It had to happen.

I wrote something great, put all the links in. Made it really beautiful and then, right out of the blue, Ecto crashed, taking the whole blog post with it.

I am furious. I have no right to be furious, because if I had been even a little bit smart I would have been hitting “save” from time to time and then, when the software decided to give me a little smack, I could have mocked it and it’s attempt to thwart me. “Ha!” I would have exclaimed. I would have smirked smugly and taunted the laptop. I would have screeched “Nice try, you pixel driven ingrate of a pig-dog! You do not vex me today!” and made wild threats about unplugging it’s power-supply and taking away the extra-fancy battery and seeing how it liked losing something without any warning…all this as I resurrected the post and made a little note on my white-board about the time that Ecto tried to get me and failed, because I was too smart. Score, Stephanie 1, Ecto NOTHING.

That’s what I would have written.

If, you know. I was smart.