Time flies…

When you’re whipping from city to city. I’m safely home now, and while my daughters did not say that they missed me (or speak to me, actually) …


I’m going to take the fact that two out of three of them exhibited spontaneous knitting behaviour last night as a sign. (Note that they are not smiling. Knitting is one thing. Appearing to enjoy it is another. They wouldn’t want to be obvious with their love.)

I had no idea what day of the week it was any day that I was gone. I have gone back and with the help of the itinerary, people who claim to have seen me and blogged about it, and the receipts for yarn I found in my purse. (Those were a big help) I have pieced together the description of the truck that hit me events of the last several days.

It would appear that after Skaneateles I flew from Syracuse to Newark, (Hey! I remember that! I saw the Statue of Liberty from the plane. I’d never seen it before and I was pretty thrilled. I’ve been in NYC a couple of times now, and even though it was supposed to be pretty big, I could never locate the thing. I was starting to think that it was either a lie Americans tell Canadians for fun, or maybe that the little statues in the souvenir shops were “life size”.) I changed planes in Newark (My flight was delayed. The Newark airport needs better/closer coffee.) and I got on a flight to Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh is a cool city. It’s very pretty, which I never expect, and my favourite thing about it is arriving. You drive along this road from the airport that has no hint of a city about it, then you go into a tunnel and when you come out of the tunnel…whammo. Pittsburgh, with all of the green and the hills and the rivers is right in front of you. It’s a surprise city. Nothing, then the tunnel…then there it is.

The cab driver said it was a city with a front door.


(That’s the tunnel, just after we came out of it. It’s also a stunningly bad picture, but taking that one freaked out the cabbie so badly that I didn’t feel like I could try again. There’s only so distracted you want the driver of your car.)

It’s also a city with knitters a-plenty. (I knew that from the last time I was there and got to go to Knit-Wits. They threw a great event.) This time I rolled into Knit One, and I’ll admit, I was nervous. Even more nervous than usual. I’d heard through the grapevine that the owner, Stacey, was a Psychologist and that she’d done some thinking about my friend the travelling sock, and that from a mental health professional point of view, it was an interesting thing. (The words “transitional object” had been bandied about before I even got there.) I was worried that the sock and I (once we explained ourselves) might be blessed with a diagnosis that would preclude carrying pointy sticks. (Or leaving a padded room.)

Turns out that Stacey was sort of distracted by the other socks that knitters brought to visit me. (Hey Stacey? Who’s crazy now eh?)



It was at this point, just about, that I apparently took leave of my intelligence. Everything happened so fast. As far as I can recollect, my fly was up, I don’t think I said “arse” (or anything worse) I’m pretty sure I spelled my name correctly in all the books and the rest is a blur. You should have been there. It was incredible. Knitters as far as the eye could see.


This is Jessica. She’s a brand new knitter. Brand spanking new. She had only learned to knit a few days before and her swatch was amazing. Some people are called to the fibre arts. This knitter was born to them. Brilliant. (I love this photo. She’s so thrilled to be knitting.)


and this…this is Julia, Julia of Vesper yarn Julia. Her sock met my sock. (Transitional objects?) Charissa came for her Birthday, Jane, Ember and Yvonne were a charming trio. (Yvonne, that is a great first sock. Don’t listen to the voice in the back of your head. It’s wrong. Any first sock that could go on a foot is a great first sock.) Penny gave me some fabulous cookies. (They were, as predicted, my breakfast the next day.) There was cake


Sandy the wonder employee had both the Canadian and the Ontario flags to make me feel at home…


(Sandy should be cloned for all knitting book events. The woman is a wonder. Pen stop writing? Sandy has another one. Need a jar for pin money? Sandy hands you one. Need a chair? One appears out of thin air. I’m in love with Sandy.)

And the store had beautiful yarn. Beautiful. I bought some Claudia sock yarn as a souvenir and it’s thing of charm and wonder.

There was also this yarn.


Seriously. it’s an “aromatherapy” yarn with a scent that’s supposed to last for 40 washes. There are no words for how interesting I find this. I don’t know if I’m intrigued, appalled or charmed. (The sock was similarly confused.) Aromatherapy yarn.

Am I the only one who’s sort of surprised by this? Am I the only one who thinks that the different colours should be different scents? Am I the only one standing stunned over this in yarn shops?

Pittsburgh, many, many thanks. I had a wonderful time…it was a blast. More tomorrow as I reconstruct Doylestown, Philadelphia, Rutherford, and …I swear it….

Talking to Martha Stewart on the phone.

(PS. I updated the tour page again.)

191 thoughts on “Time flies…

  1. Your latest book has just arrived this side of the Atlantic. I think every copy ought to come with someone who will do the ironing while the book buyer sits and reads it…..
    Jill in London, UK

  2. Looks like Pittsburgh was a blast! My friend Ana got to join you and rubbed it in, er, I mean, talked about it on our blog. She’s in the second picture behind the huge stuffed lady with pink shoes on the shelf. Thanks for making her, and all the other attendees, very happy! I, of course am very jealous and am hoping for a Minneapolis visit someday. Until then, welcome home.

  3. Yeah, smellable yarn! I forgot about this yarn until I read this just now. The Skacel rep came to our knitting guild meeting a couple of months ago and talked about this. I suggested they make a vanilla one. Or chocolate. Or coffee, come to think of it!

  4. Looks like you’re having a great time! You get to meet so many interesting people.
    That aromatherapy yarn definitely is something different! Can’t say I’ve seen it anywhere yet. I agree – different colors, different scents!

  5. I am so excited I can hardly stand it–week after next Stephanie in St. Louis.

  6. I’m still kicking myself in the arse for missing you in Philadelphia. Now I will have to wait in hell until you pop up in Minneapolis/St. Paul. I’ll be interested to hear your comments on my home town (Phila.) and how the knitters there treated you — better I hope, than in Pittsburgh. And just wait until you see the reception you get in Mpls/St. Paul!
    Hope you have time to recover before hitting the road again!

  7. I’m still kicking myself in the arse for missing you in Philadelphia. Now I will have to wait in hell until you pop up in Minneapolis/St. Paul. I’ll be interested to hear your comments on my home town (Phila.) and how the knitters there treated you — better I hope, than in Pittsburgh. And just wait until you see the reception you get in Mpls/St. Paul!
    Hope you have time to recover before hitting the road again!

  8. You, Ann and Kay (MDK) sure have been having lots of fun these past couple of weeks 🙂 ! I got a kick out of the unsmiling knitters found upon your return home – too funny.
    Great pics from your trip – keep ’em coming.
    As for the aromatherapy yarn – yes, I agree that different yarns should have different scents.
    Get thee to Ottawa on your book tour – we’re a lot closer than Nashville, etc.

  9. YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!! denver is on the list. tell kelli to get in touch with tattered cover — they have the biggest facilities (and i know how to get there). if you don’t want to stay in a hotel, please, please, please, please come stay with me. i have to be the first one to have offered, please, please, please.

  10. I agree with Suzanne – get up to Ottawa! We have a great SnB and several LYSs which could be focuses (foci?) of your trip!

  11. Dear Wonder-Publicist,
    Seeing as everyone’s favourite Harlot is Canadian, we, the knitters of the North, request that many Canadian cities be added to the Harlot Tour. Who better to make our Harlot feel loved than her neighbours? We hear that you can work magic and ask that you do so now.
    Canadian Knitters

  12. Be still my beating heart, Phoenix is on that list. Bless you, Kelli!
    Now, should I forego knitting and bring my baby son, so that he may touch the hem of your flowing knitterly robes and be claimed forever for the fiber arts? Or should I just bring a sock?

  13. Ohhhh, the tunnel effect! I’ve lived in Pittsburgh since 1992 (except for the occasional stint in Moscow, like now) and I am always amazed by the trip through the Fort Pitt tunnel into the city. It’s a great way to blow visitors away (as you now know). Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself!

  14. So sorry to have missed you in both Doylestown and Philly which are super close to me! Motherhood got in the way. (btw my daughter is 3 and still displays affection… when can I expect this indifference you speak of?)
    How much did you LOVE Doylestown? Isn’t it cute? Right out of a Norman Rockwell painting. My husband grew up there and I know it well.

  15. I can’t stop smiling! It always makes me so happy when visitors have such great things to say about Pittsburgh! (The “front door” is pretty cool, huh? If you drive down from Toronto, you don’t come in that way, so I’m glad you flew in.)
    You are welcome to come back to see us again anytime! I’ll bake as many chocolate cakes as you want…
    I know I said that I bought that second copy of your book for my Mom for Mother’s Day…but I’m going to see her this weekend and I can’t bear to keep it from her for another month!

  16. You talked to Martha Stewart? WOW!
    Yarn Harlot + Martha Stewart = Something Very Funny
    I hope you didn’t say arse.

  17. Denver! You’re coming to Denver!!! (happy dance–woops, put down needles first). Now, if you’d just come a bit out of Denver to Longmont … or even Loveland! (Boulder Bookstore does really excellent author talks. Knit One, Purl Too is small, but very very enthusiastic!)
    But I’m quite willing to drive into Denver if that’s what it takes. Keep in mind, I’m talking an hour and a half each way, here. Feel the love?

  18. I just bought two different colors of the aromatherapy yarn and I can’t wait to cast on. Of course I’m determined to finish at least one other project…

  19. Martha Stewart? The famous one with the magazines and TV show? Did you talk her into starting a really nice, smart, unbiased fiber arts magazine??? If anyone could do that well, it would be her.

    Is this a joke? Why am I the only one that picked up on this???

  21. By the way, yes, aromatherapy yarn should have different scents for different colorways, and really, they should relate. Blue variegated should be lavendar scented (or some other such bluish flower), etc. Just please, no licorice.

  22. Aww, I wanna meet you (and your sock – hi, traveling sock!), too.
    And now I have to go hunt down the scented yarn. Must smell yarn…

  23. Welllll, actually you did say “arse”. Twice. 😀 (I only remember because I thought it was so funny). Thanks for a great evening, wish we could do it all the time.

  24. I used to go to Pittsburgh on business. It is indeed a surprise, mainly because if you’re American you kinda expect it to be permanently shrouded in a steel-production-related toxic cloud even though most (if not all) of the steel mills moved overseas long ago. So its actually being pretty comes as quite a shock. Also the Holiday Inn I always stayed at serves warm cookies and milk as an evening snack. (Just so you know, the Holiday Inn in Parsippany, NJ OTOH barely deserves the term “hotel.”)
    See you in Cambridge, and possibly also Grafton, if I can find enough clowns.

  25. Love the description of Pittsburgh! Very cool! On the second chapter of bookbookbook 3 now-LOVE IT! You’re so gifted!!
    OOooo, Do tell more on the Martha Stewart thing! Upcoming magazine perhaps?

  26. I can’t believe I missed you in Philly again! So sad… Personally, though, I hope you did say arse to Martha Stewart. That would be most excellent.

  27. There’s a Minneapolis stop listed on your tour page! Oh, my God. I’m so excited it’s really sort of sad.

  28. Glad you’re home and had a good trip, but more than that I see on the tour page you’re coming near me!!!! Can’t wait!! Now I must finish dancing around the house in joy!

  29. Stephanie! I’m sorry I missed you at Knit One, looks like quite a crowd! One of my favorite things about Pittsburgh is driving through that tunnel and seeing the city. Surprise, indeed! I hope I never get tired of that view. Glad you enjoyed your time here.

  30. Hey, that wasn’t the real Statue of Liberty you saw. Homeland Security has stashed the real one somewhere rural and very remote. What you saw was the inflatible balloon version.

  31. Hope you will say “arse” in Cambridge, Mass. on April 20. I just called Porter Sqare Books to add to the attendance count (over 60 so far!). Wendy S

  32. This is a good thing that you got to talk with Martha Stewart, but I bet she gets her “panties in a wad” over more things than you do. She really should knit more. As for the statue of liberty, I went to NYC for the first time 2 weeks ago and I had
    to switch sides of the plane to see it. Everyone was kind to me though since I was a “newbie” and kept saying “wow” and “cool” the whole time.

  33. Scented yarn? Doesn’t that miss the point of the delicious natural yarn-smell? When I sniff my yarn, I expect it to have that wonderful yarn smell. What scented yarn could beat that?
    I’m trying not to explode over the addition of Denver to the list. It’s motly working.

  34. The UK has your latest book and Canada, or at least Manitoba,doesn’t? Amazon hasn’t even shipped yet. Are we being ignored? Wonder Publicist……not for us Canadians.

  35. Loved the blog today…of course I love the blog everyday, the this day was especially good. Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us, all the photos and links, I almost feel like I was there ( I have an excellent imagination). Aromatherapy yarn…good idea, especially if it keeps the moths away…but the yarn itself looks more like fabric than yarn…weird. Your probably know this already, but Julia (was it Julia?) put some photos of you at the speaking/book signing on her blog! I don’t know why you worry (of course if it were me, I’d probably…I was going to say something but thought better of it…but I would surely embarrass myself); your fans adore you!

  36. Yarn with a scent?? As if I don’t have enough issues sniffing yarn. (Who doesn’t love the smell of new wool? Not fresh off the sheep wool…just new wool in nice pretty skeins.)
    Yeah! Portland is on the list!!

  37. I’m new to this whole blogging thing but thoroughly enjoy reading about your knitting adventures. You inspire me to be a better knitter; I am well versed in the art of starting projects it’s the finishing that needs work. The reason I am writing is to encourage you to make the stop in Seattle on your summer tour. It’s a lovely city with many lovely knitters; my favorite shop is the Knittery if you need any suggestions for stops… Hope to see you soon!

  38. Your stop in Pittsburgh looked great and I was so sad to miss it. A friend and I were going to drive over from Cleveland when she got off work, but the weather here was so foggy that we decided that we wouldn’t chance it. So please will you come to Cleveland so we can see you. I’m reading Knitting Rules and loving it. It’s an easy flight from Toronto to Cleveland and then you could go on to Chicago. Remember, I will hem any pants you need while you’re here.

  39. I was hoping to see Austin, TX appear on your list of possible cities to visit. The entire month of May is a celebration at my LYS, Hill Country Weavers…maybe the wonder publicist should know?

  40. Stephanie…Thanks for coming to the ‘burgh!!! I had a wonderful time at your booking signing and meeting you!! You are very personable and I enjoyed every laugh line you gave me last Friday night : )!!!

  41. Yeah, Stephanie is coming to Mpls/St.Paul. Please God. . . let it be when I can make it there!!! Please, please please. I can’t wait! I promise to bring my sock to meet your sock. Happy Dance . . . happy dance . . .

  42. I am all smiles, that my sock and I received a mention on your blog. I did graft the toe, I tried on said sock, and while not the best piece of workmanship out there, it fits, and fits well.
    I really, truly enjoyed meeting you and getting to bend your ear for a minute or two! I’m so glad you enjoyed the trip through the tunnel into the city (but I have to tell you, it is even more amazing at night, when all the buildings are lit up and the light reflects off of the rivers).
    Thank you so much again. :^)

  43. I’m so jealous! School keeps me pretty much planted here AWAY from your tour. Just lemme know if the urge takes you to NC!

  44. Stephanie, I grew up in Pittsburgh, and everytime I visit “home”, I am utterly blown away by that entrance that the city makes as you come out of the tunnel. There’s another great view when you’re coming off the highway from the east — you round a hill, and blammo! The city is sprawled out before you. Funny that I have a bridge phobia — Pittsburgh is practically nothing but. Glad the people of my birthplace treated you well.

  45. Hm. You talked to Martha Stewart on the phone? I don’t know if I’m intrigued, appalled, or charmed by that.

  46. Welcome back! I see you got the camera working. 🙂
    I can’t help but notice a lack of Los Angeles-ness on your tour schedule so far. I hereby lobby for an Orange County appearance. The reasons Your Harlotness and the Wonder Publicist must consider this appearance:
    1) The weather is better here.
    2) OC has less smog and more yarn than L.A.
    3) The Orange County Airport is better than LAX any day of the week and twice on Sundays. Also, it’s named after John Wayne.
    4) There is a wonderful yarn shop here in Laguna Hills called Yarn Lady (www.yarnlady.com, of course) run by a wonderful woman named Gaby, stocked with loads and loads of wonderful yarn.
    5) If you manage to squeeze in an appearance on or around the first Saturday of June or December, you’ll hit town during the aforementioned Yarn Lady’s legendary Bag Sales, which are … well, legendary. Big bags and boxes of discontinued yarn, half-off. Nuff said.
    6) I haven’t had a chance to meet you yet.
    7) Barry Klein hangs out down here.
    8) Did I mention the yarn? And the weather?

  47. Ok, you know how people say that everyone has a twin somewhere out in the world? I think Jessica is my twin! I think we look quite a bit alike. Aromatherapy yarn…hmmm. Well my friends and I are self proclaimed “yarn sniffers” so that type of yarn sounds good to me. Maybe someone could make yarn that has hunger control scents in it…that way I could knit a sweater, wear it, and loose weight :o)

  48. I checked out the updates to your tour and, as long as you are going to be to in the Midwest (Chicago and the Twin Cities) would you consider coming to Milwaukee, WI??? Or Madison (they have several lovely yarn shops there, it is our state capital and is a hip, funky city) or Green Bay (the home of the Packers) or even Appleton (which is a pretty happening, sort-of cosmopolitan
    place). I would ask you to come to Sheboygan (where I live) but alas, we have no yarn store and only one fairly sad book store. I would have you over to my house, but that would be sort of weird….plus, all of your legions of WI fans would not fit in and it would make my three cats and Buddy, my slightly dimwitted Beagle, nuts.
    Chicago is really nice, but sort of snooty for us Wisconsinites plus the traffic is more than we can handle. The Twin Cities are just too far away unless you live the western part of the state. But Wisconsin’s population is far more dense (which should equal more knitters) in the eastern half of the state which is where Sheboygan is happily located smack dab between Milwaukee and Green Bay on the shores of lovely Lake Michigan.
    So please give this some consideration. If you are able to swing a visit to WI, I will be there…you won’t be able to miss me…I will be the one knitting!!!

  49. I found Pittburgh surprisingly pretty, too. Went there for work, once. The rivers are nice. Glad you had fun. And scented yarn? sounds very intriguing.

  50. wow.. you just took a grand tour of half my life..hehehh Grew up in NJ.. lived near Pittsburgh..hehe My hubby used to work in a trailer ON THE RUNWAY at Newark… yes.. they do need better coffee. though I suspect it is actually the water that is to be questioned…
    No Ohio stops.. drats!

  51. we have that aromatherapy yarn in our local shop. it smells like rosemary and made me hungry. i don’t think i’d want that in a garment 🙂

  52. RE: Book Tour. Repeat after me, Kelli the wonder publicist: Bay Area, Bay Area, Bay Area. And if you want to be more specific: Berkeley, Oakland or San Francisco!!!!
    Love your blog, your books and I’m sure public speaking/knitting when we meet. 🙂

  53. Oh wow, my wish has come true and Minneapolis, MN is on THE list ! I can drive that distance. WoooHooo.

  54. Hooray! You’re back! Pittsburgh looks like a blast.
    Aromatherapy yarn ….? I’m confused too.
    Chicago-area??!!! Double Hooray!

  55. I’ve never been to Pittsburgh but I love taking trains & my DD went to school in Boston & my former SiL lives in eastern Pa. So I’ve taken the train past Pittsburgh many times & the view of the city from the east bound train is so gorgeous, esp at twilight. I’ve just finished your most recent book & it’s the best by far. Your chapter on sock knitting is brilliant. Any neew sock knitter should buy your book just for that chapter. I have tried to explain the principles of sock knitting to beginners in writing & it is really difficult. Your description just lays it all out without any excess verbiage – WELL DONE, Stephanie!!!!

  56. Even us natives are awed each time we “burst” through the Fort Pitt Tunnel. When we’re back visiting, I actually tear up every time I see that view. I know, I’m weird.
    And good move not to distract a driver on that bridge, too easy to get mowed over by a PAT bus. (Don’t ask me how I know this.)

  57. Please, please, please, please have Kelli the wonder publicist get in touch with Sallie at Knitter’s Mercantile here in Columbus. The local knitters desperately want Columbus to be added to the tour. You should have heard the discussion there on Sunday.
    I’ll even promise the two of you alcohol if you come. (geez, I’m starting to feel like stalker.)

  58. sigh . . . could not get to pittsburgh. heavy thunderstorms just when it was time to leave on the two-hour trip there. i wish you would come to cleveland!
    thank you for the wonderful description of the event!

  59. I can attest to Sandy from Knit One being the best yarn shop employee ever. She actually recognizes both me and my husband from my blog and is unfailingly pleasant every time I am in the shop. Love her! Glad that you had such a nice visit in our city!
    – One of the sea of knitters

  60. Boy howdy, I spy Portland, OR!!! The wonder-publicist has my praise!!
    I think the sock looks very relaxed in the aromatherapy. Perhaps the rest of the knitting will be zen-like as well?
    I like the idea of a city with a front door. It looks like you had a spectacular time!

  61. I’m so excited!!! Denver is on the list! I repeat, Denver is on the list! I promise, you will have a very good time if you make it out to Denver! You have my word on that. Yeah!!!!

  62. Your posting made me miss the ‘burgh. Making the drive from the airport is just amazing. Knit One moved in about 1/2 a mile from my house about a year before my hubby forced me to relocate to FL. The weather may be better here, but Pittsburgh is a much better knitting city.

  63. Oh how I wish you were coming closer to Charlotte, NC! The south is beautimous! I promise! I’ll even show up and say ‘eh to make you feel at home amongst all the y’alls.

  64. Just an FYI that I forgot to mention in my previous comment. I’m not sure when you are going to be coming to Denver, but we have a Wool Festival the weekend of June 17th. I’m just sayin’…. 🙂

  65. I’m looking forward to seeing you in Grafton, MA, on the 21st (one week, yeah!) which is now scheduled for 6 p.m.
    Hope you enjoy your time at home, and that someone smiles once in a while! I wonder if I smile when I knit… more likely my tongue is sticking out the corner of my mouth while I concentrate. At least I don’t drool.

  66. I’m hyperventaling (I typed something more like hyperfeltilating the first time….) that you MIGHT be coming to the Twin Cities! That would be so cool…

  67. We just got the aromatherapy yarn in at the LYS where I work. It’s kind of weird. I guess the smell was positively overpowering when they opened all the bags, but it’s decreased now. I knit up a swatch with it and you get the faint scent as you’re knitting. Have no clue about the washing, though.

  68. Scented yarn? Had to Google it. Get this – Lang makes some too – Emotion Color – and in *different scents.* I kid you not. Tres bizarre, n’est-ce pas?
    Martha, eh? She was the ‘official starter’ of the marathon I did in Maine last autumn. I was kind of disappointed she didn’t run at least part of it. 🙂
    See you in St. Louis!

  69. I’m glad that you were so impressed by the entrance to Pittsburgh, its one aspect aobut my hometown that I always loved. My good friend once told me that when she was a kid, she would close her eyes when they drove into the tunnel then opened them back up again as they crossed onto the bridge. The magic of that entrance never dies.

  70. I love how when you take a picture you put the sock you are knitting in the picture…like the sock is looking at the people, or the cake, or is among the other yarn. It cracks me up…I guess i’m just easily ammused.

  71. dear stephanie:
    A) you are wonderfull and you should be told this more often. its a wonderfull sign about the state of the world that people like you can write the books you do and that they sell. its very encouraging.
    B) since you are the most widely read knitter i know of i have this interesting fact i recently picked up for you to share as a strategy in our never ending war against moths. no one likes putting mothballs in with nice wool cause they smell horrible. thankfully there are other options. i recently took an herbology course and learned that black teas and pennyroyal are to moths as skunks are to us. the advantages are twofold- if you want your yarn to smell nice black teas leave a subtle flavor, and if you dont wanbt them to smell, pennyroyal has no noticelable odor to the human nose. add to this the veganesque advantage of being non harmfull to moths (except for hopefully starving the buggers out, and frankly if your so vegan-y that you worry about depriving them of food then your just a yarn traitor- we need it more than they do. they can eat the cereal) and you have a perfect solution to moth invasion.
    also, i recently had my first knitting conversion. a freind ( a guy no less) asked me to teach him how to knit and he picked it up in two shakes of a lambs tail. and the best part is, he has become the ultimate process knitter. he doesnt knit THINGS, he just knits. he has ONE skein of yarn and ONE set of circs and he knits the skein up, then unravels it, and then knits it again, over and over. he says it helps him relax. isnt tht cool?

  72. No, I’m pretty sure you said ‘Arse” in Pittsburgh. I’m sure everyone of us thought it was appropriate!

  73. Crap.
    I thought I INVENTED aromatherapy yarn.
    I keep Lavander sachets in my knitting bags……..(ummm yeah bags…I have a few- got a problem with that? I didn’t think so….
    anyway- mine doesn’t last thru 40 washes— but it smells great while I knit it!
    (Isn’t KSH that smells of your favorite scent— absolutely delicious??)

  74. Actually, in Pgh you said “arse” twice. A skillful double-arse. I was hoping for a trifecta…

  75. Doesn’t everyone have a travelling sock?? I know I keep at least one around for long trips. I’ve even been known to buy sock yarn just for a trip.
    I have smelled the aromatherapy yarn. Too bad hubby is allergic to anything scented, made with mohair or wool, and all my knitting purchases!!

  76. All I can say is that California is distinctly MISSING from your tour schedule — Can we work on you coming within at least 200 miles of me???? 😉
    That snarkiness aside, I am totally weirded out by the smell yarns — as I am the ones with “lotion” in them!?!?!?!?!? HELLO, was there something wrong with yarn smelling and feeling like, you know, yarn??? I guess I’m old fashioned that way.
    And your photo of the new knitter!! FABU. Her face is exactly the way I felt the second knitting made sense to me and four seconds before I begun hoaring sock yarn. Oh, and I still feel that way every single day.

  77. I see Minneapolis/St. Paul has made it to the maybe list on the book tour. Any hope of luring you north to Duluth?
    Please, please, please!!
    The hills are worth the trip, so is the Lake. Plus it provides a whole new reason for always having your traveling sock with you – getting “bridged” on your way to Park Point by a laker or saltie.

  78. Yay! Denver’s on the list. Hope you actually make it here! We’ll be happy to have you and we’ll take you out to dinner and whatnot! We’ll definitely show you a good time. Come on out, we won’t bite, promise! 🙂

  79. Welcome home, Steph. I’m wishing you a bit of rest before your next leg begins (heh, heh – sock/trip pun!) and a few hugs and smiles from your girls. You know, when I return from a weekend away from my cat (who is well cared for in the interim), she always gives me the cold shoulder for a while before deigning to let me pet and spoil her again. Perhaps your girls were kitties in a past life?
    I will not join the clamour for a Harlot trip, as I know you’ll never find a yarn store in the Daytona Beach (Fla.) area in which to hold it, but I will keep my hopes up that you’ll make it to the Sunshine State sometime (before August/September, when hurricanes are more likely). You’d be surprised how many of us here knit and love to laugh and are, therefore and quite naturally, your fans.
    Sending thoughts of rest and recuperation and recreational knitting your way.

  80. Martha Martha Martha! You make Pittsburgh sound so cool. And I can totally dig the aromatherapy part of the yarn – anyone who stores their stash with essential oils probably gets a big snootful of scent when they go stash diving, and when they knit with the yarn that’s been steeping in, say, lavender EO for a while. It’s sort of a Pavlovian response for me – regardless of what yarn I pick up (OK, with the exception being handpaintedyarn.com yarn, which invariably smells like vinegar), I relax and can smell a faint hint of lavender. Instant meditation and inducive of a fairly zen-like state of being.
    Whoever came up with that? Brilliant!

  81. Stephanie, you did it again. You captured what a wonderful evening was spent at Knit One. Sandy IS the ultimate employee. After years of missing her from another LYS, she remembered not only me but my son. Glad to see that my hometown surprised you with it’s pretty face. Also glad to see that even though we forgot to bring you some Guilifty’s cake, you still got yummy treats. Thanks!
    BTW, also nice to see all the other commentors who had such lovely things to say about the ‘Burgh.

  82. You especially don’t wanna freak out a cab driver on the bridge over three rivers!
    So very glad you loved Pittsburgh for all it’s worth. And the Pgh knitters.
    Glad you’re home safe and sound.

  83. You and Martha Stewart… that’s a really interesting combination of talent, energy, reality, perfection, and know-how, with just a soupconne of chaos. I am intrigued.
    If you come to Kingston, I promise to be the best “Sandy” I can be… (actually, I’ll be Kate, but I’ll be damned good at it). I can get you a chair, as many pens as you could ever want, coffee, tea, cake, assorted snacks, a TSF jar (I’d even make it pretty – Martha could be proud), whatever it takes to get you here!!!

  84. I will rearrange my trip to Portland to touch the hem of your garment…but it would be most convenient if you could find your way there from between June 16th and June 23rd for me(heehee)…is it at Mecca, I mean Powell’s?

  85. Yarn which smells on purpose – definitely something I can envision in my stash. Or under my pillow while I sleep :). Also, I’ll see you on the 20th! (if everything goes according to plan).

  86. I will gladly rearrange my trip to Portland to touch the hem of your garment, but it would be most convenient of you to be there June 16th-June 22nd!LOL
    Is it going to be at Mecca? I mean, Powell’s?

    LOVE Dennyxoxoxox

  88. Yaaayy!! You’re coming to central Tennessee. I’m coming to see you!! I’ll call tomorrow to reserve my spot. I’ll bring a sock.

  89. heh Stephanie!! Martha!!?? I’ve gotta hear about that!! I’m so happy that D/FW is on your *maybe* list for the summer. You’ll have to speak at the Cotton Bowl or Texas Stadium or something because you know millions of people from far and wide will be making the trip to see YOU! You’re fixin’ to be a bigger star than Martha baybee. What’s next… gonna teach Laura Bush to knit while you’re down in TX or go straight for the President with your sock knitting? heheh

    LOVE Dennyxoxoxox

  91. I have been praying to the knitting Gods and it worked. Denver is on the list!!!!!!

  92. Wecome home, we missed you . That’s just your daughters way of saying the same thing. Jessica’s picture with her swatch warmed my hear and brought back a lot of wonderful memories of doing the same thing . What a nice keepsake for her. I hope she frames it so when she is an old lady she can look back at it and realize how far she has come in the world of knitting, because it looks like she is going to go far for sure. Aromatherapy yarn ????!!!What next? Do you have to keep it isolated from the stash so the scent doesn’t travel into it all? Fourty washes ??????time will tell . Hope you let us know. Sandy sounds like the type of person that any one would love to have in their employ. P.S. Can hardly wait to hear when and where you are going to visit in Canada and also what Martha S. had to say to you .BTW apparently she is a REAL morning person –just thought I’d warn you . Have a LOVELY Easter weekend with your family

  93. My only experience of New York, so far, was seeing the Statue of Liberty and the whole New York skyline just like it is on TV or in movies, as we came into land at Newark. I found it quite overwhelming and emotional!

  94. Glad to hear you had a good time on tour (and that your fly remained zipped throughout!) Smellable yarn? Never heard of it, but if I saw I would expect different colors to have different smells. Also, come to Spokane, WA. Really. It’s just a short hop from Seattle.

  95. Hey Harlot, will you give a message to your wonder publicist for me? The message is as follows: in skipping from Chicago to Minneapolis, you overlook a very important place–Madison, WI. There are many wonderful knitters here who would be so so eager to buy a book from the delightful Yarn Harlot in person. I have lived here for 1.5 years and every single band I like that goes on tour does the Chicago to Minneapolis skip with nary a glance at poor neglected Wisconsin. I only have a bicycle for transportation, take pity on me. Please let the Harlot come here. It would make many many knitters (well, me, at least) very very happy. Thank you!

  96. That flight into NYC is a thing of beauty. Being only a couple hundred miles to the north, I’ve been there many many times, but a recent flight into the city was the first time I had really seen Lady Liberty, and she was beautiful. I may have wept a little. That may also have been because I realized the angle the plane was tipped at for such a vista to have occurred. 🙂
    I can’t believe that you and Martha were on the phone at the same time and domestic objects didn’t just levitate and begin to make themselves into craft items. 😉

  97. I’m a very happy Harlot fan at the moment! First, my requests to my library to purchase bookbookbook1 and bookbookbook3 were accepted, so I will soon be joining those with the read vs. knit dilemma. Second, Seattle is on the tour stop list! Since I hadn’t yet discovered you when you visited before, I am looking forward to seeing you for the first time!

  98. ahh. . . just the thought of coming out of the Pitt Tunnels makes me want to weep. . . it’s just breathtaking.

  99. I am thrilled to see that Mpls/St. Paul is on the list! Better plan for a REALLY big place – you won’t believe the number of knitters who will turn out for this event.

  100. PLEASE say the Phoenix date will happen!!! As a temporarily transplanted Canadian with an aberrant desire to knit woolen socks in the middle of a desert, I have tremendously enjoyed all of your books (just finished the new one!) and would love to have the chance to tell you so in person. Your writing gives me a feeling of being back home. Thanks, eh? Bring Timmy’s!

  101. So glad you’re back home, safe and all. It sounds like the definition of a whirlwind trip and a lot of fun. I, too, love that the current sock is in all the photos. You and Martha! This could be really big!…

  102. Ever coming to Michigan? We’re just over the bridge from Windsor! Come to think of it, ever coming to Windsor?

  103. I’m afraid that scented yarn is An Abomination Unto Nuggan. It says so, right there on page four, in purple crayon.
    The colours are pretty but no. Can’t do it.
    The state my house is in, if I talked to Martha Stewart on the phone, the phone itself would explode. Which would likely improve things.
    Looking forward to either some Vancouver dates, or to a road trip to see you (on time this time) in Seattle.
    Well done, chica.

  104. Oh my! Aromatherapy yarn. I just realized my mouth is hanging open as I also try to think just what I do think about this.
    About the only thing that immediately came to mind was the memory of the licorice whip socks in a book I have and a wondering if one could knit fruit rollups?
    I know, I know — but I did think it. Definitely time for a long weekend.
    Loving the new book. Shared your thoughts on hats with one of my students who is learning to knit and was doing the inevitable scarf. It seemed much more appealing to contemplate in a hot classroom. I’m really enjoying the devious proportional information so one can surreptitiously measure socks,etc..

  105. For your sake, I really hope the “Smell Me” yarn meant what one smells like fresh out of the shower, not hot off the marathon!
    Now that book 3 is out, I am going back and re-reading one and two. I love your perspective!

  106. I’m so glad you liked Pittsburgh! I am a Pittsburgh native, now live about an hour away and will be returning to the city in June or July! The whole “tunnel entrance” is awesome! The first time my dad brought me home from college we came through the tunnel and I almost cried. Having never really left the city at that end I had no idea it had such a spectacular doorway. You should see it at night!! I (duh) didn’t check your tour schedule (duh) until Friday night (duh) so I totally missed your visit (DUH!) Next time, I swear!

  107. Oh yay! Texas on the book tour! After I finished squealing, I ensured transportation. Y’all are gonna have a great time, I just know it! And I am so gonna be there! See y’all soon!

  108. Well, everyone else is begging for you to come to their city, so I’ll add myself to the list. Cooommme baaacck to the Baayy Areaaaa. Harumph. That just looks stupid; I wanted it to look like a hypnotic voice coming from northern California. Sigh. Well, how about it? We have Peet’s coffee, great veg. food (I’ll take you out for dinner, whatever ethnic cuisine you care for, promise), good ale, good people, great knitters. What else would you like? We’ll provide. PLEASE come to the Bay Area. We love you, don’t you know???

  109. Hoo-yah, Your coming to St. Louis, I’ll be there with bells on. Are you visiting anyplace besides the Library? We have several but my favorite is the Weaving Dept at Meyer’s House up here in North County I’ll be happy to drive you there if you want. Awesome people, tiny shop in a really old house. We also have a pretty cool guild. Can’t wait the library should be crowded and Left Bank Books is great, one of the last independent booksellers. Hurry please!

  110. I saw something ages ago about the scented sock wool,that would be something to experience! I would like to see,I mean smell, floral scents,as a gardener it would be wonderful to wear the “flowers” LOL
    I bet we won’t see them here in Aussie for a while…..

  111. I was scrolling through the comments to see if anyone else noticed but the way that one of your sock needles (or is it the yarn itself?) is positioned, it looks as if you’re leaving a long trail of blue yarn in the tunnel.

  112. Seriously, Mpls/St.Paul? Oh, Oh, I guess that means I’ll have to make that cake. I thought I would never have to make good on that promise, I was so sure you were never gonna come to our fair cities. A promise is a promise. Unless of course if you’ve sworn off cake or something…?

  113. OK, we’re starting to feel a little hurt down here, not to say paranoid – you’ll admire our statue from 110 feet up but our city STILL isn’t on the list of places you are planning to visit?! What can we tempt you with? Kathe already tried boutique chocolate. Of course, there is this little neighborhood in NYC called “The Garment District” where they sell every type of item involved in creating garments known to man, including I’m sure ZIPPERS in every color imaginable not to mention about 8 million buttons (that’s one for every NYer)…how ’bout it, Harlot? Hey, we did our bit, the mountain went to Mohammed in Rutherford. When is our Knitting Prophetess going to honor us? Should we sacrifice something? Toss flaming socks into the Hudson? We don’t have a Sandy but we’re still really nice down here and we’d manage to show you a good time somehow (sniff!) We’ll bring you WINE! Seriously…Glad to hear you’re home safe and sound to recuperate before the next round. Have a blast wherever you are.

  114. P.S. I can bring chocolate if you want, either truffles (bourbon or peppermint or orange) or chocolate covered strawberries (its that time of year here). They won’t look perfect I’m still practicing but they taste yummy. I’ll just have to sneak them into the library.

  115. Ok, the aromatherapy yarn trumps the lotion yarn that’s out there – also guaranteed for 40 washes, I believe.

  116. Wow, that’s a lot of knitters! Jessica is sweet I remember that feeling of “home” when I knit my first swatch, ahh, nostalgia. October was so long ago. I want a Sandy too! Where is she now? Is she up for hire? Will she live in a cold environment?
    I love your daughters sitting there frowning and twisting that yarn into submission! Wrestling it’s potential from the hank whenst it came.
    It’s been a long day.

  117. Hooray!! You’re coming to Denver. Now I won’t have to sell a child for plane fare to one of the tour cities!! (I almost sent my daughter- who goes to college an hour from Pittsburg and who is still “borrowing” one of my credit cards “in case of emergency”- to see you in Pitt and get a book signed. I figure if the bill comes to be it should at least have something for me on it!!)

  118. Doesn’t matter which way you come into the city, either. . . it always surprises you! I come down our hill into Pittsburgh every day and it still sneaks up on me! We live like 5 minutes from downtown and you wouldn’t know it until the city jumps out and grabs you!
    Glad your travels were safe!

  119. Thank you for loving Pittsburg, and telling her she’s pretty. I’ve been trying to boost her confidence for years, but folks were really mean to her for a while, and she’s not aware of how much she’s blossomed in the last 20 years.

  120. Ohhhhhhhhhh Stephanie!! I’m reading your book very slowly and devouring every word. Be proud of it , you have that right. As for this “”Martha “” mentioned on page 71 , I can’t blame you for not liking her at that time in your life . “THE” Ms Martha S. that we all know of, has eyes and ears in her organization. My bet is that someone brought this page in your book to her attention. To my knowledge she has never had a knitter on her programme or a scarpbooker—maybe you are going to be the one ???? My curiosity overwhelms.!! Being a LEO causes this haha.

  121. Hiya Steph!
    Sounds like you are having a blast on the tour! I am happy to see that you’ve discovered that the Statue of Liberty is, in fact, real! Beautiful in person, isn’t she?
    I also love Pittsburgh, it’s a fun city and I love that front door aspect of it as well. The sock looked very pleased to be there, transitional object or not.
    Do come to Baltimore some time soon. I know the owner of a LOVELY yarn shop/knitting school right in the city who would be thrilled to have you. It would be a smaller crowd than you are used to, but we would all be nuts about knitting! 🙂

  122. Uhhh, WHAT ABOUT MD S&W??????????? (I know, I promised I’d be nice, but still…)
    Scented yarn and lotion yarn? I guess I need to get out more. Sounds like Pittsburgh was great fun, but whats with the sulking daughters? (you’re right, at least they’re knitting)

  123. Humph. How suckingly fantastic. Iowa doesn’t even rate for the new tour dates. I’ll be over here fondling my recycled silk sari yarn and munching sour grapes.

  124. It was painful, knowing you were close by and the schedules just didn’t mesh. My daughters, however, were smiling hugely at our mother-daughter get-away trip, so it was worth it.
    Your accounts are so well written, it makes me wonder how you’d do as a novelist. Like, woman lost in big city finds culture of yarn shops and those who frequent it, and becomes ONE OF THEM.

  125. What a wonderful update (and great photos too!)… I can’t wait to finally meet you at Webs on the 22nd!!! I want some of the smelly yarn!!! How cool (and yes – different colors SHOULD be different scents!).

  126. Can I just second Toni of Daytona Beach and say FLORIDA, but selfishly and more specifically, the middle west Coast of FL, say…Tampa/St Petersburg? Can Kelli, the wonder publicist, be bribed, and what would it take? Just name it!!! It’s always a treat to read your blog and a real joy to read your books.
    Dianne R. in FL

  127. Thank you for your oh-so-nice comments about Pittsburgh, my hometown. We tend to get a bad rap, but it’s a wonderful city, and you can’t beat your first view of it coming from the airport. Takes my breath away every time, and I’ve done it probably millions of times.

  128. I have a photograph ( black and white – I’m that old) of myself knitting, aged about 7, with exactly the same expression on my face and I’m still doing it!

  129. I am so glad you had a lovely time.
    That smell me yarn is hilarious. Maybe it is supposed to soothe you while knitting a really hard pattern?
    You and Martha should get together and wear your ponchos. Her get out of jail one and your Harlot poncho. Now there’s a photo op.
    Or better yet, you on her t.v. show. Oh the possibilities are endless!!

  130. I hope, hope, HOPE that you will be coming way out west to the Seattle area on your tour. I missed you last summer when you came through. I couldn’t find anyone to stay home with my sick kids….why wouldn’t anyone want to take care of 2 kids who were crazy with fevers and tummy aches, so that I could be surrounded by knitters and a Harlot? I just don’t get it.

  131. I don’t like the sound of smelly yarn. Brings to mind sneezing and allergies. But I love the idea of the lavender sachets in with the stored wool. I just trimmed my lavender back, after the winter. I’ll have to dry the leaves and try it. A little more subtle than the blossoms (and I wouldn’t have to wait until later in the summer). Again, sounds like knitters around the States love you. We in Canada do too. WHEN ARE YOU SPEAKING HERE????!!!!!

  132. Still no California? Please, please come to California – we promise to be nice! Haven’t seen the “smell me” yarn although that certainly sounds like something we should have here don’t you think?!

  133. You are correct on your parenting skills. Lack of smiles and lack of eye contact does NOT mean your teenager girls are NOT having a good time. We took my now 29 year old to Hawail for three weeks when she was 13. She made the trip miserable with all of her complaining, moaning, etc., etc. Bad mood entire trip. When the airplane took off to return back home, she looked out the window crying and sobbed, “I don’t want to leave. Hawaii was the best time I’ve ever had!!!” I almost opened the emergency door and pushed her out over Pearl Harbor!!

  134. Waht about New Mexico?????????? You’re going to Phoenix and Denver…what about New Mexico?

  135. I really enjoyed meeting you at Knit One. I find it boggle-ing that you think Pgh is pretty… you’re just saying that to be nice… maybe I am still bitter that my ‘burgher husband moved me from California to here last year. But since this place was one of your first stops, maybe I will not complain so loud anymore. Thanks for being a bright spot, and for noticing my shawl, and for sharing yourself with us all. Safe Journeys.

  136. Yes, Yes, Yes!!! you’re coming to Dallas. Just don’t come in late July or early August. That’s when I go on vacation (to the northeast) and you really don’t want to be here. It’ll be 102 F and miserable. I can’t wait to tell all my friends and come and see you.

  137. Yes, Yes, Yes!!! you’re coming to Dallas. Just don’t come in late July or early August. That’s when I go on vacation (to the northeast) and you really don’t want to be here. It’ll be 102 F and miserable. I can’t wait to tell all my friends and come and see you.

  138. Dallas is 3 hours away, but I will be there! I have to travel to Texas for yarn anyway. If you don’t come soon, you should wait until October when it cools off again…Can you say “hot and humid?” We’ll pack up the vans and bring all the Louisiana gals to see you.

  139. Lets see, Portland is 6hrs drive and Seattle about the same. I can make either place or if I am lucky….BOTH!!! Oh joy!
    Flavoured yarn? Oh no, scented yarn…duh. Hmmm, I don’t know if I want to try that. I usually have a nice steamy cup of tea near by when I knit. It seems to perfume the yarn experience enough. Keemun or a nice Chai do it for me.

  140. I just read you are coming to Denver. That’s great! Also something totally amazing is that you seem to have met a friend of mine in Philadephia – Eliza!

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