Back Bay, Cambridge…and a taxi.

Man, am I tired. I was going to write that I had no idea why, and then I started to write this post and it all came together. I flew to Boston,


(A word about the approach into Boston airport? Scary. The wind throws the plane all around as you come in close over the water, hoping against all hope that the pilot has better depth perception than you do because mercy, the bouncing plane is close to the water and there’s a big wall at the beginning of the runway.) was met at the airport by my lovely friend Julia and we did the only thing that two friends who have not seen each other in a long time can do. Go to Circles. (What? That’s what you would do, isn’t it?) I scored some beautiful Chasing Rainbows yarn


(seen here gracing the fetching carpet at the hotel) and learned that Julia couldn’t sell wool to shorn sheep. While Julia was dumping Circles entire sales bin onto the floor (that woman has no shame) I discovered this ball of yarn.


For my fellow Torontonians:

What about this yarn says Toronto to you? The glitz? The colour? The ARCTIC HUSKIES TRAVERSING THE MOUNTAINS?

We pondered the depths of Red Sox fans souls, ate dinner and I ensconced myself at the College Club. After an eight hour loss of consciousness, I woke up, knit a couple of rows on the baby sweater, packed my things and straggled downstairs to the reception room where I met and was charmed by the Boston Knitting Guild.

(I have pictures, and I’d post them…but I liked these ladies too much to do that too them. They’re terrible. I apparently have no understanding of my digital camera at all. These appealing and elegant women (and Bob) have done nothing to deserve how they look in these pictures.)

Then I got a taxi…


Today’s taxi blog picture is brought to you by Ahmed. A very nice man who was kind enough to play tour guide on the way to Cambridge and showed the sock the Harvard dorms.


The sock admired the view of Boston over (what I believe to be) the Charles River,


and wound up (thanks Ahmed) at Porter Square Books, where I learned that they had moved the event to the Masonic Hall across the street. (Jane, who co-ordinated the event for the bookshop, said the best part of the whole thing was trying to explain to the Masons what she wanted the hall for.) Lucy, owner of Mind’s Eye yarns was helping her to set up, and this is what they had.


Is it just me or is that a lot of chairs? I stood there, stunned. That many chairs? This was going to be bad. This was going to be what my mother warned me about. This was going to be me, in a Masonic Hall with a bizillion empty chairs facing me while I spoke nonsense into a microphone. Couldn’t we just knit instead?

I offered to go lie in the road, but they suggested I stay. I offered to help them put some chairs away. They declined.

Against my better judgment, I stayed there, but did take out my knitting and stand quietly in the corner waiting for…I don’t know what. It wasn’t this though.



Darned if the knitters didn’t come. There was Team MIT from the Olympics


(These are smart people. If they did the Knitting Olympics it must not have been crazy.) There was Frecklegirl,


Briar, Suzanne (who completely addled my tired brain by spelling her name aloud to me “S. U. Zee A.N.N.E. I sat there looking at her for a minute until it computed. Zed. Zee. Same letter.) There was Patience and her charming mate..


Grumperina, Ms. Jaywalker herself, standing there looking like a mere mortal.


Guido, from the podcast “It’s a purl man”


Do not ask what the blue and white knitted object is in his hand. I assure you that it is largely innocent, but am a little creeped out anyway. Guido, dude. Sew that up so it stops being weird.


and Susan (sadly, blogless) showing off her very impressive, gold medal winning Olympic socks. Very, slick. Very.

There were others, I loved them all. Sing out in the comments.

I went to dinner with some buddies from Team Boston, and Lucy the yarn shop owner, and after dinner? After a really fun dinner?

Lucy opened the shop just for us. Life is sweet.

(And her merino/tencel handpainted sock yarn is pretty good too.)

Today I’m at Classic Yarns of Grafton, and I gotta go. Taxi’s waiting.

155 thoughts on “Back Bay, Cambridge…and a taxi.

  1. I’m still waiting for an upstate NY date! I don’t want to wait until Rhinebeck to hope I park next to you again just to startle you because of your beautiful sweater!

  2. That wool doesn’t look Toronto to me, but I loved the Chasing Rainbows. Sounds like you’re having a blast. And so are your adoring fans.

  3. Yes, that is the Charles River in the photo. You made me homesick! I am going to have to schedule a yarn crawl when I visit home next month.
    Stop being amazed that you can attract a Masonic Hall-full of people; you rock girl!

  4. Have now fully digested that photo on the Toronto yarn. Yeah – we all use dog sleds and hike in the mountains here in Toronto. Who’s yarn IS that?!!! Duh.

  5. My dearest Harlot,
    I am horribly upset that I did not make it to the Masonic Hall in Cambridge (if you read my blog then you’ll know just how upset I was). I go to school just north of Boston and wanted to be there so bad. Of course, having no car and a meeting to attend that had been scheduled months before I knew about your tour stop, I knew I wouldn’t be there. Come back to Boston as soon as possible. We shall meet and we shall all knit together!

  6. Hooray, the sock pictures are back. I kind of missed them recently! Just read the new bookbookbook – it’s great.

  7. Thanks so much for coming to see all of us in Cambridge! I took my shiny new copy of Knitting Rules with me on my commute this morning and smiled all the way to work, even though I was on the Unusually Early Bus. Also, I think the person next to me was reading over my shoulder. That doesn’t generally happen (not even when I’m reading comics!)…you’re definitely on to something here.

  8. Delightful to see you again, Stephanie!
    we did not have any doubts that you would fill up the hall! πŸ™‚
    It’s always great to see a fellow canadian, especially when she’s doing such great things! and informing me about fabulous canadian things that I am SO out of the loop about! (Rick Mercer is GAY! wow! a new role model!… but wait, he’s CONSERVATIVE?!? huh?!)
    I’m glad that I got to stay ’til the end of your talk… even if it meant i was late for class… πŸ™‚
    THANK YOU!!!

  9. You are so right about Boston’s airport being a scary approach! It’s even worse at night, when all you can see is the line of lights marking the shore and the line of lights marking the end of the runway and seeing just how close together they look. Gives me the shivers every time.
    Boston’s one of my all-time favorite cities, hope you have time to enjoy it a bit.

  10. Mind’s Eye Yarns was one of the best shops I’ve ever been in. Small, but packed with good punch. I brought home this lovely BFL to spin…

  11. Holy shit. There I am with Team MIT. I’m famous!
    Thanks for a great event, and happy trails across Massachusetts. I hear that several other excellent Boston knitters are driving out to Grafton to see you tonight. Have fun!

  12. A measly lil masonic hall? Girl, you could fill a Concert Hall. A Banquet Hall. The Halls of Monetzuma (however it’s spelled.) You get my point… Now come see us in North Carolina! πŸ™‚

  13. Terrific post, Stephanie. I cannot wait until you finally launch the new book here at home.
    Must run now, and brush the huskies off the DVP.

  14. I’m very glad you didn’t decide to go lie down in the middle of Mass. Ave. We all would have missed a fabulous afternoon and evening. You worry so much about getting up and talking but you really brought the house down!
    It was delightful to meet you. Thanks again for coming to Cambridge!

  15. I love the Toronto yarn. Yeah, the picture is more like the Rockies (Alberta and B.C.)on the Western edge of the country. Though, I’ve never seen a dog sled live. I’m still tempted to tell people that I take a giant dog sled bus to work everyday. Oh and I have to pull the cord that connects to a giant sleigh bell for the next stop.

  16. Nope, that doesn’t look like Toronto. Not one teensy bit. I was used to that sort of assumption about Canada when I lived in Newfoundland (where a visitor once expressed surprise that I hadn’t picked him up from the airport with a snowmobile). If they had called it Corner Brook, or St. John’s I’d still be put out but I’d sort of understand – we’re remote. Call it Iqualuit or maybe Churchill but never Toronto!

  17. You are correct; the makers of that yarn have never looked at a map of Canada. I love the photos of your admirers–a very, very happy group. Just think of all the happy knitters you have raised, all by yourself, with your wonderful blog and books. Now, when are you coming to Madison, Wisconsin?? We have a huge knitters guild–more people come to meetings than are in the photo at the Masonic Hall!!

  18. Show them knitted socks … and they will come!
    Thanks for signing all 3 of my books early so I didn’t have to miss my train. You rock girl! I really enjoyed hearing you speak too … in reality rather than the virtual world, hey. LOL, wish I could have made it in the MIT pic tho & gained the fame status that Mafia has. Yeh, Team MIT. Thanks again!!

  19. Just to give you a heads-up: I called Grafton Yarns yesterday and was told there won’t be any chairs . . . too many people planning on coming; it’s gonna be SRO! I’m REALLY looking forward to it!

  20. Hey, it’s not that bad flying into Logan…you should try being in a SAILBOAT in the harbor, sailing past the airport as planes are coming in! They are WAY higher than it feels like in the plane, but the plane roars, SO loud, and then that same optical illusion sets in, and looks to those in the little boat like the plane will hit the boat’s mast! (it won’t, it’s too high…). Very scary, very loud…
    It was GREAT to see you yesterday, Stephanie! You do a wonderful, funny, entertaining…(um, insert lots more positive/amusing adjectives here) talk! And I loved the slight swaying/wiggling motion to the audience, as we all sat knitting!

  21. Next time you are coming to the Boston-area, fly to TF Green Airport in Rhode Island. We are only about an hour away from Boston and the airport is much quieter and low key. Plus! You could come visit us Rhode Islanders! We may be a small state but we have many knitters.

  22. When are you coming to Michigan? We have lots of great yarn stores for you to check out, plus we’d love to knit with you. PLEASE!!

  23. It was great to see and hear you in person yesterday. I feel famous, there I am in the front row!
    I have to comment on one thing, when you said you were a lactation colsultant and a doula I turned to my friend and said “wow, that just made her even cooler”. BTW, my knitting group met through a breastfeeding support group (actually working and pumping), now our babies are older and we meet to knit!

  24. The funniest part about this post is what you obviously don’t know about MIT. And I think they’d be the first to say it — it’s a prerequisite that you be crazy if you go there. So wicked smaht, yes. Crazy, too.

  25. Could you please just once take a picture of the non-knitter as you are asking them to take a picture with the sock? I’d like to see a before picture.

  26. I would just like to say that I find it painfully ironic that you were in Boston the one week I was out of town and in, of all places, Seattle. sigh.

  27. I find myself wondering if there will come a day when the huge flcoks of knitters who come to see you will cease to surprise you. I have a feeling the answer is no, because you’re humble like that.

  28. A yarn shop opened after dinner just for you and your friends to play in. You are so spoiled.

  29. Dude. You know stores only open after hours for like, really famous people!
    Love the chasing rainbow yarn – just delicious – almost as good as book 3 – lovin’ it!
    That Toronto yarn? yeah, right. Gotta go feed the dogs so they’re ready for my drive home from work, now.

  30. I am still so blown away at actually casting my eyes on you (little knitting joke) yesterday in Cambridge. And also to meet the la Grumperina. Quite a day! Could you, when you get a minute, tell me again what is the sock yarn and color you had with you? It was very appealing. I had intended to introduce my sock to your sock, but things seemed busy so I let it go. Now my sock is alone in its bag, complaining.

  31. Stephanie, PLEASE come out west (Tucson, specifically)! This all looks like so much fun!

  32. Yay! Thanks for coming to Boston.
    Oh, and about Team MIT? Yes, we are all slightly crazy. What knitter is not? But only one of us is a student who is “wicked smaht” enough to actually GO to MIT. The rest of us just work here πŸ™‚

  33. ‘Toronto’ yarn? Heck, I have ‘Winnipeg’ yarn made by the same company. And they use the same label. As if Winnipeg was the same as Toronto. As if Winnipeg OR Toronto looked like the label.

  34. Just wait till you get to WEBS tomorrow. It is yarn heaven like no place you have ever seen (cones!! they have lots of cones of yarn!). I plan on rolling around in the yarn in the warehouse after your talk at the Clarion hotel. See you there!

  35. I’ll second Dana’s begging for a Michigan visit…Team Detroit is spoiled, there are actually three yarn shops within walking distance of each other in Birmingham (metro Detroit), then at least seven or eight more within driving distance…

  36. I think it will be a regret throughout my life time that I did not get to Cambridge from the North End. . . Hope you liked Boston! πŸ™‚

  37. It has been such fun reading the different blogs relating to the same event. Heck, it’s just a lot of fun reading the various blogs. What a wonderful community. How will I manage to wait till August when you come out to Berkeley? I already have four friends who want to come. Think “Lots Of Chairs!”

  38. How fun… I’m getting a real kick out of seeing your cab drivers having so much fun… I mean, I imagine in that line of work, the last thing they expect is to enjoy the company of a well traveled sock… and now, I must go check out Briar’s link–my daughter (Bryar) will be thrilled to know there’s someone out there with her name:-)

  39. Put away some chairs? Oh, you silly, funny girl! This is fame baby and you’ve got it going on! Just keep having fun!

  40. I couldn’t stop giggling, picturing you asking a bewildered cabdriver, “Can you hold my sock while I take your picture?”
    It had to be right up there with my mother asking her driver in Italy, “Would you mind posing for a picture with my daughter’s lawn gnome?” (No, really.)

  41. Judging by the label on that yarn, Toronto has certainly changed since the last time I was there. Global warming in reverse? I’ll stay in Vancouver where it’s much warmer (albeit rainier). The new book is fantastic, it’s almost got me knitting socks. On circs though. Sorry. πŸ™

  42. This is New England we’re talking about. Be glad you only got confused on the zee/zed thing. A friend and new knitter spent weeks trolling yarn stores looking for the “Red HOT” brand yarn her son’s teacher told her to buy. She’s from Brooklyn. She eventually figured the teacher meant Red Heart.
    She’s also a little crazy and would like to do, get this, double knit socks as her first ever knitting project. I’m…trying to talk her into a scarf or a hat or, I don’t know, anything else.

  43. I was there! way in the back! next to frecklegirl! I can sort of see myself in your pic of the right side of the room. Anyway, I really wanted to stick around and say Hi, but I had to run to another talk for a class (bummer!). Maybe next time. There will be a next time, right? We had a blast. πŸ™‚

  44. I can’t believe that you thought people wouldn’t show up! Haven’t you learned from your previous book tours? You shouldn’t be so humble.
    I have a question about socks. When you knit socks from the top down, is there any way that you make sure you have enough yarn left to make it thru the toe? I’m always worried that I’m going to run out an inch too short and have to rip all the way back. If anyone could help me out, I’d appreciate it!
    BTW, I found your website a few weeks ago (when I saw your latest book at the store) and just spent the last week catching up on your blog from the very beginning. It has kept me entirely amused, but also inspired. I just want to knit. All day, every day. Is it bad to want to knit while driving? How about showering? Thank you!

  45. Uh Stephanie? They open stores after hours for — true stars. You know, for Julia to shop and Brad to shop and now for Stephanie to shop. You’re famous, girl! And you’ve managed to make me Boston-sick. Used to live up in Mass and all the pics (and the lists of yarn shops) are giving me road-trip urges. And Ahmed rocks! How do you get so lucky to meet all the cool cabbies?

  46. If you find Logan scary, be happy you didn’t fly into the old Hong Kong airport.
    Anyway, went to the office today and regaled them with exerpts from your book, I was right, it was much more interesting than zoning though my coworkers didn’t really get it and most of them had that blank look on their faces.
    Thanks for coming to Cambridge.

  47. I second the motion for a stop in Michigan…Lansing area?? Have you seen Michigan’s wonderful capital? We have wonderful shops πŸ˜€ I’m sure many others want you to come to Lansing…ThreadBear Fiber Arts cough cough…

  48. My uncle used to be a cabdriver in Boston, while his sister was a student at Harvard.
    Those taxi drivers, they’re a hoot.
    So glad you’re having such a grand time!

  49. You know, in the sock pictures you can tell when some people are just humoring you and when some people actually think you are whacked. But Ahmed totally looks game. Like he completely accepts holding a sock for a picture.
    Yay Ahmed! What a doll.

  50. What a bunch of nice travels and nice knitters!
    May I interomp just a second your sock travelling program to invite you to come to my blog see the finished Daisy ? (with some arrangements, of course. I cannot knit what I read) I am quite proud of my first finished cardigan. Thank you very much for this fun pattern.

  51. I so wish you were heading toward Colorado on your tour. I haven’t looked at your tour schedule lately but it seems last time I looked, they were all further north. Rest up! You are quite busy. I get tired just reading your posts. πŸ™‚

  52. It was fun meeting you and hearing you talk yesterday. And that was actually a much smaller crowd than I expected. If they had made the start time a little bit later (after people got out of work) then there probably would have been twice as many people there.

  53. Logan Airport = scariest landing ever! I love Boston, but I’m always terrified to fly in (granted, I’m afraid to fly everywhere, but at the end of the flight I’m looking forward to touching the ground, and that approach over the water is almost more than I can take).

  54. A HUGE thanks for gracing us with your presence, which is totally full of grace and humor. My Danish non-knitting friend that was with me is now considering learning how to knit because of your great talk. πŸ™‚
    Hope to see you again in either Hawaii or Denmark!

  55. Please, oh, please come to Chicago. It’s kinda like Toronto only taller. The Museum of Contemporary Art hosts a SnB the first Tuesday of each month–that would be a fabulous place/venue!

  56. What a lucky sock you have! Gets to do all that fun stuff… Consider adding DC to your tour–we’d love to have you!!

  57. Can you just imagine these cab drivers going home and telling their wives that he had a really beautiful lady in his car and she asked him to hold a sock for a picture ?? FUNNY!!
    No I don’t see ONE thing about that yarn that says Toronto . Have FUN and enjoy.

  58. There is definite progress. You continue to wash shampoo and conditioner out of your hair before leaving for a book signing πŸ™‚
    Admit, you have wonderful groupies. If your publicist needs an inkling of possible San Francisco metro turnout, I’m sooo going to start a petition. The right to Harlot πŸ˜‰

  59. Guess I won’t be seeing you at Webs. Their website says the event is sold out. Harrumph.

  60. I’d travel 2 hours to NYC to see you….but I’m stuck out here on the end of Long Island with no chance to see you. I’ll keep checking the tour schedule, you must be so tired! Of course the seats all filled up! You rock! (I’ve already bought the book – it rocks too!)

  61. It was great to see you!! And to meet Lucy and her yarn store, and to see Grumperina and Wendy and Christene… see what you started? You totally rock!

  62. Looks like a wonderful event! Wait! Grumperina’s a mere mortal?? Next you’re going to tell us you are, too! πŸ™‚

  63. Portland? Did somebody say Portland?? I am so there! Can’t tell you what joy it gives me to read your blog! Saw the new book at Fred Meyer today which is Oregon’s version of a grocery/clothing/gardening/hardware store… felt a little smug as I walked by… imagine that, a knitting book by HERSELF at a mainstream store. You have arrived!
    Stephanie E. in the suburbs of Portland, OR

  64. You are too hysterical!!!
    I hope they didn’t make a “Victoria” yarn – or perhaps a “Vancouver” yarn… ? And if they did, it should be a beautiful sea of blue or a mix of blue and green (for the water and trees of course.) *And* they better not have huskies in the snow on the label – huskies and the West Coast don’t really work. Maybe an orca in the water? Or a deer/beaver in the woods might be a better idea. A cartoon beaver… Yes. Yes that would work.
    Speaking of the West Coast and Vancouver (more specifically Victoria, BC…) you need to make a stop this way. I’m sure the Beehive Wool Shop can make some space or perhaps the central library can be just as lovely… Ooooh, imagine you speaking at the Alix Goolden Hall with all the fancy stained glass windows and organ in the background!!!
    OK, I’ll go now. πŸ™‚

  65. The only connection between TO and the yarn that I can think of is that it’s orange. Here in the north, we often call summer “construction season”…chock full of orange cones and barrels.

  66. Thanks for the laughs. My daughter was excited to see herself in one of the crowd shots. Remember the 6 year old who earned a treat for sitting still?
    Enjoy the rest of your Mass trip.
    PS – Your middle name is safe with me.

  67. You were awesome! We were so excited! I guess it was how other people feel when they meet Brad Pitt or something. All of our grand plans to say something intelligent failed miserably. Oh well. We had a great time! I hope you enjoyed Christopher’s — a couple of us were there afterwards, and we saw you come in. πŸ™‚

  68. Dude. Dinner and after hours yarn shopping with you and the gals was So. Much. Fun.
    Have a blast in Grafton and at Webs! πŸ™‚

  69. I think the Toronto yarn’s company was either: 1) overly influenced by Paul Gross and Due South; or 2) it’s all part of the plot for Canadian world domination. What, Toronto’s suddenly moved to the vicinity of Tuktoyaktuk or Inuvik?!? (Yes, *I’ve* been overly influenced by PG. And things like ‘Men With Brooms’. Any guy who can write, produce, direct, and star in a movie that makes a friend literally fall on the floor laughing – priceless.) Love the taxi-blogging. You do realize if there’s a sudden rash of sock-knitting cab drivers, people are going to hold you responsible, right? Just imagine all the terrified passengers in the future… “We were barrelling down the street at rush hour, and then the guy pulled out a *sock*!”
    Loving your tour reports, but good god, woman, I hope you get some rest occasionally!

  70. Drat just a week later, I was just in Boston last week. Grew up there and enjoy hearing your comments. Yes you are right that was a view of Boston with the Charles River. Wow you were sure lucky when you scored such a pesronable cab driver, a very rare occurance for sure!

  71. I LOVE the sock with the taxi drivers! Who said taxi drivers are a surly lot? They are wonderful people with a total appreciation for the sock!!

  72. Oh, Stephanie! Have you not yet figured out that we LOVE you? You’ll draw crowds wherever you go! I just wish you were coming to my little corner of the world . . .

  73. I was so happy to get to be there yesterday – I wouldn’t have believed that you could be funnier and friendlier in person than on your blog, but you were. The smile on your face when you said “Oh look, you brought me a *baby*!” will stay with me a long time. (Hope we didn’t disturb the proceedings too much – at least they were happy noises…) Glad to hear that you had such a good time afterwards, too, and best of luck for the rest of the tour!

  74. So, Dana, did Steph autograph your baby? You know, like other stars will autograph their fans?

  75. I’m so sad. You will be in St. Louis,MO on 26 April and in Nashville,TN on 27 April. I’m only a couple hours down the road from Nashville, but it’s a WORK NIGHT. I have relatives in St. Louis, maybe I’ll convince my aunt to come see you in my stead. She’s a marvelous knitter, but mostly knits for dolls (she’s a collector). She knit a fabulous Aran Isle sweater for an old G.I. Joe doll. Maybe I’ll catch you on the next tour. Travel safe and have fun!

  76. Hey, Stephanie!! Just got back from seeing you in Grafton, and while the blog entry will have to wait till tomorrow night, I wanted to drop in here and say THANKS for an immensely Enjoyable evening! It was RIOT, and my friend Michele is now hooked. πŸ™‚ It was just a matter of time, to be sure…We’re doin’ the borg thing, we knitters & blog readers!
    I wanted to clear up that my name is Cori, but I go by Claire on my blog, as that’s my nickname – I’m sure you figured that out, but I didn’t think to TELL YOU when you asked “Who are you?” at the book signing! I just told you my blog name, and you saw the name you were signing to. Sorry ’bout that!
    Again, thanks for SUCH a cool time, and I actually am considering trying to get into the event at WEBS with my husband & daughter…I know of a few people who registered who aren’t going, so there might be room for us stragglers. πŸ™‚ Either way, have a blast tomorrow, and don’t forget to check that fly! πŸ˜‰
    …you really CAN drop an “arse” in here or there, y’know – most of us say it too, and would just get a massive fit of the giggles rather than be offended. Just sayin’. πŸ˜‰

  77. so the Chasing Rainbows looks like Copper Slate colorway (my personal fav). I’m buggin nancy Finn so that we carry more of her yarns.. was this sock yarn? Mine is on the way. I think I’m totally jealous!
    You mean there are people out there who haven’t read your book yet?? what are they , deprived?
    I grew up in Baaahstin. It was actually the Callahan tunnel that taught me my driving skills. (scarey, I know)
    Grumperina meets Harlot. Now that’s an event I wish I’d attended!
    Many hugs to you weary traveler. Take a bubble bath tonight.

  78. I am a native New Englander (From RI and attended BU…but am now on the west coast) and love hearing you write about the Charles and Logan’s terrible set-up. Hope you liked Boston (and who couldn’t love Webs?).

  79. I don’t know what sort of magic you worked, but Dave was inspired to blog tonight. Not just blog… KNIT BLOG. He wrote about tonight’s Classic Yarns shindig in my blog. πŸ™‚
    It was great to see you again… I hope the Boston Baked Not-Beans help elevate the reputation of American candy. πŸ˜‰

  80. Oh, how I miss Boston! Last trip I hit Circles and guess what? I bought some Chasing Rainbows too! Wish I were still there so I could be on Team MIT again, but then again, I don’t miss the weather…

  81. The first time you fly into Boston is definitely the weirdest. You’re flying over water, yet descending, and hey, all you can see is water! Hello, Pilot? Can you see something besides all this water that it seems like you’re trying to land on, because I can’t see anything solid, and I’m a little freaked out, and then suddenly, out of nowhere, WHOOMP, there’s some land, and hey, we’re touching down! HOORAY!
    Although every other time I’ve flown into Boston since then, I still kind of feel that way.
    Others have said, but I’ll back ’em up – yes, that was the Charles. I lived in Medford (ask a native to pronounce that city name for you, it’s quite amusing) for a while, many years back. LOVE Boston.
    That Nancy Finn, she’s so good with the colors. I don’t much care for browns, but it looks so pretty there.

  82. I bought my Reeves’ 19″ wheel over the internet from Mind’s Eye several years ago. I think it was the last one available anywhere.
    Lucy’s really nice and gave me good advice about the wheel – It’s just the best wheel I’ve ever used. It’s my favorite out of my four.

  83. It was wonderful in Grafton last night – SRO, or sit on the floor as some of us in the front did. In case anyone wondered, it’s better to be a blithering idiot than a silent one. I totally spaced on basic politeness, didn’t introduce myself, made a couple of inane comments and left.
    It went so much better in my imagination.

  84. Love the taxi blogging! The cab drivers look so bemused yet cheerful about it all.

  85. I’m a new reader of your blog and love the tour posts that you’ve done lately. The running theme of cab driver and the sock is hilarious. Seriously though, I see a great calendar in the making. Hot socks and the handsome cabbies who drive them!

  86. Hermes in Paris wouldnt even open their shop after hours for Oprah!!!
    I can see a trend here, cab drivers/socks from all over the world… sort of cab knitting olympics with proceeds to Knitters Without Borders?
    Get some rest if you can, after night shopping of course….

  87. I visited Toronto once many years ago. The “Toronto” yarn doesn’t remind me of the city, although I did buy a whisper of a scarf in the very same colors for my sister-in-law. Coincidence? Although I suspect there are other colors in the “Toronto” line.

  88. You made me to start knitting again. Well, to think about it. Today I wanted to buy knitting needles, I have a nice ice-white yarn somewhere in the attic and some ideas about it…. but… I got some more yarn. I just worried whether I know how to start, but the hands remember….:-)

  89. Happy touring! Love the cabbies! How about a charity update? How much money have your pins made for Knitters without Borders?

  90. Ya know, i’ve only been to Toronto once, it was a lovely trip with a Psycho-Ex, whom we shall not discuss, but i don’t recall seeing any mountains. Did i miss those??
    I saw, and had fun at that big Ontario Museum of Science thingy, stayed at a hotel in Hamilton, i think it was, and went to Lilith Fair over on the water front…no mountains. Hmmm.
    Yes, me too….S.U. Zee/Zed. A.N.N.E., i wonder if i would have thought of that, i have many Canadian friends. Hmmm.
    The flight into Chicago is scary like that too, over the water…did it once, that was enough for one lifetime.
    Face it Steph, sooner or later you’re going to be packing in thousands of knitters…You’ll be playing to stadiums, like Rock-Stars. Heck, we all already think you *are* a Rock-Star!!

  91. Now that is truly sweet … having the yarn store opened just for you guys. Steph, you’ve officially arrived!!!!!

  92. I just wanted to say thank you again to everybody for their sock book suggestions. I now have something that resembles the beginning of a sock… and somehow found that several more skeins of sock yarn followed me home…

  93. As you are making the rounds of the continent again with your newest book (and I am re-reading Book No. 1 for the occasion), I came across a new challenge idea for knitters everywhere that might even rival your Knitting Olympics! My eldest son was surfing the Internet today, and ran across this website with Knitting Graffiti.
    The graffiti is being left by a group of ten knitters of all walks/genders/orientations. Wouldn’t it be great if we knitters left similar items all over our own cities? This has “Harlot” written all over it!

  94. ok, so i got bored tonight and started my own blog…. and tomorrow i get to figure out how to make it and my digital camera be friends, so its not much, but its mine, my own, my precious… i mean um… move along… nothing to see here…so stephanie any suggestions on blogging?

  95. Parallel lives! I was born in Toronto, grew up in Thornhill, spent 6 years in Kingston without parole – at Queen’s, not at any of the town’s other institutions πŸ˜‰ – and moved to Boston. (I’ve even been screeched in.) Met my DH in Halifax even though he lived 1 km from me in Boston – he tried to explain the Yankees Suck phenomenon and I loved to tease him that I’d also cheer for the Red Sox while I lived in Boston, because I already saw the Jays win *2* World Series back in the ’92 and ’93. I missed you at WEBS (we live in New Haven currently), but you were in my old neighbourhood around Porter Sq. Thanks for writing about Circles – I’ll have to check it out when we move back to Boston/Cambridge this summer. I had been a fan of Wild and Woolly and Woolcott and I think I lived equidistant to both fine establishments, so I had an easy time finding great LYS’. Hope your trip to New England was an enjoyable one – if you can take a visit to Fenway for a game, you’d probably love it. Much as I love the SkyDome, er Rogers Centre, sitting on the 500 level is far removed from the sounds of the game compared with the intimate (and colourful) bleacher seat (i.e., cheapest in the house) experience at Fenway!

  96. Eggstremely interesting blog today! Took me forever to get through it…clicking on all the links and then reading those blogs, ya know. Love the whole idea/mission behind Circles. Oh those lucky Bostonians and their neighbors! To have such a wondrous co-op knitting circle. I really must move to someplace more knitterly! Loved the felted chicken I found on one of your links; so much so that I created my very own blog for the sole purpose of being able to ask the knitter to send me info about where to get the pattern. Gee, Knitting and knitters…one can really connect to all of life and the world via knitting. It’s a wondrous beautious knitterly world out there!

  97. Just a comment on your new book–it’s excellent. Not only entertaining but informative. I followed your directions to the letter for turning a heel and I like it much better than my old way. I shall also use your instructions for grafting when I get to the toe. Thanks! You rock!

  98. Excellent! While my family was going to Cape Cod my mother kept saying that it was just “20 minutes from the exit if we wanted to see Stephanie Pearl McPhee” and we kept going. Now that she knows you and Grumperina were there, she regrets her chickening out.
    And by the way, I wish you’d stop in Upstate New York!

  99. Stephanie, I am so bummed. I thought you were going to be in Alexandria, Virginia this Tuesday (4/25/06). I was planning to be in DC on business and was so looking forward to seeing you. But your schedule must have changed. Darn, anyway thank you for making me laugh. I enjoy your blog so!

  100. Regia has a Canadian Colours collection in their sock yarn, though no Maritime ones. B.C. and Vancouver are represented by glorious blues and sea greens, while Ontario is a wonderful mix of plum and cerise shades with Toronto being a muted burgundy/fawn/lime/orange/chocolate brown blend.

  101. I LOVE that chasing rainbows yarn. I’m from Sydney and visiting Chicago for work in a couple of weeks time. What’s your pick on the yarn shops there?

  102. I’ve read your book from cover to cover except skipping over some of the technical stuff which I will tackle when my head clears from reading about turning a heel. I love the book. Love it love it love it.
    I promise to start swatching. So far, I’m knitting purses, which like scarves, don’t matter what size they are. If they are too big, they just hold more.

  103. Oh so its always like that flying into Boston – I thought it was just my flight – I was sat next to girl who boarded the plane with a bag of MacDonalds food telling me “I can’t eat plane food. It makes me sick” – so she eats her burger and fries and then sleeps a bit and then when they bring the food round she proceeds to eat everything they offer her – when we came in to land and the buffeting from the wind started she went white as a sheet and clutched the arms of her seat until we had come to a complete stop – made me laugh anyway!

  104. Dinner *was* really fun πŸ™‚ I had a great time hanging out, and well, the after hours shopping – isn’t that like a knitter’s dream come true?
    I mean, really. It was a great night πŸ™‚
    Hope you’re recovering from your travels!

  105. Dinner *was* really fun πŸ™‚ It was great hanging out and the after hours shopping? It was like a knitter’s dream come true. I mean, really. What a great time. πŸ™‚
    Hope you’re recovering from your travels! (But you’re probably on another plane to God knows where? Do you even know what time it is anymore??)

  106. Had a great time seeing you in Grafton! Even my (muggle) sister laughed at some of your stories as I recounted them over dinner (and a bottle or two of wine) the next night. I hope you’re getting a chance to get some sleep . . . I have no idea how you remain good-natured and humorous keeping the schedule you’ve been keeping.

  107. I feel so much better that you mentioned your Zee/Zed moment. I’m another Suzanne who was in line after the 1st Suzanne, and you spelled out loud to me using Zed instead of Zee. Confused the heck out of me and then I felt so embarrassed to be having a dumb blonde moment. You’d think the 2 years of high school French would have prepared me to hear the letter Zed!
    Now that I know it was a shared confusion I don’t feel as bad.
    And I called in to work that day to see you, and it was totally worth it! You are so funny and talented and all of the other people I talked to were as well.

  108. I somewhat doubt you could get to my comment after 125 and counting, but I just finished the third book, feel like we are kindred souls (don’t worry, no stalking here) and wonder when and if you will make it to Phoenix/Scottsdale? I can bribe you with kid mohair fleece, shorn just two weeks ago! How about Shetland? Alpaca? Is there a post of your schedule somewhere? Anyway, I enjoyed the books thoroughly. -Lauren, A fellow Knitter (capital K)

  109. I’m going to delurk just long enough to say that your blog was a significant part of why I started knitting, and I’m desolated that on the day you finally made it to my neck of the woods (which is to say, Cambridge) I was laid out with a stomach bug. And I console myself with the hope that you’ll come back some day. O:)

  110. Lucy (and Mind’s Eye) are my all-time Boston favorites and I would cry if they weren’t a part of my life. Glad you got to meet them, too! (And thanks for signing my book while you were there…not only is Lucy a yarn goddess, but she’s a fantastic friend as well).

  111. I love this blog! In addition to being a talented knitter, you’re also a fine writer. I’m an English teacher in Kentucky, so I should know. πŸ™‚ You have clearly taken the time to compose your thoughts and then express them in a uniquely beautiful way.
    I’m sorry I missed your visit to Kentucky. It looks like you had lots of fun, and it would’ve been nice to bullknit with you. Keep knitting, writing, and blogging.
    Best wishes,
    Anna-Laura Phelps

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