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  1. Congrats. Now I want to see how it will fit. I just can’t imagine it. Sorry.

  2. Whew, I was worried there for a bit. If you couldn’t figure it out, who would?

  3. Thank goodness. When your hockey team gets swept in the second round of the playoffs by a team called the Ducks, you start thinking that even the best knitters can be defeated.
    The sky did not fall, and life continues – Harlot Rules!
    BTW – ’tis a thing of beauty!!!

  4. You’re my hero. When projects rebel like that, I set them down and slowly walk away. They have pointy edges that might hurt me otherwise…

  5. Well done Stephanie! Now great granny has a bikini top for all 3 of her saggy bits. Sweater looks really nice. Can we see the whole thing soon?

  6. YES!!!
    Enjoy your Mother’s Day. In our home, mothers don’t do dishes on Mother’s Day. And it’s not fair or allowed that the family leave ALL the dishes until Monday…..

  7. See? I knew you could do it. No doubts at all. But what’s the score with the front porch? Have a wonderful weekend and great Mother’s Day!

  8. Did you do the soccer goal thing and tear off your shirt and run around screaming in triumph?
    If not, you should.

  9. Replying to the last 3 days of postings in one go. First, of course the sweater would have problems. It’s the universe’s way of ensuring you have something about which to write. But I never had a doubt that you would figure it out.
    And your house looks familiar. Oh wait. It’s my ancestral home! Which was designed by my grams walking around an empty lot saying “I’d like the kitchen here, and a dining room here, and . . .” We have no load bearing wall, the house rests on 1 12-inch wood I-beam. Which cracked a few years ago, requiring the house to be jacked up while a new beam was brought in.
    Plus the roofer found a large hole on the lower part of the roof by the front porch. Which explains the presence of an entire community of chipmunks who entered last fall to set up a winter resort. Do you know how much fun it is to open a drawer and see a fuzzy round-cheeked little face staring back up at you?

  10. It looks great! And Happy Mothers Day! (Does Canada celebrate it the same day as the US or the UK?)

  11. HA! You kicked knitting’s butt!
    Now lemme borrow your mojo for a bit. I’ve got a badass cabled pullover that’s misbehavin’.

  12. What will you do when the knitting universe runs out of challenges for you?
    I’m still struggling with socks and gauges. Swatching does NOTHING. It keeps moving on me. Send your uni-boob over to mate with my distended instep and we might have something interesting!

  13. Congrats to you and your Mojo, I never doubted for a moment that you would not prevail, but maybe there was a reason that this was a free pattern.

  14. It is so much sweeter when it is a challenge. Which is why most of us even keep this hobby up. Kind of a really mild adrenaline high.

  15. OK. The “grenyrn” was knee-slapping funny. But it will be lost upon anyone to whom I try to explain the humor. *sigh*
    Excuse me. I have to go blow the rest of the coffee from my nose.

  16. Wonderful –you have your MOJO back and all is well in your knitting world . HOPE the fixer uppers have also got their mojo going on the porch. They wouldn’t let their arss get kicked by a little porch would they ? Have super Mother’s day .

  17. Um… one question: how did you beat it into submission? Change needle size? Did you find an error? If I want to adapt it this way, help???

  18. Go Harlot! Go Harlot! You rock…so what mofications did you make? You know, for us mere mortals out here.

  19. Way to go, Harlot! It looks awesome, but I will secretly mourn the loss of the uni-boob. *snerk*
    Take that Grenyrn! You’re not so tough!

  20. You rock, go girl. Quite amazing. You encourage all of us to continue working on all those projects that have us stymied.

  21. I remain totally in awe that you could figure out how to construct this at all, with or without the uniboob. Although I will admit that it looks better without.
    (Did you ever discover grenyrn’s identity?)

  22. That’s what used to happen to my boobs when I lost weight, before I had a child….
    Speaking as a person who sometimes requires the use of phone books to reach things, I can offer that up as the Official Blocking Method of Desperation here. But it looks like you’ve got that covered…Good going, Steph. Did you reknit, block the bejeezus out of it, or a little of both?

  23. One word can describe that sweater: Kick-ass (if you consider it one word when hyphenated). Great job Stephanie!

  24. Great going Steph!!!!! My dh got all three of your books for Mother’s day for me ain’t he a honey, Have a super Mother’s day , I don’t think I have in me to try something difficult, at least not yet.

  25. Now practice your serene, knitting-goddess smile, so that when someone like me goes, “Great googem-moogem–how did you do that?” you can go, “It was really very simple, I just had to…”

  26. Well, you know I knid of liked the uni-boob, but I also had a stocking cap for the winter with fake hair and curlers and a tropical bandana that I wore in the truck around town. I don’t care if people laugh as long as I can laugh along with them. I probably would have worn it and said, “Yes, I made this myself, isn’t it lovely?”. Then after a long pause burst out laughing. Off to fry morels.

  27. Sweater is looking awesome Stephanie! I just finally took a gander at the pattern on IWK and all I can say is wowza! Great job!

  28. Please tell me that is the back, and that you have not just traded a uniboob for a belly button. Or a target. Snort! Sorry, it really does look lovely but this is usually what MY family says to me about my knitting and I guess it has rubbed off. “Um, that’s interesting. Except for that ratty part at the bottom”. Oh, you mean the INTRICATE LACE that I have blinded myself adding on? Sheesh – non-knitters.
    I like the interesting angles.

  29. I bow down before you, and anyone else who can knit with such speed, talent and creativity.
    I am the daughter of a hugely talented knitter, I have taken up loom knitting recently, but am completely in awe of those of you who do “real knitting”. Mom taught me three times, but it’s like driving a standard or playing the piano… I understand what needs to be done and in what order, but I can’t get the message from my brain to my body parts in the right sequence.
    My personal goal is to get the hang of my new sock loom and attempt your wonderful Tiptoe Socks.
    Hope you’re feeling better.

  30. Ooh. very nift. Would love to see the whole thing. Please, please, please post a pic on a human-like model (or your Knitterly self) am dying to see how it all comes together as Interweave shows only front. (perhaps should break down and get subscription instead of buying each one at local yarn shop. who am I kidding, must go to yarn shop!!

  31. definately the return of the mojo.
    You rock.
    what grand inspiration you give to us to continue to fight back against rude patterns. (grins)
    happy Mother’s Day.

  32. CONGRATS!!!……it was kinda lookin’ like maybe some Viagra had found its way into the dye lot…!

  33. I love the traveling socks in Trekking, but could you please tell me the name of the colorway? I’d love to get some of that earth tone yarn.
    Thanks bunches for the help and the blogspot….it’s so much fun!!

  34. Have tried to send you an email but address in your blog doesn’t work. Has to do with Knitters’ W/O Borders. Please email me. Thanks!!!

  35. Ya got your Mojo workin’!
    Whoooo Hooo
    Starting the “wave” from here

  36. Thanks for wishing me luck on my blog – good luck on your house renovations! – Think about it like a challenging lace knit project – sometimes easy, sometimes difficult, tough to sit through when it looks as if it’s just all wrong and wierd.. but in the end, worth all the effort… Considering your luck, I’m sure you’ll have a beautiful house in the end..!

  37. If that is what it took for you to nit that, there is NO WAY I am even attempting it! Which is good, cos I was seriously thinking about it till now! You are a knitting legend!!!!

  38. Very nice. And it looks to be a fun pattern, at a glance…however, after reading of you having problems with it, i’d be scared to try the pattern.

  39. That looks great. I have to agree that if it was problematic for you, I shouldn’t even dream of trying it. Not to mention that you’re a speed-knitter. That would take me at least a month.
    Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms!

  40. You are a wonder! How did you do it? After reading the previous 2 blogs about Dibs on Ribs I was 1) passionate about wanting to knit it; then 2) greatful that you had shared your results and saved me the frustration of a trying to knit a pattern that just wouldn’t work. Now that you have turned it all around, please tell us how you did it. You are amazing, but I guess you know that!

  41. OFF Topic for a bit. I WISH I knew how to send a note to the determined person that knit the fish Blanket so this note would get to her -hiim. Whoever it is must be a TAURUS–stubborn and as determined a a bull. WHATEVER __YOU ARE REMARKLABLE to have done it . I thought it was a wonderful way to use some of the stash(and it really is actually) and end up with an afghan for dear neiphew. WELL let me tell you –dear nephew can freeze his buns off for all I care right now. Those fish have been set free of this abode forever . Up river down river , as long as I get my sanity back WHO CARES. Those little buggers have been a real test for MY patience which apparently I DO NOT HAVE. I have found a new and undying respect for anyone who does do them. Knitters are marvels in patience and should really be studied by researchers of human behavior . Harlot herself included–sticking to the ribs&dibs sweater. I hope the knitters that did do the fish blanket get to read this .GOD bless you it really is a beautiful sight for sore eyes

  42. It looks soooo cool! It’s precisely what I love about knitting – the challenges. (I get bored easily otherwise). I have a challenge coming up soon. My little niece (who is left-handed) is coming over next week for me to teach her how to knit. I’m tempted to teach her just the way I knit (I’m a thrower) with my right hand and hope for the best. Any help or suggestions would be so appreciated.
    Happy Mothers Day! Connie

  43. This reminds me of the many times I have had to yell at my computer: “You are only a MACHINE! YOU CAN’T WIN!”

  44. TO CONNIE TEACHING Left-Handed niece to Knit: You sound like your knitting technique is the English Method. If you can manage the Continental Method of knitting, try teaching this to your niece as this is often the method that Knitting Instructors will use to teach Left-Handers Knitting as it rather works the opposite of English method which so many Right-Handers prefer. There are patterns of Knitting that actually use the two methods in one knitting project…so try her with the basics of one, than the other, and repeat that a few times over with her until she gets a basic feel of both – then she can go with the method she’s most comfortable with. Most Important of all: Just Relax + have Fun – it’s a happy, memorable event for you both of you!! Congratulations & Have a Happy “Auntie’s Day”!!…and keep us posted! ==Shirley S.

  45. I know left-handers who knit English method and right-handers who use the continental method and vice versa. Teach her either way you’re comfortable with or better, teach her both ways and she can decide for herself which one she’s more comfortable with. With either method, you read and follow patterns exactly the same way and the stitches look just the same. I use both methods when I color pattern knit, holding a yarn in each hand and use the appropriate one as each color occurs. It’s much faster and there’s none of that putting down and picking up that leads to frustration and tangled yarns. Thank you Elizabeth Zimmermann for showing me the way. I’m sure that alone was enough to open the gates of heaven for you!

  46. I was taught the English way by my Irish grandmother and the Continental way by a German aunt. I, too, use both hands to knit colour patterns. I wish more people would call the different ways to hold your yarn English and Continental. Calling them left-handed and right-handed seems limit them too much and force people into think that there’s a huge difference between them. There’s not. And please don’t think that if your left-handed, as I am, that you have to knit backwards, from the right needle onto the left. It makes following a regular pattern almost impossible and is completely unnecessary. That may be the only thing that I consider really wrong in knitting, because of the problems it causes in using patterns.

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