Doylestown ho!

Where was I ? Right. Finishing up in Pittsburgh, where knitters are friendly, the yarn shops terrific and every road leads to a bridge. Round about this time I had a life that looked only like this.


I know. That’s the hotel room in Pittsburgh, and I’ve got to tell you, while it was very clean and comfortable, it had all the personality and soul of that guy Mark I dated in the 10th grade. (Mark actually had his mother call and tell me and cancel a date. Who does that? I had my mother call and dump him. I regret nothing. ) I believe that it was this bland hotel room that caused me to cast on this.


Have you ever seen anything less Stephanie in your life? What was I thinking? A baby surprise jacket (I love me the baby surprise jacket) in pastels? What was this doing in my stash? What sort of leaving home panic caused me to grab this? That will teach me to plan better. Never leave your knitting selections to the last minute. If it wasn’t for the hotel room I probably would have realized that I was knitting something I hated, but the carpet got to me and I kept going. Weird. In the meantime, the hotel had served it’s purpose, and after a very disturbing conversation with a night clerk at the hotel, (He writes sexual science fiction and wants the name of my agent. I didn’t give it to him. She can thank me later) I caught a deadly early shuttle to the Pittsburgh airport and flew to Philadelphia.

I arrived at the Doylestown Bookshop via car, and the place was charming. Actually, all of Doylestown seems charming. Very white picket fence/ American family movie sort of place. The architecture is beautiful, the parks are beautiful and more than once I smiled as I drove through and saw all of the blossoming trees. (Toronto is not blossoming yet.) When I arrived at the shop they had 10 chairs set out, and were feeling pretty ready. (I have low enough self-esteem that this didn’t seem like it was going to be a problem.) They assured me that A) I write knitting books. B) It was raining/snowing and C) I write knitting books. 10 chairs it was.



These pictures were taken before everyone got there. We ended up a team of more than 40 or 50 knitters. (I love freaking the muggles out.) There was Liz (In a great sitcom chic. Every time I see that sweater I think over knitting one.) Laurie, who was way more smooth than she thinks she was, Amy and Francesca, Chrissy (who was surprised I knew her blog. TIP: The blogosphere is a community. I read your blogs, you read mine. Neat, eh?) Mark (excellent taste in yarn.) Buttercup, the fabulous S.Kate (live and in the flesh) Regina, who’s socks looked self patterning and absolutely . Were. Not.


This woman is a very good knitter. (Regina, I have not posted the picture of you in your sweater as a personal favour from me, to you. I assure you that it was the most unflattering picture ever taken of a human being and seeing as it resembled you exactly the way that cheese curds resemble ballet dancers, I’ve not posted it. It was a great sweater though.) More knitters were there, including a Canadian (Good to see you eh?) Teresa, and many more. I had a very good time, especially when I looked up and saw my salvation, the force put on this earth to rescue me from cabbies, soul-sucking hotel rooms, bad airport coffee and strange processed cheese…


She and I left with S.Kate, visited the nearby Yarn shop (What was the name of that place? Forever yarn? She had fleece artist.) and we made our merry way to a restaurant for lunch where I enjoyed S. Kates company and was able to thank her in person for all that she did to make the Olympics work, and for how generous she is with KWB. It was, once the thanking was done (thanking is not so funny) one of the funniest meals I have ever snickered my way through. S. Kate was spindling suri alpaca, and it was everywhere. Everywhere. Webbing her to the seat, on her leg, in her hair and in this picture, though you can’t see it….


in her mouth. (What can I say. The woman loves fibre.)

We parted in the parking lot and Juno and I began the drive back to NJ. We drove for a bit, reflecting (read giggling ourselves stupid) on what a fun time it had been, then fell into a quiet silence, while I chose CD’s for the ride and we stopped for a red light. It was at this exact peaceful moment that someone ran up to the side of the car, knocked on the window and held something up, momentarily terrifying both Juno and I.


It was S.Kate. It was a Suri sample. She thrust it into the car, said “I’m so glad it was your car” and bolted.

I love knitters.

154 thoughts on “Doylestown ho!

  1. Hi – this post is below the Pittsburg one on the blog – so not immediately visible to those of us blog browsing and pretending to work.
    Looks like another great trip!

  2. I love the way that you can make every trip you take so interstingly unique. Fortunately baby surprise sweaters go quickly so you can be back to your *normal* color palette, which is much more fun!

  3. Exactly what were you thinking when you grabbed that? You could always buy more yarn, and whatever else is needed (pattern, needles) so that you could work on something you liked rather than something you hated. You’d be justified, right? At least that is what I would do.
    When are you coming to Vancouver Island? It isn’t totally inaccessible.

  4. How absolutely lovely. It looks like it was so very much fun! I’ve spent the last week telling various knit bloggers how jealous I am that they all got to meet you

  5. Hi, Steph! Looking forward to seeing you next weekend in Northampton and am bringing you something that I’ve been carrying around with me, for you, since last October. Plus all those books for you to sign! Glad the tour is going so well.

  6. That’s very clever Annette – “random act of fiber” indeed. Can’t wait to join all this fun when you speak here in Ontario. Have a wonderful weekend at home.

  7. That is the best moment I’ve heard written in a long time and that suri is beautiful, if my hair were but three shades darker it would look exactly like that

  8. what a cute bookshop! I’m going to be in that area next weekend (did you have time to check out the mercer museum?) so I’ll have to stop by that shop too! and the yarn store nearby! wish I had visited sooner to hear you talk!

  9. ha! for a second there, i thought that some rabid fan had thrust a lock of their own hair at you. how extremely 19th century would that be? 🙂

  10. That Suri is beautiful! It’s so cool how far knitters are willing to go to share their craft.
    I do like Annette’s “random act of fibre” thought though.
    Hmm… I see a new phenomenon sweeping the continent! Knitter’s running up to open windows and throwing in a hank of yarn with a piece of paper wrapped around it that says “You’ve been hanked!”.

  11. I am almost always continuously amazed at what a special bunch of people knitters are and what a very cool community we have. I feel like I should know this by know, and not be so amazed, but then they go and do something that is just wonderful, or just very cool and knitterly and they get it, and then it’s all, wow, knitters are so cool all over again.

  12. Ha ha ha! A suri sample reverse-carjacking!
    Am so sorry the picture of Regina’s sweater didn’t turn out – if her socks are any indicator, the sweater must have been a wonder!
    I love reading about your adventures!

  13. OK, I’ll be the first to say it: Your bit about “I read your blogs, you read mine” has me giddily wondering ‘does she read mine? huh? huh? Might she recognize me next Friday at Classic Yarns of Grafton? Huh? Huh?” Of course the extra cup of coffee I had this afternoon is probably adding to the jitteriness of it all, and I don’t *really* think there’s any chance you’ll recognize me. To start with, my blog is pretty far off the beaten path, and then it doesn’t help that my picture on my blog isn’t very clear or good. Anyway. I’m very psyched to see you next Friday — would it be inappropriate to bring multiple copies of your book/s for signing? Perhaps I should call the store and ask . . .

  14. Stephanie–I was soooooo excited to see that you might come to Portland Oregon this summer!!!! You can bet that I’ll be there and maybe (if it’s jamming season) bring you some of my Peach or Marionberry Jam. Is that enticement enough???

  15. Tee hee. Random fiber assault.
    On the plus (?) side, that pastel baby surprise jacket matches your sucky hotel room perfectly!

  16. I so love reading your blog. Now which would be easier – getting you over to the UK for a tour here (‘cos you _sooooo_ want to go on another tour, right now?) or getting me over there… hmmm…

  17. Sexual science fiction? Huh?
    Sorry I should post something glorious about the lovely suri that does sort of look like something women would throw at Lord Byron instead of undergarments at rockstars but the seuxal science fiction keeps coming back to haunt me.

  18. Gee, you missed Doylestown’s claim to fame – at least according to my husband’s Polish family. The National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa ( My mother-in-law (may she rest in peace) used to haul us there for some folk festival in the high heat of summer, and liked to go there for Christmas midnight mass, even though it was about an hour-and-a-half drive from their home where we spent Christmas. And it was always mobbed. I really never learned anything about the town during those excursions.

  19. Omigodthat SOCK!!! Regina is from The Planet Of Insanely Talented (not to say possessed) Sock Knitters. I guess you don’t do pastels, huh? I never knew that about you. Too bad I was knitting that pink and yellow first ever sock in Rutherford – I wear all black and grey clothes and thought it would be a real hoot to hide a pink and yellow sock inside a cowboy boot. It’s coming out a bit odd but it does still look like a sock. All of your travels sound really fun and all of the people you are meeting are terrific – of course, they’re knitters.

  20. I am laughing so hard that I am crying. If we could all look at things as you do I think the world would be a happier and funnier place!
    I used to travel for work. I totally understand the carpet thing. Anything looks better than hotel carpet.

  21. My first toe-up sock is getting done, I survived my first tornado here in Iowa City*, I appear to be the first post–and now I know why I can’t get work done in hotel rooms, where I think I won’t be distracted by dishes and other clutter. Hope your trip to Chicago is a time I can drive over–and gives you as good a lunch.
    *much property damage, no lives in town

  22. Okay, now I’m jealous. I mean, I love Cassie and Juno and you, but I know I’ll see you guys soon and I can kind of cope with it.
    But S. Kate? You got to hang out with S. Kate? And watch her eat suri alpaca unintentionally?
    I am consumed with wooly envy and will now sulk in an unladylike manner. Sigh.

  23. I am so with Dorothy B. on the “you’ve been hanked” movement. What a nicer thing to do than, say, commit some kind of crime. Think it will catch on?
    I’m so close to forcing my mother to go see you in Nashville, just because I can’t.
    That sweater. . . don’t know what you’ll do with it.

  24. I hope you didn’t tell the hotel clerk about your blog – he may read about other incidents you’ve had in hotels in elevators with cowgirl underwear.

  25. Sounds wonderful…cracks me up that the muggles thought only 10 people would show up, though!
    Come to SC, we’ll turn out more people than that! And the dogwoods and azaleas are blooming right now, it’s gorgeous.

  26. Wait… those socks WEREN’T self patterning? I must have read that wrong. Nope, just went back and looked. That woman is a sock god! I’m just happy that my second pair of self patterning socks matched.

  27. Alright. That’s hilarious. When I first saw the picture of the suri sample on my browser I thought it was a handful of hair. Seriously. And what’s suri? Maybe I should google it.
    Glad to hear you had a good time.

  28. Thanks for the shout-out to my humble blog and the compliments on the Sitcom. And I’m glad I’m not the only one that gets fiber in their mouth, although it happens to me when I am knitting angora. I guess it’s all that fiber-y fuzz and all the jaws flappin’ when I am knitting!

  29. OK, by the time I type and post this I will be SO not first, but my screen says I am first right now. You will just have to take my word for it.
    That sock is awesome. I am having an “I could never do that” moment. Soon to be followed by “could I do that? what colors would I use? how about purple?”

  30. Very un-Stephanie-ish. Not your most impressive moment. Sexual science fiction? OMG that sock is the most impressive one I think I’ve ever seen! And finally, we knitters are a unique breed, eh? Oh, and if you ever make it to Sioux Falls, South Dakota (I know, I know)…I’ll be in the front row and I’ll be sure to let the bookstore know we need WAY more than 10 chairs!

  31. I got the book two days ago. Finished it today during lunch. 🙂 Pretty awesome, I laughed a lot! Can’t wait to see you next Thursday in Cambridge!

  32. I laughed so hard at the last paragraph. How hysterical! I’m glad S. Kate gifted you with a wee bit of suri. 🙂
    I hope you have a good weekend, and am glad you are home safe and sound…but look forward to you coming out and about once again.

  33. And while the Harlot was enjoying Doylestown (right down the road a short piece from my corner of Pennsylvania), Sheepie (that’s me) was 7.5 hours south in Virginia.
    So, when you coming back to eastern PA, so the Other Half can arrange for me to be Somewhere Else again?

  34. Sexual Science Fiction? Ewwww. Let’s just hope he doesn’t join forces with the dirty sheep people.

  35. I was SO EXCITED to see on the Tour Page that you might be coming to the Metroplex! I can’t WAIT!! I really hope you make it because I’d love to see you. You’re such an inspiration to me on so many levels, knitting is just the tip of the iceberg! i just realized the other day that I’ve only been knitting for just under a year, and not consistently at first, but I’m really proud of my progress so far. I’ve even been asked to give lessons! I’m spreading the yarn love!

  36. Oh, fawkin’ hell. I thought you said someone ran into your car and broke your window. I kid you not. This is how well I pay attention. Never trust me with details. I’d have started a nasty rumour by now. “OHMYGOD, did you HEAR?! Juno’s car was hit WITH STEPHANIE IN IT!!”

  37. Wow sounds like so much fun, well aside from the sci-fi guy and the baby sweater, but still fun! I would love to have random yarn thrown at me!

  38. LOL, I think a normal person would still have been freaked out when they realized processed suri was being hurled at them from the street. A knitter? No way, that’s a freebie!
    If random fiber goodness is what it takes to get you to Portland, then I’ll be shaving sheep the whole way up from Eugene! (Now that would make an interesting APB for police)

  39. Wait. You read blogs? Whenever do you find the time? (Do you listen to our podcasts too while you travel?)
    Please tell your publisher that there are hundreds of knitters down here in Houston just waiting for you to visit. Pretty please. Oh, coming to our Knit at Night Guild conference in August would be perfect! (Although hot. Coming from Toronto, you would probably melt. Maybe October would be better…)

  40. Dude. You were with S.Kate for hours. THE S.Kate. The ever fabulous S.Kate of the TSF pin craze. The vastly brilliant S.Kate who saved your insane little arse with the KO participants spreadsheet. The S.Kate who I revere as a fellow blogless commenter-at-large.
    You couldn’t give us a photo that actually SHOWS her face in it??

  41. It never ceases to amaze me that some non knitters think that no one is interested in knitting, just because they aren’t. Just goes to prove that ignorance is NOT bliss, because Knitting is Bliss =)
    Do you ever think you can make it anywhere close to Texas? I can drive to Arkansas, Louisana or Oklahoma pretty quickly from here! =)*)
    please please pleeeeeeeze *cry*

  42. First of all… Regina’s sock! Omigod. The woman is (insane) a wonder! That’s beyond gorgeous.
    But Sexual Science Fiction? Is that porn for nerds? Or is it more like a root canal that you’re supposed to enjoy?
    PS: I like the baby surprise pattern, but I only do baby in brights! (otherwise I’d be in real danger of vomiting on the garment)
    PPS: you are just so cool to be as cool as you are and still be interested in we plebs.

  43. OMG! You read our blogs?!? Now I’ll have to get all witty and do fewer recipes (and I have a pip of a recipe for Passover “Mac” and cheese). Liz of the hard-to-get-to-blog: I tried to visit you and blogspot said I wasn’t allowed in. What’s up with that?

  44. “You write knitting books”
    Well the Doylestown bookshop knows better now!
    Maybe I should prep some silver suri for you and send it on up. hehehehehehehe. Oops, I said that out loud.
    Regina’s sock is something for me to emulate one day – I’m on my first two colour sock right now. Could I ever make something so fab? could i be bothered tying in all the ends?

  45. Stephanie, I just want to thank you for keeping me company the other day – and sane. You didn’t know you kept me company – but I was lucky enough to have your latest book in my bag(it gave up the couch cushion, finally) while my youngest son and I were in the pediatric ER – he ended up with pneumonia, the IV’s took a long time and to save him having me ask him one more time how he was doing, I was able to take your book out in little snippets to read while he was resting. Thank you for providing me a place for my worried mind to find a little calm.

  46. I love the way you make every place and every day exceptional? Thanks for always bringing a smile, even in a deluge.

  47. I looked at the photo, of the Suri, and thought “My gosh! Someone ripped out one of their hair extensions for the Harlot. Now THAT’S a groupie!”
    I thought I had actually BROKEN your camera, since you hadn’t posted a photo. WHEW!
    Thanks for posting all of those links. Now I can cyber-see some of the people I met!

  48. Wow. S. Kate even delivers in traffic. Unbelievable.
    And that surprise jacket reminds me of a certain yarn I used to have…
    Please don’t hit me. I meant it in a nice way.

  49. I wonder if you know how to get hold of Regina? I would love to make that green/black/white sock. It’s beautiful!

  50. That sci-fi-sex writer should stick a knitter in his books. Wait. Actually, now that I think of either of those genres and what they do with pointy sticks, nix that.
    That is a pack of talented knitters. That sock. My goodness. That sweater. 10 chairs would probably accommodate the WIPs people got. Just prop that sock up so it has a front seat view 🙂 “You write knitting books” Eeeeexactly. You do. And we devour them like mad. Did you think “neener neener” when you left?
    The baby jacket- it wasn’t the colors that got to me. It was the garter stitch. Good gracious, that is one heckofa dangerous hotel room.

  51. Please come to the Quad-Cities. It is midway between Chicago and St. Louis. And it counts as 5 cities and 2 states – really.

  52. I stayed at an Inn in or near Doylestown last summer. My SIL lives near there. Did you stop off in New Hope on your way back to NJ?

  53. Sounds wonderful – I just hope that when you get to Nashville to come to Threaded Bliss, the hotel room will be less boring and the 80 or so chairs we’ll have will be okay with you!
    We are all so very excited about you coming to our shop.
    See ya in a a couple of weeks!

  54. The sweater that S.Kate is wearing is gorgeous. Any chance of telling us what pattern that is?
    Please, pretty please. I love it and I love the color.

  55. LOL…I thought you were going to tell us one of your adoring fans and run out and wanted you to sign her knitting needles or something! Again, sounds like you had a great time!

  56. Whoops! Thanks for pointing it out, Bonnie. The link (my name in the “Posted by” line) in my first post is wrong. My email address is fidoknits1 at gmail dot com, but my blog doesn’t have the “1” in it. Too much coffee. Too much energy. Not enough proof-reading. Sorry ’bout that! [note: the second post, two below the first, has it right, as does this one . . . I hope].

  57. It’s such fun hearing about your travels and meeting up with all those nice Knitters.
    Mom always used to say that you had to eat a pound of dirt before you die…I added that you also had to eat a pound of fiber before you die (we have angora rabbits)!
    Regina’s socks are just fabulous and S.Kate’s sweater just looks so good and so cozy.

  58. Oh. Wow. That sock is amazing. And green, which I love, so it just makes the sock that much more incredible. Jeezy Chreezy.
    Did the pastel take the edge off the hotel room? I probably would’ve reacted with wildly variegated sock yarn or something. (But then, I always react with sock yarn…)

  59. As I crept (all right, jogged) late into the Doylestown bookstore, I lurked at the back of the crowd of knitters. Then I thought, to hell with this, and decided I could creep up the side and get a better view — I’m short. You get good at finding a better view. In any case, I ended up next to one of the Doylestown bookstore employees, at about the moment you described the confused, the bemused and otherwise not-yet-converted as Muggles. And she looked so sheepish that I burst out laughing and told her that great things were in store for her when she discovered what all the fuss was about. Then she agreed to move a whole book display so I could get to the seat Amy had saved for me. I think — I think you rocked the house. The Doylestown bookstore didn’t know what hit them. In a good way. It was fun to meet you and I’m glad that Juno et al took such good care of you.

  60. ok, this may be a bit off topic but I’ve been reading your blog for awhile and now have come down with some sort of sock fever. Can anyone recommend a really really good how-to-knit-a sock-without-wanting-to-stab-your-eyes-out kinda book for someone who has NO clue?? I’ve only been knitting about 6 months or so, and the yarn shop ladies here are snotty.. 🙁 so I need a good book…

  61. Ten chairs? 10?!
    Did they know that you had 4,000+ crazy knitter fans who joined you on the Olympic Journey, alone? Ya know, not to mention all of your fans who didn’t join in and all of the lurkers (like Andrew!)
    10. ROFL! My arse would take up two alone. Sheesh!!
    S. Kate…ya know there are better ways to ingest fiber? Say like a nice bowl of bran? Or maybe some fruits and vegetables?? ;D

  62. I really enjoy your blog and your books. What a sense of humor! I like it all.
    Could you tell me what kind of yarn the sock in
    a patterned green (Picture on today’s blog.)? I would like to know where I might find it.
    My daughter has seen you several times. She is
    Marti Dolezal of Seattle.
    Nancy Newkirk
    Washougal, WA along the Columbia River just
    north of Portland, OR>

  63. Pleased to report Maine’s Bangor Public Library now owns 2 out 3 Harlot books thanks to my request. The newest one is now on the hold shelf until I get there today!! (They shipped the second one in from Portland but hopefully my glowing review has convinced them to buy it next time someone asks.)
    We are now allowed “among the books” thanks to gobs of Tabitha & Stephen King donation money to expand their “hometown library” – lives just up over the hill a ways – if you want to run the “Knitters/pointy stick” idea past him for a future Sci-Fi character?!
    Visit central Maine!!
    Laurie in Maine
    New to knitting; reading the archives is just as fun as reading your books – I’m up to 2005.
    When I grow up I want to be THAT Laurie from Maine! 😉

  64. Whoa, for a moment there I thought the car window knocking person was the sexual science fiction writer giving you a hair lock from dead woman!!

  65. I am a new blog reader – I got each of your books shortly after they came out. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who refers to non-knitters (mentally, at least) as muggles. I have started reading your blog and the Mason Dixon one – hope to catch up on the archives after school lets out. Where can I find out more about the traveling sock? I hope I can see you when you hit the southeasern US.

  66. Sexual science fiction??? Honey, your agent ought to pay you for not sending that along for the humor of it!! Those socks are quite lovely BTW. The suri is also gorgeous. Sorry, I still can’t get over the weird desk clerk. Hmmm. Strange.

  67. yarn for patterned sock was dale of norway baby ull….100% wool.
    thanks for all your kind comments!

  68. I have to help out Erin with the snotty yarn shop ladies…..First Erin, find a new yarn shop! Those ladies must be the evil vortex for every snarky feeling for every yarn shop lady in the universe! In that yarn shop lies the dark side……have faith in the force, young Skywalker (oops, sorry!)
    If you can’t find a new yarn shop nearby, then hang out here more and buy Stephanie’s new book! Also, Check out Cat Borhdi’s “Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles” or find a “Magic Loop” knitting pamphlet. My Borhdi travels everywhere with me, and looks like it; tape, notes, highlighted passages, frayed edges…I’m surprised it is still in one piece, well kind of. Magic Loop is my new favorite. Besides, it gave me a reason to buy more needles!!! If you have been knitting for 6 months, you can do socks. The hardest part about socks is getting a firm picture in your minds eye how a sock is supposed to lay at each stage of production. After that, it is a snap.
    But be warned, buying sock yarn is an addiction all of it’s own! I could knit nothing but socks for the next year and not run out! But each skein you buy already has someone’s “name” on it. Some whisper my husband’s name, others say mine, still other’s declare their intention to eventually live on the feet of one of my sons. My husband is the pushy-est when it comes to getting his socks done. Once I start a pair of socks for him (I think he has a mental catalog of the yarns I have bought for him), if I pick up anything else to knit, he pouts. It’s kind of cute.

  69. thanks for making me laugh – i’ve had such a bad day. three-year old pushing his ten-month-old broither to the ground right in front of me to watch the steam fly from my ears. he later pees on the sofa on purpose to see the steam again. where can i turn when i need a boost but can’t pick up my needles because i’m too busy mothering? i can turn to your blog. i wonder if my two boys will ever sit on the couch and knit while watching hockey as i do? hopefully they won’t be peeing on the couch while they are at it.

  70. There is sadly only the one yarn shop in this small town, and I guess that young woman who have tattoos and piercings are not supposed to be knitters. They like to watch me so I don’t run away with pilfered yarn, as if. So yes, now that I have broken my blog silence I will be on here often. Thanks everybody for the great book suggestions. I already have Stephanie’s book, naturally but will be getting the other ones as soon as I can. 🙂

  71. Um, Stephanie, close your ears as I offer a tactful suggestion to the wonder publicist — PHOENIX IN SUMMER!?!? ARE YOU NUTS!?!?!
    Been there, and all I can say is wow. A friend who lives there calls it preparation for hell. But, you can get great yarn there (I’ve been known to bring an extra suitcase for yarn when I visit). . . just, summer? Much better to come back to PA!

  72. Dear Stephanie,
    That was not just a salutation, it was an endearment. My sweetie had to be on a plane at oh-dark-thirty this morning and was exhausted and blue last night. He does not knit, btw, though he is an Enabler. I picked up “Secret Life of a Knitter” and said, “Read The Beast. Now.”
    It’s the first grin and chuckle I’ve seen out of him in _days_.
    Thank you,
    Karen 🙂
    p.s. How the heck does one get in on this random fiber action?

  73. I just read the updated tour – but still no California??!! If you can get to Seattle and Portland, we’re just a little jog down the coast in San Francisco. Bet you’d like the bread and (irish) coffee…

  74. Can you imagine if S.Kate had gotten the wrong car! But I had this moment of, so THAT’S where it went! The long hair I saved that I cut off years ago. Back when it was still that color.

  75. I’m so glad I get to read your blog again! Two weeks was too long! I was in Syracuse when you were in Skate… Skante… Skantya… oh fudge, New York State. I just missed you =(

  76. Young women with tatoos and piercings are not supposed to knit???? Clearly you don’t live in Seattle, Erin. 80% of the population under 35 in Seattle has tatoos and/or piercings. I think it is almost required to work at Starbucks! My son’s baseball coach (who in his non-baseball life is a special education teacher) has some rather impressive tatoos, including a bodacious tribal tatoo on his neck!! My husband and I(and neither of us is under 35), are contemplating his and her sun and moon tatoos. His on his bicep, mine in a more, ah, personal place.
    A knitting pierced and tatooed woman just shoots the crap out of stodgy people’s stereotypes….I LOVE it! If you really want to freak folks out, do something really traditional, like socks or lace or Aran sweaters! Then those snotty women will have no idea what to do with you!! Knit on Erin!!!

  77. Since there don’t appear to be any other comments, I have to take advantage of this situation to make one, and I have absolutely nothing clever to say. Nothing. *sigh*
    Happy Easter! (not very clever, but very heartfelt!)

  78. Thought about visiting California, in particular the San Francisco Bay Area??? I would so be there-along with lots of other knitters! Something to think about perhaps?

  79. I FINISHED THE SOCK!!! It fits (a little loose, I’ll make the next pair tighter) and even did the grafting successfully. When I was on line waiting to get my book signed in Rutherford, a lovely woman ahead of me told me about an online video demonstrating kitchener stitch – it can be found at It’s a great demo and you can follow along and stop it at any time while you finish. A must for any first-time sock knitter. And now – on to the second sock before I lose heart! Wheeeee!!!

  80. Any chance Kelli-the-wonder-publicist can arrange an appearance in Flordia? Orlando or Jacksonville? I can only imagine how great it would be to actually be part of one of your experiences (“visit” doesn’t encompass all that you share). Good luck on the road!

  81. Ok. I missed the Doylestown event by a day but I will see you in Northampton. If you need a chiro appt by then, I’m there for ya.

  82. Two words for Erin: Internet Shopping.
    Sweetie – snub those snotty yarn ladies and visit some of the fabulous yarn sites on the Internet. DO NOT patronize those who don’t respect and embrace other knitters, regardless of your appearance!
    Wishing everyone chocolate eggs and marshmallow Peeps this Easter:)

  83. Hi! I was going to email this to you, but then I realized I could comment here.
    First I want to say that I love your books and your blog. One day, if you happen to come to Salt Lake City, Utah, I will most definitely be there.
    Second of all, I found this sock pattern that you may or may have not seen for socks knitted simultaneously inside of eachother. It greatly sparked my interest.

  84. muggles, heehee…we musician types call non-musicians that(well, sometimes,we call them civilians). Congrats on the sock, Mardi-can’t wait to see it! Kathe

  85. How in the world can they have YOU coming to speak and they have. ten. chairs. Don’t they know who is coming? It’s the funny knitter from Canada. And they have. ten. chairs. GAH. I have ten chairs. Come to my house in Kansas. I’ll cook for you, you can stay in my cozy guest room for free, bounce our babies on your knee, have a bathroom and shower all to yourself, and we can probably arrange to momentarily terrify you with mystery fiber!! 🙂

  86. Stephanie! Have you seen how great you look on Liz’s blog photo? Strong, confident, beautiful, and sexy! Couldn’t help but notice.

  87. Regina’s socks really do rock! You have to be the luckiest knitter/blogger/author in the whole wide world! You get to meet everybody!
    About the baby sweater. I’d just call it ‘Tadpole’ and ripit!

  88. It looks as though Erin has been given some book titles already, but here’s a URL for beginning knitters who want to do socks:
    It has instructions fully written out in words (no abbreviations, not even for knit and purl), and with pictures.
    There is a downloadable .pdf too, luckily.
    Oh, those socks… and the sweater… (Why does it seem so right to have the wrists turned back? I don’t know but it does.)

  89. I think that would be a great hotel room to knit in. Certainly nothing in the room would take your attention away from your knitting. My diagnosis of their interior designer: Eats only porridge for breakfast every morning of his/her life, wears only dark colours, and perhaps suffers from chronic depression.

  90. I used to live in Bucks county and visited that yarn shop many times when I lived there. They used to have this HUGE spinning wheel in the display window and I have remembered that wheel for the last 22 years. Now I have learned to spin and I think seeing that wheel whet my appetite to learn to spin and knit. Nice place and Doylestown is a really pretty place to visit. Too bad you couldn’t go to New Hope during their Apple Festival in the fall.

  91. I hope your next hotel room is a bit more upbeat. I’ve never seen such a dark room before. o.0
    I can only imagine the darkness of the room made you knit up something in light airy pastels.
    Sounds like you are having a fun time of your tour. I hope it continues to go well.

  92. Dearest harlot,
    Have I told you lately how much joy and laughter your blog provides me? The hotel-room knitting reminds me of illustrations I’ve seen for mitered sqares in the EZ books (albeit black and white there). Perhaps you began that knitting while reading EZ? I linked to all or nearly all your posted links; would even leave comments if I could figure out the technology required for doing so !%*^ arrghh! Regina’s multi-green hued sock is stupendously beautiful. I went to junior high school with a Regina Jascewicz (sp?) in New Britain, CT. Couldn’t possibly be the same Regina? Nah, there must be 1000’s of women named Regina. gotta go do something productive now…

  93. Well, I am just not willing to be productive yet, ha! I’ve been reading through the comments and chewing over your post. It occurs to me (I can be really sloooow) that knitters are the most fabulously generous, sharing, witty, joyful, wonderful group of people you would ever want to spend time with. Thank God for knitters! Knitting and knitters Rock! Oh and spinners too, especially that wonderwoman S Kate.

  94. I’m thrilled to see that you’ll be in the Chicago area, most likely, this summer! Oooooo, will your arrival coincide with Stitches Midwest? That would be very cool!!!

  95. I bought your newest book this morning at Barnes & Noble. Yay! My computer had a problem when I turned it on and I didn’t even mind. It gave me chance to read while my SO fixed the problem. “No, I don’t need to call Tech Support. I have confidence that you’ll figure it out. I’ll just go in your office and rea.., uh, do some paperwork.”

  96. Oh, my, Regina’s socks are just amazing! And sexual science fiction, you say? Samuel R. Delany — nobody writes it better, or with more taste, class and smarts.

  97. Ow! hurting with laughing. When you three are in the room, there must be low ixygen from all the laughter. Many thanks to K.Kate as well for the Olympics stuff.
    In reflection, your L) thumb must be the most photographed thumb in history. Happily, it’s a very nice one.
    Am now plotting to see how we can get you to tour Australiasia…

  98. Mentioned Erin’s nasty knitting shop ladies to DH and he says he can totally envision a pierced and tatooed young woman knitting!! He equated Erin to the character of Abby, the ultra-cool goth crime lab investigator on NCIS (his favorite show). He says the Abby character should take up knitting and Erin can be the real-life model for her!

  99. I strongly believe that you should make a stop in Ann Arbor, MI. My friends and I would, no joke, gasp and cry with joy. I can assure you a large crowed, and there are 3 yarn stores to choose from! (i recomend Flying Sheep. they’re nice there, and friendly to younger knitters).
    …Just a thought

  100. it wouldn’t be too far off… I am a pre-med major thinking of going into forensics if I ever make it to that light of the end of the tunnel called med school.. lol

  101. See, knitting, tatoos and piercings are not so far removed from each other. As long as you don’t try piercing with the knitting needles….OUCH!!
    I was browsing in a yarn shop in Portland, OR a couple years ago, and in walked a woman in full leathers carrying a motorcycle helmet in one hand and a knitting pattern in the other. She was stopping by to get yarn for her new project. I am a novice motorcycle rider, but I want to start my own knitting motorcycle gang…”Chicks with Sticks”!! A skull and crossed knitting needles can be our emblem!

  102. Is anyone else getting sick of the hotel picture. I keep looking and looking for the next post, it’s been ddaayyss, and what do I get a depressing hotel room.

  103. Does anyone know where Stephanie is? Is she OK? Is she home? Is she on tour? Does anyone know? I’m starting to suffer withdrawal. I’m starting to panic.

  104. I found a tank top at that is a skull with cross needles… i also got the matching canavs bag to hold my projects lol

  105. Stephanie, are you there? I’m beginning to worry about you, seriously. It’s been quite a few days since your last post and since you didn’t say anything about being on a vacation or otherwise occupied, I worry (it’s my job, as I tell my son). so please let us know where you are, if you are unwell, whatever???
    take care

  106. My book is IN – just have to go pick it up. Knitting Rules!!!!!!!!! Could have had a convert today if only I’d had extra needles with me. Reminder to self – always carry extra needles and wool, even to the hospital.

  107. Doesn’t anyone else think the idea of having your mom call and dump the guy (Mark?) who had his mom call to cancel a date is extremely hilarious?! Good on you Steph. I would not have been that smart in grade 10.

  108. Sounds like you had a fabulous time! Maybe the “un-Stephanie” knitting is just leading up to something very you if you change the colours.

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