Dateline, Toronto

1. The tour page has been updated. (See? I told you it was coming.)

The list is by no means complete, but includes the confirmed dates for Chicago, Oklahoma City, Ann Arbor, Seattle, Portland, Eugene and Los Altos. The travelling sock is nervous and excited.

2. The roundabout tank is temporarily on hold while the first spiraling round blocks.


I simply couldn’t get an accurate idea of when to start joining it into a tube, and it’s too fussy and lovely to screw up. I’ll remeasure after the blocking and see where I’m at. (I find it pretty funny that I’m convinced, after having had my arse kicked by knits in every possible way, that I think that this will prevent disaster. Hope springs eternal.)

3. While I am waiting for it to dry, my arms were empty. I filled them up with a visit to my favourite twins, neither of whom could be bothered to wake up to see me.


Lily, the wee charmer of a rosebud. (She’s actually very demanding, but silent as long as she is never, ever alone.)


Her brother Parker, continuing to be the worlds most laid back little guy, shown below doing his duty to see that Lily is (as I mentioned) never, ever alone.


Their mother today professed an urge to learn to knit. I am stunned, (how can it be that nursing twins just doesn’t take up enough of her time?) because it really didn’t take long to convince her at all.

4. When there are no babies, I am entertaining myself with the Alchemy Haiku, shown here languishing among my spectacular astilbe.


I’m knitting it up into “Icarus” – (scroll down on the linked page). I am feeding the delusion that this can be knit using just two skeins of 300m apiece, since I’ve heard through the yarn shop grapevine that Birch (Scroll down again) can be knit using only two. I’m trying really hard not to accept the reality, which (inevitably) will be that it really takes two skeins and 9 metres of a third.

I’m completely in love with this issue of Interweave Knits. (Summer 2006) I’ll openly admit that I’ve got pretty loose standards for what will get me to buy a magazine. If there’s one pattern in it that I might knit I’ll buy it, since I think that it’s still a wicked deal, compared to the prices for single patterns, but this issue has a whopping five knits that appeal to me. (That’s sort of unheard of, isn’t it?)

5. My TV-less coverage of the World Cup continues.


Argentina clearly won something, (I love Toronto.) and this guy is using his van…


to cover all his bases.

185 thoughts on “Dateline, Toronto

  1. i desperately want to knit icarus and have yet to master lace in any form at all. i can’t wait to see how yours turns out. maybe that will get me off my tuckus and inspire me to start my own.

  2. Oklahoma on a Tuesday? It’s so close! I am weeping at the tragedy of you being within 6 hours of me and it’s a Tuesday. So…..Texas when? Hehe

  3. Yes, hope springs eternal. That’s why we keep knitting in spite of all the times we end up in the frog pond.
    FYI, sock knitting seems to bewilder both Canadian and US customs officers at Niagara Falls.

  4. I also like several things from that issue. Icarus is definitely on the list…I am currently trying to find the perfect first shawl to use the remaining yardage from the cone of Aurora Baby Alpaca in Mallard (teal) that will be left when I finish a Branching Out scarf. I had started the sunflower-style Pi Shawl from EZ’s Almanac, but ended up ripping it out in frustration when it came to start moving markers. Not a good first lace project…perhaps Icarus will be…
    Here’s to hoping you come to the Tampa Bay area someday…

  5. Yahoo! Oklahoma City! Hugs to Kelly the wonder publicist! I’m off now to book a hotel!

  6. I think you made a mistake in the schedule. You wrote “Seattle” where I know you meant “Vancouver”.

  7. The twins are stunning, as is your astilbe. Mine are refusing to bloom this year, annoying me to no end. Then I look at my overflowing peonies, and it’s ok.

  8. Oh geez, that’s *barely* Chicago. You know how far away that is from most of the knitters in the city who know who you are? Any chance you’ll get a gig a little farther north?

  9. Yes – the Summer 06 IWK is great! I have knit up (some of) the yarn I bought for the Knitting Olympics using the pattern on pg 13, the pretty blue sweater with 3/4 sleeves and a cable down the front and back. Of course I’m not using the prescribed yarn (but I did a swatch and matched gauge) and I just did NOT make the front in two pieces to be cobbled back together using the Kitchner stitch – what?? I am sure there is a better way to get that wonderful peekaboo twist at the top of the front. And since I made it for D#3 who is 15, I made it longer so it sits HIGHER on her front. This is a much better sweater than the one I found in my hysterical zeal to join the KO.

  10. Oh, I am thrilled! I will be at the Ann Arbor Public Library on the appropriate date in July!

  11. Chicago!! Yippee!! That’s close enough to Madison Wisconsin that I can maybe come! But…really…can I convince you to come to Madison? There’s a knitting guild here with over 200 members! I’ll wine and dine you, or ignore you completely if you’re just exhausted.

  12. What sweat babies!
    Now listen. California was supposed to be in October. My best friend is coming back from Iraq in Sept., and I was going to meet him in San Fran. Now the perfect little vacation would be to see him AND see you talk.
    This Mother of three children, ages 4,3, and 16 months NEEDS to get out of the house πŸ™‚
    Really I think that you should try and go to Filati’s in Rocklin Ca. It’s the largest store in Northen CA and just BEAUTIFUL. Jo Sharp will be there this Saturday and wouldnt you know that I can’t go.
    Ok enough of the ranting and BEGGING for later in the fall CA dates πŸ™‚

  13. hi! i’m fairly new to reading your wonderful blog…and it makes me happy to see you’re knitting the icarus shawl…i JUST started mine today, in knitpicks alpaca cloud, and i’m nervous about it, since it’s my first lace project. yours is gorgeous so far. πŸ™‚

  14. My son tells me that by the end of the day our car will be sporting an England flag.

  15. Why is it that such young babies can look so old? I don’t mean aged, but like they have old souls in side them. There’s something profound about those twins.

  16. Come hell or high water I will be coming to see the Harlot. It just so happens I will be an hour from Ann Arbor the day before that tour stop. I’m thinking hotel, shopping, and major happiness.
    Plus some friends to make it even better.

  17. is there something wierdly stalker-ish that I’m excited by the fact we are both knitting Icarus at the same time?
    Yeah, I’ve creeped myself out too.

  18. I’m hoping you don’t see Italian flags on the streets of Toronto on Satuday. Hopefully the expat Americans will be running through the streets.

  19. SEATTLE!!! Hip Hip Hooray!! I was beginning to think that all of you cool bloggers did not know your way across the Mississippi. Marking Sept down on my calendar! Cool!

  20. Very nice astible! Los Altos, ah my old home town. Now I would have thought you would be at Uncommon Threads. There’s a story in there. Don’t need to know. Just mark the date. Be there!
    Is there some sort of sporting event going on? : – )

  21. Yes, a Texas visit would be nice – preferable Houston or Austin, because I truly doubt you’d come to San Antonio. But I was just in Oklahoma City a month ago, and it’s only 450 miles from here (San Antonio). There are a couple nice yarn shops there, too. I may have to visit OKC again…..

  22. I’m with Nadia on the Vancouver/Seattle mix-up. After all, who can make a trip out west without a stop in Vancouver. Hmmmmm?

  23. The babies are lovely, they are so distinctly different already- proper little people.
    I envy you my copy of Interweave hasn’t appeared yet- I started a subscription and as its the first copy it will not appear until August- NOT HAPPY! Anyway your shawl looks fab as does the Birch- sorry if I am being presumptious but last year I knitted a shawl and a lace scarf in Rowan Kid Silk Haze- which I LOVE- but dear yarn harlot IT IS A BITCH, with heels and a whip to Frog when it goes wrong. Which when I knit lace always does. Just so you know- any chance of adding a trip to Blighty- the UK- jolly old England to the list???? I have a spare room and a list of yarn shops- Hell- I will drive you to Rowan Mills and Colinette myself both are less than 2 hours drive- and I know new yarn shops for you???? TEMPTED??

  24. Hooray – you’re coming back to Northern California! I missed your last visit, but I’ve got this September’s date in my calendar already – nothing’s keeping me away this time!

  25. Maybe if you knit really fast, two skeins will be enought for your shawl. As you said, hope springs eternal! And I want my birthday at a yarn shop. Great idea!

  26. Dang it, you’re going to be in Los Altos the one day that I have set in cement plans. Unless you think my family wouldn’t mind if I didn’t show up at my own wedding?

  27. Hollis (Full Thread Ahead owner and dearest friend) phones me this morning at 7:30 to tell me your are coming, we (duaghter and I) are so excited! She wants to learn to knit socks by then, she says she can’t be sitting in the same room as you and not be knitting a sock. The place where I got the coffee I sent you is a couple of blocks away, you can have more (if you liked it.)
    I love the Icarus shawl, it made my short list for The Amazing Lace, but then I choose the Flower Basket Shawl. But it turns out that the FBS is kind of prima donna, maybe I should re-think my choice …….

  28. Lily and Parker are beautiful, on their way to juiciness…I just love that time with newborns, the starting (or perhaps continuation) of the great love affair with another soul..ahhhhhh. Icarus looking splendid among the astilbe, and yes, they are spectacular. Thank you Thank you Thank you,for coming to ‘the red man’s land’, I will drive to OKC to see you, not far at all from Tulsa, although I will need to switch days, I have my grandchildren on tuesdays and thursdays but o’jeez louise, I am SO excited! like you can’t tell when people just start blathering! WOW! see you there!

  29. *Squeee*!!!! The Harlot is coming to *my* town! Within walking distance from my apartment! I’m so excited, I think I peed a little! I’m going to have to introduce you to Dutch Bros. coffee, which I’ve been told is the absolute best the town offers (I don’t drink coffee, but they’re my pusher of choice for chai). *happydancehappydance*

  30. The Birch shawl is gorgeous. I’d love to make it. First I have to learn how to make lace!
    Nothing like the World cup to bring out the flags is there?! πŸ˜€

  31. Yeah!…….California, and I live close to Los Altos-I am so there. Can’t wait.

  32. The Harlot is coming to Bumbershoot!
    Do you know what you are getting yourself into? This is going to be FUN!

  33. I must say that Tulsa is far better than Oklahoma City. Of course, I am a bit biased. That Alchemy is lovely, by the way. And I have to agree with youon the summer IK.

  34. YOU’RE COMING TO EUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENE!!!! That squeal you just heard all the way in Toronto was me, making my happy chipmunk on crack noise from my shoeb…apartment in Eugene. If you’d like a tour of the (two) knit shops that will be open on a Thursday (there’s another that might make a special opening for you, but really they’re usually only open on Weds & Sat), a ride from the airport, a Eugene tourguide, whatever, I’d be more than happy. I’ve got a baby who’ll be 9 months at that point & is verreh verreh kewt & likes attention from short knitterly bespectacled women (like his mama).

  35. “Argentina clearly won something.” You crack me up, o Mistress of Understatement. (For the rest of you–Argentina scored so much, you’d think they were playing the World Series of Baseball.)

  36. Oh, Stephanie, I’m so bummed! I have been checking your tour dates religiously in the hopes that more would be added and you’d be coming to Michigan.
    I squeed rather loudly today when I checked your site and saw that you’d added dates and that (!!!) Michigan had been added.
    And then I wept, as I will be attending a convention that weekend and won’t even be *in* Michigan. *sob*
    I may send my husband to see you in my stead, but he will be less than amused. Be nice to him if I can bribe him to come. ;D

  37. Argentina won 6-0 over Serbia Montenegro…making them eligible to advance to the second round. God, I wished I lived up there with my cousins… My cousin lives off of Bayview…too bad the world cup hadn’t started 2 weeks ago!

  38. Thank you for the pictures. I keep scrolling and looking at those sweet little babies again and again . They must truly be a handful when both awake and crying. But oh oh they are PRECIOUS. Travelling socks will be getting jittery again what with all the travelling ahead of them.They just NEVER know what to expect but I’m sure they will put on a good show and enjoy it all. Socks are always ready willing and able to go to all the strangest places and survive it all with a smile, thats why we all love socks so much .

  39. Wow you have made great progress on the roundabout tank. I can’t wait to see it all joined together… By the way, I am really bummed that you are finally making it out to California and I still will not be able to meet you because I will be at my first knitting retreat with Nancy Bush! What are the chances… Darn, DArn, Darn! I really hope you will be out in the Bay Area again so that I can meet you:)

  40. Looking forward to hugging you in Ann Arbor…if that’s ok with the sock?

  41. Happy, happy belated birthday! The twins are so beautiful. And how could their Mom resist knitting? There you are, spreading knit vibes all over and, being sleep deprived, she’s probably more receptive than usual. Loving the Alchemy, too.

  42. help me. help me. i have been trying SOOOO hard to avoid buying more alchemy, but that icarus shawl is calling my name. and best of all, i have a birthday coming up. how hard is it to get your dh to buy yarn? mine will have to do it online and i’m not sure he can manage.

  43. You’ve been working on that origami again, haven’t you? That sweater does not look humanly possible, for this human anyway.
    The wee humans are so cute! Lily sounds like my stepmother-in-law (only Lily has an excuse).

  44. oooooo, seattle could just work. I so need to see my knitterly mother for a stash raid, oh I meant visit. (She’s currently storing some pink mohair for me.)
    maybe, maybe, maybe.
    Date is marked, hopes are up, but must wait to see if life intervenes.

  45. You know what I like about the new Interweave Knits? The cover model is back and she looks like she’s had a decent meal.

  46. OK, fine, you have updated your tour schedule, but you forgot to list the date you’ll be in Arizona!

  47. Now please tell me you are coming to my dreadful part of the woods…Phoenix. I mean I know…100+ degrees is NOT exactly a fantasy on the book tour, but we have lots and lots and lots of chicks with sticks here that are dying to see you! πŸ™‚

  48. Yeah, Argentina won a World Cup Match against the Ivory Coast.
    Oh yeah, about knitting, that shawl is a beautiful pattern. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  49. Argentina played Serbia&Montenegro, and they won 6:0 (that is a very high score for football). So they are in the last 16 now.
    When is your tour taking you to Germany? πŸ™‚

  50. I hate to burst your bubble about the Icarus shawl, but I am afraid that 2 skeins (600 meters) of Alchemy Haiku might not be enough for a full-size version.
    I’m one of the Interweave Knits technical editors, and according to my notes the original Icarus shawl shown in the photos weighs 90 grams. The Suri alpaca used has 800 meters in 100 grams, so a shawl worked exactly according to the directions will require about 720 meters.
    However, this does provide an excuse to buy more Alchemy, so it’s not 100% bad news, right?

  51. You’re going to be at Bumbershoot? How cool. I wish I could be there too, but I’ll see you in Portland.
    Finally, after moving 2800 miles across the country, you’ll be close enough for me to go see and meet. I’ll bring all three of my books!!! I’m so excited, I can hardly wait!

  52. OH MY FREAKING GOD!!! I can’t believe you are coming to OKLAHOMA CITY! YAYYYYY!! You have no idea how excited I am! I can’t wait to see the venue! WAHOO!

  53. YOU ARE GOING TO BE AT BUMBERSHOOT!?!?!!?!???!??!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    *splashes cold water on herself*
    Wha???!?!?!?? I had always wanted to go to Bumbershoot and now I HAVE TO! Who knew there was a literary (and crafting!) venues! I always thought it was a music festival! *faints*

  54. UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!!! Welcome in advance to Los Altos. I’m not sure the place is big enough to handle all the knitters but we will do our best to fit ’em all in. I am so glad you are coming to my town.

  55. Woo Hoo!!! Portland in September!!
    Which means I will (please GOD!) have given birth by then and will be able to come…new baby in tow!

  56. Yep, I have an eye on loads of things in that IK. I love the winged look of the Icarus shawl, but being married to a pilot, had to pass on a garment named after a flier who suffered catastrophic structural failure and fell to the ground in a flaming wreck. Same as I am not allowed to name any child or creature in our house Amelia, despite what a nice ring it has.
    The twins are gorgeous. Oh yes, and a belated happy birthday to you!

  57. Missed your visits to Portland due to work conflicts, but will be wearing bells to your Eugene appearance! For the next book tour, consider coming in June for the Black Sheep Gathering.
    So glad there is a reason to suffer through the swelterment of summer. Also, my sister has been to see you twice in Acton, MA, and now I will be able to bring the books you signed for me there to visit you here. I know they’ll be thrilled to see you again.
    And maybe by September, the girls will have adopted a dog. Perhaps this one: Think of the interesting and humorous tales of a knitter’s life with a dog you will be able to recount.

  58. 2 Questions:
    Could those babies get any cuter?
    (I don’t think that’s possible. So precious.)
    Could you see your way to getting to Minneapolis/St.Paul in the next year? I know that I would get a WHOLE bunch of people to come, but we’d all bring our knitting so you wouldn’t have to get nervous. And if you come to St. Paul, I promise to bake a lovely chocolate cake (it may not be pretty but it will taste yummy). Should it be a rum chocolate cake? Fudge frosting? German Chocolate with coconut frosting?

  59. Okay, I’m not going to panic about not seeing Denver on the list…I’m not going to panic about Denver disappearing completely from your tentative itinerary. Because that would be unseemly, and I’m never unseemly. Ahem.

  60. Bumbershoot in Seattle! Yippee! I hope you come prepared for loud music, tons of people and loads of traffic. It’s one of the best things about Seattle though.

  61. My one suggestion for teaching the mother of twins to knit? Small items… portability… because right now, w/a cave troll (toddler) and a ladybug (infant) the only knitting I’m getting in is at stoplights, while waiting in the car for my older children to run in and buy milk, and around the baby’s bod as she insists on being held… beautiful twins, beautiful knitting, and I totally agree… this is a very nice issue of Interweave… the Icarus shawl should be fabulous!

  62. thank you, thank you, thank you! Portland, yay! I hope Powell’s provides a big, BIG room because there are a bajillion knitters in Portland, and within reasonable driving distance (that’s me), and even more within unreasonable driving distance who will be there anyway because the Harlot is coming! What fun! (sorry about all the exclamation points, but I’m that excited!)

  63. I just bought the Interweave Knits magazine this week. Then I had to buy the yarn to make myself the maternity sweater that should carry me all the way through December. Please head south (Nashville or more southern)and I will wear it to come on see you!!!

  64. Be still my heart! It is too good to be true! Coming to Oklahoma City – it was too much to hope that you would make it to within 3 hours (Dallas) or 6 hours (Kansas City) but to be coming here is too much to take in (Tulsans notwithstanding)! I will be there with bells and whistles come what may!
    Please! Details! I can’t wait!

  65. About 230 pm today I get a call at work from Missy:
    Missy: “Are you busy?” (This is said in a very low, spy-like voice.)
    Me: “Uh, no–what’s up? (I figured someone had quit at my old job.)
    Missy: “Have you read the Harlot today?” (Again with the voice.)
    Me: “Uh, no (I read it in the evening). Why?”
    Missy: “SHE’S COMING TO OKLAHOMA CITY!” (This she said quite loudly and excitedly.)
    I was stunned. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Steph, for the best birthday present ever! We will be there with bells on–just tell us where!
    (Of course, we’re gonna spend all weekend trying to figure out where you’re gonna be–that and trying to decide which sock yarn to be working on for the best photo opportunities. Oh, and which book to get signed.)
    We’re excited!!!!!

  66. Be still my heart! It is too good to be true! Coming to Oklahoma City – it was too much to hope that you would make it to within 3 hours (Dallas) or 6 hours (Kansas City) but to be coming here is too much to take in (Tulsans notwithstanding)! I will be there with bells and whistles come what may!
    Please! Details! I can’t wait!

  67. SQUUUUEEELLLL!!! OKC! I live here. I am beside myself with excitement – hyperventilating here. I will be waiting for the announcement of where…

  68. Two, count ’em, TWO days in Seattle, WHOO-HOO!!
    I’ll bring you Mukilteo Coffee and my famous Satanic Brownies (remember from last time Steph?)
    Two days, and one of those appearances is at Bumbershoot! Lady, you have arrived!

  69. Ann Arbor is my “home” town – the town where I’ve lived most of my adult life and I am going back for a visit ~June 30, not July 30. I hope you get a chance to check it out. Its a great place, with 4 yarn stores (the closest to the library being Busy Hands on Main Street).
    IK Summer 2006 – beside the leaf tank, I’m well into the Lotus Blossom tank (aka Alien Head), using SWTC Bamboo. Really loving this project too, and agree this is a stellar issue.
    Finally, and perhaps best of all – today is the last day of school and that means the last day of work for me. Watch out laundry, here I come!

  70. Birch? If you use US 8 needles, you use about 6 inches less than three skeins of KSH….You know how I know–that last hour of knitting was heart-stopping. I don’t even want to learn what that non-triangle shape would have been called.

  71. coming to chicago? wonderful! and so close to where I live!
    it will be a pleasure to meet you after all this time following your adventures online and in print.
    Might I be so bold as to suggest a side trip to Nana’s Knitting? Tricia, the owner, is the kindest woman who has done a lot to keep this here broke college student in wool.

  72. I’m two rows away from chart 2 of Icarus (funny coincidence re the Flower Basket Shawl mentioned in the comments – I’m using Jaggerspun Zephyr that was previously living its life as a half knit FBS, until I saw Icarus and realised that to be its true destiny). Anyways, I’m totally loving it, but did skip the 5th repeat of rows 19-42, as when I streeetch it out, it seems to be shaping up to be more than enough to cover my wingspan. So might want to consider that….

  73. I’m knitting the Icarus shawl also. I’m using some of my kettle dyed (by me) Classic Merino Lace. I’ve kind of got a similar reason for doing this one that you have. I put up my lace weight yarn in 4 oz. skeins which means at 3500 YPP they are approx. 875 yards. So. I’m hoping I can get this out of one skein.

  74. My heart is pounding!!! OKC!!!!YEEEHAWWW!!!! THE HARLOT IS MAKING HER WAY WESTWARD!! I can hardly wait!

  75. Eugene! That’s my town! *does a dance* I hope the sock likes tye dye and organic food- ’cause we’ve got plenty of it!

  76. I’d like to chime in with another vote for San Francisco! Artfibers is calling you….
    (and have you seen their bargain/closeout room? Both delghtful and fiscally dangerous!)

  77. Woohooo, you are coming to my town!!!!!! I hadn’t seen Ann Arbor on the list before. I’ll be at the library on July 30!
    I’m sure you already have plenty of people lined up to squire you around, but just in case you feel lonely, I know where there’s excellent food (and of course where all the yarn shops are!).

  78. The village knittiot made Kiri out of two skeins of haiku. Of course, she had to skip the last four rows of the pattern because she ran out of yarn.

  79. Los Altos! This is good. Hmm, and an excuse to visit one of the only yarn shops in the area that I have not explored.
    And another big shout of appreciation for the date: no hockey season conflicts.

  80. maybe sometime the wonder tour scheduler could get you a -little- closer to Los Angeles – we knit here too……

  81. Ahmg! My company’s main office (such as it is) is in Los Altos, and my birthday is on the 11th of Sept. I am so totally scheduling a business trip for that weekend, first week of school be hanged. But PLEEEEEASE come south!!
    Also, I rather fell in love with IK Summer as well. I cast on for the Brioche Bodice last night. I’m casting on *again* tonight. (Don’t ask. It was an odd evening.)

  82. I just finished an Icarus not long ago (pictures here: Mine took 910 meters, but I was using a heavier yarn (19 WPIs, rather than the recommended 25, and 100 meters = 25 grams, so more than twice the weight). But it was the most beautiful, Zen knit in the world. Everything about pattern and finished product, I think, is delicious. There’s a Knit-a-Long ( where there are more pictures of finished products. I think you could easily get away with skipping a repeat of chart 1: I didn’t, but mine is more than big enough for my wingspan, and I’m 5’8″ with – truly – excessively long arms.

  83. WoooHooo! You’re coming to the west coast. Now I have a decision to make. I could visit my good friend is Seattle or my significant sister in Eugene. Yeah!

  84. I knew from the moment we met in Berekeley that I wanted to have you come to our store (which hadn’t opened then) on your next visit! I’ll make sure and have some “Bacon” powder for you (loved that story). In honor of your visit, visit to Full Thread Ahead 10% of all proceeds from September 9th sales will be donated to Doctors Without Borders in the name of Knitters Without Borders. Looking forward to seeing again soon.

  85. I’ll make my usual comment about how your publisher tends to forget that there really is an eastern part of canada beyond ontario and quebec. We knit out here in NS and we read books too, honnest!!! Bring the tour out here.

  86. WOW, those colors are just amazing. I can see you taking strolls along the streets of Toronto, in China town, heading towards Lettuce knits in the Fall and the trees all cringing in envy over the colors of that shawl.
    Sigh. I wish I were that talented. I still don’t have the nerve to tackle anything like that.

  87. Sooo… I start the triangular shawl from your latest book…
    Summer Interweave Knits arrive – I am a sucker for shawls and lace and I decide to incorporate the Icarus patterns into the shawl in progress…
    Only to get to the last bit of my skein and not be anywhere near the end of chart 3, much less chart 4….
    After employing the swift and ballwinder to deconstruct the shawl I am currently embarked on knitting Icarus as written.
    Parallel lives???

  88. Please can I remind you that NY, NJ and MA are very, very close to Nova Scotia! (Probably PA is too, but my geography isn’t all that good.)
    Since you’ve just updated your touring schedule, isn’t it about time to update the Kntters Without Borders total as well? Just saying – as I’m sure it has increased by at least some.

  89. The babies are beautiful, as is the knitting, as usual. What I’m amazed at is your astilbe! How can it be blooming so wonderfully when mine is just forming buds? Isn’t Missouri further south than Toronto? Life is just full of mysteries.

  90. Los Freakin’ Altos? I’m absolutely beside myself! I just moved here, bummed that you’d visited my previous LYS (Essex Junction, VT) just before I’d started my knitting obsession, and now you’re coming to a yarn shop near me! Last weekend – birthday yarn/fiber crawl. September – the Yarn Harlot. It doesn’t get better. Oh yeah – happy late birthday!

  91. Eugene! Yipee! I’m looking forward to seeing you here! I’m going to go and buy all of your books now. Twice, maybe, just to demonstrate my excitement! The venue is a good choice, as it is already home to at least one weekly knitting group. And none of our yarn stores could come close to holding a crowd. (Can I have my picture taken with the sock?)

  92. OK. Oklahoma City is really not far from DFW. Let’s get on that one, mmmmkay? ‘Cause my hopes are all built up now. And I really don’t want to drive to OK City. C’mon now – we’re two of the biggest cities in the country – not counting all the bits in between!

  93. Anywhere in Minnesota would be nice, but have you ever heard of Duluth? There are knitters, and bookstores, and a yarn shop or two.

  94. Oh I think I got a little weak in the knees when I saw “Los Altos” on your list. I didn’t dare hope that you’d ever venture this far west, and I’m just all giddy now. And the little melt-the-heart baby pictures aren’t helping my composure at all. What darlings!

  95. I am SO excited that you are coming to Chicago!! I used to teach in the neighborhood where My Sister’s Knits is located and didn’t even know about it (how could that be??)! I can’t wait to meet you and the sock! πŸ™‚

  96. Ohhh, I’m so glad you’re coming to Seattle again! Yay! I’m definitely going to be there this time.

  97. Oh my goodness, I didn’t realize there were so many Eugenians reading this! Don’t know why I’m surprised… We may have to get together and knit a banner or something.

  98. The Netherlands won yesterday!!! 2-1 of Cote d ‘Ivoire. Yeah!!
    The twins and your knitting look equally cute and dashing! πŸ™‚

  99. AIIIIEEEE!!!@$^
    You’re coming to Eugene! WHEEE!!!
    I missed your NorCal appearances when I was living there – couldn’t scrounge the money for gas! – but I live maybe 10 blocks from Books Without Borders!
    O, this has made the end of spring term even BETTER. Whee!!
    *happy llama hand dance*

  100. Arrrrgh! One of the few days that I absolutely cannot make it. I am crushed πŸ™

  101. Regarding the twins…the girl already looks like such a girl, and the boy is definitely a boy! I didn’t realize that one could tell this early, especially just from seeing a photo.
    (Clearly I have no human kids of my own. Just dogs.)

  102. Your World Cup coverage is totally cracking me up. I love the fact that you can follow the games without actually, you know, watching soccer.

  103. OMGosh, Steph… Bumbershoot ?? have you ever been there? hmm, let’s see… think of your daughter’s favorite music, multiply by 100 stages and bands, add a few thousand people and there you go. Tell your publisher that this is a most unusual venue (grins) and oh, yeah maybe bring your tambourine !
    I’m hoping that the 3rd Place Books you’ll be at is the one on Ravena – I think I’ll give them a jingle to find out. Methinks a trip to Seattle is in my future soon!
    And the nervous thing? well, just remember that all of us out here are stumbling over our tongues, as we attempt to think of something clever and witty to say to the queen of cool, and maybe that will help. (personally I just gave up trying to be clever when I met you, and just stood there grinning – it was much easier that way)

  104. YAY!!! You’re coming to Ann Arbor!!! And on a Sunday, so it’s free parking!! Unfortunately, all the yarn stores in this town are closed on Sunday, evil people that they are…

  105. Hey Stephanie, did you know there was a World Cup 2006 knitting challenge? There’s still time to cast on (must do so before the 19th), as I believe the preliminaries didn’t count (don’t tell that to the fans!), and everyone has to be finished before July 9th. I found an article on it here:
    Also was wondering if you’re going to tack some Canadian dates on the last leg of the tour… like say visisting Montreal… Although maybe I could time a vacation for the next big even over at Lettuce Knit….

  106. I’m going to go tell my mom to see you in OKC. She tried to get back into knitting and it didn’t really take, so I’m hoping if she hears you talk it’ll jumpstart her. And I’ll make her get something signed, even though you already signed my copy of Knitting Rules in Cambridge. πŸ™‚

  107. When’s your Phoenix stop??? Looking at your list of dates, you wouldn’t be down this way until the fall (very smart – Dante’s Inferno has got nothing on Phoenix in the summer). Might I suggest Tucson as a bit cooler and even closer to my house?
    Your lace is beautiful. I love seeing knit-up examples of all the sumptuous yarns I’ve been reading about and lusting after.

  108. So, if I come see you in Ann Arbor, will you sign my book, or are you only signing library copies (“Here, Steph, sign this copy of Treasure Island, and sign Watership Down for my friend.”)?

  109. I rushed to check out the book tour because I was so sure that Phoenix would be on the list. Have you crossed us off? PLEASE don’t! PLEASE come to Phoenix. It’s a dry heat, you know.

  110. The twins are beautiful, the knitted wonders are wonderful but there must be something wrong with my computer because I don’t see Minneapolis/ St.Paul on your tour anymore…We would bring friends, books (yours), socks, liquid refreshment and chocolate anywhere in the twin cities you care to visit.

  111. The twins are beautiful. I really have to stop looking at baby pictures … they make my uterus itch for another one. Eeeep! I think my husband would have a heart attack if I got knocked up again. *lol*
    Anyway, the sweater looks great. If you don’t want to stitch it into a tube you could always wear it as a scarf. *wink* You’ll do fine, I’m sure of it. Just remember to eat chocolate (wash hands!!) and relax. πŸ™‚

  112. My husband is watching World Cup games on his computer in a little corner of his screen while he works, and he records them, too. However, today, we have no need for such coverage, as I can’t open my door without getting a blast of car horns and ululating grandmas.
    Dude, I thought the Portuguese flag halter top was new…wish I’d had my camera when I saw that you can make the bottoms of the “bikini” with a flag, too. Holy moly. Like the Super Sexxxe version of a diaper.

  113. I would have to second the comment about Bumbershoot in Seattle: do you know what you’re getting yourself into?

  114. Keep trekking south to Los Angeles! Ventura County to be exact. Oh Pleeeeease! Can’t wait to see your spiral tank.

  115. I’m knitting that shawl too!
    wow. small world. mine’s just shiney and blue
    and you’re coming to Seattle? I shall have to be there. Much Love.

  116. Oh those twins! I am so glad you keep posting their pics. My cousin just had her baby on Tuesday of this week – you can go to my blog to see his pics – I think they are too cute!
    Babies are just too wonderful.
    I hope you are going to be in Vancouver on your world tour! I haven’t checked the update yet, but I will after this.
    I also buy magazines for just one pattern. I have a shelf full of them in fact! The thing is that sometimes when I go back to them I cannot remember why on earth I bought them.
    Glad I am not the only one who hoards knitting magazines.

  117. Once again, I have the urge to wave my arms in an “I’m not worthy” pose in front of you. My knitting auntie tried to talk me into knitting Icarus with her. I wound up some laceweight I had in my stash, eyed the pattern with trepidation, knit my swatch, decided on size 4’s instead of 3’s, and started up. The pattern laughed at me. Then it gave a roar that said “silly fool, you can’t do this!” I ran off to my corner and continued to knit on my nice, lacy (but STRAIGHT) Convertible. Much more my style! My knitting mojo is clearly not as large as yours!

  118. Okay, so I’m the only one who sort of dissed a city, so I’ll apologize to anyone living in Okalahoma City. I’m glad you’re coming to Oklahoma at all since Oklahoma often gets overlooked for a lot of things. I just wish you were visiting Tulsa because then I’d more than likely be able to come. But those who live in Oklahoma know that there’s always been this big brother/little brother thing between Tulsa and OKC and Tulsans always feel they get left out even though it really is a nice city, as nice as OKC.

  119. Stephanie, thank you SO much for agreeing to come to OKC. Okies!! I am originally from Tulsa but moved down the turnpike a few years ago. It’s not that far of a drive. Dallas folk and anyone else within a decent drive, what better reason for a road trip? Come up and shop the yarn shops, see The Harlot and then spend the night. I love a road trip that involves yarn shops. We are so excited!

  120. Well, I was pretty excited to see that you are coming to Portland, but then realized that it’s the “other” Portland. Come back to Maine! It’s finally stopped raining! Yippee!

  121. OH MY GOSH!!!!! You are coming to Michigan!!! I think I’m dreaming! Can’t wait!

  122. Umm, you seem to have a lot of Oklahoma fans. Care to add a Tulsa stop to your tour? Then maybe the OKC crowd won’t be quite so overwhelming….Plus Tulsa has FOUR LYS!! Just sayin’, somethin’ to think about πŸ™‚

  123. I’m so strongly considering driving to Seattle to see you! Ooh! If it weren’t 2 weeks before my daughter’s due to be born. . . . what a temptation!
    Otherwise, the shawl looks gorgeous. You’ve made me think even more strongly about making it.

  124. Hot damn – Powell’s in Portland on the 6th? WHEEEEEEEEEE!! I’m there, no matter how early I have to hop a bus to actually get a seat. πŸ˜‰ (I’m gettin’ too old and fat to sit on the floor – if anyone ever wants me to get up again, that is.) Thanks for coming back, and dress in layers; the PNW tends to be warm at that time of year, despite those rumors about summer rain. Hopefully you’ll miss any possible 100+ temps we might have in late summer. But then, the hotels and businesses have AC; it’s about 51% of the residences that don’t. πŸ˜‰ Remember to save some $$ for books as well as yarn!

  125. No Whinning Allowed! If you want her to come to your town – contact your LYSs and work to get her there. OKC worked hard for this visit and we are very excited. Everyone near and far are welcome to come for the event. Unfortunately, I will be out of town that day and will miss it all. Don’t forget a signed book would make a great Christmas present.

  126. I think that Interweave Knits has compensated for the recent issue of Knitter’s. Like an “all or nothing” type deal.
    Icarus (beautiful) looks like it’s about to take wing.
    Is it possible to knit with twins in your arms?

  127. To heck with soccer. The Edmonton Oilers WON last night!!! Here comes the Stanley Cup!!!!!!
    And I’m wondering too – when are you cruising through southern Ontario??

  128. Really looking forward to your Chicago visit on July 24th. Is there any chance you’ll have more Knitters without Borders pins or info on how to obtain one?

  129. I’m oddly glad to find others, particularly talented others, with issues thinking about the roundabout leaf tank. I’ve just started it. Or, rather, I started it about four times, to think about rows and stitches and all that.
    And, most of all, to think about why the yo patterns at the two edges don’t match in the pattern as written, when it sure as heck seems to me they do in the picture. Finally, I think I’ve got it. And now I have to worry about dealing with joining!

  130. 1. strange coincidence: my niece’s name is Lily Parker.
    2.I can’t believe you’re coming to Eugene! Yea! Now I don’t have to drive to Portland!
    Can’t wait!

  131. I’ll come to Ann Arbor — but we would love to see you in West Michigan too!
    And Birch in two skeins? Please. I’ve knit it twice. On size sixes I knit it in 2.5+ skeins (with a lot of waste from tear outs), and on eights I had to dip into a FOURTH skein. It was the reason I didn’t make gold in the knitting olympics. Birch in two (guffaw).

  132. We in OKC are so EXCITED you’re coming to see us! However, I’m a brand new knitter, so a sock is completely out of the question! Can your sock meet my scarf (if I actually have it finished by then) πŸ™‚

  133. I can’t believe you will be signing books at Bumbershoot. And not just Bumbershoot, but THE SAME TIME AS THE ROLLER DERBY TOURNAMENT.
    I might cry. How am I supposed to decide???

  134. I too am shilling for Texas. Houston would be ideal for me personally…and I can guarantee a fabulous turnout…but if all goes well, I could foresee a road trip for Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, or San Antonio.
    We have to see you here. Don’t make us beg!

  135. Woohoo! The Harlot is coming to Chicago! And to such a cool looking shop too. I have no idea what day July 24th is, but I’ll find some way to be there.
    This will give me a reason to start on socks for my son, so his sock can meet your sock. It’ll be thrilled.

  136. I’m so excited you are coming to Chicago – however, I have spent a ridiculously embarrassing amount of time trying to figure out how to take a train, cab, bus or car to that area of Chicago from my rather-bumpkin location in Wisconsin…it’s like trying to get to Mecca. I’ve also found an eager companion, organized daycare and taken the day off from work – all in the past couple of hours! I will get there! Can’t wait!

  137. Awesome, dude, you’re coming to OKC! Way cool, and I don’t have to drive to another city! I will work on my sock skills between now and then . . .

  138. aw twin babies are so cute.
    mama wants to be able to knit cute baby things not realizing that they grow up too fast.
    πŸ™‚ but yay another knitter!

  139. yay! Icarus is designed by one of my bestest friends!
    I could eat those babies. Well, not really. But you know what I mean.

  140. YEA! I’m thinking…drive from Ashland (Websters is a great knitting store..hint hint)to PDX and pick-up my best knitting friend/best friend period and hit seattle, back to PDX and then Eugene on the way home. So I informed my husband that I’m going to be “harlot groupie” over that week. I need to hire a reliefer to fill in for me at the office. hee hee….Start saving gas money and prep my sock!

  141. Are there any plans for a book tour stop in either: 1) Vancouver or 2) Lawrence, Kansas

  142. You’re coming to California!!! I am SO happy. Will they actually have enough room for all of us? And another ‘yay’ from a hockey player whose games will not conflict with this date!

  143. OH YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yarn Harlot in the Bay Area!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m SOOOO excited!!!!!!! And I haven’t been to that shop before! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    πŸ™‚ see you in Los Altos! πŸ™‚

  144. You are going to love visiting Eugene, and Eugene is going to love you!!! Last time you were on the west coast I made it up to Portland to see you, but this time you are actually visiting my hometown!! Hooray! I’m surprised by the number of other Eugenies who read your blog– I need to find these people! And of course, if you need a local to show you around, I’m available πŸ™‚

  145. Wooo! Portland! Wooo!
    I was afraid I’d missed my chance by not going last year.

  146. I just read your tour schedule to my husband. “Hey, she’s gonna be in Los Altos in September!” I hollered. {pause} “And Eugene before that.” {pause} “And Portland.” {pause} “And…”
    At which point he interrupted with, “What, are you planning to Grateful Dead her? Follow around behind her knitting friendship socks? Living in the van? Sitting in circles outside the yarn stores sniffing wool with the other faithful while you wait for her to arrive? Don’t you think that might be a little…MUCH?”
    My husband. Ever supportive. (ahem) Anyway! Glad you’re coming to the Pacific Northwest! Can’t wait to stalk…erm…SEE you. πŸ˜‰

  147. “OH MY FREAKING GOD!!! I can’t believe you are coming to OKLAHOMA CITY! YAYYYYY!! You have no idea how excited I am! I can’t wait to see the venue! WAHOO!”
    Yep. What she said. πŸ™‚

  148. Yay!! I got a reservation to see you and the sock in Los Altos, CA at Full Thread Ahead. All day my heart’s been doin the Snoopy jig (from PEANUTS) as it beats “I got a reservation” over and over. And I can’t wait to shop in a store I’ve never visited (high-pitched squeal!). See you then! πŸ™‚

  149. Happy Godless Heathen Union! And I am so completely and utterly thrilled that you are going to be as close as Oklahoma City (I’m from Tulsa), although you may not be so thrilled when you get to OKC in the middle of July and find that it’s roughly seven degrees cooler than the surface of the sun. But my Newfie hubby has already suggested that we take the trip down there…hooray! I’ll have to start up a sock (never done it before, but it’s just knit and purl, right?) just so it can meet your sock. πŸ˜€

  150. Er, right. I have no idea how my comment ended up here and not on today’s blog entry, but I’m going to blame that on my newbie-ness. πŸ™‚

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