Almost finished…

5. The spinning for Joe’s gansey. (Where’s Rams? Somebody get Rams!)


4. The plying for Joe’s gansey. (See Rams? See?)


11 skeins, 1650 metres, 200 hours of my time and….

not enough. By my reckoning, I need about 1800-2000 metres of Sport weight yarn (which I’m hoping this is) to cover a tall man with a 48″ chest. Since my reckoning is, even on the best of days, pretty spotty, I’m contemplating beginning the knitting. There’s the advantage of having my actual gauge, a real idea of how the yarn is working up, the incentive of seeing an actual sweater come into being, the fact that That Laurie thinks it’s a good idea (which means it IS a good idea)…


Plus I really don’t think I can spin another single inch of this without losing my mind. We’ve gone way past meditative and all of the way into the spiritual equivalent of sucking quicksand.

If I don’t start knitting, or at least swatching, I’m likely to become somewhat unreasonable. (You there, shut up. I am so reasonable most of the time.)

3. The raised bed project in the backyard.


All that remains is the clean-up. I looked at the big pile of dirt all day, but nothing happened. It would appear that I still cannot move things with the power of my mind.

2. The sweaters for the twins.


If all goes as planned, we will soon be having a button buying day.

We are having a button buying day because my fury at discovering that I had neglected to knit buttonholes incensed me so completely and immediately that I ripped it back before I read the brilliant alternatives in the comments yesterday. ( A zipper. Of course? Why didn’t I think of a zipper? Why have a blog if I’m not going to use it’s powers for good? )

It’s a very good thing that the twins sweaters are almost done, since #1 on the list of things that are almost finished is…..

1. Twins.


Any minute.