March Break- Day 2

May the force be with me. It rained the whole first day and I was forced to move to my big guns. We had a very good day during which we enjoyed each other a great deal and no-one had a screaming teenaged girl fit. (Not even me…) however I may have peaked too early and am perhaps doomed, only riding out the week will tell. I am surprised actually, to discover that my children are now old enough that I don’t need to do much to occupy them. Just give them all of my possessions, lift the refined sugar rule, and keep giving them all my money whenever they ask for it. No problem.

I let Meg use my wheel:


I offered to help her when the leader on the bobbin wasn’t working right and she looked me dead in the eye and said, with all seriousness, using exactly the tone she would have employed had I offered help figuring out how to brush her hair…

“Mom, I’m not stupid. I know how a spinning wheel works. ”

(Ever wonder how strange you’re making your own kids?)

Sam went into the kitchen and baked up a storm


and me? I feigned responsibility and worked on the tinks sweaters.

All the pieces are done, so I marked the spots for the steeks,


I measured the sleeve depths,


I sewed the steeks and cut them.


Then I sewed in the sleeves on one of the sweaters and began the buttonbands, but you’re going to have to wait to see that since my camera batteries crapped out. (They appear to be as exhausted as I am.) Today, it’s carding and spinning for Joe’s Gansey, (See Rams? See?) and Hank is coming for a sleepover.

Luckily, all I have to do to keep him busy is make popcorn and give him the ball winder. I don’t think he wants money. Yet.