Almost as good as a medal

I finished the scarf and started more garter stitch.


I’m even boring myself, so lets do prizes, shall we?

(Note: Someone is going to ask…the coffee cup is from here)

I’ve emailed all the winners, (chosen by random number generation) so if you’re wondering if you are the knitter who won (some of the names are pretty common) check your inbox!

Knit Couture is giving this really neat tool kit to Jane H.

Purlewe has this swank knitting bag


Going to live with Cattie in Norway (There’s one for TSF too….Anj is a pretty sweet pea.)

Ram Wools has a (be still my beating heart) $150 gift certificate for Kathy H.

Fyberspates has a generous donation for Olympians as well. (Don’t you love this stuff?)

Judy B., Susan C., Robin, Denise S. and Phyllis S. each win 2 100gm skeins of hand painted sock yarn.

Shannon B. wins 5 x 50gms of hand dyed lace weight mohair

Erin S. scored 500gms of hand dyed alpaca silk yarn.

Tara L. is the lucky knitter getting 500gms of hand dyed soft aran weight yarn.

KnitPicks gets in on the act giving away:

Gold –(Mustard Andean Silk – 10 balls) to Joy B.

Silver — (Slate Andean Silk – 10 balls) to Nancy L.

Bronze — (Cinnamon – Andean Silk – 10 balls) Kathleen W.

(they ask that the recipients be Canadian or American addressees, I think these three are, but don’t worry if you’re not. KnitPicks can send it to me (I assure you, I am in their database) and I’ll send it on to you.)

Kathryn V. is generously sending Debra S. a skein of Steadfast Fiber Mohair worsted Boysenberry dye lot #399, straight out of her very own stash. (Has anybody used this yet? It sounds wonderful.)

The very generous Jordana Paige (yes. that one.) will be sending Melissa the knitting bag of her choice. (Sigh. Aren’t those bags slick?)

From me,


a juicy skein of Fleece Artist Curlylocks mohair. (I used another one to make the blue poncho Kelly is wearing here, it’s a big skein.) It’s going to live with Carry T.


and Spirit Trail beautiful sock yarn from Maryland Sheep and wool for Judy P.

Enough? Many, many thanks to the generous prize donors. My favourite people are ones giving away knitting stuff. (It’s a fine quality) I wish I could give all of you a prize. Every single one of you.

Before I fade off into my garter stitch induced trance, a little note for all the Ken fans out there. (If you aren’t a fan yet, read this, and know that Ken is the only reason that this blog exists at all. ) It’s his 40th birthday, a big deal here at Chez Harlot. I’m baking him bread and pumpkin chocolate cheesecake, Joe’s on the job with his famous potato cheese soup and we found him a pretty good present. If you’d like to help spread the cheer around, you can leave him a comment here.