What are the chances…

That this guy with a freaking jackhammer the size of one of my children 10 feet outside of my front window


who jackhammered the sidewalk (with no apparent goal that I could divine) for hours and hours today, has any relationship to this big honking mistake in the shawl edging?


That’s what I thought. I’m not taking the heat on this one.

I had a conversation with a friend a little while ago who made the observation that my third book may be suffering from “third child syndrome”. You know the one, where your first child has two baby books, fourteen albums (complete with records of their first nail trimming) a scrapbook and a box of memorabilia, then your second kid has an album and a baby book with some of the stuff filled in, and then the third child has only got three bent photos where they appear by accident in the background of a picture of the damaged porch you took for insurance purposes? Yeah. Me too.

I got to thinking about that a little, and she may be right. I love the third book. It’s just as special as the first two, it certainly represents the same amount of work and passion and love, but somehow (this may be related to my discomfort with praise of all kinds) its the only book that didn’t have a launch party, or even a family welcome. It just turned up (much like my third child) and made itself at home on my bookshelf and was suddenly there, like it had always been. My friend asked me to consider giving it a party. (My friend may just want to get out of the house more, so her motives are somewhat suspect.) So while I’m not giving the book a formal launch, I am always up for a party, and you guys are invited.

My birthday falls on my usual knit night at Lettuce Knit next week, so I’m going to have a birthday celebration/ hey-its-a-book party there next Wednesday evening, June 14th, about 7:00. (Many thanks to Lettuce Knit for forking over the store.) I’ll be getting a year older, signing books if you got one, and buying some yarn hanging with my knitbuds to whoop it up. Come one, come all. I might bring beer.

(Remarks about how having a birthday party at a yarn store makes the most sense they have ever heard of and is not weird at all, gratefully received.)

256 thoughts on “What are the chances…

  1. Are you kidding? Birthday? Party? Beer? Knitting? Yarn Store? Book Signings? This is like my nirvana! I wish I could be there…Happy Early Birthday!

  2. But of course! Where else to have a birthday party? Or a book launch? I dearly love all three books, and number 1 is special because it introduced me to you. But Number 3 is my favorite, even if it seems to suffer from the syndrome.

  3. I would so love to come but the drive from Vancouver may be a little much. I hope you have a fantastic time and I think a birthday party in a yarn store makes perfect sense! Imagine the gifts……

  4. Wondered if your lack of knitting attention was brought up by the noise of the jackhammer or the look of the operator of the jackhammer… both are acceptable.
    For your information, party in a wool store have known to happen in New Brunswick so why not in Ontario!

  5. A birthday party in a yarn store? That would be the best birthday ever! Not only would there be copious amounts of chocolate, drinks, and your best buds, but YARN!
    Happy Birthday to the lady that makes us all feel like family with every post.

  6. I think having a birthday party at a yarn store makes a lot of sense. I’m going to see if I can do that next year! Great idea!
    I wish I could join you next Wednesday, alas, I am in Nova Scotia, but will be in Toronto/Niagara Falls from the 17 to the 20th.

  7. Oh man, yarn shop birthdays are THE BEST! I had my 25th birthday party at the yarn shop last year, and it was so fun. We ate cake and I got those little plastic Daisy bags (you know, with the black handles? Clear (as in see-through)?) and we puff painted them with our names so we wouldn’t get our notions all mixed up. It was one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had.
    Happy early birthday!

  8. I’m making that same shawl, and I’m in approximately the same place, and I’m having the same %$$!!!@@@??//#$(%&’ing time as you are it appears…though perhaps I might have you beat a little bit because I’ve ripped back the lace edging three times so far. I wish I could be at your party. I could use that kind of knitting with beer, I mean fellowship.

  9. Steph, it’s a beautiful store, but it’s modest in size, and they wisely use most of their space for yarn and knitting stuff. How on earth are we all going to fit? Not that I’m reluctant to cram myself in with a couple hundred other knitters.

  10. Having a birthday party at a yarn store, hey, THE (Lettuce Knit)yarn store is BRILLIANT!

  11. I’d already been missing Toronto recently for various and sundry reasons, and now you’ve found another way to make me sorry that I don’t live in that neck of the woods anymore (boo hoo).
    Hmmm….. my birthday (one of those ending in -0 that we won’t think about) just passed. Maybe I can convince my LYS that it would be a great place for a belated party?

  12. If the yarn stores were smart, they would actually book birthday parties, just like Build-A-Bear, and the roller rink, and all those other joints. I’d have my first birthday party in 20 years! I am sorry to say that I will miss yours.

  13. I just wish I could be there. Could you imagine the party favors at a birthday party celebrated at a yarn store? Beats FAO Schwartz all to heck!

  14. Hmmm…Washington state to Toronto-can’t think of better reasons to make that trek than your birthday and yarn!!! Now, how to convince my husband???
    Happy Birthday and Happy Yarn!

  15. Just register the rights to the idea first. I myself am always amazed that yarn stores have yet to see the wisdom of serving alcohol. (Selling, I realize, would be tricky. But serving could only help.)

  16. Well now, to wish Happy Birthday to both you and the book – that may even be worth flying in from NYC for!
    I wish I could be there, have a great one.

  17. Happy (early) Birthday! Mine is this coming sunday, and just happens to be the same day as my knitting circle… I just think that it’s lovely that they “happen” to overlap. πŸ™‚

  18. Oh perfect! And I can’t be there. Happy birthday … even tho you don’t know me, I’ll be drinking a beer in your honor that night. To hell with the diet!
    LoL, have a great bash!!

  19. That’s it. I’m moving to Toronto. Yarn, beer, birthday party, book launches and knit night all in one? I’m _so_ moving. Besides…I can emigrate, right?? Even though there’s no statue saying give me your poor and downtrodden doesn’t mean ya’ll won’t welcome me with open arms, especially if I bring chocolate, eh? (See, I’m getting the lingo already…)

  20. A birthday party for Harlot!Steph at a yarn store? I’m so there! I’ll cross an ocean if I have to πŸ™‚

  21. You sure know how to party! Happy, happy, happy birthday. I can’t wait for your fourth child. Er, book. (Or should I not have said that?)

  22. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to the Yarn Harlot—-and so on. A birthday party at a yarn shop?? It sounds like great fun. I wish I could be there. Does it include cake?

  23. My perfect life is a not-too-loud, not-too-quiet, casual bar that’s also a library that’s also full of yarn. And has a decent amount of friendly knitters around, but not any more than four at a table and actually leaving me alone mostly. Also with supercool authors like you!
    A secret: I have Book 2 out from the library. I hope to get Book 1 out as well. But I bought Book 3 right away because of the “how much yarn for a scarf?” guidelines. Working in a yarn shop DID influence that decision. Oh but also, I bought the book full price from a Real Local Bookstore.
    Happy birthday and book party in advance!

  24. Argh. I hardly ever get up to Toronto, and as it happens I will be there this Saturday for a housewarming. But my ride (read: spouse) is leaving T.O. on Sunday, and there’s no way I can couch surf that many days AND scrape up bus fare home. Crap! I can’t even imagine how many blog pals and people I’ve been dying to meet will be there to wish you well/get yarn-drunk.
    Have a fantastic birthday, and a fantastic party. I wish I could come.

  25. I can’t imagine a better way to spend one’s birthday. Since I’ll be out of town and off-line next week, I’ll say Happy Birthday! now. Maybe I’ll find myself in a yarn store next Wednesday though, and I’ll buy myself a little something in your honor. (See, I’m always thinking .. )
    Happy Day, Stephanie!

  26. I turn 50 this year and I think I’m sending this to my family and friends as a gentle hint. Happy Birthday, Steph!

  27. Happy BirthDay, Stephanie! Happy Book Party!
    If I were anywhere near your neck of the woods, I’d be coming in to get my copy signed. But since I’m not even remotely geographical in synch, I will be there in spirit.
    πŸ˜€ Cheers!

  28. OMG, as a third child I started sobbing when I read your description of your third book. When we moved to the US my mom left the 2 photos that she had of me back in the Philippines. Then then! There was a fire and water damage! Boohoo!
    Go third book!

  29. Best. Idea. Ever.
    My birthday is in 3 weeks now I need to convince my friends that I need a yarn shop party!!!

  30. Wow, I think you’ve thought of a whole new industry here…….. There are so many places to take kids for birthday parties — places to do crafts, to learn some science, to run around in a giant hamster trail, to go roller-blading, etc, etc, etc…..
    Seems to me there’s a whole unfulfilled niche just waiting, for adult birthday parties.
    Suppose a local yarn store (scrapbook store, bead store, fabric store, you name it!) offered the birthday girl a big table, lots of chairs, and 25% off her personal purchases to have her birthday party in their store…… Think how much stuff all the guests would buy, being in a delightful store with such happy vibes…….
    I think this is a perfectly brilliant idea.
    Happy Birthday!

  31. Too bad you’re nowhere near Kansas this week… Several of us have June birthdays so we’re going out on Friday for a grand celebration… you would, of course, be quite welcome. They’re not all knitters and one or two of them are still in their mid-20’s, do you think they’ll freak out if I bring my knitting??
    Happy birthday!!

  32. Oh my Gosh – we’re Birthday Buddies!!! Mine is on the 14th too – bet I’m older than you are!!!
    I’ll be thinking about you – I actually have “Book Club” at my house that night – planned my own party! So will be reading not knitting – til later!!
    Happy Happy Birthday!

  33. Oh my GAWD, I want my next birthday party to be at the yarn store! I might have to arrange that, actually!

  34. Duh. I had my eleventh birthday party at the Skate King. I can’t see why a yarn shop would be less reasonable than that.

  35. Yarn has a lot fewer calories than cake, but I’ve never been able to choke down any yarn.
    Happy birthday – feel young!

  36. Wow! What a great idea to have a birthday party in a yarn store! The party-goers don’t even have to go out shopping for a gift – they just buy one while you’re all right there!
    (Happy early Birthday, by the way)

  37. Jackhammer? Not so jarring when you have earplugs in your ears. We buy them by the tub around here, that way when you have lost them there is still relief to be had. The trick is to remember to buy them when you’re at the store. Yarn store birthday partys should be a tradition!

  38. I would sooo have my birthday party at a yarn store. But only one of my friends knit. So the rest might not appreciate that fully…

  39. That is a fantastic idea. I was thinking about making it out to Lettuce next week, and now I’m totally there. πŸ™‚

  40. Birthday pary- yarn store- alcohol- great book- don’t bring the shawl or you may end up with more mutated leaves. Wish I could be there, but like Vancouver, it’s one helluva a commute from Houston (although I suspect it’s probably much cooler there than here, and since I’ve got a hybrid car… bad plan, I just remembered I have kids who, I think, need me, occassionally, once in awhile, while I’m knitting and never at any other time).

  41. Weird? Not hardly– in April 9 of us drove 2.5 hours to a yarn store to celebrate 3 birthdays. The yarn shop owner let us sit in the classroom to eat the picnic we brought, including cupcakes, which my clever friend topped with balls of yarn made from skinny licorice and skewered with jujube-tipped toothpick knitting needles. Maybe I’m not the best judge of weird, though. Happy birthday!

  42. If I leave Florida now, I wonder how long it’d take to drive up there? Hmmm… Oh wait, I can’t drive, crap!

  43. I’m gonna have to join the ranks of “maybe it was the distracting view” not the noise?!!??
    oh yeah, happy birthday! In my house we celebrate for at LEAST one week!

  44. Yarn store birthday, best idea ever! (Well, second to a yarn store that sells beer.)
    Book three made me laugh when nothing else distracted me from worrying about my sister’s surgery.

  45. I am so jealous. Celebrating your birthday in a yarn shop … what could be better than that. I finally found your latest book at Chapters. They took ever so long to get it on the shelf. I haven’t had a chance to start reading it yet but they are expecting another “40 days and 40 nights” of rain. What better way to spend the time waiting for the sunshine to return. That and a bit of chocolate …. Enjoyed the first two books so I am sure this will be joy to read as well. You should celebrate your accomplishments. You are a great author and a great knitter. Just have to keep your eyes off the jackhammer man outside your window … or switch to a simpler project until such time that he leaves! Now I must dash out the door to go to the knitting guild meeting. We meet in a old historical home. They bribed me to become their program co-ordinator with promises of cashmere yarn … which I have yet to see! Tonight we are bring all our knitting related gadgets. Should be an interesting evening of knitting, sharing, socializing and enjoying a good cup of tea and sweets. Have a Knitterly Happy Birthday.

  46. If only my family would have my b-day party at a yarn store… (However, I just had a miniscule-royalty party of my own at the yarn store–that was one well spent teeny-tiny check…)

  47. Wow! That sounds like the most perfect birthday EVAH! How fun is that?? Enjoy and happy birthday!

  48. Dude, how is it that I forgot you were a Gemini? (That’s pronounced Ge-MEEE-ni, cuz it’s all about “Me”!) My b-day arrives on the 10th, perhaps I shall gift myself with a little Harlot.
    And just like your lastborn, your third book knows deep inside that you love it too. They’re both good with that understated, no-showy thing.

  49. An early happy birthday to you Stephanie.
    And it just so happens that the 14th is our knit night here, and we’re all going to the Kettle to lift a glass to my leaving NYC the same night. We’ll raise a glass to your 3rd book too.

  50. happy happy soon to be birthday!
    this is totally unrelated to anything here and since i’m blogless i had to type it somewhere?
    i just visited the koigu website and experienced the “superman-like font and theme music”
    very interesting.

  51. Not that I haven’t done everything but come up there and bring you down to my area… Bring your non-book-partying Canuck butt down to the Quad Cities. We’ll show you and your book a great time.
    Just sayin’…

  52. Ok, the third book/third child comparison really makes me want to go over there and give Sam a hug. A big one.
    I was thinking about the lack of launch party for the book myself recently. Next week sounds like a great idea. I’ll be there!

  53. One of the yarn stores in Maple Grove, MN (The Yarn Cafe I think?) has a cafe that sells wine and beer. And they have comfy couches too. Now, why didn’t they have any yarn shops while I still lived there? At least I have somewhere to go when I go back to visit my family.

  54. Steph-
    We third children may not receive a lot of documentation or hoopla but it’s okay cause we know we’re the best of th group anyway!

  55. Let’s see, a Birthday party at a yarn shop…how could that not be wonderful? I’m sure you will have a great time. I actually looked at the calendar to see if I could drive up and make the party (from NC) but it’s a bit tight. I’ll pencil it in for next year though.
    With regard to the jackhammer operator, if he wouldn’t have been so loud you might have been able to enjoy watching him as he’s looking pretty fine from your picture. Another picture of him holding the sock would be good. I’m very sorry about your leaf mishap though.

  56. A birthday party in a yarn store? With alcohol? Um. BEST. IDEA. EVER.
    My brother’s baby book is the size of a Websters Unabridged dictionary filled with photos and papers, money(!), cards, everything carefully written down… My book? Never opened until I stumbled upon it when I was in my teens.
    Also, I am glad to know that I am not the only one who would have put on the noise cancelling headphones, pulled up a chair, and waited until the cute guy took off his shirt…

  57. sound like the best. birthday. ever. I was wondering about the tour myslef, and how low key the third book has been, even though it is loved equally along with the first two.

  58. A birthday party at a yarn store is a perfect idea. This way instead of frantically knitting the present in the car on the way to the party, people can buy your present when they get to the party. Wouldn’t it be great on out stress levels if every one though this far in advance.

  59. I think we realized this last year…but we share a birthday! My birthday is June 14th too! I’ll be celebrating with my knitting buddies at a local bar here in Littleton, Colorado. I’ll be sure to drink a pint for ya…but I may wait until the knitting portion of the evening is over:) Happy Birthday Stephanie!!
    **note to self, must reserve the yarn shop for my birthday party next year. what a great idea!**

  60. Wow…I want to be there! It sounds like such fun. But somehow I think that flying from Virginia to Toronto for a day won’t quite work. I’ll be there in spirit, though! Oh, and that pile of crap leaf? I like it. It looks like a long leaf. If I had made a mistake like that, it would have borne no resemblance to a leaf whatsoever.

  61. Where else but a yarn shop for a party? And beer with it? Doesn’t get any better than that! Happy early birthday. Maybe the jackhammer man, (pretty fine looking, as he was) was an early birthday present…even if he did hurt the leaf!

  62. Hmm. I wonder if my LYS would let me have a birthday party there? It sounds like a truly brilliant plan (just imagine how many gifts of yarn you’ll get)!

  63. SWEET! Though, there’s no way that I can come . . . but still, totally awesome.

  64. Superfrangalistic expialadoshes!!! What a SUPER way to give your book a warm welcome and celebrate your birthday all at the same time. I won’t make it there but my niece lives in Toronto ((someplace -she just moved ) and I’ve sent her an email to get her butt over there for both of us. Happy Birthday book. Happy Birthday Stephanie.
    Those jackhammers should be banned unless they are going to give everyone ear protectors that live close to where they are being used. As for me I think those knitting needles being pointed at the operater might have been the ticket for some quiet

  65. I think I’d wet myself with glee if I could have my birthday party at a yarn store!
    And did you go outside to the ass with the jackhammer and strangle him with the offending edging, while screaming “Look what you made me do you jackass!”? (There is no good way to punctuate that sentence.)

  66. Ummm, trying to think of excuses to fly to Toronto from England. Not that your birthday in a yarn store isn’t a great reason, but just can’t see it happening.

  67. I am new to the blog- fell in love with book 2 (I think)- I would love to be able to celebrate with you- beer, yarn & Harlot- but the drive From San Francisco might be a bit much.
    Love on your Birthday!

  68. Did you know your birthday falls exactly one month and one day before that of the Egyptian god Set, Lord of Chaos, deserts, storms, and foreign lands? Hmm, and red heads are sacred to Set. You’re a red head, aren’t you? Just saying.
    Have a wonderful birthday and yes, celebrating at a yarn store makes perfect sense.

  69. Happy Early Birthday! Alas, that Toronto is not closer to Minneapolis – because it sounds like a PERFECT party to me! Have fun.

  70. First off, Happy Birthday. And I don’t think your celebration is weird at all. Instead of walking for my Masters degree, I am actually hanging out at my LYS and knitting. So the idea seems completely fine with me.
    Second I loved your 3rd book, and if you are having ANY doubts, I had to call up my local Barnes & Noble so they could reserve it for me AS SOON AS THEY OPENED so I could go during lunch, and pick it up (hey it could have sold out in those 3 hours!)!

  71. Happy birthday! I wish I could help you celebrate, too! Alas, I’ll be chasing children and trying to squeeze in some knitting time … (And I also love your third book, and celebrate every time I open it.)

  72. I went to several different stores looking for your third book and finally gave in and bought it from Barnes and Noble. It’s awesome.
    I would love to have my birthday party at a yarn store. How cool is that? Especially since I could point all my friends to the appropriate gift while they were there.

  73. Where else would you have a birthday party? No, really. I’m puzzled.
    Book #3 is my favorite, by the way. You can’t have favorites among your own children, but Book #3 is mine. I’d like to see your publisher collect all the “core instruction” sections, slap ’em on laminated cards with a ring through the corner, and sell them as a separate pack. (For those of us who are constantly, if futilely, trying to pare down the amount of stuff we haul around!)

  74. I think the pile of crap leaf looks like an anemone. As an anemone, it looks great! My birthday party in 12 days will be held in a nursing home (I don’t live there yet, but my brother does), so to me a booksigning in a yarn shop sounds like Mardi Gras!

  75. What a wonderful, most excellent, marvelous and really super normal place for a birthday party! Have a great one!

  76. my parents, loony, trusting redheads that they are, are going to let me hop on a train from my home in Michigan and come to this shebango! i’m so excited i got a little lightheaded typing that. yay! i’ll bring the chocolate.

  77. Makes perfect sense to me to hold a birthday party where all your guests can pick up the presents right there on the spot, especially as you point to them. What better place to be! Congrats on both the birthday & the third book. Like wine, you only get better with age, I’m sure.

  78. It’s not something I would have thought of, but I think a birthday party at a yarn/knitting shop is an excellent idea, and not strange at all. I wish I could be there!

  79. Why not take it a step further? Yarn stores are closed in the evenings, so maybe they could make extra money by selling cot space and having sleepaway camp! (No cookouts, though.)

  80. Dear Stephanie,
    This is my first post in your blog. I have to say that I’ve been reading back entries… I started with current posts about a month ago and am now back to October 2004. It’s really fun to see how far you’ve come since the beginning of this blog (not that I’m exactly there yet). It’s also fun to see how your beautiful daughters just get more beautiful with the years.
    Congratulations on your third book (or is it bookbookbookbookbook?). I am actually on a bookring to receive Knitting Rules through bookcrossing. If you haven’t seen bookcrossing yet, check it out on bookcrossing.com. It’s my favorite hobby besides knitting and cooking/baking. I have a feeling that you’ll probably be delighted by the passing around of so many books for free, as it is so countercultural and liberal.
    I have to say that reading your blog has led me to pick up Nancy Bush’s Folk Sock book. I’m working on the gussets of my first sock. I’m using this beautiful German wool that stripes. It’s orange. Yes. Orange.
    I was just working on my sock today and listening to This American Life, which is a radio program out of WBEZ in Chicago. It was on NPR, but you can get it on the internet.
    I resolved to post today because of the show today. See, knowing that Joe is from Newfoundland (as well as your Rhinebeck sweater yarn- gorgeous, by the way), and that you are very proud to be Canadian, I thought you might like the third act of the show particularly. The show is called “Them” and it was broadcast last week. The third act tells of the beauty of the souls of many “Newfies”. http://www.thisamericanlife.org
    Anyway, I know it’s weird that I now know so much about you but you know nothing about me. Suffice it to say that you now have a friend who will soon be in St. Paul, MN. You are ever welcome to stop by for tea wherever I may be living.
    (A little weird, but that’s the blogosphere for you).

  81. It makes perfect sense to me. Just don’t decide to treat yourself to the entire inventory as a “birthday treat.” Half, sure, you deserve it, but not quite ALL of it! And I think it’s wonderful that you want to throw your book a party–it’s very sweet of you!

  82. If you’ve got a yarn store with a liquor license I’ve got to look into immigrating.
    Happy freaking B-day lady!

  83. And, oh yes, I agree with the others that Jackhammer Guy–at least in the photo–isn’t at all bad to look at. If that sort of thing is going to happen, that’s the way to do it.

  84. The only thing that would make it better would be a yarn store conjoined with a bookstore. And guys like the jackhammer cutie giving massages.

  85. It’s a positively brilliant idea, as is offering Mr. Jackhammer as many beers as it takes to go away.
    Happy Birthday, I loved the book.

  86. oof. ouch. Well … at least you caught it?
    As for third child syndrome, I think my second child suffers from it. It’s quite sad. That said, the idea of a birthday party in a yarn store is so utterly delightful that I might just throw myself one this year. I can see the invitations now: “No gifts, please. Just bring cash …” πŸ˜‰
    Happy early bday, but I hope that I’ll remember again next week. πŸ˜€
    (No longer Blogless)

  87. I thought everyone had their birthday parties at yarn stores. It’s where I’m having mine.
    Happy early Birthday!

  88. I think this one is your best book yet. I love your knitting recipes in it – and I can’t wait for the next one.
    Happy Birthday! I just hit the big 40 last week. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be. Women get better as we age, we get smarter and know ourselves better.

  89. I think a birthday party at a yarn store sounds completely sensible. That way, if anyone gives you money for your birthday, it won’t have time to depreciate before you can spend it.

  90. Again, I have on thing to say and then one word…
    Blue Moon Brew in a frosted pilsner with a slice of orange and…
    C h o c o l a t e.
    P.S., Happy Birthday Harlot! and um,btw, think you could send that jackhammer guy over here to work on my sidewalk? Well, we have no sidewalk but, I could find something for him to do.

  91. Happy happy birthday! I have the same birthday (yay!) so I will be celebrating as well, though probably not in such a wonderful way. (Yarn shop? It doesn’t get much better than that. Oh, sure, yarn-shop-as-a-stop-on-the-way-to-the-airport-to-whisk-me-off-to-New-Zealand, that would be better, but still…) However, yarn will play some substantial role. I will make sure of it!
    BTW, I loved your third book. Loved it. I kept reading and saying to myself, “I needed to know that! Wait! Did she just say…”

  92. You know, despite being 1500 miles (excuse me…2415 kilometers) away, I really, really considered it for a moment. And then I realized that I have a big scary deadline at work on the 14th, and if I wasn’t at work on that day…well, I’d probably never have to go to work again. Which would make it difficult to afford the yarn that would wander home with me, let alone the gas to get there and back.

  93. Heh! yarn store birthday party! book launch! and I can’t be there! Not fair!!
    Seriously tho have fun and have one for me, as in buy some yarn. Lets see some for a lacy something or other.
    Happy birthday for the 14th wish I could come.

  94. Considering that the only book of yours *I* own is this one (I do intend to eventually gain the other two, but this one was the most justifiable to my book budget), (and the fact that yarn store birthday parties make complete sense =), I would so be there if… I wasn’t almost absolutely beaucoup miles away (um I’m in the southern US, and I’ve never been anywhere near Canada, despite being an Air Force brat)

    and YAY for the book 3 party! πŸ™‚ I am _so_ having my next party in the yarn shop…

  96. Well, I’m having my birthday party at a yarn shop. My mother is taking me. Makes perfect sense to me. Never thought about taking beer, but a a bottle of wine would be nice….

  97. Have a lovely birthday Stephanie- what could be better- yarn, beer and knit buddies to help you celebrate. Wishing I could be there in person, so will have to be there in spirit instead.

  98. It is a pleasure to share the same birth month. My birthday is tomorrow. I only wish I had been clever enough to celebrate in a yarn store. I did at least have the presence of mind order yarn. πŸ™‚
    Happy Birthday, a tad early I realize.

  99. Another birthdate sister here. My b-day is the 14th as well. I will not be celebrating in a yarnshop *sniff* but will be thinking of you and all the fun you will be having. About that 3rd book – my 15 yr old son bought it for me with his own money for mother’s day this year. Could it be the love? or the Harlot?? Enjoy.

  100. Books 1 and 2 were gifts, but Book 3? Was the one I bought just for ME! And I love it!
    Happy early birthday (and I won’t even mention the jealous!)

  101. I have to agree with Norma. I wouldn’t mind a jackhammer outside my window if that guy was operating it! I hope you realized the mistake before getting to far past it. And best Bday wishes. I wish I could be there, but live too far away. When is your wonder-publicist sending you out to Arizona?

  102. Happy Birthday! June 14 also happens to be my father’s birthday and Flag Day here in the USA. Now let’s just hope I can finish the socks I’m knitting for his size 15 feet in time! I wish I’d known about your birthday sooner…I’m sure your feet are much smaller and I’d be closing the toes by now. πŸ™‚ Cheers!

  103. All hail the third book! It arrived quietly at my house and I didn’t even read it right away (like the others). But it turns out that I love the book, I just love it differently than the others.
    This has actually ended up being a real reference book for me and it is getting hauled around a lot so that it is starting to look disreputable. (And, I have refused to lend it to anyone to read or even peruse. Mine, all mine, I need it. Get away.)
    Not that I didn’t expect it to be a fine reference book, I’m just actually kind of picky about the layout of reference books and the information they offer.
    If they are too fussy then I get put off. If the information is too hard to find, I get frustrated (just try to find information about kitchnering in the Vogue Knitting Book!). And finally, if it isn’t portable then I won’t end up using it. Because putting down the knitting and getting up to walk across the room is too great a sacrifice sometimes.
    So we need to really celebrate the third book. she has proven to be a book of true substance.

  104. seriously? if i could have a party in a yarn shop, i might actually have a 30th birthday.

  105. June is the ideal month for birthdays, or in fact any celebration, and the third book deserves grand huzzahs and fanfare, being, indeed, a book of true substance. Earlier today I was gently promoting the chapter on socks to a faint-of-heart knitter. Promoting, but not lending.
    I’d love to come. Will there be room at Lettuce Knits? Is there time to build an addition?

  106. I’ll be with you in spirit! I will be home working diligently on sock (#2 by then I hope) from Book #3 and waiting for an update on the summer tour schedule (Phoenix! Phoenix!).

  107. I think that’s a great idea for a birthday party! Happy —th Birthday! As for Baby — er — Book #3, I’m enjoying it very much. πŸ™‚
    When you come West again we’ll have to be sure we eat cake.

  108. Birthday. Beer. Yarn Shop (that carries Socks that Rock). Book Launch.
    Yup. that’s enough reasons to travel downtown from the hinterlands. I may just make it…

  109. what’s wrong with a birthday party at a yarn sotre???? For my birthday this year my hubby and mother paid in advance for two nights in a hotel at Rhinebeck (in October…) – for me alone!!!

  110. I think it’s cool. I just had a bridal shower thrown by my yarn shop friends – instead of kitchenware or underwear, everyone brought something from their stash (or something I’d been not-so-secretly coveting) from the store! It was the most perfect party ever. Have a great birthday!

  111. I think the cupcake idea that someone mentioned earlier is brilliant, and think someone should do the same for you (did I mention I live too far away?).
    I also love the fact that one of the proudest Canadians I know of (Ok, I don’t really know that many Canadians) was born on America’s Flag Day. Fly that Maple Leaf with pride, girl!
    And have a great birthday/book celebration party — sounds like a blast.

  112. First off, is the jackhammer dude coming to the party? I would love nothing more than to celebrate your Birthday in Toronto. It would be a fun trip to be sure…I think you may have to reconsider how many people can fit into one store!!! You may end up being a tad overwhelmed by how many people end up coming. Wouldn’t it be great if instead of a gift or with a gift …each person that came would give you $1.00 for MSF!! I think it is a great idea!!

  113. I don’t know, Mr. Jackhammer Guy looks pretty hot. Did ya check out his arms?
    Having a Birthday party at a yarn store sounds brillent!

  114. But the guy looks like he might be nice to look at….maybe you could distract him from his job and teach him to knit? Okay, well maybe offer him beer to quit? πŸ™‚

  115. A Birthday/Book party in a Yarn store?! Wishing you an early Happy Birthday! Enjoy yourself!
    Also, you might want to consider setting up extra tables & chairs outside the store. For the guests’ overflow, y’know.

  116. Abby — Why would a woman who makes a living by writing books be delighted to hear you’re passing it around for free, especially when you mention you’re willing to give money for Nancy Bush’s? We’re glad you love the Harlot, but.

  117. I’m glad you’re having a party for the third book (and yourself). I really like the first two, but the third one clicked with me like a set of Addi Turbos with a nicely behaving cable. (Did that sentence make any sense at all?) Anyway, I’m happy for bookbookbook3 – it showed me the light on how to turn a heel. πŸ™‚

  118. it didn’t even occur to me that a birthday party in a yarn shop might even be odd until you mentioned it. and well, if it were a birthday party for my husband, yes it would be an odd venue, but not for you.
    joe wouldn’t mind a birthday party at the home depot though. in the power tool section.

  119. Happy pre birthday Stephanie! What a nice way to celebrate! I have all 3 books and yeah, you’re not going out of town so much these days. Is it possible to get one signed via mail? I’m happy to buy the post both ways as I don’t recall your making many trips to south Florida. But why would you? There aren’t any sheep here (outside the zoo) & since we get most of our yarn on-line, we don’t have LYSs either. Cheers!

  120. Doesn’t eeryone spend her/his birthday in a yarn store?
    The third book got me through my first ever top-down sock. It is a great book.

  121. Birthday party at a yarn store? Doesn’t get any better than that. I’d come if I could.
    My two oldest sisters have entire photo albums dedicated to them. My brother has a decent amount of photos of him, being the first and only boy. Little ol’ me, fourth child and third daughter, well….I try not to have a complex about it πŸ™‚

  122. Happy birthday!!! Sadly, it falls on the same evening as my daughter’s ballet performance, which I can’t miss. otherwise I’d be there…but I keep missing your events ..Maybe you should do lots of stuff locally ( why doesn’t Book City get you in there?) .
    Have a blast!

  123. Happy Almost Birthday!! I shoulda known you are a Gemini – so are my sister and I (May 28, me; June 7, her). And you feel like kinfolk. Many happy returns of the day and all that good stuff.

  124. Oooh!! A birthday party in a yarn store!! I have one of those coming up (a birthday, I mean) and I think I will get one of the LYS to let me have it there. What a fun time!! But of course, we all know that Geminians are the funnest and bestest of all people!! — who have so many of the most generous friends!
    Now, Janet L., Vancourver is just over the hill from me, so why not stop by, and we can sing all the way to TO and join Harlot and all her knitsibs in a giant yarn store double birthday party!! I can see that happening —

  125. Oooh!! A birthday party in a yarn store!! I have one of those coming up (a birthday, I mean) and I think I will get one of the LYS to let me have it there. What a fun time!! But of course, we all know that Geminians are the funnest and bestest of all people!! — who have so many of the most generous friends!
    Now, Janet L., Vancourver is just over the hill from me, so why not stop by, and we can sing all the way to TO and join Harlot and all her knitsibs in a giant yarn store double birthday party!! I can see that happening —

  126. You’ve had yarn shop signings before, with impromptu party afterwards, so combining the two makes perfect sense. I’d attend if I could. Have fun!
    P.S. Best of luck with the shawl. I strongly recommend high quality earplugs even when not trying to knit lace. Protect your ears, you’ll miss them when they’re gone.

  127. Dude, I plan on having a Happy My Hair Is Finally Growing Back party in September at a brand new yarn/fabric/coffee/wahoo-I’m-teaching-spindling store coming to MontrΓ©al…I think you’re way more normal than me for having a birthday party surrounded by yarn…

  128. If you come to Madison, WI next year, I promise you we will throw you a birthday party in a yarn store. You won’t be sorry.
    BTW, why is the shawl called “Summer in Kansas”? I’ve been to Kansas in the summer, and I guarantee you wouldn’t want to wear a shawl of any kind, unless it was made of self-air-conditioned cotton and you were wearing absolutely nothing else…

  129. Was it the jackhammer (wicked loud and brutally annoying) or the guy (could be a yummy look-see) distracting you?
    There are other places to have a birthday party?

  130. Great plan! We not only have our birthday parties at our LYS, we have a birthday party for the store every year on the anniversary of its opening! And one for the owner.

  131. I am really really hoping the jackhammer dude reads your blog. It would make his day!
    When I read the first bit about what are the chances…I just knew you were going to say he was a knitter! oh well.
    The twins are the cutest things ever btw!

  132. Hey we share a birthday! I’d love to come celebrate with you but I’m in England and working my little socks (handknit) off at the moment. Have a fantastic birthday and an even better ‘multi-purpose’ party. πŸ™‚

  133. here I sit alone……feeling sorry for myself that I can’t go to a birthday party 3,000 miles away….in a yarn store yet…for someone I’ve never “really” met!! (even though I hear your voice every day and have read your books (the 2 I could find in this wasteland)……………no wonder my kids think I’m nuts !!! Happy Birthday Steph……(doesn’t wine go with wool?? and beer with acrylic? Im sure I read that somewhere in your book!!!

  134. A birthday party in a yarn store? That’s not just normal–it’s splendiferous!!!
    Many, many happy returns of the day in advance of your b-day.

  135. Happy early Birthday!!! Of course your birthday/book party is three days before I will be arriving in Toronto, so please have a drink for me. Congrats again!

  136. wow! this is the best idea! i’m going to try it for my next birthday too!
    and by the way, the Barcelona Knits! meeting is also on the 14th, so we’ll be thinking of you… we will finish our meeting more or less at the same time you will be beginning yours! we’ll think of you and send you our best wishes! congratulations.

  137. That guy is pretty cute. I hate to admit it but I was having some pretty risque thoughts as to what was going to develop. I was kinda hoping that you would say ‘what are the chances he knits’. Happy Birthday……(when is the socks birthday?)

  138. I say it makes for easy for people to know what to get you. Just pull some of the good stuff off the shelves and make eyes at it all night. No one can resist a sad and yarnless birthday girl!
    (Well, relatively yarnless. You know what I mean.)

  139. You totally rock! Anyone that can pull off a birthday bash in a knitting store rocks! Specially when they completely love knitting and so do their friends… you cant ask for much more… oh yeah, free yarn,,, but then you will probably get that because if you go to a bar on your birthday people buy you free shots, so I think I hear free skeins being called out! HAHA

  140. Oh, honey, gettin’ drunk (scratch that–responsibly enjoying a beer) in a yarn shop is just about my dream come true. Would that I were in Toronto!

  141. Every book deserves a party. I just wanted to let you know that your book made it in the picture of my new (and first ever) published pattern. It’s over at MagKnits and is the Saturday Market Bag. Enjoy.

  142. Wow. I so wish I could attend both your birthday party and the book’s party too.
    As for your “third child” book — I love it and every LYS and sheep farm I visited while on vacation in Nova Scotia last week knew the book and you and loved both.
    It’s better to be loved than to be meticulously documented. no?

  143. Ok, now I’m jealous. A birthday party at a yarn store….. with fiber friends? Who could ask for a better birthday! Dear Harlot, I hope you have a fabulous time. Please knit a row or two for me and have the Sock take a bunch of pictures for all of us who can’t attend. I bet you start a trend with this one!

  144. Right now, my general aversion to really big cities is waning somewhat. This is such a great idea and how I wish I could be there. Think I could tweek it a bit and register at a yarn store for my wedding?? Whoa, that’d be awesome. (fades away into little yarn daydream)

  145. I can only apsire to be like you. A knitter with a big K, and a birthday party at a yarn store. It’s a goal to aspire to!

  146. I have to tell you I love book #3. I also love the birthday party idea. I only wish Maryland was closer to Canada. I would be there in a heart beat. Enjoy your birthday and the party.

  147. SShhh….let’s surprise Stephanie; somebody track down that jackhammer guy and have him jump out of the cake…wearing something in a rugged knit?! (but not too much…it is summer in the city after all!)
    I’m going to suggest to our knitting group to meet there for a special evening. We usually meet on Thursdays, but how often are we invited to a Birthday Party in a Yarn Shop only an hour away?!
    Hope to see you there!!

  148. Hey birthday twin…can I have a raincheck for July? We’ll be in TO July 12-15.
    Enjoy the 14th and I’ll drink to our common birthday on this side of the lake.

  149. If only I could escape for a while… but alas, I’d have to start driving before the end of the school day and they don’t really like us teachers to take time off right before school ends. Otherwise, I’d drive up to Toronto and drive back the next day! πŸ™‚

  150. I think that’s awesome! I wish I had been up on the locations of our LYS when I had my bridal shower… Hmmmm, maybe its not too late as the hubby & I will be tring for a small person next year… Yarn is ALWAYS a great gift!

  151. I am so impressed with the idea of a first book that I am very awed by the idea of following through with a second and third. Much Kudo’s/
    Also I live in the NYC area and would not be able to come to your event but will be there in spirit. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY and keep writing. cecilia

  152. Not only does it make PERFECT sense, I might just have to copy the idea…yummm…yarn, birthday cake and beer, sounds like a great party!
    Do you have any idea when you’re going to be here in Seattle yet???

  153. I think a birthday party at a knitting store is a killer idea! You could play drinking games that involve knitting. Of course, that could lead to a weird knitter’s version of coyote ugly in the morning. Happy Birthday fellow Gemini!

  154. Lets look at the big picture here, shall we? There is no possible way I can make it to your Birthday party being I live in Vancouver … so … Why not all Vancouverite knit obsessed Yarn Harlot fans meet up at same night for some beer (as we do beer better) knitting and periodical readings from Stephanie’s third book? If big enough and successful enough and can see ourselves meeting up again for same festivities in future maybe this thing will attract a crowd … so large in fact the government steps in and declares Stephanie’s Birthday a national holiday (I am always counting down the holidays for a good day to knit). Okay … it is a party … where no one will know eachother. Only good things can happen, right? Now, who’s in? And where?

  155. Count on you to have the perfect party :
    – your birthday in a yarn shop! (you must be hoping for some of the folks shopping for last minute gifts πŸ™‚ tee hee)
    – a book celebration (books being another of my favorite things – and I’m already finished reading this one so write faster)and oh yeah, I loved it and want more!
    – beer?, cake? (I’m guessing here) and someone mentioned chocolate???
    I must be in heaven.
    Happy Birthday Steph.

  156. Sounds great! Can you do one of those live webcast things so all of us who live too far away to actually be there can “be there”? Just wondering…Happy pre-Birthday! And yes, I would totally blame the jackhammer guy. Completely. All his fault.

  157. Wow. I would love to have my birthday party in a yarn shop. Me and my friends could spring for a lesson in something interesting, like making lace or entrelac. Or we could all work on making socks ahead of time and simultaneously turn the heels as a gesture of togetherness and triumph. And then we could have sushi. And I could give crocheted flowers as party favors, and, and, and…
    …come to think of it, my birthday is coming up…

  158. I so wish I could attend. I’m sure your party will rock. And you’ve given me a fabulous idea for my next birthday (only 9 months away).

  159. I say it’s totally the jackhammer guy’s fault. In fact, I think you can blame any errors on him for the next several days. Noise like that can throw you off for . . . who knows how long? And who wouldn’t want to celebrate her birthday in a yarn store?

  160. I love lettuce knit what a great store I was there in May (i’m in Winnipeg) and Megan was great and the store is perfect. Have fun (and buy lots of yarn).

  161. is it just me or would most of the other women on here not care about the noise if they got to look at those arms for hours upon hours. whew, i think its getting hot in here!

  162. Okay, I am completely jealous. I live in no where Wyoming. No yarn store for 180 miles. I couldn’t have a birthday party in one if I wanted to. I’m am reading your third child now. It seems that the chapter on guage might just have a tiny bit to do with my current sweater dilema *@^#! Happy Birthday Steph!

  163. My only adult Birthday party was my 39th, I had it in Iraq during the Gulf War. A party in a yarn shop would be Heaven! And Beer too???? Some moutains are so majestic even brave souls wouldn’t attempt to climb them!

  164. You share a birthday with my Dad!!! Mine is on june 12 and I will be in Savannah GA…Happy Birthday!

  165. Stephanie:
    I had a party last night and couldn’t go to SnB, did you go? Also I won’t be able to make it next Wednesday because I have my book club session and it’s at my place. But happy birthday, and I think it’s a great idea to have a party at the yarn store!
    BTW, I know it took me HOURS AND HOURS to finish the Easy Lace Stole from Fiddlesticks Knitting that I told you about last week, but you know what? I love it so much I may want to make another one. I know, I’m kinda crazy, but it’s really nice!

  166. You know how great it is when the third child gets a new teacher, someone who never had One or Two in her class, and finally somebody sees (probably even better than you, to be honest) just how bright and charming and wonderful Three really is? Haven’t met the other two, but Knitting Rules is a great book. Thanks for sending it out into the world, even if it didn’t get a proper party right away. Enjoy your birthday!

  167. 3rd child syndrome- I know all about it-
    When our first fell down the stairs for the first time, we considered taking him to ER to get an EEG. When our second fell down the stairs, we called the pediatrician. When the 3rd fell down the stairs, we said “Look, he fell down the stairs!”

  168. I wouldn’t mind a birthday party at a yarn shop. I think that I need more knitting friends before that is a possibility.
    I will bring chocolate!

  169. The Jackhammer guy is a cutie and beats the two plumbers I had in my bathroom this morning.
    I think B-day party at a yarn shop is an awesome idea and I think I’m going to steal if for myself next year. Cake, yarn and beer (not necessarily in that order)? Sounds like heaven to me.

  170. Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now (and I’m devoted/crazy enough that I actually went back and read your entire archives) and I wanted to tell you that I think that book-the-third -is- special. It’s one of a very small handful of knitting books I own (more money for yarn that way) and the one that I use the most. I’m considering indexing it so I can quickly get to the pages with the sock recipe, the hat recipe, the scarf yardage gauger, and other such goodies. I work at a yarn store, and you wouldn’t believe the number of times I’ve been able to answer out of the blue questions (“How many skeins for a scarf?”) like an old pro, even though I’ve only been knitting for a little over a year.
    Also, thanks to having read your sock recipe over several times, I’ve been told that I make socks sound easier and more understandable than our resident paid knitting teacher.
    Don’t worry — I make sure everyone knows where I get my l33t skillz! πŸ™‚
    So give that book a party! It deserves it! Also, it got a cameo in the latest MagKnits. Did you see?

  171. Okay – I am with Yvonne. I am totally emigrating my family to Canada. Not only sensible politics and environmental respect, but birthday parties with beer at a yarn shop!
    Oh, help me…I think I am having an org^sm.

  172. It’s times like this that I think: “Why do I live in New York City? Why don’t I give that up and move to Canada? They have birthday parties with beer at yarn stores!”
    However, since the boyfriend’s children aren’t moving to Canada, he isn’t moving to Canada, and thus I am not moving to Canada. Damn.

  173. I share a birthday with Yarn Harlot!
    Wow. I think I’ll try to intimidate the shawl I’m knitting by sharing that little piece of info. Beware, shawl! You don’t know who you’re messing with!
    Happy Birthday, Harlot!

  174. My suspicions were correct. You are a genius! Our LYS’ knit night is the 13th…we’ll all be toasting you a lovely birthday a day early. Here’s to a truly inspired birthday party/book launch!

  175. Happy early birthday! I sure wish that I could be there but it’s a bit of a drive from California, especially with the current gas prices. I’m glad to hear that not only children get to have their parties at fun places though. On my birthday this Sunday, I’ll be spinning all day at our House of Ireland. Not a party but better than doing housework or cooking all day.
    I love all three books and I gave a copy of the first book to a friend for her birthday not long ago. As soon as she finished it, she went out and bought books two and three for herself.

  176. I’m a new reader (thank you, Sheila for putting me on to this site), a gaining-in-experience knitter, a collector of yarns and unfinished projects, and I LOVE YOUR SITE!!!! Keep on keeping on (I seriously don’t know how you do it all!).

  177. I’m stealing the idea. Seriously. My next birthday party is going to be held in a knitting store and I will request that no present be brought. They can only purchase gifts while AT THE PARTY! Yes, it’s almost like begging for yarn. Not the point. Point is, stash enhanced, birthday girl happy, who cares about anything else? Also, yarn!
    Happy early birthday, my polar opposite. Hope it’s full of love, laughter and yarn. πŸ™‚

  178. I’ve loved all your books, but the third one appeals to me most because it is so useful. It is a modern-day Knitting Without Tears, and I enjoyed reading it and am using it as well.
    Congratulations on THREE great books, and Happy Birthday!

  179. Well, given the looks of jackhammer guy, I might have opted for a knitting break and watched him work. But that’s just me. Happy Birthday, it’s a holiday (of sorts) in the US. Boston school children get a day off. We’ll celebrate by raising the (American) flag.

  180. Happy Birthday, Sweetie! I think a birthday party in a yarn store is a great idea! I really should try to get together with some knitters for my birthday next year. This year I spent my birthday alone, feeling sorry for myself because with all the places in town that sell sushi, not one of them would deliver (unless you’re having something catered and needed like $40 worth of sushi. Uh. Yeah.) The whole partner living 1500 miles away thing gets old sometimes. I don’t want to be alone on my birthday. It hadn’t occurred to me to throw myself a party. I haven’t done that since…7th grade? Why, that was hundreds of years ago!
    Also, Happy Blog Day to me! I finally converted my website into a blog, so I’m not one of those “sadly blogless” people anymore. Can I come out and play?

  181. What a fabulous idea – too bad I don’t have a Star Trek style transporter yet. Happiest Birthday to you though!

  182. I bet if you had sat out on the porch loudly knitting (“KNIT ONE, YARN OVER, KNIT TWO TOGETHER. . .”) you could have made the jackhammer guy screw up.

  183. Just spent my birthday waiting for a delivery company who are useless to deliver the packs of Colinette’s “Craetive Threads” my husband bought me….they were supposed to deliver yesterday and swore they left a card as I wasn’t in..strange because I was knitting all day in my front room window and I found no card.Luckily a lot quieter than your day Stephanie.Anyhow have a great birthday.

  184. Book 3 cost me sleep. The first two were perfect nightstand books. Except for laughing so hard that I fell out of bed once, there was always a good place to put it down and sleep.
    Book 3 didn’t have such blatant stopping points *and* it didn’t put me to sleep. So I kept turning pages until the wee hours. I’m sure it’s the one I’ll go back to time and again.

  185. Two comments:
    1) I love book 3. Third children do often just show up, but they also move through life without a lot of the intense crap that the first two get from their less experienced parents. (My brother–#2 child–and I–#1–have always claimed that my sister has different parents from us. Hers were relaxed and self-confident. Ours were nuts.
    2) Alternative response to the guy outside. Buy (knit) earplugs and enjoy the view. Hope it gets really hot and he has to take off his shirt and he has great abs!

  186. (Remarks about how having a birthday party at a yarn store makes the most sense they have ever heard of and is not weird at all, gratefully received.)
    For you? That makes most excellent sense!
    However, take that with a grain of salt: I held my birthday party this year at in a private room of a sports bar watching Game 5 of the San Jose/Nashville Western Conference Stanley Cup Quarterfinal series with a collection of friends. My team (San Jose), thankfully won and clinched the series. Happy birthday to me! πŸ˜‰

  187. I’d love to go to the party. Especially since I have yet to visit the store. However, I usually have my granddaughter for a sleepover on Wed. Happy Birthday!
    Anyway, I had just finished reading Knitting Rules on Sat. AM. I turned on CBC for a listen before going to my knitting group and lo and behold I had just missed hearing you. Well that just about ruined my day. However another in my group did hear you and we talked about it and your books (which I have highly recommended to all). Your humour has kept me sane and inspired when I’ve made the worst booboos. Thanks.

  188. My last birthday (50) was not held at a yarn store (GREAT IDEA!), but all the gifts were YARN, YARN, YARN!!! I knit bears for needy children around the world, so now I have enough yarn to knit many, many bears for many deserving children.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPHANIE! Wish I could get to LettuceKnit to celebrate with you. Buy lots of wool – you deserve it.

  189. Yarn, needles, patterns, cake, book, adoring fans and (possibly) beer. Well, how else were you planning to celebrate the day?!
    I know people who’ve had parties on mountaintops (climbers), train yards (train collectors), stables (riders), amusement parks (rollercoaster fanatics and no that one wasn’t fun!) and even, help me, in an entirely different country just because they turned 50 and never had left the States. In comparison, your party is sane! And safe.
    And yes, it’s all the fault of the noise from the jackhammer wielded by the (suspiciously) cute-looking guy (at least, what I can see of him). Stephanie, why is it that you know all the cute guys!?

  190. Maybe you’ll start a trend and yarn shops will start hosting birthday parties, much like they do at skating rinks or bowling alleys. For $x everyone gets yarn and needles and pizza.

  191. …1)Amy, from 9:16pm, it made sense…2)Jackhammer dude *is* hot…3)the birthday party with all the ‘trimmings’ for our Blessed Harlot? Perfect. Stephanie, happy early birthday to you.

  192. Having a birhtday party in a knit shop is completely sane, especially considering the fact that you are a knitter. If you weren’t a knitter, then yes, it would be strange. Know what’s really strange? The simple fact that I am actually pondering making a drive to Toronto from Syracuse NY to share your birthday with you. The 14th is my birthday, too, and I should be able to do what I want and go where I want for my birthday…not mention the fact that I’ve already driven here from Alabama…and that I’d have an 8-week old in tow. Now that’s strange. And most likely quite insane. But hey, a gal can dream, right?

  193. Cool! Another June birthday!
    Wouldn’t it be fun if we could all celebrate our birthdays at yarn shops? πŸ™‚

  194. I work at a yarn shop, and we have a birthday party package just like Chuck E Cheese’s. What’s wrong with celebrating in a yarn store?

  195. “Having a birthday party at a yarn store makes the most sense they (I) have ever heard of …” πŸ™‚
    Found your blog by buying 2 of your books first (Amazon.com) last month, probably backwards of everyone else here. Totally enjoying all!!
    Keep up the good work! (You’ll get no pressure from me here.)

  196. I think I may have forgotten to tell you about a $100.00 donation to MSF….
    which reminds me, how is it we get our grubby paws on the TSF pins (and mouse pads????)

  197. That is the greatest idea I have ever heard. I wonder if my 4-year old would mind having her birthday party at a yarn shop…hmmmmm?!

  198. Speaking of third children, mine turns 7 on June 14 (Flag Day here in the States). A great day for great characters! Happy Birthday!!!!

  199. I have no idea how that guy made it all the way to Bklyn, NY by 7:15 this morning but he woke me up!

  200. I think having a birthday party at a yarn store is a fabulous idea! I will soon be sending my 45th playing hookie from work by putting up my website, which will have a lot of knitting content.
    All the best, and many happy returns of the day.

  201. oh – and a present for the 3rd book – thanks to it (And my reading your blog for too long) I have now begun my first sock and… as long as this keeps up for more than the less than half a sock I’ve done so far – I’m on my way to becoming sock obsessed…

  202. Maybe all yarn stores should have a birthday party package available. Yummy! Then everyone can get you your favorite knitting tools & yarns for your birthday…

  203. Steph, have a wonderful birthday and i’ll be thinking of you next week while in Phoenix.. anybody hollar if you are anywhere near Queen’s Creek.. i’ll be visiting my brother.. but will still have access to my email and blog so i’d be happy to catch up with anyone that will be knitting in public on saturday.. i’m heading there tomorrow Friday.. toodles
    hugs again.. karola

  204. Honey, that man was sent to your house for your viewing pleasure and you’re worried about knitting. Put down the knitting and put your earplugs in (or an ipod with marvin gaye) and just watch this guy hammer away.

  205. Happy early Birthday to you,I just love the idea of having a party in a yarn shop. I just celebrated mine on Wednesday and dh let me loose in a yarn store I had never been in before for my b-day gift, I had a good time, for mother’s day he gave me all three of your books.I absolutely adore them and have my 12 daughter hooked on the too, have a safe and happy Bday

  206. I’m delighted to hear about your party! I’ll actually be arriving that day for a conference in Toronto and staying not too far from Lettuce Knit. I’ll be there!

  207. Oy, my head hurts just looking at a picture of a jackhammer. I can’t even begin to think about what it would do to my lace knitting (I can’t even have someone talk to me when I knit lace or I get messed up!)
    Have fun at your big par-tay. You totally deserve it.

  208. I am one of those people who dreads parties (wallflower type), however; your party, alcohol, yarn shop, knitting, OMG! If I could be there I would be the one having the best time with a nonstop smile. sheer nirvana. Happy birthday to you. I am confident that you will have a good time…don’t let me down.

  209. ‘Course it’s not weird – it’s brilliant. My friends have suggested a certain type of bachelorette party for me; namely, renting a bus, getting drunk, and going to all of the yarn stores in town (that is a lot, since we’re around Minneapolis).

  210. If you ever find yourself in the US on your birthday, you will see flags flying in your honor. Everywhere. I promise. πŸ˜‰

  211. Would it be inappropriate to say that I think your mistake leaf has a bit of a Georgia O’Keefe thing going on?
    Unlike everyone else here, a birthday party in a yarn store sounds ideal to me. πŸ˜‰

  212. Oh yes….jackhammer guy is definitely cute, but is totally to blame for the mistake. I agree with rAchel, the mistake leaf has a bit of a Georgia O’Keefe thing, fer sher! πŸ˜‰
    Birthday party at a yarn store with knitting buds??!! How perfect is that?!
    Happy Birthday to you!!!!!! =)

  213. I’m late to the table here, but BRING ON the birthday party in the LYS!!! I can’t believe I
    have to wait till December to have my own! Happy
    birthday — saw you in St. Louis in April and
    you’re beating the curve!

  214. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – “oh how I wish Lettuce Knit was my LYS!!!” Have a wonderful birthday!!

  215. Really? And anyone can come? I live in TO and have been meaning to get my five books signed (the three you wrote plus the two KnitLits of course) but never got around to going to your official appearances at Indigo or the Book Expo. You’re kind of like the CN Tower – if you live in town you never feel an urgency to visit, because, well, it’ll always be there and you can go almost anytime. This is different though – it’s a relaxed informal gathering and I can buy yarn at the same time!

  216. Wish I could join you for your party! I just got my copy of Knitting Rules (finally, but sometimes there are bigger budget items that HAVE to be paid first – sob! – before my knitting compulsion). Anyway The Meezer has pretty miffed that I tried to put reading your book ahead of her toy and playtime…photos on my blog! – Thank you Steph for a WONDERFUL 3rd book!!! (love the first two, as well)

  217. and a very happy one to you. What an enormously great idea. Birthday parties at yarn shops!!!!!! And you are so generous to share it with your third child um book. If it wasn’t 7 hours away and the day I am giving finals to 12 year olds (don’t even go there) I would be sure to squeeze myself in for the festivities.

  218. I love all your books…wish I could be there in person at Lettuce Knit, but will have to settle for being there in spirit.
    Happy Birthday!!!

  219. Hi Steph! I am wishing you a happy birthday a day early, ’cause I will be a year older on the 15th, and my memory is getting worse… Terrible in the mid 40s. Enjoy your day!!

  220. Oh, ya, birthday party at local yarn store – very locigal. My buddies threw me a surprise b-day at our LYS last month, but due to a mis-communication – i was attending someone elses baby shower. Being the good knitty friends they are, they saved me a piece of cake and still gave me gifts!! What friends I have!!

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