Spirit of the St. Louis knitters

Today’s blog is brought to you by Yvonne. She’s a knitter I met on the shuttle (sorry, no taxi) to the airport this morning as I was leaving the very green city of St. Louis.


She’s knitting a dog coat at home (my ability to find knitters in random places is scaring even me) and was very interesting (trust me. You have to be gripping to hold my attention that early.) Yvonne is that special kind of saint on the earth known as the Urban Math Teacher. She’s from Newark NJ, and if she’s your kids teacher, boy are you lucky.

Last night, when I was at the St. Louis County Library, signing books and generally being overwhelmed, a very young and charming knitter (who had to go home to bed, bummer) gave me this:


So young and so wise. Madeline managed to sum up my whole evening in three words. Knit. Yarn. Fun. (Somebody get this kid a digital camera and a blog…)

You betcha. The St. Louis knitting guild throws a smashing knitting party. (As well as being terrifically interesting people. You should join. They aren’t scary at all.)



The guild and the knitters knew what to expect. (We know about us) but the library kept looking at all of the people and you could practically see the thought bubbles over all their heads.

“Knitting, right?!? ” The final headcount was 183 knitters in one place, and let me tell you, that’s some powerful knit mojo. (I bet all those librarians woke up this morning with a fondness for yarn they can’t explain.)

I met Erin and Karson. (Who despite some sort of stalkerish behavior have assured me that they are simply enthusiastic.)


The lovely Quantum Tea Alison. (I know. You’re all jealous that I got to meet her.)




Who came in line after Alison and introuduced herself as “nobody important”. (This appears to be code for “sadly-blogless” and I took her picture to assure her (however inaccurately) that bloggers are not taking over the world.) Not everybody has a secret identity, and I like it that way. She looks plenty important to me.



Jenn amused the living daylights out of me last year by sending the previous travelling sock a chunky black sock with “STAFF” embroidered on it. I laughed and laughed. A sock famous enough to need security. (Made sense. The sock already had little knitted groupies.)



Seen here with her smashing snowdrop shawl. (I am a big enough dork that I pointed out to her that I had written that pattern. “I know” she said. “Right” I said, and thought about running myself through with my knitting needles.)

Here’s Jackie,


She was knitting an early knitty pattern from a Toronto Knitter. (These little bits of home really move me somehow. I didn’t write the pattern, Knitty is Amy’s brainchild, but everytime I see one of those patterns when I’m on the road my little Canadian heart puffs up a little. It’s misguided, but true.)

and finally,



Who had a business card for her blog. I think that’s pretty darned smart. Can you imagine how much easier it would be to explain to cab drivers why they need to hold the sock if I had a business card? I bet it would cut the number of funny looks in half.

After the knitting party, the guild took me back to one of the nicest shops I have ever seen. The Weaving Dept at Myers House and Barn. (Long name. Good shop. I saw a couple of looms and some coned yarn but that was all weaving had to do with it.) It’s a big rambling shop in an old house, and they yarn is in all different rooms. (Bathroom by the sock yarn alcove.) I loved it. I loved it more when they brought out the blueberry cheesecake. I say again. If you want to have a great knitting party, you need the St. Louis knitting guild.


Finally, a public announcement.


Last night, at approximately 9:15 pm, this sock (Yarn tucked inside, magic loop technique) was discovered abandoned and alone in the parking lot of the Library. It was cowering, lonely and at risk of acquiring some dirt, but thankfully (because it is wool) it was not cold. It was rescued, and has been entrusted to the temporary but kindly care of Timothy (my stalwart chauffer and fine knitter) If you lost this sock, please contact Timothy (before he gets attached to it) so you can be re-united. Your very nice sock misses you.

PS. Suzanne? The Toblerone bar you gave me in Boston saved my life yesterday afternoon. I was starving, could find no food anywhere, couldn’t work the stinking vending machine, considered dissolving completely and was absolutely consumed with affection for you when I discovered three fuzzy lint covered chocolate triangles in the bottom of my purse (you know how things get fuzzy in your purse?) and have never been happier to see any food.

Thank you. The cosmic purpose of the Harvard playing cards I received at the same time remains to be discovered.

PS again, I put the details for where I’ll be in Lexington KY on Saturday on the tour page.

145 thoughts on “Spirit of the St. Louis knitters

  1. Thank you so much for coming to St. Louis – you were absolutely wonderful and I had a hard time convincing my boyfriend that yes, knitting is fun and humorous! Please come back and see again soon! (I was with Anna who was there at 5pm to get the front row seats!)

  2. I came to see you in St. Louis too, only cuz I heard Rachael Ray was going to be there. Just kidding! See my blog for a summary and Wacky Action Photos. The person in front of me in the Knitting Rules book-buying line got the Very Last One, and I was heartbroken.
    I didn’t have A) a cool project with which to wow you, or B) anything for you to sign other than body parts (I mean, anywhere else but in a library, I’da been okay with it), so alas, I didn’t wait in the line to say hello, although I should have. Anyway, I hope you’ll be back soon – I promise to buy a book beforehand next time!
    – Sarah

  3. I’m glad my sock got to meet your sock, and thanks for coming to St. Louis. Next time you come thru you’ll have to go to Ted Drewe’s for a concrete. Best parking lot knitting spot in the universe.

  4. Second? No! Can’t be! I’m so excited I had to type my address twice! Glad you had a fun trip and didn’t starve (who can starve with chocolate in her purse?). Off to visit the NEw list of blog friends.

  5. I love all the pictures! A wonderful way to chronicle your travels (and perhaps saves you from having to write too much while you’re on the road).

  6. Dear Stehpanie: I just asked my Elder child if he knew why I was on the computer and he answered “Because you finally have friends?”. I don’t know wheather to laugh or cry.

  7. Is it just me, or does Erin look mildly annoyed at something Carson just did? Ahhh, love.
    And you do realize that now, everywhere you go, people will give you toblerone bars.
    Poor lovely lonely sock.

  8. I love seeing all those library books in the background of your photos. And I have a business card for my blog, too. I gave you one last May at NH Sheep & Wool. You’re too famous to need business cards for your blog, though.

  9. I hope to see you Saturday in Lexington. If I can get away from the kids long enough to drive down from Cincinnati I’m going to be there!

  10. I’ll second sarahkate on the Ted Drewes thing – I went to college in St. Louis, and nothing compares to Ted Drewes.

  11. Mmmmmmm, blueberry cheesecake and Toblerone….you’re making me drool on my knitting. Sounds like you had a grand old time in St. Louis. Still looking forward to Lexington. Really I’m not stalking you….just sort of…tracking. Yeah, that’s it. Tracking. Or should it be Trekking, like sock yarn? Hmmm. At any rate, Saturday’s a-comin’! Let the peasants rejoice!

  12. I am not being racist here but I’m so glad to see another black knitter! That makes 5 so far! (in a lifetime, and I’m 31)
    Thanks Steph for the photo.

  13. Wow, that snowdrop shawl is gorgeous. I am normally a hater of variegated lace, but I can feel myself slipping toward the abyss…

  14. I’m relly getting jealous!
    Can’t Kelli-the-wonder-publisher find you SOMEWHERE in central Indiana???
    We’ve got some wonderful shops around here!

  15. Did Beth make the jacket/sweater/whatever that is? I want one. And Madeline should have a blog, or at least a Cafe Press shop.

  16. Looks like you had a lovely turnout at the library — the picture of knitters extends as far as the eye can see!!
    I have a rather silly question (*looks a wee bit embarrassed*) do your books have any connection to eachother chronologically? Let me rephrase that… What I mean is, I just ordered your newest book, but I haven’t read the others (please forgive me! I’m new to this!) and I was wondering whether I needed to read the others first before I read the new one? Or are they completely independent?
    Glad to hear your tour is going well!

  17. Thanks so much for coming to St. Louis, Stephanie!! I feel so honored that you put me and my snowdrop shawl on your blog! My friends and I (and I’m sure everyone there!)had a wonderful time! Thanks again!

  18. Looks like you’ve been having a great tour so far. That card is so adorable! The lonely sock is too, I hope it gets reunited with it’s knitter soon.

  19. In my opinion (as the mother of one teen and one pre-teen) all teachers of middle and high school should be revered and paid as much as they ask for. There’s no way I’d go into a mob, er, group of kids that age without body armor and a cattle prod!

  20. Ohhh…looks like so much fun! And cheesecake too!
    But I neeeeddd to know if that lost sock made its way home? Poor lost sock. Not even a foot to keep it company.

  21. Glad you had as much fun as the rest of us did! You totally made the two hour drive worth it, and for once I did NOT have problems staying awake on the drive home!

  22. California? Kal-Le-FOr-N-Ya? When will you be in California? I know I’ll have to drive about 10 hours to see you because our small group of dedicated knitters knows that no one comes here (Redwood National Forest, Crescent City, CA) unless they are going somewhere else or there is a Tsunami! When, Where….I’m There.

  23. Steph,
    This is “Incrementalist” Ellen. From KnitLit Too. I am coming down to Lexington to see you. Let me know if I can bring you anything! I emailed you my cell phone number in case you are being held prisoner by the book fair people and they won’t feed you.

  24. Knit.
    Way to get it, Madeline. A succinct summing up of the Life of a Harlot.
    It’s been years since I’ve been to St. Louis – did you get to show the sock the Arch?

  25. Stephanie: You do not have to answer this, but I am so glad you had a good time here in St. Louis. And I am still sorry I missed you.

  26. Stephanie,
    I just want to thank you for coming to St. Louis, it was so much fun. Moreover, I’d like to thank you for putting up Madeline’s note, it really means a lot to me since I am her mom, LOL. She is at school right now but will be so thrilled beyond belief to see it. She did sum up the evening ‘Knit, Yarn, Fun’ – – I wish I’d been able to go back to the Meyers House with you all, Nancy Quade, the owner, is wonderful as is her staff and yarn selection. Even though its about 40 minutes from my house and there are three yarn stores between, it’s my LYS. Thank you again, you have no idea how much it’ll mean to Madeline.

  27. Dude. You can have as many business cards made for your blog in as many languages as you like, but it still won’t help with the funny looks when you ask a cab driver to hold the sock. Think about it.

  28. St. Louis was so much fun.. thanks Stephanie with putting up with our “stalkerish” behavior.. and thanks again for the sock lesson 🙂 oh and Carrie I look like that because Karson is trying to squeeze the everlovin pudding out of me… but what are best friends for?

  29. Sorry I missed you last night but our hot water heater went out and well, I guess we have to make priorities, although it was hard, but at least we had hot water this morning.
    The Weaving Department is an amazing store, they even have an annex where the spinning wheels are and their 40% off room!
    And Nancy is an absolute doll.

  30. Oh man. I knew it would be wonderful. I couldn’t make it to see you in St. Louis Stephanie, so I ordered BookBookBook II and BookBookBook III from Amazon instead. I can’t wait to get them.
    Did you know that I made morning glory sock yarn inspired by your beautiful photos of morning glories last year? I guess you couldn’t email me that photo so I could make a print of it? I know you’re a busy book writer and speaker and all that now but maybe you have people. Like the yarn boy. Do you have people that answer your fan mail for you? heh

  31. Oh, how I wish you were coming to Houston. You make me laugh with every blog. I am jealous of my niece Sarah. (She is Penny Karma of the second comment) At least one member of my family has seen the sock. My daughter is also a knitter. She and her business partner have just opened a new yarn shop in Katy, a suburb of Houston. My mother and grandmothers were all knitters, too. And now my daughter’s 5 year old twins are knitters. In Texas, such a number of knitters in one family is rare. (It’s pretty hot here, you know). Don’t you think it would be grand to come and encourage more knitting down here in the south?

  32. le sigh…i’m still bitter that i missed you. especially since i got an extension on that homework!

  33. I’m still pouting because I missed your Massachusetts readings, and now I wish I’d hopped a plane to St. Louis.
    Maybe you’ll come to Des Moines while I’m there this summer? (Hey ….. a knitter can dream.)

  34. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be there last night. (Though I’m in the St.Louis suburbs, I’m not exactly in Kirkwood, and I was overwhelmed with other things, including accidentally falling asleep at 6:30.) But thank you for coming to our wonderful city…

  35. You were fantastic…my non-knitting husband is still talking today about how great you were (and thank you for complimenting me on my vest, I was so proud you noticed it).

  36. Yvonne is telling her fellow teachers all about meeting the sock, I mean that really interesting lady, on the shuttle – I just know it!!

  37. Well, Stephanie, I had just about as much fun as you did during your stop in St. Louis, although my husband (who collects very heavy rocks and thankfully never comments on the GinnyStash) was really curious as to what I was doing with a bunch of “knitwits” until 11pm. I have a couple of really nice photos of you with Timothy, Rescuer of Socks and the lovely Erin, so e-mail me if you’d like them sent to your e-mail box. I’ve started reading the new book and have already LOL’ed about three times. By the way, you got lucky to have come to Myers House on a Wednesday. The Wednesday night knit-in is usually just about that much fun and Kate’s desserts are always awesome. You are always welcome to come.

  38. Oh Harlot! You were so close and I missed you… My Uncle was visiting for one day from Florida and I was swept off to see him instead… *sigh* (Don’t get me wrong, I love my Uncle, who I don’t see very often, but I HAVE seen him before!) I suppose it’s just as well – I’m working on two pairs of socks right now, both of which I’m finding boring, and I would want a really great sock to bring to meet you, and not only do I already have a super bad case of Single Sock Syndrome, I’m out of sock needles. Darn. Guess that means I need to buy more…

  39. I would like to adopt the sock, if his people don’t show up to claim it. I would be happy to finish it, and give it a good home with other socks. It would not feel alone. I have other odd (not twin) socks here.

  40. Stephanie,
    Katie didn’t happen to mention which yummy yarn she used for the snowdrop shawl, did she?

  41. Steph – so fun to see you last night. I brought my teen-age daughter, who is a Knitter with a capital K, but she was not so sure about listening to someone TALK about it all night, for pete’s sake. I must say, she chuckled all the way through your talk, and now is a true blue Harlot fan in her very own right. It does a mother proud…….

  42. Even though I’m yawning today, I’m so glad Marilyn and I came to see you last night. Now when I read your blog I’ll have lots of fun hearing your voice. It was well worth the 200 mile round trip we made from Hannibal. I’m glad my sock got to meet your sock! Hope you can come visit Twain’s Yarn in Hannibal, MO…Boyhood Home of Mark Twain!

  43. The book tour looks like it’s going really well. 😀 I’ll be flying out near KY the week after next. Think you could move that event back a bit? 😉

  44. I’m one of knitters who was at your talk at the St. Louis Library last night. I was so happy to see your update today!
    My friends & I were the ones who found the partially completed sock, which had apparently dropped out the door of it’s creator’s vehicle. It looked so forlorn & abandoned, but was clearly quite a bit of work on someone’s part. So many inches long already! Such a pretty design! What if it was the second sock of the set? How would we feel if it were our sock left all alone in a dark parking lot?
    We immediately decided that getting it to someone from the Guild would be the best way to get it hooked up with its owner. Alas, the door to the library was already locked. It was after their 9 o’clock closing time, & we could get out, but not back in. 🙁 The librarian who came over when I held the sock to the window looked at me very dubiously. (Maybe it was the sharp needles, I don’t know. She didn’t seem to be one of the “initiated”.) I had to just pray that she would get the sock to the people who would properly appreciate it.
    So I was thrilled to see the picture of Timothy holding the sock on your blog. I hope the owner sees it & gets in touch with him.
    I also really enjoyed your musings on knitting. I haven’t laughed so much in ages. Thank-you for a very entertaining evening.

  45. Dear Steph,
    I was so great to see you last night! You made me laugh more than I have in so so long. Again I’m glad that you liked the security sock (I still can’t believe you still have it) and thanks for the mention on your blog. My blog has gotten 700 hits in the last 3 hours….unbelievable. Hopefully St. Louis will be on your tour for books 4 and 5 and we’ll meet again (with more chairs, less sun, and lots of toblerone and cheesecake). Will you be at Stitches Midwest?

  46. Oh, and I forgot. One of the best things about you coming to St. Louis is getting to find all the other St. Louis bloggers. I only knew of Beth’s and a couple others before today. Thanks!

  47. Thank you so much for comign Stephanie. Thank you for letting me drive you around – some of the things you told me in the car were soooo funny! But I’ll never tell!
    My blog has been updated, and anyone with information on the missing sock is welcome to comment on it there…

  48. Dear Harlot, I myself come from the beautiful state of kentucky. Unfortunately there is no possible way I can be in Lexington on saturday. You cannot imagine the inner agony this gives me. To have the one and only Stephanie Pearl-Mcfee, the Yarn Harlot, less than three hours from me. while I must sit in my dorm room devoid of transportation and in the midst of studying for finals. It breaks my heart.
    PS you’ll love kentucky, but it’s prettier in the eastern part of the state.

  49. Hey Steph! Thanks for the blog action. I feel so famous today. Except that nobody around me knows that I’m famous, so I’m not…really….famous. I guess.
    Lucia asked if I made the sweater I was wearing, and of course, I did. It’s the Butterfly from one of the Noro books – Noro Knits by Jane Ellison.

  50. How to make teenagers laugh hysterically: tell them you spent 2 hours reading knitting blogs in the middle of the night. “What can anyone possibly say about knitting that would be blog-worthy????” Oh, if they only knew……

  51. I’m curious; what would count as ‘stalkerish behaviour’ to a woman who told Judith MacKenzie-McCuin that she “would be perfectly happy to spend the rest of my life following around her lovely self, standing behind and to the left of her…never speaking, just trying to be worthy”…

  52. Stephanie, I am so glad you came to St. Louis and I was thrilled to see you. Like I told my husband when I left the house, it was going to be like a rock concert for knitters. I cannot believe the library staff didn’t realize the crowd would be huge–everyone else did–they should have asked a knitter how many crazed folks with pointy sticks to expect.

  53. Tell your publicist that on May 25th, Seattle would be a really great place to have a talk. 🙂 I’ll be there on business. Which is funny considering I’m from Toronto and I’d be listening to the Yarn Harlot in Seattle.
    Love your blog, love your patterns. I think my sock should meet the Travelling Sock, might smarten it up a bit.

  54. I think one of the nicest things about your blog is the nice things you say about so many folks, making everyone feel just wonderful.

  55. Hi Stephanie, it sure looks like you’ve been having a great time on your book tour but you must be getting a little tuckered out. I think with all of that travelling you should get to relax a little at the beach. There is a lovely yarn store (The Yarn Garden) in Fort Walton Beach, FL. http://www.yarn-garden.com We would love to meet you there. Can’t you just hear the beautiful blue/green ocean water calling you? The white talcum powder-ish sand is heavenly on travel worn toes. Sunny skies, the Emerald Coast beaches, gorgeous weather, wine, chocolate and yarn…knitting Nirvana all day long. You’ve got to get here…just sayin’.

  56. Sounds like you had a blast!! I wish I had see you in Boston. I wish I had seen you at WEBS. I wish I had seen you just about anywhere. Sigh. But if we do six degrees of separation, I’ve seen you plenty of times, since so many of my friends and people whose blogs I read have seen you. And wanna hear something really crazy? Last night a woman from Philly came to our New Haven SnB because she’s writing a book about knitting as a subculture. She herself is a knitter, and once wrote you an email when drunk and then wrote again to apologize for it, and you wrote her back to say there was nothing to apologize for. Don’t ask me why I felt it was important to share that with you. It just was. And it made me feel closer to you. OK, I’ll go away now and stop sounding stalker-ish.

  57. Hi Stephanie, thanks so much for the grins. What a fun evening. A cute picture of you, your sock, and the watermelon sock are up on the blog.

  58. You DEFINITELY need business cards. Use the artwork from one of the books or something. I bet the press might kick in for them…
    the hardest part is to describe your business:
    Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
    Knitting Humour
    Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
    Knitting Stand-Up
    Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
    Famous Knitter

  59. Stephanie, the time has come. I need your advice. I’ve been reading your blog (and all the archives crazy and sort of stalker like, I know) for the past few months. And I read bookbookbook3. But I need a little extra knitterly wisdom.
    I’m about to adopt my very first cat. My boyfriend has been reading and said that cats aren’t supposed to play with yarn because it gets stuck on their very bumpy tounges. Now I’m bringing this cat to live in a wool house – how does it survive?
    Please advise, you’ve never steered me wrong before 🙂

  60. So……speaking of dorks, it took me a very long time to figure out that not everyone in St. Louis was knitting a blue sock! I finally caught on about the 7th person holding a blue sock appearing to be about the same amount complete! I thought it was some kind of sockathon up until then, I think I’ll have another glass of wine.

  61. Saw that photo of you Stephanie, holding a watermelon sock. Alas, not YOUR watermelon sock. Are you going to take the plunge now? You’re SOOOO close…..

  62. Saturday you will be in the company of some pretty impressive authors. For info on this event check out Bluegrass Festival of Books at http://www.bluegrassfestivalofbooks.com I’ll be there with bells on! Ok, so maybe I’ll leave the bells in the car so as not to attract attention, but I’ll be there!

  63. Poor little sock, I do hope it finds it’s Mommy soon. Your life being saved by chocolate. You need to have someone get you more chocolate, just in case of future emergencies.
    Chocolate, food for the soul.

  64. um Stephanie honey… I think the cab drivers might think the business card was strange as well…
    Anyway – how sad is it to be excited about being comment approximately number 74… but alas I’ve never stumbled upon a post of yours with less than a hundred posts before (that I can remember at least) Anyway – thats why I normally don’t comment – I figure you’ve got enough comments to read =)

  65. I am having a mild panic attack at the thought of losing a sock on the needles. :O
    And as for what to put on your business card? I think that:
    Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
    Yarn Harlot
    sums it up quite nicely. There’s really nothing like the straightforward, simple answer.
    And now, I have to go check my socks in progress bag, to make sure they’re all there.

  66. Dearest Harlot!
    I am so glad you liked STL! I spent about 25 years there (and married, divorced, birthed, matriculated, etc). Then I had to move back to Texas, and I missed your appearance! *inconsolable sob* 🙂

  67. Ms. Mcphee; do you think little Madeline would let us put her note to you out as a t-shirt? it made me weepy to see it. a little of the money could go to MSF, eh?

  68. *at least I’m not the only one still upset about not being able to see you*
    I love your posts of your book tour. You keep me laughing. One day, you’ll realize you’re famous! 🙂
    Blog business cards are such a great idea. I’ve thought about having these for things like MD Sheep & Wool Festival.
    Anyway. I hope you’re taking care of yourself on your busy book tour! 🙂

  69. The poor lost sock. I feel for her. After I got about 1/2 done with my last shawl and was still loving the yarn and was getting really attached to it, I pinned a little note with my name & phone number to it. I live in dread fear of my knitting hopping out of my bag in search of a less fickle knitter…kind of like worrying about accidentally locking the baby in the car. Thankfully my kids are old enough now to unlock the doors (actually old enough to drive so I guess I can quit worrying.)

  70. Hi Stephanie! I wanted to tell you that I picked up your book Knitting Rules at Borders last night and read 151 pages before I put it down. Today I had the overwhelming urge to buy sock yarn. Thank you for writing such a great book. I laughed out loud several times at your personal stories, but more importantly gained many insights into how I can make a hobby I enjoy even more fun! Thanks again! I look forward to reading your other books!

  71. Add my thanks to the mix for coming to STL. Be sure to include us on your next tour for book number four–which will be on the Knitting Olympics, right? There has to be a book in that experience somewhere. I know that it turned out to be a much bigger “thing” for me than just knitting under a dead-line. And the effects are long-lasting. Thanks for that. Sorry to stumble a bit last night when you mentioned that perhaps I had e-mailed you at some point. I tend to think that commenting on your blog (which I had) and sending you a personal e-mail (which I hadn’t) are two different things. Are they? Or not? LOL Anyway, I was bummed that it flustered me enough that after remembering to thank you, I then forgot that I wanted to ask you to send thanks to Joe and the girls for their generosity in sharing you with us all. Thanks guys!!

  72. Why would you want to cut the number of funny looks in half? I collect funny looks. If I can’t mess with my fellow human beings’ minds, I have become too boring.
    Oh, and for saving-of-lives-in-airports, I recommend Luna Bars. (http://www.clifbar.com/eat/eat.cfm?location=luna) A friend did it for me, and I’ve passed it on twice.

  73. I’m seeing Western states on your tour sheet, and am starting to get hopeful. I’m gonna hold my breath until you put Los Angeles on your tour!

  74. this is my mom…kim
    “How to make teenagers laugh hysterically: tell them you spent 2 hours reading knitting blogs in the middle of the night. “What can anyone possibly say about knitting that would be blog-worthy????” Oh, if they only knew……

  75. I actually got my hands on your book today. I am absolutely convinced it is the last one available on the planet until a second printing comes out. I may have, you know, ripped it out of someone’s hands. I can’t really recall it’s all pretty fuzzy. Except for the squee, I am pretty sure I yelled Squee at the top of my lungs when i saw it. I have been banned from Coles but it was totally worth it.
    Also Poor little sockie! I offer to foster parent it, ifn it’s mummy or daddy don’t claim it.

  76. I just checked the tour page, I know you said these are just possibilities, not for-sures, but when I saw Denver there, WOOHOO!!! Let us know what Kelli can be bribed with, OK?

  77. Glad to see you in St Louis. Loads of fun. That looks kinda flat just typed but I had a lot of fun and hope you did too. I’m amazed your kids figured out how to knit on their own. Staggered, actually. A possible book idea could be Christmas/deadline knitting and the attendant, er, stress. Another one could be blocking; what is and isn’t possible and some fixes. God that sounds nerdy!

  78. Wish I could come see you Saturday afternoon, but alas, I’m working graveyard shift and will be asleep. If you’re up and bored in the middle of the night this weekend, I’ll be behind the desk of the Radisson Plaza Lexington.

  79. This brings the ‘missing sock’ conundrum to a whole new level (isn’t there a show about this starring a jowly Australian actor?). And should the parent(s) of the sock be worried that Timothy’s URL is registered to the UK? Is this about to become an internationally missing sock? Perhaps it’s about to be snatched from Timothy and be held to ransom by the Stash Weasle Mob… Ahem, another glass of red, perhaps?
    Tonya, the owner of the only decent yarn shop in Pasadena CA is run (& ? owned) by a wonderful African American woman who is awesome in her art, a delightful host for the drive-by knitter and gently hilarious!

  80. At long last you found a driver that knits AND teaches kids MATH.!!! She wouoldn’t have any trouble with circular shawls would she . Maybe she will actually try one . NOT ME. Still enjoying your book . I read about 3-4 pages every night when i go to bed and hang onto to it as long as I can and am enjoying every page. Thank you so much for the smiles you give me. Happy Trails to you .

  81. I am thrilled to hear that the Toblerone came in handy! I do know about fuzz, and also know that chocolate has the pesonality to overcome it. (Also, a little fiber is good for the digestion.) Let me know when the Harvard playing cards reveal their purpose. From my point of view, I wanted to include a regional souvenier in your care package. I really, really appreciate you giving me not only one, but two shout-outs. The second shout out is linked to Timothy. I hate to be a pest, but could you revise it? For the three days after your Cambridge post, I felt like a rock star. Thanks!

  82. Hi Stephanie!
    I love reading about your signing tour but was wondering if you’re going to be doing a Canadian tour at all??? We miss you up here!!!

  83. Dear DH…..the Harlot made me do it!! She led me down the road to Wickedness at Webs. She showed me all the wonders to be had. I was bad, really BAD. Morgage money?? I thought you had it? OMG !!!! oh, wait……..no DH, no one to confess to…..I guess I really wasn’t that bad after all…..and I didn’t REALLY spend all the morgage money.!!!(but I may be eating lots of peanut butter next week!)….. …thanks for the directions Harlot !! Had a ball…even if it was only on the web……still had lots and lots of goodies for me !! ha

  84. Wow! 183 knitters at once. I simply must move; I must live in the knitting Hel…whoops, Knitting black hole of the universe. I will move, I will, I will, I will (I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…) I surely hope the person who dropped that gorgeous sock on the Magic Loop finds it. I have the booklet, I have the big, long, expensive Adi’s in multiple sizes, now if only I could focus and figure out what the instructions mean!

  85. Hey there – just a thought… I got my biz card for my blog (yes I am a dork too) at http://www.vistaprint.com — they have FREE business cards — that’s right you get like 250 for free and you just pay a cheap shipping fee… just through you’d want some too 🙂

  86. P.S…..I was so excited about my shopping trip to Webs that I forgot to comment on St. Louis (I’m so embarassed, mea culpa, mea culpa). It looks as though you really packed them in. And so many bloggers too. Hope you and the sock went to the arch. I can’t wait to hear how you like Kentucky….and I’m patiently waiting for you to come to Phoenix..better come soon it’s starting to get hot. Hey Beverly..I thought I lived in the knitting HE….hole! it’s..70 miles north of Phoenix..didn’t know you were in the neighborhood! Come on over!

  87. First – I may not recognize the sock, but I do recognize the yarn! I finished a hat using that very color scheme of Sockotta just yesterday (no pictures yet on my own blog…I’m a slacker, I admit). So, if it is an unclaimed orphan, I can offer the home of a “big sister” hat here in Phoenix.
    Second – I’m questioning the wisdom of coming to Phoenix in the summer. Note, I still think you *must* come (and actually leave the airport this time) but summer? Do you know how hot it gets here? Of course, it’ll be my luck you’ll come in October – when I plan to be in Toronto!
    Last – Business cards for your blog? Scarily enough I was considering that myself earlier this week. Why? To give one to *you* when you come to Phoenix LOL

  88. Thank you Stephanie for a wonderful evening here in STL….you were warm, gracious, FUNNY, and your good spirits were contageous. A great addition to the evening was watching the library staff person wander up and down murmurring “oh dear, oh dear” under her breath as the 60 chairs they had put out (expecting 40 or so cute, quiet, little old ladies knitting) filled in by 6:20 with chatty, excited, passionate, wonderful ladies-who-knit … ending up with 183! wow!!! They had NO idea who they were dealing with…(cue music here) YARN HARLOT (ta-da-da-da!)….As for an idea for your next book, i second the perosn who sugggested writing about the Knititng Olympics–after all it DID take on a life of its own! A grass roots movement that went big-time!! Love to the traveing sock, PJ

  89. Thanks for visiting St. Louis! Hearing you talk was loads of fun, and I enjoyed meeting you. You’re right about lots of knitting mojo; I could feel the love. And then there was the librarian with a dazed look, who kept saying, “I had no idea. I had no idea.” D’ya think she meant, “I had no idea knitting could be so fascinating. I must get me some yarn and pointy sticks.”?

  90. Ooops…Sorry Timothy. My apologies to the exciting, passionate MEN-who-knit who also showed up! My Musical Theatre background tripped me up as I was trying to make a play-on-words with Sondheim’s “Ladies Who Lunch” from Company….ok, i’ll just slink off and knit in the time-out corner for awhile…….

  91. It was wonderful seeing you last night in Brentwood. I had to describe to my friends and family the event, and you can imagine the bewilderment on their face when I explained “It was like stand-up comedy.. only about knitting.”
    Anyhow, being the slacker that I am, I just now thought of a question to ask you. Do you ever randomly google “Yarn Harlot” just to see who is saying what about you? I think I would, were I a “knitting celebrity.” (Celebrity only meaning famous, not meaning “one who sparks public discussion over her many affairs, occasional marriages, anorexia.. and who REALLY is the father of her child, anyhow?”

  92. I have to tell you about my Spanish/Barcelonan friend who started a knitting group in Barcelona approximately a year ago. She and I were the first members. She regularly reads your blog, and aspires to be the Yarn Harlot of Spain. At any rate, her group, called Barcelona Knits, is achieving fame! A month ago, the newspaper for Barcelona and the region published a front page article in their computer/internet insert about the group, that meets weekly at Starbucks. Note that it is not at all typical to have women knitting in public, much less young women!! This week a news crew came from the Barcelona news station to film them and interview them!!! How cool is that?? Having a group of women knitting regularly in public is BIG NEWS! Maybe you should go visit them in Barcelona??!! Talk to your publisher….. Their blog is at http://www.barcelonaknits.blogspot.com and my friend’s is http://www.sincontrol.blogspot.com. The blogs are in Spanish, but they all speak perfect English.

  93. It was wonderful to meet you Wednesday. I was the Beth with the Silk Garden Branching Out scarf, whose blog you remembered from a comment sometime last year. I only wish my memory were that good.
    As promised, I have my blog entry up with pictures. I wish I’d known about the trip to Myers House afterward; you were about three miles from my house! Nancy, who runs the Weaving Dept., is such a sweetheart.
    Hopefully you will come back for the next book tour, with more time to sightsee. And hopefully more time to eat; that huge building next door to the library is a German restaurant, and there’s a fancy shopping mall across the street.

  94. And then there are the librarians (or library students) who are as obsessed with yarn as ever. We were at the Cambridge, MA gathering, and were going to introduce ourselves as library students, but got distracted and turned silly when we actually got to the front of the line. I was even going to make a shirt that said “Librarians + Yarn = Wicked Awesome,” but ran out of time. It’s hard to fit in school work, knitting, AND t-shirt making.

  95. 183 knitters! Hmm, if Stephanie came to the Mall in Washington DC, wonder how many of us would be there . . . think we could fill up the Mall?
    Poor sock! Now, how could someone lose something that pretty! I so hope it finds its way home soon!
    Ahh, and someone else who questions the wisdom of visiting the southwest (Phoenix) in summer . . . which just means you have to come to Philly then! Or San Francisco, I can use your visit as an excuse to take vacation there!

  96. Well, Stephanie, with 50 million knitters running around North America, and your obvious “knitterly magnetism”, I’m not surprised you’re turning up knitters in random places.

  97. I can’t wait until you come to DFW! I am so excited. I will have to take the day off of work and schedule my entire week around it. I’m not a freak or anything, but I just can’t wait to meet you!

  98. Steph, I doubt business cards will reduce the number of strange looks one iota, but they will probably reduce the added strain on your voice. And that, my cyber friend, is a ‘good thing.’

  99. I loved seeing you in St Louis but had to leave before I could meet you in person and have you sign your books. OH WELL — that means you HAVE to come to DALLAS this summer, so I can bring my husband — and get those books signed! My sister was practicing her first knitting stitches during your talk in St Louis.

  100. Not all the library staff was surprised at the April 26 turnout! There were quite a few of us SLCL staff in the audience who KNEW that you’d draw a lot of knitters! Too bad none of the Friends staff asked us for our opinions!

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