It doesn’t matter how many times I type Skaneateles, it looks wrong.

(Especially since it’s pronounceation is “Skinny-atlas”) It’s a charming town, with a pretty lake that was too dark for a picture by the time I got there with a sock.

Skaneateles knitters look like this


and this


and this…


Actually, I lie. That’s Andrew. Andrew is not a knitter. He didn’t come with a knitter he was related to or in love with…he just…came.

Andrew was doing a search on something on Google…(some sort of mitten. I should have asked him why he was googling mittens in his College room, I’m sure there’s a story there.) and found Hanks pink dragon mittens. He started reading, discovered the world of knitters, and has been lurking around ever since. He is – get this – a NON-knitting knitting blog fan. He doesn’t buy the books (because he doesn’t knit) and he didn’t have a book for me to sign (doesn’t know any knitters) he just came to say hi. Trippy eh? I asked him if the blog had had any effect on him. You know..any sort of knitterly urges at all. Did he now slow down in front of yarn shops? Finger the cuffs of sweaters, sometimes wonder “Why am I just sitting here…I feel sort of empty inside, Isn’t there something I’m supposed to do with my hands?” I got him to hold the yarn that Cheryl Schaefer gave me (I was so impressed to meet her. She dyes that beautiful yarn herself. If you haven’t seen their “Anne” sock yarn, get thee to a yarn shop.) I asked him if he felt anything. Tingling? Sort of a warm affection? Anything?

He didn’t. He just said it was “nice”. Nice?

This blog is the Knitting Borg.

He will be assimilated.

Tonight’s stop…Pittsburgh.