Dear Ann and Kay

I been sitting here for a good long time with your new book, in fact, as soon as it arrived, I assumed the position. It looks like this.


Your book, a cup of coffee (or seven) a sock in progress (or three) and several hours (or days) of my life that I will never get back and don’t care about. It was worth it. I think it’s appropriate that I get around to talking about this book on it’s official birthday publication date. See that? There was a reason that the computer ate my post yesterday. (I’m almost over that.) I know everyone will want to send you their congratulations. I want you to know too, that your book shares it’s Birthday with Joes’ sister Katie, who is charming and beautiful and unbearably clever and living in Spain and she’s so wonderful that you would hate her except for she’s brilliantly, perfectly human and decent. It’s an auspicious day. If your book does half as well as Katie does, you’ll be thrilled to bits.

This book, with apologies to Forrest Gumps‘ mother, is like a box of chocolates. You can open it at any page and have no idea what you’re going to get, but know it will be good. When I first got it I was so excited that I phoned a friend to tell them about it (I actually may have told everyone I know about it. I’m so proud of you two.) and I tried to explain what it was like. “Is it a book of patterns?” she asked. “Yes, well, no…well…not just patterns.”

There are patterns. There are rugs and blankets and page after page of beautiful things.

Things like this..


and this…


and this…


and I know, my dear Ann and Kay..I know what people are going to think when they see the genius that is these simple, elegant patterns. (I know because I said it myself.) They are going to say “well now. A linen hand towel. Knitting on jean jackets. Log cabin blankie-o-rama. I could have thought of that.” and it’s true, but you know what? They didn’t think of it. I didn’t. You did. (That’s because you understand that giving people tools, a lot of beautiful pictures and a decent shove is going to yield more beautiful knitting that any of us can dream of. ) The patterns may be simple, but they have a weird hoodoo, becoming even more engaging and inviting possibility the longer you look at them. Good for beginners, and a neat inspiration to the experienced.

The sections on knitting with your kids were slipped surreptitiously to my own daughters, and I have to tell you that Meg looked at that pinwheel garter stitch rug (which may be a shawl, knit in different yarn) and conceded (and I would remind you that she is 14 and you are not, and this means that very little you are capable of is acceptable to her on matters of principle) that it was (and I quote)…”Cool”.

I told my friend on the phone that it wasn’t just patterns, that it was…it was… (Note to self: Consider reading your friends the very informative subtitle of the book that says the book has “Stories, Patterns, Advice, Opinions, Questions, Answers, jokes and Pictures. It will save you time.) it was, writing about knitting. “Oh” she said. “Like you do, essays and stories.” “No” not like that. It’s got patterns, but it’s not really a pattern book. It’s got stories, but it’s not a book of essays, it tells you how to do stuff, but it’s not a how-to book…it’s…like a box of chocolates. Something good every time, but no way to know what it’s going to be. (Unless you’re going to lick the bottoms off of all of the chocolates in the box and put back all the ones that aren’t an orange creme, a trick my brother used to play when he was little.)

The book is charming, and I have to tell you that you two got me to cast on a dishcloth.


See, you wrote so eloquently about their usefulness and allure that I remembered that I like knitting the occasional square of cotton love. I was moved. That’s right…moved, by the 450 words you wrote in their defense. People can say what they like. Washrags are cool (though mines a facecloth) and the three of us will take on anyone who says otherwise.

Like a box of fine chocolates, this book is an indulgence, (I may only feel that way only because Joe and earn our livings engaging in the arts and are therefore frequently set upon by a spontaneous and unpredictable income…well, that and I’m sort of cheap frugal) and is priced like one. It’s not expensive by yarn standards, and not expensive considering that it’s a very beautiful hardcover that would not be amiss on a coffee table…and certainly not expensive when you consider that it’s an inspiring conversation and a lovely visit with the two authors. You guys did a good job. I love the book more each time I open it.

The good news is that I’m pretty darned sure that the book isn’t going to humiliate you both so that you have to run away and change your names while you take up making only red bookends of plastic canvas, collecting small statues of dogs dressed as leprechauns and swearing that you’ve never knit a stitch in your lives. (That’s really what you were afraid of…right?) Fear not.

Fondly, as ever,


PS. I happen to have an extra copy of Mason-Dixon Knitting, so I’m going to share the fun of owning it. I’d like to give it to somebody who’s itching to own it but would have to save up. If that’s you, send an email to me at stephanie AT yarnharlot DOT ca with the subject line “I’m broke” and I’ll choose from among you. Good luck!

PS again…Kelli-the-new-wonder-publicist added Pittsburgh to the tour schedule.

307 thoughts on “Dear Ann and Kay

  1. I can’t believe I’m first! Stephanie, what a wonderful book review. Kay and Ann should be very proud of their new book (and your glowing review).

  2. Wow, that is QUITE an endorsement. Not that I needed one. My copy is already winging its way here. Thanks for confirming my (already quite strong!) suspicion that this is going to be a great book.
    First comment? no way.

  3. I’m waiting for my copy! And your new one, too. Hannah’s sick so I’m home today, maybe I’ll get lucky and these two new books will arrive. Thanks for the great review.

  4. i drooled all over a copy of that book at books a million ta’other day.

  5. ps…i love to knit washcloths, millions of miles of cotton has moved over my index finger and into the life of almost everyone i know and several people i don’t know. i learned a lot of knitting technique on washrags, i can’t think of a better place to try out a new pattern or even some designing.

  6. I’m still waiting for your new book to come in the mail from Amazon. I pre-ordered it years ago!! Stephanie, tell me, why is a Canadian author, who is considered a personal friend to each and every Canadian knitter who has read your blog (faithfully), and enjoyed life with you, touring the States instead of Canada first?? We’re waiting for you, hurry up!!

  7. I’m still waiting to see FL on the tour list. Don’t you want to visit Florida when the weather up there is cold? It might fortify you for the furnace wars!!

  8. Brilliant review. It’s so hard for me to describe non-pattern knitting-oriented books to my family of non-knitters. Now I’ll take my cue from you and say it’s like a box of chocolates. Or I’ll read the subtitle.
    And my dear, Chicago loved you when you were here last. Any chance of bringing you back?

  9. As broke as I am, I always feel bad playing the “I’m more broke than you” game because, clearly, I’m not that broke. Good luck to you guys with no such moral failings! 🙂

  10. And again I say, you are a bad financial influence, Ms. Harlot. I’d already decided to head to the bookstore today in search of your latest (and possibly the cable knits book) and here you’re throwing me another temptation. Cruel, I tell you, just cruel. Now I have to decide between another luscious knitting book and feeding the multiple mouths that live here. It’s a hard life. (not) You make everything fun….that’s the danger of you. Keep it up.

  11. What a great book review (and now I want chocolate). This is one book that’ll have to go on my wishlist. I’m not sure if I qualify for the “I’m Broke” email thing … I am broke, but it’s not like I’m broke broke, if you know what I mean … I can wait to get the book, and I’m sure there is someone else out there in blogland who needs it more than I do right now.
    Happy Knitting!! 🙂

  12. ooooooooohhhh Picksburgh..heheh My old stomping grounds! Be sure to talk about ‘redding’ up your stash (cleaning) and tell them ‘yun’s (yooonz) look great today (you all) and.. try to get up to the top of MT. Washington on the inclined plane!! It’s cool.. it will challenge your fear of tall things!

  13. just joined and hooked already.. Can i post “off topic”? i’m Desparately seeking a Flying Pig pattern for a baby blanket (don’t ask) and my drawing skills don’t match my knitting ones… sigh.. can anyone help?? thx

  14. That’s a great review, Harlot. I am a lucky owner of this book, and i agree it is one of the best. Knitters, prepare to log-cabin!

  15. oh_my_goodness
    that moses basket ALMOST makes me want to have another baby.
    I havent had an opportunity to leaf through the book yet. I’ve just seen the highlights. And maaaaaan..its a must have.

  16. I’m all jealous. I have no LYS nor can I seem to get any knitting books locally. I am totally stalking the bookstores for both books with no luck. My next step is hiding in the book store with a net and a statigically placed ball of sock yarn on the floor. The draem of opening my own yarn store is rapidly becoming necessity it seems.
    But great review (and you were worried about doing them)And congrats to everyone on thier books. Now if you’ll excuse me I have some stalking to do.

  17. Wow! What a great review. I am currently waiting for both Anne and Kay’s book AND your book to arrive from Indigo any minute (email says they’ve been shippped…)and will probably get no work done once they arrive. I want to second the opinion of WPGGAL who asks why you aren’t touring Canada? You live in Toronto – why don’t we get to see you first? I bet we’re last 🙁 Oh well. Looking forward to it either way. Happy Knitting!

  18. Wow, you’re at it early today! What a nice surprise for one seeking harlot inspiration in the morning!
    Can’t wait to see this book… pick me, pick me (I’m broke)!!!
    Also can’t wait to see YOUR book… no luck yet here in Kingston. Have been stalking the bookstores and LYS, calling daily, whining profusely, going in to check that they’re not just cruelly keeping it from me (for all the whining), clicking “YES, I would have bought this book if you had it” on all the self-serve kiosks, and generally whimpering gently everytime someone else online says they have it already. HURRY!
    (I want to point out that this really IS making me broke too… everytime they DON’T have it at the LYS, I end up buying yarn. Don’t tell me it’s possible to leave there without! It’s a ploy!)

  19. Dang, I came to your blog to look up the title of that cable book you were writing about the other day, and discover that I must buy the Mason-Dixon book too, because it sounds so amazingly cool. I’m not broke, but at this rate I may be able to do a good imitation of it.

  20. Ack! Another book that I must have. I think that log cabin thingie may be the way to go. I want to say how broke I am (an I am), but not so broke that someone else shouldn’t have it.

  21. I’m going to Kay and Ann’s book signing at NYC’s Seaport Yarns on April 5, so I suppose i’ll have to wait to get the book. What a lovely review! Speaking of lovely reviews, your review of Fiona Ellis’ book prompted me to go look at it. All i can say is WOW! I admit that I’m intimidated by the patterns, but it’s a remarkably beautiful book and the charts do seem unusually well-constructed and easy to follow, so i’m going to take the plunge. I figure I’ll get there eventually. Thanks for the reviews, and again, thank you for your latest book, which is simply wonderful.

  22. We’re really looking forward to seeing you in Skaneateles next week!!! Has Kelli-the-new-wonder-publicist made plane reservations for your trip? It would have only been a 4 hour drive from Skaneateles to Doylestown, but now that Pittsburgh has been dropped in between, it will be 5 1/2 hours from Skaneateles to Pittsburgh and another 5 1/2 hours from Pittsburgh to Doylestown. Harlots need their rest on book tours, so they can enjoy meeting their adoring public!

  23. Last weekend I tried unsuccessfully to get my family to stop at Willow on the way home from lunch. I now realize what a good thing this is, since I am now on the lookout for Ann and Kay’s book as well as yours and Fiona’s. (I am hoping the store has at least one of them. Dave… um… I hate to be a nag, but about your knitting section…)

  24. Fighting an almost overwhelming urge to purchase that book RIGHT NOW. It will still be fabulous even after a bit of a wait. 🙂

  25. I adore Ann and Kay (washclothes too-though not as much), so thanks for the review.
    You know, your books do the same thing to me.

  26. I just had to add my two cents – or shall we say, two gazillion dollars . . . this is a bliss-producing book. I laughed, Stephanie, when your eloquence descended mid-review into the charming and effective phrase, “weird hoodoo” to try to indicate that this book is ever so much more than the sum of its ever-so-appealling parts. Yes, it billows with a “come-play-with-me” hoodoo, the kind that swept you away for a whole day when you were eight years old and you and your best friend built a house of blankets and upturned chairs on a rainy day, gathering your favorite books and stuffed animals and snacks beneath its dreamy blanket-colored light. I’ve met Kaye and Ann, and they have lots of hoodoo – in fact, I think they might have written the book under blankets and upturned chairs – and like you, I wanted to stay inside the book’s pages, inspired by one thing after another. This book welcomes knitters of all heights and ages and skills just like a blanket-house does. Enter its dreamy interior and when you finally have to pull yourself away to cook dinner, you’ll find yourself “with book” as in “with child.” Prepare for multiple births. Personally, I’ve been eyeing my substantial stash (when my daughter grew up and moved out, the empty nest of her room became my personal heaven – a ceiling-high nest of yarn) and longing for the day when I can begin a log cabin blanket. Why didn’t I (and everyone else) think of log-cabin knitting before? Thanks, Kaye and Ann, for inviting us all to come out and play. It’s raining as I write, and I think I’ll get my knitting, chose a blanket and go turn a chair upside down . . .

  27. Sigh, your book isn’t in yet (they say the end of this week), but I put the other two on hold to wait for me. Here’s hoping that you pick me, so that I don’t have to decide which to get!
    In addition, we need to hope that my work project is delayed one more day than they’re saying…that way I can come hear you in Skeaneateles.

  28. Ohhhh, I loved your review and I thank you graciously for the lovely pictures. I love their pattern “blu” from Knitty, and am nearly done with those wee drawers.
    I agree with Carla that my baby factory yearns to fill that cradle. Ahhh, pray for the wonders of medicine to help me with that!
    And thank you, MUCH!, for allowing those of us on tight, tight, budgets (DH & I’s grad school in this case) to have the hope of winning something we can only drool over in the bookstore. Quite embarassing, you know. But since I’m not destitute, I’ll be happy to see it go to any good home, I promise.
    Waiting for your book to come off backorder…

  29. Yay for you coming to Pittsburgh! I’m looking forward to seeing you speak and will be there with bells, er, socks on!

  30. What a lovely review! As for washcloths, we make them out of gossamer handspun around here and they are treasures. A Falklands merino froghair facecloth plus Aubrey’s Skin Soother Soap (goodies unlimited) works wonders on a teenaged girl’s skin. Gentle exfoliation. Plus, the wool washcloths don’t mildew instantly the way cotton ones can. Speaking of wool, how is your spinning coming along?

  31. that book rocks. I want to make almost every log cabin blanket in that book! and the pot holder rug… I’m so buying this one and I don’t buy knitting books.

  32. I got your book from Amazon yesterday! Thank you so much for writing a book that is truly different from any of the other books in my ever-expanding collection. I love it so far!
    And wow! Cat Bordhi! The woman that I blame for sucking me into the wonderful world of sock-knitting. Love her too!

  33. Hey Steph-as I was reading this post (thinking that I am going to have to place yet another order to Amazon :>))…UPS arrived at the door with bookbookbook3 from Amazon…I’m going to go read now.

  34. I hadn’t even seen this book, but now I’m excited to check it out, even if it’s just for the cute dishtowels!
    Speaking of new books, I finally got to see yours and it is GREAT! It’s my favorite that you have done yet!

  35. I loved your rewiev of that book, I bet the book cant be better than your writing about it!
    At first I thought I would want to enter in the giveaway for the book – but no, I have money for food, heat and yarn – when I want that book, I can order it even though yarn purchases might suffer, better to reserve it for someone who could order that book – and chose not to eat.
    This is the same vein you hit with Knitters Without Borders… which reminds… I need to go donate a few bucks again in honour of my friends deceased wife who was a doctor and often travelled with them.

  36. Will you mention to Ann and Kay to sign onto and allow their book to be “viewed inside” so we can browse even MORE pictures??? Pretty please? With cherries on top??? 🙂

  37. I’ll have my own copy as soon as they arrive at the shop!
    Are those the same socks that you were knitting at Madrona? The ones you started in the dark?

  38. So, how do I get in touch with Kelli, the-new-wonder-publicist, and what would be an approriate bribe? Great book review.

  39. What a lovely book review… and it did it’s job, because now I’m thinking I may have to order this book when I had previously put it very low on my list… but you know, they’d have to do some pretty quick talking to get me to knit a dishcloth…

  40. Sigh. You really ought to have put a warning lable on this one. Something like, “If you’re trying to be a fiscally responsible knitter and not make any substantial knit related purchases between now and MDSW, especially those of you who have a well documented lack of age appropriate impulse control FOR THE LOVE OF WOOL DON’T READ THIS POST.”
    (it is a sign of my disease that upon reviewing the text above I inserted the word ‘substantial. Ahem.)

  41. Boy can you sell a book! I had coffee with your book this morning- a very nice start.
    There seems to be a mistake on the tour list- It should read May 6 & 7- Maryland Sheep & Wool. We trust Kelli will fix this glaring error?

  42. I just keep watching your tour page, with fingers crossed, for the day when an Oklahoma City (or other location that is drivable to) pops up there. That would be so lovely!

  43. Wierd HooDoo does it for me too – I have an advance copy – Dishcloth first, and then the handtowels. Who KNEW of the beauty of Euroflax? Not this knitter. THEN – once the handtowel became just as soft as they said…I’m thinking Lingerie? Really? Me? I’m 45 and have 3 kids?
    Only Ann and Kay could get me out of my flannels.
    Great Review – I’m a fan of all 3 of you!

  44. I’ve already started pestering Mc Nally & Robinson here in Calgary AB to bring you to town. Mua Ha Ha! The should just call my friends, who will tell them to give in now. It isn’t worth arguing with me. ; )

  45. How do I contact Kelli-the-wonder-publicist? I’d love to host the Yarn Harlot at my LYS…Cotton Fields Quilt & Knit in the Phoenix area!

  46. As soon as I take myself firmly in hand and decide that I don’t need to buy any more yarn and I should save my money, all these wonderful women (which would include you) come out with fabulous books. I can see now that I’m going to blow my April budget on books. Ah well, one can never really have too many books, especially knitting books. Right?

  47. Okay. I can kind of see how you would get Pittsburgh mixed up with the QUAD CITIES.
    I mean, I’m sure we appear to be a disorganized lot with four major cities (really, it’s five – but that’s another story for another time), international businesses, yarn stores and educational institutions on both sides of the Mississippi River. Although the international airport is on the Illinois side… I could see where that would throw y’all off, geographically speaking.

  48. Well. I’m not sure about this whole addiction to the Yarn Harlot’s blog. First you have me convinced that my knitting skills and speed are much better than they are (because YOURS are, and it has seeped into my head) – evidence: I now have my first sweater AND my first pair of socks on the needle. But NOW, NOW I am inundated with knitting books that are a “MUST HAVE IMMEDIATELY” on my list. I’m not sure that reading this blog is healthy……… (ok, but it’s fun, darn it….)

  49. So, are you going to stop in Maryland on your tour? The closest stop is 3 hours away, and while I wouldn’t mind the time it would take to drive, gas costs too much.

  50. Your reviews are very informative. I need this book! Has anyone near Markham or Newmarket found the book yet in a book or yarn store?

  51. Not broke, but definitely sold. Full title and ISBN #, please! I can pick up a copy after I get “Knitting Rules”. 🙂

  52. PITTSBURGH HOORAY!!! That will beat catching wild glimpses of you walk by at MD Sheep & Wool.
    Love the book review. These are the types of reviews you wish all books received rather than the one line blurbs that make you think these people were forced to say something nice.

  53. Oh great, now I have to debate with myself if I want to flood you with a message of how broke I am. ;D (I’m so broke I haven’t bought any yarn for _over two months_ because I can’t afford any. ;-b)
    A wonderful review! 🙂

  54. Maybe Kelli could direct your butt to Jacksonville, FL, home of two (count ’em, two!) great yarn stores.

  55. pittsburgh, despite american common wisdom, is a beautiful city. if you have time, get someone to take you to the phipps conservatory. but it’s still not denver, and not even very close geographically.

  56. I make facecloths also.
    You talked me into buying the book, even though I would probably buy it eventually anyway. I’ll just wait for payday and see if I can wing it.
    The pictures from the book look great. Can’t wait to look thru it.
    Dympna in San Francisco

  57. I can’t believe I’m going to miss you when you come to Pittsburgh! The store is literally down the street from my house, but boyfriend and I had already planned to drive to D.C. that evening. He’s understanding enough of my stash enhancement issues (he’s going to let me visit at least two yarn stores in D.C.) that I couldn’t bring myself to try to convince him that we should really leave early Saturday morning instead. Anyway, hope you enjoy your stop here in the ‘Burgh and that it’ll be good enough to entice you to come back!

  58. Wow! Did you notice on Amazon that they suggest you buy Ann and Kay’s book with your new book too?
    Pretty cool!

  59. Great….now I’m officially impoverished. First I had to buy bookbookbook (WHEN is that damn thing going to ship????), then I had to get the beautiful Koigu sock yarn from an earlier posting. Now I’ve got to have the Mason-Dixon book (they’re holding it for me tonight – 4:00 could NOT come faster). Is there a support group for this disease? I’m almost embarassed by my own lack of age-appropriate impulse control 🙂

  60. Oh, and Steph….you are coming to the Los Angeles area soon, right? Please say yes….

  61. Wow, wonderful review. I am definetly adding this to my wishlist, along with your new book and the one on cables from last weeks review.

  62. So I had to go over to Barnes and Noble (had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket) and what book did they recommend as a good partner for the Mason Dixion book but all books by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee…So I received free shipping and 2 great books…Thanks for the recommendation.

  63. I’ve always believed that the definition of BRILLIANT was something that you’d never thought of before, but that as soon as you thought of it, you knew you’d known it all along. Can’t wait to see the book!

  64. I’ve always believed that the definition of BRILLIANT was something that you’d never thought of before, but that as soon as you learn of it, you knew you’d known it all along. Can’t wait to see the book!

  65. I’ve always believed that the definition of BRILLIANT is something you’ve never thought of before but as soon as you learn of it, you know you’ve known it all along. Can’t wait to see the book!

  66. I would email you just because I want this book very badly, but I’m not going too because I’m not broke. It will break my heart not to, but I’ll be honorable for one day (at least). I’ll have to wait for the day when I find myself at Barnes and Noble so I can rush to the knitting section, knocking quiet and calm bookreaders out of my way, to pick up this book and clasp it to my heaving bosom. Only then will everything return to normal, except for those few hundred enraged readers.

  67. Stephanie, do they really make statues of dogs dressed as leprechauns?? Enough of them to collect? And why, oh why, won’t your comments remember my name?

  68. Auuhghghghg!!!!! Was trying to save $$ for the Creative Festival in Toronto at the end of April (gonna be there Steph?) Made horrible mistake and read lovely book reviews.
    Suspect resistance is futile.

  69. Kudos on starting a dishcloth!! They are the socks of my knitting world. Great hostess gifts, especially for people my age(25).

  70. AUGH! Of course you are coming to Pittsburgh when I’m in Moscow! Care to add an overseas leg to the trip? OK, perhaps I am reaching a bit, though I’m sure I’d have no trouble whipping up a group of expats for your visit… Anyway, I hope you enjoy my adopted city while you are there! (Can’t say anything about KnitOne–it opened after I left for the year.)

  71. i have this rule: if a blogger has over 50 comments, i don’t post a comment. mostly because at that point it’s highly unlikely that my comment will be at all unique. and well, you’re busy!
    but i did want to say that i’m very excited about this book. i’ve seen photos and can hardly wait to run out and buy it. my favorite books are those that inspire in the way that you describe. even if never make a single thing from them.
    thanks for the great review.

  72. OK, I guess I’m going to have to buy it. I’d been resisting the pre-order, but you’ve convinced me.
    Pittsburgh? No one wants to go to Pittsburgh. Okay, maybe they do. Still, why nothing in the Rocky Mountain West? Convince the wonder publicist to put Shuttles, Spindles at Skeins ( ) in Boulder, Colorado on that list, please!

  73. Great post, as always, but really exciting news — the local Barnes & Noble FINALLY got “Knitting Rules” and I left work at lunch to pick up my reserved copy! Now I am having to force myself to work instead of read. Okay, I read a few (!) pages. It’s wonderful, as we all knew it would be. Thanks for brightening a beautiful Montana spring day even more.

  74. What a nice review…. I looked over this book at Border’s just yesterday. It is quite lovely, but I’m afraid it will have to part of my library list (as a hardcover, I’m assuming libraries will pick it up)… basically too expensive for me.
    Sick daughter home today… gotta run and play nurse!

  75. I am in agreeance with the other Canadians about their questioning on whether or not, or just WHEN are you touring here. I am in Peterborough, and would love for you to come to our town. There are tons of knitters, and I am sure that you would have a huge turn out.
    You should think about it. I don’t know if you have much say in where you go, but I am sure that it would be a great idea.

  76. I read your post and I thought : I’m so broke. And I was going to send you an email but then I realized that the only reason I’m broke is because I’m saving for a trip. 🙂 It would probably be better if the book went to someone who can’t afford the book and even less a trip. But your review certainly made me want to get out and buy it (maybe after I finish saving for that other thing).

  77. For Amy who is looking for the “Flying Pig”, go to the Aanraku Stained Glass website ( look under their free patterns. You can easily trace their flying pig onto graph paper.
    For Stephanie, great reviews of the books. Thanks so much for reigniting my dormant passion for knitting! (It got overidden by the stained glass!)There’s a lot to be said for portable projects..

  78. Speaking of great new books… your newest book Knitting Rules arrived in my mailbox today. I love every bit of what I’ve read so far!

  79. Stephanie,
    I just got your new book and I am CRAZY over it. I LOVE it. I’ve only been able to read the first page as it is tax season (I’m an accountant) but so far it is just what I need to soothe my nerves (unfortunatly I can’t knit at work). Thank you so much for sharing your humor with us!!!!

  80. Off to convince Dear Husband that we should have another baby just so I can knit that Moses basket liner…

  81. I thought that you might like to know that a triangle that doesn’t come to the last point all of the way is called a trapezoid. You made a mental note to yourself on page 180 of your new book.
    See, now one thing is crossed off that ginormus list.

  82. Stephanie:
    Enjoyed your very nice editorial on the new book. I will have to have this one. I like the odd and unusual.
    However, my reason for writing today, is more in the lines with giving you an update. Myself and several of my spinning buddies are heading to Whidbey Island WA this coming weekend to attend the annual spinners weekend and to be awed once again by Judith MacKenzie McCuin. I do know how you worship her – as do I. I was an attendee in the same class with you and “Judith”at the Madronna shindig in Tacoma, WA. I will think of you as we are we being awed by Judith, and will wish that you were with us.

  83. What a great review.
    And I second (third?) that motion to bring you back to Chicago. Some evil thing prevented me from going up last time, so I missed the only time you’ve come within 200 miles of me.
    If no Chicago… perhaps,… Portland Maine in mid-july???

  84. The book looks great, I must have a look at it when I finish here.
    Just a quick note to say, while I was searching in Google for “History of Knitting” I came across information in Wikipedia, and it mentioned knitting blogs, the clapotis knitalong and the Yarn Harlot’s Olympic Knitalong. I have blogged about it with the links.

  85. Absolutly beautiful. I have to admit being a new grandmother I quite enjoyed looking at that babys bassinet with the lacy bit, imagining it in pink. LOL.
    ahhhhh but alas while I wait my few years to save and find this gorgeous book in OZ I will continue to read, marvel and be amused by your musings.

  86. Wonderful review of the book . I’m not getting any more books on a wait list at our local book store as I’m STILL WAITNG to get your bookbookbook. Lord everyone is already talking about how good it is .It’ll probably be into its second printing by the time I get it here . Waitng is not one of my virtures and the frustration of not having your bookbookbook is enough for now. Perhaps another book to go on to the Christmas wish list

  87. *sighs*
    I have knitwytch’s problem as well – Ann & Kay’s book isn’t going to show up in Borders in Adelaide anytime soon (why-oh-why does Australia have to be so far behind?!)
    And a poor uni student without a credit card has no other way to buy knitting books.
    I’ll just have to dream about log-cabin blankets until it does show up, I guess…

  88. One Barnes and Noble gift certificate, three books, a dent in the credit card where your post sat on it, and I’m a happy and anticipatory knitcamper. Hurry, mail!

  89. Aside from the fact that there are already too many it’s-the-pits-Pittsburgh comments, you will be very welcome. I will be in line with a few of my “famous” chocolate chip cookies, a gift of thanks for all of the giggles and sighs your blog has brought.

  90. Rats!! You are actually coming within driving distance (I’m either so excited, or so cold that I have had to correct every word of this post!)and that is one of the 3 (three!) days I am scheduled to work in the whole month of April. Guess I’ll just have to hope you are in Seattle the same time as I am (sometime in June, no firm date yet).

  91. Yeah, Borders called and I just got back from picking up Knitting Rules. Unfortunately, i also have work to do before settling in with it.

  92. Yay! Yay! Yay! Can’t WAIT to meet you on April 7th! I’m sure the ladies at Knit One will take great care of you, but please let me know if you need any information about our fair Pittsburgh.

  93. Pittsburgh has “paper streets.” This alone is reason to go there. Besides, Annie Dillard is from Pittsburgh.

  94. ok- a few things: loved this review, but have bought Knitting Rules AND Inspired cables this week and must exercise a modicum of restraint(maybe next week, though…) #2- I am impressed as all get-out that the Cat Bordhi put in her 2cents worth. we are in exalted company! #3- your comments won’t remember my information, either, glad I’m not the only one, and last but not least, #4- I notice there’s still time on either side of Rutherford for a stop in NYC…please, Kelli, please!!

  95. Ann and Kay’s book IS great! Mine came yesterday and I spent hours pouring over it. The chemise and matching robe in Euroflax is particularly calling my name. But those linen handtowels seem a great place to start knitting with linen. And did you see that lace curtin?? Wow!!
    The rug made out of potholder loops just may get my 8 year old knitting. His grandmother always gets him silly craft things like that, and I never know what to do with them. Now if they could figure out to turn all those stupid popsicle sticks she buys for him into yarn…
    And I have always wanted to knit a rag rug, but had no real idea how to do it. Now I do! The story about the 8 pound ball of yarn was a hoot, too!
    Thanks for mentioning (and then reviewing) this book Steph….I would have never picked it up otherwise, I’m sure. Now if Amazon will deliver your book tomorrow, my world would be perfect. Two new knitting books AND the latest Vogue Knitting all in one week! Heaven!
    BTW, anybody see that nifty tank dress knitted out of Cascade Fixation in the new VK? Do you think the two measly balls of Fixation I have to knit a pair of socks will be enough to make that dress 😉

  96. *Swami like hypnotic voice*
    You waaannnnt to come to Virginia.
    You waaannnnt to tell me what sock yarn you are using!
    *end swami like hypnotic voice*

  97. Helllpppp meeeee! I can’t stop ordering knitting books. It was the jean jackets that got me. Thankfully, Amazon has international shipping. Your book should arrive in two days! This one will take another week.
    Any chance you’re coming to central Iowa this summer?

  98. you are evil stephanie, evil. there is no way i can resist that book. i am off to order it before i even get a decent cup of coffee, after being up most of the night with a wheezing baby.
    please come to alabama. please? there are some great bookstore and wonderful knitters here. plus, i would personally promise to take you out for the best of alabama bbq and you could here people speak english with real interesting accents.

  99. Oooh, is that Lana Grossa Mega Boot stretch your sock is evolving from? Looks like the yarn I just bought for my third pair of socks. (in as many weeks, I’m a newbie sock knitter and severely addicted.) Enjoying your blog!

  100. Please come to the Quad-Cities. Yesterday our newspaper published a story on our LYS on the front page with a color photo of yarn. This is your kind of town.

  101. Your book arrived! Your book arrived! Your book arrived! Darn, now i’m really getting nothing done today……

  102. The book looks great. I’m excited to have a peek at it in person, hopefully my neighborhood yarn shop will have it in soon.
    I don’t see St. Paul/Minneapolis on your tour list yet.

  103. Please, please, what is the sock yarn so elegantly laid over Ann and Kay’s new book?

  104. Really great review. I never would have bought that book from the cover, but that bassinet thing is beautiful. My baby lost her baby last week, however, so I have no outstanding reason to knit it.

  105. I am a computer idiot, so I hope this gets to you. Love your blog, books (ordered 2 and 3 today can’t wait. My kids are on spring break. Twins 7 and 3 year old going on 30! All boys. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. Your spin too? i just learned how to spin last year I like the idea of a designated day for spinning. Maybe my wheel will stop looking at me so forlornly! Keep up the great work. Don’t know how you do it all. 🙂

  106. What a beautiful book! I’m already dreaming of being able to have it! I’m not above begging and have e-mailed my sob story! But, if I don’t get it, I’ll just wait until after I get my first course tuition paid then save up and order it!
    Love the sock yarn too!

  107. eastern canada? Halifax in particular! i don’t see it on your tour list. Tell the wonder publicist that you just have to come out here, i’ll write letters i can even suggest a fabulous bookstore or knitting shop????
    and dishcloths, well i knit a lot of those. I am not very proficient at socks so my carry it around knitting is always a dishcloth.

  108. I just received your new book here in Madrid and it only took a couple of pages to remember why knitting took me over so quickly and suddenly as a frazzled working mother of two busy busy kids. I hated sewing (too much detail work), I’m not particularly artistic or creative, but I can create something when I knit that I love, that I’ll wear and that I’ll treasure. I can even knit the odd item for family members that they sometimes deign to wear! What could be more fun and absorbing than that?!

  109. I hadn’t really noticed Mason Dixon Knitting before, but I checked it out because of your review, and you were right– it so rocks! I live in a dorm! I have no need for home furnishings of any kind! I bought and am loving the book anyway!
    (also wanted to add that I also bought “Knitting Rules” and it was totally entertaining and pretty useful too. It may be my favorite Yarn Harlot book so far!)

  110. The photo of the sock on your needles, is that by any chance Cabin Fever #157 Celtic Braid Pattern in Trekking XXL colorway #100…it looks like it. It’s been haunting my dreams and this a.m. while reading my email ( = meandering from hotlink to hotlink) I wandering onto where I saw a photo of the above-referenced sock/pattern/yarn. If that is NOT what you are knitting, you might want to take a look at it. It is my new lust, er I mean love. Sigh…so much I want. I am a wool pig.

  111. My problem of the day – both your new book and Kay & Ann’s book came in yesterday — which to read first — Maybe a chapter of one then a chapter of the other…..hmmmmm

  112. I don’t knit – battered horse training hands, but a friend told me about your blog to cheer me up during breast cancer surgery & recovery. It does that. I love fabric and yarn qualifies – the socks are amazing. My knitting friend is building a pair for me if I could remember what measurements of my foot she needs now. I read about yarns and look at the book pages and just drool at all the talent that lies behind. Keep up the good words. They produce grins in Oregon.

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