Hello, 911?

You better send somebody over here because I am ON FIRE.


Finished mittens. Finished Finnish mittens. (That is, for anybody counting – FOUR finished items in TWO days. I do not care to discuss how long it took to get to this place…it harshes on my mellow. Mercury must have come out of retrograde or something. )


A shot of them with a reluctant Amanda, just one of the family members I forced to wear these this morning before breakfast. (They don’t fit Joe.) I just can’t stop admiring these. I love them. I adore them. They are so beautiful that I want to go out into the street and make strangers admire them.


I even think the little pile of ends from the weaving in is art.


Many, many thanks to Susanna for the kit (She’s a goddess. Everything anywhere near her is beautiful. I have no idea where she found it, the clever knitter.) This round of finishing stuff up has left me with (comparatively) empty needles, a buzz of springtime energy and rather than investing that into something useful like, I dunno…spring cleaning? I’m going to go toss the Stash. Suggestions?

(PS. If you ever decide to do some research on alternative fleece washing methods…never, ever do an internet search on “dirty sheep”. It is not humanity’s finest hour.)