Random Friday

1. I am trying to make the Roundabout Leaf tank from Knitting Nature (beautiful book.) out of Alchemy Silken Straw (100% silk).

(I would show you pictures but I sent the camera to Sam’s track meet with Joe. I thought about keeping it, but my maternal instinct prevailed.)

The pattern is written for a gauge of 18 stitches to 10cm, and the yarn knits up to 26 stitches to 10cm. Although this plan made a great deal of sense to me while I was in the yarn shop (I have no explanation for that now…) I am having some technical difficulties ( No? Really?) with the plan now. I think someone should do some research into wool fumes and figure out what comes over me in a yarn shop that makes me think that all things are possible.

2. Sara knit a really cute watermelon hat, and it struck me that those beads would be a really good way to do a strawberry hat too…

3. For all Toronto based book types, I’ll be at Book Expo Canada this weekend, signing books between 11 and 12 on Sunday. Please drop by and say Hi if you’re anywhere in the neighbourhood.

4. Yesterday was Amanda and Meg’s last day of school, marking the beginning of an entire summer of teenagers standing around my office (which is actually the living room) asking for food and trying to get me weakened enough to allow insane ideas like “co-ed camping” or a puppy. Phrases like “everyone is doing it” and “nobody else’s mother is a lunatic” are already being bandied about. May the force be with me.