Happy, Happy Birthday

Please join me in welcoming, with all of the joy and happiness that this community is capable of:


the much awaited twins. Both are healthy and beautiful, as is their mother, who did womankind proud today, as she brought them into the world with strength, grace and exactly the sort of fortitude it’s going to take to be a wonderful parent to them. (Their dad rocked it pretty hard too.)


Parker, the eldest and most laid back of the two, weighing in at an extraordinarily healthy 6lbs 4oz


and his sister Lily, 5lbs 14oz, and a clearly inquisitive being.

These two are destined for greatness, as they share this birthday with my darling Amanda, who did me the honour of making me a mother on this day 17 years ago.

It’s an auspicious beginning.

(PS, did I cut it close on those sweaters or what?)

325 thoughts on “Happy, Happy Birthday

  1. Welcome to the world [of knittng] Parker and Lily! What a lovely brother and sister duo!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!! Bringing back great memories here as my twin daughters will turn 17 on Saturday! Best wishes to their darling mother and wonderful father. And aren’t you glad you got to hand them back to their parents?? πŸ˜‰

  3. I think you must have the magic needles! I remember reading about your daughter’s first blankies and you as soon as you finished, boom! They arrived. I think this talent is something you might be able to market….
    Beautiful babies, both of them! Many congratulations to Mom and my wish for a long and happy life full of love, laughter, music and dance to the twins. And knitting. They really need knitting, too.

  4. Happy birthday to them both!
    Every new being that enters the world is capable of so much. Each is a new oppurtunity.

  5. Wow. Just wow. That’s two big, beautiful babies. They are very lucky to have Amanda to share their day with.
    A world of welcome to Parker and Lily.

  6. The babies are both breathtakingly beautiful. Good work, doula Stephanie (and of course, good work Mama and Papa too).

  7. Happy Birthday Amanda!!!!
    Welcome to the World Parker and Lily!!!
    My cousin had twins yesterday….2 boys named Bryce and Donovan. What’s up with all the twins?????

  8. Mazel Tov!
    Beautiful babies, beautiful sweaters, perfect timing – best wishes to all.
    ps I was in early labor whilst sewing the buttons on my first born’s welcome sweater.

  9. Well, they were anxious to try on your sweaters!! They knew you were done, and wah-la. They are here! They are beautiful, what babies aren’t, right? Happy B-day Amanda…and mannnnny mooooorrrre!

  10. Congratualtions! The sweaters are lovely. My mom said that came to a realization yesterday. There’s too many great things to knit. She said, “Seeing your sweaters makes me want to learn knitting.” Please come to Chicago soon!

  11. Sweet,sweet babes! I don’t know, Steph… you look pretty natural holding those two (and ecstatic!) Maybe you should consider having another. Happy Birthday to Amanda. Somehow 17 seems so much older than 16.
    Lynn (who deknits more than she knits these days)

  12. What great and SPECIAL news!! Such sweet and expressive faces. I became a Mom 7 months ago and I waited and waited for my daughter to arrive. Finally on my due date, to distract myself I picked back up the little quilt I had started for her months (like 6) prior. I worked on it for 3 days straight and became convinced that “the darn baby” wouldn’t come till I finished. Sure enough. I finished at about 2 pm and went into labor that very night.

  13. Welcome to the world, Parker and Lily! Your future is full of love and wool and possibility.
    And feliz cumpleanos a Amanda, tambien!

  14. They are BEAUTIFUL! I can’t wait to see them decked out in those sweaters! Happy birthday to the lovely Amanda as well!

  15. Happy Birthday Twinses and Amanda! Today is also my brothers birthday, he turns 21. It was also my great Aunt Genes birthday, she would have been 80 today.
    Today is a good day to be born.

  16. Welcome to the world Parker and Lily, and happy birthday to Amanda!
    The babies are beautiful. Congratulations to the parents and best of luck to all. =)
    (and yes, you had perfect timing on the sweaters. =P)

  17. They are sooooo adorable. Welcome Parker and Lily! Steph, you should totally market a line of kniting needles. They would join the ranks of walking the dog, walking up and down steps, and having sex to bring the baby on in those last few dire weeks of waiting. I know if I was preggers I would totally use Harlot needles to get that baby coming! πŸ˜€

  18. Happy 17th Birthday Amanda! What a wonderful young woman you’re becoming. And how nice that you could share your day with the new twins!
    Stephanie, congrats to you and the new mom and dad. They are really in for a slalom run now! I know, my twins are 19 months now and the fun never ends. Kudos on getting the sweaters finished with the buttons and everything before all hell broke loose. Er, I mean, before she went into labour.

  19. You did it again! A finished sweater, a finished baby! I wish I knew you 16 years ago! Welcome beautiful babies and Happy Birthday Amanda!

  20. Congratulations to the new mom for doing a great job..your babies are spectaculer. Lily And Parker..Happy Birhtday!

  21. Oh, joy, joy! How lovely and wonderful. An honor to share a birthday, indeed.
    Can’t wait to see them in their wee sweaters. (After it cools down, of course!)

  22. What a miracle! Welcome to the world, little ones! You brought tears to my old eyes….

  23. Welcome, Lily and Parker! What fabulous names (my daughter is named Lily, too)! And a very happy to Amanda. Sweater pix, pls…

  24. Man, when you say “fire at will” people take you seriously.
    Congrats and happy birthday to all.
    Yay babies (& Amanda)!

  25. Since we’ve been through this before, I have to congratulate you in maintaining the smokescreen that you “cut it close” on the sweaters. I imagine the mama would be much less grateful if she realized that a Harlot-finished baby gift beats the hell out of pitocin — and that therefore your dinking around with that obstreparous grenyrn sweater simply added days to her term. The labor past, however, the sweaters themselves ought to mollify her — they’re really something, I give you that.
    (It’s Tuesday, by the way…)

  26. What beautiful children. Awww. Makes me want a new one of my own. Parker is a great name for a little boy … and Lily, well, I’m a little bias on that one having a Lily of my own … it’s the perfect name for a little girl. πŸ™‚
    Happy Birthday Amanda! πŸ™‚

  27. Welcome, Parker and Lily! What beautiful children you are. And what lovely sweaters you have. (Cut it close? I’m with rams.)

  28. Happy birthday Amanda! and Happy birth! day Lily and Parker.
    Stephanie you should work in theatre, with your ability to meet deadlines at the final hour!

  29. well now, those pictures surely inspire my tendencies for baby lust. How beautiful!
    Now off to watch my energetic, bouncing off the walls, climbing everything, requires 2 baths a day to stay clean, toddler….its the sure cure for babylust!

  30. Obviously they are blessed with great patience as they didn’t come out until the sweaters were finished.
    It’s all a matter of perspective.
    Absolutely gorgeous both of them, congrats to the lucky parents.

  31. Wow, twins that are a) not early and b) not scrawny. Amazing! I’m sure it was all the knitting mojo.

  32. Good God, they’re gorgeous. So so so so gorgeous. Lily is so beautiful, and Parker looks like he’s going to be one relaxed little dude. I hope you’ll post pics of them wearing the sweaters. Good job, Mom and Dad, you do beautiful work.
    Happy birthday, Amanda!

  33. What … you didn’t “cut it close” on the sweaters! You finished them … and thus the babies could be born. It’s the Steph Magic, that’s all. πŸ™‚

  34. Wow, about the same size as my brother and I were, but he let me out first. I can’t wait to see them in those sweaters!

  35. YEAH!!!! Happy birthday Amanda, and welcome to those 2 sweet little babies! Perfect timing!

  36. Awesome! They are just inspiring me with awe.
    And no, you didn’t cut it close with those sweaters. It’s too damn hot to put babies into wool garments.

  37. That was cutting it just a leetle close! They are gorgeous wee babes and I wish all much health and happiness (and fortitude for the parents) for many, many years.

  38. Holy cute babies! Can’t. Even. Imagine. 12+ pounds of baby. Way to go, “Mom”! Parker will look great in red, by the way.

  39. oh my, Mom took you seriously when you said fire when ready, didn’t she?
    Adorable babies! Happy Birthday Amanda!

  40. What a pair of beauties!! How can they BE so adorable? You’d think I’d be done with babies by now…but they just get sweeter and sweeter.
    Welcome, little ones.
    And happy birthday, Amanda! We’re glad you’re here, too. Even those of us who don’t, you know, KNOW you. Ain’t the Internet weird that way?! πŸ™‚

  41. Happy Birthday Parker, Lily and Amanda.
    Who wouldn’t want to come out into the world if they had cool sweaters waiting for the.

  42. I just love how happy babies make you πŸ™‚
    They are darling… and Lily is clearly very photogenic (not to put Parker down or anything… he’s just busy sleeping in his snapshot, while Lily was caught in all her baby exressiveness).

  43. YAY!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations Mom and Dad, the babies are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!
    well done Stephanie – I think you must have the knitting mojo, maybe some will rub off if I keep reading the blog, and when I’m ready to have babies, I’ll start knitting and they won’t come until I’m finished… πŸ˜‰
    Happy Birthday Amanda!!!!

  44. Happy happy joy joy – wishing all good things for Amanda (and the babies too, of course, but she was here first.)

  45. Welcome to the world, sweet babies! And congrats Stephanie for finishing those sweaters in the nick of time!!

  46. Happy Birthday Amanda! And loving welcome to Parker and Lily and congratulations to their parents.
    And Rams, now that I’ve recovered from my evil fit of giggles at your rather pointed reminder of what else the Harlot ought to have been doing today, may I suggest we allow her to select and alternate ‘Tuesday’ this week? She has been rather hard at work today.

  47. The Knitting Goddess smiled on you. Which can only mean, she will smack you again sometime soon. Sorry, I hate to be pessimistic. The twins are beautiful, as are their sweaters. Tell Mom and Dad congrats!

  48. Oh, the miracle of new life! They will look so cute in those sweaters, when this weather from hell cools down. And happy birthday, Amanda!

  49. Perfect planning on yours and God’s part. Although if it is near as warm there as it is in Western Mass(WEBS Yarn Store country) the sweaters won’t be needed except for pictures. They are beautiful and Lily looks like she will be a busy one.
    God bless to all.
    Judy in MA

  50. Let me see if I’ve got this right…collectively that is over 12 pounds of baby! Very impressive! Congrats to Mom for her obviously whopping intestinal fortitude…

  51. Happy Birthday to Amanda, and Welcome to the World Babies Parker and Lily! What a happy day …

  52. WELCOME beautiful babies!! Congratulations to Mom and Dad and doula! Our boys turned four last month and we heard all the warnings about small, early babies but the babies sometimes have other plans. The two beautiful cardigans I knit for them never fit because the little dudes, after being FORCED to come out after more than 38 weeks, weighed 6.5 lbs each. My bit of wisdom for the happy parents is to take lots of notes and pictures because you won’t personally remember a damn thing about the next three months. Enjoy – you are on an amazing adventure!

  53. It’s too bad I can’t do that anymore, for a lot of reasons, one being that now that I know you, I have every reason to believe that the little bugger would stay in, get cooked properly, and come out when told.
    The First, Last, And Only did not exactly follow Yarn Harlot protocol in that regard, but then again, no one was knitting for her at the time…. She is, however, learning to knit to calm down the former preemie heebie jeebies. I have to make up a knit stitch song in French. Ruh roh.

  54. And you with the fortitude to blog after all the knitting and the birthing goin’ on! Happy Birthday Parker, Lily and Amanda.

  55. those are two very considerate babies. They allowed you enough time to finsh, admire and giftwrap thise sweaters.
    As a mother of an extremely stubborn four year old, I am awestruck that you’ve survived motherhood for 17 years, and even decided to add more babies to the mix. Right now I’m on the fence about that.

  56. welcome to the planet, Parker & Lily – a very happy birthday to Amanda,
    and, as I’ve long suspected, you, Harlot, rock!!!!

  57. great sweaters, beautiful babies…could you be prouder if you had them yourself? Congrats from south of the border (NY and VT) to the parents and to YH; and welcome to the little ones!

  58. Stunning babies, and such good healthy sizes too – perfect for a couple heirloom sweaters. You look tired, hope the delivery was in air conditioned “comfort.” Time to knit rayon, cotton, linen, silk, or some other sleek thing, and maybe enjoy my favorite Long Island cooler: 1/2 lemonade, 1/2 sweet iced tea… the sugar alone gets you through the day.

  59. They sure are big for twins, bless her. Many congratulations to Mum, welcome Parker and Lily and Happy Birthday Amanda – may you have great cake.

  60. Amazing timing on those sweaters!
    The babies are beautiful, and a happy birthday to Amanda

  61. Opps! Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday DEAR AMANDA, Happy Birthday to yououououou!

  62. Parker and Lily, welcome to our world! Starting out today with our imminent Stephanie is about as good as it gets! Not only does your family love you, but the world of knitters love you, too! Stpehanie, you did another one of your predicting when babies will arrive! Happy Birth day Parker! Happy Birth day Lily! And a very happy birthday to Amanda, too!

  63. Happy Birthday, Amanda! Hope it’s a wonderful day!
    Congratulations to the twins and their parents. They are both simply beautiful. Makes me want to run up there and snuggle ’em…sigh…my “baby” is shaping up to make a good linebacker and doesn’t want to cuddle anymore. Tell mom and dad to enjoy every minute, because they sure fly by!

  64. Good weights! There is something about newborns that makes you get misty eyed and ever hopeful about mankind. Great timing with the sweaters. Everyone must be so happy and so tired.

  65. Holy Cow!! That’s 12 lbs. 2 oz. of beautiful babies! Gongratulations to Mom and Dad and doula. And Happ Birthday to the lovely Amanda.

  66. Yeah, that was a little close….
    What beautiful babies! Congratulations to the proud parents of Parker and Lily!!
    Happy Birthday Amanda!!!!

  67. Welcome to the world Parker and Lily. What a great pair of names. Birth weights good too for twins. My twin nieces were barely 5 and 5.5 lbs when born (now 26 with 3 kidletts of their own each)
    Gemini is the sign of twins no?
    Cant wait to see the pair in their lovely sweaters.
    Congrats to the parents and Happy Birthday Amanda (also a lovely name)

  68. What beautiful babies! Congratulations to the parents, and all blessings to all concerned.

  69. Beautiful babies. And I hope their mother saves those adorable sweaters to show them when they’re old enough to appreciate them!

  70. Not only are those kids beautiful, but the fact that they waited patiently until you were done with the sweaters also suggests that they possess budding diplomatic skills. A bright start, indeed.

  71. welcome welcome little wonders!
    congrats to the new mom and dad…
    happy birthday to you stephanie and amanda!!!
    i always call my mother on the day of my birth, without her hard work i would not have one!

  72. Awwww… adorable. And congrats to mummy and daddy. And to you, Steph, for once again prooving that you are in charge (in your knitterly way) of when babies will be born.
    All the best to the new family!

  73. Happy birthday, Amanda! Seventeen is much more mature than sixteen.
    And a very big welcome to Parker and Lily, the two most beautiful babies I’ve seen in a loooong time. Good work, Mom and Dad!
    And good work Steph, for being … well … yourself. πŸ™‚

  74. Well you may have won the race but those two definitly won the whole series!! What great timing Steph! And what beautiful babies. You are so lucky to have been able to hold them! Happy birthday to Amanda too!

  75. They look so beautiful and healthy! Welcome to the world, Lily and Parker! You’re going to be clothed in style. πŸ˜‰

  76. They are wonderful!
    Why does just seeing a baby give us such a rush of joy? Are they all born to save the world? It feels like that!
    And you are magic.

  77. Congrats on the beautiful babies. Almost makes me want another one. Almost. Happy Birthday to Amanda!

  78. Awww…. I think I just ovulated! I can’t wait until I have one (or two or whatever) of my own!
    Congrats on the babies, and on the sweaters!

  79. Welcome to Parker and Lily. And congratulations to mom and dad. Absolutly beautiful! They will look smashing in their sweaters. Happy Birthday Amanda!

  80. Holy wow. A 6-pound TWIN? My first-born was just over 6 pounds by herself, and I thought I was going to DIE. I can’t imagine doing that twice in one day, let alone twice in one hour. Mom has my sincerest admiration, congratulations, and condolences. πŸ˜‰
    Welcome to the world, Parker and Lily! You’re going to love it here. πŸ™‚
    Happy Birthday, Amanda! πŸ˜€

  81. I think that this goes to prove that that thing last winter, when the twins arrived before the blankets were done, was just a fluke. Happy Birthday to Parker, Lily and Amanda!

  82. Congratulations to the MOM & DAD and welcome to our world Parker and Lily.I hope the Harlot can get you both to learn to knit one day. MY, my, my they are some BEAUTIFUL babies!!!! Amanda— Very Happy birthday to you too, may this year be one of your best yet .

  83. Parker and Lily ROCK!! Happy Birthday Little Ones! Happy Birthday Amanda! Seventeen is a wonderful age, although I don’t know if your parents would agree. Treat them kindly in the next year! Strangely, they get smarter as you get older. At least MY parents did!!

  84. I am due sometime between Christmas day and January 9. If you wanted to knit something for my little bundle and time it mid-December, I would really appreciate your help with the timing:)
    Congrats to Mom and Dad. The babies are incredibly wonderful. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  85. Welcome to the world, Parker and Lily! You have some great sweaters to grow into.
    And a very happy 17th birthday, Amanda!

  86. You are just awesome all the way around, you go girl! Sweaters, planters and twins. That’s doing it up right! Congratulations. Two new knitters have joined the family. Bye for now, get some rest.

  87. Ok, I’ll say it…I’m so glad it’s her and not me. But I hope for the mama and daddy that they have the wonderful, close, happy experience with those beautiful children that my husband and I had with ours. Good luck!

  88. Ok, I’ll say it…I’m so glad it’s her and not me. But I hope for the mama and daddy that they have the wonderful, close, happy experience with those beautiful children that my husband and I had with ours. Good luck!

  89. Congratulations to all!!! They are so beautiful!!!
    It sure was nice of their Mom to wait until you finished the sweaters!

  90. Happy Birthday Amanda!
    Didn’t want you to feel left out with all the baby gushing. πŸ™‚

  91. Happy Birthdays! and Congratulations! all around. Those are the cutest little babies, and I’m so glad they have those tiny, wee sweaters to wear.

  92. Why so many twins? One theory, out today: growth hormone in dairy. I normally don’t go overboard worrying about All the Toxic Stuff That Might Tweak Your Body, but this news does make me consider switching to organic yogurt….
    However, if eating the conventional stuff produced such lovely twin babies, maybe we should all stick to Dannon!

  93. Happy birthday to Parker, Lily and Amanda!!! I’m really beginning to wonder about your ability to keep babies from being born until their knitting is done.Too freaky.

  94. Wow! They are so gorgeous! WELCOME to the world, little ones. And welcome to being older and gradually, as always, wiser, while being well thought of the knitting world over, Amanda. Happy 17th.
    And what a way to celebrate!

  95. Happy Birthday to Amanda! And what absolutly beautiful babies, sigh. Thank you Stephanie for lighting up the day.

  96. Welcome, Parker and Lily – you’re gorgeous!
    (smae thing happened with my sister’s twins – the famous Tinks. Liam was laid-back and snoozing, while Morgan couldn’t wait to see what was happened. They’re still like that)

  97. Welcome to the world, little ones. Many blessings. Guess you knew you’re sweaters were ready!

  98. Yowser! That’s 12 pounds of babies right there! Good work, Mom, good work YH!

  99. Oh, what beautiful babies! Congratulations to the new parents and congratulations to you for finishing those sweaters just in time.

  100. What a fantastic way to remember your own first motherhood experience! Welcome to the twins and Happy Birthday to Amanda!

  101. Wow, congrats! Both for the twins and for making it to 17! And I wouldn’t call it “cutting it close,” it’s much more fun to tell everyone that you knew the timing and paced the sweaters just perfectly!

  102. Oh so sweet! Congrats to the family: mom, dad, and babes all. And I’m sure they will be fetching in their gorgeous sweaters. Thanks for sharing, and happy birthday to Amanda as well. πŸ™‚

  103. The babies are beautiful! I cut it close as well – my sister’s baby was born Monday morning and I finished his blanket 10:30ish Sunday night…

  104. Welcome to the world Parker and Lily!! Happy Birthday Amanda!!! and Great work Harlot I would have been disappointed if you’d finished any earlier.

  105. They’re beautiful – a credit to all involved.
    And it’s not “cutting it close”. It’s more of the North American OEM philosophy of Just In Time. Not happenstance, philosophy & intent.

  106. welcome parker and lily.
    that momma does not look like she just birthed, not one, but two babies! hope you tell her all these bravo’s and well dones.
    and of course too you as well for birthing, not just one, but two fabulous sweater. bravo. well done.

  107. Those two are nobody’s fools. Very smart indeed until they knew they had lovely sweaters awaiting their arrival. No matter how many times it happens I am always amazed at the strength mothers (and dads) display when giving birth.

  108. Happy Birthday, Amanda!! 17, just about the age to start apreciating mum’s handiwork again. My highschoolers (the ones that I teach) love to see my knitting stuff, and want me to make them sweaters, too.
    Welcome to the world Parker and Lily. Beautiful names. I am a little biased as I have a nephew named Parker (no Lily’s in the family, though!!).
    I seem to remember in previous posts about your knitting for babies, Harlot, and how the babies always seem to come shortly (usually hours) after their projects come off the needles. Those babies just seem to know when you are ready for them and don’t come a moment sooner. they’ll look adorable in the sweaters. Better put a set of knitting needles in baby Lily’s hands so she grows up to be a knitter. Apparently it’s an old Irish custom about master knitter’s passing on their gifts to the next generation.

  109. Welcome Twins! I’m a twin myself and therefore have a soft spot for any twin. I can’t imagine life as a ‘single’. Like A. A. Milne said, “It’s so much friendlier with two.” About the sweaters, you said it before — You are in control. The babies don’t come until the knitting is done.

  110. Calling it close? Gee, I thought you planned it that way! Those two are just adorable. Happy Birthday Amanda!! Happy Birthday Parker and Lilly!

  111. Oh my goodness, my best friend also had her baby this morning!!!! A baby girl named Kaeylnn! What a day!
    Happy Birthday to Amanda!

  112. Congratulations to the entire family of Parker and Lily, and Happy Birthday Amanda! What a joyful post, thank you for sharing the news with all of us.
    Those are some healthy looking babies, btw!

  113. Yes, you cut it close on the sweaters but what matters is that they are wonderful and you got them done. Congratulations! The babies are beautiful.

  114. Fabulous. Welcome to the world, Parker and Lily. You look a lot like my two when they arrived (and weigh a lot like mine did too). Give your mom a little time to get used to this two-baby thing–she’ll be a pro in no time, and you two will have each other for ever and always.

  115. Welcome Parker! Welcome Lily! Congratulations mom and dad, and welcome to the parenthood cult (assuming you are new members).

  116. happy birthday to all, especially to amanda (wait til she’s 20!). and you didn’t cut it close, you just have EXCELLENT timing.

  117. Those babies are gorgeous. Makes me want to have another one or three. πŸ™‚ Congrats to Mom and Dad…and to you for cutting the deadline!

  118. Hooray for babies! They are precious and even at this tender age they were thoughtful enough to wait until the sweaters were finished before being born. Congratulations and my sincerest wishes for sleep to the new parents.

  119. Way to go, Mom of the twins ! I think there should be a special mother’s day JUST for Mom’s who have twins. yipes.. So delightfully awesome and wonderous that Mom and both babies are healthy and happy. another miracle!
    they are so beautiful !
    And, good job “Auntie” Steph~ (you look like a natural with twins…) cut that one kinda close eh girl? The sweaters are gorgeous tho, in case I didn’t say so in an earlier post.

  120. Welcome to the beautiful babes in arms of one very proud Harlot…and everything Rachel H said πŸ˜‰

  121. Congratulations to the new parents! What lovely cherubs. Welcome to the world, Parker and Lily — may you find joy, health, beauty and love in this place.

  122. Wow, what beautiful babies. They don’t even look like lizards as so many Caucasian babied do at birth! That poor mom must have been huge at the end with two non-twin-sized twins in there!
    Did you help with the birth? My favorite chapter in Yarn Harlot is still the one with the (still)birth….

  123. Stephanie you do beautiful work no matter which arena you are working in!! Welcome, Welcome to Lily and Parker…..such beautiful babes, such lovely names. Parker had better watch out, Lily looks like she isn’t going to miss a trick….so alert and wise looking.(an “old soul” perhaps??),Parker is going to have his work cut out for him to keep up with her! Can’t wait to see them in their little sweaters…..with the A/C on of course!

  124. Aww how cute! You id cut it close on the sweaters, but you still got in under the wire.
    Happy birthday to the twins and your daughter!

  125. I can honestly say, TWINS ROCK being a mother of twin girls. So proud of their mum for surviving and delivering πŸ™‚ Congrats to you on getting their gifty sweaters done right on time!

  126. Congratulations to mom on the best dressed babies in Canada… and felicitations to Amanda, who is, indeed, not quite grown up but very very close. (And well done Steph on the timing, the lovely babies you helped, and on nearly surviving a teenager…)

  127. Hey Parker, Hey Lily! I can reccomend chocolate and walking on the grass in bare feet. And You should also try petting a kitten and riding the rollercoaster (even if it seems scary at first).
    HAVE FUN!!

  128. oh my goodness. they are so precious. πŸ™‚ and to you: i just a couple of days ago realized that you are a published writer. i’m a new knitter, so i apologize for this ignorance. i was looking through the knitting section in the bookstore, and when i came upon “yarn harlot” i gasped and flailed my arms wildly at my boyfriend to come run and look. i don’t think he understood at all, but he smiled and tolerated me anyway. πŸ™‚

  129. Congratulations and best birthday wishes to everyone born on this wonderful day, especially Parker, Lily and Amanda! Our Headmaster’s wife also had her baby today. Your sweaters were gorgeous, as usual, and I’m in awe of your skills.

  130. Congrats! Perfect timing for sweaters and babies! I just found out that I’m expecting at the end of January and can’t find the words to truly express the blessings and joy I wish for all! Happy birthday all around!

  131. Happy Birthday Amanda!! Happy Birth Day Parker and Lily!! Congrats Mummy and Daddy!!!

  132. Welcome Parker and Lily!! You and your folks have many amazing days ahead. The world of twins is a special blessing!

  133. Happy Birthday, Parker and Lily!
    Congratulations mom! Job extraordinarily well done!

  134. boo, and hoo, welcoming the twins with a little tear in my eye.
    they are so very lovely. happy birthday to amanda too!

  135. Congratulations to Mom and Dad of Parker and Lily! Happy Birthday Amanda!
    Beautiful babies and sweaters.

  136. oh, how lovely! The picture of Lily especially reminds me of my second child when she was born. “She’s so alert!” constantly – looks like another one. Congratulations to the parents, and thank you for the pictures, Steph, and the sweaters are pretty darn nice, too.

  137. Beautiful babies, beautiful sweaters…we want pics of Lily and Parker wearing your hard work!

  138. Awww they’re beautiful! Beautiful babies for beautiful sweaters!
    Now if only I can convince Adam to have another baby πŸ˜‰

  139. Well done, you must have known they were coming. That’s why you finished when you did.
    Happy Birthday Amanda!

  140. Happy Birthday Amanda! Hope your birthday was filled with lots of good stuff, like ice cream, it’s just too hot for anything else.
    Congrats also to Mom and the twins. Good timing on your part, at least hospitals are air conditioned.

  141. Happy birthday times three! Parker and Lily are beautiful little ones and I’m sure their sweaters will look perfect on them.
    Happy birthday to Amanda as well… and to you for having accomplished such a wonderful task as bringing her into this world and raising her into a lovely young woman. πŸ™‚

  142. congratulations to lily and parker’s parents. and congratulations to you for a job well done. and happy birthday to the twins.

  143. Welcome to Lily and Parker! Good job, Mom, Dad, and Stephanie! Happy Birthday Amanda – 17 is such a great year. You’re on the verge of SO many wonderful things and the whole world is out there waiting for you! It’s my daughter’s 13th birthday today, too, and that’s another auspicious number. What a day for greatness!

  144. Congratulations to Mom and Dad, and Happy Birthday to those two beauties! And to your daughter as well, what a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday. It must have brought back wonderful memories for you!

  145. Welcome, Lily and Parker! And it’s not that you cut it close – it’s that once the sweaters were done, they knew they could be born.

  146. Congrats to their mama, the owner of the [formerly] protruding belly of blog fame! They are lovely!
    And of course they were born then, they couldn’t be born until you finished something for them!

  147. Happy Birthday, Amanda!! Happy Birthday, Parker & Lily!!
    (Holy cow, “extraordinarily healthy” is right!! Congratulations to their mum and dad, too!)

  148. They KNEW—Babies have a way of just knowing sometimes. This makes me think. . . are you still a doula/lactation consultant? Probably not–too busy writing. Aren’t babies divine?? Their exsistence is such an amazing fete. If you think about the possibilities (in a reproductive sperm/egg sort of way) every individual child truly is a miracle. Good luck mom and dad! Your world just got BETTER! Lots Better!

  149. Congratulations Mum & Dad!
    Welcome to the World Parker & Lily!
    Happy Birthday Amanda!
    Thanks for sharing all this wonder with us, Stephanie. Pictures of tiny models showing off their new fibery finery soon?? Pleeeeeeeeeez?

  150. Once again your knitting heralds a birth, never use your gift for evil.
    Happy Birthday Amanda, Happy Birthday Parker and Lily! (for your birthday I promise I won’t sing)

  151. Wow! What beautiful babies! Congrats to the parents and happy birthday to Lily, Parker & Amanda… May ya’ll all be blessed with loads of happiness.

  152. Adorable babies; welcome Parker and Lily! You have gorgeous sweaters waiting for you!
    Congratulations, Mom and Dad!
    Happy birthday, Amanda!

  153. What beautiful babies. Welcome, Parker & Lily.
    Congratulations, Mom & Dad. I wish you an uninterrupted night of sleep when you need one. Enjoy those babies as the old adage is so, so true: they grow up before you know it.
    Happy Birthday Amanda!
    Congrats, Steph, on your timely finish of those gorgeous sweaters.

  154. I’m actually afraid to do the math to figure out the total babyweight the mom was carrying. Great job, and congratulations from me!

  155. Oh, they are BEAUTIFUL in that newborn scrunchy-faced baby sort of way.
    I love babies.
    The sweaters are going to be gorgeous on them.

  156. Wow, cutting it close by hours it seems. Well timed!
    Not having kids myself, but experiencing quite a baby boom about me, thanks for the tip on baby sweaters. I may be putting that into good use soon.

  157. I’m pretty sure the babies knew that the world wasn’t worth entering until they had beautiful sweaters.

  158. My husband’s cousin had the first baby in the family in that generation, a boy, 7lb 6oz, quite a good size for a Japanese-American baby. Three years later, she had twins, 2 boys, weighing in at 7lb 2oz and 7lb 11oz. One of those boys was heavier than his singleton older brother! Almost 15lb of baby, more total, counting “extras”. Major OUCH, but she didn’t have a caesarian. Truly amazing mama and boys!

  159. Hooray! Welcome Parker and Lily! As a twin myself, and one of a boy/girl set no less, I can tell you with much certainty that you will be each other’s best friend, closest ally, and at times worst critic and most troublesome foe. But it’s a wonderful way to grow up.
    Happy birthday to Amanda, too. Just think, now there are millions of us who are shocked that you’re 17, wondering where the time went, rather than just your relatives…!
    What a great day. πŸ™‚

  160. Happy birthday Parker and Lily and Happy birthday Amanda. Obviously, you didn’t so much “cut it close” on the sweaters so much as you signalled to the powers that be that it was time for their appearance in the world. You knew the babies wouldn’t be born until their knitting was done, didn’t you?

  161. Hurray! Welcome to the world blessed babies! May you find it a joyful, wondrous place to be. Congratulations to your Mom and Dad, and Stephanie for finishing your beautiful wee sweaters in the nick of time.
    And Amanda: a most happy birthday to you!

  162. Welcome to the world, little kiddos. You will look so very gorgeous in the sweaters that Steph has made for you. Of course, you will look gorgeous in anything or nothing at all!! Thanks for waiting until the sweaters were done. Hugs, kisses and pats on the back to all.

  163. Congratulations to the new mom and dad!
    Welcome to the world Parker and Lily. May you have happy and healthy lives and leave your children a better world than was left to you.
    Happy birthday Amanda!

  164. Remind Mom… remind all moms….
    6 weeks, 6 months, and 6 years all pass in the blink of an eye. They are the same. Treasure every second. God Bless Parker and Lily and Amanda.

  165. It just goes to show that you ARE in control of when babies enter the world–you finished the sweaters, and ta-da! beautiful babies arrived.
    And they ARE beautiful–welcome to both and congratulations to the parents. What an amazing feat!

  166. Welcome Parker and Lily! Strangely, that it the second time in the last few months that I have said those words. My sister in law just had twins, a boy and a girl, and she named them Parker and Lily! What are the odds?

  167. Welcome you two gloriously beautiful beings.
    and to Stephanie who definitely holds power in her hands and needles. a joyous job well done!

  168. Happy birthday Amanda, Parker and Lily! What beautiful babies. I don’t think that you finished knitting just in time — the babies were clearly waiting for you to complete their clothing first!

  169. Hi Stephanie. This morning I saw a photo of you holding the babies. Now, there is no photo?! Yesterday, I saw the babies, but again, not you holding them. I didn’t know what the other bloggers were talking about. What’s up, I wonder.

  170. Congratulations to the beautiful babies and to the wonderful parents! Also, a belated happy birthday to Amanda. Wow, you really timed the sweaters just right.

  171. I know that I am a day late, but Happy Birthday to the twins and Amanda! Or at least, happy belated birthday! They’re beautiful!

  172. What entrancingly beautiful babies – Lily is just so full of personality already. I recently found out that my DD is pregnant again & find I am as excited about the third one as I was about the first 2. I can’t wait to find out the sex. A girl would be nice but I’ll be just as happy with a 3rd boy.

  173. Gorgeous babies!! Your timing is impeccable as it turns out.
    Congratulations to Mommy and Daddy!
    Happy Birthday to Amanda!

  174. Much happiness and joy! Babies are wonderful things and should be welcomed as such. Congratulations to all. You owe them big time for waiting until a decent time after the sweaters had been finished, photographed and blogged.

  175. They are such precious babies!
    My youngest – soon to be 4, let me take a 2 hour trip up to Lorna Misner’s to see her dye yarn (when she still owned Lorna’s Laces) when I was very pregnant, and of course buy lots of yarn. Then later that night I went into labor and he arrived the next morning. What a good little guy and he still lets me knit.

  176. Happy, happy birthday & welcome, Parker & Lily! And of course, Happy Birthday Amanda! (Happy Birthday, Mums, too!)

  177. Wow, that is a hella lot of baby for that mom to be carrying! Good job, woman! Welcome to the babies, and happy birthday, Amanda.

  178. I wouldn’t say you cut it close, so mucha as you got your baby knitting mojo back. Babies will arrive after their sweaters are finished henceforth.

  179. Fantastic, great little duo with being so healthy and mama healthy, too. Fantastic

  180. Fantastic, great little duo with being so healthy and mama healthy, too. Fantastic

  181. What beautiful babies. Congratulations to you and their mama and daddy! (and what lovely sweaters to go with the babies! Yes, I know, babies aren’t accessories…)

  182. I just thought of something. My daughter and Amanda share a birthday. Joe and I share a birthday. How cool is that? I knew about both but never THOUGHT about it being both. well, strikes me as neat, anyway.
    I could stretch it and say Stephanie and I both crack jokes and knit, but that would be like saying Georgia O’Keefe and I have something in common. The ‘connection’ only points out the vast differences in what we do!

  183. Those look like tiny little knitter fingers if you ask me.. congratulations!
    Also- congratulations on BEATING them here- those little sweet buggers!
    However- We must take this entirely on trust— as the pics aren’t dated- and the sweaters COULD have been completed after the babies arrival- and you’ve held off the posting until you could “create you’re own reality”…
    OK- there have been bigger conspiracy theories based on less- πŸ˜‰
    beautiful all around!

  184. That was an incredibly close call… and an amazing miracle of nature. Congrats to the sizeably larger family!

  185. Congrats on your good work, yet again. Oh yeah, & to their mother, too. Hey, where’s the obligatory “with travel sock” picture? You could be scarring them irreparably by getting them started in life without having them pose “au sock”.

  186. Lily is GORGEOUS! And Parker is just a doll. your daughter is 17? Wow! What’s YOUR secret? I really love the monkey buttons on Parker’s sweater btw, Good choice Meg.

  187. What beautiful babies to wear those lovely sweaters! Welcome, little ones. And Happy Birthday Amanda.

  188. Darling babies – I’m going to the kind of grandma that spoils, I can tell *G*. I would love to cuddle that pair!
    And Amanada is the name I picked out if JC would have been a girl! Great minds think alike!
    Happy Birthdays and Congratulations all around!!

  189. You’d think those babies were just waiting for those sweaters to be seamed up or something…
    Welcome to the planet!

  190. Wow, those are very cute babies…the picture of Lily is amazing! Those eyes are beautiful! Extend all of our best wishes to the new parents.

  191. Welcome to the planet Parker and Lily!! and welcome to the last few teenage years Amanda, enjoy them. Happy Birthday one and all!
    Stephanie, you are the baby sweater goddess and have such a fantastic smile holding those two newborns, such a perfect balance – a gaggle of teenagers to challenge everything you think you know and lovely babies to keep you in touch with all that sweetness.

  192. Wow, magnificent blessings for such healthy babes. She is more woman than I! And I don’t even want to think about teenagers…
    Best wishes to you all.

  193. welcome lily and parker!!! whether by coincidence or not, there’s an excellent band out there named parker & lily … one of my favourites in fact. yay for excellent twins!!!

  194. beautiful babies
    beautiful sweaters
    gorgeous even
    on the clothes in the hamper drill?
    any clothes left on the floor
    will go in the good will bag (or the trash)
    they will not be retrievable
    if you run out of clothes
    you will go to school naked
    or you can buy them back from good will

  195. Welcome, Parker and Lily! And Happy Happy, Amanda. πŸ™‚
    Way to get those sweaters in under the line, Steph! πŸ˜‰

  196. Congratulations!!! Let’s say you did the timing on purpose shall we? I’m reading your new book and it rocks!!

  197. Aw. How adorable. And they have an awesome mom who rocked the birthing process. And an awesome dad who rockingly supported.
    Happy birthday to Parker and Lily and Amanda!

  198. welcome to the world little ones – it’s a big and sometimes scary place, but always warm and more manageable with a little bit of wool.

  199. Welcome Parker! Welcome Lily! You are both so adorable and will be absolute knockouts in those new sweaters–I swear, those are the cutest baby sweaters that I have ever seen!
    My own twins were 14 months this weekend. They are walking and talking now, making it hard for me to remember how tiny and (mostly) silent they once were…Seeing Parker and Lily makes me want to do the baby thing all over again–if I were 10 years younger! (And if I can forget what existing on 1/2 hour of sleep every two hours feels like…)
    Happy Birthday, Amanda! Have a joyous year!!!
    Sheila in Boston

  200. Welcome Lily and Parker! Parker, sleep while you can, buddy! Lily, welcome to the ranks of the curious and the watchful. May you both enjoy good health and a fondness for wool.
    Stephanie, you look so happy holding the twins. Cheers!

  201. Please give my congratulations to the new parents. Welcome Parker and Lily, you are both beautiful! Last, but not least, congratulations to you, both sweaters are splendid.

  202. Happy birthday to the three!
    (And: No, Barbara, thanks but three will be plenty for me, even if Lily’s look is melting my heart.)

  203. Congratulations!!!! They are very adorable twins. I just love the look on Lily’s face. It’s like she has a secret and can’t wait to share it. Maybe she’s already a knitter and is just waiting til she gets a little more hand eye coordination before she lets you know. Or, maybe she was just waiting for you to finish her sweater. Happy Birthday to Amanda!!!! Seventeen! I bet it seems like yesterday that she was a baby. Thanks for sharing the beautiful baby pictures.

  204. Hooray! Here’s to the happy, healthy twins. And a belated happy birthday to Amanda as well.

  205. Hooray! The twins are here! What a size for twins…both around six pounds. And what beautiful names. So where are the pix of them in their sweaters, hmmmmmm?

  206. Happy 17th Birthday, Amanda!!
    Happy Birthday and welcome to the world, Parker and Lily!!
    May 30th is a good day to be born. My beautiful grandmother, who still knits by the way, was born on May 30, 1918.

  207. Congrats, and Happy Birthday to Amanda, also. Those are two pretty (er, I guess Parker is handsome) babies. Bravo to Mom and congrats to Dad.

  208. Congrats to the two new babies! May 30th is a very good day to be born (I can say this because it’s my birthday too!).

  209. Congrats to the two new babies! May 30th is a very good day to be born (I can say this because it’s my birthday too!).

  210. They are beautiful! Congrats to Mom and Dad!
    Any way you can be there for me when I have mine? I know that Baltimore is far, and I’m not pregnant yet, but we can work on that…

  211. Welcome new babies!! πŸ™‚ They are gorgeous. And the sweaters are beautiful, too.

  212. The twins are so cute. I have twin boys that are 5 now and I so remember the joy of them both nursing and I would not give that up for anything.
    Also thank for the wonderful books I am enjoying all of them and plan on purchasing more to give as gifts.

  213. AAH! Congratulations and welcome to the new babes! They’re so beautiful. I adore the look on Lily’s face. Ah, newborns. *happysigh* Way to go on the labour! I had singlets and the idea of birthing twins is mildly terrifying. You’re one tough woman.
    I just bought Knitting Rules! and I’m in love. I know I’ll be a regular reader here.

  214. Happy BirthDay, Parker & Lily!! Such gorgeous healthy twins.
    Happy BirthDay, Amanda! You have a wonderful mother.
    πŸ™‚ Cheers!

  215. From a mom of twins, your friend is truley blessed! Twins are twice the fun, twice the bootie duty, twice the laughter, twice the hugs and twice the love. Congratulations and I hope everyone had a happy birthday!

  216. Beautiful: Babies. Sweaters. You. Holding them. Their sweaters. Their timing with your daughter’s birthday.
    I’m about to embark on knitting sweaters for my DH’s brother and his wife who are due with twin boys in early August. In a recent post I asked if anybody knew the average size of twins at birth so I could choose which size to make so that they will fit them this fall and/or winter.
    Then, a couple of days ago we received a call that her water had broke. Today, she seems stabilized but will be in the hospital until the babies are born which could be any moment but they are hoping won’t be until the 27th of this month. They’re in good spirits, informed about what is happening, feel like they have excellent and empathetic care, and are still incredibly (and apparently according to their doctors, not entirely naively) hoping to have a drug-free although highly monitored birth, or would that be births?.
    They’ve been hoping for a child for quite some time and I’ve been waiting to knit a sweater for them for years, since not long after knitting the very first one or two of a long string (I recently finished the 15th! I must be crazy.) of Rosebud Cardigans from the book Simple Knits for Cherished Babies. Your two very different, beautiful sweaters are inspiring me to try another baby sweater pattern…but not until after I’ve knit the 16th and 17th ones.

  217. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. Cute babies. Almost makes me want to do it again. Almost (I’m nursing as I type this)

  218. I hadn’t read your blog in a (very) long while. Congratulations! They’re beautiful. All good wishes.

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