Once upon a Wednesday

A whole community came together to see what the grade sixes had learned.



(It’s Taiko drumming. Why didn’t they do this when I went to school?)

Sam played french horn really well…


(She’s so much better than she used to be.)

My Sam also had a great part in the school play…


(she’s Baloo, from the Jungle book.)

Her sisters came to be nice to her….


(It was too much to ask a teenager to look happy about it. The thought was there.)

and they even waited for her to be all done.


(Such nice girls. Whole moments of a 17 year old’s life….)

Joe and I celebrated the anniversary of our Godless Heathen Union


(we never got “all the way” married)

The expected baby next door is a day late…


so I started him a sweater.

and a pair of almost socks lay in the sunset and thought…


What a great day, a day that totally makes up for me needing to sit at my desk all day today doing my job. More tomorrow, when I don’t have to cop out of blogging to earn a living.

Update on the tour page, Jayme-the-seems-pretty-wonderful-new- publicist (can we get a sad wave good bye to Kelli-the-wonder-publicist? She’s got a snappy new job, and I wish her very well.) has added a few new stops, Salt Lake City, Mesa Arizona, Albuquerque New Mexico and Austin Texas. (Yes Stalker Angie. Texas.)