Has anyone seen my mojo?

Though I’m not yet ready to concede defeat, it’s possible that Dibs on Ribs is kicking my arse. (For those of you who asked, it’s a free pattern in the “Subscriber Only” section of the Interweave Knits Website.)

I reknit the sagging triangle and it’s ok now.


I was feeling pretty good then, so I moved onto the back. The other side of the sweater has two more of these triangles, each knit pointing to the side, and then seamed up along the long edge in the centre back. I couldn’t see any advantage to the seam, and I knew deep in my heart that no matter how careful I was, I would never get the two halves to match – stripe wise, and I also knew that this would make me insane. So insane that I would re-knit it forty-nine times and still think it sucked. I decided to head it off at the pass and knit both halves at the same time, in the round.


Brilliant, yes? Oh yes. Round and round I went, tossing in the extra increases that I had used when I fixed the sagging front triangle. I congratulated myself several times on my general cleverness, finished it up and cast off.


Le sigh. Isn’t that great? Isn’t that how you want the back of your sweater to look? A huge honking uni-breast wanking off the back.


183 thoughts on “Has anyone seen my mojo?

  1. You just crack me up. Looks like a do-over for that part of the sweater. But nice try.

  2. whoa, one of the first to post, that’s never happened to me before! I wish you luck on your sweater . . . just be thankful it’s such a gorgeous yarn!

  3. I hate it when patterns do that! I sometimes wonder if knitting patterns are an elaborate practical joke. Like any good prank or bacteria, this pattern has evolved to outsmart you as you attempt to outsmart it.

  4. Didn’t I read yesterday that there were other knitters with the same problems on that pattern? Maybe it isn’t you!!!

  5. Just saw you on TVO, a repeat interview. And I had the phone all ready to call in! Great to see your fingers in action, and to put a voice to the face and words, finally. WHEN are you speaking again in Toronto (or thereabouts?).

  6. You make me laugh and I luv you for it! 🙂 I was having a perfectly wretched day and then I got to come here and get a giggle! Thanks!

  7. add a tassel to the rear nipple and send it to Vogue kntting… it’ll probably make the cover. 🙂

  8. Huh, it’s sounded like a good plan. I’m pretty sure I would have opted to do the thing in one piece too. Sorry it didn’t go as planned.

  9. Umm, maybe you could use it to store extra things in, like marbles or balls of roving, extra stitch markers, etc. Possibilities are endless.

  10. Damn, you knit fast. I’m in awe. Well, you know you can fix it, and how, and it won’t take the 49 tries that the other way would have taken, so you’ll be fine. And you’ll have a new sweater to wear in the amount of time it takes most of us to do 1/2 a scarf.

  11. oh my goodness, it is VERY SIMILAR to what Grumperina just had happen in HER recent project! You have to check it out! She is getting a nippling effect in her latest sweater, too. Hee hee!

  12. If it keeps giving you trouble, THREATEN it – the pattern shall become papier mache in order to reinforce the roof that’s holding up the bay window that chased the porch away.
    The yarn is beautiful (although I can’t wear that color green), I will definitely give you that. But maybe it needs to be THREATENED as well. Something like “yes green yarn I like you very much, but you might serve me better as the base to the post that’s supposed to be holding up my porch roof”.
    I’ll bet that will shape both the pattern and the yarn up real quick like.

  13. this might be a silly suggestion, but perhaps it would help to try it in a solid color first? That way you can focus just on the getting the shape right and worry about the stripes later?
    Or if you really want the stripes perfect, dye yarn AFTER you knit it. 😉

  14. Gorgeous. Can’t wait to see the google hits you get with Harlot in your name, and a sentence that involves “uniboob” and “wanking”. Love it.
    Good luck with that sweater. If anyone can fix it, you can.

  15. Wrong location for a boob or Barbarella bra. I’m sure you will work it out. But, what did those pattern writers have in mind??really??!! This pattern separates the blind followers from the real knitters.

  16. I guess the question now becomes: Is the Erle baby sweater looking more attractive to you? Perhaps you’ll be able to cruise along on it and it’ll seem like a walk in the park by comparison…here’s hoping!

  17. Oh yeah, the back uni-boob. Nice design feature.
    My own personal hell? One arm in a sling (temporarily, we hope).Makes knitting tough. (not impossible, just tough). My husband just shook his head when he watched me last night. But said nothing, as I was working on his socks. Smart man.

  18. Well, dear Harlot, your uni-breast post made me laugh so hard I cried, and then I started reading the comments. Heaven help me. I hope no one comes in my office. They’ll think I’m having convulsions. Heck, I am having convulsions. Isn’t this fun? Think how boring life would be if everything turned out exactly right the first time. The sweater will be lovely when it is finished!

  19. hey!
    a boob located on your back is SEXY…in a star trek 1960s bad-alien-costume kind of way.
    ahem. did that make it weirder?

  20. Ha! Grumperina’s got you beat! She’s got double pointies on her shoulders.
    May be you two should be comparing notes.

  21. Fetching indeed! I think it would make an excellent smuggling sweater. You know, if you were smuggling smallish triangular things . . . single pieces of Toblerone . . . tiny hamsters . . . diamonds and such.

  22. Sorry Stephanie…but I laughed and laughed! Your delivery didn’t help. We’ve ALL been there, thinking we are just the cleverest knitters EVER, thank you very much! Heh.

  23. I can’t stand it! Even on my worst days….3 1/2 hrs in the dentist chair and 11 shots of novicaine…..you make me chuckle….a crooked, drooling chuckle but still… a chuckle

  24. Great indeed if you had a dowagers hump, but when last you graced the west coast with your presence I didn’t notice one.

  25. I’ve heard more than one male say he wished women had breasts on their backs — it would give them something to hold on to while hugging us. Who knows, maybe over time we’ll evolve and grow a uniboob on our backs. Maybe you are just ahead of evolution.

  26. Now, see, this is where I realize that, not only are you a far superior knitter than I, you are more adventurous. Me, if I had a thing about matching stripes, would not attempt this particular sweater with a variegated yarn. Just sayin’. Of course, if anyone can pull it off and make that uni-boob go flat, it’s you.
    I am, myself, knitting Annie Modesitt’s Mandarin Blouse from the Spring ’06 IK, and it’s coming out beautifully (interesting yet easy pattern, Cascade Pima Silk in a copper color) … and then I discovered yesterday, when I put on a slightly clingy sweater to wear to work, that due to my youngest’s inexplicable stubbornness in nursing, oh, 90% of the time on my left breast, I do apparently have a uni-boob. At least, I am now so lopsided that I will not be able to wear this lovely thing I have been so pleased with until next year, if then. And no, it’s not something only I would notice, I promise you.
    So perhaps I should try Dibs on Ribs and place the uni-boob on the front left of the sweater.

  27. I probably should have mentioned this before… but this pattern was my original Olympic Knitting project. Lets just say I encountered similar problems and with a week to go before the deadline frogged the whole thing and cast on a different sweater from Knit Simple 2 that took advantage of the Noro Iro striping without driving me completely over the edge. Unfortunately I encountered a little gauge problem, as I was knitting in the car while my DH drove back and forth to my DD’s college for a play. I must be a real nervous passenger because the finished sweater did not fit me but my much smaller knitting buddy, Leigh. My next project for the car is a bullet proof vest.

  28. I’m with Kate on this one , but from what I know of you from on here you will find a way to fix it. I too saw you on Mary Etos progamme today. Too bad she left the olymimpics to the last question, but it was ever so nice to see you and hear your voice . I wonder if she continued to learn to knit. It’s supposed to rain for a couple of days now so I guess you won’t be seeing the workers fixing that hole. Hang in there Steph at least you can knit up a storm.

  29. I like the idea of a big glass eye on the lump–something like an alien bursting out of Susan Saranden!

  30. How on earth do you knit a sweater so quickly??? In amazement of the great harlot.

  31. Erm…..are you aware that “wanking” in Britain means….a man masturbating?!?!?!

  32. I’m glad I’m not the only one having a bad day. Thanks for being here, and for allowing us a laugh. Tragedy plus Time equals Comedy… you’ll get there soon.

  33. Mojo go wacko. Remind me to take that sweater off my “wanna knit” list. I think you should wear the thing. Just rig a squirt gun inside to spray people walking behind you when you hear them whispering.

  34. I think you and Grumperina should start a Boobs On Sweaters campaign. She’s having similar nippley problems with the Pentagon sweater from Knitting Nature.

  35. Truly I am having a life sucking day. And you made me laugh. But Lord do I want that yarn! It is so beautiful. Tink a little not much and it should be just fine.

  36. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life . . . every time I think about the uniboob with a glass eye shooting water, I start howling all over again . . . thanx for brightening my day!! Suggestion – frog the whole damn thing & knit something else . . . you’ll never, ever be able to wear that sweater in public without someone remembering & commenting . . .

  37. When you wear the uniboob you’ll also have to wear a sign that says “FRONT” so you’ll know if you’re coming or going???!!!!
    I didn’t think the Harlot made these kind of little boo-boobs. I’m just sayin’.

  38. La Petite teton.
    I am not sure why knitters subject themselves to this kind of torture. I would have ripped out the entire project and written it off. I’m in the fair weather knitting mode right now.

  39. Your third paragraph and the accompanying picture have made me dizzy. All of a sudden, as best I can tell, you are writing Japanese. I suppose it’s only to be expected after all that origami.
    (It is only fair to note that I am, as the medical professionals say, spatially impaired up the wazoo. How I am able to construct wearable socks I do not know, but it involved a lot of trial and error. It helps to know bad words in at least four languages.)

  40. La Petite teton.
    I am not sure why knitters subject themselves to this kind of torture. I would have ripped out the entire project and written it off. I’m in the fair weather knitting mode right now.

  41. I’m sorry for your stress, but I did get a good chuckle out of the picture. Maybe a plain stockinette back? Good luck with however you fix it.

  42. I’m sorry you’re having sweater trouble, but the words “huge honking uni-breast,” made me laugh for five minutes. I bet you’ll be able to fix it.

  43. Is your row gauge totally different than the pattern’s? I think your mojo is skipping around with the Peace Fleece lace sweater.

  44. I think it’s a design feature… a place to store all the spareribs (haha) you put dibs on at the restaurant but couldn’t quite finish before you went home.

  45. Ah. I’m sure you’ve ripped it out by now and “math’ed” the decreases. Maybe skip some of those plain knit rows and throw in a triple decrease here and there. “Thank Flat, not Hat”. The pattern writer must have a special blocking house elf who wears the worst rejects as head cozies.
    It seems like you’re feeling better. Fantastic!

  46. Stephanie, start in the middle, work outwards and screw the ribbing–just do it flat. Think “square shawl.”

  47. Stephanie, start in the middle, work outwards and screw the ribbing–just do it flat. Think “square shawl.”

  48. Maybe work as they suggested, and have the stripes not match anyway? You could call it ‘eclectic’..

  49. I just read your little story about your friend Lene giving you and Ken all her yarn as she can’t knit anymore. I was so sad for her I cried. Thant’s one of myt biggest fears in life is losing my ability to create. I hope Lene is doing well.

  50. Ummmm if you had a sagging triangle (looked like too many sts)) why did incs fix it? And it makes sense that extra incs would make a pyamid out of a square…

  51. Well, the stripes all match.
    Perhaps you have here a case of “perfect being the enemy of good” or “stripes v. nipples”.
    I’m sure you will beat them both into submission.

  52. Perhaps the reason it’s a FREE pattern is that everyone kept returning it because of the uni-boob problem!! We know the Harlot will figure it out!! Good luck…..maybe you just need a little ore wine?????

  53. Laughing really feels good…trying to read comments through watery eyes that are as funny as post!!
    Not sure, but I think I’ve laughed OUT LOUD more in the last few months since discovering a Yarn Harlot(blog & books!)than I had in years. Thanks!!

  54. …but isn’t that for the wind-up key? You Energiz*r Bunn.. er, Knitter you… 😉

  55. ROFLMAO! Oh wow! Ya know… I don’t think blocking that will help much. Uni-boob! hee hee hee! Oh dear, the laugh was sure a bright spot in my day! Grab a shot or two of screech, I am sure that will help take the edge off the frustration. I know that you will have it fixed to your satisfaction in no time once you decide how you are going to proceed with the repair.
    Happy knitting!

  56. rofl
    I will be watching to see how you fix that, before I cast mine on. 🙂

  57. Well, thanks for the laugh! You know there is probably someone out there somewhere who could really use this!?

  58. Yeah, well, I’m just not feeling that sweater at all. Sometimes Interweave hits it right on the nose, and sometimes they miss by a mile.
    You, of course, will finish this beautifully (as you always do) and it will look smashing. I hope it turns out well.

  59. You are soooo funny. My husband is starting to think I’m nuts from laughing so hard at the stuff you write. And I think some men might get a kick out of a nipple on your back = ).

  60. Can I come and watch how you knit sometime?? How is it possible to be so fast? The uni-boob needs to stay!!! Save the uni-boob! I imagine it could be used for a costume for an alien in the movies. A sweater wearing, a back uni-boobed, wanking, cold planet alien. 😀

  61. LOL – I am so glad you are willing to share your failures/experiments with us! It gives me the optimism to keep on keeping on.

  62. who ever heard of a sweater needing breast reduction? cracking up here. but, here’s the thing: the stripes lined up are too much non-green anyhow, right? You would have ripped it out anyhow, right?

  63. Stephanie: start in the middle, forget about the ribbing, and work outwards. Think “square shawl.” That’ll do it.

  64. Saaay… How bout designing a sweater with intentional pyramid boobs in front, kind of like in a jean paul gaultier pointy bra-top kinda way. Ugh, maybe not!

  65. I think it’s the yarn. I’ve been working on my own chevron shaped sweater with it and I ended up having to frog things a few times before the karma was right.
    I’m routing for you! It’s a wonderful yarn to use and so many BEAUTIFUL results.

  66. I think you should call this the “Husband Sweater” that way he can fondle front and back.
    Alternately? A web cam to montior what your kids are doing behind your back. You know, to give those eyes in the back of your head a rest.

  67. ROFLMAO! Okay, Harlot – you need to leave it, your husband will have a new love/lust for you – a three breasted woman is what every man desires – the only way you could improve it would be to add another “breast”! Thanks for your wonderful sense of humor!

  68. This is clearly a case for the use of gradually smaller double point needles, or is this what everyone is thinking but not saying? And yes you really do need to tell us how you can knit so fast. Please?

  69. My 4yo took one look at that and said, “It looks like a volcano!” 🙂

  70. First of all, how the heck do you knit so FAST?!? I get tired just thinking about how fast your needles must be moving. I do find it reassuring that someone with your level of knitting mojo has these (minor) hiccups from time to time. Me, I’d be filling that puppy up with baking soda, pouring vinegar down it and calling it a homeschool science experiment. Can’t wait to see it once you’ve beaten it into submission.

  71. heeheeee!!
    Well…a uni-breast in the back is probably better than a tri-breast in the front, no??
    Thanks for the chuckle. I needed that.

  72. “A huge honking uni-breast wanking off the back.
    Tea just spurted out of my nose. That is the funniest thing I’ve read all week.

  73. I go away for three days and look what happens. Starting from the beginning — I can’t believe you didn’t title that red-sweater post “Goodbye Erle.”

  74. Can’t just tink it back, as it’ll leave a hole … decrease faster, I guess? But then you may end up with a swirl …
    I vote wine. /nodnodnod

  75. Wow that yarn knits up much better looking than the skein would have you believe.
    Um, GL with the aft uniboob. I’m sure you’ll overcome if you just put your back into it. Erm..

  76. Oh No! LOL LOL LOL
    Put a tassle on it and learn to swing it roundy?
    Help I cant breathe! LOL

  77. Chin up doll. For someone with a boil on their back, this sweater is a godsend I tell you. The boil will have its own Feature. Customization: it’s what handknitting is all about. xox Kay

  78. Hey, it would come handy for that plug thing in that movie, you know, the game virtual reality one with what’s her name… man, now I gotta look it up… eXistenZ, with Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jude Law. Yeah. You plug the game console into your spine. So now you could play in comfort and style. 🙂

  79. sigh is right.. boobs on one’s back just ain’t cool. Maybe you just need a new thing to laugh about to get your groove back??? laughter is the most effective response (I find myself laughing in the mirror alot lately) – oh and you might find a chuckle at my latest blog (check it out.. grins)..
    may your knitting mojo return
    may your yarn be plentiful
    may you laugh at everything around..
    and if all that don’t work… well…. you could always blame it on the pattern (har har.. not)

  80. Oh, that was a good laugh. Thanks for that. I mean, I know it’s not that funny for you cause you have to reknit it, but that was pretty funny. I’m still cheesin’. :0)

  81. Wait!
    Do NOT despair!
    Ok. Here’s what i’m thinking…
    …on the inside of the sweater, add a backing to that area. On the outside, an appropriatly sized zipper (cuz, i know how you love zippers!).
    You now have a place to stash a spare ball of sock yarn. No one will ever notice. 😉

  82. Aww, so nice to know I’m not alone in the realm of suddenly-cursed knitting…using your uni-breast to store things could be an interesting solution, as long as you never lean back in a chair 😉
    …on a personal level, I’ve spent the day resisting the overwhelming urge to set fire to a STUPID &%$@#% SOCK!
    Why, oh why, does something we love suddenly decide to do it’s best to drive us mad?

  83. But the stripes match! And that was the immediate goal. I’d label it a success albeit a BAD PATTERN.
    No fault there.

  84. Wanking off means something completely different in the UK – or maybe that is what you meant!

  85. Block it severely!
    Hmm. That might not work in this case, though maybe it would retract a bit in shame. You know how sticking-out bits can be when they are being ridiculed. Like a scared turtle… 😉

  86. My first thought was “mini volcano”- the “uni-breast” comment actually made me laugh out loud (at work no less). The other ladies in the office didn’t get the humor… sigh… it is so sad to be a non-knitter

  87. That’s beautiful, I have coworkers wondering why I have tears running down my face, too funny. You what you do? Just go all the way and stick a pom-pom on there. Wear it to one of those Hollywood/rock star parties and see who asks, “Who are you wearing?”…

  88. That would be “You know what you do?”
    Heh, heh, I’m still getting a giggle–my condolences on your uni-breast. We won’t talk about some of my knitting malfunctions…

  89. It would totally work for Chandler’s (Friends) 3rd nipple!
    Hang in there Steph – just try to figure out how to make it a design feature 😉

  90. Uni-breasts are all the rage in…umm…Brazil…maybe? Ok, lieing…but I bet you can do something with it.

  91. Poor harlot, my arse. Outthought yourself, didn’t you, smartypants?
    And wanking.is.definitely.the.word.

  92. Now, let me get this straight (or bumpy), wasn’t this supposed to be a quick-, quick-finish diversion to the smaller sweater? And frogging is quicker, how? On the brighter side, I am inspired, not to make this sweater mind you, but a different one, with a similar-but-entirely-different approach. Because this one would have sent me to the looney bin long ago, and well, I’ve already got one foot in the door and DO NOT need a push.

  93. It actually makes sense to me that you’d end up with a uni-boob by doing it that way (keep in mind that I haven’t seen the pattern). Seams eat up a few more stitches that you’ll need to decrease away if you’re knitting something in the round. I dare you to ask me how I figured this out.

  94. Dude, so what made you think that increases were going to make it smaller? You either have to have way more or way less screech while knitting this pattern!

  95. Wow, Stephanie, what did you do to offend the gods/goddesses?? A hellacious virus, home repair despair, missing knitting mojo… Quick! Obviously a ceremony of appeasement is necessary. I suggest a long walk, if the weather is nice and you are feeling up to it, following by a great cup of coffee with a square of good dark chocolate. Then a ritual stroking of the stash. Should work. (Though I like the idea of adding an eyeball to that unibreast.) I am also sending you good vibes from my own happy fiber day.

  96. LoL, falling off my chair! It’s great that you can find the humour in this! Perhaps you can donate the Dibs on Ribs, to…there must be some support group or charity, for persons with hunchbacks, no? Before I saw the final view I was thinking “my God, she is so clever and I hope she will print out the altered version of this pattern to share with her readers. But now that I have seen the end result, well, as Roseannroseannhannadanna use to say, “Never Mind.” Still LOL, but I do offer you my sympathy and I know that you will figure it out…if anyone can, you can.

  97. I was showing this to my husband and suddenly the words “Colder than a witch’s titty” started running through my mind. Can’t think of why…;)

  98. ok, you can have the stripes match or the uni-boob. Since you probably don’t have a friend with a back booby, you probably should re-knit. Usually when I have a glass (or ten)of wine, my knitting comes out like that – a bit wonky. Maybe you should have a glass (or ten) of wine and it will come out perfect!

  99. Me again, after my first response, I began reading the other responses to what I will now and forever think of as the uniboob tank. But, I’ve thought of a couple of solutions: 1) save it for Halloween (do Canadians celebrate Halloween?); or 2) just sew it up, i.e., treat it as a steek kind of thing??? I’m sure you will figure it out, But if you don’t, Can I have the yarn? Please, please, please (still LOL) you are a really good sport! 🙂 🙂 😉

  100. Hey! I have its long lost cousin, in the form of an afghan “square” that does the exact same thing, even worse. I haven’t had the nerve to block it yet, because I don’t see how it will ever block out flat, it’s such a cone. I think I’ll try to make it the center of the afghan…or I could send it to you for two boobs on the back, or one for the front?

  101. I am so glad to know that I am not the only one who’s brillant ideas wind up looking like crap. I have a habit of deviating from the directions because I’m just positive that they don’t know what they’re doing…only to find out that they did have some insight after all.

  102. Optimism? More like magical thinking. The stitches started their ascent yet you continued to knit them to their peak…
    Don’t you think it just cries for a pompom?

  103. Hmmmm, I’m sure there must be a circus performer out there who is in dier need of a sweater with a big honken uni-breast on the back. Consider yourself a charity knitter and send it off to Circ-de-Sole.

  104. Alas, the last time I checked there is no charities for individuals with a third boob in the middle of their backs to which you cold donate this item…

  105. With the green yarn strand in the background, it looks a little like a volcano with wisps of steam, just getting ready to blow. Perhaps the next photo could show red boucle yarn exploding from the center and strands of red to black variegated sock yarn cascading down the sides. One of the girls may be able to use it as a geology demo and get extra science credit. Or perhaps not. Umm, I love the colors.

  106. so- you’re saying you don’t HAVE three breasts?????
    Maybe I should make an appt with my Gyno.
    Actually- there is a new trend in this sweater— “fulfill every man’s dream sweater”
    let’s face it- men would love an extra breast.
    sorry- just being silly.

  107. My small boy informed me last night that he thinks Gromit probably knits better than I do, so clearly your mojo didn’t follow me home on Wednesday, despite my continued hopes that it might one day.

  108. Crying with laughter over here in blighty- not at you – obviously – just at your description- honest!

  109. Stephanie, check out Grumperina’s blog for suggestions of how to correct this point issue. She’s not making the same sweater, but I remember her tackling this issue on something else she did. Can’t find link; google grumperina and you should get her blog.

  110. Le troisieme petit teton.
    Can we all laugh now?
    I remember someone saying something about the knitting gods “smiting you down when you least expect it”…have to go look it up again.

  111. Have I told you lately how much I love you?
    How wonderful you are for my mental health?
    How I delight in your witty remarks that make my eyes leak with laughter?
    thank you.

  112. You know, I’m sure there are men out there who wish women WERE built that way… but, no, I’m afraid that even I, who detests the frog pond even worse that I hate the bathroom that only my children clean, would actually find myself fishing in it (the frog pond, that is) in order to correct that… (however, I wouldn’t have knit that sweater because the three dimensional logistics are simply constipating…I applaud the way your knitterly mind saw that pattern and went ‘hey-no problem’–I’m so impressed that you could actually modify a pattern like that and not break into a cold sweat.)

  113. Might be handy for a kid’s sweater. Grab the handle in the back for maximum control in the store. Oh, help me I have to say it, turn the sweater around. Petit teton or in English, Uniboob. I now have faith that I can start challenges such as this and not get overly critical with myself. Thank you.

  114. To me, even though it didn’t work out and there’s a unibreast (or there was, until you fixed it) you are still a genius, because I wouldn’t even know how to begin modifying a pattern like that to be worked in the round. Really. I can’t get get a sock to come out right in the round, let alone a modified triangular sweater!!!! (g)

  115. Hey! I was just reading something that might help. In an old Barbara Walker book called “Sampler Knitting” she talks about doing counterpanes and knitting the increases in multiples of 8 to create a flat surface. Is there a way that could apply to this pattern? I admit I haven’t even looked at the pattern. Or… how about knitting the piece from the center out (like a counterpane) and then seaming it in when it’s the right size?
    I absolutely LOVE reading your stuff.
    PS – The text for “Sampler Knitting” is available in the 4th Treasury of Knitting Patterns, for what it’s worth. I’m sure you already know all of this anyway, but I figured I’d throw it out there.

  116. Love the uni breast sweater! ;)Look at it this way it will be a wonderful conversation piece at parties.

  117. I was looking through an old magazine the other day (wish I could remember which one it was as i suffer from crs syndrome)…in there, there was a sweeter with uni-nipple a plenty… I laughed so hard that I was nearly crying after reading your blog – hmmmm

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