The postman rings…

I have a deep and loving relationship with the Canada Post package guy. All of the tubes, transistors, resistors and wire that Joe gets in the mail adds up to at least a package a week, and yarn related materials turn up regularly enough that we can actually have a relationship with the man. He knows that if it’s from Digikey, is heavy or makes a noise when you shake it then it’s for Joe, and if it’s large, light and silent (and perhaps has been reeking up his truck with the vague smell of sheep shite) ….it’s for me. He’s even begun to inquire what sorts of things are inside our respective packages. Right now he appears just as perplexed by a shetland fleece as he does a box full of 5000 electrolytic capacitors, and I am very surprised that he has not once, not with all of the TTL Logic Gates, hand cards, transformers, merino, wire and sock yarn…not once has he asked either of us what we do for a living. Ever.

I have visions of him driving around Toronto with the window of his truck down (to get rid of the barnyard smell from my latest box) pondering the question of “What are they doing with this stuff?” and only being able to come up with the horrible vision of Joe and I combining our talents and creating (through cyborg technologies learned from watching too much Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica) an evil homemade flock of killer robot sheep living in our basement.

Since I worry about the Postman, I’m going to show what was in the last few things he brought. (See Dude? I don’t know what Joe’s up too…but I’m harmless. Likely odd, but harmless.)

1. That white box with ” Blue Moon” written on it? Sock Club.


Five times a year, beautiful Socks that Rock yarn turns up with a pattern to go with it. This shipment was a colour that I wouldn’t normally pick, and a patten I wouldn’t normally do, so you could have knocked me over with a feather when I was winding the yarn about 20 minutes after it showed up. (I am weak.) Sam’s got her eye on these socks, she’s charmed (as am I, actually) with the picot edge bind-off on this pair.


The binder provides a place to keep the patterns and has handy charts with sock measurments and places to keep notes on the patterns and the foot information of your friends and family. I’m thrilled to death with the whole shebang.

(STR always reminds me of Cara. Did you all know she’s fundraising for Heifer International? Good cause, fibre friendly and she’s almost at her goal. Not that goodness needs any reward, but there are prizes… good ones.)

2. The padded envelope with the phallic shaped object inside? Not what you think. (I already have a hobby.)


A sock-in-progress suitcase. (Remember the tin one (scroll down a bit) available from Woolworks Ltd. at Jeremiah’s Antiques – wait…I’ll tell you before you ask. Her email is ) This is a wooden one, a reproduction of a Shaker device and being made available by Joan. (I got mine right from Joan and you can too, they are $20 and Joan’s having them made in a variety of lengths to match your needles. Email Joan at for more info.) I love the tin one but the wooden one (while it takes up more room in your purse) doesn’t look quite so suspicious on airport x-ray. (They let the tin one on, but I had to let them fish it out of my bag and have a look at it.) This one is going to be for planes and the tin one for the rest of my time.

3. This made it’s way here courtesy of Knit & Plenty.


It’s a supercool “Organizational toolkit for the disorganized knitter“.

(I’m trying to let go of what my public image must be for her to have sent it here. Perhaps I should make an effort, eh?) There’s all sorts of neat tricks in here, needle minders, yarn minders, patternminders….You can read more about it here. I don’t know if it will organize the stash…but it made short work of one of the baskets.

In addition to opening boxes, my knitting and I have had a fine weekend. The sock and I got through the CBC thing.


I don’t know how we got through it, but we did. I go and do these things and the minute it’s over I blissfully forget everything that I said. I know I didn’t swear, I’m pretty sure I didn’t call the host by the wrong name and other than that…who knows? I’ve discovered that doing radio is less stressful than other book things. Probably because it doesn’t matter how my hair looks. Perhaps because you can’t see the audience.

Sam and I took my trekking sock for a trek in High Park.


High Park is a big park in Toronto here, sort of like Central Park but with more wild spaces. We hiked the Western Ravine Black Oak trail and found a field of what I think are wild lupins. Anyone?


I finished Parkers hat.


(The little leaves are from Knitted Embellishments.)

I have four rows to go on Summer in Kansas before I can start the edging, and I’ve promised myself I will get this off needles before I start something new, but I’m getting seriously twitchy. (I think it’s the colour.)


and the sock enjoyed the babies. I love the way they look like they are lifting their little hands away from the needles. (Both babies were so soundly asleep they wouldn’t ever have moved.)


They are home now, and everyone is happy. Mum, Dad and big sister are all smashing, and the babies are getting bigger by the minute. I was stunned today when I lifted Lily. She doesn’t weigh that much more, but she’s got that sudden solidity that babies get after a few days…it’s like their souls arrive in their bodies and sturdy them up a little. Her brother also come fully into himself, and I’m having a wonderful time watching them almost literally blossom.

Tomorrow, cute babies in cute knitted stuff. Or a shawl, or maybe some socks. (I wonder if I’m becoming predictable?)

129 thoughts on “The postman rings…

  1. So glad to see those babies are doing well! Kudos to mom (and you) for getting them through the first few days! And I love the explanation of that sudden baby solidity they gain! And now I must go order a sock keeper…

  2. Am i first to post on my first time ever?? Love the knitting goodies and those babies are sooo sweet and so lucky to have you as well as their parents.
    BTW you are inspirational to us knitters the world over.
    Alison in Scotland

  3. Stephanie being predictable? You’re kidding, right? Glad to see the babies are doing so well and that they are home. Hospitals are always so impersonal and noisy.

  4. Thanks for the picks of Summer in Kansas – I was wondering how it was turning out. And the twins are sooooo precious! I almost forgot why I don’t have kids.

  5. I must have been kidnapped by aliens and have one of those lost-time things — what Summer in Kansas shawl? Slipped your mind to mention, did it? (Remember, it’s only my short-term memory that’s perforated.)
    And yep. Lupins. Very Miss Rumphius. See previous post about Decoration Day.

  6. Adorable babies, almost makes me want to have twins…almost. Love the socks you have in the “sock in progress suitcase”, what yarn is that, it is way too pretty.

  7. I’m holding my 4-month-old son right now and am already having pangs of nostalgia for his first few days as a newborn. (Seeing as he weighs as much as some babies twice his age, those days already seem long gone!)
    By the way, I just read your latest book and went out and bought a bunch of yarn for a baby blanket even though I have piles of baby projects (none for mine, all for friends) and didn’t feel one bit guilty. For that I thank you.

  8. Hi – I’m a total stranger to you, but I love, love those twin pix. What sweeties ๐Ÿ˜‰ Lucky you – and that sock too!
    Yes, I, too, can confirm that those are lupines. We have them growing in the ditches here in NW Wisconsin.

  9. Maybe it is time to knit something for the postman. It could work to your advantage (he might not wait till tomorrow to deliver that package). Not sure what Joe could do for him….maybe an electric dog repeller thingy.

  10. Love the sock tube. Already wrote about it. That’s a gotta have for me — wood is so much more “me” than tin is.

  11. I do not find you predictable — only delightful!
    Beautiful twins! They just dazzle me.

  12. Lupin. Yes.
    I agree with the person who suggests a knitted something for the postman. Socks?
    I visited Toronto a few years back and LOVED that park!! Nice to see pictures!

  13. The twins are adorable – and I’m sure that your treks to the hospital on your bicycle are a big part of why they are so cute now!

  14. Thanks so much Stephanie! I really appreciate the shout out – and well, you know my love for all things STR is deep and abiding. Tina is pure genius! The sock and everything else looks great!

  15. There are a lot of words I might use to describe you. But predictable never would have crossed my mind.

  16. Your post reminds me of the Tom Waits’ song “What’s He BUILDING in There????” I wonder if your postman is curious but terribly polite, or too afraid to ask!!!!

  17. Those babies are beautiful, I know what you mean about becoming more ‘solid’. My daughter, Havala, has yet to reproduce and is well on her way to 30, (mere months away) and I keep telling her that twins seem to ‘navigate’ themselves to women who keep putting it off…I tend to giggle when I think about her with twins but know she would be fine. Love Parker’s hat, sock looking fabulous and I hadn’t forgotten the Summer in Kansas shawl, stunning. The lupines are beautiful, what a great park.

  18. “Like their souls arrive in their bodies” made my heart clench. I had never thought of it that way and it Makes So Much Sense.

  19. Yep, lupines. Gorgeous aren’t they? The state flower in Texas is the Blue Bonnet. Think this blue color only much shorter. I guess the size is because of our warmer climate. They are blooming here about Easter time and you can see many motorists stopping alongside the road to take pictures of their children amid the color. Of course what you won’t be told, except by me, is that in larger fields (I hope not along the roadways), rattlesnakes love them too. We won’t even mention the fire ants that seem to love to build their homes there also. If you have never been bitten by a fire ant, you have never been to Texas! (There is a very good reason they are called “fire ants.”)
    The babies are darling.

  20. I, too, have a relationship going with the postman. I think I get packages at least once a week (mostly full of yarn!), so I understand completely. I hope he doesn’t think I’m weird;)
    The twins are adorable, I can’t wait to see pics of “cute babies in cute knitted stuff”. I have an 8 month old and have been knitting her things and then having her pose since she was born:)
    Although I am a relatively new adult knitter (I learned when I was very young) I absolutely love it and have jumped in headfirst. I love your books and your blog! Thanks!

  21. The souls thing made my heart flutter too. Wonderful. (Does that mean my extra heavy son is destined for Soul Train?)
    Anyway, we want shawls and socks and babies in knitted things, please. You could knit the same thing over and over, in the same color of the same yarn, and while you might die of boredom, we would find some neat new thing in each photo, that we hadn’t seen before. (After a while it would likely be the background, but it would still be neat.)
    That little hat is completely adorable. In the words of Ryan, it makes me go, “Squeeeeeeee”

  22. Love your comments about the Canada Post delivery guy. I live in a small town and my Canada Post person is also the mayor. He has known my husband since my husband was born. I don’t know what the mayor thinks of all the yarn delivered cause he never says anything to me about it. I think he’s afraid I won’t vote for him!

  23. As others have said, theose wild flowers are Lupins. You can find them all over Ontario and Quebec in the wierdest places. The road to our place has them growing in patches and my Mother has them in her backyard.
    Twins, so gorgeous! Babies do seem to gain weight so quickly don’t they.
    I love that your Postman hasn’t asked what you do for a living! That’s so funny!

  24. Stephanie,
    I just want to say thank you SO MUCH for all you do…your blog, your books, your fiber knowledge, your sense of humour, your generosity in sharing all of your triumphs and your struggles, and your beautiful photographs (they are so often just STUNNING). You are one amazing woman. Thanks for being who you are!

  25. Seriously, now. Do you think that if the postman did indeed ask what you do for a living, you’d be able to tell him, succinctly, in 25 words or less, exactly what it is you do? How about 50 words or less? 75? 100?
    Didn’t think so.

  26. Are you sure it’s not Baptisia (False indigo)? That’s in bloom right now and beautiful as well.

  27. Yes, those appear to be lupines. But it seems very early for lupine. Especially as far north as you are. But then you have had some early warm weather.

  28. I work in radio and well, yes, most days I’m glad I don’t have to do my hair. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Now that I work behind the scenes (no longer behind the mic) I REALLY don’t have to do my hair! ๐Ÿ˜‰ No more public appearances…

  29. Seems like every geographical area has that same flower with a different name (kinda like almost every state having a Springfield) they look a lot like Texas bluebonnets too. Beautiful shawl… I will be blocking a couple lace shawls tomorrow using your instructions…can’t wait.

  30. Killer Robot Sheep!!! I knew there must be someway that I could combine the knitting with the electrical engineering ๐Ÿ™‚ That image will keep me giggling for the rest of the week.

  31. Of course the Postman would never ask you what you did for a living, that would be very rude and un-Canadian like. That’s almost *prying.*
    Can we have pictures of the twins every day until they’re like 7 or 8?
    Summer in Kansas is magnificent. But you probably already knew that.

  32. S, is the tin case lighter weight than the wood one? I am trying to minimize the ounces in my purse. Definitely getting at least one; thank you for the tip. The tin one reminds me of my dad’s fishing pole cases. He does glorious etching so if I get a tin one maybe he’ll decorate it for me (bet he asks for another pair of socks).

  33. So. These evil homemade killer robot sheep in your basement. Do you sell them? Rent ’em? A barter of some sort perhaps?

  34. The postman is Canadian and would never dream of being so bold as to ask such a personal question. ;^)
    Thank you so much for the pictures. We have wild lunpines here, but they never last long enough. Such beautiful babies. Well done to their mum!
    Isn’t it funny how the colors that we would never pick end up appealing to us in time? That keep happening to me… and I don’t mind.

  35. I’m not sure they’re lupins, though the lupins are in bloom just north of Toronto. Go back once they’ve gone to seed, and gather a few pods. Dry them out, and throw them about your garden. Next year? Lupins (or whatever they are). What do the leaves look like?
    Parker’s hat is adorable. And the twins asleep is so beautiful….. thank you.

  36. I forgot to add – why not take a photo of your lovely postman with THE SOCK?!!

  37. We should all be as predictable as you: predictably funny, predictably clever, and predictably talented.

  38. Isn’t it wonderful how the twins are sleeping in just the same pose? Head to the left, right arm up, left arm curled under chin. Twins, indeed.

  39. Cute babies. Cute socks. Oh hell, everything is cute around these parts. I do believe those flowers are wild lupine (or they look just like them anyway). I’d completely forgotten about that shawl, but it’s still stunning (or should I say cute again?).

  40. May I suggest a hat for the postal carrier. Come winter he’d appreciate such an item. Maybe you could knit fingerless gloves to match. Easier to handle the packages. Oh and if they have a required uniform as they do in the US they would have to match that.

  41. Babies!!!! SOOOO CUTE!!!!
    Though, now that I have you hear….it is Summer 2006, and I was wondering if you had any dates for your Summer 2006 tour schedule?

  42. Yep, it’s the lupine time of year, even out in soggy Oregon! Where can I get some killer robotic sheep? The engineer/knitter in me really wants one. Robotic sheep droppings must be easier to clean up than organic sheep leavings. I wonder if they poop transistors or capacitors….and how easy are they to shear? Would the wool have the neat rainbow colors of titanium or silicon oxide?

  43. Boy, you get good mail! And those babies are gorgeous. So peaceful. When they are sleeping…

  44. Sock in progress suitcase? I want to shake the hand of the woman who thought that up! I have a designated “riding on the el” sock, and I think there’s something about the way all those double points, er, protrude through my knapsack that makes other riders nervous. Although come to think of it, I have never been mugged, and having pointly little sticks poking every which way out of my bag may have something to do with that…
    PS, Stephanie, you were lovely on CBC Saturday morning- way more enigmatic than you give yourself credit for. My body didn’t even fuss (much) at being up at 6:30.

  45. Steph, what color number is your trekking?? I really like the purple in it and the heather look to it. Thanks if you can tell me and thanks for the babies pictures too.

  46. dude, did you knit the sock and hat WHILE you were hiking? You move along rapidly on projects.

  47. I’m with Rachel H. I REALLY could use some killer robot sheep. Do you and Joe do custom orders? Could I commission an entire flock, or is this on a sheep-by-sheep basis only?

  48. My parcel lady got squealed at today. “Yeah Yarn!” Anyone knocks at the door around 8:30am better have yarn. Love the baby pics.

  49. I’m sure that Evelyn at my PO thinks I’m just as close to the edge (of what? I don’t know). But when I go there and see a yarn-related return address, the hee-hee-hee giggle just can’t be contained any longer. “yarn” “yarn purse” “knitting toys” seem like perfectly rational explanations even when I say them out loud, but her hesitant smile and sidelong glances make me wonder.

  50. Beautiful babies. Lovely socks as well. I will have to join the STR club next year. It looks like membership is closed for this year.

  51. have you ever thought of pairing up your skills with your hubby’s?
    Debbie New build herself a knit sculpture, with a therimin she also build (that his job)–reach out to touch the yarn sculpture, make therimin music.
    and on a BB (knitty’s coffee shop to be exact) there is a link to a felted caplet.. that has little LED’s that light up instead of beads or sequins.
    how about a soft knit sculpture that plays music.. (or lights up, or does both..)
    i know, you are up to your eyeballs in things to knit.. but .. you have all those electronic just sitting around waiting to be incorporated into a sock (with lights on the toes so you see where you are going at night..)

  52. OMG, they’re so adorable. And funny. Don’t the twins look like they’re going — “NO No we won’t knit yet!” But they’ve reminded me that a co-worker’s first grandchild is only two months away, and I must finish the sweater and teddy bear for him. And I’m with the others who suggested the postman needs his picture taken — maybe some nice warm gloves as an enticement?
    Killer robotic sheep? I now have visions of this horror movie — an iron sheep with steel-wool fleece clanking along a street, cornering a pedestrian and baa-ing “Do you kniiiiittt?” If yes, you get roving. No, you get eaten . . .

  53. wow. the socks that rock, well, they really do. i am on a yarn fast. i will not go and sign up. i will not go and sign up.
    as for the twins, they are incredibly beautiful and i love the phenomenon you are describing of souls entering baby’s bodies. i can’t wait to see pictures of them in knitting nirvana.

  54. Oh, the twins are such perfection. As if my biological clock wasn’t already going “Ahem, helloooo?”, those pictures are just… golly.
    The sock in progress case is brilliant. Something to add to my “save up for” list, for certain.
    As for postal issues… maybe your carrier is hoping to stay on the friendly side of cyborg sheep and isn’t saying anything for that reason? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also, if someone (say, me) wanted to send you something but didn’t write down your address when it was on your sidebar a billiondy years ago, where would we send that particular parcel?

  55. So redundant to say, but must: “souls arrive in their bodies” made me tear up and go take another peek at my 9 mo old heavyweight. Thanks for all – knitting and other.

  56. I do like my wooden dp needle holder. I got my from Autum House Farms, where yarn is born. Amanda took me to her shop once. It was fun and nice. Harriet, the owner, is a very nice lady. Just watch where you walk. “The girls” have the run of the place and like to leave a “calling card”.
    Your lace work is beautiful. I’m thinking real hard about tackling a lace project.
    I loved the hat in the leaves pic. It almost blended in with the leaves!
    Those babies are so cute. It’s hard to imagine how tiny they are. Give them an extra kiss for me!

  57. Indeed, Lupine….the babies pictures are wonderful. I miss babies…..

  58. It is so much fun reading your blog! You brighten my day with your pictures, knitting projects, and comments. Thanks so much! Would you please share the names of the sock pattern and yarn – I’ve never knitted socks but you’ve inspired me!

  59. I want to pick those babies up and cuddle them. There is nothing like the face of a sleeping newborn, so innocent of the big bad world out there. Please show us some pics of them wearing their hats soon. One more thing–I wish I had had you around to help me when I was trying to figure out how to nurse my first child. That did not go very well.

  60. I think you should make socks for the postal carrier this Christmas.
    Fun blog…thanks for the laughs.

  61. The babies are so sweet. The wife of a co-worker is expecting twins any day and I’m thinking of knitting for them. You must live near my aunt, who lives on High Park Avenue!

  62. Love it all! I wonder if all the postmen get together at there out-of-state training courses and talk about us weirdos? I don’t even have to give them my box # anymore when I have a package-and they tell me ahead of time if I’ll giggle!

  63. Ooh, ooh, sign me up for a killer robot sheep!! Not Mark I, though, as it’s bound to have a few glitches. Perhaps the Mark III? Ha!

  64. Gotta be lupines — they look amazingly like our bluebonnets, which at this point are a distant memory.
    Nothing like a soul to give the body some substance, eh?

  65. If your postman has ever watched a Wallace and Gromit flic called A Close Shave, he probably has a pretty good idea of what you and DH could be making in your basement….and he’s afraid to have it confirmed.
    Actually its a children’s short film made in England that is clever and cute and actually combines knitting with a basement inventor, I recommend it. Of course my family is sick of it…I giggle every time…

  66. You think I’d know not to be drinking a glass of water (or anything, for that matter) while I read your blog. I started laughing so hard when I got to “evil homemade flock of killer robot sheep” that it was only my quick reflexive hand clamped over my mouth that prevented me from spitting water all over my keyboard. One of these days I’m not going to be fast enough.

  67. That SIP suitcase is a great idea. The socks (both pair) are great and the hat is really adorable. But those babes, they top the cake!

  68. I watched “A Close Shave” with my kids this weekend … I covet the yarn-and-needles wallpaper in Gwendolyn’s yarn shop.
    The twins are beyond precious.

  69. Dear Stephanie,
    I am a total fan-girl. I’ve been reading your blog for a while, but just now coming out of lurk-dom. I started reading you just before my 4-month-old daughter was born, and I spent many hours reading your archives while nursing her at the computer. I love that you are a doula, I love your environmentalism, I love your charity work, and you make me laugh all the time. I’ve read all three of your books and can’t wait for you to come to the Twin Cities and sign them. If you need someone to take you on a yarn crawl while you’re here, we have just about the highest number of yarn stores per capita of any metro area in the states and I’d love to show them to you. Thanks for the great writing.

  70. Thanks for the evil homemade flock of killer sheep. I’m still giggling! Quite the visual.

  71. dear LORD those are cute children. Much less garden gnome/turtle-esque than mine was 6 months ago…wow, has it really been 6 months? Anywho, they’re precious, and I like your explanation for the solidity. If I ever live in Toronto & have more kids (neither is looking like an option in the realistic future), I’ll certainly look into hiring you as my doula.

  72. When I read that you’d be on CBC at 7:30 saturday morning I thought, yeah, ok, I can manage that. Needless to say, with me being a university student and all, I didn’t get to bed until after 3 Friday night. I was not too big of a fan of my alarm clock when it went off 4 hours later. However, I managed to bring myself conscious enough to comprehend that you said. Fab!
    While I have heard your voice before (remember? That Christmas Knitting help line?) you always sound different than I expect…. ah well! Thanks for adding a little humour into my Saturday morning!

  73. those babies are to die for! and rams! i love miss rumphius … what a great book ๐Ÿ™‚ i miss babies but i really miss kids’ picture books! twinnies is another great one – would make a nice gift for big sister

  74. I actually got up at 7:30AM on Saturday just to listen to your interview. Well, that’s not entirely true – I had to get up then, anyway – but I did make a point of turning on my laptop in a New Jersey hotel just so I could listen to you.
    The one thing that struck me about it was that in all that talk about feminism, there was never any mention of the fact that knitting is not solely for girls these days. Isn’t feminism about breaking down those gender barriers and stereotypes?

  75. “like their souls arrive in their bodies and sturdy them up a little”, I love that!!! Way too cool.

  76. I just love reading your posts. It is 6:05 a.m., I have been up for over an hour, and taking the time to read your blog was the better part of my day thus far; however, it’s nearly time to wake the youngsters so the day will brighten further. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Plus my cat is trying to convince me that he needs fed, by mewing plaintively from atop the printer (lest I try to print something else, this way he can jam the papers.)

  77. Summer in Kansas is lovely. I have no idea if it’s truly evocative of a summer in Kansas, but whatever, it’s beautiful.

  78. That little hat is adorable, and looks like such a quick, easy knit! Can’t wait to see it on a cute baby head!

  79. I’m guessing I was the only person that read lupins and thought of Dennis Moore. The image of robotic sheep is killing me, but… I didn’t think you could spin steel wool….

  80. That was so funny Stephanie.Our foot postie now sends us a Christmas card ( I give him a cash tip) and I know he’s called Jason .He is very shy and nervous and hands over the at least once a week parcel a little shyly.Today I had to sign so tried to dredge my brain for football chat .He was impressed I think and smiled little knowing I hate the game. The van postie is far from shy and did ask me what I do with all the parcels ,not sure “knitting” was of any meaning at all but he waves at me now if his van passes in the street ! Once a parcel of mohair was only bearing half a label and they came to me ..I’m quite well known at the sorting office …fame of a sort! angie.Lovely babies,just gorgeous!

  81. i am quickly becoming obsessed with the idea of learning electronics so i can build myself a robotic sheep. damn.

  82. I must say, I appreciate you posting the picture of the lupins for identification… my boyfriend and I came across probably the same field when we were going through High Park the other day (me, pick a place where we might enounter a super cool author/knitter deliberately? umm….). I was thinking lupins, but had no real idea. His contribution to the subject was not letting his eyes glaze over. As he is rapidly becoming a very able knitter I can’t complain about him not caring about the flowers.

  83. Whoops, meant to add that I like the idea of robot sheep… I still need to find a fourth year project, and there seems to be plenty of interest… if anyone’s willing to wait three years.

  84. Twins, hats, socks, shawls, daughters and parks; it just doesn’t get much better.
    I have also signed up for the newsletter at Blue Moon and will likely do the sock club next year.
    I’m ready to start my own Summer in Kansas. The wool is spun and the pattern in hand. However, with all the gardening, my arms are getting cranky, so it will have to wait until they settle down (or I need a really good distraction!).

  85. Hi Stephanie. As always, I am drooling in awe of you. In my former home state which I was chased out of for being one of the stubborn last surviving bleeding hearts (Texas, doncha know), these lupines were called ‘bluebonnets’ and were the state flower. In folklore, or reality if you wish, fairies were noted to wear them as caps or bonnets. Wouldn’t that make a cute baby hat? A bluebonnet?

  86. Completely random unrelated useless comment ahoy! I am going to be in Toronto next week, and was wondering what to do (we do have some things planned, and I was going to abandon the husband for yarn shop fun at some point) for extra special fun fun!

  87. I think you should knit your hardworking postman a pair of lovely wool socks with a comfy, soft sole and give them to him the next time he give you a package of fun! Maybe in two weights – one for summer walking and one for winter?

  88. >
    Way to grab me, Dude.
    Oh, and can I have a robotic sheep? Will they mow my lawn for me?

  89. Thanks for sharing the sock link and the link to Cara’s site – I have just started spinning (two days ago), and her photos are very inspirational!

  90. What wonderful pictures! My favorite is the sock with the twins. Perhaps the sock will spawn little sock babies for the ultimate baby/sock-in-progress photo?

  91. Know that “What is he doing in there?” song by Tom Waits? He says it’s about when you are a kid, you know? and there’s always a creepy neighbor, and then you grow up, and YOU are the creepy neighbor? You know? I bet it’s your postman’s theme song.
    Anyway, here’s to strangeness (you are in good company).

  92. firstly, i love to read your blog; laugh, knit, laundry, children/babies, knit, garden, coffee, chocolate, knit… love!
    nextly, i think the plant is false indigo, as i was told about one which i love in my yard
    lastly, yes i think our post-people should not go without knowing just how much we appreciate their package-bringing. i’ve often considered a knitted gift, but always during the holiday crunch and therefore it doesn’t get done. i think i’ll make it a summer gift instead! thanks for the idea.

  93. “flock of killer robot sheep” LOL. It reminds me of Wallace and Gromit…the episode with the sheep.
    I love the colors in the sock yarn from your club.
    And the Summer in Kansas is beautiful! (Although good luck on getting it finished before you start a new project…knitting white gets boring fast, even if you are doing a cool pattern at the time.)

  94. Loved the robot sheep. Yes, definitely steel wool!
    You were great on the CBC. What a wonderful surprise as I had been too busy in the week to read the blog. Woke up to Stephanie on a day when I actually had to get up early on a Saturday. Made the day!
    Lovely to see the wild flowers and the twins. Such joys!
    Live long and prosper.

  95. How awesome that you got in on the Rockin’ Sock Club. I actually got in at the first and my first sock is posted on my blog (in several stages of development). I love the colors of this installment of yarn but wasn’t so sure about the pattern. I keep looking at it and I think I will make it after all. I haven’t started yet because I am trying to finish up another pair of beaded socks that have been laying about for quite some time now. The babies are cute! My husband is a mail carrier and just shakes his head when our regular mail carrier points out another package that I am getting. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  96. Well, I said “Lupines” as I saw the image, before I read that you weren’t sure. I’m no Master Gardner, but…I love flowers…and babies and knitting. What a perfect read.

  97. My daughter and I call mailed packages, ‘propeller beanies’ from that Calvin & Hobbes comic strip when Calvin orders the propeller beanie and imagines it will make him fly… whenever I order yarn or we order books she gets home from school and asks “Mom, did our propeller beanie get here?” (And about babies? My 2 month old weighed in at 13.8 lbs…I know what you mean about that ‘sudden solidity’– it’s an awesome thing!)

  98. Stephanie:Congrats on the twins,beautiful.
    I am in Vancouver for the arrival of our own
    “Mini maiden” born on May 27 ( 8lb 10 oz) to my daughter
    Jana who runs Handmaiden Yarns .So I was so touched to see
    your babies born just a few days later ,Right now I am waiting for her to wake up so that we can go for a stroll .we got a sleeper!
    Regards Kathryn Thomas
    Fleece Artist

  99. Stephanie:Congrats on the twins,beautiful.
    I am in Vancouver for the arrival of our own
    “Mini maiden” born on May 27 ( 8lb 10 oz) to my daughter
    Jana who runs Handmaiden Yarns .So I was so touched to see
    your babies born just a few days later ,Right now I am waiting for her to wake up so that we can go for a stroll .we got a sleeper!
    Regards Kathryn Thomas
    Fleece Artist

  100. I want a kit to organize my life.. does anyone make one? and you? NOT productive? you always have something new on the needles.. I have a pair of cable socks that I think I have been knitting since the dinosaurs walked the earth.. just starting the gusset of the second sock. Will be glad to get it done, they are lovely, but taking forever. -Patti O

  101. I just love all the socks that you make. I wish I were as talented. I am having such trouble figuring out the next step on my sock directions. All is easy until it comes time to put 1/2 of stitches on one needle….which needle and 1/2 of total stitches or 1/2 of each needle????? Can you help or suggest a really good instruction manual to purchase. Thank you for your time and I have your web site as one of my favorites. Thank you for that.

  102. Do you have a phone # where i can order the sock-in-progress suitcase?

  103. Hm…I so want one of those suitcases!! Sadly, the email address gives me a “permanent fatal error”… ๐Ÿ™ Any suggestions?

  104. Hey Stephanie, The address for Joan of the Sock Project holders doesn’t work. Any chance you have another way to contact her?

  105. Hi Stephanie. Another request for Joan’s contact info. I really love the wooden Sock Project holder and her email address is no longer working.
    Many thanks!

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