The glory and the pain

In the grand spirit of “it ain’t over ’til it’s over”….I came as close to not making it as is truly possible. (This will be a short post, since I feel like those speed skaters who collapse on the ice right after the skate. I’m spending today doing the knitters version of lying on the ice sucking air. Admittedly, this looks more like drinking coffee and slowly knitting a sock, but you know what I mean.)

I stayed up knitting until 4am Saturday, sewing steeks in the dead of night hopped up on so much coffee that I could hear dust falling. I made an executive decision that nobody is qualified to hack up a Norwegian sweater in the dead of night and went to bed for a bit. (I iced my left hand first.)


I got up at 8am Sunday and knit the plackets while I drank my coffee. (I was badly hampered by my hand at this point. It’s not a repetitive strain injury or a return of the claw that I suffered from 2 years ago, just the burn of serious overuse…like feeling sore the day after the gym. I deliberately slowed down to avoid injuring it.)


Fortified by placket success (there’s two words you don’t think you’ll write together) I took the scissors to the steeks.

(Approximate time 10:45am. Very little time left. Still…never rush a steek.)


I had a little lie down (just 4 or 5 minutes face down on the hardwood floor) because seeing a cut up sweater always makes the blood rush out of my head…


From there it was a driving sprint….I put in the sleeves (11:30) and began weaving in the ends, sewing down the facings, steam blocking the joins, and was sewing up the hems of the sweater in a cab on the way to the closing ceremonies.


I was still sewing and weaving in ends when I got to the bar… and even I didn’t know if I was getting it done before the torch was going to go out. (I really wish they would publish the exact time that thing is going to be extinguished instead of just the time the closing ceremonies start. There’s a huge window of aching uncertainty in there.) In the end, at the last possible moment, as my left hand began to seize into a knitterly deathgrip…

I finished.


This picture taken as I triumphantly leapt to my feet at the Team Canada celebrations and rammed the sweater on. (Ignore the beer. It was a difficult few days.) It’s really hard to take a picture of yourself.



I can’t hardly believe it. I feel really, really good.


Tune in tomorrow, when we will have the medal ceremonies, tell your stories of defeat and glory and learn what to do to qualify for the draw for prizes. (The prizes are really, really good.)

Congratulations to everyone who finished, everyone who tried, and thanks to the fans who cheered us on. I’m so proud of everyone who dared to be a better knitter. Cheers!

643 thoughts on “The glory and the pain

  1. Congrats Steph!! It is gorgeous!!!
    In true Bode style… I came and did not medal in either of my events… but I sure had fun trying!!!!
    You rock.

  2. I can’t believe you finished that in 16 days! Not that I didn’t have faith in you, but you’re all busy and with the kids and the Joe and the books and everything…
    Sh*t. All I got is a kid, and a job and a roommate and a broken car and roller derby practice. And I couldn’t finish one lousy lace wrap 🙁

  3. I never doubted you for a second Steph. It looks amazing. But you should be most proud of inspiring so many thousands of knitters and crocheters.

  4. Prizes? There are prizes? And all along I thought this was just for the thrill of the hunt.
    Congratulations Stephanie!!! I’d been checking your site all day, hoping to hear you were still alive.
    Your sweater looks truly amazing. I’d like to knit one sometime…over a period of about a year. You’ve really set the bar now.

  5. YOU ROCK!!! WE are not worthy. Be very, very proud of yourself. Not just for the sweater but for the opportunity to share this crazy experience with you and the inspiartion you gave us!! You are knitter extraordinaire!

  6. Yay!
    What a great sweater!
    Thanks for the wonderful experience. Never before have I been so focused on one project before. What would have taken me 2 – 3 years, stopping and starting, was accomplished in 16 days.

  7. I’ve been waiting on pins and needles to see if you finished and am so glad to see you did! Yay! Not that I ever doubted you or anything. What an absolutely gorgeous sweater. Amazing. You rock!

  8. Congratulations! You are a MACHINE! I didn’t make it but now I feel like I didn’t give my all….went to bed at regular bedtimes and such. I’m mere rookie. You have inspired me for 2010 (or are we doing this again in 2008?).

  9. Oh. My. God. You totally amaze me. I mean, okay, I was totally expecting you to pull it out at the last minute and finish, but Jeez Louise! Congrats, and I think you definitely deserve a gold medal for all that!

  10. Heartiest congratulations. I wonder, does your Knitting Olympics Gold Medal have a big gaping hole in the middle of it like the Torino ones? 🙂
    We all stand in awe and amazement at your accomplishments. Now go lie down and let someone cater to you while you recuperate.

  11. Unbelievable! Gorgeous! Platinum medal worthy!
    They should make a platinum medal just for you!
    You had me on the edge of my seat and I JUST KNEW you would do it! The sweater is so beautiful.
    You are truly an inspiration!

  12. Looks beautiful. I don’t know how you did it. You never said anything about the zipper. Is it in?

  13. The construction looks very similar to Torino’s (which I…um…didn’t finish yet) and I was wondering if you knitted back and forth on the neckline above the placket or improvised a steek.

  14. Congratulations to you and to all who competed. Your sweater is amazing. I had orginally signed up to complete the clapotis shawl, but realized that I did not have the required equipment to do it. So I decided on a sweater instead. What thus ensued was a knitting adventure of 5 (yes 5) sweaters for my children’s animals. I was able to complete my projects with time to spare and have realized that I really really want to try a sweater for myself now. Thanks for giving me the personal confidence to try something new and the knowledge that my skills are better then I thought they were.

  15. i have tears in my eyes. you deserve a hell of a lot more than a beer, girl! well done and many congratulations.

  16. It’s sweet to cross the finish line, isn’t it?
    Thanks for the idea of the Knitting Olympics! It was a hoot, and I really enjoyed it. It made me enjoy the Torino Olympics more too!

  17. Huzzah! You’re a knitting fool, it’s true — but an amazing, wonderful, inspirational knitting fool!

  18. It’s completely gorgeous. I hope your hand forgives you. Mine is still not working properly, and I did nothing like what you pulled off. I’ll save sharing my Olympic exploits till tomorrow.

  19. Congratulations. I’d send a beer if I could figure out how 🙂
    Hope your hand uncramps soon!

  20. OMG. That is the MOST gorgeous sweater I have ever seen. I honestly had my doubts about whether or not you would finish. What with all of the retreats and such scheduled right in the middle. But I stand in awe of your kick-ass knittin’ skills. Congratulations of the highest order!
    (I finished too!)

  21. WOW. You can’t see it, but my jaw is on the floor. I mean, I knew you’d do it, but frankly — I didn’t realize how convoluted that pattern was until I saw the finished item. And HOLY FREAKIN’ WOW! You did it in 16 days.
    Frankly, I’d have an entire pitcher sitting in front of me right now, and it wouldn’t be beer. Margaritaville time after that beast!
    Ah, heck. Must do extremely absurd amount of knitting in the next four years to prepare for 2010. When I will, I swear, Gold.

  22. Oh my gosh! It’s so… so… beautiful! *Tear* It looks really amazing, I’m so proud of you! I, too, finished with just minutes to spare, but it was so worth it! Can’t wait to gaze at the prizes (and hopefully win one). Congratulations!

  23. I just posted on my own blog a little while ago, and this was my last paragraph:
    As of this entry, Miss Harlot (who started this whole Olympic thing in the first place) has not posted that she completed her item either. But she’s amazing with a deadline. More than likely,…she DID finish it, and is just sleeping it off 😉
    Congrats! It looks awesome!!

  24. Congratulations! I was checking the site yesterday hoping you’d pull through. I’m very glad to see that you did. Gorgeous sweater, too.

  25. Congratulations Gold Medalist! Your sweater is really amazing, and a very worthy challenge. I teared up a little as my project came off the blocking wires – not just relief at being done, but joy at having done it.

  26. Ab-so-lutely no doubt that you were going to make it! The sweater is just beautiful.
    OK, summer Olympics are just about two and a half years away — don’t let your training go downhill! Maybe you could do a sweater like this in cotton (ducking!)…

  27. We were debating at our local Closing Ceremonies whether you were going to finish or not. I came down firmly on your side. I knew if anyone could do it you would! I finished my sweater too 🙂

  28. Wow! I love that sweater!!!
    Go you! 😀
    (Did you see the mention of the Knitting Olympics in Time? I’ll try to look up which issue.)

  29. The suspense was killing me! Congratulations for leading us all the way to the finish line — you are amazing, and your sweater is gorgeous. The best part about my day: all the compliments I’m getting on my Olympic sweater!

  30. We on the Knit Detroit team figured that you’d somehow pull it off to get the gold. That’s one great looking sweater, and it’s almost unbelievable that it was knit in such a short time.

  31. Someone asked me today if there is going to be a Summer Knitting Olympics-I thought I’d better start planning if there is!
    Your sweater is quite fine, and such an accomplishment-it will go down in the annals of Knitting History!

  32. Absolutely amazing! Somehow I knew you were going to pull it off. We worship at the feet of our Harlot.
    p.s. I’m wearing my Olympics sweater today! And, ok, I wore it yesterday, and the day before. . . it doesn’t smell. . . YET.

  33. OMG, way to go!!! It’s BEAUTIFUL! You have accomplished so much with this Olympics and this project!
    I achieved my own private gold medal – didn’t realize there was a deadline to setup and missed the cutoff, but I committed to knitting my very first pair of socks. That’s right – in two weeks, I accomplished what you could do in a few hours, but I’m still very proud.
    Good job, Steph. Been hovering on your blog all day long, chewing my cuticles to bits!

  34. You are amazing!! I cannot believe you knit that in 16 days. I would have been able to knit 1 sleeve. Maybe. Way to go Stephanie!

  35. Steph, the sweater is breath-taking (and I mean that in the “it’s lovely” kind-of way). I knew all along that you’d be able to do it!

  36. Steph-
    Your sweater is “the bomb”! 🙂
    I’m thinking endorsements from all of the major yarn/needle manufacturers and a cover shot on IK!
    You kick arse! Nice job!!! (insert Olympic theme song here).

  37. Once again, you have warped the time-space continuum to beat the odds. Of course, the sweater is fabulous and might even be worthy of you. 🙂
    I did not participate but remain humbled and inspired by all those who challenged themselves.

  38. Now there’s human drama for you. The pain, the suspense, the victory. A toast to you! In beer, wine, chocolate, or whatever you like. You’ve earned it.

  39. Woo-HOOO! Congrats and beautiful work, Stephanie! That is one fabulous accomplishment. Now, sleep well…

  40. Oh my goodness! Delurking to give you a big Congratulations! I’m just amazed at your knitting heroics. Thank you so much for the steek by steek commentary. I’ve been refreshing your blog all day in anticipation of an update. Thank you so much for the Knitting Olympics. It’s been a wonderful experience.

  41. Wow! That’s all I can say. Wow! Congratulations! The sweater is beautiful. You are simply amazing, astounding, increadable. Wow!

  42. Stephanie (I can’t help calling you by your first name) you are possibly the most amazing knitter I know, you are the queen of the knitlympics. You are our Cindy Klassen and there is not much more I can add to that 🙂
    and now he question all television crew asks the athletes : “Will you be back in 4 years for Vancouver?”

  43. YEAH!! YEAH!! I knew you could do it! I’m tearing up a little as I write this. (Shut up. It’s the hormones.) I am so proud…so, so proud of you and of all these knitters who have finished these amazing projects. Now I can stop checking obsessively and get back to work. It’s a beautiful sweater. You’ve done a beautiful thing.
    And you know where you should wear this sweater next? TO THE BANK! Whee! Tell the teller we all said… umm, never mind.

  44. Your blog is set as my homepage and I have been following your adventure. I am happy to see you finished! WOW! You are amazing! Very nice work indeed. :o)

  45. Absolutely stunning sweater! I’d like to say I never had any doubt, but I’ve been refreshing bloglines all day to see if you made it. Congrats.

  46. Mazel Tov!! We knew you could do it!! Even the DH was checking to see when you would post the finale. Beautiful sweater, great fit, well-earned rest.

  47. Yeah, I had my doubts. But of course you pulled it off as always. You are officially the queen of last minute knits 🙂

  48. congratulations stephanie,
    and a huge thank you.
    i did something that i never thought possible – all because you gave us the inspiration.
    it was a blast!

  49. Congratulations, Stephanie! Never doubted you! And look, it’s something for yourself, not another blasted Christmas gift!
    Be proud, and have another drink.

  50. What determination! I’m most impressed. And thank you again for hosting such a huge, wonderful knitting get-together. I loved being a part of it!

  51. Really, I find it hard to believe that there was no one at the Team Canada celebration willing to take your photo in your moment of glory!
    It is gorgeous! Congratulations on a job well done – both in finishing the sweater and for inspiring thousands of knitters around the world who both participated and cheered.

  52. Wow.
    That’s all I’ve got.
    Just wow.
    Okay, maybe WOW!
    And woo. And also, of course, hoo. But they seem hopelessly inadequate in the face of such an achievement.

  53. DAYUMMMM. When I saw the picture of the scissors to the knit, I think I actually peed myself a little!!!
    VERY impressive. I bow to your prowess. I am not worthy.

  54. The sweater is absolutely gorgeous!! Way to go!!
    We’re so proud of all that you’ve accomplished with the Knitting Olympics – it’s SOOO much bigger than just the sweater!
    I am still persevering with my first sock – let’s try that heel ONE MORE TIME…
    Congratulations to ALL the Olympians.

  55. Oh my gosh! That was the most exciting few moments of the entire Winter Olympics! Who knew that knitting could generate such drama! I was hooked! Wow, oh wow. I was feeling so sorry for you and thinking you must be sick in bed (well, yeah, NOW you probably are.) You are a – maz – ing. Your poor hands and fingers (and family).
    And did you say PRIZES? Wow! I was just looking forward to my little medal shinging on my website. This will be fun!

  56. Amazing! Watching you was completely thrilling. As thrilling as the short track speed skating.
    I’m very proud of you. The sweater is beautiful. You a truly an olympian of the knitterly kind.
    Wish I could say the same for me…as I was unsuccessful at meeting the deadline. However, I will be certain to finish my sweater before moving onto the next project.
    Thanks for being so inspiring!

  57. Oh my, what a beauty! Thanks for the challenge and all the fun that came with it.
    Though I won’t be receiving a medal, now that my wrist and tendon are better I am working on my vest and have the back almost completed. Next time I will be certain to not injure myself before I even get started 😀

  58. I salute you and your olympic gold. I didn’t compete this year due to prior knitting commitments, but I looked on in wonder and dare i say, glee, yes, glee. lovely sweater, really.

  59. Mega-Congrats!!!!! That was an all out OLYMPIC effort if ever there was! And the results are FANTASTIC! That sweater is so gorgeous! The taste of Victory is so sweet. 😀 And finishing my clapotis scarf wasn’t nearly the marathon event that yours was, but it was just as thrilling to cross that finish line! Congrats again on a beautiful sweater.

  60. Woo, plus a double Hoo!!
    (okay, so mamacate beat me to it).
    Proud of ya, dude. For finishing, and for starting all of this.
    We’re all better for it.
    (Plus I got a kickass alpaca lace shawl out if it – yay me!!)

  61. I’ve been so so so waiting for your post. Rock on witcha bad sweater!
    Thank you for such an awesome two weeks. It was a lot of fun!

  62. You know… don’t hate me… but when you showed us how you were knitting the second sleeve using the wrong needles, I really doubted whether you’d finish in time. But, Ms. YH, you have put me in my place. Congratulations!

  63. Bravo! I really think you’ve earned another beer. In fact? You should have two after all that steeking. I don’t know if they drink it cold or warm up there in Canada, but if it’s served cold you could just consider it a fancy cold pack for that sore hand.

  64. Beautiful. Great effort. Thanks for the pictures and updates during the strenuous two weeks.
    I didn’t think you were going to do it until yesterday.
    I feel your pain. This morning I wrote that you must be totally exhausted and collapsed on the floor.
    My upper arms HURT. Must be from the hours and hours of straining and concentration. vj

  65. I am sooo impressed! What an amazing, spectacular finish! The sweater is beautiful. I finished one Baltic mitten and got about an inch knitted on the second one. So I’m not a finisher…not this year. Just wait ’til Vancouver…I’ll be ready!

  66. It’s beautiful, stunning and soooo worth the effort. Stephanie, thank you for giving me incentive to try something new and to work hard at it!

  67. Prizes? Huh, I thought it was just for a pretty gold medal. I hope I don’t have to show it off, since I was going to submit the pattern….

  68. I knew you’d do it! The sweater is so beautiful and I love your choice of colors.
    I am so glad I signed up for this.It was so much fun to check everyone’s blogs to check on progress and compare it to my own. I did finish my “artful sweater” and it came out awesome despite the haste.
    You are such an inspiration!

  69. :-O <– my face while reading this post. Omg, I feel like my gloves and socks are a lump of coal right about now, brightly coloured rainbow coal, but coal none the less. Wicked job!

  70. Congratulations!!! I’ve been hitting the refresh button all day wondering if you finished on time. Truly amazing sweater.

  71. You know, though, that when a sweater is named HarDANGERvidda that things could go awry at any point…
    Congratulations, it’s frickin’ beautiful! You Olympians rocked!

  72. Hooray! I knew you’d finish. I just knew it. Your sweater looks great. You are truly a knit godess.
    Prizes? I thought we were doing this for the thrill of accomplishment. Prizes are nice though.

  73. Yea!!! Never had a doubt Dear and it is truly lovely. I am proud of us all for our feats of daring and can’t believe I not only accomplished my goal but went far beyond, not only spinning and plying my 1-lb of roving but 4 lbs. My yarn stash is much prettier now. I haven’t decided if I’m going to buy myself a box of GOLD Godiva chocolates or what. I just wish I could have flown up for the Toronto ceremonies with you all. This was so rewarding Stephanie, thanks for coming up with the idea and I look forward to the award ceremonies!

  74. I had total faith that you would do it 😀 If I can finish my project I knew you could. Even though mine was just a felted bag you could knit and finish in your sleep – it was still a real challenge for me. I took it out into public today and was showing it off at the dentists office — hey if you have to go to the dentist – you may as well make them feel pain too. heheheh

  75. I didn’t think it was humanly possible to complete a sweater like that in 16 days! That’s beyond amazing and the sweater is beautiful.
    P.S. If you need to ice down your wrists and still be functional, this is what you do:
    � Cut the toes off an old sock (not a hand knitted one).
    � Slip the cuff up your wrist and leave the foot part hanging on your hand.
    � Now, wrap a Rubbermaid BLUE ICE blanket (cut to size) around your entire wrist.
    � Fold over the foot end of the sock over the Blue Ice and tuck it under the cuff.
    � This way there will be a layer of sock between the Blue Ice and your bare skin, the Blue Ice will be in a sock envelope and will stay on whilst you do other things.
    or go to and do a search for �blue ice blanket�

  76. i’ve been anxiously waiting all day to see the finished sweater! it looks fantastic. if i finished something that impressive in 16 days, i would either wear it constantly and never take it off, or throw it under the bed and never look at it again! thanks for hosting this event, it has been a lot of fun checking out people’s progress

  77. I’m speechless! After having seen bits of pieces of the sweater the last two weeks, it was so very satisfying to see it all together – it’s beautimous! I only had a measly pair of socks to knit, but it was a challenge for me, as the fastest I’ve ever knit a pair before was at least a month. I’m proud of every last one of us!

  78. Yay!!! You rock!
    I’m looking forward to the medal ceremonies! And I’m thrilled that there will be prizes…
    BTW, I put a medal button (and a non-medal button) on my blog – if anyone’s interested, save it to your computers and upload it if you want.
    Can we have summer Olympics in 2 years?

  79. WOW! My sweater pales in comparison to yours. My effort seems paltry in comparison to yours. Now I know what the Olympic spirit really is.

  80. Good for you! I knew you had done your best no matter what the outcome. I am glad you finished because I know you had wanted to so badly, because you were the “fearless leader” who came up with the idea and you didn’t want to let anyone down. But you would have “won” in my book even if you had just come close.
    Yea Team Canada!

  81. Beautiful Stephanie!!!
    Compared to how complicated yours is, mine is meek…but it was a challenge, as prescribed by you.
    Can’t wait til tomorrow! 🙂
    (Oh, and don’t worry about the beer, many a late night of the Olympics were spend with just me, my sweater and a glass of wine.)

  82. Holy shit! I’m in awe. And by the way, the Knitting Olympics made national news in the US. I heard a blurb about it on ABC Radio News this morning!

  83. As I was sitting up late late Saturday night [crunching on espresso beans — who needs hot water?] knitting the lace edging for my shawl, I thought, “I can do this; I’m certain Stephanie is up late knitting, too.” It really helped.
    I am very glad you finished, but what really counts is you changed the world for the better, again.

  84. Congrats to you and all who participated. It really is a beautiful sweater. I definitely did not medal, I am still working on my Moebius, alas I had a handicap: my 5 month old daughter got sick on vacation, and did not sleep lying down–she would only sleep in our arms, which, alas did not not allow for much knitting. I’m setting a new deadline for myself. I want this thing finished before I get on the plane on March 16. I want to wear this in NYC.

  85. Way to go, Girl! I knew you could do it. My project is back on the needles now. I missed a flag toward the top of the hill, skied down at remarkable speed, but then discovered that I needed to go back to the top & re-run the course, obviously, not completing in time. My race will be finished eventually. But not yet.

  86. oh, ROCK ON!
    We out here in blogland never had ANY DOUBT that you finished in time. (Well, okay. Little tinges of doubt after that last post. But we were still 98% certain.)
    Congratulations! Go ice your hand. 🙂

  87. Yikes! I’ll never get used to the sight of scissors on something knitted.
    Congratulations on a fantastic sweater, and thank you so much for inspiring all of us to take on the challenge!

  88. You were right about the “danger” in Hardangervidda. Congratulations on your triumph and the obvious lack of gold medal urine testing by your local olympic officials.
    Prizes? I was just looking forward to a Franklin button for my website! You are too much.

  89. FANTASTCAL!!!! You are now in knitting history for sure. Martha Stewart and Lily Chin haven’t got a look in with you .Anyone that could accomplish this feat while travelling , organizing this time consuming challenge ,take care of family etc etc etc should get an all expences paid trip to Hawaii for some well deserved R&R. Maybe the yarn companies will award you this small award. You think ? CONGRATS Stephenie and THANKS .

  90. Hurray for you – this is a very nice sweater indeed..
    Just make me feel all the more guilty for not having done it !

  91. Congratulations!
    First time poster, been reading a couple weeks.
    For the KO, I decided to finish a purple and black striped scarf that had been sitting in my closet for months… given that I am horribly slow and really don’t know how to do anything more than cast on and off, and knit and purl, I feel pretty darn good about finishing it. I think I get an E for Effort sticker, although I wouldn’t medal myself…
    PS the sweater is beautiful, I hope I can learn to make something like that some day.

  92. I never doubted you for a moment…. now go and get that back rub that was offered to you a few days ago….

  93. I am so freakin’ proud of you! Of course, folks at work thought I’vd totally lost it when I yelled, “Woo hoo! She did it!” at my computer screen and then had to explain that you just got an Olympic Gold Medal for knitting a Dale sweater in 16 days. Sigh. It’s so hard to explain such things to the clueless. I hope you didn’t have to pay for any of those beers yourself! 🙂

  94. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is what I call not only an accomplishment but a true work of art!! I fell short and gave up at 1:00 a.m. Sunday morning after I had to FROG, FROG, FROG. I tried my best the next day but still fell 1/2 a sleeve short; I worked on it today at a slower pace and hope to be sewing the sweater up tomorrow evening. I do feel that I accomplished something worthwhile in that I made a sweater that I have wanted to make for 10 years, I even had the yarn and pattern already to go, but as all knitters know there is always another project to do…scarves for gifts, baby items for gifts, socks for gifts, etc. etc. etc. I feel that at the very least I accomplished putting MY sweater first for ME. I am also proud of the fact that I did the fiscally responsible (although I do admit boring) thing and did not purchase one thing to complete this task–maybe since I won’t medal I should treat myself to some stash, hhmmmm.
    Thank-you Stephanie, I so enjoy this blog and really only discovered it recently; I also have been reading “At Knits End” for the last few days and have totally related to most of it and needless to say have been enjoying it.
    Congratulations to all who completed their task and to all who tried.

  95. Your sweater is Beautiful. I finished my thrumed socks despite the disappearance on Monday evening of the rest of the roving. I bought three different colored skeins of roving (does roving come in skeins?) at the local spinning and dying store. And finished the socks off while watching short track speed skating. (No one’s grandfather should die in a far off place just before he was to watch his granddaughter race in her first Olympics). In a fit of hubris, I thought I could finish off my qiviut scarf (pre-Olympics project), but I have unpicked 8 rows of lace twice. Stephanie, this was so much fun. My socks out of Fleece Artist are beautiful. I knit the socks fast for me and mastered thrums.

  96. What an inspiration you are to all knitters world wide. Hope to see you and this great sweater at Maryland Sheep Show.

  97. So what do you have planned for the next Olympics? This obviously wasn’t enough of a challenge…
    I knew you’d pull it off! Congratulations!

  98. I never had a moment’s doubt. I’ve been checking all day for this moment – the moment that you achieved your Olympic glory. Congratulations! Oh, and it’s absofreakinlutely gorgeous, too.

  99. Gorgeous sweater! Definitely gold-medal-worthy.
    Thanks for all the work you and the others have done to make this event possible for the knitters of the world.

  100. Of course you finished. It looks really great. I had a number of pitfalls–lack of charts, kids home on vacation, illness and running out of yarn. I have two sleeves and a back and more yarn on its way to me now. I’ll finish that damned sweater if it kills me.

  101. Wow sexy (that is what my 12 year old says for anything truely amazing). Congratulations, I too finished my lace shawl and then felted two purses but your sweater is truely amazing.

  102. Thius project not only made me stretch my knitting comfort zone (which has been in place for 26 years, mind you), but I’m now inspired to stretch a bit further, and am working on more difficult projects.
    I still won’t go into intarsia, though.

  103. As a novice knitter who knitted on the sidelines in support of you ‘real’ athletes, I am truly amazed … and humbled! You have not only earned the gold, but the right to carry the Canadian flag back into the arena for the closing ceremonies!! Maybe I’ll be ready for the next one … if you can even imagine doing a *next* one …

  104. I stand in awe…I was concerned when I saw the sleeves were of different sizes and you started over (I would have found a recipient with one overdeveloped arm and said I planned it that way). Well done!

  105. Congrats…and Woohoo! A gorgeous sweater.
    Give that woman the gold!
    Many thanks for a wonderful event!

  106. WOW!!!!!
    I’m afraid I met with defeat Sat night….2 inches from the toe of my sock and I realized the heel flap was wrong!!! sniff, sniff….I had to frog…..then I had to get the knots out from where I frogged….Uggghhhh….the AGONY of defeat! 🙁

  107. I am such a slacker. You are an amazing woman! What a beautiful sweater. I had my doubts when I saw the colors, but it turned out really nice (Go Hurricanes! Sorry, slipped into American football mode)
    Well, I personally never got signed up officially, but challenged my HS Girl Scout troop to any kind of crafting. My personal was to knit a pair of socks. Almost got one completed in the 16 days! Considering it took me a year to do my first pair, I guess that’s not bad.
    Congratulations Stephanie!

  108. Woohoo! Way to go Steph – I was rooting for you all the way!
    Hey, did Ken make it? And what’s this about … prizes? I like prizes!

  109. Mazel Tov! I knew you could do it. Never doubted for a minute.
    During the Olympics I had surgery on both feet, but I managed to keep knitting. I couldn’t count on being able to do short rows during surgury, so I knit on a sock to work on while they cut, but I switched to my numerous pairs of felted clogs as soon as the pain meds kicked in.
    I had a bit of trouble felting…our machine is too gentle…but with numerous hot/cold wash/rinsings, they shaped up nicely. I even managed to throw in an additional event, and I medaled in “UFO completion” as well as in Men’s Felting. I finished knitting and blocking a boring/neverending wrap which I lovingly call “The Fucking Wrap” — which I am donating to a fundraising auction later this week. I’m so glad that is over.
    Thanks for the inspiration…thanks for the laughs…and I hope you get some rest. You deserve it.
    And, on behalf of Male Knitters everywhere let me say “We love harlots.”
    Now where the hell are my pain pills?

  110. Now we can exhale… a huge sigh of relief from all who were cheering you on. Congratulations – the sweater is gorgeous! You’re very wise to “cool down” (knitting socks) after such a strenuous workout. You’re a.w.e.s.o.m.e.!

  111. Way to go, Stephanie! The sweater is breathtaking. Thank you for inspiring us all with this fabulous international event!

  112. It’s a good feeling, ain’t it? I never thought I would finish either!
    I am so impressed by your last minute burst of knitting speed! And the sweater is beautiful!

  113. Hooray! You did it! (Shall I sing you a chorus of the Dora song? I let my kids watch that video an embarrassing number of times while I learned how to knit socks this weekend.) Of course, I knew you would.

  114. Congratulations! That is truly amazing. Thanks for starting all this craziness — it was a lot of fun and the extra kick in the pants I needed to get a gift done on time.

  115. Congratulations, Stephanie, you over-achiever, you! I kept checking your blog all day, thinking you must be catching up on sleep for all that you lost over the weekend. It’s a beautiful sweater – I love the color choices. As for my project – I had visions of finishing a pinwheel blanket for my sister’s upcoming daughter, but have found myself in the deathgrip of Socks that Rock these days and early on changed my project to three pairs of socks in ten days (It usually takes me 15-20 hours/pair on 2’s, and these are on 1’s.). Well, one pair is completely done, the second pair is about two inches from the toe, and the third pair is down to the heel flap. I’ll finish pair 2 tonight for sure, with a good start on pair 3. Your challenge made me much more productive than I would have been on my own. This is the jaywalker pattern, btw, which takes longer than plain
    Thanks for all the inspiration! What’s the next challenge going to be?

  116. Bet getting a full night’s sleep and not having to wake up to that sweater felt really, really good too. Well deserved.

  117. Wow! Great sweater! You are amazing. Thanks for starting this. I had so much fun… and learned to knit properly in the process. (I’ve been doing it wrong from the get go!) Chalk it up to being a lefty I guess. 🙂

  118. Absolutely amazing! I am sad to say I didn’t finish, but I got started, which I was truly inspired to do by your challenge. I can say for sure that I started my first lace project, and it’s in part because of the KO! Thanks Stephanie for all of your hard work!

  119. Stephanie, this is going to ruin you for Christmas next year. You’ve gone well beyond warping the time space continuum. . .

  120. you are a truly amazing woman. having seen the sweater in its beginning, I am so proud of you finishing it. sigh, i wish i could say the same of mine, but it seems to be lacking a zipper…

  121. I actually said “Oh my God!” out loud when I saw that sweater. What an amazing reveal! Congratulations! We are in complete and total awe.

  122. Wow I really am impressed. Wait a minute, there’s got to be better word for that…
    I am impressed by that amazing, astonishing, astounding, breathtaking, colossal, dynamite, enormous, fab, fabulous, fantasmo, fantastic, greatest, huge, marv, mind-blowing, mind-boggling, miraculous, monumental, overwhelming, phenomenal, prodigious, rad, smashing, spectacular, staggering, stunning, super, superb, surprising, terrific, titanic, too much, tremendous, utmost unreal, vast, wonderful, wondrous sweater.
    Well done.

  123. You are amazing!!! You realize that you have set the bar very, very high for the next olympics though.

  124. i can’t believe you paused in the midst of panic to take pictures of your progress! congratulations!

  125. You actually did it. Dude you were my knitting heroine before but now, you’re my knitting heroine on a WHOLE other level.

  126. HUZZAH!!!! I have been checking this many times today. I wasn’t sure you would post, thought you would be too wiped out.
    I am gob-smacked! Way to go!

  127. Stephanie, the sweater rocks! You rock! I never doubted that you would finish in time but what a fun ride it was.
    I’ve stopped trying to figure out why this was so much fun — it just was. My personal support team was great. My granddaughters are in Australia where autumn is coming on, and little Zoe will look lovely in the blue wildflower sweater that matches her eyes.
    I’m proud to have joined, and even more proud to have medalled.

  128. Having never steeked before, it seems scary enough, never mind steeking under that kind of pressure. You must have nerves of steel. Congratulations, it looks awesome!

  129. Your sweater is Beautiful. I finished my thrumed socks despite the disappearance on Monday evening of the rest of the roving. I bought three different colored skeins of roving (does roving come in skeins?) at the local spinning and dying store. And finished the socks off while watching short track speed skating. (No one’s grandfather should die in a far off place just before he was to watch his granddaughter race in her first Olympics). In a fit of hubris, I thought I could finish off my qiviut scarf (pre-Olympics project), but I have unpicked 8 rows of lace twice. Stephanie, this was so much fun. My socks out of Fleece Artist are beautiful. I knit the socks fast for me and mastered thrums.

  130. Beautiful sweater, Stephanie! I was worried when you didn’t post yesterday, I will admit. I finished, too, and presented the lovely thing to my DH, who was SO surprised it was for him, yay!!
    Congratulations on a job well done!

  131. Congratulations Stephanie! I have been sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to find out if you finished … I, of course, had no doubt in my mind that the woman who started this all (‘this’ being the Knitting Olympics) wouldn’t get her very own, very beautiful sweater finished. Thanks for posting … and now I can leave my computer desk and quit hitting “refresh” on your blog page. Life continues!! 🙂

  132. Congratulations! The sweater is very pretty. I’m proud of YOU for daring to be a better knitter — and bringing so many of us along with you for the adventure!
    P.S. I suppose you realize that a great many knitters are wondering if you’re going to do this again in two years? Hey, it’ll be the Summer Games. You could knit a bikini or some other wee thing instead of a whole sweater. 😀

  133. I knew you’d do it! I still remember the glory that was the Rhinebeck sweater. 🙂 Your sweater is a fabulous end to a truly wonderful KAL – thanks for hosting it!

  134. Gorgeous sweater Stephanie! I’m really happy for you, albeit a bit sad that I didn’t make it to the medal stand myself. But in another 16 days I may actually have the sweater I set out to make and that would make everything worth it!

  135. Wow! I’ve been on pins and needles wondering if you finished or if you did a Bode Miller. Way to go!!! It looks gorgeous. And it’s less than half an hour since you posted – already over 200 comments – apparently I wasn’t the only one haunting your blog to find out if you were victorious.
    Your recent Dale projects have inspired me – I’m planning a new wardrobe of Dale or Norway garments for my family.
    Relax, have a bit of vino, a nap and go to bed early tonight. Remember to breathe deeply!

  136. Hurray!!! I knew you could do it! But I was really worried for a moment there that maybe you’d caused yourself bodily harm preventing you from posting. Congrats on surviving!

  137. I have to say that I have checked your site at least three or four times over the day waiting to see if you finished or not. I was about to freak out thinking about the person who started all of this NOT finishing. I gasp in horror when I saw those scissors on the beautiful sweater. I am a new knitter and the very idea of cutting up my knitting totally freaks me out. The sweater is fabulous!

  138. Congratulations, Stephanie!!!! You are a remarkable knitter. You joined an entire global community together to do something they love and improve themselves in the process. Congratulations on your gold medal, I’m in awe. The sweater is amazing. It looks great with the beer.

  139. I was waiting anxiously for this post. I think I may have done permanent damage to my relationship by having to check for an update one more time before going to bed last night! Thank you so much for being the inspiration that you are. My knitting reached a new level when I discovered knitting blogs and saw what was possible and now through the Knitting Olympics I have discovered that these things are possible FOR ME! Not only did I piece together and crochet a border on my cardigan that I have been carrying around for years, I also knit a sweater for my nephew and picked out the yarn and pattern for a sweater for my mom. I now have the confidence to complete big projects. Oh yeah, I also started a blog! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  140. Congratulations to all, the sweater is gorgeous. Sorry I couldn’t join you. I had to knit a baby blankie for a shower on Saturday, the tears in the Dad’s eyes made not joining you worthwhile. Can’t wait to see the athletes and their olympic knits.

  141. Horray! I finished my first pair of socks! Horray for me! Hip-Hip-Horray for the Harlot! Horray for all the knitting athletes who participated along while viewing these world class games.

  142. It’s beautiful. I’m sorry I ever doubted you! I didn’t quite make it, but it was a valiant effort nonetheless. You were smart and knit in the round. I just have to sew up the seams and my sweater is done.

  143. OK, I had the best of intentions, but I slipped at the starting gate….. First the guage was wrong, then the yarn was wrong, it goes on and on…. I did finish one sock officially, but really did more….

  144. Oh, thank goodness!! I’ve been sweatin’ out this cliffhanger right along with you. I’m very happy for you. And it’s a beautiful sweater. Knitting Olympics may have been a whacked idea but I’m really glad we all did it.

  145. Woooohoooo, go Stephanie!! The sweater is wonderful. I was down to the weaving of the underarms and realized that I’d made the neck opening too small. As in, wouldn’t fit my Rottie’s head too small. Not good. Sooo, technically my sweater isn’t done, but that’s okay. I’m still pretty happy that I got as far as I did, and I learned a lot for the next one. Thanks a bunch for doing all this!!

  146. I am in AWE.
    I’m wondering about a point of order on mine: I shipped before the weekend… but I’m sure that the object did not reach it’s intended victim recipient until well after the torch went out. I got my part done… does that count? or must I include the USPS as part of my team?

  147. Woo-hoo!! Just remember, “I finished with seconds to spare!” is a much better story than, “I finished, went to lunch, had some tea, took a stroll…”
    Congratulations, all you Olympic Knitters!!

  148. stephanie…
    i cant express how happy i am. you are AMAZING!
    that sweater is so complex… how did you ever manage? i know how you felt… just striving to finish.
    good job from knitadian kids all over!

  149. Fabulous…truly wonderful and very inspirational… I bet you were a sight as you leapt about the pub in that beautiful hard-fought yarn work of triumph.

  150. Great Job, Stephanie! I was holding my breath for you, but your finished sweater is gorgeous!! Congratulations on a beautiful finished product AND for giving my daughter and me a sense of fun sharing your exploits! She was one of your “Olympians” and she did finish 2 hats, knit in the round (learining the technique for her!). I wear one proudly every day! Love your blog! Sincerely, Corinne

  151. Wow! Can’t believe so many of us made it!! I have been wishing and waiting on your post in the hope that you crossed the finish line. Well done – the sweater is unbelievable. It has been a totally crazy experience, but maybe you need to offer Olympians advice on post Olympic doldrums. I have been sitting in the middle of my capacious stash all day and still feel totally uninspired (so I’m knitting socks)!

  152. Yeah Stephanie!
    Mine wasn’t nearly as exciting, but it did get finished – and was worn to work by the partner-in-crime this morning…

  153. It’s a beautiful sweater, Stephanie. If I train hard for the next four years, maybe I can do something like that in Vancouver 2010. (I’d like to BE in Vancouver 2010!)
    I enjoyed these Knitting Olympics much more than I ever thought I would! I enjoyed planning and training. I enjoyed how my family and friends rallied and didn’t look at me like I was too much further off my rocker (even if I really probably was). I especially enjoyed the knitterly camraderie of fellow Olympians and the cowbell-clanging cheerleaders. Thank you for sharing a really whack idea! ; )

  154. Congratulations Stephanie! You are an inspiration to us all. I can’t believe you did such an awesome job in such a short time. . . I bow my head in . . . sadness that I was not able to finish my project.

  155. SPECTACULAR SWEATER!!! How could you possibly challenge yourself after that? (Other than the new Dale design, extra fiber arts retreats, more talks at bookstores and daily blogging?) My finishing a modest wide rib sweater at just before midnight on Saturday makes me feel like a wee junior olympian. I wore my KO sweater Sunday (somewhat shocked that my guage didn’t go wacky and it fit properly) and got cheers. Can’t wait until the next challenge you may come up with, but until then, I’ll work on reducing my stash before the yarn diet ends and I can treat myself to yarn for a new sweater…

  156. Congratulations! That’s just awesome. 🙂
    I changed events before the games due to lack of funds to buy the needed supplies (from cabled headband to mittens) and then during the games due to a week-long illness (from mittens to scarf). I finished the scarf (my first gold medal in a long time!) and started the mittens (sort of a cool-down, you know, don’t want to get the quick fingers out of shape by taking a break). 🙂

  157. What a cliffhanger! I’m very, very happy for you. In the olympic spirit, I’m not going to rip out my huge cowl neck until after I wear the sweater one time… I need people to witness the olympic effort, even if it is a bit loopy. Congrats again! You are a champion :~}

  158. Gorgeous Sweater! Congratuations!
    My child’s sweater (my first) is finished, blogged upon, and packed for its trip to Arizona.

  159. Yay!!! _So_ happy!! And HarDANGERvidda lived up to his(?her?) name – and beautiful.
    Again, thank you so much for organising this, the thrill of knitting madly with over 4000 other knitters has been exhilarating. (Hmmm – how often does that word get used in reference to knitting? 😉 )

  160. Congratulations! I aspire to such gorgeous knitting. Maybe I’ll qualify for the Knitting Olympics in 4 years!! I can’t believe you did all that knitting, kept working, AND hosted the Knitting Olympics! You are amazing!

    As the creator and a gold medal earner, you should also be flag-bearer ;>
    Did I finish? No. Not even halfway. But I’m ok with that. I took advantage of the Knitting Olympics to start something that I otherwise would have put off for much longer, and I’m enjoying the project a lot. I can do it. I found I need to go pretty slow to make it right the first time, but it’s definitly doable. So just taking the challenge on at all made me more of a knitter than I was before, so what if I didn’t complete it in time. I’m like Eddie the Eagle or the Jamaican Bobsled team, or that african swimmer in the australian olympics who got a standing ovation for just finishing. And you know, those people are the ones who’ve always made the (athletic) Olympics special to me.

  162. Congratulations to ALL!!!! Steph, I checked back often this weekend to see if your were still with us!!! You are a TOTALLY WICKED KNITTER. On the flip side my yarn did come in the mail on Saturday for my Olympic project . . . oh well. The Knitting Olympics were fun & inspiring to watch.

  163. I finished as well — ten minutes before the webpage timer ran out. However, my knitting did not have drama of the steeks and the all-night knitting. I consider my sweater the crosscountry ski event while Steph, well, maybe that ice skating race that is the longest distance? Or the combined downhill (steeks, you know) and slalom (skill with turns, speed, AND ability to shift directions fast).
    If your Olympic knitting were an event, what would it have been?
    (Actually we were probably all involved in the marathon, but that is a summer event!)

  164. I’m amazed that your hands are okay enough to knit a sock today. Mine would surely be on ice. When did the zipper happen?

  165. Congratulations. Just amazing and the work is beautiful. Rest that hand of yours. Knit on!!! JR

  166. Just because I reloaded your page half a dozen times today doesn’t mean that I was worried. Really. That was Heroic Knitting and I am in awe. This has been an amazing experience! Thanks.

  167. Beautiful sweater Steph! Now won’t you all join me in the Knitting Olympics 12 Step Program. 🙂

  168. Well Done, Stephanie!! As usual I am in awe of your Knitterly prowess. (Notice the capital “K”)
    Is that “O Canada” I hear playing? 🙂

  169. Sigh. A snarky person would say that you are definitely a victim of obsessive compulsive disorder. This humble unworthy knitter salutes you, and has decided that you are a new form of life on this planet, the Knitting Mutant, just like those athletes who can skate at light speed or the marathon runners who can run 26 miles at a 4-minute pace. You are an inspiration to us all (and heaven help us when we try to emulate you – we’ll have to found the Carpal Tunnel Knitters Special Hospital.) You are NUMBER ONE KNITTER.

  170. Official Knitting Olympics Report: no medal for this chick. I proved that I can knit lace; I also learned that successful lace knitting cannot occur when I am stressing over work problems, I’m tired, or when I try to go too fast.
    I won’t claim a medal but I insist on claiming a personal victory.

  171. Mazel Tov!! WOW!! I am in awe. You are my hero. But Stephanie, even more amazing than your sweater is what you did for all of us. THANK YOU for bringing us all in to this wonderful, wacky idea, for making a global community of us and for getting each of us to stretch and grow as knitters.
    I completed a pair of Jaywalkers for Team Alaska, in slightly less than 16 days.
    Do you have any plans for the Academy Awards of Knitting??

  172. You are my goddess. The sweater is gorgeous, and I don’t think I could have cut steeks on so little sleep and too much caffeine. I’m sad to report that my efforts paled in comparison. My Samus is just at the half-way point; my challenge was time and I had even less of it than I had thought. This has been a blast, though, and thanks so much for having the inspiration and for following through when things grew so dramatically. My goal now is to wear the sweater for St. Patricks Day – it has a Celtic band and is in Irish Moss Green wool, so that seems appropriate. I hope it is done sooner – I just saw Nannette’s Samus and it is beautiful, and I can’t wait to get mine done too.

  173. I knew you would do it! You have more intestinal fortitude than I.
    I got as far as the back, one finished front, one nearly finished front (no buttonhole band) and one finished sleeve. Not too bad for someone who has never knitted fair isle or slipped stitch, let alone both together! I intend to finish the buttonhole band and the other sleeve, do all the duplicate stitch on the fair isle flowers, block the entire nonsense and put it together before going to a hockey game on Sunday.
    I don’t feel that I failed. I feel that I have gone farther (much!) than I have ever gone before on this sweater and have a pretty good feeling of accomplishment.
    Perhaps in 4 more years (or 2 if you want to have us all knit lacy summer tops), I will be ready for the challenge again.
    Thanks, Stephanie, for the inspiration, challenge and most of all the fun of the Knitting Olympics 2006!

  174. I stand in awe. Meanwhile, I’ve accepted my fate and joined the Turtle KAL. Because this shawl *will* be finished before my mom comes to my place in a week and a half.

  175. wow!! man, it was a suspenseful few days waiting to see if you’d finish! sadly, I was not as successful… but cheers to you! it’s beautiful. 🙂

  176. Congratulations. The sweater looks awesome. I bow to your knitting superiority. I’m thinking of making a little knitted idol of “Stephanie the Yarn Harlot” to hang in my house, in the hopes that it will bring me good knitting karma.

  177. Hurray hurray hurray!! Congratulations, Stephanie! It really does look fabulous. I love those colors, and the neckline? Wow. Gorgeous!

  178. WOWZA. I didn’t realize how intricate something that ‘dangerous’ would be! I’m impressed beyond measure! Way to go!

  179. Congratulations!! I knew you could do it.
    I didn’t make it. I crashed. I switched to another event completely!!
    Well, it was for a good cause. The children’s hospital in the city is in desperate need for finger puppets, so my sister, Mom and I put a rush on knitting puppets. We know someone going on the 8th do deliver them for us; hope to have 1000 by then – already had 500 done. I’ve knit 100+ in the past few days.
    Feel a little bit like a failure, but I know I switched for a good cause.

  180. That is a truely beautiful sweater, and not one that I would have attempted for the Olympics. I’m so proud of you! Thank you so much for the experiance. I too did a sweater and was amazed that it was possible to knit the entire thing in 16 days!

  181. On behalf of Rainy and me from Team Kvetch, we salute our collective gold! GO STEPH! That was a damn awesome finish!

  182. I stand in awe of your success. You truly are an Olympic Champion. I finished my Olympic Knitting as a 5th place runner up in the Afaghn catagory (I can’t even spell it!). I know, I know, it’s the exprience that counts, the ‘passion’ not the color of the medal. Due to the fact that my local yarn shop, which is located in the frontier, ran out of the yarn I was using (gasp! didn’t I purchase enough to begin with?); my son having surgery (I was knitting in the waiting room) and life happening (truly, you were able to knit that sweater whilst doing all you did? Amazing!) I completed three quarters of the blocks I intended. I think I’ll finish the rest as I tour the country with the cavalcade of stars, aka, the group that came close but no cigar! LOL

  183. Absolutely Stunning!
    Still not finished with my cardigan… darn work… cuts into the knitting time! One sleeve and a very little bit on the other sleeve to go, plus borders, button bands, and cuffs… Hope to finish it up by this weekend.
    Happy knitting!

  184. we’re not worthy, we’re not worthy…
    awestruck by your glory, but happy to have finished something in the timeframe…

  185. Congratulations!!! The sweater is beautiful!
    I finished during the flying demonstration (never officially signed up). I was so happy! and my husband couldn’t stop laughing.
    Once again, Congratulations Steaphanie, and thank you, this was really fun!!!

  186. Oh my paltry effort for which I did manage to get the gold. Lace socks indeed.
    I dream one day of knitting a Dale of Norway pattern; I’m pretty sure I would come nowhere close to being able to knit it in sixteen days though!
    Kudos and a laurel wreath to you! Be sure to show your sweater to the teller. Oh, and way to go not getting any of that beer on it at the bar.

  187. Congrats on getting finished! Your sweater is beautiful! I finished my sweater last night, with minutes to spare and am wearing it today.

  188. YEA, STEPH!!!!!!
    I never doubted! That is one amazing sweater! (By the way, my husband, who has NO IDEA what is involved, but is simply impressed that I make things with sticks, wants that sweater…made by me,,,(I’m still laughing hysterically). A very big “Well done” and a hug for all your inspiration!

  189. Hoorah for the Harlot!! If any one could knit the Dale Danger sweater in 16 days we all knew it was you. That beer is well deserved.

  190. I think I’m going to need a lie-down myself, having vicariously knitted through you. (Sorry, I had to sit out the winter games – tax season doesn’t leave much time for anything, either).
    Anyway, the sweater is spectacular & I’m writhing in envy. Maybe someday I’ll actually finish a project on that scale. I know: I can aim to finish my fair-isle vest by the time the next winter olympics are over. That *might* be doable.

  191. Wow! I am SO impressed! I, too, finished my sweater with but moments to spare, but it is not nearly so intricate as yours.
    I want to thank you so much for initiating this. Without your challenge I may never have known what knitting feats I was capable of.

  192. Rock On, Harlot! You are not only an inspiration, but a giant among knitters. A giant success! That sweater is amazing. I LOVED the Knitting Olympics and am deeply grateful to you for creating them. What fun it was and now that I completed not only the socks I signed up for, but also my first sweater with sleeves, I am ready to go on a sweater for me. The yarn came today. I’m itchen’ to go. Thanks.

  193. OMG- You Did It. I am absolutely stunned. Completely, wordlessly, out-of-breath STUNNED! You DID it!!!
    I am SO happy for you!
    I’ll be honest- I didn’t think you’d make it. (don’t get me wrong- I did believe that if anyone held a snowball’s chance in Death Valley in August of making it, it’d be you.. it’s just that… well,… somehow I believed that it was NOT HUMANLY POSSIBLE!)
    I was sitting back here at my own monitor feeling horrible…
    …just KNOWING it wasn’t the right time and circumstance to crow about my own gold medal success (Yes, *I* did it, too!!! I did it, I did it IDIDIT and it’s ALL your fault! because of YOU!) … just knowing I couldn’t say ANYTHING because all I could think of to say was “get some sleep–it’s just not realistic anymore…” or “It’s not about finishing, it’s about the attempt…” or “Just whipstitch the thing shut. Pretend it’s a pullover. Make it into a vest…”
    I’ll admit I was the doubting Thomas in the wings, hoping beyond reason that somehow you’d pull out a miracle… that you’d fall asleep and the mysterious legendary Knitting Elves would come finish it for you…
    that I wasn’t, in fact, witnessing a horrible train-wreck happening (In excruciatingly slow motion!) to one of the people I truly, deeply admire….
    But I really, truly, deeply believed that there was no way possible that EVEN YOU could finish it.
    And you did!
    Thank you for proving the impossible can still happen.
    You deserve every single pixel of that gold medal. Every Single one.
    I just Love you!
    (in the way that’s reserved for icons of brilliance, beauty, and impossible success, of course… welcome to the ranks of The Great Crushes: Johnny Depp (drool), Ghandi (woah.. admiration), Einstein (struck in awe), Leonardo Da Vinci (“respect” is a serious understatement), and STEPHANIE PEARL-MCPHEE, Yarn Harlot, Knitter Extraordinaire! (serious worship)
    You rock.

  194. Congratulations! You surely are an inspiration to me (us). Thanks again for the wild ride. The Captain

  195. Absolutely amazing! I’m so glad you finished, it just would not have seemed right somehow had you not.
    Well Done!!

  196. Fabulous sweater! You went for the gold and you did it. We stand in awe…
    The whole experience was great and so much fun on my end although I did not finish my Bohus (what was I thinking???). The only low points were the time when my husband came downstairs at 7 am while I was frantically knitting to tell me our 9 yo was upstairs barfing and my first reaction was, “I just have to finish this row.” And I did use the f-word in front of my kids as I hit a snag binding off the back with just seconds to go. Jeez, I wasn’t even in the competition at that point! The high point was learning to knit with both hands at the same time so color will no longer ever feel off-limits. This is a gift better than a medal and I have you to thank for it. You are a real inspiration – thanks so much.

  197. Congratulations! Somehow I just knew that despite the obstacles – you’d pull it off! Many thanks for coming up with the whole idea of the Knitting Olympics – it has really done wonders for me and my knitting.
    I signed up for a poncho and I did complete it in time. I had one horrifying moment of “equipment failure” on Sunday morning when I somehow managed to crack/fracture/damage the tip of a #10 wooden needle (think Tonya Harding with her foot up in front of the judges pointing to the broken skate lace!) and had to run to the LYS for replacement needles. Despite the minor setback I did finish it and will be wearing it to work in the next day or so – although none of my co-workers will understand the thrill or sense of achievement I’ve gotten from this! I can do a poncho in 16 days???? Wow – I can do anything!

  198. This was such a fun ride! Thanks for sharing a great (albeit insane) idea with the rest of us. My mother and I worked together this weekend and had a blast. It’s amazing what crazed knitters can do. 😛

  199. I am so not worthy. The sweater is amazing!! Way to go!!! I, sadly, am going to sew up the toe of my second sock now. A little late….

  200. AMAZING!!!!!! To think that I tried to make a Bolero(cursed running out of yarn half way through! GAH!!!!)… Anyway, Congrats on the beautiful sweatre! not many can say they knit an entire Norwegian sweater in 16 days!
    lovely. absolutely lovely.

  201. WOW, truley amazing. Very imprressing! Fantastic! Gold to you! and Gold to me, I agree, you definitely feel like a winner finishing on time! My WIntercoat of my own design also got done. Hip Hurray! Sweden also won the Hockey gold!

  202. I am totally in awe of you… wtf?
    It’s actually enough to make you honorary Norwegian (also called, �res nisse :P)
    showing the spirit of those crazy people skiing, only actually not out in the cold in clothes made of latex…

  203. Congratulations! You earned that gold. I never had a doubt you’d finish. You seem to do your best work in a time crunch.

  204. Way to go fearless leader!!! The whole image of your Saturday going into Sunday, is a scenario that makes me truely believe in the spirit of Olympic knitting that you created for all of us.
    Whatever our challenge, whether we postponed winning or crossed the finish line, came up injured, had equipment failures or breezed through without a hitch we all did it together and got to experience a real team effort. Thanks so much for all you have done.

  205. You rock!
    Thanks for setting the stone curling on the most fun 16 days I’ve ever had as a knitter. Everyone who participated learned a lot, about planning, technique, focus, about the love of our ‘sport’, challenging themselves, and about dealing with the victories and defeats in every project.
    We made new friends, most of all we tried new things, and that makes us mighty. I’m delighted to have participated.
    Your Hardangervidda is stunning.

  206. Stephanie, you did it! I knew you could. And the sweater is gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.
    Congratulations to you and all the other Olympians, here and in Torino. 🙂

  207. Goodness gracious that was an exciting finish!
    Yay! Though the 4 am thing on caffeine and up at 8- that constitutes as major dedication, stubborness, and long training (Christmas knitting).

  208. Way to go Harlot!. When I showed the picture to my husband, he immediately said, “She should do the Joey Cheek thing. She could auction the sweater and give the proceeds to Right to Play”. Joey Cheek is an American speed skater who is donating all of his bonus money from the olympics to Right to Play.I hope you know what I am talking about. If you have questions the site is

  209. The sweater is GORGEOUS!
    And thank you so much for hosting this. Without the Knitting Olympics, I never would have learned that I don’t like to knit lace 🙂 I’m sure when my project is complete (as I only finished about 3/4 of the shawl thanks to a kitty cat mishap), I’ll be amazed at the magic that is blocking. I can’t wait for that moment.
    Thanks again!

  210. It’s been said before, but, WOW! That’s a fabulously beautiful sweater. And “Danger” truly is your middle name.

  211. i knew you could do it, you must have heard me cheering you. as for me, i started work on the 18th so i had to default on the knitting olympics, but, i did learn that i am a better knitter now than i was even a few months ago, which is all to the good. specially since i’m working at hobby lobby, and yes there is an employee discount.

  212. We were on the phone asking ourselves: Do you think sh efinished? Nah, no way. Absolutely. She does crazy things for the blog. It would be impossible. She would have to not sleep. Dude, she rolled in the snow naked for us. Why wouldn’t she finish? Very good drama, girlie. You get the torch.

  213. ongratulations! What a feat of victory!
    I’m sorry & embarassed to confess that after equipment failure right at the beginning, drat those ugly plastic needles, I threw in the hat and decided to plug away at my UFO’s instead.

  214. Thanks, Stephanie, so much. I know I would have put off making this sweater until the baby turned 21 years old without your challenge! Hey, I like the idea a couple of hundred posts back for a “Knitting Olympics” label for our stuff.
    Looking forward to the Summer Olympics.

  215. Wow, Stephanie, that sweater really is gorgeous!!! What an awesome feat to knit the whole thing in 16 days! Congrats!! 🙂 And thank you for starting this olympic challenge, I had a lot of fun.

  216. HURRAH! As Fozzy Bear would say WACKA! WACKA!
    I kept checking in to see your final sprint – you must be so so so so so so so proud!

  217. You are a knitting goddess! I feel, despite how pathetic it is in contrast, so very proud of my lone little sock….didn’t finish til late last night(and then there’s the small mattter of sock #2, still in skein form), so am not qualified for a medal, but I so enjoyed the challenge, and my loving fiance will not soon forget my goofy chuckles of delight as I finally wove together the toe and discovered that yes, it really looked like a sock! He still wants to marry me. I checked.
    Thanks for the inspiration, Steph- even if you hadn’t finished that beautiful sweater, you’d still be my hero!

  218. Congrats! It looks fabulous! You are definitely an inspiration, and in the short time I have been reading your blog (and books!) you have motivated me to become a better knitter and enjoy the process! Thank you, and again – congrats! What an accomplishment!

  219. Congrats – it’s truely a work of art – what dedication.
    I think special thanks should be said to you for joining us all in a community team pursuit…I couldn’t stop thinking that there were at least 4000 other knitters out there doing their best. It was a honor to participate – lots of fun too – enjoyed the wine and chocolate!
    What a sense of accomplishment we should all have for going for our personal best – it’s the trying that matters!
    Thanks and Knit on!

  220. I couldn’t believe it when you announced you were going to try and knit this sweater in 16 days. I thought that it would be impossible for anyone…no matter their knitting level. It has been really inspiring to see your work on it. I love the colors you chose and how it turned out. It is just gorgeous!

  221. I can barely imagine that someone could knit a sweater like that…much less in just a couple of weeks along with everything else you’ve done!
    I kept reloading and when your post appeared I scared my coworker with my inappropriate Yahoooo!
    You’re just amazing!

  222. The sweater is fabulous! I personally did not win a gold medal, but I still enjoyed participating in this. I’m aiming for the Gold for the 2008 Olympics though 🙂

  223. Stephanie,
    you are amazing – and inspiring – and I can’t believe I’m eating my words “…crap she’ll never make it…” thats the last time I doubt you. I am beyond words impressed with both your talent and determination!
    And I’m feeling lame for not choosing a project that pushed me to limits that you have experienced. Please tell us the number of hours you spent on this incredible project, I’m trying to wrap my head around how fast you are…

  224. COngratulations to you and to everyone else who finished(including me), and to everyone who didn’t finish but took on the challenge anyway!
    May we all come away from this with new techniques, new skills, new confidence, and a sense of the camaragerie of knitters and crocheters the world over!

  225. wow! you could actually hear the dust?!
    congradulations on that MAJOR accomplishment. I’m crazy, but man, that sweater took some guts!

  226. I knew you could do it. Awesome sweater.. you should be so proud of yourself. Go get that back rub from Joe now, and have another beer. I think I need a lie down after seeing that gorgeous sweater.

  227. Wowee – it’s beautiful! What an amazing feat – hope you had *at least* one more beer to celebrate…

  228. Oh goodness! i was so afriad you wouldn’t finish i almost forgot about myself!
    The sweater is amazing

  229. I was really worried there for a bit that you werent going to make it! I should have had faith hey!? LOL. You did a great job! The jumper looks fantastic!
    I was proud of my effort of getting 2 childrens jumers, 1 pair of baby socks (for a sock comp) and a childs beanie done. But yours was a bigger effort!
    Congrats again to you! You deserve your gold medal!

  230. I had complete faith in your ability to finish, but I’m still flabbergasted that you did! It’s lovely, Steph, and I’m super proud of you. Mostly for getting through all that and still wanting to pick up a sock the next day and knit some more! : ) The last time I knit with such a deadline I had to take a break for a couple days. For this olympics, I was an unofficial participator, and finished with a day to spare. It was a bit of a stretch for me, but nothing near what it was for you! GO YOU!!! I hope you’re saving a prize for yourself, or maybe you can let us know of a way that we can send you a little something just for YOU — maybe through your publisher so you don’t have to post your personal address online for every crazy Tom Dick and Harry to see? : )

  231. Oh Stephanie, I worried for a bit, but I knew you could do it! Even if you didn’t finish, you STILL managed to bring together 4000+ knitters for 16 days … and bring a sense of renewal and endurance to those who may take the actual games for granted. I for one, made it a point to always watch my NBC affiliate at least for a bit every evening while I knit the harlot poncho … I feel like I saw more of the games than I have since I became a parent 😉
    I do absolutely LOVE the sweater … and I hope you wear it with pride. After all, there’s probably lots of sweat and tears (and maybe even a drop of blood) in that thar yarn.
    Thanks for bringing this experience to all of us out in cyberland and the local yarn store. Can I Yarn Harlot earn the rank of Knitting Saint? Maybe for just one day??

  232. Well done, Stephanie, that is an amazng achievement. I hope your wrists are recovering! I have completed 89 per cent. of Birch, which I would never have believed I could in only 16 days, so thank you so much for the inspiration. I’m ok about not finishing, because it will be done in the next few days and, as you know, it is one gorgeous FO! I loved knitting it knowing that so many other knitters were working hard on their projects (and their chocolate, wine and coffee!) It’s been great fun, so thank you, thank you, thank you!

  233. Dude, I didn’t realize how important it was to me that you finish until I read this and burst into tears.
    Clearly I need more sleep.
    Congratulations! The sweater is beautiful.

  234. Thank you for gifting us with your idea for the Knitting Olympics. Thank you, too, for the time & creativity you gave to make the idea a reality. It was great fun! We learned, we stretched, we grew. “Thank you” just begins to say it….
    Your sweater is wonderful! Congratulations!
    My prayer shawl is done. I am so delighted to have completed it in what, for me, is record time.
    Take care of you. Your blog, books & ideas bring joy to so many.

  235. Oops … I meant “Can A Yarn Harlot earn the rank of Knitting Saint? Maybe for just one day??”

  236. WOW !! it is beautiful!! My mom is visiting my sis in AZ and called to tell me that she saw on the news about this knitting olympics and that i should have done it, duh!! i did! man, she should listen to me more! anyway, finished and had my gallbladder removed on the 19th! lost a few days while i was on drugs for pain, but came back strong!! you deserve 3 gold medals for that fab sweater!! love it!! will you make me one??

  237. Well done! The sweater is absolutely stunning. It is for you, right? I finished weaving in the ends of my stole in the nick of time and realized just how fond I had grown of it – but it is a gift and the recipient will love it all the more.
    Thanks for bringing us all together in a celebration of all things yarny!

  238. YEA!!! Congrats of finishing on time!! It looks wonderfull!!
    I finished my bag too and had a great time doing it! Thank you for the opertunity!!

  239. The sweater is as beautiful as the inspiration that given to us all. Rest and please take care of your hands! They should be insured with Lloyd’s of London!
    Thank you again for being the world’s knitting goddess.

  240. That’s fabulous! Congrats Steph.
    And I saw the knitting olympics mentioned in the scrolling thing on CNN this morning.

  241. My dearest Yarn Harlot,
    Again under the heading of ‘what was I thinking?’
    You brought together a diaspora of knitters from all over the world. You got us to try something new and a little (or a lot) courageous. Or downright crazy. You introduced us to each other a little more (I’ve learned of and read more new and fabulous blogs than ever before). And you finished a beautiful NORDIC sweater in 16 days (with STEEKS & ZIPPERS no less) in a heart-stopping, mind-blowing, truly inspirational olympian-coming-through-at-the-last-possible-moment kind of way!!
    Thank you for it all. And no I’m not tearing up, only a little vehklempt…

  242. If I had a hat, I’d off it to you. Amazing and well done.
    Now begins the countdown to your new book’s publication.

  243. Yarn Harlot–I am so proud of you that I just donated $100 through Tricoteuses sans Frontieres! I had picked a simple little scarf project for my Olympic knitting endeavor (but used an incredibly beautiful Italian wool in honor of theTorino games) since my life is so crazed lately I wondered if I would be able to finish even something that simple. I did! And I got my mom in Winnipeg into the Olympics, and she got a bunch of the ladies that live in her seniors place to join in, too, so you see this all caught fire way beyond whatever numbers you have tallied up as “official.”

  244. Terrific job. It’s just lovely. I have to say, I looked at the Dale photo several times and just couldn’t see the beauty in it. Now, I can.
    And I’m so glad you were there wtih me in spirit as I raced to finish my River Rapids socks, which I’ve been wearing continuously since last night. They’re too loose but I’m so proud of myself for finishing a pair of socks!
    “…everyone who dared to be a better knitter…” is so right. Everyone who even tried deserves applause.

  245. Wow sums it up nicely. Either you are one hell of a knitter (which we all already know) or you were attempting to put on over on us and were further along than you let on! It is beyond beautiful. Congrats!

  246. I have badgered two complete strangers in coffee shops to PLEASE let me use thier computers so I can check in on you…when I explained myself to this lawyer I was accosting, he said oh yeah I heard about that on ABC…cool! He loved the idea of it(hopefully another convert!. When I told him you were Canadian, he said it wasn’t surprizing…he said he has been to Toronto and he said he found the people terrific with a strong under current of crazy…but good crazy. Right now baby, I am so fucking proud to be a CANADIAN, PROUD OF STEPHANIE PEARL-MC PHEE and her kick-ass and taking names sweater…and proud I finished my first pair of socks.
    I am so happy that I have made new friends because of it, in places I never expected to. At a time in my life when I have been sad beyond words, the joy that your crazy assed idea has brought me…well what can I say to you but thank you and may the sun always shine on you and your family.

  247. Way to go, Stephanie! What Olympic spirit!
    I think cutting the steeks is comparable to running uphill in the last part of the Marathon. (Yeah, I know summer Olympics — but the breathlessness and exertion MUST be comparable.)
    What beautiful work too. Breathtaking in another sense!
    Congratulations to you, other knitters who have striven and competed, and thank you for such a wonderful idea. [I competed ‘unofficially’ as I missed the deadline after dithering. Got my interminable borders done on a vest so now I can knit the fun colourwork sweater. Thanks for the incentive!]

  248. Dear Stephanie, Just want you to know that I finished my sweater last night before the flame went out. I was redoing up till that time. I think I finished about 7:30. I found a mistake about 4:00 and had to rework it again. I stayed up till 2:00 AM on Saturday still knitting so can relate to you and your sore hands.
    I want to thank you for all your work on setting up this contest. It was so much fun. Jan

  249. congratulations! you did a great job!! and congratulations to everyone else who competed, whether you finished or not there were no failures. i’ll be here for the next olympics 🙂

  250. What else can I say that hasn’t been said before? But I couldn’t go without commenting at all–after all, you just completed an intensely difficult sweater in SIXTEEN DAYS!!!
    Congratulations to you, not only for completing your project, but for starting the entire Knitting Olympics–you’re a very influential woman!

  251. Whoever said yesterday that you are the IOC was exactly correct. (Not only the organizer, but the inventer…….) No one expects those people to compete, in addition to all their work getting the games together……
    Your sweater is drop dead gorgeous. Wow.
    I’m hoping you are getting emotionally prepared for all of us following you adoringly wherever you go, alternately tongue-tied and gushing with sincere if hyperbolic admiration…….
    I overcame my challeges and finished my socks, my very first whole pair of socks (visualize pathway behind, strewn with partial socks), and it’s all thanks to you. I think I am not only a better knitter, now, but a better person, as I may be able to face challenges in a more head-on way (rather than putting tricky stuff aside for a later that may never arive).
    Thank you.
    — Vicki in Michigan

  252. Congrats Steph! I love your sweater and am so impressed with it and everything all the other Olympic Knitters have accomplished! Thank you for dreaming this wonderful event up! I had a blast, not only knitting my Jaywalker socks (which I love – really, you have to try this pattern!), but also telling everyone I saw about the Knitting Olympics! Pics of my socks, finished during the gold medal hockey game, are at

  253. I am honestly really, really impressed. It looks great. You’re crazy, but in a good way. 🙂
    And thanks for this insane idea. I had a FANTASTIC weekend up in Boston all because of the Olympics. I got to see and meet all kinds of amazing knitters. Throw a party. Have a mini-vacation with my husband. Break things in my in-laws house. (No. They weren’t there for the party.) Eat fried clams not once, but twice. Shovel snow. Hand out with some very cute, VERY young Navy men who regaled us with stories of submarines, but sadly no Giant Squids. But oh yeah. Back to the knitters. Great party, if I don’t say so myself. All because of the Olympics. Thanks Stephanie!

  254. WOOHOOO!!! I’m so proud of you. But did you get it blocked? *grin*
    I finished my shawl on Monday, but couldn’t block it until my dad gave me a sheet of plywood on Saturday. I was the proud owner of a beautifully blocked shawl as of Sunday morning breakfast out with the ‘rents.
    THANK YOU for inspiring me to take on this challenge. I’m so proud of you, me, and all the other 4,000+ knitters who took this challenge on.
    Can we do it again next year? (even though there’s no Olympics?)

  255. Holey Smokes!!!!!!!!!! You are most certainly a Yarn Goddess, I bow to you. That McPhee stock is certainly hardy. Now it’s time for you to rest and then PLAY!

  256. Congratulations, Stephanie, on becoming a gold medalist! The sweater is stunning. Oh Harlot, you are indeed a knitting goddess.
    Thank you for dreaming up and hosting this wonderful event. It has been such a pleasure to be part of, and it has inspired me to keep reaching, and growing, and learning as much of this wonderful craft as I’m able.
    Knit on!

  257. Way to go, Stephanie! I was getting nervous for you toward the end, but the sweater is awesome! You put me and my little hat to shame. I would have finished Saturday if not for having to frog 2/3 of the hat, but I kept plugging away and got it finished just in the nick of time. Congratulations to everyone who participated, whether you finished or not!

  258. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You officially ROCK 🙂 I think we definitely need to count your sweater as our 25th medal! (Go Team Canada)
    I (like everybody here) was checking back regularly to see if you’d gotten the thing done… honestly, if you’d collapsed in a heap and given up, we’d have forgiven you…
    (I still can’t get over the idea of taking scissors to knitting… gives me the jeeeeebs.)

  259. Yay Stephanie!! Congratulations!
    I thought you’d be able to pull it off!
    (Though wow, you weren’t kidding on it being a photo finish!)
    Thanks so much for sharing your idea with the rest of us and organizing this event (and thanks to your helpers as well!). While I didn’t medal in my event, I still feel like a winner – I’ve successfully gotten past my sweater-phobia, and expect to have started a sweater for myself within the next couple of months (I just have to decide which one!).
    As others have asked – can we do it again next year? 😀

  260. You are so clever! And the sweater is really really beautiful! I am so proud of you and feel quite inspired.

  261. Huzzah! Wow! What an epic saga, and what a beautiful sweater! You rock, girl!
    I only wish I could function on as little sleep as you get, Steph. The OCD makes me want to stay up late because my brain won’t shut off, but when I don’t get enough sleep the brain won’t turn on again the next day. Just sits there and lets the body say “duh?”

  262. i didn’t make it. i only knit 9 squares. however, when i realized that i would not be making my goal of 15 12″ squares, i made an executive decision, and took up my crochet hook, and assisted my fellow square teammates @ AC4C (a charity group on yahoo), and whipped out 5 12″ granny squares in 36 hours. no, i still didn’t make it to 15, but i helped my teammates get closer to our goal, and actually, my team got bronze. not bad. and my 14 squares helped. and it was for charity.

  263. I knew you’d do it … I just didn’t know how you’d do it, it seemed impossible to me! You seriously ROCK!!!
    I finished all of my two pairs of socks. As a matter of fact I am ripping back a pair today since I was so intent and manically knitting that I made them too long. (Do they still count as done?) I did make a mental note that next time I should use some of my vacation time from work to knit up something on a larger scale. However, I did meet all of my obligations (sans dusting & vacuuming) which werer more than usual at this period, so I’m feeling pretty good. My husband reminded me that it wasn’t appropriate to sit on his father’s hospital bed (or lay on it preferably) and knit in the air. Knitting was banned from the hospital. Now, if it had been my mother in the hospital, she would have scrunched over and made space! Loved the challenge, nobody else appreciated what it meant to me. Maybe next time! I’m not good enough to knit too late into the night without making zillions of mistakes, did better getting up early in the AM and making them then!
    Thanks Harlot, you are my idol!

  264. No matter how many times I see you post pictures of steek-cutting, and even knowing that the sweater turned out beautifully, I still get woozy.
    Totally gorgeous! 🙂

  265. HI Stephanie.
    Just wanted to congratulate you on a beautiful sweater and finishing on time as well!! I never doubted that you would. But I was a little concerned when we hadn’t heard from you for a while that you may have suffered “an injury” in the process.
    So pleased to hear that you “survived” the event. I didn’t quite finish, full story on my site but so enjoyed the ride! I suppose it seems a bit trite to join in with the others when I say this has meant so much to me. [Again check my blog for details] But it has, so you have my heartfelt thanks. 🙂
    I am going to miss all the excitement, [whispers here , don’t suppose you are interested in the Commonwealth games!!!, thought not lol!!]
    Hope you are having a well deserved break, remember Tuesdays, spinning days!!!

  266. My god–it’s more beautiful than the ad on the website. You are a knitting titan, a goddess. I bow before your greatness and determination. You deserve a beer or five!
    Go Team Canada!

  267. Oh, Stephanie…Way to come through in the clinch! The sweater is gorgeous and I think no one would doubt that you are the Arakawa/Flying Tomato/Cindy Klassen of knitting!! I was cheering on the sidelines for ya–all the way in Tennessee. In the meantime, I did knit a potato-chip scarf and properly impressed the 4 boys that I’m teaching to knit at church. If you do a Knitting Olympics in 2 years, I am so in! Thanks for your blog and your inspiration as a knitter and as a working mom. Party on!

    Preparations are underway for the potluck supper and awards ceremony that will bring the 2006 Knitting Olympics to a close. Opinions vary as to the success of the first Knitting Olympics to ever be held in Anderson Township. Kate Jacobs-Spak, head of the Anderson 2006 Knitting Olympics Committee and the only township resident who is a liberal Democrat was pleased with event. �Upper middle class, conservative Republicans typically pay someone to knit for them,� said Jacobs-Spak. �It was nice to see Republicans and Democrats coming together to embrace the Olympic spirit,� she added, �even if they do make my skin crawl.� Anderson Township, the surprise choice for the 2006 Knitting Olympics, received mixed reviews by both knitters and knitting fans alike. Lou Kerr, four-time Gold Medalist in the Speed Afghan Knitting Competition said: �Anderson Township turned out to be a great place for this Olympics. I loved the new Anderson Commons. I mean, where else can you find a BoRics Hair Salon, Scrubs & More and CiCi�s Pizza in the same strip mall?�
    As for performance, most professional Knitting Olympic observers felt that the 2006 Anderson event was a mixed bag, with more memorable disappointments than shining moments. There was, of course, the last minute withdrawal of Mildred Kwan, the darling of the cable-knit world who was in search of her first Knitting Olympic Gold Medal. Kwan pulled out of the Olympics because of undisclosed �issues� with her husband of 36 years, Larry. Kwan�s decision to forgo her quest for Knitting Olympic Gold obviously had no impact on her future as a major endorsement star. Within hours of her departure from Anderson Township, �Knitting Illustrated� Magazine announced that Kwan would be on the cover of its upcoming �Sexy Summer Lightweight Shawls� issue.
    The biggest disappointment of the 2006 Knitting Olympics was the monumental collapse of Bodina Miller, the Sandusky, Ohio native who was expected to dominate the games and win as many as six medals. After a series of uncharacteristic dropped stitches, Miller left the Olympics without winning a single medal. She shrugged off her failure to win a medal as a function of bad timing. �This was a difficult two weeks for me,� said Miller. �My arthritis acted up, I had to help the ladies down at the Lithuanian Center prepare for this week�s rummage sale and Mr. Miller was feeling a bit more frisky than usual, if you know what I mean. I just didn�t have time to focus on knitting.�
    The traditional pot-luck dinner and awards ceremony that closes each Knitting Olympics will be held at the home of Julie Poe, starting at about 7PM, but don�t worry if you get there a few minutes early. Following the awards ceremony, Mrs. Jacobs-Spak will officially close the Anderson Knitting Olympics by handing the �Skein of Nations� to Mrs. Stella Fleck, chairwoman of the 2010 Knitting Olympics to be held in Ithaca, New York.
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    The unanticipated success of �Brokeback Yarn-Outlet� has had a cathartic impact on the Hollywood creative community. Three major films with knitting themes are in final production and planned for release in the next 12 months. The most anticipated of the three is Steven Spielberg�s prison knitting drama, �Shawl shank Redemption� scheduled for a July 4th release. Martin Scorsese has just finished shooting a drama starring Robert DeNiro set in 1960�s New York City called �Raging Spool.� And in early 2007, Tom Hanks, Hillary Swank and legendary director Clint Eastwood are teaming up for a remake of the classic Humphrey Bogart film, �Castablanket.�
    The Academy Awards will air on ABC, Sunday, March 5th at 8PM EST.
    Brad Pitt�s publicist today issued a brief statement putting to rest rumors that have swirled in Hollywood circles concerning the star�s relationship to Angelina Joilie: �After much consideration, Brad Pitt and Angelina Joilie have decided to formally end their relationship. They continue to be close friends and wish each other only the best in the future.�
    According to sources close to both parties, the Pitt/Jolie relationship has apparently been strained since Brad met Irene Kozinski at a local Hobby Lobby several weeks ago. Pitt, an accomplished painter-by-numbers, is said to have struck up a conversation with the 66 year old grandmother of 12 and life-long knitter as she was ahead of him in the checkout line. Millie Spencer, 54, was working the cash register that afternoon and shared the following with Entertainment Tonight: �I�ve knowed Irene for years. She ain�t never missed one of our 50% off yarn sales. What with her Val Pac coupon and senior discount she practically don�t pay nothin� for a good skein . Anyway, we was talkin� that day while she was checkin� out and this cute fella pulls up behind her cause we wasn�t very busy and I was the only girl workin� check-out. And I says to myself, Millie, that there is George Clooney. Well, he starts talkin� to Irene and says how he likes her cardigan sweater and how he�s always been interested in knittin� and I�m thinkin� what a line of BS cause this guy ain�t interested in knittin� he just tryin� to sweet talk Irene. Let me tell you, Irene�s a looker what with her water aerobics and fox trot classes at the community center. Well, one thing leads to the next and �fore you know it, they�re tradin� phone numbers and makin� plans to get together. I�m tellin� you, them sparks was flyin�.�
    It only took days for the Pitt/Kozinski rumors to begin spreading throughout Hollywood. Pitt made no effort to hide his affection for Kozinski and the new couple began making the rounds at some of the toniest knitting circles in Hollywood. Angelina was incensed and issued an ultimatum to Brad, but it was too late as his relationship with Kozinski was sealed.
    A close friend of Pitts, who asked to remain anonymous, told �Knitting People� that the relationship with Jolie was destined to fail. �Brad has always wanted to knit,� his friend said. �Throughout his relationship with Jen (Jennifer Anniston), he wanted the two of them to begin knitting together. But she kept saying that she wasn�t emotionally ready to begin knitting and that she wanted to focus on her career. It wasn�t a big surprise when he took up with Angie. After all, she was beautiful, available, willing and an OK knitter. But frankly, Brad needed more and it took meeting Irene to show him a whole new side of knitting that he would never know with Angie.� After a few seconds of thought, the friend added: �Look at it this way: if you could spend the rest of your life having raw, uninhibited, mind-altering sex with the most beautiful women on the face of the earth who is an average knitter or spending your days having someone like Irene teach you how to pick up the yarn in the ladders between the first and second stitch on an existing row, what would you do?�
    Assuming she can get approval from her doctor, Kozinski will join Pitt on the Oprah Winfrey show to air in early March.

  269. I (like the US women’s curling team) went down in flames. I didn’t even make it to the medal round. However, the shawl will be done, and it will be lovely. Just not done in time. Gotta love that Canadian curling team – 6 in the 6th end…. would have been 7 but they just couldn’t find it in their hearts for that!

  270. Holy shmokey. Steph, I can’t imagine doing that sweater in a YEAR, let alone 16 days. You are my idol (Canadian, American, or otherwise). I am truly impressed and awed by your skills, your perserverence, and the fact that you inspire us all to achieve our personal best. I hope one day I get to meet you, and shake the hand of my inspiration. Thank you for sharing…thank you for inspiring…and most of all, thank you for encouraging each of us to strive for our personal best…not just during the Olympics, but during every day of the year.

  271. Just wanted to let you know… this was mentioned on CNN, it was on the bottom of the tv on the scroll for updated news… it said 20 million knitters set out to knit a project while watching the olympics. Pretty cool. I missed the chance but next time… I am so there.
    Keep On Knitting… everything looks great too by the way.

  272. Wow. That’s amazing.
    Andrea, and Ginger and Kathe – remember that the Knitter’s Olympic Oath says you will not compare efforts, for each competitor has different challenges to face. You all medaled.

  273. Gah. And Christine, too… you finished your scarf in the time allotted, right? So you got the gold.

  274. Just please tell me somebody – I’m just a beginner – what the hell is a steek?!?! And why is a steek?!?! When one googles Steek one gets only steekspeak!
    Once more, WAY TO GO STEPH. You are the Jedi Princess/Queen/Goddess whatever of the Knitting Universe. The Force was with you.

  275. YOU ARE MY KNITTING HERO!!!!BRAVA, BRAVA, BRAVA!!! Now, I’ll go off and have a beer to celebrate your victory. I confess, I had a Bode Miller medal-type Olympics. No wild parties, I just missed the gate and fell down. I have a noble start on my project but did not finish. It will get done. Now, what are we going to do for the next Olympics? – Jamie

  276. Congratulations That is an awesome sweater. You are an amazing woman and knitter. Thanks for starting this, thanks for inspiring me to try something for myself (I didn’t finish it but I will-soon) and thanks for sharing your knitting and your life with us all.

  277. Stephanie! You ROCK!!!
    You are also a far better woman than I, but I think that was established a long time ago. Steeks?!?! The word makes me shudder.

  278. Fantastic sweater!
    Alas, I was felled by boredom and a hand that ached so badly I thought I’d cut it off…

  279. What a fabulous, fabulous, fabulous effort!!! Super gold to you, hey, you deserve a platinum medal!!! I finished my puny baby sweater before the closing ceremony broadcast, here in Boulder Colorado. On Saturday I made an emergency trip out here to help take care of my mother who had two emergency heart procedures within one week (this past week) while visiting my sister here! I wove in ends on the airplane and sewed on the buttons during the x-c race finish! I was embarrassed that I was neglecting my mother, but she was sleeping at the time.

  280. More than 430 comments deserves a gold as far as I’m concerned. Not to mention motivating so many knitters worldwide. Your sweater is wonderful. I’ll vote for you to carry the flag anytime!!

  281. I was in awe 16 days ago when I saw what you were going to ATTEMPT!! And since you had quite a bit more at steek, er, I mean at stake that the rest of us, I felt sure you would complete. But I sure was on pins and needles until you posted today! CONGRATS!
    Thanks so much for the experience you offered! Not just how wonderful it was to think I would very possibly have a completed garment at the end of only 16 days, but the feeling of unity with knitters worldwide… and for me the insights I got into myself and what I learned about focus and facing challenges, and slogging on when I wanted to stop. It was wonderful! But I’m also glad we’re not doing it again next week!

  282. The sweater looks great! Nice work Stephanie. I had my utmost confidence in you and was sure that you would complete with honor.
    And thanks for the inspiration and for initiating the Knitting Olympics. Without the challenge that you gave, I’m sure that I would have procrastinated for several more years and my buddy may have never gotten the sweater he’s been longing for. But it is done and he is happy and I didn’t disgrace either myself or Team Wales.

  283. Your sweater looks VERY lovely. One of these years I’ll attempt something that intricate. Thanks to you and your challenge I now have a lovely worsted weight silk sweater that I have actually worn for about 2 hours. Next time I might even add sleeves.

  284. Congratulations Stephanie- I think you’ve won the Gold Medal in Nordic Knitting! Thanks for spurring me on to finish my intarsia sweater in the car on the way back from a weekend trip. Did you know that the Knitting Olympics merited a mention in the last issue of Time Magazine?

  285. Woman, let me be number 447: you rock! Congrats. The sweater looks great, and I’m glad that you’re still here to tell us all about it :-).

  286. Nicely done! I have to tell you…I started watching your blog only about a week ago. But I am an avid knitter so I thought…this could be fun! THE SUSPENSE HAS BEEN KILLING ME WOMAN! Congratulations on your victorious finish!

  287. Couldn’t go to sleep last night until I found a blog that said you had made it!
    Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw your beautiful sweater this afternoon.
    Sorry I crashed and burned. Have been unable to bring myself to unravelling the 70’s afghan sweater back. Maybe I’ll just start knitting around the edges and make an afghan!
    Looking forward to the 2008 summer knitting olympics?

  288. all i can say is wow! i have been checking all day to see what happened…i just knew you would finish. you are definitely my inspiration. i am proud of my mittens but i bet you are insanely PROUD of your sweater. emphasis on insane 🙂

  289. Congratulations! I was unfortunately sidelined by my coach (husband) after coming down with bronchitis AND stomach flu. I did get both my projects started in those first two days after the opening ceremonies. And I learned a fabulous new stitch – the basketweave stitch for the “Bamboozelle Basket” – so at least I qualified for a “participation ribbon.” Looking forward to seeing other projects that “crossed the finish line.”

  290. Dang, I need a Valium after that story, too bad I don’t take that stuff! I guess Sleepy Time Tea will have to do, rats! I’ll pour some Brandy in it, ah… leave out the tea, just drink the Brandy. {=P
    I’m SO glad you made it, now I hope you melt into a puddle for a week to decompress! The sweater tho! INSANELY awesome – you are crazy and talented! LOL

  291. You ROCK!.. too many comments to even read them all (says this commentor) so please forgive if I’m reapeating what all else have said… but… HURRAH!
    The sweet success of victory gently settles over your house.
    To all of us who made it just under the wire.. many cheers!

  292. Do I have to show my “fans” here what you accomplished? They were SO thrilled that I won gold with my baby aran sweater that I don’t have the heart to show them your magnificent accomplishment. Although I am honestly more than happy to share the podium with all my fellow Olympic knitters. What a wonderful experience this was for me. Thanks so much for letting us all be a part of “the big picture.”
    Your sweater is absolutely awesome. I’ve checked back several times waiting for the pics – knew you’d do it! Hear the fanfare in the background?

  293. OMG! That sweater is a thing of beauty. I would sing something like “The Wind Beneath My Wing” but I think you’ve suffered enough. A BIG HUGE thank you for this idea. It’s been an event of patriotisim (in really wierd way), solidarity and accomplishment.

  294. Brava!! My sweater is still in pieces, and the sleeves are unfinished pieces, but I’m happy just to have been to these Olympics. I’m now calling it my Oscar sweater as it will be done by the oscars:)

  295. That is beautiful!!! I have a Dale fair isle sweater that I began 2 years ago and haven’t finished yet. Very inspiring to see you doning the finished product and enjoying a beer!

  296. Hip, hip, hooray! Gorgeous! Congratulations on finishing that beautiful sweater. And my 14-yo-son said “great color for you”.

  297. You got ‘hold of the good crack didn’t you?
    Yeah, me too.
    I spent 17 hours Friday with short pauses to take care of bodily functions, feed children & self, and telling said children to go play and leave Mean ol’ Mommy/Aunt Jess alone. But we did it!
    Go team CoW!

  298. Congratulations on finishing in the nick of time, and thanks again for the great (I think!) idea of the Knitting Olympics. I doubt I would have ever tried socks without the challenge (and I definitely wouldn’t have finished them in such a short time!)

  299. Stephanie,
    Congratulations. If anyone could do it you are the man. Or woman. My Olympic listing is
    Dympna- Pumpkin Sweater- DNF
    I am not embarassed. I am not dejected. I came, I saw, I was defeated.
    The sweater will be finished one day. Hands are healing nicely.
    Knitting has resumed.

  300. Beautiful. And the drama of finishing under the wire as well. You had us all on the edge of our seats. If I was in Canada, or if you were in Idaho, I’d offer to buy you a beer. Maybe 2 or 3. Just to celebrate a job well done. Congrats and thanks for a great project.

  301. Let’s count. 1.)Finished an incredibly complex sweater in 16 days. 2.)Inspired literally thousands of knitters and their significant others 3.)Taught by example the beauty of the challenge 4.)Brought countless numbers to knitting beyond scarves 5.) All of Canada is now favorably spotlighted 6.) Demonstrated the valor of perseverance and 7.)Got mentioned on CNN, ABC and in Time (did I miss any?). 🙂 What a woman!!!

  302. Well, what can I say but CONGRATULATIONS. That sweater is stunning. I am SO going to knit that myself.
    However, I have to say this, and PLEASE understand that I mean this in the BEST POSSIBLE WAY. I HATE YOU! (please note sarcasm so I don’t get a pile of hate mail myself).
    I didn’t even get halfway through my project due to hands acting up. Congrats to all who finished and good luck to all who WILL finish someday.

  303. That is AMAZING!!! I seriously thought that you weren’t going to make it, but I should have known. I’m only thinking about my own slow knitting 🙂 For being a 9 week old knitter I’m glad to have gotten the poncho done. Congratulations, girl!!! Woooohoooo!

  304. Rock on with your bad self, Stephanie! Awesome job on the sweater. I’m not a beer drinker myself, but there were many cookies and gallons of tea along the way for me. And my hat looks pretty darned cute, if I do say so myself.
    Go Team Arizona!

  305. Congratulations, Olympian! The sweater is gorgeous and you are a star. And Canada did well in the sports ‘limpets, too. And a sense of accomplishment and a spirit of fellow-feeling filled the land.
    I go in the DNF category, but I’m still knitting away, heading for a sweater I will be truly happy with. I’ve loved participating in the Knitting Olympics — thank you for un-venting them.

  306. Congrats, Harlot, I had no doubt you would finish. Unfortunately, I let my Team Simpatico teammates down–I did not finish my sweater. Heck, I didn’t even finish the back, much less the fronts and the sleeves! (They don’t call me Slow-Motion for nothing.) But I had a great time being a part of the Knitting Olympics, and I loved the color combinations as they developed in my knitting. (I’m one of those Olympic athletes who know that they’re not going to win a medal, but they’re there to do their best and to gain the experience.) One of these days I’m going to have a beautiful cardigan sweater, and that will make the Agony of Defeat all worth it.

  307. Holy cow!! That’s a truly awe-inspiring sweater, not to mention the fact that you did it in a mere 16 days!! I still haven’t finished my first extremely pathetic sweater (destined for the frog pond) and it’s been more than a year….
    You’re truly an inspiration! Thank you so much for starting the Knitting Olympics, and I’m looking forward to the summer games. Two years of prep work should be enough…. 🙂

  308. No knitting event should leave you in pain…this calls for a new event for the next olympics: relay knitting. Just like the 5000m speed skating, you just can’t ask too much of a person!
    I finished both socks, finished up my kitchener as they passed the flag to cananda! But, they have individual mistakes-one has a funky toe the other a big hole at the start of the instep. Any advice on how to avoid this?

  309. I am thouroughly impressed. Congratulations on your triumph! In Team Sweden we have started the “medal rounds” which will be a “secret friend” circle where we send little knit related gifts to each other when we’ve earned gold. Godd idea no?
    Bur man, my Birch doesn’t come near your accomplishment, even though I love love love it! To think I might not have done it as fast or as soon without you stranger! Thank you Stephanie, for the most beautiful shawl (and huge – see blog) I ever owned.
    Any ideas for the paralympics? Team Sweden have a few. We just don’t want to stop. 🙂

  310. Well done, Stephanie!
    I finished mine and am looking forward to putting that gold medal button on my blog. It was really fun being part of such an event!

  311. Danger sweater is so beautiful, it takes the breath away. You are definitely the flag-bearer. But to everyone who didn’t win a medal, say it with me: “I AM an Olympian!” We have all gone higher, faster, stronger than we expected to.

  312. Amazing job!! I am inspired. I did not finish, but I did finish another project, which is something I rarely do, so I feel like a winner!

  313. I am absolutely in awe of your talent! The sweater is absolutely gorgeous, and you would have been a champion even if you hadn’t finished in time.
    I am so grateful for the Knitting Olympics! You challenged me to do more than I’ve ever done before, to aspire to a certain amount of greatness… and in the end, I won even more than my gold medal because I made friends with people I’ve never met before. The spirit of camaraderie was wonderful. Thanks, Stephanie… may your Olympic flame never go out!
    Mokihana, Team Hawai`i Nei

  314. Way to go! Can’t believe you made it but that sweater is amazing. I’m almost (almost) inspired to make one…maybe if I start now I can be done by the next Olympics…

  315. Oh my goodness. You are a goddess amongst knitter and knitter-kind. I and my pitiful loom-knitted sweater bow to you! You’re sweater is beautiful!
    Thank you so much for coming up with the Knitting Olympics. Although I was a member of a spin-off group, I was so happy to be a part, and it was so much fun to do something more challenging than I usually do.

  316. Fantastic finish! I’m so impressed – it’s beautiful, but that would take some serious doping for me to finish. And then I’d be out a medal, wouldn’t I!
    I’m so glad you were able to finish, but mostly I want to thank you for inspiring us all.

  317. That sweater is absolutely beautiful!!!! But I keep hearing about you cutting up your knitting I am newish so I have to ask this,,, WHY??? And wouldnt it unravel itself? (Can you tell my unexperience?) But it is beautiful sweater and I am jealous now that I picked a kinda plain one now! Like you I was sewing right down to the last second I got it done JUST before the tourch my bf keept coming in to see how I was doing to see if I would finish,,, I dont know if he was rooting or laughing for/at me… 🙂 BEEEEAUTIFUL sweater though! 🙂

  318. You, Stephanie, are a knitting machine! 🙂
    I finished my sweater a couple of days early, but of course I had thicker yarn. (But I would like to point out I don’t usually knit colorwork, I am a bit larger than you, and I made the pattern up as I went along. ;))
    There’s a picture on my blog on Monday’s post.

  319. Simply AWESOME Stephanie!!!
    Congrats! It’s gorgeous.
    Here’s hoping you’re able to have a rest after such a marathon!
    (Dare I ask if there’s a Knitting Commonwealth Games?)

  320. Absolutely unbelievably drop-dead gorgeous! I can only imagine the pride you feel wearing it. Not just because you made it, (and in 16 days!) but because you inspired >4000 Knitters world-wide to challenge themselves and become Olympians. And THAT flame will never go out!
    We will all bow at your feet while you stand atop the podium. Wear it in good health, m’dear.

  321. Congratulations, and thanks for starting the knittiing olympics. Your idea created lots of fun for knitters all over the world. Your sweater is beautiful!

  322. Even my husband did a cheer when I squealed that you made it 😀 And for him to look up from his laptop long enough to do that is quite a feat!

  323. I’m stunned: that you finished, and at how gorgeous that sweater is. If it hadn’t been for the account of how much knitting there was in it, I might be tempted…

  324. I was actually getting palpitations just reading your entry – well written! (and beautiful knitting)
    What will you dream up next?

  325. Way to go! The sweater looks great. Rest that hand! I’ve decided my olympic team effort was that of the US figure skating team: not perfect, a lot of mistakes, definitely not meadal-worthy, and will be ready to rock come 2010!

  326. Absolutely wonderful job Stephanie! I didn’t officially “Olympic” due to finding out too late about the challenge, so I set my own goals. They weren’t great and glorious compared to some, but I did knit every day, even a row or two and I did get my knitting machine going again to finish up UFO’s. I’m quite sure after this you need a beer(at least one) and a good massage, preferably by a hunky Swedish masseur. Way to go! I’ll send my mailing addy for the sweater later, cause I’m sure it’ll fit!!!

  327. Wow! I am seriously impressed! Congrats on getting it done on time, that’s what I call dedication!!!!
    Btw, I didn’t finish my sweater… but I can only say that I tried…

  328. Congratulations, Stephanie! That is a beautiful sweater and I am impressed that you did it at all, nevermind completing it in 16 days!
    You are a true inspiration to us all!

  329. KNITTERS RULE!! That sweater deserves a 24K Gold Medal. It makes my socks look like a kid on his first pair of skates, or on the bunny hill or…you get the picture. Starting on another pair of socks, for the Summer Olympics, made of bamboo…of course! See you in Beijing!!

  330. I have never been a part of something like this before – all my friends called for the past couple of weeks to check in on my progress, my co-workers cheered me on, and I feel like after that, I can knit ANYTHING!
    Thank you, Stephanie, and CONGRATS on the BEAUTIFUL sweater!

  331. that is so awesome that you finished. and it’s an incredible sweater full of laughter and memories (i’m counting beer as a memory).
    i was so happy to finish my teeny tiny striped socks (for my three year old son) on time. it was a personal best experience. and it was worth all the cussing on the heels when he put them on yesterday morning and then refused to take them off all day because they were “full of mama-love.” there’s a child well worth knitting for!
    thank you for the inspiration stephanie!

  332. I am very impressed because like Michelle Kwan; I will not get my medal. It became clear to me that my employer would not buyinto the issue of me calling in “sick” for knitting and so I will finish my vest at my speeed. Congrads to all those who were able to complete a monumental task…………..I dip my needles to you. cecilia

  333. Steph, you are an adrenalin junkie beyond compare – and you got us all hooked! Fabulous sweater, touring and blogging! Sleep well….

  334. Wow, Steph, congratulations! That sweater is so beautiful!
    While I did not join up with the Olympic Knitters, I’ve had an eye on the activities with much interest. You got quite a bit of publicity here in the States. My husband heard your interview on NPR on the way home from work. You’ve had so much positive influence on bringing knitting into the public eye and awakening people’s interest. I’m hoping the days are numbered for those occasions when I am happily knitting away in public and someone remarks, “Oh, you’re knitting? Do people still do that?”
    From now on, in addition to my usual “Oh, there’s quite a network of us out there,” I will add, “If you have computer access, google for The Yarn Harlot and prepare to be amazed.”
    Sorry I could not attend the NETA Spa this year, and thus missed the opportunity to greet you in person!
    Paula (“Mad Angel”)

  335. You’re an inspiration to us all … sniff, sniff!
    Thank you so much for challenging me to try something I would have procrastinated until the end of time (and the Irishman thanks you for his new gloves!)
    Hugs and lots of warm and massaging thoughts to The Hand!

  336. I’m new to your site and watched with amazement over the last two weeks. Your sweater is beautiful.

  337. Fabulous sweater!! You are truly an inspiration – I’m going to have to attempt some fair isle now – love the colors, the design BUT I can’t even begin to imagine cutting steeks – GULP! – that picture with the scissors just makes me swoon. This was so much fun – I did finish my short-row hat – loved learning the process – and actually impressed myself with how it turned out. Thanks so much for the challenge. I’m really looking forward to Canada hosting the Olympics in 2010 – you Canucks (sp? is that a correct term??) need to get your own special seating reserved at all the events to allow for actual knitting olympics taking place in the olympic venues – maybe they can even do a “sheep & wool” festival in conjunction with it. I especially enjoyed knowing that I was watching the Olympics and knitting while thousands of other “competitors” were doing the same thing.

  338. Dang, girl, and with only seconds to spare!! I’m impressed! 😀 I’ve been wearing my Olympic scarf everywhere for the last few days. The pride in it is doubled by the Olympic-ness.

  339. OH. MY. GOD. Holy Cow. WOW! Amazing! Un-freakin-believable. And all the other expressions you can think of!!!
    That is incredible. ROCK ON GIRLFRIEND!!
    I made 5 cat Kitty Pi beds in the olympic ring colors. I’m working on making a photo of them in the ring pattern. hehe.
    Thanks for all you do for us! You are an inspiration. Let’s do it again in 2008! PLEASE!?!?!

  340. I was chewing my nails all day Sunday, waiting for an update, hoping against hope that you’d manage to pull this off. (Especially since my shawl didn’t get finished, though two temper tantrum hats for Dulaan did.) I was so thrilled to see that you accomplished what looked so impossible! Way to go, Knitter!!

  341. Wow! Good for you. It felt so good to get a sweater done. Mine was the Rogue Hoodie, but yours looks harder!!

  342. Wow! Stephanie, you are amazing–on a personal level for finishing such a wonderful sweater, and on a global level for starting this whole Knitting Olympics madness that brought so many of us together. As for me, I “Bode-ed” out when surgury recovery took much longer than I thought, and the pattern had not one, but TWO mistakes in the first line of the chart!! So I DNFed, but had a ball planning, talking, and following your lead. Congratulations!!

  343. I too was inspired to try something new. and you know what? I had noting to be afraid of! I have been terrified of sweaters and not only did I make the one I challenged myself to do, but I made another one as well for a gift (and it’s wrapped!) I was also able to make a pair of booties and 3 premie hats for charity. Thanks for putting the challenge out there and setting such an example!

  344. Huge Congratulations on your sweater and on the knitting olympics. My heart nearly broke when I saw you take scissors to your beautiful sweater. Could you please explain to this new knitter what steeks are and why you had to cut into that sweater? My awe and respect go to you and your talent and your sense of humor. Dee

  345. Adding my voice to the chorus: Congratulations! What a feat! I never should have doubted you. And it’s a beautiful sweater, too.
    I’m proud to say I finished my Kitty pi on time despite some problems and it’s a little quirky looking, but I feel good about challenging myself, being part of such a huge movement, and achieving a goal. I’m really darned pleased to be part of the team. Thanks for the fun, Harlot!

  346. Huge Congratulations on your sweater and on the knitting olympics. My heart nearly broke when I saw you take scissors to your beautiful sweater. Could you please explain to this new knitter what steeks are and why you had to cut into that sweater? My awe and respect go to you and your talent and your sense of humor. Dee

  347. Hey………….a Gold Medal for you……….my daughter gave me one for finishing my first sock…it isn’t my finest work, but I DID it…I can hear the crowd going wild….”She finally finished something that was challenging.” I hope that someday I can be at one of your readings….you make me laugh, here, and in your books. Take care and give you hands a rest. Try lifting a full wine glass as if it were a weight…lift……..sip….relax……..lift….sip……….relax. Works for me……….and, thanks again for making us all see that we can meet our goals if we set our minds to it.
    Your sweater is beautiful………….Sandy L from South Dakota (I’m the only Olympic Knitter I know. It’s lonely at the top..Hahahaha)

  348. Congrats Steph, I knew you could do it! My husband was actually worried you would not finish in time, he’s glad you finished too. Can’t wait for medals! Thank you Steph, for bringing knitters together and helping us challenge ourselves!

  349. Thank you SO much for such an inspiring and FUN Olympics! I didn’t finish (I came SOOOOOOO close!!), but am so proud of having challenged myself – and loved the camaraderie of playing along with so many other knitters… AND non-knitters! People in my office building (not even people I work with) kept asking me how the Olympics were going, and how my sweater was coming along. I had people ask me to teach them to knit – including a big burly construction worker who has been doing some work around our office!! (I’m bringing extra yarn and needles on Friday.)
    Congratulations on the amazing Danger Sweater – it is perfect and gorgeous, and I am very happy to know that there was a beer waiting to help numb your poor hands at the end of that sprint!!

  350. Congratulations, Stephanie! I was really kinda worried when I didn’t see a post yesterday morning. You must have been sleeping off the celebration. *smile* The sweater is, of course, gorgeous and I am in awe of your beautifully even tension in the two-color work. My Nordic style mittens were finished about 8:30 p.m. CST Saturday. They ain’t perfect, but I sure am proud of ’em!

  351. Congratulations, I knew you could do it.
    I however, did not finish my sweater. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I only was able to knit for about 4 days, but I did get the back and front done, only have to do the sleeves and sew it together. It was great being part of the Knitting Olympics and as I can’t read over 500 comments!!, did everybody see the swag at
    Way to go everyone!

  352. Yippee! Good for you! I’ve been checking your blog a couple of times a day, wanting to know if you finished. I, alas, did not. I got 166 rows of Olympia done, but that’s it. Athletes have coaches to help them set goals that are within the realm of reality and tell them if what they’re about to embark on is sheer folly. Me, I shoulda got a coach. A lace shawl in 16 days when I can’t knit lace after 9:30 or 10:00 at night, and I can’t knit it w/my kids clamoring for me? Yeah, RIGHT! Ah, well. I’m still terribly proud of her and can’t wait to wear her when she’s done.

  353. Wow! Great job! I feel like my pair of socks were a total accomplishment with the new baby…long story. But, you did great! Bravo! ps. I can’t wait to read your new book! Isn’t it due out tomorrow?

  354. OMG, no one needs to hear this, but I’m so thrilled that you made it. I’m so proud of all the knitter’s who did this, which is only slightly weird of me since I don’t know any of you IRL. I loved having a secret hope for all of you for the last two weeks. You all so *totally* rock!

  355. Wow! I am so impressed. The sweater is beautiful.
    So are you and your ideas. I agree with all the raving over the last few days about this great idea you had, that all of us enjoyed participating in. Another wow!
    I gave into hand pain and other life commitments, and didn’t finish my mitered poncho in time, although it will be ready for guild meeting on Monday!! (But I also know I would never have made this much progress in this time period without the challenge, so thanks!)
    Jan F

  356. Wow.. I have to admit that I’m totally amazed that you finished.. I mean.. seriously.. wow!
    Hopefully we’ll get to see better pictures of it on you when you’re done recovering ; )
    Congratulations on finishing!!!!

  357. Proud is what I feel. Proud of you…for finishing such a gorgeous sweater in such a short time. Proud of you…for inspiring over 4000 of us to attempt what we formerly would have only dreamt about. Proud of you…for being such a wonderful, inspiring leader. Proud of ALL the particpants…those who finished, and those who didn’t. We have all learned from this experience and had a blast doing so. Proud of me…for finishing a paltry little denim purse (albeit knitted on circulars..a first for me; and knitted with recyled denim…also a first) in the allotted time. And, lastly, I am SOOO very proud to have taken part in something on such a global scale. Somehow I think I feel a little of what the athletes in Turin must have felt, and that makes me proud too. Thank you, Stephanie!

  358. Congratulations to us all!!! I finished mine too (see my entry on my blog today if you want). This was SUCH a great idea. Thank you very very much! I hope national media does a big story on it. Mobilizing 4071 people because of their creative impulses!!!

    I was quite sure that you’ll make it but had no access to the www from friday evening til today – so one of the first things today was to check your site ;-))
    I finished ma Rogue last week. The knitting wasn’t the big thing but the finishing. I did it but the house looks terrible and may be I lost a few friends during the olympics … (no, just kidding)
    Lost of greetings from a member of the German knitting team

  360. your sweater looks beautiful, the colors are wonderful together and I bet it looks awsome on you! So proud that you finished. I said that I would knit two pair of socks and a baby blanket… I got the two pairs of socks done, one for me and one for my hubby. The baby blanket just didn’t happen, I mean I cast on and knit 3 rows and well we all got sick and the baby started so have serious meltdowns on gettting his first teeth….so it was a no go, but I did start another pair of socks (sockpaloooza socks) and got the first one done. I don’t know if that means I got a silver or a bronze, but I did keep my eye on the gold and that is what I think is the most important. I tried my best.

  361. Yay!! You really had me worried there with the last post. I’m so happy you finished and I’m also really impressed. I wrote about you today on my blog. 🙂

  362. Wow, I’m impressed! *that’s an understatement* Congrats to you, Steph! Myself…well, I think I fell off the podium. *sniff*. But I had a lot of fun learning how to knit with freaking dpns, and will continue with my project until it’s finished!
    Thanks for the fun! 🙂

  363. Amazing! You are truly amazing! I can’t believe you finished, and just in time! It’s beautiful. Thanks for starting this, I really had fun and pushed myself more than I ever have before with my knitting.

  364. You’re sweater looks awesome!
    I did not finish, but I am a lot further in a project I’ve been wanting to do for myself for over a year. I will finish in a few more weeks. I think of it as training for the next Olympics.
    I came, I crashed, but I got up and kept going – to finish last, but to finish (eventually) – and that’s what matters!
    Congrats to all who finished by Sunday!

  365. Congrats! I looked at that beautiful sweater and thought, “Oh, Dear, what will she propose in ’10? Dale sweater olympic sweater teams?!?!” That’ll make me train!

  366. Steph, you are amazing and inspirational. These lyrics definitely apply.
    I’ve paid my dues –
    Time after time –
    I’ve done my sentence
    But committed no crime –
    And bad mistakes
    I’ve made a few
    I’ve had my share of sand kicked in my face –
    But I’ve come through
    We are the champions – my friends
    And we’ll keep on fighting – till the end –
    We are the champions –
    We are the champions
    No time for losers
    ‘Cause we are the champions – of the world –
    I’ve taken my bows
    And my curtain calls –
    You brought me fame and fortuen and everything that goes with it

    I thank you all –
    But it’s been no bed of roses
    No pleasure cruise –
    I consider it a challenge before the whole human race –
    And I ain’t gonna lose –
    We are the champions – my friends
    And we’ll keep on fighting – till the end –
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  367. Amazing sprint to the finish line and your sweater is beyond words beautiful. Way to go!!!
    I did finish the cat bed I signed up to do. In fact it went so fast that to make sure it was a challenge, as soon as I saw how quickly it was going I went out and got enough wool to make beds for all three of our cats. They all had one for closing ceremonies and my mum’s cat will get his today (finished yesterday). I surprised myself, had no idea I could knit that quickly when I wanted to! Thanks so much for the challenge. I will definitely be up for a harder project next time! (You’ve created knitting olympics monsters, you know that, don’t you?!)

  368. That is a great progression of photos of the sweater. I admire you for taking a 5-minute face down on the floor. I darn near needed one just reading along. Congrats on a truly wonderful sweater!

  369. Truly deserving of GOLD, champion spirit competing until the very last. As it has been said the race is not won until you have crossed the finish line. Sorry if this duplicates anything anyone else has written only Steph gets to read all the 500 + replies!
    Dismal failure from Team Britain Knit your mum a cardie. I’ve struggled through the most tedious knit and purl chevrons in the doldrums of knitting for hours and having no appreciable gain to have completed the back and half a front. I did work out the pocket to match the main pattern on the front, plain knitting would not have looked right. I consider myself to be the Eddie the Eagle of this Knitting Olympics, great fun to have participated but no chance of a medal.

  370. You’ve surpassed ‘Olympian’ this is a ‘Herculean Effort’ …. & beautiful, too.
    Ditto all the wonderful comments.
    Take care of those wrists now, you’ve sure earned a good rest. Well Done!!

  371. WTG, Stephanie! I knew you could do it! Thanks again for so much fun and for opening my eyes to knowing just how much I can really knit!

  372. I would have NEVER even ATTEMPTED a Dale of Norway sweater had it not been for this challenge. Thank you Stephanie for showing me I could do it–I didn’t finish, but will soon!

  373. Yo, they’s some seri-us sweater envy goin’ on hee-yah! You’s a stone cold knittin’ BAD ASS!

  374. Dear Steph,
    Wow! What a completely awesome achievement. I applaud and HUG you for a job well done!! You are amazing and a true Olympian 🙂
    Happy Knitting!!

  375. Awesome! You are amazing! The sweater looks great. I did a Bode. I got distracted…I did not finish. I got disqualified at the 10th repeat of Kiri. It’ll get finished eventually. 🙂

  376. Oh, Stephanie, how very lovely! Congratulations. Well done! You are amazing! Blessings, Julieanne

  377. Absolutely fabulous! Now a picture from the front by someone other than yourself so that we may all see you in all your knitted glory! (please)

  378. I have no idea if you’ll ever even get to this, the 587th comment (unless someone squeezes one in before me while I type) but that is one outrageous sweater, whether knitted over 16 days, or over a couple years, or a lifetime. The colors you chose are the best!
    Thanks so much for the challenge. This truly was one for me, despite finishing a few days early. Never would I have finished the FBS shawl if it weren’t for you and everyone taking part. It would have been tossed aside after the 3rd frogging. The knitting was difficult and exasperating at times, and I made mistakes that needed fixing almost every other row. There were others knitting the same shawl for their own challenges, and so many others who have made this before, who gave me encouragement and help along the way.
    If not for your “little” challenge, lace knitting would have remained a frustating and mysterious thing to me. I never would have known personally the beauty of knitted lace, or how much I actually like wearing such a truly feminine accessory. It’s a whole new realm of knitting for me. I feel like I’ve discovered and entirely new creature.
    Now I’m inspired…to KNIT MORE LACE!

  379. I am astounded, amazed, mightily impressed and somehow deep down I knew you would make it.
    You and Ketil Andre Aamodt. He won his gold medal with an injured knee, you with an aching hand.

  380. Your sweater is beautiful! I think it’s so cool that you did this. It was such a great idea, and it is so awesome how many people got into it. I can’t even imagine getting such a great response to something on my blog let alone 300-500 comments on every post. You have quite an accomplishment here, a great blog, and some great ideas! Keep it up.

  381. Steph, looks fantastic! I couldn’t believe it when I saw it at the closing ceremonies – congratulations!

  382. Oh wow!!!! What an awesome job on that sweater!!!! And to think you got it finished on time too!!! Well done!!! I KNEW you could do it!!!

  383. I was only a spectator at the KO
    Beautiful work and it shows that a little monogamy can be a good thing – what discipline – one day I will be that way – right now – not so much. Congratulations – you deserve a GOLD medal for that sweater….

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