Another complete cop out on the blog today. I’m trying to get ready to leave on Thursday and I have to un-explode my life before that. It’s not going well. It would seem that the natural state of my life is exploded, and any attempts to get it to fit into the confines of a spreadsheet that dictates when/where/how things happen when I am not here is sheer folly doomed to fail. (The chart detailing dinner, shopping and teen activities was multi-coloured and deeply flawed.) I am also burdened by the knowledge that I need to buy a new pair of pants before I leave, and this pains me. Does anyone care if I’m wearing the same pants as the last tour? Haven’t we established that my goal should be to be wearing pants at all? In any event…You get a short form blog today.

Update #1.


New socks on the needles: Trekking XXL, colour 90.

(Bonus, proof that spring has finally come to my front yard.)

Update #2: Susanna has found out how to get in touch with the mitten people. Should you be burning with a desire to possess this kit….check here.

Update #3:


I tossed the stash (by “tossed” I mean “pillaged” not “tossed” like “threw out”. I can’t believe any of you think that I would throw out yarn. At the very least I would yell “scrambles” first.) and came up with my neglected Garter Vine Cardi. It only needs a sleeve, so I’m thinking that if the pants excursion goes well (stop that laughing. There has to be one company in North America that can produce a pair of pants that fits me.) that I can finish it before I leave on tour.

Update #3:


My brother Ian and my sister-in-law Ali have left for an extended trip through Thailand and Cambodia. Think safe travel thoughts for them. They are experienced travellers, but we still worry when they are far from home. (You may also send them wooly thoughts, since they have promised to find and mail back yarn.) They are holding all of their luggage. Five weeks away…and everything that the two of them need to live is in those two backpacks. I can’t tell you how shocking I find this.

Update #4: Kelli-the-new-wonder-publicist has added two new thingies to the tour. I’ll be at Loop in Philadelphia on the 10th of April, and WEBS in Northampton on the 22nd.

Details on the tour page.

Note that I will be taking way, way more luggage with me for one week away, than Ian and Alison trucked to a five week trip on another continent. I thought this was odd until I remembered that I would only need a big purse if I didn’t take yarn.