Oh, there I am.

The bad news is that I’m so busy that I only have time to drop-in on my own blog for a moment.

The good news is that I dealt with a whole pile of papers, messages, bills, bits and pieces that were sitting beside the computer glaring at me for being a slacker. (We shall not dwell on what the world would have had to say about me if my hydro had been cut off because I was too busy with the Knitting Olympics to pay the bill. They lock people up for less. I’m sure of it.)

The other good news is that I appear to have finished my big needle garter stitch phase along with finishing this shawl.


This is the Fleece Artist “Soft wrap” kit knit up in a triangle instead of a rectangle.


I cast on one stitch, then increased at the beginning of each row, changed yarns at the beginning of each row, left the ends hanging and knotted them up when I was done. Instant fab, and it could have been bigger too…I ran out of the will to knit it before I ran out of the yarn. The left-overs have been gifted to Megan, who has enough for a scarf but said that she would “rather eat the yarn” than knit another scarf. Any ideas?

(PS. Juno? No way.)