Curse of the optimist.

For a collection of reasons, there is no carpenter here today and the front of the house remains…er, absent.

Even though this is not anyone’s fault, the reasons are very sound and even though nothing at all can be done about it….I am sincerely annoyed. Mostly I am annoyed with myself, infuriated really, for believing that this whole reno was going to go off without a hitch.

Why would I think that? Why? When no renovation, improvement or even so much as a light bulb change has ever gone without a hitch in this house, why would I consistently sign up for this stuff and then be surprised when it’s got some trouble. Why?

Optimism. That’s why. I’m forever thinking that everything is totally going to work out. I’m starting to think that I’d have fewer crushing disappointments if I expected the worst. Last night, I lost my patience with the Erle baby sweater and set it aside.


This one won’t be off the radar for more than a few days, but I needed a fast success. Something that would be really satisfying really quickly. Quickly enough to feed my sense of optimism and make me feel like it’s possible for a project to be accomplished without a whole lot of trouble. I found just the thing. I’ve been looking at “Dibs on Ribs” (scroll down on that page) for a while, and I think the construction is really interesting and I’ve had my eye out for a good yarn to do it in.

While I was at Webs I found this, and thought it would be perfect.

(This, by the way is probably also related to This. Green yarn…Striping? Pretty sure.) I started last night.

You knit two panels of a really interesting shape for the left front and right front,


Then sew them together in the front,


then pick up and knit a triangle of decreasing ribbing into the void.


Except it’s not supposed to suck like that. Clearly I must have missed a decrease or two in that section or it wouldn’t be sagging like somebody’s great grandmother caught without a bikini top.

Turns out that the idea of a quick fix satisfying sweater was a little bit optimistic. If you need me I’ll be sitting on a pile of lumber in my backyard, ripping out a sweater.

129 thoughts on “Curse of the optimist.

  1. Oh dear, I think that requires a trip to the SnB. With wine. And Chocolate. And some shopping. Yikes

  2. I think anyone who loses a porch deserves a day to do what they want. I like the sweater. Explains the note to yourself. Good luck with getting the renovation under way. I think you need a trip out of the house. Have you ever ripped out knitting while in a coffee shop? It really gets great looks…

  3. Love the color and design of the sweater. Oh, and you are not alone on disasterous home projects…it happens to the best and the rest of us too!

  4. That is a wonderfully… interesting segue masquerading as an excuse to start a new project. But I’ve always liked you for your interesting thought processes.

  5. I made a sweater with 127 Print once – it’s gorgeous yarn, if itchy. Don’t know if it helps, but like lace, a lot gets fixed in the blocking… Good luck!

  6. as long as the logs are not meant to be a funeral pyre, happy frogging – it may help reduce the frustration tensions…

  7. “…it wouldn’t be sagging like somebody’s great grandmother caught without a bikini top.”
    You make it difficult to be productive at work. I’ve just snorted a cup of tea all over my monitor. And I thank you for that.
    Keep on with the optimism thing. Pessimists are never disappointed, but they’re never happy either.

  8. I’m still boggling at “started last night” followed by pictures of panels of a sweater, already sewn together. Wow. πŸ™‚

  9. Oh, Stephanie — I love the optimism in spite of all the renovating nightmares of the past. It really keeps the rest of us going. I know that feeling of HAVING to start a new project and then getting hopelessly bogged down in the new project and feeling confused, tired and bored of it and moving on to another new project and so on and so on. I totally relate! I may be inspired to go back to a half finished project for a quick success.

  10. As another optimist, I have to say I have learned to temper my optimism with the awareness that every project will have at least one complication–the optimism lies in being aware that it could always be worse. And it could, and you know it!
    I’m not sure I follow what that sweater was supposed to look like in the first place, so I don’t see anything wrong with it. I really like the striping pattern. A lot. And I’m on an involuntary yarn fast (read–I have no actual money to buy yarn at this moment), darn it! But maybe this is a good thing–maybe by the time I can buy yarn again I will have forgotten about the pretty and unusual striping thing … “this is not the yarn you’re looking for” (wave hand in Jedi mind trick gesture) …

  11. hmm.. someone’s grandmother indeed. I think that you just need to do that rip back and you’ll be fine. I mean you are in controll of your knitting.. perhaps not recon work.. but of your knitting fer sure.

  12. “sagging like somebody’s great grandmother caught without a bikini top” — OK, now I’ve had my first good laugh of the day! Having accidentally seen my Nana naked once (and she’d had a radical mastectomy, so she only had one boob), that image is very vivid for me!

  13. I feel your pain. We’re in month 16 of a “simple” hardwood floor installation. Next month? Court. From here on out we will move before we allow another contractor in our castle.
    Good luck and enjoy the outside!

  14. Yeah, I hear you loud and clear on the Joys of Renovating. I haven’t had any hot water for the last two days, and no explanation for it has been forthcoming. (Actually I do know why–it’s because the hot water tank hasn’t been set up yet. Why this should be the case is the part I’d like to have explained.)

  15. Yeah, dude, something is going wrong there. But, it is a pretty yarn for that sweater, and very “in”. Green is the color right now, right?
    You could take that optimism to the frogging: tearing it out is great, actually, because you get to knit it again! Is that too Pollyannaish?

  16. I hope the codes guy does not make an unscheduled visit. I found after ripping off my front porch that I needed certain permits (money required), even though I was replacing my porch in kind. Good luck.

  17. It’ll be like building a fort! Take a blanket and wine and flashlight and you won’t even have to come inside when it gets dark. I think chocolate will make the frogging and reknitting so much more pleasant.

  18. I know you’re not happy, but this posting made feel much me feel much better. I’m currently having all the electrical in my home re-wired and, within the first two hours of the project finally starting, the project was delayed two days and the cost had gone up by $1000. Argh! I know it happens, but it is so frustrating! Just hang with it. I know you’ll be glad you did.

  19. Sorry about your sagging-grandma ribbing problems but so happy to see an example of that yarn knit into something ,to see how the striping works out (or ts’s as the case may be). I’ve picked it up at then put it back 2 or 3 times because of the mystery.

  20. ooh, yes. have been thinking about dibs on ribs for myself, actually. plus i think you brought the IK server to it’s knees by linking to it. the pics aren’t loading at all… the wheel just keeps spinnin’. gotta be careful who you link to these days, eh? how many hits do you get in a day now?

  21. My personal favorite is when a home-repair person of whatever kind (plumber, dishwasher-installer, roofer, crawl-space guy, etc., etc.) gets about half an hour into the job, then comes and finds me and demands, “Do you know who DID THIS????”
    No. I don’t know who did this, nor do I particularly want to know (house was built in 1948, could have been done any time since then). All I want is for you to FIX IT! And then they go away, on a cold March day, saying they can’t leave the furnace on because it’s not safe, and they can’t get a new one installed until tomorrow (they hope). It was about 37 degrees F (3 or 4 degrees C) in the house by the time the new furnace started running. Ran for 24 hours w/o stopping. On my 1-10 Fun-O-Meter, home maintenance/repair rates about a -12. Getting the bill for said repair is a -13.
    Gotta rip out my Shrug-that-was-only-going-to-take-a-week-to-knit, again. That’s optimism, when you keep ripping it out and trying over.

  22. Uh oh. I recognize that frustration. And Dibs on Ribs was on my list of want to knit soon… Well, I guess there is something cathartic about ripping knitting. No? Oh. Well, I guess that’s my internal optimist…
    If you do find a “quick satisfying sweater” for the love of wool let me know, ok?

  23. Think of how much ripping out you could do when the contractor doesn’t come for 7 months. That’s right. seven. months.

  24. Pft. At least you’re ripping out a sweater because it looks wrong. I ripped out a sweater that was just fine, because I’m a moron. So there.

  25. THAT is your idea of quick, easy and mindless? Tell us the truth: in your copious spare time you secretly design fiendishly complex origami critters impossible for a normal human to fold correctly.

  26. I think we are star crossed knitters, two people divided by a national boundary, and many crazy minutemen, but linked by filatura di crosa. Bought on the same day, at the same place, in fact. Is it the yarn, or is it the stars?
    I haven’t frogged yet, only because I am less disciplined than you, and fudged instead. Another plank in the knitter’s platform: more “chocolate” for everyone?
    crosseyed yet hopeful- the fiberslut

  27. You STARTED that last night? I mean STARTED? Obviously I’m pretty much a newbie here, but STARTED? That sound you just heard was me slapping myself out of repetition.
    I suggest you spend the renovation at the Holiday Inn on King Street with a visit to the Loose Moose. I hear their lovely this time of year!!!

  28. I am loving the red baby sweater.
    And I like the yarn on the other sweater and it does look to be an interesting pattern and will be really nice when it is finished. And I think it’s funny that you wanted a “quick” project and then do a sweater. Wow you must knit super fast. And don’t feel bad about having to rip some of it out…I’m working on a cardigan and after blocking it I noticed a mistake that if i want the sleeves to fit at all i’m going to have to rip out half of what i’ve knitted.

  29. I hear your pain, honey. We’ve had a water line bust wide open leading to more repair work to be done tomorrow. Bees invaded my huge oak tree, (I’m allergic) and a toilet backed up. And all of that happened yesterday. Did I mention that my mom is coming in tomorrow morning and my child’s birthday is Saturday? You hang in there. I’m knitting warshrags and not much else to ease the pain.

  30. Um , Stephanie out of curosity’s sake, where is the the head supposed to come out? I’m lost,Don’t worry the construction should be done by maybe next year, I am still waiting after nearly 13 years for kitchen cabinets . sigh good luck

  31. This is why I’m an eternal pessimist. I’m seldom disappointed. On the rare occasion things DO go right, I get a pleasant surprise.

  32. Um , Stephanie out of curosity’s sake, where is the the head supposed to come out? I’m lost,Don’t worry the construction should be done by maybe next year, I am still waiting after nearly 13 years for kitchen cabinets . sigh good luck

  33. I dunno, Stephanie. Take a look at how the model’s hand is positioned in Dibs on Ribs. Couldn’t she be gently ….tugging at it to make it look like the bottom edge is straight?
    Regardless, I have utter confidence in your ability to fix it.

  34. Oh, dear. There must be a mercury in retrograde kind of thing going on. Or else it’s just one of those days. It could be much worse. There could be a coffee shortage. **shudder** Gods forbid!

  35. yeah, but the way the stripes mitered when you sewed it together is very cool.

  36. Maybe the Erie Sweater needs to be renamed the Eerie Sweater.
    I love that green yarn! Sorry the project’s being a poop.

  37. ouch, days like that are no fun. but hey, gorgeous yarn! It can’t be all bad.

  38. Have you never seen the movie “The Money Pit?” Everthing only takes two weeks! πŸ˜‰
    Green wool, my favorite, it will work out, I promise. Breathe deeply, enjoy spring, and rip!

  39. Reconstruction takes twice as long and twice as much money as you plan. Any contracter who says he’ll see you the next day usually doesn’t reappear for at least a week. (If that seems harsh it’s because I’m envious of your knitting output!)

  40. I’ve wondered what 127 yarn looked like knit up… I like it. Too bad about the droopy part. Hopefully that will be an easy fix, and hey, at least you didn’t choose the Fan Clutch & Fun Fur Collar — that’s one for those gals at You Knit What? Think I’ll go raise a glass of wine to your optimism.

  41. Okay. New to this obsessive knitting thing since December, so not sure how dropping a half.way.there (Half Way There!) baby sweater to start (at the beginning)adult sweater… gets one a “fast success”? Umm. Quicker than just finishing the LITTLE ONE? Baby arrives soon, doesn’t he?
    Just asking πŸ˜‰

  42. Yaaaah Gwen! “Pessimists are never disappointed, but they’re never happy, either.” That’s one to pass on to your grandchildren.
    I’ll bet it’s gorgeous in Toronto right now. Wish I was home!

  43. Steph, you crack me up … great-grandma’s boobs — LOL. And thanks for giving us all an opening to whine a little about our home-related issues. We’re scheduled to close on our new house in 2 weeks, and haven’t sold our current house yet. Talk about stress! I’ll trade your reno problems for having to pay 2 mortgages, ok? Pretty please? Sniff, sniff…. (And the thought that this could go on for months and months has almost paralyzed me…I can barely knit right now.)

  44. Not that you asked, but your row gauge may be looser than the designers on the ribbed triangle – you could try it again (just the triangle) with a smaller needle. That and blocking of course.
    Good luck – it’s interesting yarn!

  45. I just finished DIbs on RIbs and tried to wear it at Sheep & Wool but it was too hot this year πŸ™
    I was stubborn and wore it for a bit but then I had to take it off or roast alive in it.
    Pics on my blog of the sweater in question, of course!

  46. Oh, I looooove that sweater and have been pondering the yarn possibilities for it myself. Can’t wait to see how yours comes out.
    And your home renovation tragicomedies are making me woozy. (I *knew* it was naptime.) My husband and I are house-hunting and we do love the older homes.

  47. All good things(and bad) must, eventually, come to an end. Your nightmare will too:) Just breathe, you know, like through labor pains.
    Neat sweater construction, despite boobage sag.

  48. Can I come frog my project with you? And I could tell you about the skunk spraying the heater, so that every time the blower kicked on the heat, our first year in our first house, guess what you smelled…

  49. My sister still says “Hang in there till you get the hole fixed and move” Erle sweater is looking GOOOD just love it. A ” fast sucess” !!!! Lordy you knit FAST. Its a wonder to me that you haven’t set fire to the wool at that speed. Keep your optimism we have to many pessimists in this old world. Just temper it a bit when you are dealing with contractors fixing anything . GL

  50. You wouldn’t by any chance have missed a “block severely” instruction?
    Just checking…..looks great otherwise! Love the green striping πŸ™‚

  51. Heh. You are making me gigglesnort madly, as always (I love laughing at the pain of others, it keeps me whole).
    And since my surgery that “grammaboob” looks exactly like my left breast. The favoured may request photographs. (The loathed will have them sent anyhow as I like making people scream and it might get me pity points.)

  52. Been there done that. Two of us are knitting this sweater…the front sags like that. You think that’s bad…wait till you do the point-y bull’s eye thing in back…
    I managed to fix it by picking up all four sides on dps and rewriting the pattern as I went to knit it in the round and then did a 3 needle bind off for the center of the bulls eye. No blog. No way to post a picture. But hopefully you get the idea.
    Besides…that center point…won’t that come out in the blocking??? hahahahaha….

  53. Personally, I think you should take matters into your own hands and knit up a covering for the hole. Maybe use Leigh Radford’s screen door covering from Alterknits?

  54. It boggles the mind . . . I mean, I’ve gathered that you’re a fairly smallish person, being 5’1 and all, but a sweater is a fast project? Watching you knit must be hard on the eyes. What would it take to get you to come down to Iowa and work a little on this stupid Rinoa jacket(what was I thinking – ankle length jacket in ALL STOCKINETTE)?? Pretty please? I have dark chocolate Hershey’s Kisses . . .

  55. So you just HAD to remind me about the Interweave Knits webpages with all the fun patterns. My printer got another workout and now I have more patterns to file!

  56. Stephanie-For as much as I love to knit, your quick is my “look what I did after several months and many rippings out”…you are an amazing Knitter! Best to you-Julie

  57. Imagine my surprise to turn to your blog and see the same yarn as I’m using to make the bowling ball felted purse! I feel like my yarn is famous! If the sweater doesn’t work out it makes a great felted bag!

  58. oh well. at least it wasn’t a truly properly dead easy project that you had to rip out four times. that’d be really really sad. (and i speak from experience, so trust me, i know.)

  59. Low expectations are the key to happiness. That’s my theory. That way when everything sucks, you’re not surprised, and if things go right, you really appreciate your unexpected good fortune and it makes you really happy. Or maybe it’s just time to take my Wellbutrin. One of the two.
    Cool sweater. You’ll get it right. Spiffy yarn.

  60. I have posted the picture of my porch if you want company in the whole porch-falling-down thing. Anyone else?

  61. At the risk of stealing Rams’ thunder, might I humbly suggest that you take a break by…spinning?

  62. “grenyrn ask striping plus -don’t ts. L.mre check. ”
    Here’s a theory, but it hinges on accuracy, and probably isn’t the “best.”
    It was April, shortly after earth day and being environmentally minded, you are interested in buying grenyrn (eco-friendly yarn). Self-striping would be a plus (bonus). You remind yourself not to ts (talk shop) and that you should l.mre (listen more). Maybe you wanted to check on the yarns.
    The bad news is that I don’t think any of the organic yarn manufacturers out there have dyed their yarns into self-striping yarns.
    Now here’s the good part:
    Multi-colored yarns that may or may not self-stripe:
    Sari Silk is 100% recycled, but I doubt it self-stripes.
    Organic yarns you could dye into self-striping yarn using natural dyes:
    Oasis makes a yarn out of soy.
    Blue-Sky Alpacas (possibly thick for socks) – this is the only one I’ve actually used.
    Bluefaced Leicester
    Pakucho Organic Peruvian Cotton
    Eco Wool
    Marr Haven
    Green Mountain Green (Green Mountain Spinnery)

  63. i can’t believe you were three blocks from my house (WEBS) and i missed you!!!! damn. good thing i got to see/hear you in berkeley when i was living in california…

  64. Oh my, the dilemmas of porches, roofing and gaping sweaters.
    Whatever you do, don’t watch “The Money Pit” (old movie with Tom Hanks I think). I had an old house 1820 Greek Revival, that sucked the money out of everyone who walked by. It’s an exciting adventure (read that never boring and never done)
    You have my understanding and sympathies…

  65. Well, the part that needs to be re-done is fairly small. Someday you must share with us WHAT you do to knit so fast. Enquiring minds want to know!

  66. The picture on their website looks like the ribs
    kind of intersect, making little diamonds where the purl lines cross. It’s an interesting design, but for a quick knitting fix, I think I’d do a sleeveless pullover knitted top-down, v-neck, classic k6p2 columns, nothing fancy.
    Good luck with the porch. Remember the rule of thumb: figure out how much time it ought to take, double the number and change the units to the next biggest order of magnitude: so a three-minute project will take six hours. Anything less is a bonus. I live in a 1934 house.

  67. blocking will save you! Anyway. Today is the first time you have used a yarn that i have used! it is a half scarf with the live stitches kept on a paperclip while i get more yarn (the gifter is a non knitter who gave it to me on valentines day not knowing about one ball being generally insufficient)

  68. I knit that sweater a few months ago. Same problem with the front and back ribbed insets. I ended up rewriting the rib insets to add a few extra decreases along the edge. That seemed to fix the sag.
    And the yoke row guage doesn’t seem to match the finished dimension they provide – just so you know going in.

  69. When I was a kid, my relatives would all get together and build a house (usually for newlyweds) You have seen nothing till you’ve seen all these crazed Ukrainians building a bay window. I did not know till I was about 15 that “bay window” was the proper term. Among the constructors in my family, they are called “son of a bitch”. Mostly for reasons like your hole.
    I still remember riding to Sunday school with my buddy’s family, and commenting on the new house on the corner. “Hey, look at the sonovabitch on that house”. It was very hard to explain.
    Barb B.

  70. Dunno dude, seems like we have a thematic similarity here –
    “reno…off without a hitch” and “quick fix satisfying sweater”
    I can’t beleive you actually said either one without being struck by lightening.
    I like the grnyrn even with the weird sticky out thing. You should do that bit over.

  71. A sweater as a quick project?!? I guess if one were petite, like yourself, it would be. Me, it seems like I need acreage.
    Looks like a tricky bit of shaping in your future. I’m sure you’ll figure it out.
    When I visit TO again, will you teach me that production knitting technique that you use? I kind of get it, but am still a bit confused.

  72. Erle is looking super. Not at all “girly.” I thought that red would be perfect for a boy. I’m glad you stuck with it.

  73. Interesting construction of a sweater that would not be on the list of my favorites. Partly due to the yarn. The wide striping. I think yours would turn out better. Love the wee red sweater, what’s wrong? Why did you need a break?

  74. We do not call that “sagging like somebody’s great grandmother caught without a bikini top.”. We call it a “unique and creatve design element.” and deide if we can live with it, or need to destroy it before it spreads.
    Been considering Dibs on Ribs for a long bit myself, and had not thought of that as a use for 127 print. Which I somehow – through no fault or action of my own, I swear – seem to have acquired a bag of. The stuff follows me home, I swear. I go in to work, I come out and there’s all these white bags with big purple logs on them “WEBS” in big letters. But I swear (honey, if you’re reading this…) as God is my witnessI do NOTHING to encourage them.
    Totally relate about old house. Our last one was originally a corn crib, then a small country store complete with guitar-picking owner and cracker barrels, and then someone came along with a chain saw and said “Hey! if we put a hole here, we can add bedrooms and make it a HOUSE!!” Am I kidding? I am most certainly not. Was going to sell the kids on ebay, but then they made some rule about nothing living being sold, so we had to mortgage ourselves to the ears instead. And live out of “the portable kitchen”, a microwave cart containing a toaster oven, coffe maker, and nuker for weeks. I shall not relate how we handled toileting issues…

  75. I’m still trying to figure out how you can use the words “quick” and “sweater” in the same sentence. That is so far outside my realm of experience, I can’t even begin to comprehend it. Love the wool, though, and it’s going to be really cool when it’s all done. Hang in there!

  76. I’ve taken to saying “Next house,” when discussing the massive design flaws with this one. (I’ll just add that if the IDIOT who built my house is still alive I want to find him and damage him.) Sigh. I used to have savings but then I got a house. Now, I just wave sadly at my money as it passes quickly through my hands.

  77. Hey I made Dibs on Ribs last fall. Turned it into a cardi (details and pix on the blog). Really liked how it worked out. Wore it all winter. When it’s all sewn up and on you it’ll be fine. Love the colourway you’ve chosen.

  78. As for the renovations without hitches, there is a reason they sell cocktail napkings that say, “have you seen my contractor?” We have an old house and the picture of three men staring at a house wall struck fear in my heart, even though it wasn’t my house.
    The Dibs on Ribs is an intersting construction project of it’s own. Was it a missed decrease or a row gauge issue??

  79. Oh, I’ve liked the Dibs on Ribs sweater too. I love the 127 Print. One of my favorite yarns that I’ve never knit with! πŸ™‚ My LYS carries it and I’m always curious to see how it knits up. I love that the striping is irregular bits, but not really so variegated as other yarns are. Good luck with getting it up all fixed up. You’ve made great progress with it.

  80. Your optimism is one of your most charming qualities. When I need a quick bit of cheer, I knit baby socks. My pattern is totally trustworthy, it uses up leftover bits of sock yarn, it’s portable, and it’s good to have a few extra pairs around for the next friend’s arrival.

  81. I’ve had my eye on that sweater since I saw it. I decided to make it out of handspun. So I’ll probably never make it.

  82. I think everyone thinks the way you are thinking right now at some point each day. At least I do. Even if a situation can’t be helped, I’m still angry if it doesn’t go the way I planned.
    If it makes you feel any better, I spent 2 hours untangling a ball of yarn from hell last night that came about 5 minutes from being thrown away. Me, throwing away yarn never happens.

  83. You’re taking a break from a BABY SWEATER for an ADULT SWEATER for a quick to knit, immediate satifaction project? Lady you are out of your mind! Perhaps you still have a bit of a fever?
    P.S. Kelli-the-wonder-publicist (yes that IS the right spelling!!) probobly thinks I’m off my rocker…

  84. Speaking with the authority of a pessimist, trust me, it’s not so much fun! If I could change my programming to be an optimist I would. While it may be true that pessimists don’t suffer as many crushing disappointments as optimists, we suffer ALL THE TIME to a some degree! Bleeech! Change of subject: the Erle sweater looks great! Thank you for sharing the info about your knew project (yarn and pattern). I Love it! It is beautiful! Green is my favorite color; Interweave has fantastic patterns and great info and WEBS is one of my TOP 4 places to shop (mostly window shopping it is true); I’ve been hoping for some Mother’s day moolah to spend on a much needed fiber fix, with tentative purchase plans that would easily total $1000+ against a much smaller amount that I can realistically hope for. Now that I’ve linked to your blogged link, I’ve got another choice to salivate over. Happy knitting to you πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  85. P.S. Your Dibs on Ribs looks much better than the photo on the Interweave Press site. did you alter the pattern, or is it due to you knitting with a more attractive yarn?

  86. Steph- 127 print is awesome – It is one of those yarns I don’t want anyone else to have because that means less for me! You’ll love it!! And that price is outstanding !!!

  87. I had the same problem with those ribbed inserts. At first I thought it was just me, but now I know it’s the pattern.
    I just fudged the darn thing. It still didn’t turn out perfect, but that just means it was a lot like me. (Crazy-looking and imperfect?)

  88. I now have an image in my head that I never wanted :oP Very accurate description however. It’s a beautiful design if you can get the ribbing to work.

  89. Here is where your relentless pursuit of perfection is not your friend. I made a sweater with similar decreases and ended up with the same point but it eased itself back into shape after the knitting relaxed. Don’t frog! Trust in the process!

  90. I’ve never had much luck with projects I started in a fit of frustration. The bad karma always seems to transfer at some point. Yours looks eminently fixable, though – I’m sure it will turn out well.
    As for home repairs – yuck. The worst is getting a place ready to sell. We had a horde of termites move into the wall of our ancient (but adorable) little cottage on Vancouver Island the day after we put it on the market – somehow the realtor just couldn’t ignore the audible gnashing of all those tiny little teeth.

  91. Just one of those days! Or is that a week? Slow down, girl & enjoy the process. I wouldn’t call a whole SWEATER instant gratification! Knit some little bunnies or something, lol.

  92. Before you start blaming yourself for the funky ribbing problem. Go check for pattern corrections. THEN you can start baming yourself.

  93. A quick fix satisfying sweater? In my experience, no way are “quick” and “sweater” used in the same sentence. Come to think of it, neither are “quick” and “knitting.” Good luck sorting it out (I’m not worried) and definitely good luck with the porch!

  94. I understand your optimism… it’s the same feeling I get when I botch a sock graft and then get all excited about casting on the next sock…(Somebody out there tell me I’m not completely mentally deficient because kitcheners stitch totally eludes me… I’ve looked up every illustration I can find but following the directions just boggles my teeny-tiny-pea sized brain…)

  95. wow, I was thinking of making Dibs on Ribs one day with the black 127 print. So excited to see someone else make it with 127 print. I don’t really like the back ‘bulls-eye’ on the model so I’d hope for an uncentered back but maybe that doesn’t look right either. Anyhoo, can’t wait to see your completed product πŸ™‚

  96. Steph,
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