Has anyone seen my mojo?

Though I’m not yet ready to concede defeat, it’s possible that Dibs on Ribs is kicking my arse. (For those of you who asked, it’s a free pattern in the “Subscriber Only” section of the Interweave Knits Website.)

I reknit the sagging triangle and it’s ok now.


I was feeling pretty good then, so I moved onto the back. The other side of the sweater has two more of these triangles, each knit pointing to the side, and then seamed up along the long edge in the centre back. I couldn’t see any advantage to the seam, and I knew deep in my heart that no matter how careful I was, I would never get the two halves to match – stripe wise, and I also knew that this would make me insane. So insane that I would re-knit it forty-nine times and still think it sucked. I decided to head it off at the pass and knit both halves at the same time, in the round.


Brilliant, yes? Oh yes. Round and round I went, tossing in the extra increases that I had used when I fixed the sagging front triangle. I congratulated myself several times on my general cleverness, finished it up and cast off.


Le sigh. Isn’t that great? Isn’t that how you want the back of your sweater to look? A huge honking uni-breast wanking off the back.