A room of my own.

Except it’s not really my own, and it’s not really a room, and I’ve sort of finished it too late to keep me sane during the March Break, and it’s not really finished since all the trim needs to be done….but let’s put that aside.

There used to be this crappy mudporch off the back of my house. A really crappy dark room with a cement floor and mice condominiums built in the walls and there was this strange little 3/4 size door that led out to the side of the house and the backyard. It’s actually the only way to the backyard. Anyone who saw it could testify that it was awful. It was where we kept tools and the recycling. In the meantime, I was trying to write books and think clearly (and get the kids and Joe to try not to interrupt me) with my office in …well. ON the dining room table. I had to move my stuff every time we ate a meal there. One day, I got fed up with, I don’t know what. Likely one of the kids, (I have a knack for directing hostility into home renovation) and my buddy Sinead and I went into the back room and ripped the crap out of it.


That’s the corner that today looks like…


This! My office. Well. That 1.5m by 3m is my office. The rest is still storage space. Much better storage space, I grant you.


Want a tour?


I even put some stuff in the drawer.


It’s still a backroom. It’s still small and a little crappy, but it’s mine.

It made me so happy I started a new sock.


Happy St. Patricks day. Pass the Guinness. I’ll be in my office.