Done, done and done

I’ve finally finished all the finishing, and the Tink’s sweaters are done.


Two sweaters, knit from the “Voss” pattern in this book, using Dale of Norway “Baby Ull”. Great pattern. (Never knitting it again as along as I live. )

I love them. I feel like I churned out a couple of heirlooms, and in an unusual and personal triumph, I churned them out before the babies in question grew too big to use them for anything but sippy cup coasters. These sweaters are for The Tinks, knit by proxy for Lene’s twin niece and nephew. The Tinks have grown almost faster than I can knit. See them here, here and here for the idea of this challenge.


For the record, I think that the next time I knit for a set of twins (and there’s another set headed my way) that I’m going to make them each something different. This made for beautiful, but monotonous knitting. “Second sweater syndrome” has even more powerful mojo than “second sock syndrome” . (I have to say that the fourth sleeve called for a fortitude of spirit that I don’t want to ever summon again. The fourth buttonband was something that Dante could have written about. )

A shot for those of you who like to see the insides of sweaters….(that’s all of you, isn’t it?)


After I finished those, I went to Megan’s concert at Massey Hall


Watched Meg do an awesome job. (“Don’t cry for me Argentina” was my personal favourite)


and finished these.


(Meilenweit Mega Boot Stretch – colour 703 -one skein, my standard sock recipe.)

How ’bout that? Three finished things in one day. Don’t get used to it.