Once upon a Wednesday

A whole community came together to see what the grade sixes had learned.



(It’s Taiko drumming. Why didn’t they do this when I went to school?)

Sam played french horn really well…


(She’s so much better than she used to be.)

My Sam also had a great part in the school play…


(she’s Baloo, from the Jungle book.)

Her sisters came to be nice to her….


(It was too much to ask a teenager to look happy about it. The thought was there.)

and they even waited for her to be all done.


(Such nice girls. Whole moments of a 17 year old’s life….)

Joe and I celebrated the anniversary of our Godless Heathen Union


(we never got “all the way” married)

The expected baby next door is a day late…


so I started him a sweater.

and a pair of almost socks lay in the sunset and thought…


What a great day, a day that totally makes up for me needing to sit at my desk all day today doing my job. More tomorrow, when I don’t have to cop out of blogging to earn a living.

Update on the tour page, Jayme-the-seems-pretty-wonderful-new- publicist (can we get a sad wave good bye to Kelli-the-wonder-publicist? She’s got a snappy new job, and I wish her very well.) has added a few new stops, Salt Lake City, Mesa Arizona, Albuquerque New Mexico and Austin Texas. (Yes Stalker Angie. Texas.)

229 thoughts on “Once upon a Wednesday

  1. Happy Anniversary, Babe. I was concerned about your use of the word “husband” in the book. I’m glad your own privately owned publiction here has complete honesty.

  2. I can’t wait until my son is in grade 6. That looks too cool. Days like that are worth working for.

  3. Still hoping to see Kelowna BC on that tour schedule………………..Nicola

  4. Do you realize that you probably doomed your neighbor to be overdue – she won’t possibly deliver until the sweater is done! KNIT FAST!
    Happy Anniversary.

  5. Happy anniversary, Stephanie and Joe! Congratulations on successfully escaping sixth grade, Sam!
    (Still not panicking….)

  6. come on — you need a stop in san diego! september/october/november are our best months! margaritas on me! i can’t stop using exclamation points!

  7. Stalker Alyson really wishes the Wonder-Publicist (current, past, or future) would send you south. Er, southeast. (Apologies to New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas for implying you’re not south enough.) Florida? Georgia? I’ll even take North Carolina…my parents wouldn’t have to know that my impromptu visit has less to do with them and more to do with this “Yarn Harlot” person I keep offering up as a shining example whenever I start blubbering about my knitterly shortcomings.

  8. Happy Anniversay! It’s nice to see that Taiko has spread ^-^ I was a taiko drummer and eisa dancer when I lived in Okinawa. It was absolutly wonderful!

  9. Do I spy the beginnings of the sweater from the Pea Pod baby set? I’ve been planning to knit that one myself. It’s too cute!
    (Short-time lurker, btw. Love your books!)

  10. Happy Anniversary!
    I got all excited when I saw Albuquerque, since I’m going to be there quite briefly near the end of July…only to see that I’m leaving there the evening before. But I saw you last year in LA, so that’s OK.
    But I *totally* would’ve ditched my host for you. πŸ™‚

  11. 1. It’s pretty hard to see what’s in that picture of the celebration of your Godless Heathen Union. But maybe it’s better that way? πŸ˜‰
    2. Please tell me what that yarn in the last picture is, because I. Must. Have. Some.
    3. Cracks me up about the older sisters, too…shame on you, expecting them to waste huge minutes of their Whole Lives watching their sister. They were probably just mad because they didn’t get to whop the big drums when they were in Grade 6.

  12. Sounds like a great day! My perfect day would be to see you make a stop somewhere between Toronto and Ottawa. There would be knitting and books, food and fun, or whatever else you could be bribed with…. hehehee

  13. Any way we can get Jayme to get you to Dallas in between Albuquerque and Austin? We’re on the way — just a short flight, and I’m sure we can make it worth your while!

  14. Dear Jayme-the-seems-pretty-wonderful-new- publicist, welcome. Connecticut is a beautiful state.
    Just sayin’.
    Steph, your post gave me a chuckle today. I remember waiting for my sister too. And your kid looked much happier than I did.

  15. Yay! You’re coming to Arizona! I can’t wait. I wish you didn’t have to come in the middle of the most dreadful time of year to be here, but it will still be tons of fun. We have all been dying to meet you forever.

  16. You remembered my birthday, but I forgot your Godless Heathen Union. I am so sorry. I hope it was spectacular! Happy Anniversary.

  17. Yaaaaay, Sam! Such talented daughters you have. They probably get it from their mother.
    Happy anniversary! I always tell my DH: if it turns out that the godless-heathen thing was a really bad move, I hope we at least get adjoining spits. (We got all the way married. GHness came later.)

  18. Hey! My mom does Taiko with a bunch of her lady friends. It’s really great!
    Much happiness to you and your family for all your lovely celebrations!
    Also, You are going to be SOOOOOO in love with your STR Fairgrounds when you get those socks on your feet!!! I just finished mine last week!

  19. Taiko drumming is the best! Our fifth graders have been learning this the past few years and is it ever awesome (but not meant for indoors!). Sadly, the teacher is leaving to teach music in Egypt (lucky them!). My soon-to-be fifth grade son will just miss out. He does however, play the french horn – such serendipity!
    Love the baby sweater, love the socks; love the fact that you two have such a wonderful Godless Heathen Union with hearts big enough for those wonderful kids and all us knitters as well.
    Hope your summer is great – wish you were traveling closer! – Karen

  20. Loved the taiko photos! It’s pretty big here in the Bay Area and I love it each time I see it. Fantastic that the 6th graders got to do it!
    Congrats on your heathen union.
    Any more dates for the Bay Area? I’m a very nice stalker, and we have LOTS of knitters here…

  21. You are really coming to Arizona! I am so happy and can’t wait to finally see you.
    Happy Anniversary πŸ™‚

  22. Am I seeing right that you and Joe had Aloo Papri Chat to celebrate your anniversary? Now that’s MY kind of celebration! I hope you enjoyed it and keep on enjoying each other – congrats!

  23. Hooray!!! I have already made plans to travel up to Mesa to see you! Happy anniversary of your godless Heathen union, hooray for your talented soon-to-be 7th grader, and hooray for lovely pictures of the lovely-but-dour teenagers!

  24. Happy Anniversary Stephanie!
    Austin is a great city, I think you’ll like it. Plus, it should be easy to find really good vegetarian food there.
    I was also excited to see Eugene,Oregon on your list – yay!

  25. Happy Anniversary to you and Joe and may you have many more wonderful years together! And you are going to the American Southwest. If time allows, and it probably doesn’t, try to visit Santa Fe, which is a wonderful town. And try a corn tamale, the kind that doesn’t have any meat in it. Yummy good!

  26. Mesa! You’ll be 10 minutes away and nothing will keep me away πŸ™‚
    But, yeah, it’s hot. I’m hoping they put you up in the hotel that’s a block away from the shop….it ain’t the Ritz, but when it’s end of July in Arizona, the distance is more important than the count of the sheets on the bed πŸ˜‰

  27. Listen, if you can make it to Austin, you can definitely come to Spokane. Really, we’re only a 45 minute plane ride from Seattle. Happy Anniversary!
    Sad wave goodbye to Kelli. Hope she has fun at her new job. Hello to Jayme. Jayme: you too can be a wonder-publicist if you add Spokane to the tour!

  28. Sounds like a good day. But pardon me if I kind of skip over that and celebrate the fact that you’re coming to Salt Lake! Yea!

  29. mazel tov, ho, & congrats — to Sam, the Union that don’t need a piece of paper from the city, the baby-to-be… and tell Joe I just love that hair!

  30. Happy GHU anniversary!! Woo-hoo!
    *sniff* Minneapolis-St Paul vanished from the tour page, alas. You don’t want to check out our 20+ yarn stores?!

  31. Happy Celebration of Godless Heather Union. (Ghu. You have a Goo. Hah.)
    Now that the Twin Cities has dropped off the possible list (OK. Maybe its just that the Possible list has gone away) – I have to decide whether to try to venture to Chicago to see you. Hmmm.

  32. Spokane, Vancouver, BC and Victoria, BC are sort of in the same area… or close enough. Perhaps Jayme could arrange a tour to this part of the world. πŸ™‚
    I’ll bring the wine!

  33. Happy Godless Heathen Union-iversary! And can’t wait til you’re here in Austin! If you bring smarties, I’ll bring adult beverages. Beware though, it’ll be stinking HOT here in July.

  34. What about Florida? I’ll take just about any major city. I would prefer the Melbourne/Cocoa/Cape Canaveral area but would settle for Orlando. Please, I promise I’ll even learn to knit socks.

  35. …parents just don’t realize the emotional and physical toll supporting your siblings takes on a teenaged body.
    Ha. I remember events like that. Something about the whole situation just feels mildly soul-sucking, for completely idiotic reasons.
    Hooray for Godless Heathen Unions, and Happy Anniversary of yours!

  36. 1. “Godless Heathen Union” Hmmmmmm. . . . I LIKE IT! CONGRATS. (how does that work in Canada? Is it like a civil union or a common-law union? Just being nosey.
    2. Wisconsin has lovely weather this time of the year–just sayin’
    3. Nice sock!

  37. Nice to see the girls being supportive–you must have taught them well.
    Congrats to you and Joe on another year together. May you have many more wonderful years ahead of you.
    What about Florida? I’ll take just about any major city. I would prefer the Melbourne/Cocoa/Cape Canaveral area but would settle for Orlando. Please, I promise I’ll even learn to knit socks.

  38. Yeah, where is Ottawa in all this? Maybe the new wonder publicist can be persuaded of its charms… remember how much fun you had here last time, Stephanie?

  39. Arizona would be a GOOD place to get locked out of your hotel room in just bra and panties…prepare yourself….

  40. Happy Anniversary!
    P.S. If Jayme-the-seems-pretty-wonderful-new publicist could schedule a jaunt to North Carolina, then Jayme-the-bummed-out-because-your-tour-stops-are-too-far-away would be elated!

  41. At least I now have a choice – 4 hours to OKC or 4 hours to Austin. I join with Chris…Dallas is right on your way!
    Happy Anniversary!

  42. Please, please, please, can Jayme-the-seems-pretty-wonderful-new publicist arrange some visits on the East Coast. Of Canada that is. We’re famous for our hospitality, as I’m sure you know, and we have yarn stores popping up all over the place.

  43. Want to stop by Gig Harbor? It’s right across the water from that festival, was it last fall? I don’t remember. It was either fall or February, because I had music auditions and couldn’t go…
    The drums look like fun, I wish we had something like that.

  44. That’s funny, I have a 15 yr old that uses that exact expression when she’s happy too-glasses and all. Happy Anniversary!

  45. Your Sam is a fantastically talented young lady. Must be because of the inspirational middle name you gave her. *cheeky grin*
    Happy GHU Anniversary!

  46. happy godless heathen unioniversary!
    is there any way we can convince jayme the soon to be wonder publicist to continue your travels down the west coast all the way down to the los angeles area? the canadian knitters down here always appreciate a visit!

  47. Thanks for the family pix! I love that kind of stuff. Most especially the part where the teenagers are being imposed upon to join the family for a shared event. They will laugh at the pictures later. Today? you get to laugh. I hope the baby sweater makes it to the finish line first. What a nice day. It’s hot here in Alabama and humid, what a surprise. I can’t seem to knit anything without it getting soggy…. ? Hope the little ones are doing well.

  48. Those drums look so cool. Beats the recorder that my dd has to play.
    Northern Ontario is nice this time of year. Hardly any blackflies left. Ignore that mosquito. And that one. And that one.

  49. Happy Anniversary! I too was confused by the use of “husband” in the last book. Phew.
    Is that a handknit shrug on your surly teenager?

  50. Holy crap! You’re coming to Austin! And it’s on a day when I’m supposed to be somewhere else! Let’s see how fast I can change my schedule . . .
    Happy Anniversary! Godless Heathen Union sounds much more appealing than Marriage. Maybe I’ll try that next time around.

  51. Oh now you got to Arizona — when I’ve up and moved to Georgia…. I see how it is πŸ™‚
    No really – you’ll have a lovely time there as it’s a state filled with amazing knitters (and amazing heat!) Tell all my friends HI for me!! Enjoy!
    And — any hopes to visit Atlanta, Georgia in the future??

  52. Very cool! My grandfather used to make taiko drums for those willing to learn in Las Vegas πŸ™‚

  53. Happy anniversary! I go to Austin once a year for business, and I always build in extra time to go to Hill Country Weavers. Man alive, I love that store. The women who own it are amazing, and they have great classes. I got to take a spinning class with the incomparable Carol Rhoades this March at HCW, and it was the perfect antidote to a music industry convention. I may e-mail you with a list of great places to eat in Austin. They also have one of the best record stores in the US (Waterloo) as well as one of the best independent booksellers in the country (Book People). Oh, Austin. I know you’ll only be there for a short time, but maybe there’s a way to extend your stay?

  54. Happy GHU Anniversary! My daughter has back-to-back dance recitals on Saturday and I can only hope that daughter number 2 can show as much interest (hide her boredom) as your daughters did. πŸ˜‰
    By the way please,please, please come to northern Virginia or even DC. We neeeeeed you here! Even my non-knitting daughters and spouse love you.

  55. Hooray…two dates in Seattle and one in Portland, Powells Books no less! My favorite place in Portland. I live 6hrs from Seattle and a sister who lives in the area…no need for motel….Decisions decisions decisions
    Congrtas on the Godless Heathen Union. We will be celebrating our 17th year in the same Union. He says we must have been having a pretty good time because time has flown πŸ™‚
    Love the drums and daughters….ah sisterhood such loving memories…
    Tell expecting/overdue Mum to plan a dinner date and movie…her water should break about 15 mins. into the movie…Hey, worked for me. (just a thought)

  56. Stephanie, how could you? You’ve consigned that poor woman to be pregnant until the sweater is done. On her behalf, I beg you to knit fast.
    And, someone needs to tell Jayme that there are three really good, totally different yarn stores in Asheville, North Carolina and the best vegetarian food *ever* at the Laughing Seed Cafe.
    And, happy anniversary.

  57. WAIT! What happened to Minneapolis/St. Paul? It’s not even on the list of ‘dates coming soon’ any more…. Please, please tell me you’re still coming here!

  58. Knit FAST Stephanie for your neighbours sake. That poor dear soul I’m sure wants that baby delivered before it gets any hotter. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY you two—good going. I agree with Amy about stopping between Toronto and Ottawa and yes bribes are available hehe.The girls are great to go to see Sam play. Later in life they will know how important it was for her to have her family there.

  59. Oh no! You teased us for months & months and now Minneapolis/St Paul has dropped off the tour list?
    Can I get jayme the new publicist’s email? I promise it would be a nice note – nothing threatening at all….. pretty please?

  60. Your publicist has you going to Arizona in July? Does she realize that that can be fatal for a Canadian? I’ve known Californians who barely survived an Arizona weekend in the summer.
    Good luck, and happy anniversary. With three kids, I’d guess that you’re as married as you need to be.

  61. A great happy GHU to you and Joe,(love his wacky curly hair!) and I seem to not get the comments about your usage of the word ‘husband’ in your last book, I mean, it’s the relationship….right? My DH and I had (and still do) the GHU for over 25 years but then decided for practical purposes to make it legal(perhaps the laws in Canada are much cooler about estates going directly to the ‘spouse’ in case of death)s0 legal, but still godless. The girls are lovely, congratulations to Sam, what a gig. BigO’Drums!

  62. Happy Anniversary. June is a good time for it – my own is just a couple of days away, in fact.
    My Mom always dragged me to my younger brother and sister’s things, too. I pretended to hate it. It’s not cool to be seen enjoying your younger siblings. πŸ˜‰

  63. Woohoo! Happy Anniversary & Way to go Sam…. and WHEE! You’ll be in AUSTIN! I can’t wait! I’ll have to bring my sock to meet your sock… it can talk of nothing else. It’s lifelong dream has been to meet the Harlot Sock.

  64. So how do you almost get married . . . really. Was some yarn clause that got in the way???
    New publicist please send Stephanie to the midwest. Wisconin, Minneosta, I am not picky . . .

  65. Happy Godless Union Anniversary.
    Fairwell old publicist.
    And new publicist…. Canadians buy books too, so send Harlot over to Calgary.

  66. You know you’ve been married a long time when you take a sock along for the anniversary dinner.

  67. Happy Anniversary!
    It must be so great to see how far your daughter has come in the arts!
    Teens, happy, in public (gasp) never!

  68. While you’re in the Portland area, take a drive out the Columbia River, around Mount Hood. There is a fabulous yarn shop there, on an alpaca ranch. The baby alpacas had just been sheared when I was there a few weeks ago– incredibly cute. I left a lot of money with the owner of the shop.
    Oh– the views of Mount Hood are pretty snazzy, too.

  69. Happy Godless Heathen Day!!
    3 days in the seattle/portland area?!?! WOO! 3 days of stalking!

  70. The sock!!! Socks that Rock in Fairgrounds (?) if I remember correctly…. Not a color I would have picked out if I saw a skein of it but that’s why I joined the club – to try different colors/patterns (and I do love it now that it’s getting knit up).
    The pattern is the current (?) sock club pattern that I just started – can’t remember the name of it. I can’t decide if I like the ‘right side’ or the ‘wrong side’ of the cuff better. Both are interesting and pretty in different ways.
    I just noticed a mistake about 40 rows back on the cuff – I can’t decide if I should just ignore it or take the plunge and drop that stitch down 40 rows and fix it. After seeing your repair miracle in your last post I just may go for it!

  71. The sock!!! Socks that Rock in Fairgrounds (?) if I remember correctly…. Not a color I would have picked out if I saw a skein of it but that’s why I joined the club – to try different colors/patterns (and I do love it now that it’s getting knit up).
    The pattern is the current (?) sock club pattern that I just started – can’t remember the name of it. I can’t decide if I like the ‘right side’ or the ‘wrong side’ of the cuff better. Both are interesting and pretty in different ways.
    I just noticed a mistake about 40 rows back on the cuff – I can’t decide if I should just ignore it or take the plunge and drop that stitch down 40 rows and fix it. After seeing your repair miracle in your last post I just may go for it!

  72. Hurrah!! I’m so excited you’re coming to visit. We’ll have the margaritas ready. Please let me know if there’s I can do to make your visit more comfortable and I look forward to meeting you next month!
    PS – your post made my day!!

  73. So you’re going to AZ the week after I leave… any chance you’ll come to Cleveland, OH?

  74. I’m so glad you’re coming to Austin! Make sure and stay at the San Jose, right down the street from Hill Country Weavers. The San Jose coffee shop, Jo’s, is hosting my Knitflix Rock n’ Reel next week. Very knitter friendly!

  75. Florida, Florida, Florida! There are a whole bunch (gaggle? group?) of knitters here in Jacksonville that would love to see you! (and our weather is pretty darn sweet in the fall!)

  76. pardon me while I do a happy dance – I’ve got a seat booked for the OKC Stop!!!!!!!!

  77. Almost forgot-looks like you are knitting the Pea Pod baby set from the latest IW? I want to knit this for my nephew who is due this fall-I am interested to see how it turns out, and how the pattern goes. Good luck!

  78. I agree with KnittyOtter, but come on the way from Los Altos….stop over in Auburn/Grass Valley/Nevada City…Beautiful places, gold country, lots of crafty people.

  79. Taiko drumming is incredible – what a great experience. Good to see our neighbors to the north still value creative endeavors in school… down here in the States, budget cuts have really cut back on anything but the basics for all but the luckiest of schools.
    Kudos to Sam! Happy anniversary! πŸ™‚

  80. Happy anniversary of your Godless Heathen Union. I have the 19th anniversary of my Godless Heathen Union coming up in August. The only drawback came when I foolishly attempted to obtain a passport for my then-15 year-old son and found that living with your child’s father who has your husband’s (yes, I call him that) last name is not enough for the Government of Canada; I had to prove paternity with a “Long-Form” birth certificate – not an ordinary one.

  81. So happy you’re coming to Arizona! I cannot wait to meet you. Wow, that sounds very Stalker-Girl-ish.
    Anyway, Happy Anniversary! Godless Heathen Union sounds so much more fun and interesting than “marriage”.

  82. Austin?? Texas?? Oh Joy! Rapture!!
    This makes it all worth the nasty rainy-ness we’re having in Houston right now. Now to go check the actual date so I can make sure I can go. Unless of course you can convince the new wonder publicist to make a stop in Houston where we have more yarn shops…for, ahem, stash enhancement… *big grin*

  83. Happy Unioversary. Here’s to many more.
    I’m (again) adding my plea for a Florida stop on the tour. I’d be thrilled with Jacksonville, but I’d be willing to drive to Orlando, too!

  84. Yay for the French horn! When I first started in 5th grade, and for the next couple years, my mom told me I sounded like a sick cow. Which is probably true. I did get much better though, and it started to sound like a horn. I hope Sam does too!

  85. You’ll be on a whirlwind! If we can’t make it to Silver Fork at least you’ll see the mountains ‘in person’!

  86. I read your blog all the time and never commented. But today I thought, what the hell.
    First…wow…in Canada kids learn Taiko drumming? That is ver cool.
    Second…official unions are not that exciting. You are missing very little. After 6 years of living like heathens my beau and I tied the knot, the only proper way to do, in Vegas by Elvis. We invited very few people, ate at a Star Trek themed restaurant afterwards, and was more excited to get gambling then do any thing like take pictures of us in our monkey suits (well..think rockabilly monkey suits and voila)
    Anyway..point of my story…we get home, thinking there will be this new exciting sense of formality as far as our parents and friends are concerned. Nope, nadda, nothing. We were asked to mow the lawn, we looked over pictures, and that was about it. Besides being asked to send out “official” notification that we were no longer living in sin, nothing. So having a strange wedding is pretty much the same as having none at all. Its awesome! (and I’m completely serious about that)

  87. Ok, so I just checked the calendar and you’ll be in Austin on a Saturday!?! The Gods have smiled down upon my poor rainy day as it’s a Saturday and I am so THERE!

    Geez, I’m feeling pointedly neglected here. Two teeny kids, no way I can get to Salt Lake. Hmph.
    Please. Denver. Please.

  89. Steph you are going to be in shock!! well i was in phoenix last week visiting.. well actually helping my brother get organized.. and decided just a week ago today that kori and i would move there.. wow.. and now we will be pulling up with our 26foot deisel truck with trailer attachment just when you get there!! yippee.. Mesa is just a little bit north of Queen Creek.. i’m so excited.. i will get to see you twice in one year and on two different sides of the states.. wild.. hugs.. see you soon.. must make my connection with the other west siders!! hee..hee.. hugs karola
    check out my blog for more info πŸ™‚ k
    ps and today was kori’s 5th grade graduation
    pss congrats to you and joe and to the girls too.. k

  90. Omigawd, AustinI I have died and gone to heaven. If I was the praying type they, the prayers that is, would have been answered. I WILL be there. Here’s looking at you, kid.

  91. Are you going to come to Southern California and its environs? Any time soon? Hopefully????

  92. But what about Minn-e-soo-ta? Don’t you love us? Can’t you please come visit us?
    Pretty please? With sugar and yarn on top? πŸ˜€
    The baby sweater looks cute! What’s the stats? (yarn design…ect..)

  93. A Godless Heathen Union sounds like more fun than the standard type of marriage. (Not to nitpick but Heathens do have Gods and a few Goddesses too. Just saying.)
    Congratulations on your “psuedo-wedding” anniversary. How many Godless Heathen years have you been together?

  94. Oh my God, I hope I don’t have to work on July 29th. I’ve missed seeing you on tour, like, twice, and if I miss you again, I might cry.

  95. Congratulations on your anniversary! Glad to see more stops on your tour. I think San Diego is a great place. It’s summer year round! πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for the humor and fun in what can drive me crazy at times. It helps keep perspective and remind me it’s something I learned as enjoyment…your humor and support whether it applies to me or not, makes me remember “enjoyment”:)
    Sunny San Diego (Great Knit shops all over who would love your visit) πŸ™‚

  96. Don’t you just love school programs? It sounds like your schools put on some pretty amazing ones.
    Happy anniversary!

  97. You know you want to go southeast! Alabama would be nice, but I’d certainly take Atlanta! Please, please, new wonder publicist!
    Happy GHU! And your daughters are looking awfully accomplished. πŸ™‚

  98. Unless y’all give in and add Florida to the list (Melbourne, please!), I guess I’d best start trying to talk mama into going to visit my brother in Texas. I mean, Austin is sorta kinda on the way…

  99. Ever consider coming to Florida? It’s really nice an warm and tropical in January when the Canadian weathergods seem to be at their cruelest. Nice palm trees, pretty blue waters, nice big knitting store in Tampa with lots of Opal sock yarn…sound appealing yet?

  100. Ok, now that I’ve calmed down a bit.
    My DH and I tied the knot at half time at a hocky game with 96 other couples on valintines day.

  101. Austin! On a Saturday! The day before my birthday! You did this just for me???? Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  102. Taiko drumming ROCKS!!! One of my Weight Watcher friends drums Taiko. It is her exercise. Must be good for you, I know she is an older lady, but how much older, I really couldn’t tell, she MAY even be in her early 70’s, but you could never tell. Does Taiko drumming keep you young? I have always wanted my drumming 15 year old to learn. He did martial arts for years and plays the drums. Seems like Taiko drumming would be a perfect fit.
    Happy Godless Union Day! We did the full-tilt married thing, but I refused to vow to “obey.” (drove the Missouri Synod Lutheran minister crazy!) So do we have a demi-Godless Union?

  103. I notice you already have three write-in votes for North Carolina. I would like to vote too! Please oh please come to North Carolina.

  104. Hope you can make it to loverly Sacramento, California, on your magical mystery tour! We’d love to see you!

  105. I read Arizona and thought: Yay! Then I looked at your tour page and saw my LYS, and thought: Yay! Then I looked at the date, and thought: No Fair! I’ll still be at school in Flagstaff then.
    Learning is fine and all that, but I don’t like when it gets in the way of knitting-related pursuits. Heh.
    I don’t know how long you’ll be there, but if you need a place to hang out for a bit, Coffee Talk (around the corner from the Fiber Factory) is a great place to sit around and knit.

  106. I am soooo excited that you have finally made an official date for Arizona! And it’s an almost-birthday present for me I see! (My birthday is July 25th)
    Happy anniversary to you and Joe. I’ve been reading your blog for so long now, I feel like we are neighbors. Actually, I know and like you better than any of my real neighbors!

  107. I’m noticing a severe lack of Canadian dates so far for our celebrated Canadian author. Count this as another vote for Ottawa.

  108. AH! I’m so thrilled you are coming to Austin! It’s even on a day that I will be here (I leave for two weeks in August). You will love Hill Country Weavers – it’s one of my favorite knitting stores and I have sought them out everywhere I visit. The people there are wonderful, the yarn is beautifully displayed and there is a great selection. So exciting! It will be unmercifully hot so bring a skirt as even shorts are not cool enough. And sunscreen. You will get a killer arm tan just riding in the car from the airport to the shop. Congrats on your anniversary!

  109. Salt Lake City!! Please consider visiting my yarn store, The Wool Cabin. We would love to have you. Please let me know if you can work it into your schedule.

  110. I second and third the request for an Atlanta GA stop. There are several great yarn shops and some great vegetarian restaurants (and 45 minutes away in Athens is the best vegan/veggie restaurant “The Grit”). We would love to see you down in this neck of the woods, though you might want to wait till fall – like November to avoid the heat and humidity. I would also like to know what the sock yarn is – it is beautiful and would be great inspiration for my first pair of socks which I want to try soon. Thanks again for a great read and great knitting help.

  111. damn, still no alabama visits?
    those socks are very beautiful for such a seriously contemplative set of footwear.

  112. Dude, I thought he married me for romantic reasons. Turns out it was for the immigration documents…can’t have me here full time without them. So we have a Godless Heathen Union sanctioned by a Vermont Justice Of The Peace. It’s almost the same thing, except that in Vermont it took five minutes for actual papers and I could have been his first cousin.
    When are you coming to MontrΓ©al? When I’m less loopy, I would be happy to get you over here at a very new studioesque yarn shop whose owner provides me with clandestine copies of Spin Off. I’d walk around wearing a sandwich board that reads “Dude. C’est la Yarn Harlot. Soyez sage, ostie, et venez la voir, quoi?” Yes, I would do this for you. Because nothing says Come On Down like a post-op spinning freak wearing a sandwich board. Maybe I should also be using a drop spindle while I walk down St. Denis. Whaddya think, eh?

  113. Don’t forget to visit us in Columbus, Ohio.
    We went to Pittsburgh,PA to meet you!

  114. Make time on tour to drive up to Taos, NM from Albaquerque (sp?) because I tell you, it’s yarn heaven. Oh, and margaritas at the Taos Hotel. Main Street is a few hundred yards long but it’s all yarn with a stop for margaritas. Trust me. (Happy anniversary.)

  115. Dear Jayme-the-seems-to-be-wonderful-publicist,
    The sock would love Denver or Colorado Springs.
    Hmmm, Albuquerque is only about 5 hours……

  116. Wow, I’ve lived in Salt Lake City, Mesa, and Albuquerque. Alas, now I am in VT and will have to wait for you to come back to Webs or Kaleidoscope Yarns (I saw you wearing one of their shirts while holding a perfect little twin in a previous post).
    My daughter (she’s 5 in grade K) took Taiko this year and loved it. It looks like everyone (teenaged angst aside) had a great time.
    Happy Godless Union anniversary!

  117. How typically kind of you to quickly start a sweater to hurry along events next door!! Summer can be sooo long when you’re overdue!!! Bless you!!
    ah….I noticed the sock was at the GHU celebration, nothing kinky going on was there??? or did Joe bring a sock date for your sock? Tall? Dark? Angora???? Happy Anniversary!
    Very strange…….yesterday I FINALLY found book #1 to go with books #2and 3 that I had to hunt Phxoenix for!!…hmmm…..I got book…..harlots comming…..very strange!! I haven’t checked the date yet….I don’t want to spoil the moment of pure joy……..Maybe now MY sock will shut up about my never taking her to meet anyone cool!! I’ll bring the chocolate!!! Can’t wait!!! Jenna

  118. Happy Anniversary!
    I came home from knitting tonight to see you have one lovely little day free before Austin. Funny then, that we were chatting with our LYS owner tonight and she said she’d love to have you, if you don’t have any where else to be in DFW! So, how do we get you here!? πŸ™‚

  119. If Lee Ann’s gonna be walking down the street spindling while wearing a sandwich board, I wanna come with you.

  120. Happy dance! Happy dance! Our very own Harlot in Austin! Who’da thunk it??? It probably won’t be over 39C(anadian)! And remember the city slogan (okay, might not be the official one) is “Keep Austin Weird”, so if you want to pull one of those clothes-less elevator rides again, prolly no one would notice!

  121. Happy dance! Happy dance! Our very own Harlot in Austin! Who’da thunk it??? It probably won’t be over 39C(anadian)! And remember the city slogan (okay, might not be the official one) is “Keep Austin Weird”, so if you want to pull one of those clothes-less elevator rides again, prolly no one would notice!

  122. Goodless Heathen Union: Solstice? It had just seemd appropriate to call you a goddess after your crazy cable post. Now I see why.
    Here’s to many more happy GHU years, and the daughters that go with it πŸ™‚

  123. You are such a tease!! You have to come to HOUSTON Texas… You going to Austin is just… not close enough!! It’s like “Close but no cigar” close… It’s just not right.
    Did I mention that we have some really fabulous yarn stores? There is even one called Yarntopia.. Can you resist that?

  124. Did I read correctly? Are you really coming to SLC on September 8th? Squeeeeeeal! Yay!! Please tell me it is true!

  125. Mary-Ellen, glad I am not the only one that looked at Heathen and God-less in the same sentence and raised an eyebrow πŸ˜‰

  126. Ah, I used to live in Austin. I hope the Hill Country Weavers are still there. It’s where I bought my first and only Kureyon. Have Texas BBQ, out at the Salt Lick, or the COunty LIne… ahhhh.

  127. I’m so glad to know another couple who admits to being Godless Heathens… (We actually got all the way married, but we lived together for a year and flaunt all sorts of sanctified rules like not nursing in public and keeping our clean laundry pile smaller than our bed) Congrats to your daughter and your lovely day;-)

  128. Yay for Sam (and the long-suffering sibs ), and congrats on your GHUversary! Sounds like it was a wonderful day, and sure looks like it from the pix. Hi to Jayme-the-seems-pretty-wonderful-new-publicist, and definitely a wave g’bye to Kelli-the-wonder-publicist. Thanks much for getting Steph to Portland, OR again, Kelli!
    And good luck for surviving all the traveling. At the rate people keep begging, you might wanna end up thinking of cloning. Maybe live webcasting is in the future, for all those who have broadband? We dial-up folk would just have to stick to attempting to see you live; oh, the humanity. (Seriously, folks, don’t they set up these things in segments? I’m sure Steph’ll be hitting Canada and other points eventually this year. Patience. I know, easy for *me* to say; I’m in Portland. But just think of her poor waifs and Joe at home, waiting for Mum to stop in once in a while between tours; the possibility of Steph wasting away from excessive travel; Mr. Washie dying of loneliness – the poor woman needs a rest once in a blue moon, even with *her* energy level!)

  129. Yay for a stop in Albuquerque! My GHU-partner-to-be, or “fancy” as I call him, is from there. (And we are having a real wedding, but it shall be godless and heathen…just publicly blessed.)
    I really like Village Wools. They have quite a selection of yarn and tools, plus they’re niceypoo. And I look forward to seeing you (again) in far-south Chicago! Make me visit a new place, why doncha.
    Cheers on the ‘versary!

  130. Well, a late happy GHU-versity. Actually, you may say you never got “all the way” married but with three kids living in a two parent house (where both parents are their parents) I’d say you’ve gone all the way, kiddo, in all the ways πŸ˜‰
    p.s. heathens are NOT godless or godessless – we just have a different vision than WASPS.

  131. The sock told my socks that it wishes to visit NEW YORK CITY. Hello? Wonder Publicist? New York City. I can’t even pronounce Skeant@#$% whatever… and then you can come to my house and go to the beach! Sock can sit on the porch…

  132. Happy Anniversary! Do you realize there is a whole lower east coast to the United States and it would love for you to make an appearance! We even have Stanley Cup winners (Go Canes!) and real live yarn shops!

  133. So excited to see Hill Country Weavers on your tour schedule- I love that yarn store. Unfortunately I no longer live in Texas…
    Today was actually a pretty neat post. You can’t teach us how to fake a cable everyday πŸ™‚

  134. Happy Anniversary! Congrats to Sam! All those good things. πŸ™‚ Love the socks and the baby sweater. And reading your blog. πŸ™‚

  135. For one horrible moment I thought that those kids were the latest victims of the Ring, then I realised you’ve blurred their faces on purpose. Happy Anniversary!
    (you blurred them on purpose, right? Right?)

  136. Yes!!!! I’m coming to see you in Austin!!!! That’s not far from where I live! Happy Anniversary Yarn Harlot!!!!

  137. I, too, was taken back by your book’s references to your “husband”. Didja think we wouldn’t notice? How does one avoid getting “all the way married”? The JP/whoever didn’t throw you out of the office, did he? I have visions of you guys making an effort that was somehow thwarted-is there a funny story here?!?
    Lovely almost socks. I have some to finish today myself, but it looks like you will be knitting a baby sweater instead-hurry! Poor Mommy!
    And Jayme? Here’s another vote for the southeast!

  138. Happy Anniversary! We have two, “legal” and “illegal”. Convienantly on the same day…
    I spotted Knitting Rules in the wild. But not in the wild like Borders or Barnes and Noble or a craft store. It was in …
    Top of the bread aisle, opposite the butcher shop, next to the coffee. I did a double take, backed up, lifted it and showed Girl. It was a tearjerker moment. It’s the Big Time when you hit the grocery store, man. They’ve only got like 5 books…and they picked YOURS, and even set it on an end cap, not mixed in with the magazines!!

  139. New York! Come to NY!!! Please? There are some lovely yarn shops on Long Island and some very trendy ones in Manhattan. Either way, I could be there.
    So, how many years for this “godless heathen union”?

  140. That’s quite the Wednesday. Congrats to Sam, on your GHU, and surviving a family night with teenagers! Does your neighbor know about the control your knitting has over the timing of births? Good thing you knit quickly.

  141. Happy heathen union day!
    Isn’t starting a baby sweater for a baby that’s already late, just asking it to be later? OR does that only apply to the baby blankets? =)

  142. Love the little green baby sweater – I thought it looked familiar since I started the same sweater 2 nights ago! I’m sure it’s the Interweave Knits “Pea Pod Baby Set” I hope you will post progress notes about it, since I’m finding the pattern a bit of a challenge. I ripped out the ribbing 3 TIMES because apparently I can’t count to 10! I had my doubts about it being OK for a boy, but since you’re making it for a boy I guess it must be OK!

  143. Sooooo excited you will be in Albuquerque!!!!
    I marked it on my calender. I will be the tall one with the little green alien from Roswell.
    Yee Haw!!! I can’t wait. Carol

  144. I’ll put in a bid for NC as well, along with Kirsten and Jayme, even though Asheville is close to 4 hours away from here. You could come in for the Southeastern Animal Fiber Festival in October, though, which is near there, too. I will second the props to the Grit in Athens, though – best veggie food I’ve had, and lots of it. They also have a cookbook! Lovely socks, and the baby sweater has a lot of cute going for it. Congrats on the GHU!

  145. You know Halifx is really quite lovely in the summer (hint hint). Particularly between July 23 and August 1. Honestly, you’d want to stay and knit awhile. There’s even several darling LYS there. The Loop (http://www.theloophalifax.ca/) on Barington even has a nice cafe attached. And you couldn’t forget Gaspereau Valley Fibres outside Wolfville (http://www.gaspereauvalleyfibres.ca/) β€” fibre heaven (or pretty darn close).

  146. Salt Lake in September is going on my calendar right now. Actually the Albuquerque and other spots out west might work, but I think I have to be home in Louisiana that week. boo. So if I get to see you in Salt Lake City, do I have to knit a sock to bring with me? Maybe I can borrow one from another Louisiana knit blogger?
    And yes, there are knit bloggers in Louisiana. I’m keeping track of them on my website.

  147. Congratulations on your anniversary! I don’t think I totally understand what you mean by “all the way married” but if you’re commited to each other and love each other who cares! Many more years to the both of you:)

  148. I’m laughing at Maja’s comment…I agree, Halifax is quite nice in the summer (all 7 days of it in the last week of July). Summer around here falls between wet & buggy & cold and just wet & cold.
    There’s also LK Yarns in the historic Hydrostone market (my hood – rebuilt after the explosion, the first example of urban planning in Canada. Does that sweeten the deal? Lots of photo-ops for the sock at the Needham memorial park).
    PLEASE convince your publishers to come. We even have an SnB group for you to attend if you are so inclined…

  149. Okay, I’m weak-kneed (and apparently weak-willed). WHAT is the yarn that the socks are made with? The color didn’t just speak to me, it came up and licked my ear, and said in a breathy whisper “You have to have me!”
    And I DO have to have at least enough of it to make a shawl. Please send details ASAP! Thanks!

  150. For all of you who will get to see the Harlot Live! You are in for such a treat–She’s a natural comedian, as funny or funnier in person as she is in writing. She really has great timing.
    Congrats, Stephanie and Joe, on your anniversary.

  151. OMG!!!! I can’t believe you’re coming to Albuquerque!!!!!! I’m so excited, I can hardly stand it!!!!
    Um, please bring rain?? LOL

  152. You seem to be getting closer and closer to this coast!
    You have time for Vancouver BC – or Victoria and then I will go visit my brother too. Hey I might be persuaded to go for a weekend in Seattle if you head there. A visit to Anthropologie would do me good.
    Looks like Sam had a great day – wonderful that you could all be there. Years from now the experience will be different in the minds of all the sisters. Regardless of photos to the contrary I am sure they will all say it was a good time.
    Happy Heathen Union-versary!

  153. ALBUQUERQUE!!!!
    I feel like a groupie for the Backstreet Boys or something! All squirrely and giggly and jumpy and screamy!

  154. You are going to LOVE Austin. And just in case Hill Country Weavers isn’t enough, there is another great yarn shop in Cedar Park called Bluebonnet Yarn Shoppe (they have a website). I have only been once because it’s way up north, but they are fabulous. Fortunately, I live closer to HCW and will definitely be there to see you.

  155. Yay Austin! If you weren’t coming in July, you might never want to leave. Just be careful not to melt. Sounds like Hill Country Weavers is going to be crowded! Can’t wait to see you.

  156. Yay you are coming to Texas!! Hill Country Weavers is a wonderful shop. It is an entire house full of yarn and it is on a street that is very representative of Austin. Can’t wait to see you there.

  157. I just got the word that you’re coming to Texas! I’m so excited, I’m only 25 miles from the shop. Please let me know if you need anything while you’re here. I know people. Okay, so I’m a complete dork and can’t wait to meet you. But really, let me know if you need anything. Do you have flip flops? And you’ll need a hat. Just consider it fair warning.

  158. Happy anniversary! Any plans to come to Halifax? Or anywhere in Nova Scotia? I’m willing to drive, you see …

  159. Hey, that looks like the sweater I’m about to start for a friend πŸ™‚ Is it the Pea Pod one from the Interweave Knits website maybe??? It is an adorable pattern and I can’t wait to start it, but I’m still searching for yarn that will work for a baby who will be born in Arizona. I wouldn’t want the baby to burst into flames.

  160. Now that I have picked myself up off the floor and remembered my name, email address and url, I can sit here and stare at the words, Austin, Texas.
    I get to stalk the Harlot in person. I’m going to Austin and I don’t even know what day yet because I’m too stupid at this point to go look. I’m at a total loss for words here.
    Oh and Steph? You broke my stat counter with all the hits. Heehee!

  161. Welcome to Jayme! Just to make things easier for you, being new and all, I think the general public of the United States would like to see a tour of at least 3 different stops in every state. Preferably a northern, middle and southern stops for the long states, and an eastern, middle, ans western stops for the wide states. Square states could have 4 stops, one in each corner.
    I imagine Harlot groupies, renting VW vans, would follow Steph for the entire summer. Maybe they’d be called “Wool-heads” or something. Of course with that much press Ms. Harlot might find herself nominated by the yarn-party for our Presidential Elections!
    That is, of course, unless Steph would prefer to have a “life”, spend time with her “husband” (happy anniversary!) and actually raise those 3 great kids….

  162. I am certainly hoping that St Paul gets added to your tour stops. There’s plenty of wool here to tempt you!

  163. Tell Meg I am printing her picture and taking it to the salon to get her hair.
    Or maybe don’t – she might get really smug about how old chicks (32) think she’s so cool, or she might freak out that old chicks have her hair, and shave her head or something.

  164. Taiko drumming!!! My 14 year old started doing taiko (the Okinawan version) in 3rd grade, or was it second. They march/dance with the drums, holding them, and a troupe from Okinawa has joined them here in the US. They have also marched in the Cherry Blossom festival in Wash. D.C. and in an Asian festival in L.A. I didn’t know anyone else east of the Pacific did this!!

  165. All the way marraige isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…godless heathen is probably better…it’s all in the heart ya know….in Western PA they’d call it “shackin’ up”. Glad you all are happily co-habitating! Hugs to you both! I’ll be married 28 years…oh glory…I have friends that haven’t been alive that long!!
    Best wishes to the neighbor through her labor….

  166. I’m usually just a lurker, but today I had to come out of hiding. I, too, played the French horn in 6th grade. Please tell Sam to stick with it, it’s a beautiful instrument. And congratulations to you on your anniversary!
    I am so excited to meet you in AZ next month. Wahoo! And don’t worry too much about the heat — you’ll be in air-conditioning all the time!

  167. Har, I understand not being able to get teenagers to attend (happily or otherwise) their younger siblings accomplishments, despite younger sibling having attended ALL of their glorious moments. Today, however, at the age of 41, at a time when I was SURE I was experiencing menapause, my dear doctor friend informed me I’m pregnant. What do you think this child’s chances are of his/her 21 and 19 year old sisters will ever show up to his/her events — unless of course their own children are there too. Talk about a late arrival, this one!

  168. WELL HELL!!!!!!!
    The Harlot is finally coming to Austin Tx
    And I’m working Saturday until 2friggin)pm.
    Life is not fair.

  169. Happy being together..I have a piece of paper but it makes no difference if you are going to stay together you are going to without it .Love the idea that a school has the imagination to let the kids try Japanese drumming …great.

  170. What a nice graduation!! I remember they even did that back in the dark ages when I graduated from 6th grade, in B.C. The photos were way crappier, then, though.
    Couldn’t you please be talked into Vancouver sometime between July 5 & 13, since we haven’t talked you into Florida yet?? Just happens I’ll be close to Vancouver then. Is Jayme bribable? (Is that even a word?)

  171. Woo Hoo! You’re coming to my town! Yea! I will so be there, with camera and companion sock! I may bring a few friends. Where we’ll put everybody in Hill Country is beyond me, but I’m sure we’ll manage.
    (Note: It is very, very hot here right now. You might want to know that.)

  172. I can’t believe that you are coming to Phoenix, now that I’m moving to DC! Sheesh! I do hope you’re coming to the East Coast again soon.

  173. Man, all we ever did in school was read books. And we certainly never had FUN on the last day of school. To be a kid again….*sigh*
    Yesh! I hope you aren’t going to completely skip over Colorado!!!! I will keep checking.

  174. YAY!!!! The Gods have listened!! YOu’re stopping in ALBUQUERQUE…!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  175. I second Alyson — come to the Southeast! It’s really nice! Greenville SC, Asheville NC, anywhere near there would be great!

  176. Hmmm…would that be a pea-pod baby set that you are knitting? I just started it, too, and think it’s turning out great. Curious to see what kind of yarn you are using – I chose Rowan Wool Cotton. I really love your blog – thanks for keeping it up with your busy busy schedule.

  177. All right, fine, I’ll come to Austin. I’m even trying to organize a Houstonian pilgrimage.
    That doesn’t mean I won’t stop doing Godless Heathen Chants to get you to another part of Texas that won’t require a hotel stay for me. In order of my preferences. Come on, Fantastic New Publicist, hear my call. πŸ™‚
    fort worth-houston-dallas… fort worth-houston-dallas…

  178. Um…wrote the last too late at night…
    Should read “That doesn’t mean I *WILL* stop.”

  179. Dear Miss Harlot!
    I have never posted here, although I am a faithful reader, and I have all of your books. During my knitting circle, I have actually read aloud to our group!
    I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your reflections on knitting, and to also add I vote for the adorable mice! What a conversation piece! No one will notice all of the hard work on the sweater, nor the baby inside. . .only the wee mice! Beautiful sweater!

  180. Stephanie, Would it be possible, please, for you to say in your blog where you got the Rock and Weave sock pattern as well as where to buy the yarn? Thank you so much! I vote for the mice…they are too sweet!

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