!!

  106. Sam, I truely and fondly remember 12 as the best age ever and from my exalted position here, 39 years hence, I still hold that to be true.
    Savour it.
    And, Steph, what hand do you throw with? Oh, wait, you were looking down there from Toronto, maybe?

  107. For the knitting olympics could you PLEASE take off, Kristina:(she’10) baby blanket, I signed up and I forgot and my mom signed me up too. Thank you so much!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  108. Samantha –
    12 is my favorite number; it doesn’t sound anything like the other numbers (single numbers are all alike in that they are somewhat unique and then repeated again in the teens, 20’s, etc) and ten and eleven just don’t sounds as nice as twelve to my ear. I hope you have a great and unique year!
    happy belated birthday!

  109. Happy Birthday, Sam! 🙂
    In portuguese: Feliz Aniversario, Sam!
    Sung to Happy Birthday, the brazilian equivalent:
    Parabens para voce,
    Nesta data querida,
    Muitas felicidade,
    Muitos anos de vida!

  110. Warmest birthday greetings from Chicago, Sam!
    What little I know of you from reading this blog tells me that you are a smart, fun, cool person. No doubt, your future is very bright!

  111. Happy Belated Birthday Sam! and Many Happy Returns!!!
    I was at SPA this past weekend too. 🙂 It was a pleasure hear you speak again, you are such a hoot!

  112. Well, better late than never. Very happy birthday Sam — may you have gotten great presents and enjoy a wonderful year!

  113. Even though it is the 21st, I hope that you had a special day and just think that you will have a second special day with your MOM> Best wishes, cecilia

  114. Even though it is the 21st, I hope that you had a special day and just think that you will have a second special day with your MOM> Best wishes, cecilia

  115. Here’s to Ms. Sam having at least one hundred more birthdays healthy and happy! Cheers! Yes…with a Hires after all its Ms. Sams 12th not 19th Birthday! Jeez!

  116. I just want to say to you, stephanie, I just finished your book the Yarn Harlot….it truly was one of the funniest and most enjoyable books I have ever read. I needed that, I lost my daughter a year ago and find it difficult to get back into my knitting that that i just learned that same year. I could truly itentify with everything you wrote, even as a knitting novice. Again, thanks for a great book, I’ve passed it on to my daughter in law.

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