It turns out

My day yesterday was wonderful. Chock full of beautiful weather, lovely people, good food and the girls and I were all really thrilled with all of your comments and well wishes on the post yesterday. Thanks to all of you for saying nice things about them, and for the birthday wishes for me. The ladies did do a wonderful job guest blogging, and it’s that sort of occasional loveliness from your kids that keeps you from killing them, from running away to Belize, from drinking too much, being grateful that the joy of parenting is so fulfilling.

It turns out, that if you have to have a birthday (and I really don’t mind them so much) and you are a knitter then this “Birthday party at a Yarn Shop” shtick is a pretty good idea. (Who am I kidding really, I mean, what wouldn’t be better at a yarn shop? I’m thinking about writing in my will that my funeral should be at a yarn shop.)

Through careful assessment and deliberate observation, I have figured all of the critical elements of a successful yarn shop birthday party.

1. Knitters. (You can include crocheters too. They know how to party.)


2. Alcohol.


That’s Rachel (Rachel H from the comments), a beer and a really cool coffee scoop she made me out of Kentucky coffee tree wood. (Seriously, how neat is that?) We had beer, coolers, gin (we shall not say anything of the amount of gin consumed by this knitter in particular.) hard cider… The alcohol combined with item #3 was especially deadly.

3. A yarn sale.


Megan did 20% off everything in the store for the duration of the party. I know she did this because A) she’s smart and B) she likes me, but I choose to think that it was her personal gift to me, knowing as she does how I love to watch other knitters lose their minds in a yarn shop. (That’s Maria‘s fine self standing beside the sale sign. Maria proved for us all last night that the combination of beer, a new whistle, a yarn sale and a credit card makes for some of the best entertainment around. Let your imagination really run with that one.)

4. Free yarn and stuff.


I plunked the bag down on the ground and as fast as you could say “scrambles” the knitters fell on it like a pack of wild dogs. (Pardon the blurriness of the photo. They were moving like lightning.)

5. Show and tell.


In this case “show and tell” looked more like ripping shawls right off of the backs of knitters as they walked by. (This may also be related to #2) Here’s Alice with her beautiful Sea Silk shawl, and Rachel showing the only facial expression possible upon learning that it was knit from ONE skein. (I believe there was a run on Sea Silk in the shop just moments after that.)

5. A rainbow.


(Ok. This is probably optional, and admittedly difficult to arrange, but it sure was pretty. I think Amy got it for me.)

6. A cake.


That’s Denny and Megan with a really good cake. Really good.

Crazy good.

7. Buy some great yarn.


I suggest a little Alchemy Haiku, but anything that makes you feel week in the knees would be absolutely perfect. (I blame the beer.)

Many thanks to all my friends and the knitters who came to wish me well, and especially to Megan for letting us trash use the shop. Same time next year?

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  1. Wow, I am green with envy! I cannot imagine a more perfect party to have then in a yarn shop with all of my friends. And a sale to celebrate your birthday, how awesomely cool is that!?
    So glad you had a terrific day! =)

  2. Wow – Now ANY party I get, no matter how cool, I will be thinking in the back of my mind….”yea, but it wasn’t in a YARN shop…”
    I had a great time just looking at the pics – Thank you for sharing!!

  3. WOW! All that and a rainbow too! Maybe the yarn shop arranged the rainbow as a color wheel?

  4. I’m just amazed that your LYS is big enough to *have* a party in… I may have to come visit.
    I’m glad you had such a great birthday, Stephanie.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful party idea… why not move to wedding shower, baby shower, anniversary, xmas, (what am I forgetting)… ok new way to have a party… this sounds soo awesome… back to school party (for the parents) last fling before school’s out party (for the parents) you get the idea… I’m calling my lys right now!!!!!!
    Congrats on a wonderful day…hugs & happy knitting

  6. i had a lot of strings to pull, but you’re worth it. πŸ™‚ you can actually see the double rainbow in that pic. how cool. and thanks for snapping the sea silk shawl before it walked off. i wanna remember that one.

  7. Yarn and booze, what could be better? Oh yes, yarn, booze and chocolate! Happy birthday, Stephanie!

  8. Wow, what a party, what a big dog party! Big dogs, little dogs, green dogs, yellow dogs, all at a big dog party!
    Ahem. My apologies to Dr. Suess and to any knitters who resent being compared to colorful dogs. Go Dogs Go!

  9. Wow!! What a smashing idea – a birthday party at a yarn shop – how can you lose?!

  10. Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday to YOOOOUUUU! Happy Birthday Dear Stephanie…. Happy Birthday to you……

  11. It sounds like a dreamy time. I mean, a rainbow? Really?
    I have a skein of sea silk sitting in my knitting basket, with a F&F false start scarf sitting on it (second try with this yarn, it’s not happy yet). I think it might be happy with that shawl. Must I reverse engineer it, or is there a place I can stalk Alice to find out the pattern?
    Happy birthday. I’m glad it was a goodun.

  12. I didn’t get to wish you a happy birthday yesterday – so happy belated birthday today! I just wanted to tell you I’ve read your books multiple times and I love them. I still laugh, cry, and shake my head in agreement many times throughout each book. Thanks for the assurance that I’m not the only one like this (you know, the tape measures, the lost needles, the mistakes, the bad projects, the inability to stay with one thing… all of it).

  13. at first i thought, “why is there a picture of my ass on the blog?” and then i realized that it was because i had abandoned all dignity to scrabble for free yarn. free yarn! thank you so much and happy birthday!

  14. You know, people may be tempted to make it a “destination” if you start announcing it a year in advance!

  15. What a party!!! Love all the pics… and did someone sale SALE and FREE YARN all in the same event? Man… I’m jealous!

  16. I notice that you did not just get *a* rainbow, you got *two* rainbows. Fully deserved.
    I like the funeral idea. By any chance am I mentioned in your will?

  17. I am simply GREEN with envy. I’ve never seen such a congregation of knitted goods, friends and whatnot. You are SO lucky! I only have one girlfriend who knits. Can only two a party make?
    Glad you had such a lovely day, Stephanie….

  18. The seasilk shawl is lovely.. where can we get the one skein shawl pattern????
    Happy b/d by the way… a party in a yarn shop, that is like heaven! Patti

  19. I’ve thought about holding kid birthday parties in yarn shops, but I think it’s trumped by the adult version. Happy belated birthday, looks like a great time was had by all, at least those that can remember it!

  20. Sign me up for next year! That looks wonderful and fabulous and entirely fitting for a birthday. πŸ™‚

  21. Happy belated birthday!
    My friend (also named Liz) and I were discussing the merits of having a b-day party in a yarn shop. Our birthdays are about 10 days apart and happen near our yearly pilgramage to Webs. So we decided to have our birthday party there. Think of the goody bags!!
    It certainly looks like yours was a smashing success.

  22. Boy, my mom and dad’s 40th anniversary is next month…I just KNOW my mom would LOVE to have a party like that. I wonder what my dad would think…well, after 40 years, you’d think he’d love it, too, right?
    Looks like you had a great time–belated happy birthday to you!

  23. Happy Birfday – Stephanie! (Birfday is how we say it in Phila.) What could be better than alcohol, knitting, and a yarn sale? Please update the Harlot on Tour – I’m dying to find out when you will be coming to Minneapolis!

  24. Hmmm…I wonder if I could persuade anyone around here to host a birthday party for me in a yarn shop. It’s a great idea! And it certainly sounds (and looks) like everyone enjoyed it immensely. So, are you going to get a puppy?

  25. Happy Birthday Stephanie! It looks like you had a wonderful party!
    I have just finally had time to read through the very kind and touching comments regarding the birth of our twins, Parker and Lily. You know that it wouldn’t have been as wonderful an experience without you!
    Happy Birthday! Love, V

  26. See, now…I’ve been considering something very similar to this, only at VT Sheep & Wool instead. I don’t know why some part of me thought it was silly, but it did. I know. Crazy. Of COURSE a birthday party is better with yarn and friends (and maybe sheep)!!
    Happy birthday, er..again!

  27. I had a blast! I mean, of course I always have a blast at LK, but thanks to you there was the company of so many *more* knitters than usual to enjoy, plus the food and the yarn sale, and the super-bright double rainbow, and…
    Anyway, I had a great time and I’m glad you did, too. I think making it a tradition is a fabu idea.

  28. Wow! That is so cool! I don’t think ANY of the yarn shops around HERE would appreciate me holding my birthday party in their store…especially if alcohol was involved. (darn mormons! j/k, i used to be one!!)
    One of the nice things about being famous (and yes Steph, you ARE famous whether you like it or not. It’s only a matter of time before the paparazzi become involved.) is that people will do that sort of thing for you πŸ™‚
    I was going to say I hope you had a lovely birthday, but it’s obvious you did! Many happy returns!

  29. Wow! You are so lucky! Any party at a yarn store is super cool but a birthday party is even better! The posts from your girls yesterday made me laugh out loud and cry as well. (As usual…they have your touch.) It was so sweet. Oh, to be the Harlot… Many many happy, happy days to all of you.

  30. And my husband wonders why I love blogging? This is it. Even though I’m a thousand miles away, I feel like, “Wow, I had a great time at Stephanie’s birthday party.” Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait for next year’s.

  31. Happy Birthday lady!!!! How great does that party look! Plus you got to hear your girls say all those sweet things about you and it wasn’t even a eulogy! Kudos on raising such stars.
    I love that picture of Rachel (who kept getting introduced at Maryland as “sadly blogless” Rachel).

  32. Hah, I do have a nice bum, hee hee.
    You forgot to tell about my secret way of thinking you didn’t spend that much in yarn this time, buy something last week, then return it and get store credit, the final bill for the two tons of yarn you get (minus 20%) is not that bad after all. And yeah, credit cards are good. (I’ll post a picture of my whistle later tonight!)

  33. Ha. You know what you just did? You just wiped out the Sea Silk inventory everywhere, when my husband hasn’t yet ordered mine for our anniversary (hurry, dear!) I made a Sea Silk shawl from Mother’s Day present yarn, and my daughter claimed it within an hour after I’d cast on. I need more Sea Silk! If only I could buy it in person rather than online… Meantime, That looks like a fabulous party. Wish I could have come!

  34. Looks like I’ll need to plan a trip to Toronto for next year! My Grandma lives in Ajax so I should be able to weasel that one without too much suspision about it being an excuse to crash a birthday party/yarn crawl!

  35. Looks like a wonderful party indeed! I too would love to know what pattern Alice used for her lovely Sea Silk shawl. I mail ordered a skein of it from Lettuce Knit a while ago and haven’t figured out what to do with it until now.

  36. It looks like the party was fabulous….now about that shawl pattern for the Sea Silk, could you point me in the direction to find the pattern – it would be a great public service because I’m sure anyone who has been tempted by this amazing yarn and wasn’t sure what to make with it (but bought a skein anyway because it was sooo very lovely…I’m not saying I did that or anything πŸ™‚ – but I’m sure it could happen) would be interested after seeing how beautiful that shawl looked. Wishing you a belated happy birthday with many returns!

  37. Ok, I just have to say that I’ve seen lots of references to Belize and I have to brag. My Mum is not the Yarn Harlot. Poor thing is not even with me anymore, except in great spirit (and yes, I do still talk to her), but she WAS from BELIZE!!! So I am actually a Belizian-American! So how is that for bragging! So YH, if you would like to go to Belize (if you haven’t been there before now) just let me know. I still have family down there and would love to show you around. I need to go down there and conduct some business so maybe we could all have a Yarn Harlot Belize getaway!!!!

  38. Oh yeah, your funeral should definitely be at a yarn shop. More yarn for the rest of us πŸ˜‰
    Happy belated birthday, and congratulations on managing not (yet) to kill such a fantastic trio of girls. Yesterday’s post was a really great and touching tribute.

  39. Looks like one fantastic evening. Oh how I wish I could’ve been there for the beer and the yarn sale…*sigh*. Glad to see everyone had a great time.

  40. I’m soooo jealous – wish I had a great yarn shop to have my birthday at! Glad you had a wonderful party and crazy good cake! Very important along with the beer to keep you feeling good about birthdays!!!

  41. Looks like everyone had a great time! I could see me coming home with a hole lotta yarn if I was at a yarn shop that had alcohol and a sale!

  42. Same time next year? I’m SO planning ahead for this one. This year I missed the 5:40 GO train by 5 minutes, meaning that I arrived in T.O. at 7:30. Followed by the subway trip. Followed by missing out on the Spadina streetcar. I arrived, clutching my map in one hand and knitting in the other. Next year I’ll leave 10 minutes early, be wiser at the Spadina station, and be there in plenty of time. Wearing something knit out of my new hank of seasilk yarn. Where’s my 2007 day planner?

  43. I really don’t know what to say. I’m sitting on my couch in northern Ca smiling and feeling connected to a group of women I have never met. I love to read about what goes on in their lives, their projects, the bits and pieces that make up a life. The internet is such a great connector. Thank you one and all! I SWORE I wasn’t going to get into socks but now I find myself sneaking away from my other projects to knit a few rounds. Happy Birthday and Thank You Crazy Knitting Lady.

  44. A belated happy birthday to you…’happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Stephanie, happy birthday to you.’

  45. This was a particular treat for me! I had no idea this party was going on. After a particularly hard week, I arrived on the doorstep of a lively, knitterly party! What a group and what an occasion!
    Particular thanks for your thoughts on steeking a shaped armsye (spelling forgiveness please).
    Happy days and happy knitting, Gale

  46. OK, that’s it! I am moving to Canada. What a party! I’ve been visting the site for a few months now, and I’m hooked – both on the blog and knitting (My first pair of socks almost done, even though I live in Miami). Stephanie, you are amazing and inspiring to me as a writer and a fiber goddess. As are all of the wonderful people who helped you celebrate. Makes me proud to be a knitter – and hungry for cake.

  47. I am really glad you had such a great time on your birthday and clearly you did…the blurry photos, even if you hadn’t said it was fun or smiled, or anything, the blurred photos tell me you were having a GREAT time. That’s just great but I feel like that T-shirt, you know the one that says “My Friends went to someplace awesome, but all I got was this t-shirt.” OK, I am petty and juvenile at times, but it is the picture of the chocolate and I-don’t-know-what-but-its-got surgar-in-it cake that caused this pettiness and peevishness. I am a recovering chocaholic and it’s CRUEL, very cruel, to put a picture of a yummy scrumptious, mouth-watering chocolate anything in front of me. Had I known, I wouldn’t have looked. I count 6 months now of no chocolate; but NOW, Now, I just want to get in my car and find the nearest Hershey, no make that Cadbury bar I can find. Give me strenth!

  48. So did you get that puppy you wanted for your birthday?
    Looks like it was a blast!

  49. I’m jealous! I’m so having my 20th birthday at a yarn shop… there’s only one in the town I’m moving to and it’s small. Maybe I can arrange something there, I have til October. Or I can try to get someone to drive me two hours away to the next closest one…

  50. I can think of not a better way to spend your birthday. A birthday party at the yarn shop. Wow, you are so lucky.

  51. Happy Birthday! You have great daughters. I’d love to know your secret. Is it the knitting that makes them so loving?
    Duh. Of course it’s the knitting. And your fine example. And that your husband’s name is Joe (mine too — I think that Joes are great).
    Anyway, I hope that we are all blessed with many more years of your wit and wisdom. A happy life to you!

  52. Okay, I am making my finace read this so he’ll know what to do for my next birthday! Looks like it was great fun. Happy belated birthday (and you certainly must be proud of those girls of yours!)

  53. Oh, and the combination of alcohol and yarn sale was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant, and a little scary too.

  54. I’m so jealous of you and everyone who was able to attend! It looks like you all had a terrific time.
    My birthday was on the 11th and I spent the weekend at home taking care of my dog who was too sick to feel like eating and had diarrhea, poor baby (he’s all better now). My daughter and her husband came over and brought Italian food with them, which was wonderful, and we spent the evening playing games. However, even though my birthday didn’t turn out exactly as planned, my darling husband gave me a big enough IOU to go crazy in the Woodland Woolworks catalog!

  55. Hey looks like you had a wonderful time! I would love to have the pattern for that one-skein shawl with the sea-silk (as it seems many other people would) if you could tell us where to find it! Thanks for the fun read today:)

  56. It looks like ya’ll had a blast!! Thanks so much for sharing the pics! Love them!!

  57. It looks like ya’ll had fun!
    Happy B-day! Belated. πŸ™‚
    I wish I could go! Canada is so big! and far!

  58. You have lovely daughters?! Geez, what about Sam?! Sam you rock too! I loved the part in your post about how your mum knits in public because she can’t really control herself. I laughed right out loud. You know, when you get all growed up and go off to Dal or somewhere far away, you’ll remember those goofy things and they’ll make you smile – especially when you miss her. Thanks to all the progeny for posting while our Harlot was gadaboutting. Next year, yarn and booze and chocolate. I’m with Leah.

  59. Man – I always have to work when the fun stuff happens!
    BTW, while joking about a knit dog I think I forgot to wish you a happy birthday.
    Happy belated birthday!

  60. WOW! That looks like such a fun party! My eyes are turning green with envy! (for the fun, the yarn, the cake, the company!)

  61. Happy Birthday Steph.
    I seriously thinking of having my next Birthday at a yarn shop. It looks like so much fun.

  62. Next year – I’m THERE!!!
    Looks like an amazing evening….what wool/yarn did YOU come home with??

  63. Wow, Happy Birthday, and even amongst the party photos, several things I’ve never seen before. Apparently we need more SeaSilk suppliers below the border… And that golden Alchemy is delicious.

  64. Sounds like a great way to spend your birthday. A party in our yarn store would be a lot more sedate, but still fabulous! The rainbow was a nice touch too.

  65. I once spent my birthday in San Francisco, sailing on the Bay, lunching overlooking Fisherman’s Wharf and dining in Chinatown, but a yarn shop sounds even better! You can’t see it, but this entry is done in pea green!

  66. Hey I would love to have yarn stores like that one here where I live!!!
    Love your books and your solid advice!!!!
    I’m 45 the mother of 4 girls and thought that you had to be near my age with some of the things you write, but alas of course you are younger. Still you could have been talking about me in some of your books, i guess us knitters are basically the same. Happy Birthday!! You need to write more books they really crack me up!!

  67. Happy belated birthday! The yarn shop is a good idea for a party, to think, I have been wasting my time at the drive-in theatre. I have a question for you. I recently got back from Ireland where I picked up some beautiful and soft yarn. I want to make a sweater out of it. Apparently Blarney is “the place” to get handmade woolen sweaters, I was just too close to broke to get one. But I think making my own is more fun anyway. Have any suggestions? I am way better at crocheting than knitting, but I just don’t know where to look for patterns. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  68. Looks like a hoot of a good time. Think I’ll go grab a beer in honor of knitting birthday parties. We once had a knitting lesson birthday party — all learned attached i-cord tricks and knitting w/beads… good times, but yours definitely look better. How’s your head?

  69. I missed yesterday’s post b/c our computer was being, er, uncooperarative– but seriously, all joking about laundry fairies aside, you seem to have some really wonderful daughters. I remember one of my mom’s birthdays (I was six or seven)when I gave her a lovely bouquet… of flowers pulled from her own flower beds.
    Happy Happy (belated) Birthday to you! As a gift, I present to you a Funny Yarn Story:
    I ride the train alot rather than drive, because I spend all my gas money on yarn (wool is more environmentally friendly than gas). Consequently, I knit on the train alot, because I figure if I use my backpack as a stash recepticle, my boyfriend won’t know that I use all my gas money on yarn (he doesn’t care about the earth as much as I do).
    On this day I was in the middle of a sock when I reached my stop, so, still holding my needles, I stepped off the train. As the doors closed behind me, I felt a tug. I turned around, facing the departing train…and couldn’t help but notice how my fine, handpainted sock yarn was trailing away from my needles….between the doors….and apparently ending up wound in a nice little ball where I had left it, right on the seat of the NOW DEPARTING TRAIN. I made some sort of noise perhaps better suited for a woman who had left her firstborn behind. Don’t ask me how, but I guess I looked freaked out enough for the operator to be flagged down before she departed with my beloved. Naturally, though, she was extremely pissed that she was stopped so that I could get my yarn back. Knitters: consider yourselves warned.

  70. by the way, your oldest daughter has the best name ever, and wrote a wonderful post… congrats on raising another amazing amanda!

  71. Happy Belated Birthday Stephanie. Your party looks like it was the best a girl could have. Friends, Alcohol, Yarn, Yarn Sale, Cake and Rainbows too. ****SIGH*****
    Congrats too on raising such fine children. I loved their Birthday Blog for you.
    Now, about the puppy?

  72. OMG, its like a yarn happy hour! I’ve got a bartender who lets me knit for Guiness, but she doesn’t have a yarn shop full of 20% off yarn!
    *seriously ponders what can be done to fix this*
    Happy Birthday, Steph!

  73. Happy Birthday, Stephanie! It looks like the only thing missing from that debauchery is a wee dog.
    Maybe this one?
    He’s deaf, so you could say arse all you wanted without fear of bringing a blush to his puppy cheeks.
    And he could lead you home when you are in your cups.
    Yes, and teaching him sign language would be good for the girls’ college applications.
    I see no downside.

  74. That looked like a wonderful party!! Happy Birthday. Wish I lived nearby!
    I wanted to let you know how MUCH I enjoy your books. I have all of them. They literally make me laugh out LOUD!! I had a doctor appointment yesterday and I brought “The Yarn Harlot” with me and was reading the chapter on crochet it was SO funny!!! Especially about the Santa toilet seat cover and how knitters at least get a chance to “come to our senses” before crocheters do. lol Thanks so much.
    When can we expect your next book??

  75. Wow–they do things right in Canada… Congratulations on a rightous do, and a fabulous b-day… (38 has been pretty good to me, may it give you as much joy:-)

  76. I think that yarn is kinda beer-colored. Funny, I was just mentioning beer and yarn and knitting…. Happy birthday, belatedly!

  77. Happy Birthday, Stephanie. You know how to PARTY! Would Alice please be willing to reveal what pattern she used for the lovely Sea Silk shawl?
    Penny of the Pittsburgh chocolate chip cookies

  78. That is the BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER! I’m sooooo doing that next year. (that sound was the lys ladies giggling with glee)

  79. Is Megan prepared for a LARGER Party next year? It looked like so much fun, I think we all need to plan roadtrips next year to Toronto, coordinating our arrivals for June 14th! Who’s in?

  80. I see that today’s comments are 200 shy of where they were this time yesterday. I assume that’s because those two hundred were at the party? I myself am sick with envy and am only deterred from crying havoc and releasing the stash weasels of war by that double rainbow — a Sign, if ever there was one, to desist.
    No promises about tomorrow, though.
    (How’s the gansey coming?)

  81. Thank you for the pictures of your party . My niece was there and she had forgotten her camera. She’s a very busy young lady but she makes time for knitting . One day soon she will come visit me and we will just sit and knit no cooking –just fresh vegetables from the garden and of course some kind of chocolate thingy for dessert. Can hardly wait. She added to her stash while at the party haha GOOD for her takes after her Crazy Old Aunt. Just love it . Do I just see 5 candles on that lovely cake ? Going backwards now are we ? ha

  82. Happy Birthday Steph! I really wanted to be there, but had to go to my boss’ baby shower last night.
    As I reread that it sounds like a made up excuse, but you know I’m not lying when there is yarn and beer and cake involved.
    So yes, next year. I’ll bring some micro-brew.

  83. Wow – that yarn looks just like beer!
    What great fun, and your girl’s comments were precious AND priceless. I had a sixteen-year-old recently write me a mother’s day tribute and, well – I still get choked up.
    But anyway, can you knit a beer-y looking thing from beer-y looking yarn? Can you also whisk me to lettuce knits???

  84. I picked up some of that Sea Silk yarn myself just today, though I got the ‘scarf’ skein rather than the shawl one.
    I don’t have too much cash right now, but I had to have some. I suspect that when my credit card cools off I’ll be buying for a shawl.

  85. Wow!!! What a birthday! May you have as happy a year ahead. πŸ™‚
    P.S. You have an ideal friend in Jen — a knitter *and* a scotch-drinker! πŸ™‚

  86. So, if I’m going to take a vacation anywhere near your town, I should aim for June 14th? This could get out of hand. Have a happy and wonderful year. I’m saying that knowing you will have your hands full with 2 kids in diapers and if a puppy is added? All the better! I’m sorry, I’m a dog lover. I’m still holding out for the puppy.

  87. What a great Bday Party…good idea on the funeral too.
    (trying to restrain myself from shouting) What pattern did she use cuz I’ve got sea silk (red) and so far nothing has been good enough……PLEASE oh Please tellus the pattern….THANK YOU!

  88. How could anyone complain about adding another year when they could have such a wonderful party in a yarn shop? I think you are on to something….party,yarn sale ,Beer,free yarn, friends,more yarn ,booze, sale yarn,cake,rainbows and did I mention yarn??? “it’s a good thing”……….happy birthday!!!!!( whats the going rate for a wonderfull 3 daughter post???……could it be a puppy??)

  89. Aaawwww! I love Lettuce Knit, and the knitting community around it.
    Such a place of love, as knitting stores should be.
    I wish I had been there, Happy Birthday!

  90. Go-to-birthday-party/come-home-with-yarn…this is a concept whose time has come. I had a great time, even as a shy person who knew no one except through their blogs. It was also fun to watch the guys in the bar across the street try to figure out what was happening. Here’s to an ever increasing stash and no tinking in the year to come, Stephanie!

  91. Wow. I’m planning a picnic this year but if it rains I’m so relocating to the yarn store.
    Glad you had a great day!

  92. and the pattern for the sea silk shawl is???? oh please, oh please, oh please! i’ve been dying to use that yarn and i’ve been dying to make a shawl to keep in my office.

  93. It is only right to get fuzzy around the edges in every way possible on one’s birthday. Dude. A birthday party in a yarn shop. This is like the Paint-Your-Own-Bowl parties kids have, only for adult knitters and with way better beverages. So cool! And you didn’t even have to hire a pony! Happy birthday, and I’m hoping the combo of cake and gin was not too hard the next day…
    A Sea Silk skein landed in my mailbox this week. I’m going to have to do something about this triangle aversion I have…I hear stoles are two skeins. I have one skein. Better step up to the plate. What pattern did Alice use?

  94. So glad you had such a wonderful time.
    Yes, you should do this every year. An annual 20% off sale has its advantages.

  95. Congratulations on successfully negotiating another year of life’s unpredictable journey and on an excellent party. It would seem that a good time was had by all, but wait! where was bookbookbook #3? Alas, the fate of the third child, poor book #3 not in the pictures again.

  96. How sweet the post from the kiddies was.
    Themed room painting. Do you NOT know how to do anything?
    Love the knitting basket idea. The kids haven’t been at me too much yet to teach them to knit. They are enjoying their gameboys at the moment. They don’t get them much during school.
    With those kids and all the knitters everywhere, how could you ever not feel loved?

  97. Happy Birthday! Just think of this as the extended birthday plan where you get to enjoy the pictures and the yarn and the comments long after the event itself is over. Your kids did you proud in their guest stint, by the way. I see writing in their futures.
    I wish I lived nearby so I could have been at that party. I can’t say I’ve ever been to a shop brave enough to have anything more than tea!
    Have a great year! – Karen

  98. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (belated) Did you know you were born under the sign “Double-Eyelet Rib”*?
    *”365 KNITTING STITCHES A YEAR: Perpetual Calendar”

  99. Happy Birthday! I thought you might like to know that I linked this post on my blog. I usually caution people against bending mourners to your will from beyond the grave, but in your case, what better place to have the funeral than a knitting shop! After all, your survivors would associate yourself with knitting, and the funeral is really for them. Right?
    Rev. Josh

  100. I don;’t know if you read your comments but i would love to know what pattern she used for the sea-silk because its beutiful and I have one skien waiting for a pattern πŸ™‚

  101. My sister sent me this book written by you,and I loved it so much that i actually started off by knitting a blanket for my nephew. Let me tell you that I m not much of a reader but i enjoyed your book so much that i read it twice! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  102. You’re going to Bumbershoot? Heh… It’s a very crowded venue but it’s usually a blast.
    There is an incredible asian vegetarian restaurant called Bamboo Garden within walking distance of where you will be.

  103. You’re going to Bumbershoot? Heh… It’s a very crowded venue but it’s usually a blast.
    There is an incredible asian vegetarian restaurant called Bamboo Garden within walking distance of where you will be.
    Oh yes, Happy Birthday!

  104. I’m a beginning knitter, working on things for my children (four of them, 6 & under). I live near the Canadian Border in the Northwestern US, and it’s nice to “meet” you.
    I’ve just discovered your blog today . . . happy belated birthday. (The 14th was my 30th, but I won’t make you tell me what it was for you. :o)

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