Well Bob…

Jim, Welcome to Coverage of the Knitting Olympics. This weekend our spotlight athlete travelled…

Whoa there Bob! Did you say “travelled”? This athlete has been on the road a lot for someone trying to knit a ridiculously busy sweater in 16 days.

That’s true Jim, she has been. It certainly adds an element of difficulty that we’re sure she hadn’t anticipated.

Are you sure she didn’t anticipate it?

Sure am Jim. I think that was clear to all of the spectators who watched her lose her s**t in Pearson International Airport ripping up her luggage and throwing underpants and balls of green yarn around in front of the check-in at Peason International airport looking for a 3.5mm neeedle that she didn’t think she would need until the next day.

That’s true Bob, she clearly wasn’t anticipating the ice storm that delayed her flight and gave her extra knitting time. Good thing that she realized that she was about to have an equipment failure before she checked that bag! Real Olympic success relies on careful attention to detail. The smallest error can ruin an Athletes chances.

Right you are Bob. It’s pretty clear that the strain is starting to wear on her. She may have had all of the knitting stuff with her at SPA, but it really means something that she didn’t pack a hairbrush, a single pair of socks…and that while she was crouching on the floor de-packing and scattering everything she owned while disentangling the circular needle in question from her underpants in the middle of the Airport….that when that spectator in line behind her at the airport was staring at her she looked him dead in the eye and said “What? WHAT?”

Very true Jim. She’s pretty edgy. She’s gone into seclusion in her Toronto home, following the rigours of the SPA weekend in Maine, and we’ll have a full report on her performance tomorrow. Let’s hope she gets it together.

144 thoughts on “Well Bob…

  1. This is exciting – I get to be the FIRST comment of the day because I happened to check your site a couple of minutes after you posted.
    We feel for you and we’re cheering you on. Just like the OLympic athletes, there’s a lot of pressure being in the public eye! A lot of us are also feeling the pressure in our own little ways – no one seems to understand that we NEED extra time (and seclusion) to knit, that we NEED that package with an extra skein to arrive TODAY, and that this is truly gold-medal important.
    Hang in there and remember,you’ve got 4000+ knitters around the world CHEERING for you.

  2. Bless your heart. I think all us Olympians are being challenged as things are not going well here either. We shall not sucuumb to these obstacles but shall carry on, through airport delays, lost retainers, etc., etc.
    I came to your site looking for something to pick me up and found you are in the same boat so at least I found companionship. Best of luck with your seclusion, I’d like to find a corner myself.

  3. I’ve found that the words “Can’t…knitting…” have borne a lot more weight recently!

  4. The Olympic Games motto has clearly been “tweaked” a tad for the Knitting Olympics! Something along the lines of “edgier, delusionaler, nutsier” or the Latin equivalent thereof. As always, a highly entertaining segment of MY Olympic viewing….

  5. Well this might not be a good time to mention this but…the olmypic sweater is finished.
    mostly because of a snow storm. So have added a hat and several pair of socks to the challenge just to make everyone feel better. Now back to the knitting.

  6. Yes, I know how you feel. I am carrying yarn and needles around my office and knitting while programs load and things print. It isn’t a pretty sight,and I hope I don’t get reprimanded for it, but it is all worth the effort for Olympic glory.
    Thanks for the chuckle!

  7. Clearly you require my coaching services. I carry equipment, provide technical advice, get beer and chocolate etc.
    Take me with you!

  8. “the rigours of spa weekend” Har! Clearly you did not take advantage of the massages then. Hope Maine treated you well, aside from the bitter cold.

  9. We have all had our little mishaps during this time. But if anyone can travel and still make the deadline, it’s you.
    My only problem (so far) today is that my littlest decided to spill my glass of coke all over my pattern pages.

  10. Yup. Don’t forget your pledge. You are supposed to be having fun! and not proving yourself a danger to complete strangers at airports.
    As a first time Olympian, I’m starting to understand the extreme pressure real athletes go through. Distractions abound, like work, and meals, and sleeping. Actual Olympians probably don’t even have to do their family’s laundry while competing.

  11. You have my respect for doing this as a traveling event. I got very little done the first Sat. in the airport. I’m now actually knitting AND it’s getting longer!! YEEAAA!!

  12. You have my sympathies, sweetie, but your underwear has had its public outings before. We should all take a breath and be glad knithletics doesn’t have the hazards of ice dancing. Raise a piece of chocolate to Marie-France Dubreuil!

  13. It was so nice to meet you at SPA, despite the fact that I may have totally embarassed myself by blurting out unnecessarily that I’d never read your books and then accusing you of making me cry. Sorry about that. Thanks for being so gracious. I did stay for your talk and it was poignant and funny and everything I could have hoped for. So I went home and read the book and it was truly brilliant. Truly.

  14. Sorry about the complications, I sympathise though. I’ve been experiencing “technical difficulties” myself and I’m quite a bit behind where I’d hoped to be.
    I may get around to telling the whole story on my blog at some point, but I suspect it would come out sounding like one big whinefest and not like the ammusing tales you provide.
    Liza {who says, thanks for the chuckle this afternoon, she needed it}

  15. You are not alone, Steph. Holed up at home, knitting wildly, you probably don’t have time to read blogs, but trust me: there have been quite a few wipeouts and equipment failures. Not to mention at least one intrepid knitter tragically eliminated from medal contention when she had to frog 2/3 of a sweater back because a mistake was pointed out to her. (The unforgiving yarn did not allow the ladder-down-and-back-up strategy.)
    In case you are wondering, I was the pointer, not the pointee. You may call me Tonya.

  16. You’re not the only one edgy. I’m still riled up over the mention we got in Time Magazine. Amazing that we were mentioned, yes, but they called us “Couch Potatoes”! Can you imagine?! Even with the support of our spouses, it’s not like we can spend every waking moment sitting on our duffs knitting. Laundry, groceries, cleaning, basic grooming, sleeping. These things all take precious time away from the work of being this level of athlete!
    I’d dearly love to know what the National had to say about us. I missed it. Anyone else catch it?

  17. I am so sad I missed the start of these Olympics! I am competing in empathy though. My project, a shawl, was only started Saturday but I shall try to complete it before the flame is extinguished. Steph, you are an inspiration!

  18. My DH claims I win the gold in the 219-yard dash. I bought yarn Friday afternoon at Stitches West, went home, knitted it up, blocked the scarf, and took it back to show off to Lisa Souza, the vendor, the next day. Tadaaah! (Makes up for the original project totally tanking midway.)
    Meantime, I told my folks about the Knitting Olympics making Time magazine, and could they save me their copy? So I get this phone call later: they’d gone through all the pages on all the athletes over at Turin, and what was her name again? Stephanie what? They couldn’t find her listed. Mom. Dad. The KNITTING Olympics. Let me explain again!… Too funny.

  19. I’m trying to imagine the fit and curses that would have ensued had you not been allowed to search for that needle…

  20. I hope they didn’t confiscate the needle once you found it! My Olympic sock has reached a critical juncture – the heel. There isn’t a chance in H*LL that two socks will be done in time – I checked that nasty timer. But just being at this point is a triumph. YAY – Canada’s Womens Hockey just scored AGAIN. GO TEAM CANADA!!!

  21. Please, for the love of all that is pure and woolie, don’t look at the ticker!
    I know you’re gonna make it–you’re super Steph!

  22. it was so very inspirational to hear you at SPA saturday night- the fact that my SO got to hear you talk too was wonderful, know when i wax poetic about the YARN HARLOT he can put a face and a wonderful accent to the name. thanks so much for entertaining us in very cold Maine.
    ps – I have finished my olympic knitting sweater but have entered another event – the bonnet to match race…

  23. Egads, such stress! Remember, it is not in the winning, but the trying – good luck! We’re rooting for you!

  24. Good thing you hadn’t already checked the bag, is all I can say… the mental image of you diving onto the conveyor belt in pursuit of your suitcase… (shudder)
    Bigfoot’s socks are progressing more or less according to plan (some days more, some days less).

  25. Well what did he expect you to do, NOT disentangle your underpants from the needle and just knit with them hanging off?? Geesh. People.

  26. I’m sorry for your stress, Steph. Sounds like a good time for some Screech and chocolate. Hell, anytime’s a good time for Screech and chocolate. I finished the 8 hats for Dulaan already (it’s a really easy pattern), so I’m going to continue knitting them until the flame goes out. I will see how many I can complete for my own personal best record. Actually, anything I complete is a record!

  27. I feel your pain but remember — this is fun! I’ve fallen during performance (ripped out the back because of a mis-turned cable), had equipment malfunctions (snapped needle dropped stitches and sleeve unraveled), and have a too-crowded competition schedule (work, bridal shower and apartment being painted). But this is fun. I don’t hate the pattern, now that I see the sweater taking shape it’s beautiful! Once you figure out how to read the chart, cables really aren’t that mysterious or forbidding after all.
    And I’m not surprised they let you keep the needle — the poor security person would have looked at you and said — uh, no, I wanna live, not gonna tackle the wild knitter! *giggles*
    May not finish by the Olympics, but in the spirit of Team Thailand via Philly, I will try my best, finish the sweater no matter how long it takes, and enjoy my new-found skill of knitting cables!

  28. Hmm, sounds like our Athlete will be hitting both the coffee and the Screech pretty heavily in the days and nights to come.

  29. So, another public viewing of the Harlot’s undies – please tell me they weren’t the cowgirl ones again… and at least you weren’t wearing them this time.
    Should I mention that I’m ahead of the game with the Florence Scarf/shawl? Should I mention they are about the condemn my house because all I’ve done lately is knit, and the husband and son still don’t realize that there is no cleaning fairy?

  30. Sounds like you should’ve joined team dpn…part of our motto is jabbing people with knitting needles. ๐Ÿ™‚ Best of luck!

  31. Have you considered forgoing the blog until the flame dies? All your avid readers would hate it, but not as much as being responsible for a meltdown. Only you would attempt to both – probably simultaneously.

  32. Valiant effort to the very END!!! That’s really what it’s all about!!!
    *back to bobbling*
    ((((((( think happy little thougthts! ))))))))))

  33. As a fellow curly top, I’m just going to note that hairbrushes are overrated. Your curls look better if you just set them free and let them be. *nod*

  34. Hang in there, you’ll make it! And what a triumph it will be when, sometime next week after the blasted thing dries, you post the picture of you, triumphant in your gorgeous sweater.
    I doubt I’ll finish my first-ever socks, but I’m turning in a serious effort.

  35. You invented the Knitting Olympics, and now Knitter’s Rage.
    Funny how they both come into existence on the same week. :o)
    You’ll do it! One sweater in 2 weeks? Haven’t you cranked out 3 sweaters, 6 pairs of socks, and a Latvian Mitten the week before Christmas? We have faith in you!

  36. I am sorry your having a hard time, but that’s a really funny post.
    I have been going insane, neglecting my child, losing sleep, and losing my mind over a scarf, I couldn’t imagine a sweater.

  37. Hi Stephanie!!
    Woo way to go! Here in NZ we aren’t allowed knitting needles on the plane since 9/11. So at least you got some done. Me now, I have finished the main body of my cape and may with luck get the strips to weave knitted.
    But was wondering if all the sewing up needs to be done??!! I may have a hope of finishing if I can sew up later!!
    Knit on >^..^<

  38. I think I can sympathize. I finished knitting all of the pieces of my sweater which was making me feel pretty good about myself. When I came today, I had a stain on the front that wasn’t there this morning! I say it’s sabotage!

  39. See, that person was NaK (not a knitter) because clearly, a fellow knitter would have kindly offered to hold dirty laundry and a spare sock-in-progress to tide you over.
    I thought about asking Nancy Bush about you at Stitches West… But I decided that might weird her out more.

  40. I was stuck in an ice storm at a luxury hotel in Memphis…with my knitting! Unfortunately, I had a room with feather beds(or gigantic down comforters) and HUGE down pillows…and no children or husband or dogs or cats….so…..I SLEPT!!!! (and maybe knit 2 rows) AARRGH!

  41. Thank goodness you got your needle out of your bag before the flight, and they let you keep it! Don’t look at your ticker… it is going faster now that it is past 50%.
    Happy knitting!

  42. I may have shot myself in the foot by picking this pattern for the Olympics – it’s taking longer than I had anticipated, and I don’t have nearly the funny stories that you do to make up for it.
    No. I have a house ripped apart due to taxes and fighting cats, I am running low on laundry, and I’ve been surviving on Raisin Bran for the past three days instead of taking time to cook.
    On second thought, there HAS to be a funny story in what I just wrote.
    G’luck, Steph!

  43. Lucky, the winter weather in Portland was SO dry and SO cold that any humidity that was in the air immediately crystalized, rendering a hair brush completely unnecessary. Not so for socks.

  44. Oh, Steph. Just ouch. to you. Airports suck.
    We did, however, get a mention in Time magazine (which, coincidentally, I picked up at the airport last night).
    You rule, and are entitled to have “a moment”. Spectators (of the non-knitting variety) also suck.
    More .

  45. As much as I hate to belittle your pain, woudln’t a sweater, despite the trauma of the steeks, not be enough of a challenge for you to do in the knitting olympics?
    I am certain that you shall overcome this obstical and show us all up with your sweater.

  46. I wasn’t going to post this but read that Chris P said her sweater is finished. I finished my first throw this weekend on Sunday. I feel like I didn’t pick a project that was hard enough but I am a new knitter and am not really sure how to judge what is easy and what is hard. So I posted my throw to show it really is done! Next time I will pick something a little more complicated to keep from finishing so quickly! Does anyone get completed project depression?? lol!

  47. Too funny! A friend of mine came up with a commentator dialogue very similar to that when I was bemoaning the fact that I dropped a stitch five rows down in the Baltic mittens and didn’t notice it and would have to tink. Good luck and lucky you that you can go into seclusion. My day job has really put a crimp in things. I might be able to complete one mitten, if I’m lucky.

  48. My DH just walked in the door and said, “oh, I thought you’d be knitting.” Apparently, I have him trained, also he has 2 weeks worth of underwear and is allowed to wear knit shirts to work in the winter. He also cooks:D I wll finish the sweater, I will finish the sweater. It is now at the point where I have 15 colors in each row for the next couple of inches. Who said this thing should be a challenge?

  49. Oh, I’m rolling on the floor! I didn’t think anyone else packed for a trip like I do. The hair must have bordered on majestic until a brush appeared.
    As someone who melts down on a regular basis, I prescribe strong drink, bumped with chocolate….maybe followed by quiet night with mindless re-runs. Surely this can’t rival Christmas?!? Muster your courage, Olympian, and knit like the wind!

  50. And Bob – don’t tell her 2/3 of our time has elapsed, okay?
    What with dropping stitches and ripping back the first sleeve (note: laddering up in mohair isn’t so successful), what looked to be a sure victory over time is now looking not so assured. Still hopeful, of course, but forget that side knitting we spoke of the other day… what foolishness!

  51. I’ll be feeling the heat Friday, I know it. But have you been reading other Olympic stories? I originally was going to read through a letter or two a day. I’ve got through most of the A’s. There’s one noble knitter who finished her Olympic flower basket shawl IN A WEEKEND! My Birch is at 199 and holding. Sheesh. But okay, if the A’s can do it, the S’s are up for the challenge!

  52. Um…I’m fairly new (just finished Yarn Harlot – can’t wait to start At Knit’s End) and was just wondering…who’s Bob?
    Let us all “knit on with confidence” as you-know-who said. Any other “Elizabethan” knitters out there?

  53. Hello from the wilds of Manitoba. I so enjoy your blog and I’m knitting a shawl as my contribution to the kniiting olympics. You might have missed it but the CBC did a short piece on the knitting olympics. It was a hoot.
    Go Team Canada!
    P.S. There’s nothing more important on an airplane than knitting, keep the under the seat floatation device, wave off the plastic wrapped plasic food, but give me my knitting!

  54. Now that is what I call ingenious! Panties as circular needle bag. Catchy. Interesting. May bring more folks into the knitting world where knitting and women’s panties intersect. I am amazed at your so crazy it just might work ideas!!

  55. Honey, you just made me spit on the screen again.
    I believe you will finish. I also believe I won’t.
    GO TEAM CANADA! We try! And then we don’t!

  56. My husband complains and whines at me every time we go away anywhere about how much I overpack. (I try to be prepared for most adventures! 3 or 4 pairs of shoes for a weekend is not too many.) However, he is the one who always forgets something really important. Like one time we went for a weekend at the Oregon Coast in the winter, and he forgets……..PANTS!

  57. You’re not the only one that’s testy. Wrong yarn, incorrect pattern and a soon to arrive baby that desparately needs a receiving blanket from her auntie.

  58. Loved seeing you at Spa. Thanks for coming. As another curly top I agree that brushes are over rated. I haven’t used one in years. It makes it easier to hide/hold knitting needles au natural. I look forward to the day I can be a Knitting Olympian too. I have 4 more years to practice right? Knit on!

  59. Bob, I’d say that knitter has MOXIE and that will take you just that extra bit one needs when talent and timing are at a peak!

  60. Steph, just wanted to make a suggestion: I know the rules say gold medal only but could you possibly reconsider? Perhaps a silver for getting the project 75% completed and a bronze for 50%. All efforts are worthy of a medal! What do you say?

  61. given the circumstances I’m inclined to think that you were completely appropriate in both actions and interactions with fellow travellers. (this psych rotation has helped me gain perspective.) I’m not sure I’d have been able to stop at “What?” while staring down the guy behind you. I was unable to tell you that you were spare’sockless on Saturday. Really.

  62. Hi Steph–I too am new to all this and wonder who Jim is . Anyway my dear not to fret you are doing your best and thats what counts with any olympian. People that stand and stare at others in the airport should be tied up with yarn and hauled away. Try and get caught up on your R@R for a day and you’ll be ahead of the game . I just keep plugging along with this “”tote bag “”???!!! I’ve NEVER felted before so it should be interesting to see how small this thing gets WHEN I get it finished . Loved your books and can hardly wait for another one . GL all .

  63. Free time at airports is *wonderful,* isn’t it?
    I’m doing fine in one of the shorter programs (Go Team USA!!), have finished one sock and will round the corner (okay, start the heel) tonight. I have to confess, though, it’s the gift of the Horrible Weather gods (we had seriously negative temperatures this past week), and a cold virus. So I don’t know if I technically scored a point for the KO drinking game by staying home and knitting, when it really was a sick day. Really. You all can trust me. Really. ;-D

  64. well, at least you found the needle BEFORE you put on those underpants!
    meanwhile: lacepacers newsflash: one olympian has finished and another did NOT succumb to olympiad stress @knitspot.com

  65. You can do it! I know I could never finish a sweater in 16 days… Of course, I’ve never done a sweater before… ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m almost done my leg warmers! I spent the weekend in a CPR/first aid course – I thought it would seriously cut into my knitting time but I ended up knitting during the class. Luckily the instructor didn’t seem to care. Only half a leg warmer to go!

  66. At least you didn’t fall & impale yourself on a DPN – just remember the ice dancers & be grateful! (Imagine if you HAD only discovered the needle when you donned the underpants – OUCH!)

  67. I have the back and the left front of my gingham cardigan finished. Started the right front this afternoon. My challenge (that I didn’t anticipate) is a negative reaction to antibiotics that have covered me in a red, itchy rash for the last week. Now the doc has me on steroids so I am FLYIN’, BABY! I can do anything!
    See you at the finish line!

  68. I dislocated my shoulder and thought I’d have to resign, but I’ve been knitting for 15 minutes every hour and progressing. I just may finish! Just remember that you are one of the greatest knitters of all time Steph…you will do just fine. ๐Ÿ˜€

  69. Hang in there!
    Thanks for putting this Olympics on: It really drove me to finally finish a pair of socks. I grafted the toes on my second sock just about an hour ago!

  70. Linda B., in Ottawa, is now in downtown Regina – you know, the city that last week was freezing eggs on the pavement in the -40’s(Celcius). That would be WITH the wind chill factor, and on the Prairies, one ALWAYS considers windchill.
    As we speak, I am in the hotel lobby getting my harlot fix. Btw, this hotel, on the weekend, hosted a Hells Angels convention. I think that there are still a few left…
    But about Rogue – two half-sleeves done. Doesn’t look like I’ll break any landspeed records on this project. I couldn’t bring myself to bring needles on the plane. As you know, airports do not all know that knitting needles ARE allowed, and I did not want to lose my $20 (CDN) Addis and my umm, composure in front of my work colleagues. Tomorrow we’re on the road to several rural communities, and I’m wondering what knitting in the passenger seat will do to my reputation. It seems I have a reputation as such a hard arse, undeservably of course.

  71. I confess. I have retired from competition. It happened when I realised that the sweater I was knitting was slowly looking like a 70’s afghan.
    Couldn’t bear to torture my beautiful wool any longer.
    So I have knit a felted wool hat instead, and am now onto finishing a cardigan I started 9 years ago. Hopefully it won’t take me 9 more years to finish! I’m now in training for the 2010 winter olympics. Tell me, do we all knit tanks and t-shirts for the summer olympics?

  72. Knitter down. =(
    The day before the Knitting Olympics, I was informed I was moving to Florida.
    From Maine.
    And I was driving. And in Jersey, my brakes disintegrated.
    Needless to say, I have half a sweater sleeve and nothing else. =( I don’t think this one will be a runner, alas.

  73. This Olympian is getting slightly edgy, too…just cast on the 56 stitches for the second sock 3 times, and messed up on the first row – had to take them all out. It’s TOO difficult to watch the Olympics and compete in them at the same time…
    Isolation sounds good to me.

  74. Alas, I also provided amusement for the “crash and burn” lovers — my row guage is very off for the laptop bag, and I will need to make a pit stop at the LYS for assistance.
    I hope that Lufthansa lets me on the plane with my alternative project… It would suck to be project-less from Tbilisi to Dulles with a layover in Munich, the most boring airport in Europe.
    Knit on! You can do it!

  75. I feel your pain, but I think I have you one-upped when it comes to Olympic setbacks. I, too, was traveling for four days in the middle of this event, and brought my fair isle with me. Unfortunately, one of my skeins of yarn disappeared between Cleveland and San Jose, and I’m going to run out of this color about 50 yards too soon.
    New equipment is being shipped, so this Olympian should be able to continue!

  76. I love, love, love your blog! You poor, poor knitting addict you- That is totally something that would happen to me. Thank you for sharing that moment with me.
    I hope the rest of the day was awesome for you ๐Ÿ™‚
    Emms (Emmie)
    P.S. I changed my entry from Bella Paquita to this:
    Have a wonderful trip! ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. Well, good luck to you and I hope you finish in time. I have decided that I will most likely be retiring due to injury. I don’t know if it’s the yarn in two hands thing (that I’m not that used to) or the problems with getting the dosage on my new Thyroid medication right, but my hands are just too sore to keep knitting at the pace I need to keep up to reach the Olympic Goal. I’ve had RSI problems in the past and don’t want to risk going doen that road again.
    Good Luck to everybody else and Congratulations to all those who have finished already.

  78. I hear SPA was a good time, and your talk was well-enjoyed. (Okay so Kimberly called the shop and announced first, “I got to meet the Harlot!” then went on to other details.
    Um. I have blocking pictures of my Olympic Challenge tam up on my blog http://www.finishedobject.blogspot.com. I’m just hoping when it comes off the tammy stretcher the top stays flat and doesn’t pucker up in the middle. Not quite ready to declare victory yet, but hopeful.

  79. so i had a crazy dream last night. i dreamed that someone (not you, because the article mentioned you) had published an abstract in some midwifery journal (annals of midwifery, new england journal of midwifery, north american society for the practice of midwifery — a big important journal) on the knitting olympics.
    1. why would a professional journal publish something about the knitting olympics?
    2. why would i dream about your profession? i’m a fan of yours, but not an obsessed fan (is that ok?)
    3. dreaming about the knitting olympics i can understand — since i’m feeling a little pressure these days.
    isn’t it odd what our minds process at night.

  80. My endeavor has been completed but not yet felted. OK, it was way too easy although I didn’t know that beforehand. While knitting, I watched the Canadian women’s hockey team receive their gold medals which was thrilling for this American, given that the American Olympians haven’t been doing that great. I was amused to see that the stadium audience lustily joined in with your anthem on the only lines we know, “Oh, Canada!”

  81. Stephanie- I have much sympathy for you, having been delayed by over 24 hours at the beginning of the Olympics while on vacation WITHOUT my Olympic project! Poor planning on my part . . .
    Hang in there.

  82. oh my freaking god that was funny.
    the best part is i can totally see you doing that or myself for that matter:)
    as it is my 1yr old has decided that she is daddys girl and i can only imagine its because i work longer hours and when i come i want to knit so she knows daddy will play with her.
    and this week has thrown a crimp in my plans to finish my sunday which btw is her 1st birthday.
    so i do not think i will finish but i will keep plodding along and i will let you know when i do.
    maybe i will be able to reconnect with my daughter.
    hugs dont poke anyone’s eyes out with that tiny needles ok?

  83. Agggh: strep throat – yup, this means I can cuddle up in bed and knit – but TV (with Olympics) is in basement (which is cold). Made the boys (2 and 4) stand up and sing O Canada with me yesterday afternoon after the hockey game. They don’t even make fun of me when I cry anymore, just give hugs and wipe the tears away – the ladies on TV were crying too, so it was okay.
    Did anybody else hear the former Canadian Olympian on CBC’s Fresh Air Saturday am, talking about being a knitting Olympian? Not the greatest interview, but more great exposure for the knitting Olympics – there’s apparently even a team CBC!
    Still no sign of the out of stock 8mm dpns – I will knit on my Olympic project until I can’t any longer, and will try and finish a second pair of Dinomite mittens (interweave winter 1997) as well, and consider it an Olympian effort.
    Anybody dreamed up a pattern for the Canadian earflap hats the athletes are weating?
    Lisa in Hastings

  84. Glad to hear I wasn’t the only one with knitting stuff flying all over an airport this weekend. (Hehe, that pun was really not intended!)

  85. I finished my Jayne Cobb hat. I will display pictures on my blog when I can get them! I actually finished a few days ago but now just got around to letting you know.
    It is so cute and everyone loves it. I am so proud of myself.
    I learned alot and I did the best project to date!

  86. I can’t believe Sam is 12! I remember when she turned 10, and was part of a hysteria-inducing sticky-fingered waffle party! How proud you must be of your girls, Stephanie….they are all lovely and incredibly interesting young women. Happy Birthday, Sam…. and thanks for growing up so nicely!

  87. Hehehe, laughing my pants off ๐Ÿ™‚ Very well written! And I can totally identify with you packing skills, I always (ALWAYS) forgets to pack my toothbrush and a T-shirt to sleep in. Lucky me DH is willing to lend me his ๐Ÿ™‚ And my best friend keeps a toothbrush and a t-shirt ready for me as she knows I will forget…

  88. Oooo, I needed that laugh. I’m so glad to know that I’m not the only one who occasionally loses her sh*t in public places.
    I’m 1/2 through with my poncho (not including the fringing) and if I buckle down tonight and tomorrow night, I can probably have it done. (I already know that knitting is just not going to happen on Thursday).

  89. I have finished my project (which is quite an accomplishment since I usually have a problem with the sewing up and actually getting buttons on sweaters!) My Baby Surprise Sweater is just waiting for the baby to arrive!

  90. Brilliant…
    Well at least we are not falling on our faces like Ice Dancers… Keep up the work.
    Thank you SOOOO much for this brilliant idea of the olympics Im having a blast!!
    Knitting just about anywhere I can!!

  91. Hee hee, great post. And you’re not the only one with underwear stuck on your needles… I’m in the “traveling while Olympic-ing” category too.

  92. My progress on the cardigan is going quite well, thanks to a well-timed car trip to Toronto. I did lose a bit of knitting time on the way home as it was too dark to check something that “felt funny” and I just didn’t have the nerve to turn on the car light while hubby was driving during a pretty nasty snow squall. The other “good” news? Well, I’ll have plenty of time to knit as I might have come down with strep throat (maybe that’s bad news…sometimes a cloud does have a silver lining).
    Go Stephanie…I’m sure you’ll make it! And Sam…happy belated birthday (you share a birthday with my Mom)!

  93. Thank you for the Olympic Challenge — I’ll be wearing my Rogue Hoodie this Friday!! I have one sleeve to finish today, the body/hood are blocked, and I see the finish line. I hope I don’t start my victory dance too soon and fall like the snowboarder!!

  94. Giggle. I have been there, rummaging frantically through the luggage in an airport, looking for yarn I was sure I’d packed.
    I’m having so much fun with the Olympic Challenge you have started. I’ve been wanting to make the Irish Diamond Shawl for a long time and this was just the kick I needed.
    Of course I hadn’t counted on adopting a new cat this weekend when considering the time required for knitting lace – sitting on the floor, coaxing a very nervous little kitty out for pets and food for long periods tends to seriously cut into my knitting time.

  95. I too was a KO knitter who travelled. And left my knitting on the dryer and had to endure flights from Erie to Omaha with no knitting. It was not pretty. I too was enraged to be called a couch potato by Time magazine. How can we be so productive, turning out clothing and home accessories and be considered “couch potatoes”? Were pioneer women couch potatoes when they knit socks for Daniel Boone?

  96. Steph, your sweater was an immense undertaking even without traveling, even if you had people bringing you food and drink around the clock so you could knit and knit and knit…
    I made a nice progress yesterday, thank God for President’s Day (holiday).
    The Estonian sock (my challenge) is huge. Wonder if Estonians are a nation of giants. Need an extra ball of yarn in order to finish.
    Still hoping to finish on time. vj

  97. Another mid-term Olympic progress report (with apologies to Shari Lewis)
    1st rnd:
    This is the sock that never ends
    And it goes on and on my friends
    Somebody started knitting it
    Not knowing what it was
    And she’ll continue knitting it
    Forever just because
    This is the sock that never…
    Rep 1st rnd indefinitely *grin*

  98. Go, Stephanie, go! You knit at the speed of light…that sweater will be done before you know it. Can’t wait to see pictures of your progress.
    I’m curious about the underpants, though. Apparently they have a deep-seated (sorry, I couldn’t resist that) longing to be in the public eye. Fame-seeker undies, who knew?
    I’ve made excellent headway on my Olympic shawl, however, I am having what is hopefully a temporary setback. I sized up the needles and bought extra yarn to compensate for enlarging the shawl. I now have 8″ of edging to go and am out of yarn. I bought all that my LYS had, so I’ll have go afield this week in search of one more skein! Wish me luck in finding it quickly, so that I can finish the border and get it blocked in time!

  99. I didn’t sign up, but I did finish my project. Ok, so it’s just a tube made out of 90 stitches cast on and then knitted until it was as high as it was across…. but I did finish. I even did a three needle cast off. I haven’t finished anything before.
    So thanks to all of for getting me started.

  100. There’s a suggestion to give out silver and bronze medals, as well as lots of frustration in these comments – does this mean that my guess that 43% of the 4,000 or so Olympic knitters would finish is too high?
    Oh, of course you’re included in that 43%…

  101. I’ve been there, just a little over a week ago at Midway in Chicago. No needles or yarn were spilled onto the floor, but plenty of people got an eyeful of unmentionables. All because for some reason my luggage gained 10 pounds too much while on vacation. Good thing they didn’t weigh me! It’s amazing what stuff you need to remove from a bag to save the $50 fee for overweight baggage. And when you carry on yummy Chicago pizza for the ones who stayed home to enjoy, they consider that one of your allotted bags, who knew?
    On the KO front, I’m still thinking I’m going to be finished. I also still think the steeks will happen by magic overnight while I am sleeping, so my judgement may not be right on target about now.

  102. Steph,
    hang in there – we’re all pulling for you. I’m so behind I haven’t a hope of finishing but I got the hang of the lace pattern which is its own victory…of course now I have to travel myself and those bumps the bus makes, you know, whoops! another stitch mysteriously disappears. anyone who even attempts one of those scandinavian patterns is an olympic heroine!! I mean, they were invented by folks who have awfully long days for part of the year – and that’s cheating!!

  103. Whew, I feel so much better. I am not the only knitter behind the 8 ball in connection with Olympic Knitting. Sunday I frogged everything i had knit and started on a whole new pattern (mind you I am making an adult sized sweater). Desipte advance swatching gauge I did not swatch for drape! If I had continued along the original pattern I would have made a bullet proof sweater. I don’t hunt, am too old to be in the military and could not think of a good use for a bullet proof sweater. I am starting at ground zero. I figure I might make it if I give up sleeping for a few days.

  104. i truly enjoyed your comments this weekend. it takes a great deal of poise to stand up and talk about what you are passionate about. thank you it was a gas to hang out with you,carole,cate,cassie,wendy and all the crowd.

  105. Stephanie you are sooooo funny! While we were searching through a new(to me)knitting store, my husband found your book “At Knit’s End, Meditations For Women Who Knit Too Much” and decided to surprise me with it last night as I was preparing for bed. Well, needless to say, I started reading it aloud to him while we both cried with laughter! Even he, not a knitter nor ever will be, appreciated the humor and truthfulness! I can’t wait to read it aloud to my group of knitters on Tuesday. If you would like to read about us go to: http://www.geocities.com/chickswith_sticks/chickswith_sticks
    I couldn’t put the book down and finally forced myself to go to sleep at around 2AM! After all that laughing it was the best night’s sleep in a long time, even if I was fretting over the lost knitting time while I slept! Thanks for the joy! God bless you!—Jody

  106. Stephanie you are sooooo funny! While we were searching through a new(to me)knitting store, my husband found your book “At Knit’s End, Meditations For Women Who Knit Too Much” and decided to surprise me with it last night as I was preparing for bed. Well, needless to say, I started reading it aloud to him while we both cried with laughter! Even he, not a knitter nor ever will be, appreciated the humor and truthfulness! I can’t wait to read it aloud to my group of knitters on Tuesday. If you would like to read about us go to: http://www.geocities.com/chickswith_sticks/chickswith_sticks
    I couldn’t put the book down and finally forced myself to go to sleep at around 2AM! After all that laughing it was the best night’s sleep in a long time, even if I was fretting over the lost knitting time while I slept! Thanks for the joy! God bless you!—Jody

  107. OK, was down to the wire…shawl was about 1/2 done last night…well within finishing range…and realized I didn’t have enough yarn. Well, I have enough yarn, but my gauge was off, and instead of being 14 inches wide, it was about 18….Yarn is from Colorsong, one of a kind. Ripped it all out.
    I guess its about the Olympic experience, not wether you finish or get the gold. Proud to be part of the team. Learned a lessen !!! Of course, learned it many times before – check gauge !!! Guess its like tying the luge on the ice skating rink !

  108. I just finished my Olympic sweater. Was stitching up the shoulder seams when the closing ceremony was in progress. Couldn’t find where to send it in on your blog. Thanks for getting the project started. I had fun. I will post a picture on delphi forums knit and chat. I have it in the camera, but haven’t downloaded it yet. Let me know where I can find my gold medal.

  109. Well I finished my sweater (Honesty) almost exactly 16 days after I started, give or take a couple of minutes. I have pictures of my casting on and then of wearing it. I had a really great time, and my arm really improved in the process. Thanks for the experience. I especially enjoyed equating my knitting ups and downs with that of the Olympians. Cabling the wrong direction and having to go back two rows. Accidently twisting two stiches the wrong way and leaving it in. Realizing twenty rows later that you cast off 5 instead of 6 stiches. But in all, never giving up. Again, thanks.

  110. I’m not sure where we post our results – I’m too lazy to move my cat pictures from my Web site and install pictures of my (gorgeous, if I do say so myself!) entrelac socks. They are red, orange, and yellow variegated wool (self-striping in the little entrelac squares!) so they will definitely generate comments when I wear them to work.
    I promised one by the end of the Olympics and I finished two – and restarted a peyote beading project during the final hours, so I was early.
    We didn’t quite get together a team from the Tangled Threads fiber arts group in Augusta, GA, but there were two of us and Kat also finished a very fancy shawl and worked on a felted project as well.
    Dee M.

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